The ZIMBABWESituation

November 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/11/10
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to resume meetings
    • The US on Zimbabwe, Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Ncube
    • Report casts doubt on Mbeki's neutrality on Zim
    • ‘US regrets disclosure of information’ - US Ambassador
    • SADC Troika set to meet in Zambia to discuss Zimbabwe
    • Zuma Wants Sadc To monitor Zim Election
    • Mugabe and SADC set to impose Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe President
    • Chihuri's efforts to turn police into Zanu PF militia sinks to new low
    • Chihuri Must Go - MDC
    • Supreme Court allows ongoing, unlawful, farm invasions
    • MDC officials in Nkayi released from police custody
    • Senate to resume sitting
    • WOZA and MOZA commemorate International Women Human Rights Defenders Day with march in Bulawayo
    • Detained Zim Journo Goes To Supreme Court
    • South Africa denies reports that Zimbabweans need visas
    • Kunonga-Anglican Priest Conducts Sermon For Four People
    • The MDC Prayer
    • OPINION: Targeted sanctions - the way forward
    • Open Letter to H E the Hon Mr Herman Van Rompuy
    • Peace Watch 14/2010 of 27th November [Should Zimbabwe have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?]
  2. Batch 1 Posted 30/11/10
    • Zuma presses principals for election roadmap
    • Chombo must quit over wealth - TIZ
    • Chinese accused of exploiting villagers
    • Analysts warn of bloodshed in 2011 polls
    • Battle for Matabeleland looms large
    • Congolese students abducted, fear for life
    • Zuma helps free Standard journalist
    • Ex-Kondozi owner scoffs at fraud charge
    • Chinese aid to Africa in the spotlight
    • Zifa in payment dispute with former employee
    • Stand-Up comic goes BIG
    • Stop whining about sanctions, Zim told
    • SundayComment
  3. Posted 29/11/10
    • Zimbabwean judge asked to tell if he occupies former white farm
    • Zuma flexes muscle
    • Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai resolve standoff
    • Artist Maseko Wins Award For His Gukurahundi Exhibition
    • Gono under fire for giant debt
    • ZAPU rocked by infighting
    • No Toilets For Murambatsvina Victims
    • WikiLeaks cables: US view of Kim Jong-il, Putin, Sarkozy and Berlusconi
    • What economic crisis? Zanu-PF to spend $500, 000+ on conference
    • Mugabe buoyant with election confidence
    • US envoy to take public HIV test in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe relaxes rules on money transfer agencies
    • Govt plans US$91mln Beitbridge revamp
    • South Africa Tops List Of Tourist Arrivals In Zim
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 27th November 2010
    • Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
    • Redhead
    • Mugabe's Inexactitudes
    • Bill Watch Special of 26th November 2010 [Portfolio Committee Meetings: Post-Budget Analysis]
  4. Posted 28/11/10
    • Zuma Breaks Impasse In Zim's Fragile Govt
    • No Marange breakthrough
    • Zimbabwe's 2011 Budget Angers Labor Groups, Empowerment Advocates
    • MDC officials arrested in Nkayi
    • Only 4% of industry viable
    • Libya to host EU-Africa summit
    • Diplomats face the chop
    • University hostels to open next year
    • Ex-Zimbabwean airforce officer to head African airlines body
    • Biti approaches US Federal Reserve for new notes, coins
    • Telegraph Christmas Appeal: we must not forget Zimbabwe
    • What do ordinary Zimbabweans want?
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/11/10
    • Another Zuma mediation effort starts in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Journos Petition Zuma
    • Standard Journalist Nqobani Ndlovu finally released from custody
    • Anger as Mugabe prepares to attend EU summit
    • EC disgraceful for welcoming Mugabe - British MP
    • Experts say Biti growth predictions ‘optimistic’
    • Man Jailed For Insulting Mugabe Gets Relief
    • Bennett Demands Judge's Farm Inventory In Defamation Case
    • Zim diamond stalemate continues
    • Guyanese and Labanese nationals jailed in India over Zimbabwean `blood diamonds’
    • More MDC arrests
    • Education Minister David Coltart on Question Time
    • Tsvangirai is right in taking Mugabe to court
  6. Batch 1 Posted 27/11/10
    • Biti sets up fund for 2011 elections
    • …as Finance minister presents US$3,2 billion budget
    • Parastatals must perform — Mugabe
    • Economy set to grow by 9,3%
    • Sibanda threatens multiple farm-owners
    • ‘Zim humanitarian situation still fragile’
    • Mugabe orders acceleration of constitution process
    • Diamonds not benefiting Zim people –– Canning
    • Zim has failed to normalise relations with West
    • Dialogue displays wide GNU ideological chasm
    • General Laws Bill ‘inimical to democracy’
    • The GPA Principals and history’s departure point lost
    • ‘Ndlovu’s detention meant to intimidate media’
    • ‘Dearth of economic statistics retarding growth’
    • Retail, manufacturing sectors fail to take off
    • ‘Dragline pit coal reserves to run out by 2012’
    • Muckraker: Poor planning from a Planning minister!
    • Eric Bloch: It’s the politics, not sanctions!
    • ‘Military should serve the state, not the party’
    • Elections in Africa: A terrifying prospect
    • Is BEE creating criminals?
    • Candid Comment: Indigenisation hijacked by rent-seeking politics
    • Editor's Memo: We can’t be stampeded into election
    • Comment: Sadc should engage Zim political leadership
  7. Posted 26/11/10
    • Zimbabwe sees higher 2011 growth but no foreign aid
    • Zimbabwe produced 2.7 mln carats diamonds in 2010: Biti
    • Zimbabwe to spend $135 mln to boost power supply
    • Robert Mugabe to attend EU summit
    • Tsvangirai takes Mugabe to court over governors
    • You are ruining your chances – Madhuku warns Tsvangirai
    • ZANU PF politburo wants elections before June
    • Mugabe and SADC set to impose Mnangagwa as next Zimbabwe President
    • Minister's Utterances Treasonous - Crisis
    • High Court orders Standard journalist's release
    • UK Supreme Court offers new hope for Zimbabwe asylum seekers
    • Zim Media Commissioner Fears Violence Will Mar Elections
    • Civil Servants Boycott Meeting With Government Protesting Budget Consultation Snub
    • Zuma due for more crisis meetings in Harare Friday
    • Court orders police to stop removing anti-torture posters
    • Zim consulate stops feeding of Zimbabweans in SA
    • Feast of the vultures
    • Bill Watch 49/2010 - 24th November [Update on Party Voting Strengths in Parliament]
  8. Posted 25/11/10
    • Mixed Expectations As Zimbabwe Finance Minister Juggles With Zimbabwe's 2011 Budget
    • Tsvangirai calls for parties poll pact
    • ZANU PF beefing up terror gangs ahead of elections
    • British Ambassador Canning Warns Zimbabwe Against Rushing Into Fresh Polls
    • Zimbabwe's Human Rights Forum Defies Police on Anti-Torture Ads
    • ‘You’ll die for nothing,’ magistrate tells man
    • Broke Civil Servants Scramble For Cash
    • Victim of ZANU PF 2008 election violence dies in Chipinge
    • Zimbabwe prisoner treated for exposed intestines
    • Mugabe minister views British investment "very negatively"
    • SA warns Zim permit applications will not be accepted after deadline
    • MDC director suspended over sex scandal
    • Standard journalist still in Bulawayo jail, despite bail orders
    • One man demonstrator arrested by police
    • State ready to prosecute fraud-linked diamond bosses
    • Gov’t silence shows misplaced priorities: Union
    • Police arrest farm murder suspects
    • Latest State propaganda shows the Tories have moved on for Mugabe's old school
    • Jatropha seed processing pays dividends for small-scale farmers
    • Mugabe Insult Man Freed After Lawyers Intervention
    • Bulawayo warns of Xmas water 'disaster'
    • Mnangagwa’s comments are criminal
    • Telegraph Christmas Appeal: ZANE
    • Some research notes. Indiginization Regulations Recourse to International Law.
    • Bill Watch 48/2010 - 23rd November [2011 Budget Statement onThursday; Parliamentary Update]
  9. Posted 24/11/10
    • UK expresses reservations on Zimbabwe election timing
    • PREVIEW-Zimbabwe budget aims to cement recovery
    • SCA Hears Appeal on 2002 Zimbabwe Report Sought by Newspaper
    • Zimbabwe Presidency Seen Moving to Block Damning Parastatal Probe Reports
    • SADC says independent Zim violence report needed
    • State broadcaster ‘strips’ Tsvangirai of PM title
    • Whites should ’go back to where they come from’
    • Strip tease ambassador recalled for ‘debriefing’ in Harare
    • Efforts to recall Ambassador to Australia linked to diamonds smuggling syndicate
    • Zim Constitution Process Illegitimate - Tsvangirai
    • Students forced to register for Zanu PF militia training
    • War veterans disrupt youth meeting
    • Africa plans to subvert Zim diamond ban
    • Zimbabwe blocks bail for journalist
    • Drama at ZBC Editor-In-Chief is arrested‏
    • Zimbabwe MDC Formations Deplore SADC's Failure to Take Up Unity Crisis
    • Elections premature - SADC
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 21
    • 2002 Election Report Publication Blocked By 'Secrets'
    • Should gays and lesbians be given rights under our new constitution?
  10. Batch 2 Posted 23/11/10
    • Obert Mpofu outshines Mugabe’s praise-singers
    • Zanu PF’s MPs boycott Mujuru over polls
    • Plot to push Tsvangirai out of GNU
    • SA, Angola, Namibia plot secret diamond sales
    • Diasporans ready to return home
    • from the editor's desk: Take seriously call for united front next year
    • sundayview: Zapu is a party of retrogressive reactionaries
    • sundayopinion: Election must address corruption
    • Fight flares up in Zanu PF over polls
    • Diasporans set to hold indaba on Zim
    • Muchena set to quit Air Force for Zanu PF
    • Mawere saga: Chinamasa to appear before parly
    • Muckraker: These people are very much with us
    • Eric Bloch: Unlocking Zimbabwe’s growth potential
    • Candid Comment: Zim needs a viable diamond mining model
    • Editor's Memo: Mugabe wants elections for his own interest
    • Comment: Take cue from privatisation success stories
  11. Posted 23/11/10
    • Auctioning of Zimbabwe government property in Cape Town to proceed
    • Zuma to Mediate Zimbabwe Political Stand-Off
    • Zambian leader connived with Mugabe in cancellation of SADC Summit
    • SADC shows its allegiance to Mugabe as Zim meeting cancelled
    • MDC Supporters Flee As Houses Are Burnt
    • Harassment concerns deepen as journalist denied bail
    • Fear grips Chipinge East as soldiers go on rampage
    • Zim snubs international diamond meeting
    • Judgement reserved over Zimbabwe election genocide report
    • Reporters and Editors instructed to attack Biti's Budget
    • Mobilise the masses - Makumbe tells Tsvangirai
    • One-man demo demanding officials declare assets
    • Corrupt Chombo fires MDC mayor on trumped-up corruption charge
    • Consumers May be Happy But Workers Aren’t
    • Apology from Radio VOP
  12. Posted 22/11/10
    • S Africa's Zuma to meet Zimbabwe leaders on rifts
    • Condom remarks may alter AIDS fight, pope's legacy
    • Another media gag on the cards
    • Zanu PF Accused Of Smear Campaign To Usurp Canadile Mine For Own Gain
    • Zanu PF will rule even if you don’t want - Mnangagwa
    • UK in pursuit of "commercial diplomacy" with Robert Mugabe
    • "Mutambara has failed the test, not the man we thought he'd be" - MDC-M
    • Mnangagwa and Chinamasa in battle to block Mawere from recovering his companies
    • Councillors vow to act on Harare land grab
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 20th November 2010
    • Zimbabwe’s MPs should keep their eyes on the ball
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 6/2010 - 19th November[Separation of Powers Part II]
    • Bill Watch Special of 20th November 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 22 to 25 November]
  13. Posted 21/11/10
    • SADC Panel Punts on Zimbabwe Crisis Talks as Members Fail to Show
    • SADC's failure to hold summit irks Zimbabwe's opposition leaders
    • Zimbabwe Mines Minister Challenges Kimberley Process Over Diamond Sales
    • African diamond producers slam watchdog on Zimbabwe gems
    • Zimbabwe Police Raid Homes, Civic Groups Seeking Short-Wave Radios
    • Nyarota And Kuwaza Clash At Press Club
    • Zimbabwean workers protest over treatment by Chinese companies
    • EU ambassador to Zimbabwe calls for free elections
    • Operation “Mugabe Zvachose” launched
    • Anti-torture billboards offensive, say police
    • ZBC Demands U.S.$10 Million From Standard
    • IFJ Calls for Release of Journalist Detained Amid Media Clampdown in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean FM Describes Iran as "Reliable Ally"
    • Meet Harare's Ultra-Modern N'anga
    • Chickened out
  14. Posted 20/11/10
    • Mugabe opponent says Zimbabwe is on verge of change
    • GPA principals in Botswana for Troika meeting
    • KP tightens screws on Marange gems
    • Fearful Bulawayo magistrate denies Standard journalist bail
    • Artist to go on solo demonstration against corruption
    • AG dismisses lawyers call to prosecute political violence
    • Zimbabwe rakes in US$800m from mineral exports
    • 'It pays to be Mugabe's ally'
    • Mounting friction between Mugabe, Tsvangirai threaten Zimbabwe's government
    • Death threats and a deplorable school system
    • Zimbabwean women face execution for drug smuggling in Malaysia
    • A letter from the diaspora
  15. Posted 19/11/10
    • SADC to hold emergency summit to discuss Zimbabwe’s political deadlock
    • Tsvangirai to ask SADC for measures to eliminate election violence
    • Anglican dissidents try Zimbabwe seminary takeover
    • Standard journalist still being held in police custody
    • Lawyers want rights abusers prosecuted
    • Firms won't touch Marange gems
    • Army in massive recruitment ahead of elections
    • Tsvangirai Petitions Chiefs While Soldiers Beat Villagers
    • Mugabe clamping down on access to information
    • MDC fully behind Harare for defying Zanu PF and Chombo’s senseless directives
    • Police clamp down on MDC activists
    • Excuses for maintaining ZBC monopoly piling up
    • Union blasts Chinese firms for abusing Zimbabwean workers
    • Partners S.Africa and China battle for Zimbabwe
    • "Sanctions Are Hurting the Right People"
    • Zimbabwe land reform 'not a failure'
    • Crimes Against Humanity dressed up as a Land Reform Program
    • Open Letter From The Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance To The South African Ambassador To Zimbabwe
    • Lara signs as Zimbabwe 'batting consultant'
    • The waiter of Rosebank
    • No charm offensive can successfully air-brush Mugabe’s ‘Armageddon’
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 5/2010 - 18th November[Separation of Powers Part 1]
  16. Posted 18/11/10
    • South African Envoys Again in Harare in Bid to Cool Latest Crisis, Election Fever
    • Zim diamond certification scandal revealed
    • KP Chair: No Trade of Marange Diamonds Can Currently Take Place
    • Standard journalist arrested and charged with criminal defamation
    • Zimbabwe journalists claim police intimidation
    • Cabinet drama as Deputy PM’s resist security search
    • Political Interference In Zim Weather Forecast
    • Civic groups to meet Salomao over planned elections
    • War vets kicked off land
    • MDC Hit At Zim Vice President
    • Lack of resources derails justice delivery in Zim
    • Makone fears election bloodbath if no reforms are made
    • Graca Machel tells Zim leaders to respect Constitution process
    • Zim Deputy Prime Minister Sues Paper
    • Mawere warns investors to Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans in SA facing deportation crisis
    • Breakthrough in rhino conservation
    • A ridiculous solution to a serious problem
    • 'Progress' in Zimbabwe Conference
    • SADC Ineffectual & Toothless Over Zimbabwean Crisis
  17. Posted 17/11/10
    • Diamond monitor Chikane ignores the Kimberley Process
    • Kimberley Process Zimbabwe Monitor Said to “Go Rogue"
    • SADC Troika to meet in Botswana Friday to discuss Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe October inflation slows to 3.6 pct y/y
    • Another journalist arrested in Zimbabwe
    • NUJ condemns the arrest and harassment of the president of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, Dumisani Sibanda
    • Mutambara MDC Suffers More Defections
    • Soldiers terrorise villagers from attending MDC rally
    • Bodies decompose at Tsholotsho mortuary as donated generator diverted
    • ACP fight WHO tobacco controls
    • Call For Zim Elections Was 'Nervous Excitement'
    • Chisanno Refuses To Be Drawn Into Zanu (PF) Propaganda
    • Chombo Heading For A Showdown With Bulawayo City
    • Growing calls for investigation into Chombo’s assets
    • The Anti-Corruption Commission must investigate sources of Minister Chombo’s wealth!
    • Official Home Affairs website does not recognize MDC-T Minister
    • Zim Children Most Affected By Political Instability - Graca
    • Zim officials ’failing to meet demand for documentation’
    • Grace-Gonogate: RBZ Deputy chairman Charles Kuwaza responds to Nyarota
    • Interview: Chamisa on new constitution and terror
    • U.S. concludes ten-week volunteer mission on U.S. Veterans Day
    • If you're not OUTraged, you're not paying attention: News from Kubatana - 16 November, 2010
    • A Message from Zimbabwe – Sometimes Speech is Not Free
  18. Posted 16/11/10
    • Mugabe bill to stifle access to official information
    • ZANU PF hangs onto broadcasting monopoly ahead of elections
    • Tsvangirai calls Mugabe a crook as MDC says UN monitors needed
    • Chihuri recalls ex-cops to ‘help’ ZANU PF’s election campaign
    • Zim’s white farmers to plot survival plan
    • Poll jitters to dim growth prospects
    • International diamond officials head to Zim
    • Church youths attack journalists
    • Zanu-PF is ready to use brute force again to control the media
    • Zimbabwe villagers live under tight security after death police chief
    • Mawere slams Chinamasa
    • IOM on standby amid fear of mass deportations of Zimbabweans from SA
    • SA cops forcing Zimbabweans to pay bribes - MDC
    • Flood of Zimbabwean Permit Applications Strains South African System
    • OPINION: Zimbabwe -- Progress or regression?
    • The Cost of Bad Political Leadership
    • A hundred Zimbabwes
  19. Posted 15/11/10
    • Controversy over lodge proposals in Mana pools
    • US funds circumcision to fight AIDS in Zimbabwe
    • CFU EGM set for month end
    • Former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband meets ZAPU Officials
    • Chiyangwa says new council probe welcome
    • ZBC faces collapse as managers plunder
    • Police exams cancelled
    • A first for the Tonga
    • War veterans invade Arda farm in Mat North
    • War vets demand meeting with Coltart
    • Parliament urges ban on barter deals
    • Harare water network needs overhaul
    • Mliswa exposes Zanu PF’s worst fear
    • Boy shows that disability is not inability
    • Major boost for mining suppliers
    • IDBZ negotiates with Chinese bank
    • Mozambique overtakes Zim in SA trade
    • Comment: Stop the suffering of rural community
    • Sundayopinion:Peace: Win-win situation possible
    • Editor's Desk: Mugabe has failed in fighting corruption
    • Sundayview: Education now too elitist and commercialised
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary –13th November 2010
    • Bill Watch 47/2010 - 13th November [Parliamentary Update]
    • Bill Watch Special of 13th November 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 15th to 18th November]
  20. Posted 14/11/10
    • Mugabe prepares for a brutal and violent campaign
    • MDC To Boycott Polls If There Is Violence - Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe is dishonest - Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Activists Say Election Violence Threats ZANU-PF 'Psychological Warfare'
    • MDC condemns Zanu PF stronghold of the airwaves
    • CSOs to meet SADC over Zimbabwe’s political impasse
    • South African Mediators Say Zimbabwe Needs Roadmap to Free, Peaceful Elections
    • Senate row to hurt MDC legislative reforms
    • Zimbabwe Enemies Unite on Tobacco
    • Air Zim Property Saved For Now
    • Top cop linked to First Lady's love affairs dies
    • Mugabe forces Chombo's wife to give in
    • Family, friends and elephants
  21. Batch 2 Posted 13/11/10
    • Mugabe crushes dissent in Zanu PF
    • No issuance of new broadcasting licences — George Charamba
    • Roadmap first before elections –– Zuma
    • Presidium petitioned over Bulawayo factionalism
    • Fishmongers set to meet next month over Zim
    • Principals should resolve senate impasse — MPs
    • Constitutional views worse than Kariba draft — Ncube
    • Controversy continues to dog Zimsec
    • Ethanol project set to transform energy sector
    • Mangwengwende takes charge at Zesa
    • WHO set to decide on tobacco ingredients ban
    • Conducive business climate the key: ZNCC
    • Muckraker: CZI boss parrots Zanu PF’s tune
    • Eric Bloch: Government destroying mining sector
    • Zapu rebirth: A threat to MDC dominance?
    • Diamonds and human rights are forever
    • Elections: MDC-T must tread carefully
    • Dangers of dependency
    • Candid Comment: Zim ‘progress’ only favours the interests of elites
    • Editor's Memo: MDC better off avoiding an election
    • Comment: Politics will determine economy’s fate
  22. Posted 13/11/10
    • Police block MDC rally and offer venue to ZANU PF
    • Robert Mugabe's aides praise David Cameron and the Coalition
    • Victoria Falls heritage status threatened
    • Foreign Banks in Zimbabwe Offer 29 Percent Indigenization Counter-Proposal
    • Battle is on for Zim gems
    • Mines Minister Mpofu accused of soliciting bribes
    • Magistrates scared of presiding over Matutu trial
    • SADC accused of appeasing Robert Mugabe
    • SADC to hold indaba with Zim Civil Society Organizations
    • Poachers kill 20 rhinos in Zim
    • Zimbabwe victims of 2008 political violence threaten lawsuit
    • War veterans threaten Coltart
    • Former Minister Matongo facing jail in farm case
    • National Museums ordered out of Vic Falls rainforest
    • ZANU-PF rejects UK offer for Mugabe asylum
    • Harare to brace for water cuts... as a haulage truck hauls the Alex main pipeline
    • SADC Delegation to Lobby for Removal of Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Speculation that Mutasa leaked Chombo asset details
    • Chinese Doctors to Perform Cataract Operations in Zimbabwe
    • Media watchdog demands withdrawal of arrest warrant against Zimbabwean editor
    • Soccer-Zimbabwe coach faces axe after work permit denial
    • Makoni’s party hits back at MDC-T
    • One of top 5 underfunded appeals
    • Not knowing when to plant
    • Demystifying Chiyangwa’s pledge of US$200 million to Zanu-pf
    • A letter from the diaspora
  23. Posted 12/11/10
    • MDC-T legislators disrupt senate in protest at ZANU PF governors
    • Zuma talking to Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • We’re no longer in direct contact with Robert Mugabe - Tsvangirai
    • Five arrested diamond officials released
    • Zimbabwe Elections Chief Refers Allegations of Security Infiltration to Unity Partners
    • Beheading Operation Launched To Terrify Zim Villagers
    • MDC-T condemns coercion of chiefs
    • EU expresses concern about Zim polls
    • Mutambara says Mugabe can’t call elections
    • MDC activist fights for his life
    • SA govt in Zim "white-wash" op
    • Tussle over planned resumption of deportations
    • Air Zimbabwe employees win court case
    • Zim consulate slammed for ‘stealing’ from Zimbabweans
    • Former fighters condemn violence against citizens
    • Shearwater insist rainforest development was above board
    • British Council, Unesco to hold climate change workshop
    • Busted: "Cde" Mutasa planted "Cde" Chombo divorce Court judgement in the Herald - Source
    • Put out the welcome mat for Mugabe
    • SADC Suspension of Tribunal - legal opinion
    • Speech by Roy Bennett in Paris
    • Bill Watch 46/2010 - 10th November [MDC-T Protests Cause Shock Senate Adjournment until February]
  24. Posted 11/11/10
    • One Diamond Executive Released, Five Others Denied Bail
    • Gukurahundi Activist Dies From Suspected Torture
    • Soldiers go on rampage in Chipinge East
    • Man in court for insulting Mugabe
    • NGOs Urge Unity Government to Bring Military Into Line on Elections
    • Tsvangirai in Europe to ratchet up pressure on Robert Mugabe
    • New EU ambassador sceptical on lifting of Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Army deployed to monitor MDC activities
    • Cops pledge to defy Chihuri’s ‘unprofessional’ orders
    • Villagers pledge to sell chickens to fund election monitors
    • Power cuts and high costs causing major deforestation
    • Air Zimbabwe property face seizure over non payment of workers
    • Zim Peace Project Exposes Violence In Masvingo
    • Zimbabwean Civic Groups Ask State to Reimburse Funds Looted by Central Bank
    • Khama insists Botswana policy on Zim unchanged
    • Former minister suggests UK home for Robert Mugabe
    • Zanu buys loyalty
    • Zimbabwe Consulate treating Zimbabweans with disdain
    • EU gives millions for land audit
    • Independent journalists harassed
    • Zimbabwe Documentation Program, a view from the Zimbabwe Processing Side
    • Bill Watch Special of 10th November 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 8th to 11th November]
  25. Posted 10/11/10
    • Diamond officials held in Zimbabwe deny fraud
    • Zimbabwe sells steel co to Essar for $500 mln-source
    • NGOs want parties pact with generals
    • Demonstration by Zimbabwean Soldiers for President Mugabe Heightens Concerns
    • Constitution suggested by lawyers to be debated by Ministers
    • Khama urges lifting of Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe reports new H1N1 flu outbreak
    • Seven schools close in Rushinga as teachers flee ZANU PF threats
    • Zim Civil Servants To Receive Bonuses
    • National Museums grabs control of Vic Falls rainforest
    • Exclusive: Kuwaza’s role in Grace-Gonogate scandal suspicious
    • Free the airwaves now - Ncube
    • Keep Ya Head Up: News from Kubatana - 9 November,2010
    • Beer and cooldrinks for votes in Zimbabwe
    • OPINION: The terrifying prospect of election-stealing in Africa
    • Wilf Mbanga Behind the Headlines
    • Peter Godwin in South Africa
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 4/2010 - 8th November [TheConstitution and the Rule of Law]
  26. Posted 9/11/10
    • Zimbabwe charges diamond firm ACR with fraud
    • Diamond Executives In Court
    • Diamond arrests raise more questions about government involvement
    • Concern as silence prevails over ongoing farm attacks
    • IMF: Zim economy buoyant, more reform needed
    • Another NGO ban feared as polls loom
    • Tsvangirai Wins Democracy Award
    • Soldiers Declare Mugabe Life President As Panic Sets In Masvingo
    • Army General awarded massive GMB exit package as looting continues unabated
    • Zim Journos Summoned To Court
    • New cholera outbreak in eastern Zimbabwe kills 16, sickens hundreds
    • Army deployed to ‘assist’ shambolic ZANU PF structures
    • Police Hunting Down MDC-T Bikita Executive
    • No More Joy In Unity Govt - Nkomo
    • Zimbabwe's Influential Law Society Weighs in on Constitution
    • New South African Immigration Laws Could Cause Humanitarian ‘Catastrophe,’ say Activists
    • MISA criticises government for maintaining broadcasting controls
    • Zim Has Gone Through 268 Million Condoms
    • Zimbabwe’s caretaker coach resigns over row with football administrators
    • Interview: Joseph Chinotimba
    • Bill Watch 45/2010 - 6th November [Parliamentary Update]
  27. Posted 8/11/10
    • Warning of severe hunger in Zimbabwe until next harvest
    • Fourth census in 2012
    • Harare council fleeced of $1m
    • 100 million US diamonds allegedly smuggled out of Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe and cronies are looting - Makoni
    • Kicked out of Marange
    • Farmers Tortured For Not Attending Zanu (PF) Rally
    • Kariba Businessman Paying The Price For His Zanu (PF) Links
    • South African Farmers Refusing To Help Zimbabwean Workers Get Permits: MDC Official
    • Biti determined to save textiles industry
    • Putting land in the hands of women
    • Green gives hope to Chipinge
    • Bennett is our candidate: villagers
    • 1,3m in need of food aid
    • Iam not the one - Mbanga
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th November 2010
    • Constitution Watch 23/2010 - 6th November (The Law Society's Model Constitution)
  28. Batch 2 Posted 7/11/10
    • Propaganda jingles alienates Zanu PF – study
    • Pensioners, workers cry over NSSA remittances
    • Victimised teachers appeal against transfer
    • Sipepa Nkomo, Gwanda municipality lock horns
    • Chigumba takes co-op members to court
    • Stroke victim runs crèche from her $50 pension
    • Malinga threatens to sue police over arrest
    • Political stability needed for economic growth Undendenment
    • Fibre-optic roll out near completion
    • Zim to unveil local ownership rules
    • Sadc recovering from global financial crisis
    • Zimbabwe’s high hopes for small grains
    • Sundayopinion: To vote or not to vote?
    • Comment: Time to act on police corruption set centred
    • Editor's Desk: My friend now richer than a small country
    • Sundayview: New Aids policy needs a strong voice of youths
  29. Posted 7/11/10
    • Zimbabwe's farm invasions ruled a "Crime against Humanity"
    • IMF helps Zim prepare budget
    • Diamond executives set to appear in court
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Staff Include Secret Police, MDC Charges
    • Harare epicentre of measles outbreak
    • Zimbabwe govt takes over diamond mine
    • New Bill To Empower Minister
    • Cholera Fears As Masvingo Runs Dry
    • ZCTU Comes To The Aid Of The Workers
    • 'I danced because I knew if I didn't they would kill me'
  30. Batch 2 Posted 6/11/10
    • Army deployed for Zanu PF campaign
    • Mnangagwa takes lead in Mugabe succession race
    • ‘Zanu PF structures shambolic’
    • Diamond saga: A case of deceit, fraud
    • Zim slips down World Bank business index
    • Zim banking system remains fragile — IMF
    • Drought-prone regions face starvation
    • GNU not investor-friendly
    • Govt must not interfere with judiciary: Makarau
    • Anti-graft officers probed for corruption
    • I will contest 2011 elections –– Dabengwa
    • Mixed feelings over PM’s legal threat
    • Shoot to kill policy should be revised — Experts
    • Mat water woes smokescreen for de-industrialisation
    • Mauritian firm wins bid for Zisco
    • Political uncertainty threatens 2011 budget
    • Tobacco sales reach 123m kgs
    • Banks oppose indigenisation policy
    • Muckraker:Charumbira must have been joking
    • Eric Bloch:Bank probe misguided, pointless
    • Can Zanu PF survive without using violence?
    • Mugabe’s big election gamble
    • Candid Comment: Biti faces another Mission Impossible
    • Editor's Memo:Shamu’s astounding dereliction of duty
    • Comment: Diamonds: sleaze, bribery and fraud
  31. Posted 6/11/10
    • KP fails to agree on Marange gems
    • Elections chief appeals for cash
    • Four teachers severely beaten by ZANU PF youths in Masvingo
    • Chombo, wife fight over assets
    • Chombo must be fired!
    • Zanu PF dismisses Mabhena death threats claims
    • Robert Mugabe launches into rap
    • Ncube throws water on calls for early elections
    • Passport Panic for Zimbabwean Migrants in South Africa
    • Truth in Zimbabwean media increasingly difficult to find
    • Norway best, Zimbabwe worst places to live: U.N.
    • Zimbabwe - An Unfriendly Investment Destination
    • UN, EU, AU and SADC election monitors needed in Zimbabwe now
    • A letter from the diaspora
  32. Posted 5/11/10
    • Zimbabwe fails to get go-ahead to export diamonds
    • Six diamond mining executives arrested in Zimbabwe for fraud
    • Skepticism greets Zim diamond arrests
    • MDC employees arrested after ‘skirmish’ with police
    • Police launch manhunt for editor based in the UK
    • MDC official beaten up for refusing to buy ZANU PF card
    • Zim sitting on knife-edge
    • Teachers beaten up because of elections
    • IMF Team Said to Voice Concern at Deteriorating Political Climate in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe elections unlikely in 2011 - ZEC Chairman
    • Zimbabwe on track to grow 8.1 pct this year -finmin
    • Mayor, councillors clash over Chiyangwa
    • Life Expectancy For Zimbabwe Women Falls
    • Robert Mugabe to unveil fresh company grab rules this month
    • EU yet to make decision on Zim ambassador
    • Press release from ActionAid
    • Wildlife mismanagement
    • UK-based Zimbabwean professionals give back to the Zimbabwe through the ZGClub Scholarship Fund
    • U.S. expands assistance for grassroots HIV/AIDS groups
  33. Posted 4/11/10
    • Trim presidential powers: Zim lawyers
    • Emigrants’ violent homecoming
    • Zim Teachers Face Fresh Political Violence
    • Mabhena in hiding following attempt on his life
    • Political Violence Hit Chimanimani
    • ZPF ‘empowerment’ group demands unconditional diamond exports
    • Chiefs have palms greased
    • Zimbabwean Immigrants in South Africa Seek Work Permits
    • Chiyangwa drops charges against Mayor and Harare councilors
    • MDC Allergic to corruption
    • Zim's Unity Govt Not Based On Mugabe's Generosity
    • Zimbabwe Defense Minister Mnangagwa Draws Ire of PM Tsvangirai's MDC
    • Chinese equip Zim mines
    • Pick n Pay to raise stake in Zimbabwe
    • No investor stampede yet to Harare
    • ANC fears MDC-style COSATU revolt
    • Audio #1: What next after the constitution outreach?
    • Zimbabwe Documentary
  34. Posted 3/11/10
    • Regional campaign to highlight Zim crisis
    • With Public Outreach Completed, Zimbabwe Moves Toward Drafting Constitution
    • Corruption impedes right to an identity
    • Real Progress Needed in Marange Fields Before Diamond Exports Proceed
    • Mines Minister insists full diamonds sales will resume
    • Mugabe does not listen: US ambassador
    • IFJ Condemns Arrests And Harassment of Journalists in Zimbabwe
    • Rights group condemns police behaviour in Bindura
    • South Korean investors defies Robert Mugabe
    • Is this racist, or acceptable as a Grade 7 exam question?
    • Ambassador says EU will not interfere with Mugabe’s postings
    • COPAC condemned as mere political ploy
    • Phillip Chiyangwa chickens out
    • ZCTF Report - Nov 2010
    • U.S. and Canada join forces to welcome university admissions officers to Harare
    • SHARON HUDSON-DEAN: The truth about US policy towards Harare
    • U.S. and Canada join forces to welcome university admissions officers to Harare
    • SHARON HUDSON-DEAN: The truth about US policy towards Harare
  35. Posted 2/11/10
    • Initial Thoughts on the Matabeleland Constitutional Outreach Experience
    • Diamond watchdog debates Zimbabwe exports
    • Rights groups renew calls for Zim ‘blood diamond’ ban
    • Zimbabwe to resume diamond exports, says met terms
    • Civic groups powerless to stop violent elections
    • Zimbabwe Peace Project Reports More Violence in September by State Agents
    • Journos Released, Charged With Criminal Nuisance
    • EU accepts Zim ambassador
    • IMF expected to criticise policy slippages
    • Inflation chewed Zambezi water project money - Eric Bloch
    • NuPlanet to build 5-MW hydropower plant in Zimbabwe
    • Waiting for a Zimbabwean passport?... Keep waiting!
    • Zipra On Peace Path
    • Chamisa attacks Mutambara
    • British Airways in near disaster
    • Blind cricket commentator yearns for more opportunities
    • Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 1/11/10
    • Constitution outreach meeting participant hospitalised
    • Three more arrested at Copac meetings
    • Two Journalists Arrested At COPAC Meeting
    • Zimbabweans wrap up public constitution meetings
    • Border Chaos As Zimra Workers Embark On Go Slow
    • Zimbabweans feel pinch of strengthening rand
    • Civic Society Statement on the Impending Referendum and Elections
    • Elections could bring another unity gvt - Makumbe
    • Manhunt for 'wanted' student
    • Lobels on the brink of collapse
    • 13 million books … but where are they?
    • ZESA rules out debt write-off
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 30th October 2010
    • Bill Watch 44/2010 - 31st October [Proposed Amendment to Copyright Law Unconstitutional]

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