The ZIMBABWESituation

October 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/10/10
    • Rampant police corruption cripples transport sector
    • The rebirth of good old Masvingo City
    • The Gono-Grace ‘affair’: Was that story the truth?
    • Swain's evidence littered with holes
    • Students struggle to attain education
    • Female students forced into prostitution report
    • NGOs assisting victims of political violence
    • MDC-M clamps down on group resignations
    • My recovery phenomenal, says Tekere
    • We have been reduced to squatters: Magistrate
    • Heavy police presence at Copac meetings
    • Time not ripe for elections: Zesn
    • Minister dismisses diamond deal
    • SA's TWP seeks local mining partners
    • Law to force adoption of CSR projects
    • Mixed views over CSR programmes
    • AfDB avails funds to settle Zim arrears
    • Lifeline for RBZ as Govt assumes US$1,3b debt
    • Sundayview: MDC has failed to read Zanu PF's game plan
    • Sundayopinion: Chickens coming home to roost
    • Editor's Desk: Now The Standard has been given the "zing-zing"
    • Comment: Stop the rot in examinations
  2. Posted 31/10/10
    • Negotiate exit plan for security chiefs before polls, CSOs tell Zimbabwe govt
    • Battle over permitting sale of Zimbabwe diamonds turns nasty
    • More chaos at Copac consultation meetings in Harare
    • High turnout at Copac meetings
    • Ratepayers want Chombo’s powers clipped
    • Rule of law still lacks in Zim: civil society
    • Tsvangirai says Matebeleland water project to be implemented
    • Zanu hawks plot to jail Biti
    • Manicaland Chiefs Accusse Mutasa Of Frustrating ZANU(PF) Members
    • Covering up corruption at schools
    • Zimbabwe Gold Ranking Declines
    • Tsholotsho swine flu nightmare
    • Magistrate to make a ruling on Mwonzora case
    • Chinamasa charges at Gutu over Mawere issue
    • COSATU urges fight against Zim tyranny
    • Cambridge University Press Donates 100,000 Books to Schools in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Retention of EU targeted sanctions - a very progressive move
    • Cracks and crevices and holes in the ground
  3. Posted 30/10/10
    • CIO’s seize donated radios from villagers in Murehwa
    • Hatcliffe residents take local government to court
    • Mugabe Hits At West Again
    • Prime Minister's Party Reproaches National Police For Partisanship
    • Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds to top KP summit agenda
    • Bennett Lawyers Protest Against Fresh Persecution
    • Bulawayo Zanu (PF) Youth Chairman Under Fire
    • MDC-T leaving no stone unturned to ensure election is violence-free
    • Group says violence, abuses to escalate
    • MDC Criticizes Mugabe's ZANU-PF for Urging "Yes" Constitution Vote
    • Murambatsvina Contributed To Homlessness In Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Backed by Security Chiefs in Push for Elections Next Year
    • Traditional Chiefs Endorse Mugabe Presidential Re-Election Bid
    • Chiefs must stay away from Zanu PF and out of Partisan Politics
    • Blindness doesn't stop Zimbabwe sports commentator
    • The Gono-Grace story: Mduduzi Mathuthu on Behind the Headlines
    • OPINION -- MDC: The beginning of the end
    • Bribes are a part of the Zimbabwe driving curriculum
    • Press Statement for United Democratic Alliance
    • A letter from the diaspora
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/10/10
    • Tsvangirai to sue Mugabe
    • Principals’ relations plunge further
    • RBZ restored to lender of last resort
    • Private firms hired for parastatal audit
    • Mugabe poll strategy targets youths, churches
    • CAAZ battles to stay afloat
    • Faction-riddled Byo elects central committee members
    • Families in the open after govt destroys homes
    • ‘Sanctions’ not to blame — EU
    • Health delivery still on the ropes despite GNU
    • Violence set to flare up as elections loom
    • Agriculture set to continue on recovery path
    • The return of foreign money to the bourse
    • Principals to decide on Zisco’s fate: Ncube
    • Biti slams privatisation phobia
    • Zim needs to shake off investor fears: Report
    • US$10 million bills to support tobacco farmers
    • Muckraker: Indeed Mutambara should know better
    • Eric Bloch: Addressing industry’s recovery needs
    • Kenya’s lessons for Zimbabwe
    • US explains its policies towards Zimbabwe
    • Editor's Memo: The GPA is all but dead!
    • Candid Comment:Gobsmacked by Zesa’s billing shambles
    • Comment: Mugabe’s strategy for 2011 elections
  5. Posted 29/10/10
    • Tsvangirai sets conditions for next elections
    • Zanu heavies warn Mugabe against elections
    • Zim activists plead with Zuma to set election standards
    • Traditional leaders summoned to army barracks for indoctrination
    • Three Arrested For Blocking Mugabe's Motorcade
    • Fifty Zim Villagers Left Homeless
    • Starving villagers beg ambassador for food
    • Housing minister denies threat to evict Hatcliffe residents
    • High Court quashes MDC MP's jail term
    • Chinese demand $10m for non-existent water works
    • No Returns before Elections!
    • Zimbabwe embassy in South Africa processing 1,000 passport applications per day
    • EU ambassador says sanctions to stay
    • Rio's Zimbabwe unit sees higher diamond output in 2010
    • Bodyguard’s death certificate leaked to counter Gono-Grace story
    • WiPSU angered by sexist article in The Standard
    • OPINION: What’s the fuss about the Chinese?
    • Zimbabwe election 2011: Mugabe and securocrats not invincible
    • Ndoro childrens Charity Gala
  6. Posted 28/10/10
    • One Zim farmer shot, others forced off land as pre-election violence escalates
    • Governor's son evicts Nyazura farmer
    • Elderly Nyazura farmer faced with eviction
    • MEP hits out over EU's 'weak' stance on Zimbabwe
    • IMF Team Not Likely to Propose Zimbabwe Debt Forgiveness, Economists Say
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Tsvangirai Courting Regional Opinion in Power-Sharing Dispute
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers Craft Model Constitution
    • Security chiefs could delay elections - Mandaza
    • Abandoned constitutional outreach meetings set for the weekend
    • Harare Outreach Meetings: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October
    • ZANU PF infighting blamed for Gono-Grace story
    • CIO in chilling warning to independent media over Grace-Gonogate
    • Civil Society groups pressure SADC to send election monitors
    • Bulawayo residents hold protest march against ZESA
    • Zim charter ready in time for polls
    • MDC Defies Police Ban
    • Debt-ridden ZESA struggles to kickstart generation
    • Economists & Analysts Say Zimbabwe Cannot Afford National Elections Now
    • Zimbabwe Civic Groups Voice Concern On Unclear Political Environment
    • Zimbabwe State Enterprises Minister Moves to Restructure & Revive Parastatals
    • Interview: Roy Bennett Behind the Headlines
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 723- Dated 26 October 2010
  7. Posted 27/10/10
    • Gideon Gono in hiding as rumours of affair with Mugabe's wife Grace surface
    • Robert Mugabe 'ready for war' over wife affair allegations
    • Zimbabwe chief fired over unauthorised matches
    • MDC wants SADC monitors deployed six months before 2011 polls
    • Zim NGOs want SADC role in polls
    • Harare council cuts water supplies to several buildings in city
    • School children and teachers force-marched to ZANU PF rallies
    • European bank insists it is not ‘boycotting’ Zim diamonds
    • Abandoned Harare Constitution Meetings To Resume
    • Finance Minister turns to prayer to get through budget meetings
    • Zanu PF will never handover power to MDC - Chairman
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Mobilizes Supporters to Back As-Yet-Undrafted Constitution
    • Zimbabwe Committee Proposes 40 Percent Indigenous Stake in Foreign Banks
    • Zim improves on global corruption index
    • Mobile internet revolution takes Zimbabwe by storm
    • Zimbabwe's Christian Care Shifts Focus to Food-For-Work From Aid Programs
    • What's going on at the UK Border Agency?
    • Zimbabwe: The threat of violence remains
    • Listen to learn: News from Kubatana - 26 October,2010
    • Zimbabwe: A gathering political storm
  8. Posted 26/10/10
    • Zimbabwe hopes to revive struggling state firms
    • Thousands join food relief programme in Zimbabwe
    • New constitution, a damp squib: NGOs
    • IMF visit spells bad news for Zimbabwe’s central bank
    • Confusion In Zanu (PF) As Mugabe Pushes For Early Election
    • Coalition Govt A Mixture Of Oil And Water: Tsvangirai
    • MDC-M Mutambara ‘unwanted in Bulawayo’
    • Didymus Mutasa admits crumbling ZANU PF structures
    • Cash strapped COPAC struggling to pay outreach teams
    • UK Zims protest resumed deportations
    • Chinamasa slams businessman Mawere’s return
    • MDC ready for Zanu PF in next elections-Tsvangirai
    • Donors raise US$52m for farm inputs
    • ZANU PF organisation threatens BP & Shell-Masawara Plc deal
    • Failing to Address Schoolgirl Pregnancies
    • Student activists appear before a Harare Magistrate
    • Nickel and dime Zimbabwe
    • Q&A: Jestina Mukoko
    • PYD Press Statement on the Call for Elections in Zimbabwe
    • LM Edition 68
    • When will the Zimbabwean diaspora return?
    • Constitution Watch 21/2010 - 25th October (Harare Outreach Meetings Set for 30 & 31 October)
  9. Posted 25/10/10
    • Vote 'YES'In Referendum: Mujuru
    • ZBC managers devided over ZANU-PF election propaganda film
    • Gono could face problems in light of affair allegations
    • Match-fixing in 'fake international' friendly turns up heat on Fifa
    • Utilities killing industry - ZNCC
    • Copac suspends two for fiddling with data
    • Headmaster sues teachers for US$150 000
    • Civil society leaders meet Zuma team
    • Schools hit by H1N1 influenza
    • Bulawayo residents lose confidence in national budget
    • Little sympathy for relocated Avondale police
    • Africans urged to embrace scientific agriculture
    • Zanu PF endorses Mugabe for life-presidency
    • Married prostitutes complicate Aids fight
    • Experts push for ‘right to health’ clause in the new constitution
    • Mawere saga: queries on seizure of SMM assets
    • Zimbabwe stock undervalued says Biti
    • New currency: Which way Zimbabwe?
    • Firm petitioned over Chiadzwa ‘clean up’
    • Sundayopinion: Let people decide on polls
    • Comment: Mbeki right, GPA holds only chance for Zim
    • Editor's Desk: Enjoy your filth lucre Munya: An open letter
    • Sundayview: Essential steps towards a real Constitution
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 23rd October 2010
    • Zimbabweans in UK say 'Don't send us back to Mugabe'.
    • Zimbabweans Demonstrations at Lancaster House
    • Bill Watch Special of 23rd October 2010 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 25th to 29th October]
  10. Posted 24/10/10
    • Civic group warns of fresh political conflict
    • Slight improvement in media climate
    • Measles claim five lives a week
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's Party Expresses Outrage Over Banning of Rallies by Police
    • Constitution Revision Panel Suspends Officials Over Data Mishandling
    • Government Hires Auditors to Scrutinize State Enterprises' Finances
    • Only two ambulances for Harare
    • Teachers Forced To Join Zanu(PF)
    • Injiva Create Chaos At Bulawayo Passport Office
    • Gutu Villagers Tell Mugabe They Are Starving
    • Commonwealth throws Zim lifeline
    • Dabengwa faces coup
    • Mugabe offer disowned
    • ZANU-PF Scholarships for the privileged
    • We have not forgotten
    • A letter from the diaspora
  11. Posted 23/10/10
    • Bennett says military junta running Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Roy Bennett, Political Lightning Rod, Returning to South African Exile
    • Anglican bishops get death threats
    • Mutambara Under Fire From Main MDC Faction
    • Diaspora draft constitution ready for submission to COPAC
    • Dispossessed Dutch farmers file compensation suit in court
    • Econet launches Zim's first broadband service
    • Court ruling exposes police - lawyers
    • Zimbabwe to produce ethanol fuel in 2011
    • Mugabe’s Cousin Grabs Chieftainship
    • Last chance to complete Sokwanele's Constitution Survey!
    • Mugabe hijacks Big Brother frenzy 'for political gain'
    • "It is being presented as some anti-Mugabe conspiracy by Mnet and the West"
    • Election call raises fears of more violence
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Government Unloved - But Some Reluctant to Say Game Over
    • Down to their last five rhinos
    • Africa Human Rights Day a non event in Zimbabwe
    • The day I met Rev Jesse Jackson over Zimbabwe
    • Live from Zimbabwe - Film Festival - Munich - Germany
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 722- Dated 21 October 2010
  12. Batch 2 Posted 22/10/10
    • Mugabe mobilises Zanu PF for polls
    • Foreign banks targeted for takeover
    • I won’t return –– Bennett
    • GNU parties diverge on constitution
    • Goche heckled over tollgate fees
    • Allegations against Timba ‘baseless’
    • Mugabe has no right to limit GNU term –– PM
    • Ministry to receive paltry US$100m from budget
    • Zanu PF Bulawayo infighting intensifies
    • ‘Credible elections only possible after reforms’
    • Extend multiple currency use –– BAZ
    • Air Zim buys two Airbuses
    • Annual inflation to close at 4% –– Mining sector
    • ZAPF looks beyond borders
    • Muckraker: Sanganai and the ZTA kiss of death
    • Eric Bloch: Reversing industry’s collapse
    • Impediments to free and fair polls in Zim
    • Mugabe’s plan to retain power
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe desperate to secure his future
    • Editor's Memo: A lot needs to be done before election
    • Comment: Biti’s position not enviable
    • Zimbabwe – can Tsvangirai salvage his credibility?
  13. Posted 22/10/10
    • Mutambara backs Mugabe over ambassadors row
    • WOZA slams harassment by state prosecutors
    • Zim Diamond Researcher And Activist Set Free
    • Zim Students Hospitalised After Brutal Police Assault
    • Tsvangirai says he won't pull out of government
    • Euro MPs urge Zimbabwe to halt settlement evictions
    • Mugabe splashes $300,000 on Big Brother runner up
    • ZANU PF scam to pad voters roll in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabweans fear elections after Constitutional outreach exercise
    • Mutasa eyes presidency
    • US steps in to strengthen Zim public health
    • Hospitals need intensive care, says report
    • Aid agencies assemble US$52mn farm input package for Zimbabwean farmers
    • Swine Flu Outbreak Affects Women, Schoolchildren
    • ZIFA ‘ready’ to take stern action against match fixers
    • I’m innocent, says paymaster in Zim match-fixing scam
    • Gokwe falls under a deadly water crisis
    • Only courts can decide on appointments: DPM
    • Mutambara must shut up!
    • Zimbabwe's Slapstick Law Enforcers
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 20
    • Post-colonial anti-capitalist disposition: real or myth?
  14. Posted 21/10/10
    • EU rejects Mugabe's new ambassadors
    • South African President Zuma 'Seized' With Latest Zimbabwe Political Crisis - Aide
    • Police bar MDC from holding Harare meetings
    • Election commission says it’s ready to conduct elections
    • Chiyangwa Seeks Mugabe's Favours To Get Zisco Steel
    • Zim Halts Issuing Of Ordinary Passports
    • Empowerment drive could force Massmart out
    • Chiadzwa mining shareholder under pressure to end secrecy
    • Zuma’s facilitation team meets with Zimbabwe Civil Society leadership
    • MDC Treasurer's Anti-Mugabe Slur Trial Set For November
    • Welshman Ncube Blasts Zanu(PF) And MDC
    • SA vows to again block UN sanctions against Zim
    • We deserve hefty salaries - officials
    • MP: Karangas 'not Zimbabwean'
    • Zanu’s still born bio-diesel project
    • Zimbabwe’s land reform: challenging the myths
    • 100 per cent - of nothing
  15. Posted 20/10/10
    • Civil society leadership to meet Zuma team in Pretoria Wednesday
    • Zim NGOs urge ANC to do more
    • Tsvangirai tells boycotting students he can’t help them
    • Mbeki Says GPA The Only Solution To Zimbabwe
    • Hostile broadcasting rules block community radio
    • Create environment for free and fair elections - envoy
    • Zimbabwean Human Rights Organization Warns of Resurgence in Political Violence
    • Tsvangirai Prepares For Election
    • EU Gives Funds To Improve Zim Prison Conditions
    • GALZ statement on the provision of condoms to prisoners
    • In Zimbabwe, diplomats tread lightly
    • South Africa confirms it will fight for Robert Mugabe at UN Security
    • Anglican head concerned for failed Zimbabwe asylum seekers
    • Exiled business mogul Mutumwa Mawere back in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Students Boycott Classes Over Fees; Activists Arrested in Harare, Masvingo
    • Zimbabweans face uncertain future in S.Africa
    • Outrage in Zimbabwe after contestant loses African Big Brother final
    • OPINION: Mugabe succession – Divisions over hyped
    • JAG - farms situations communique
    • The Ninth Mofokeng Lecture, 2010 - Jeremy Gauntlett
    • Peace Watch 13/2010 of 18th October [E-Discussion Summary "What can communities do to protect themselves against violence?"]
    • Bill Watch Special of 19th October 2010 [New Venue for HararePublic Hearing on 2011 Budget, 22nd October]
  16. Posted 19/10/10
    • Fears of 2008 bloodbath repeat
    • Army firm in FARC arms scandal
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai feud escalates
    • Armed police seal off UZ as 7 students arrested in Masvingo
    • Army deploys soldiers at Mutoko business centre
    • Farm group warns of ‘final push’ for commercial land
    • Chihuri transfers entire Avondale police force
    • Supreme Court halts Biti’s challenge over illegal detention
    • Police acted unprocedurally on Timba case - AG
    • Mugabe threatens diplomats
    • Accredited Journalists denied coverage of President
    • CCDZ calls for electoral reforms ahead of Zimbabwe’s 2011 polls
    • Activist’s widow demands fresh inquest into death
    • Mawere ends 6 year exile
    • Mugabe Speech Raises Fears for Zimbabwe's Power-Sharing Government
    • Here we go again: Mugabe tests the credibility of the region and the world
    • Zimbabweans ‘must take responsibility’
    • Is Nation Ready for Elections in 2011?
    • Question with boldness: News from Kubatana - 18October, 2010
    • Bill Watch 43/2010 - 16th October [Appointment of Governors -Constitutional or Not?]
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/10/10
    • Chihuri crushes Avondale police
    • Mawere warrant of arrest cancelled
    • Outbreak of swine flu in Matabeleland
    • MineTech disowns expelled de-miners
    • Murdered activist: NGO wants fresh inquest inquest
    • Gweru commuters turn violent, stone buses
    • Traditional chiefs accuse mining giants of looting resources
    • Linking sewerage facilities infuriates Tynwald residents
    • ‘Diarrhoea claims 4 000 yearly’
    • Fierce opposition to planned booze ban
    • Sibanda strikes fear among Zaka villagers
    • Bombing survivor accuses MDC-T of abandoning violence victims
    • ‘Makoronyera’ rip-off small-scale farmers at Mbare Market
    • IMF forecasts Zim economic growth at 5,9%
    • Sundayopinion: Nation needs decisive leadership
    • Comment: Zim must refuse to be bulldozed into poll
    • Sundayview: Why do Sadc leaders fear handing over power to young generation?
    • Editor's DeskWhere’re peace heroes? The lesson from Chile
  18. Posted 18/10/10
    • Zimbabwe: little hope for reconciliation
    • Mysterious flu bug affects thousands in Zimbabwe
    • Josiah Hungwe forces villagers to fund party
    • Kezi man jailed for " I Hate Mugabe " remarks
    • ZCTU Boss Matombo Clashes With Employers Body Over Chinese Illtreatment Of Workers
    • Cholera Outbreak Looms In Harare
    • India Offers Training, Revenue Guarantees in Bid to Capture Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • Angry Masvingo Chiefs Blast Security Agents for Being Overprotective of Mugabe
    • Mugabe aims to be president for life
    • ZANU(PF) Women,s League Wants Mugabe To Rule Forever
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 16th October 2010
    • Once More into the Fray
    • Let us honour Africa’s thieves, despots, megalomaniacs and killers
    • Zanu succession politics ..... may not be what it seems
    • "Go Away"
    • A letter from the diaspora
  19. Batch 2 Posted 16/10/10
    • Firm wants US$100 ml Marange gems
    • New, old farmers wrangle over infrastructure
    • Tsvangirai, Khupe boycott cabinet
    • Elections to be held by mid next year –– Mugabe
    • Cabinet approves parastatal reform framework
    • ‘NSSA prejudiced of millions in underhand transactions’
    • ‘Parly democracy under threat’
    • Ziyambi accused of abusing court
    • Heroes’ families get paltry allowances
    • Ministry still to return misappropriated funds
    • ‘Zanu PF directing state resources to neutralise MDC’
    • Govt hires KPMG to audit Air Zim
    • ENRC set to invest US$250m in Great Dyke platinum extraction
    • Gono, Kuwaza RBZ feud intensifies
    • Institute to partner with local, regional mining houses
    • Zim legislative regime highly uncertain
    • Rand Monetary Union: Labour implications
    • ‘Consumer lending will grow along with economy’
    • Heroes status loses its legitimacy
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF’s partisan hero system exposed
    • Eric Bloch: Zimbabwe experiencing biflation!
    • Zanu PF the biggest beneficiary of GNU
    • Go well ‘Tycoon Chubby!’
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe should put aside petty politicking
    • Editor's Memo: National, not partisan ideology needed in Zim
    • Comment: Zesa: State imprudence has made things worse
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 721- Dated 15 October 2010
  20. Posted 16/10/10
    • Mugabe sees end to Zimbabwe Power-Sharing In February
    • Mugabe speech raises fears for power-sharing
    • Mugabe throws his toys out the cot over GPA
    • Zuma’s team returns home with letter from Tsvangirai
    • Ex-diplomat says Tsvangirai must crank up pressure on appointments
    • Ministers, top security officials named in torture case
    • European banks refuse to finance Zim diamond transactions
    • EU to expell Robert Mugabe's ambassadors
    • Zimbabwe inflation quickens to 4.2 pct y/y in Sept
    • Mugabe Tightens Security
    • Zim Parliament Faces Critical Shortage Of Funds
    • Makone to investigate corruption at passport office
    • Tragic Death Of Don Hornsby
    • ArcelorMittal leads race to rescue embattled Ziscosteel
    • Tendai Biti takes his illegal 2008 detention to Supreme Court
    • Chiadzwa Community Faces Starvation
    • The Zim consulate stops soup distribution
    • Mbudzi attacks Biti over loan
    • Zimbabweans at Home and Abroad Face Frustration in Passport Application Process
    • Currency Exchange Rate Distortions Cause Havoc in Zimbabwean Street Markets
    • Zimbabwean man arrested in multi-million credit card fraud racket
    • A few facts about water in Zimbabwe
    • The GPA and the Constitution: PM Tsvangirai is Right
    • Zimbabwe – the unintended effects of land and indigenisation laws
    • Zimbabwe – SADC presidents should not delude themselves
    • Peace Watch 12/2010 of 14th October [Peace-Building in Zimbabwe]
  21. Posted 15/10/10
    • UK government to resume enforced returns to Zimbabwe
    • Reports say Mugabe snubbed Zuma's envoys Wednesday
    • Tsvangirai Boycotts Cabinet
    • Zimbabwe constitution reform hits another delay
    • Outreach meetings in Harare postponed again
    • Mining industry attracts child labour as economy picks up
    • Mugabe party hits out at PM over envoys
    • Top Zanu PF official in land grab
    • Mutambara vs Ncube power struggle blamed for MDC-M fissures
    • Trade unionist Wellington Chibebe receives historic award
    • Zim xenophobia victims to return to SA communities
    • Zimbabwe Government & Marange Diamond Zone Residents in Liaison Committee
    • Masawara aims to buy BP, Shell assets
    • Not much room for Tsvangirai: Analysts
    • Zimbabwe Association condemns enforced returns
    • Bill Watch Special of 14th October 2010 [Parliamentary Public Hearings on 2011 Budget - 18th to 22nd October]
  22. Posted 14/10/10
    • PM briefs Zuma, diplomats on latest wrangle
    • Zuma’s facilitation team jets into Harare
    • EU says Zimbabwe ambassador row is 'serious matter'
    • Zanu PF leaders replacing Embassy staff with relatives
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Briefs Diplomatic Corps on Unity Government Standoff
    • NCA to begin mobilizing for NO VOTE campaign
    • Soldiers threaten MDC legislator
    • Foreign, local poachers to appear in court
    • Police raid Gweru NGO
    • Junior officers threatened as election nears
    • Zimbabwe Immigrants Trying to Legalize Status in South Africa
    • China to invest US$I billion in Zimbabwe
    • Thousands Drop Out of School
    • Zesa shuts Hwange
    • Farmer Ben Freeth presented with MBE
    • Zuma pressured over report
    • Zimbabwe Football Association Digs In Over Deported Coach As Captain Resigns
    • A new Zimbabwe crisis is threatening SA, like it or not
    • Zimbabwe Review
    • The Elephant in the Room: A Critical Reflection on Race in Zimbabwe’s Protracted Crisis
    • Peace Watch 11/2010 of 12th October [Make Women Count for Peace]
  23. Posted 13/10/10
    • Zimbabwe PM: Don't recognize our 6 ambassadors
    • ‘Illegally’ appointed governors avoid senate confrontation with MDC
    • South Africa to ‘engage’ Mugabe & Tsvangirai over latest spat
    • Scepticism greets new diamond deposit discovery
    • MDC-M Rocked By Power Struggles
    • Zim Finance Minister Drags Notorious Police Officers To Court
    • Govt bureaucracy grinds business down- Prof Ncube
    • Students plan indefinite class boycott demanding ‘fresh start’
    • Mabhena family gets death threats after rebuffing ZANU PF
    • MDC official dies from car crash injuries
    • One Million Zim Children Orphaned By Aids
    • Journalist Edwin Dube dies in car crash
    • Peace Watch 10/2010 of 10th October [September Monthly Roundup]
    • Remarkable Rock: The Great Dyke of Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 12/10/10
    • Coalition on the edge as Tsvangirai ‘revokes’ appointments
    • Date for referendum on constitution set for June 30
    • Mugabe-Appointed Ambassadors Face Diplomatic Problems
    • Botswana detains Zim army, police officers
    • Top UN Post For Deputy Prime Minister Khupe
    • Pressure Group calls for Zim debt audit
    • Zimbabwe industry warns on labour law proposals
    • Chombo asked to explain how he acquired vast properties
    • ZCTF Report - Oct 2010
    • Use reforms to abolish death penalty: Amnesty
    • Heavy Presence Of Soldiers Terrifies Zim Villagers
    • Natural resources debate on Chiadzwa causes havoc in Harare
    • Teachers unhappy as they celebrate international day
    • Starving villagers trade daughters for maize
    • Senior zanu pf officials defect to zapu
    • Zim tycoon Mutasa buys BP assets
    • Zimbabwe’s indiginisation policy hurts local business
    • Zimbabwe Group Urges Constitutional Commission to Replace Parliament Panel
    • How Chinese mines are killing wildlife
    • Bill Watch 42/2010 - 11th October [Dispute over Provincial Governors]
  25. Posted 11/10/10
    • Zimbabwe makes more diamond discoveries
    • Media executive deplores govt monopoly in electronic media
    • Children get military training
    • Top cop decries lawlessness in ZRP
    • Desperate Mugabe turns up at an Arab Summit
    • South Africa-based Zimbabweans form forum to facilitate immigration documents
    • No cash for ARV drugs
    • Zim govt's stubborn stance holding back investment
    • Zimbabwe's referendum expected in June 2011
    • Welshman Ncube says elections can't be held next year
    • Don't return Zimbabwean refugees to a tyranny - Archbishop of Canterbury
    • Mugabe's glee at Gamu X factor axe
    • UZ wins health services award
    • Zesa backs down on illegal connection
    • Chiefs to get top-of-the- range cars, salary hike
    • Govt to ban beer sales after 7 PM
    • More than 270 buyers to attend tourism show
    • Sunday View: It’s about Zimbabwe, not Tsvangirai or Mugabe
    • Editor's Desk: Heroes can be buried wherever, whenever
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 9th October 2010
    • Tea, Cricket and Truth
  26. Batch 2 Posted 9/10/10
    • Zim in protracted crisis: FAO
    • Tsvangirai slams Mugabe power grab
    • Family rebuffs Mugabe on Mabhena’s national hero status
    • Cabinet set to review vehicle import ban
    • SEC clashes with firms over US$12 000 registration fee
    • ‘Elections only feasible in 2012’
    • US can ‘go to hell’ on diamond sales –– Chimanikire
    • Zanu PF structures collapse
    • Chiadzwa villagers defiant
    • Cops’ crackdown leaves Byo residents terrified
    • Zim sanctions: Sadc barks up the wrong tree
    • Honouring icons: People need to be educated
    • ZSE ‘worst performing African market’
    • Governance: Zimbabwe ranked worst
    • Economic outlook bright — BancABC
    • Zesa urged to court investors
    • Brett Chulu: Deconstructing Zim’s skills deficit
    • National heroes: Mugabe’s word must not be the criteria
    • Securocrats: ‘Politicians in uniform’
    • Zanu PF’s attempt at international reinvention
    • Legacy of colonialism: 50 years and counting
    • Muckraker: Kadzura posturing while AirZim sinks
    • Eric Bloch: Govt must admit errors, make changes
    • Comment: Politicians show collective will
    • Editor's Memo: What negotiated constitution Mr Tsvangirai?
  27. Posted 9/10/10
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Government in Trouble
    • Mugabe aide condemns 'desperate' Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai
    • Analysts say Tsvangirai ‘finally wakes up and smells the coffee’
    • Zimbabwe's health services need $700 million
    • EU To Review Zim Sanctions In January
    • SA Home Affairs urged to speed up Zimbabwean applications
    • The numbers don't add up
    • Mabhena to be buried in Byo
    • Chaos At Zanu (PF) Official Burial
    • 6 Mugabe workers held over robberies
    • Zanu-PF poaching links exposed
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC Party Said to be Too Weak
    • Daily News set to publish within weeks
    • ZCTU members commemorate World Day for Decent Work
    • UZ Receives U.S. Government Award to Strengthen Medical Education and Train Health Care Workers
    • U.S. assistance targets long term food security in Zimbabwe
    • “Political parties are so polarised there is no common platform”
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 721- Dated 7 October 2010
    • A letter from the diaspora
  28. Posted 8/10/10
    • Statement by Prime Minister Rt Hon Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai furious as Mugabe unilaterally appoints ZANU PF governors
    • Prime Minister Protocol Officials Not Recognised
    • Chiefs, army, farmers to plot Zanu victory
    • CIO trains ZEC officials
    • Welshman Mabhena to be buried on family plot Saturday, defying ZPF
    • Villagers forced to fund Zanu PF conference
    • Broadcasting Authority told to license more stations
    • Zimbabwe broadcaster warns against media bribes
    • MDC-T Chief whip pushes through amendments to POSA
    • Students languish in prison
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti Seeks US Help on Shortage of USD Bills & Coin
    • Beleaguered Zimbabwean Businesses Snub State Survey of Economic Conditions
    • Mugabe's ill health a threat to the MDC - Robertson
    • Villagers call on police to act
    • SA issues 2 000 permits to Zimbabweans
    • Minister wants coach deportation reversed
    • Gamu mother 'did not claim credits'
    • Is Zimbabwe fast becoming a reclusive state?
    • Failing Zim
    • Can Robert Mugabe ever be persuaded to give up?
    • Call Robert Mugabe's bluff
    • Mhondiwa Brothers sentenced for Bank Fraud
    • Bill Watch 40/2010 - 7th October [Report on Implementation of 24Agreed GPA Issues ]
    • Bill Watch 7th October- Legislative Reform Series 3/2010 [The Referendums Act & Regulations - Part II]
    • Bill Watch 41/2010 - 7th October [Attorney-General's Office Bill]
  29. Posted 7/10/10
    • Zanu-PF main beneficiary of 'empowerment programme'
    • New farmers lose faith in land reform …‘land redistribution a political
    • Residents of Harare, Zimbabwe, Cry Foul as City Shuts Off Water for Nonpayment
    • Tsvangirai's MDC Says Constitutional Process Has Become 'Circus'
    • COPAC switches dates for Harare meetings to next week
    • MDC provincial chair suspended from Copac
    • New coach Tom Saintfiet has been forced out of Zimbabwe
    • Friday meeting set to discuss SA December deadline for Zims
    • SA to meet Zim documentation deadline
    • Zimbabwe official appeals for peace at constitution meetings
    • Farm unions disagree over crop shortages
    • Suspecting Fraud, Zimbabwe Government Commissions Audit of National Oil Co.
    • United States Provides Support to Urgent Food Security Needs and Recovery in Zimbabwe
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Says Government Has No Money for Salary Hikes
    • City of Cape Town takes over Zim gvt property
    • MDC Man Was Threatened With Death To Join Zanu (PF)
    • MISA’s book sheds light
    • X Factor's Gamu told to leave UK
    • Zanu magic turns airport into fowl run
  30. Posted 6/10/10
    • Botswana's Khama softens harsh tone on Zimbabwe
    • Zim requires US$400m for safe water
    • Bank with links to Mujuru got diamond profits
    • War vets leader Jabulani Sibanda stopped in his tracks
    • Zimbabweans have long wait to get legal
    • MDC threatens to take Home Affairs to court
    • Villagers in Chiadzwa resist eviction
    • Zim MP Uses Fund For Healing Programme
    • Gukurahundi artist Maseko receives award for bravery
    • Zimbabwe Receives Five Bids for Government’s 70% Stake in Zisco
    • HIV patients forced to pay up or go without
    • Unite to oust Mugabe — Tekere
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister's Party Accuses ZANU-PF of Stepping Up Intimidation
    • Kimberly Process Members Said Divided Over Zimbabwe Compliance Ahead of Key Meeting
    • Failures to Complete Treatment Worsen TB Scourge
    • Welshman Mabhena dies
    • Zimbabwe Cricket sign major sponsorship deal with Reebok
    • Something fishy at Harare Town House
    • Zimbabwean journalist's film picked for prestigious award
    • An Update on Vanavevhu
    • World Divided Over New Scramble for African Land
    • Governance Improves in Liberia, Angola, Togo But Declines in Eritrea,
    • CHRA Alert
  31. Posted 5/10/10
    • Moratorium for Zimbabwean migrants
    • Farmers take Biti, Chihuri to Supreme Court
    • No Pay Rise For Zimbabwe Civil Servants
    • Mutambara And Chombo Clash Over GNU
    • Grain Marketing Board To Fire 1 650 Workers
    • Diaspora groups meet COPAC leaders in SA over constitution
    • Close to 2 million people participated in outreach program
    • Air Zimbabwe bosses want Chikumba out
    • Villagers beaten up for attending MDC funeral
    • MDC Rallies Banned In Gutu
    • ZBC Labels Journalists Terrorists
    • MPs boycott Copac duty in Manicaland
    • Local Currency Re-Introduction Imperative - Economist
    • LM Edition 65
    • Bill Watch 39/2010 - 4th October [House of Assembly Resumes 5thOctober; Diamond Sales Regulations gazetted]
  32. Posted 4/10/10
    • Zanu activates terror machinery
    • Zesa ordered to stop billing for no service
    • Illegal Zim: SA to brief UNHRC
    • Nearly 1mn Zimbabweans to need food aid until December : FEWSNET
    • HIV patients in Zimbabwean border town flock to Zambia for CD4 count testing
    • US$35m vanishes from Noczim
    • Cde Mutambara backs Chinese currency
    • People want jobs, not indeginisation: Khupe
    • 'Mugabe Must Go To Hell Man' Rearrested
    • Ex-minister fights council for rented house
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 2nd October 2010
  33. Batch 2 Posted 3/10/10
    • Gono rival under state surveillance
    • Diplomat sues government
    • MDC chairman Chitaka attacked at Copac
    • MDC Says It Will Have Nothing To Do With Heroes Acre
    • UK jails ‘dangerous’ Zimbabwean
    • Villagers barter goats for bag of maize
    • Zimbabwe white farmers seek court intervention in land dispute
    • Sibanda vows to continue terror campaign
    • Bribes order of the day at many hospitals
    • Govt to demolish two schools
    • Ancient treasures
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 720- Dated 1 October 2010
  34. Posted 3/10/10
    • Diesel n’anga: the true story
    • Moyo tipped for top Zanu PF position
    • Storm brews over Mugabe’s fake degree
    • Copac takes outreach to SA
    • Chinese army joins scramble for Marange diamonds
    • Coltart scoffs at 92% literacy rate claim
    • Corruption scourge hits schools
    • Hangers-on cash in on Mugabe extravagance
    • Backlash over govt ban on second-hand car imports
    • 3 000 circumcised as demand for the snip soars
    • Informal sector dims economic prospects
    • Gono gives RBZ clean bill of health
    • RBZ thwarts Zanu PF looters of farm tools
    • Comment: Car import ban unreasonable
    • Sundayopinion: EU should keep travel sanctions
    • Editor's Desk: Of models that work and those that don’t
    • Sundayview: Is the European Union our Enemy?
  35. Batch 2 Posted 2/10/10
    • Zimbabwean President Mugabe and PM Tsvangirai Move to Defuse Political Tensions
    • End violence or sanctions remain: Germany
    • Zimbabwe Constitutional Committee Reaches Out to Diaspora Groups in S. Africa
    • ‘Army in renewed terror campaign’
    • Sadc sets up presidential team on sanctions
    • Tsvangirai not certain on elections date
    • Mohadi at centre of storm over Nkomo statues
    • ‘Heroes Acre for Zanu PF members only’
    • SA protests disruption of citizens’ farming operations
    • Timba’s lawyers accuse CID of bias
    • AG’s Office Bill only new proposed law
    • Donor reluctance casts doubt on projected economic growth
    • Investors should help democratise Zim
    • Party agendas hold sway in constitution process
    • AU, Australia establish cooperation framework
    • No shortage of sugar this year –– Mtsambiwa
    • Mining sector: Recapitalisation the way forward
    • Muckraker: Squealing about sanctions won’t help
    • Eric Bloch: Govt expenditure must be reduced
    • GNU: MDC must get back to basics
    • Land reform has failed in South Africa
    • Empowerment: Common sense must prevail
    • Editor's Memo: GNU implementation progress stuck in the mud
    • Candid Comment: Tell us what you are doing, Minister Mpariwa
  36. Posted 2/10/10
    • A Fourth Chimurenga, for gold
    • Electoral Amendment Bill ready for gazetting
    • Mwonzora Gives Snapshot Of New Zim Constitution
    • Four Southern African Presidents to Lobby US, Europe to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • World Bank Expert Says Zimbabwe Laws Investor Unfriendly
    • Magistrate says Mudede has case to answer in diesel mystic case
    • 20,000 displaced people face eviction at Hatcliffe Extension
    • Furore over national hero status
    • Hungry Mwenezi villagers survive on baboons
    • Zim Deadline Won't Be Extended
    • Tsvangirai To Remain MDC Leader
    • How a pair of North Korean-built statues reopened ethnic wounds in Zimbabwe
    • This is not the time for divisive and revivalist politics
    • Gukurahundi part two begins in Matebeleland
  37. Posted 1/10/10
    • Tsvangirai tipped for Nobel Peace Prize
    • Mugabe Blasts Foreign Investors
    • Police Vow To Track Bennett
    • Starving villagers appeal for MDC assistance
    • Stop Sibanda's reign of terror - MDC
    • Farmers Sue Zimbabwe Government for Racism
    • Up to 20,000 at risk of forced eviction
    • Witchdoctor sent to prison for duping Mugabe
    • Police will not release MDC vehicles - Bvudzijena
    • SA urged to extend Zim documentation deadline
    • Zuma faces criticism on Zimbabwe at European Parliament
    • Masawi burial boycotted by MDC formations
    • ITUC warns against Zim worker attacks
    • Story on President Tsvangirai stepping down false and misleading
    • US State Officials Brief American Diamond Dealers on Zimbabwe Export Issue

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