The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/11
    • Zimbabwe group reports surge in political violence as national elections loom
    • Violence Intensifies As Zanu (PF) Prepares For Elections
    • Mugabe being helped by diamond industry
    • 'Mugabe wields too much power' - Poll
    • Constitution-making process stalls as CIO tries to manipulate data
    • Mugabe’s nephew vows to continue invading resorts
    • Zimbabwe’s external debt approaches US$7bn, central bank says
    • Central bank sounds inflation warning
    • Mutambara Is Going Nowhere-Says Mugabe
    • Ncube to beg Mugabe over Mutambara
    • MDC slams Mugabe over Mutambara
    • Intimidation Wont Stop Me From Doing My Job: Masunda
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 29th January 2011
    • Robert Mugabe running out of options very fast
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 8
  2. Posted 30/1/11
    • African Union Commission to Make Case for Zimbabwe Elections Delay to 2013
    • Mugabe in panel to solve Ivory Coast standoff: AU
    • Civil servants demand meeting with Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe cows dissent at home as uprisings
    • Tsvangirai Says Nothing Wrong With Mideast Protesters Demanding Rights
    • Police action disturbs Bishop
    • Zimbabwean and International Authorities Watchful for Flooding, Cholera
    • Germany protests to Zimbabwe over seizures of game conservancies
    • IOM helps Zim craft anti-trafficking law
    • Copac Hires Kenya Computer Expert
    • Security around Chiadzwa beefed up
    • Indian Diamond Firms Say Way Clear to Buy Zimbabwe's Marange Stones
    • Bulawayo set to start generating electricity in February
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Gives Golden Handshake to 1,500 Laid-Off Staff
    • Landmines still kill - 30 years after independence
    • Africa's tin-can version of Twitter has it right
    • People who cannot be traced
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 7
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/1/11
    • Mugabe moves to fast-track elections
    • ... AU demands free, fair Zimbabwe polls
    • Mutambara rejects smooth exit package
    • Mugabe absence leaves Zim on autopilot
    • Violence flares in Harare
    • War vets factions battle for control
    • ‘MDC-T can’t stop Zanu PF abuses’
    • Women fail to register as voters
    • ‘Mugabe can’t dissolve parly under GPA’
    • Biti’s growth forecast ‘unrealistic’
    • Zim to sign Epas only after tax resolution
    • Jomic continuing to lose currency
    • Muckraker: ‘Totem-less aliens’ raise bootlicking bar
    • Eric Bloch: The disastrous impact of fuel crisis
    • MDC-N: Political landscape, pitfalls and critical factors
    • Comment: Mugabe holding cabinet hostage
    • Editor's Memo: AU should be proactive, not reactive
    • Candid Comment: Elections: Propaganda, lies and deception
  4. Posted 29/1/11
    • Robert Mugabe clamps down further in Zimbabwe
    • Reserve Bank Lays Off Three Quarters Of Workforce
    • 70 000 government ‘ghost’ workers exposed, including self proclaimed political analyst
    • Byo Residents Forced To Sign Anti-sanctions Petition
    • Mugabe eyes snap election, as Middle East unrest makes him nervous
    • Mutambara still to comment over his recall from government
    • MDC-N Dissidents Face Disciplinary Hearing
    • Police probe Chombo land grab
    • IMF Urges Zimbabwe Government to Stand Fast on Public Sector Salaries
    • Zanu-PF criticises tourist site invasion
    • High Costs Deter Zimbabwean Banks From Importing Coins to Relieve Shortage
    • Prof. Chan’s views are ‘provocative, contradictory and inadequately informed’
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 6
  5. Posted 28/1/11
    • African Union to send assessment mission to Zimbabwe
    • Hospitalised MDC youths narrate their torture at he hands of hired Zanu PF thugs
    • S. Africa's Zuma to Lobby African Union to Tap Brakes on Zimbabwe Elections
    • Violence will wreck Zuma roadmap: MDC
    • Retired airforce officer calls for united front against Mugabe
    • Traditional leaders forcing villagers to sign anti-sanctions petition
    • Zanu PF imposes anti-sanctions petition
    • Zimbabwe Agrees to Boost Civil Servant Allowances, Holds Line on Salaries
    • IMF urges Harare to put lid on wages
    • MDC not stalling constitution - Chamisa
    • Sim Cards Shocker
    • Fuel price drops as supplies improve
    • Northern Zimbabweans Adopt Zambian Kwacha as Small Change Currency
    • Many Illegal Zimbabweans Fail to Apply for South African Residence
    • Councillors Report Chombo To Police
    • Zimbabwe Defense Chief Said to Be Considering Downsizing of Army
    • MLF Leaders Hit Back At Chihuri
    • Zimbabwe commodity exchange yet to start trading
    • Bulawayo City and Zimbabwe Utility Deadlock Over Disputed Power Bill
    • House of Lords - Zimbabwe - 27 January 2011
    • Zimbabwean leader leaves for AU summit in Ethiopia
    • Africa’s tin-can version of Twitter has it right
    • Debate on the abolition of the death sentence in Zimbabwe
    • OPINION: Changing international views on Zimbabwe
    • ZCTF Report - Jan 2011
  6. Posted 27/1/11
    • Government talks resume to avert civil service strike
    • Zanu PF sets up bases around Harare
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe releases notorious church leader
    • Mugabe deploys pardoned rapist on campaign trail
    • Lawyer says police took part in MDC office attack
    • Police Ordered To Crackdown On Matland Secessionists
    • Zanu will never win – War Vets
    • EU to fund ministry of health
    • Calls for Zimbabwe to adopt Biometric voters’ registration
    • Zimbabwe Student Activists Urge Harare to Roll Out Tuition Finance Scheme
    • Zim students offered reprieve in SA
    • Tortured Zimbabweans seek refuge in Johannesburg Church
    • Growing calls for United Democratic Front against a tyranny
    • Stunning: SA Court ruling reveals SABC cranking up propaganda for Mugabe
    • Group says Zim documentation process flawed
    • New investors for Zim platinum sector
    • 'Politics influences Zim's platinum growth' - think tank
    • Mass Cholera Vaccination Early In Outbreak Could Stem Spread Of Disease, Studies Show
    • MDC-T sleeping on the job
    • Harare Bishop: "Riot police and harassment will not 'crash' the faith of Zimbabwe Anglicans"
    • Opportunity Lost
  7. Posted 26/1/11
    • Mugabe secretly arms Ivory Coast’s usurper president
    • Tsvangirai's MDC Demands New Voters' Roll
    • Comments by Zimbabwe's Mugabe Intensify Speculation as to Snap Election
    • Moyo's 'vile influence' on Mugabe returns
    • Mugabe reminds partners who is boss
    • COPAC main computer hacked into
    • State Agents Accused Of Trying To Alter COPAC Data
    • Members of Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's Party Seek Refuge After Violence
    • Police Detain, Charge Juveniles Over Mbare Violence
    • CIO agents jailed for kidnapping
    • Art Exhibit Stirs Up the Ghosts of Zimbabwe’s Past
    • Endangered black rhinos slaughtered in Zimbabwe
    • Feuding Zanu PF factions leaked Mugabe’s health woes - Bursted
    • Zimbabwe records 71 suspected cholera cases in first week of 2011, says WHO
    • Zim to hold research and intellectual Expo
    • Zimbabweans lose faith in their country's recovery
    • Zim used four over-aged players — Chipilingu
    • When elephants fight...
  8. Posted 25/1/11
    • Zimbabwe's 86-year-old president denies surgery
    • Police Drive Mugabe Supporters Out Of Tourist Resorts
    • Zimbabwe apologizes for weekend incursion at tourist sites
    • Mugabe threatens to call early elections without new constitution
    • Wave of violence rocks Harare
    • Mutambara demoted to make way for Ncube
    • Chombo Threatens To Fire MDC Councillors
    • Workers protest highlights flaw of Indigenisation policy
    • Zimbabweans must have a say in elections - US envoy
    • AU ignores Zimbabwe as full military deployment
    • South Africa flood death toll rises as government declares 33 disaster zones
    • OPINION: Democracy alone won’t help Zimbabwe
    • Econet protest
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Goverment Watch : Issue 23
  9. Posted 24/1/11
    • Zimbabwe lakeside leisure resort targeted by militants under Mugabe empowerment drive
    • Invasion of tourism facilities near Harare
    • Zimbabwe in danger ….as Zanu PF embarks on coordinated violence against the people
    • We Were Used To Destroy MDC-T:Mbudzi
    • Mugabe to push for elections despite deadlock
    • Legal challenge for Prof Welshman Ncube
    • Knives are out for Mudzuri
    • MDC Youth Leader Shot As Violence Escalates
    • Public sector workers on strike
    • Tsvangirai Blames Zanu (PF) For Civil Service Crisis
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd January 2011
    • NOCZIM - the chickens have come home to roost
  10. Posted 23/1/11
    • As Rains Pile Up, Zimbabwe Authorities Warn Residents Near Kariba Dam
    • Big Power Cuts in Zimbabwe Cities Unrelated to 2009 Estimated Bills - ZESA
    • Kunzvi construction to start April: Nkomo
    • Crisis Ridden MDC-N Convenes Urgent Meeting
    • Diesel shortage hits Harare
    • War veterans invade bird sanctuary
    • MDC-T blames Mugabe for civil service pay crisis
    • Join Zanu (PF) For Your Protection-Zipra veterans
    • Corruption and decay at ZBC
    • MDC-M spokesman Nhlanhla Dube Behind the Headlines
    • Whispers in the pine needles
  11. Batch 2 Posted 22/1/11
    • 27 percent of people on voters roll dead
    • Zim civic groups in Ethiopia to lobby AU leaders
    • Fuel shortage to persist
    • MDC co-Home Affairs Minister Barred From Entering Constituency
    • Civil servants to meet over strike action next week
    • Zanu-PF to launch '2 million men' sanctions campaign
    • German investor in Zimbabwe vows to press case against land seizure
    • Zimbabwe's Power Utility Cuts Electricity to Many - Including City of Bulawayo
    • MDC factions turn on one another
    • More violence
    • Chinotimba draws battle lines
    • IOM unveils anti-trafficking programme for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe mulls liberalising railways
    • Evicted White Farmer’s Lions ‘Starving’- SPCA
    • Outrage as Mugabe pardons serial rapist
    • Jaggers workers storm Zanu PF HQ
    • International Views of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean farmers and Nigerian Agriculture (1)
    • Zimbabwean Farmers & Nigerian Agriculture (2)
    • A letter from the diaspora
  12. Batch 1 Posted 22/1/11
    • Babies, the dead on voters roll
    • Zisco deal spurs further investment
    • Biti sounds Zim election warning
    • Politburo to discuss GNU lifespan
    • Moyo sucked into MDC-T post battle
    • Zitac threatens TIMB over alleged bias
    • Time Bank shifts to investment banking
    • NewsDay continues strong growth
    • GNU stuck in implementation deficit
    • ‘Starvation wage’ riles civil servants
    • Electoral Courts: History justifies scepticism
    • ZimTrade delays signing China deal
    • Threats against foreign-owned firms to derail recovery
    • Fuel costs trigger price increases
    • LonZim acquires low cost internet messaging licence
    • Privatisation no magic wand for parastatals
    • Coltart, Zimsec: Corporate governance poser
    • Executive Chat: Financial sector embraces technology
    • Welshman Ncube a casualty rather than divisive figure
    • Muckraker: Who wants a ZBC headache every night!
    • Eric Bloch: Another nail in the investment coffin
    • The hurdles to collective action in Zim
    • Taming the Zanu PF monster
    • Candid Comment: GNU reforms the only road to Zim’s revival
    • Comment: Zanu PF rhetoric economic sabotage
    • Editor's Memo: Tomana’s actions smack of hidden hand
  13. Posted 21/1/11
    • Zimbabwe mulls treason charges over WikiLeaks
    • Zim WikiLeaks Probe Team Unmasked
    • Zimbabwe poll plan too early, says Zuma aide
    • Zimbabwe Ruling Parties Give South African Mediators Draft Elections Map
    • Lawyers call for electoral reforms
    • 120-year-old on voters' roll: ZESN
    • No money for public sector wages
    • Zim Civil Servants Fume As University Lecturers Get Hefty Salary Increments
    • Zimbabwe Health Minister, Short on Funds, Proposes to 'Export' Nurses
    • Zimbabwe's Low-Cost Airline Suspends Operations, Irate Passengers Demand Refunds
    • Councillors unite to fight political meddling
    • Officials of Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Party Eye Sugar Plantations for Takeover
    • KP under scrutiny over Zim diamond deal
    • SA Man Locked In Prison For Calling Mugabe An Idiot
    • Dabengwa says Nabanyama murder still worries him
    • Zimbabwe faces flooding
    • New Internet-Based Money Transfer Service for Zimbabwe & Zambia
    • Mashaba Housing warns Gweru employees to support ZANU PF
    • Pregnant Zim women threatened with deportation in SA
    • Press Statement-ZLHR's Position On Key Political Processes And Imperatives
    • Bill Watch 1/2011 of 20th January [Acts of 2010 & Update on Bills]
  14. Posted 20/1/11
    • Military plot to keep Mugabe in power
    • Zimbabwe faces election bloodbath, MDC minister Tendai Biti warns
    • State agents compiling database of potential violence victims in Binga
    • Zuma spells out new plan on ending Zimbabwe crisis
    • Prepare for democratic change - Tsvangirai
    • State Editors Urged To Attack Tsvangirai
    • US ambassador urges ‘peaceful protest’ against injustice
    • Zim issues flood warnings after heavy rains
    • Chombo in fresh land scam
    • Zimbabwe State-Controlled Publisher Proposes to Move Into Broadcasting
    • Kimberley Process Members Approve Modification to Zimbabwe Agreement
    • KP waiting on Zim to approve diamond agreement
    • Zimbabwe rubbish dump pollutes Mozambique water
    • New website to lure Zimbos home
    • Tsvangirai to stand uncontested for party leadership
    • Controversial Zim Police Exams Underway
    • The Zanu-Pf Green Bombers: The Real Story
    • Land reform debate must be based on facts
    • The Global Political Agreement as a ‘Passive Revolution’: Notes on Contemporary Politics in Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 19/1/11
    • Officials issue cautious denials over Mugabe health reports
    • Zanu PF anger over Mugabe health report
    • Conclusion of constitution exercise key to holding fresh elections
    • Civil servants & government set to try avert crippling strike
    • Civil servants will not budge
    • Zim and SA authorities meet over passport confusion
    • Mnangangwa's Threats On Foreign Owned Companies Unlawful - Ncube
    • Chinese trade facility for Zimbabwe
    • Furor Over Free Presidential Farming Inputs Continues
    • Cost Of Living On The Rise
    • Fresh Cholera Outbreak In Bikita
    • Activist arrested as youth clash over ‘spies’ in Bulawayo
    • Zanu (PF) Militia Threatens Gokwe Council Members
    • Gweru Legislator Protests Assault Charges
    • Bennett’s old farm used to grow marijuana - MDC
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC Says Military Deployed in Rural Areas
    • Soldiers ‘ban’ Masvingo weekly newspaper in Gutu
    • Deciphering Jonathan Moyo’s second coming
    • Zimbabwe in international compensation dispute
  16. Posted 18/1/11
    • Robert Mugabe has surgery in Malaysia
    • Zim Foreign Companies To Be Forced To Reveal Stance On Sanctions
    • Zuma’s facilitation team due in Harare for consultations
    • Ncube’s MDC accused of hiring thugs to seize cars
    • Zim diamond decision expected this week
    • Soldiers, CIO Distributing Farming Inputs
    • Zim Soldiers Beat Up Plumtree Residents In Revenge
    • Bussed Villagers Left To Soak In The Rain
    • Zimbabwe’s anti-colonialist agenda a ’bizarre arrangement’
    • Zimbabwe's stolen farms stolen again
    • Jaggers becomes the latest causality of Zanu PF indigenisation machinations
    • Patients Left Unattended As Hospital Staff Scramble For Free fertilizer
    • New Law Society of Zimbabwe President
    • Elections should be held this year - Moyo
    • Zimbabwe’s Justice System Again Under Scrutiny
    • Zim banks miss recapitalisation target
    • ZSE surges past US$4 billion mark
    • OPINION: Is it Multi-partyism or anti-Mugabeism?
    • Unlocking our potential
    • Statement on the proposed National Youth Service program
  17. Posted 17/1/11
    • Flood warnings for southern Africa
    • Zim worries about Wikileaks
    • Zimbabwean embassies owe US$24m
    • Mugabe supporters grab university land
    • Ncube’s MDC party broke
    • I Can Beat Ncube Anytime- Says Khuphe
    • Soldiers Ban Vendors From Selling Mirror
    • Mudzumwe Is Lying About Assault Claims: MDC-N
    • Offering hope to Zimbabwe's most desperate
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 15th January 2011
    • Pastoral Letter of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference 2011
    • Mutasa admits soldiers’ role in politics
    • Zanu PF chefs refuse to declare assets
    • Govt probes new car number plate tender
    • Extortionate school fees threaten education gain
    • Zinwa, council bury the hatchet
    • Traffic cop in court for fraud
    • Upsurge in Chiadzwa diamond smuggling
    • New radical movements expose tribal fault lines
    • Dreams come true for domestic workers
    • Fund brings cheer to Zaka West villagers
    • Zanu PF rape-victims mobilise
    • A new breed of techno-savvy politicians
    • Empowerment rhetoric driving away investors
    • Chinamasa fumes over SMM probe
    • Commodities Exchange to boost small-scale agriculture
  18. Posted 16/1/11
    • Landmark SADC torture ruling
    • Zuma Deploys Envoys To Relaunch Harare Mediation
    • Catholic Bishops Voice Concern Over Rising Political Violence
    • Low-Paid Civil Servants Struggle to Make Ends Meet
    • Mbeki implicated in Mugabe vote rigging by leading think-tank
    • MDC M Sacked Chairman Family Beaten
    • Zanu PF takes campaign to the pulpit
    • Gukurahundi survey planned
    • Region Prepares For Floods
    • Dairy herd count drops to 22,000
    • Police refuse to probe army general
    • Mugabe: power lies to the East
    • Messenger Of Court Shuts Down Internet Cafes
    • ‘ I Will Never Join Zanu (PF) ’ - Declares Jiyane
    • Mutton masquerading as lamb
  19. Batch 2 Posted 15/1/11
    • Zuma mediation ‘disgraceful’: MDC
    • Passport applications on hold
    • Zim should compensate violence victims –– Tribunal
    • Zimbabweans confident of GNU –– Survey
    • Copac blasts govt, donors over funds
    • NEC must have bite — Mashakada
    • Zanu PF fails to rein in warring factions
    • Zanu PF still abusing security forces — MDC
    • Ncube proves his political acumen
    • Two million need food aid in Zim –– Fewsnet
    • Chinamasa admits govt messed up SMMH
    • AirZim turnaround a daunting task
    • Welshman Ncube: A casualty rather than divisive figure
    • Muckraker: Leadership change alien to Zanu PF
    • Remedying parastatal deficiencies
    • Treason: Zanu PF’s tool to sap opponents
    • Facts about Chinamasa’s political meddling
    • Weaknesses limiting MDC-T’s effectiveness
    • Comment: Ncube must cut to the chase
    • Editor's Memo: Electoral reforms potential turning point
    • Candid Comment: Politicians: Ratchet down the toxic rhetoric
  20. Posted 15/1/11
    • SADC court says Zim government undermining rule of law
    • MDC And Zanu (PF) Youths Clash
    • Violence against MDC members on the increase
    • Tomana denies setting up Wikileaks probe
    • Flood warnings for Southern Africa, Kariba dam to be opened
    • WFDB tightens screws on conflict diamonds
    • Five Zanu (PF) Supporters Jailed For 2008 Violence
    • War 'Vet' Nabbed For Planting Mbanje In A Former Coffee Farm
    • Zimbabwean Urban Gardeners Outraged as Authorities Cut Down Maize Crops
    • Upbeat about the 2011 harvest
    • Zimbabwe to trade grains, cereals on new exchange
    • Zimbabwe reforms state-owned oil company
    • Ncube wields axe on ‘rebel’ rapporteurs from COPAC exercise
    • SOUTH AFRICA-ZIMBABWE: Deadline for arrests extended again
    • Sexual Harassment Of Zim Women On Beitbridge Border Continues
    • Press freedom watchdog says Zimbabwe media reforms sliding backwards
    • Zimbabwe 2011 – MDC’s take on the SMM saga – a Response
    • OPINION: Africa in 2050, enlist as a driver of change now
  21. Posted 14/1/11
    • Civil servants issue strike ultimatum over pay increases
    • Zimbabwe Military, Public Workers Disappointed With Small 2011 Pay Raise
    • Attorney General Backs Away From Reported Wikileaks Inquiry
    • Diamond Smuggling Thrives in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Sold Rough Diamonds To Indians For Training Centre
    • US voices concern over Marange gems
    • Thousands stranded as commuter omnibus crews attack traffic police
    • Zim Soldiers Run Amok in Zaka
    • Cholera Outbreak Fears In Gweru
    • MDC-M Supporters Regret Leaving Tsvangirai
    • Home affairs processing 1 800 Zim applications a day
    • SA to meet Zimbabwe officials over passports
    • Police can’t arrest "illegal" Zimbabweans until August 1 - LHR
    • New farmers join Kadoma gold rush
    • CFU welcomes debate on land ‘reforms’
    • Controversial magistrate collapses in court, dies in hospital
    • MDC-T councillors in Victoria Falls slam ‘treacherous’ Mayor
    • MISA says new journalist fees ‘not legally binding’
    • Zanu (PF) planning to win by foulest of means
    • Charamba Declined ZBC Bribe
    • Energy minister pushes for ZPC listing
    • MDC concerned about the plight of workers and families in Shabanie and Mashava
    • Rudderless and gutless
    • Resolutions of DEMCOF Forum held at Harvest house. 13 Jan 2011
    • WikiLeaks, Morgan Tsvangirai and the Guardian – an explanation
    • Ivory Coast: The consequences for Africa's other strongmen
    • How did Johannes Tomana sleep-walk onto the sanctions list?
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 5
  22. Posted 13/1/11
    • City councillors condemn destruction of maize in Harare
    • Police in renewed crackdown against MDC officials
    • SA says Zim deportations to resume in August
    • War vet Sibanda threatens 2000 at Masvingo rally
    • Zim Teachers On Go Slow
    • As New Term Opens, Some Zimbabwean Schools Turn Away Students Over Fees
    • MDC teachers terrorised
    • Chamisa says MDC unity deal possible
    • MDC row gets nasty as faction insist Mutambara is leader
    • Party leader calls for GPA implementation
    • Hardliners in Mugabe's Party Insist On Early Constitutional Referendum, Election
    • Zimbabwe Finance Ministry Rejects Central Bank's Appeal For Financial Aid to Settle Debts
    • Zanu (PF) blows $3,3 million on conf
    • Victoria Falls councillors & youths are still in police custody
    • Zimbabwe detains Chinese nationals caught using fake visas
    • Misa Declares Zim's Controversial Accreditation Fees Illegal
    • Diamond Activist Calls For Protection Of Chiadzwa Villagers
    • Massive mineral wealth exposed
    • Diamond director on the run
    • Ethanol project on course
    • Parliament a success – Speaker
    • Shoppers defy govt order
    • Zanu PF functionaries abusing our security sector
    • Welshman Ncube - A Divisive Figure or Mere Casualty of the Unforgiving Nature of Zimbabwean Public Opinion
  23. Posted 12/1/11
    • Secret document sparks outrage in Zimbabwe
    • Giant screen ‘suffocating’ Zimbabweans with propaganda
    • Strong rand will ’push up Zim inflation’
    • Zimbabwe engages Indian experts to revive ageing power plant
    • MDC mayors and council chairpersons declare ‘war’ on Chombo
    • Electoral reforms – ploy to sidestep Zuma
    • "I am not a dictator", Says Ncube
    • Tobacco bounces back
    • Zanu (PF) Frustrating Council's Bid To Stop Illegal Cultivation
    • Harare City Council Uses Tractors To Roundup Vendors
    • Still no decision on Zimbabwe diamond trade future
    • PM seeks stronger ties with Italy
    • Zim Immigration Department Tightens Regulations For Foreigners
    • ZPF feared to be behind beating of Zim man in SA
    • Army General Abducts MDC-T Official In Masvingo
    • Churches Refuse To Endorse Constitutional Process
    • Mawere responds to Chinamasa on SMM ownership claims
  24. Batch 2 Posted 11/1/11
    • Mugabe has angered Zanu PF party hawks
    • Zanu PF apologist faces arrest
    • Cleanliness thrown out of the window
    • Borehole water for residents of Mbare
    • King George IV pupil gets dream wheelchair
    • 2011: What have you in store for Zimbabweans?
    • Top politician in row over church stand
    • Rituals actors arrested on stage
    • Loan shark off the hook
    • Welshman Ncube’s stock rising
    • Botswana project poses fresh threat to Victoria Falls
    • SAZ alarmed by influx of uncontrolled imports
    • No quality control measures for food, alcoholic imports
    • Obsolete machinery behind Byo's water woes
    • Conmen target Harare shop owners
    • No salary raise for doctors, nurses
    • Zim left out of regional integration
    • Chikumba proud of his tenure at Air Zimbabwe
    • Sunday View: Zim politics in the rough but not its golfing
    • Sunday Opinion: Who should be the driver of change?
    • Sunday Comment: Food imports need close monitoring
  25. Posted 11/1/11
    • Parliament, executive must respect the judiciary - Chidyausiku
    • Chidyausiku Bemoans Judges Poor Salaries And Rise In Crime
    • SA extends Zimbabweans' permit deadline to March 31
    • Ncube will still need Mugabe to replace Mutambara as DPM
    • Mugabe Must Go, Tsvangirai's MDC A Hypocrite - Ncube
    • Zim Resumes Passport Processing
    • Boost for Zimbabwe's Education Sector Results in Texts
    • Zim Human Rights Group Sets Up Peace Committees
    • Chinese To Take Over Mawere Business Empire
    • More councillors and MDC youths arrested
    • Power Generation in Zimbabwe
    • COPAC teams begin working on new constitution
    • Harare Council, Zanu (PF) Clash Over Foreigners Shop Licenses
    • Residents furious at Minister’s latest ‘abuse of power’
    • Zimbabwe man recovering after beating in SA
    • Zim health survey to draw on blood samples
    • Swine Flu Kills Two
    • Bill Watch Special of 7th January 2011 [Mines Portfolio Committee Meeting 10th January]
  26. Posted 10/1/11
    • MDC Press Statement
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC Says Mutambara to Stay in Government
    • Corrupt Chombo suspends those who accused him
    • Actors arrested and released …. without charge
    • ZANU-Ndonga, MDC-T team up against Mugabe
    • Prime Minister dismisses affair claims
    • Foreign Business delegations: What’s Zim benefiting?
    • When elephants fight, the grass suffers
    • Africa in 2050: enlist as a driver of change now
    • Tales of torture and survival in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 8th January 2011
  27. Posted 9/1/11
    • Ncube Elected New MDC-M Leader
    • MDC-M On The Verge Of Split Ahead Of Congress
    • Mutambara takes last stand against "hugely divisive" Ncube
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Says Budget Insufficient for 2011 Elections
    • Electoral amendments – Zanu plot to sidestep Zuma
    • Zuma subdues principals
    • Chinamasa To Appear Before Parliament Committee
    • No deportations until March
    • War Veterans Invade Tourist Lodges In Zimbabwe's Eastern Nyanga Resort
    • NGOs Challenge Zimbabwe Official's Claim of Kimberly Diamond Clearance
    • Zim Pressure Group To Start Identifying Mass Graves
    • ZIMSTAT hunts for census cash
    • We won’t abandon Bennett, villagers
    • IOM activates refugee repatriation plan
    • MDC youths can stand up to Zanu (PF) terrorists – Mhlangu
    • Civil liberties decline since GNU: Survey
    • Chombo’s war with MDC councils
    • New twist to Mugabe lawsuit
    • Albinos Seek Reprieve On Car Imports
    • Zim Media Commission Says Newspapers Prices Exorbitant
    • Why people must reject Robert Mugabe’s Kariba Draft Constitution
  28. Posted 8/1/11
    • 7 out of 10 Zimbabweans fear political violence
    • CIO brutally assaulted MDC activist on Christmas Eve
    • ZANU PF councilor selling donated maize seed in Gwanda
    • MDC-M party on the verge of major split
    • Confusion over Marange diamonds
    • Gbagbo meets Zim officials
    • Zim to side with AU over Ivory Coast leadership crisis
    • Israel To Confirm Zimbabwe Diamond Trade Status
    • Chinese Sets Up Giant TV Screen Showing Zanu (PF) Jingles
    • 12 perish in accident
    • ‘Governors must prove they were legally appointed’
    • Zim Information Minister Distances Self From Exorbitant Media Fees
    • IOM Stands Ready to Assist Zimbabweans Returned from South Africa
    • Mugabe reinstates Moyo to Zanu-PF leadership
    • Prisoners in Xmas escape
    • Arrested for encouraging reconciliation in Zimbabwe
  29. Batch 2 Posted 7/1/11
    • Welshman Ncube wants polls deferred to 2013
    • Election reforms clip police powers
    • 2011 could be politically intriguing
    • ‘Truth commission essential for national healing’
    • Cash squeeze: Govt extends recruitment ban
    • Member escapes death amid Zanu PF feud
    • ‘Loan shark’ Buyanga close to Zuma
    • Law firm paid for services not rendered — Mubayiwa
    • Moyo’s politburo return riles Zanu PF bigwigs
    • Firm sues RBZ for US$35m
    • Confusion reigns over elections
    • The true story on the state of Zanu PF
    • Mutambara’s political star dims
    • Nkomo miserly with truth about Nyashanu
    • Matabeleland-Zambezi water project urgent
    • Candid Comment: Without reforms, the spectre of 2008 looms
    • Editor's Memo: GNU must get its priorities right
  30. Posted 7/1/11
    • MDC Warns Embassies, Enraged By Zanu (PF) Vote Buying
    • Zim Minister Orders Zanu (PF) Youth To Invade Sugar Farms
    • Political activist assaulted and left for dead by state agents in attempted abduction
    • Gbagbo seeks counsel from Zim
    • Zimbabwe quadruples foreign media licensing fees
    • Welshman Ncube all set to become MDC-M President
    • Chinamasa’s electoral law changes against SADC guidelines
    • Zanu PF to set up base in UK
    • Zimbabwe to start issuing passports again
    • MPs warn Biti over Air Zimbabwe
    • Zim Actors Arrested By Police With Help Of Zanu (PF) Mob
    • Charles Davy threatens to sue Zimbabwean website
    • Short-changed and angry
  31. Posted 6/1/11
    • Seven out of 10 Zimbabweans want 2011 elections: poll
    • ZANU-PF Military Forces Farmers to Attend Election Rallies
    • Clash in Harare Suburb Signals Rising Pre-Electoral Tensions in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans must resist Zanu PF’s partisan distribution of seed packs and food
    • Zimbabwe military beseige rural shopping centres
    • Chinamasa’s electoral law proposals likely to hit brick wall
    • Energy policy needed to curb fuel shortage
    • Partners sought for restructured Noczim
    • WikiLeaks are ‘harmless thunderclaps’ says Chamisa
    • Anger in SA over Zim passport freeze
    • Over 100 thousand Zimbabweans in South Africa living in limbo as Zimbabwe suspends printing of ID documents
    • Zimbabweans Returning to South Africa Said to Face Shakedowns, Long Delays
    • South Africa's Zuma Seeks Regional Consensus on Zimbabwe Elections Road Map
    • Thieves Stealing Copper Wires Force Zimbabwe Railways To Seek Alternatives
    • Williams calls for reforms in Zimbabwe
    • Int’l watchdog approves Zimbabwe diamond exports, minister says
    • Kimberley Process denies clearing Zim diamond sales
    • Lawyer booted off diamond case
    • Zimbabweans Stagger Into 2011
    • Debut writer Jason Wallace wins Costa book award for Robert Mugabe novel
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 4
  32. Posted 5/1/11
    • Zim stops issuing passports
    • Cost of Living Shoots Up In Zimbabwe
    • KP okays Marange gems: Minister
    • Diamond group warned against setting ‘dangerous precedent’ in Zim
    • Armyworm devastates crops in Zimbabwe
    • White farmer reclaims farm
    • Delegates from Mashonaland threaten to boycott MDC-M congress
    • WOZA plans meeting with Makone after new legal victory
    • Zimbabwe prisons should be demolished-Gutu
    • Zanu (PF) MP Using Children To Campaign Against Sanctions
    • Villagers alarmed by presence of soldiers
    • Investigate politically motivated rape - Report
    • MDC extends "sex scandal" probe
    • Activists Urge Zimbabwe To Do More To Support S. African Documents Drive
    • Zimbabwe Governing Parties Divided on Elections Schedule as 2011 Opens
    • Name and shame: Charles Davy ZANU-PF sponsor, partner, hunter
    • FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
  33. Posted 4/1/11
    • Ten thousand special dispensation requests by Zimbabweans turned down
    • South Africa May Deport 1.2 Million Zimbabweans for Missing Legal Deadline
    • Cholera outbreak confirmed in Harare suburb
    • Zimbabwe poll delay proposal gets backing
    • Mutambara faces demotion to Industry and Trade Ministry
    • Mutambara’s fate to be decided by party’s new standing committee
    • Financial Mismanagement Allegations Rock Lupane University
    • Revised "Jerusalem Agreement" on Zimbabwe Diamonds Sent to KP Members
    • SA geared up for second stint on Security Council
    • The tragedy of African brotherhood
    • Unsung Heroes
  34. Posted 3/1/11
    • Zimbabwe 2011 election may be postponed - state media
    • Thousands Fail To Beat Deadline For Permits
    • Welshman Ncube to bus in thousands from Bulawayo
    • Mutambara Is Still Our Leader-Says Masvingo Province
    • Cholera outbreak feared amid water quality concerns in Zimbabwean capital
    • Visitors snap up 100 trillion Zimbabwe bank notes
    • Tourists now prefer Zim to Zambia
    • OPINION: US offer of asylum for Ivory Coast's Gbabgo reveals outdated foreign policy
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 1st January 2011
    • 2011: it’s make or break time for Zimbabwe
    • Battle lines drawn as MDC congress looms
    • Hero status controversy imminent
    • ZBC fails to pay worker on time again
    • Zanu PF claims Copac victory
    • Coltart likely to be retained – Ncube
    • Mayor's treat for street children
    • A lame GNU, controversial diamonds plus twists, surprises
    • The dream Zimbabwe cabinet
    • 'Call for Matebeleland cessation ill-informed
    • Onslaught on NGOs ahead of elections
    • SundayComment: Nation gripped with trepidation
    • SundayOpinion:What awaits Zimbabweans in 2011?
    • Editor's Desk: Little positive change expected in new year
    • Sundayview: What if “Yes” vote had won in 2000 referendum?
  35. Posted 2/1/11
    • Zimbabwe Central ID and Passport production centre gutted by mysterious fire
    • South African Official Declares Success in Zimbabwean Documentation Effort
    • Axe falls on Zimbabwe an illegals
    • Air Zimbabwe to buy 4 new planes with US$ 500 million
    • Mugabe Can Be Sued - Tsvangirai
    • Political interference a major problem to Zim farming
    • Zimbabwe bans SA poultry imports
  36. Posted 1/1/11
    • WikiLeaks Backers Shut Down Zim Websites
    • Zimbabweans Rush to Meet Deadline to Become Legal in South Africa
    • Over 200 000 Zim applications received
    • Zimbo Residents In South Africa Invade Passport Office
    • South Africa relaxes Zimbabwe deportation paperwork
    • Zim Police Arrest Constitution Activist Madhuku
    • Zimbabwean journalist appointed to review IFJ constitution
    • Zimbabwean writer to receive OBE from Queen
    • James Kirchick: WikiLeaks' Collateral Damage
    • 2010 - The year when Zanu pf failed to bury the bad news
    • Bill Watch 53/2010 - 30th December [Parliament adjourned till February]
    • Divided Zanu PF courts new voters
    • Zuma drafting Zimbabwe poll roadmap
    • Price of fuel set to rise
    • 2010: A case of ‘political kung-fu’
    • Good times come only once a year at Hopley
    • Noczim, distributors locked in fuel ownership wrangle
    • Zanu PF bigwigs face conservancy eviction
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2010
    • Political squabbles hinder progress in parliament
    • Agriculture fragile despite recovery signs
    • Muckraker: Mugabe ‘an English gent’ despite rhetoric
    • Eric Bloch: Pertinent resolutions for 2011
    • SA needs strong-arm tactics for Zim change
    • Comment: Tomana barking up the wrong tree
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc can’t hold a candle to Ecowas
    • Candid Comment: Zanu PF: Monument to failed nationalism

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