The ZIMBABWESituation

December 2010 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/12/10
    • Zimbabwe state airline boss quits
    • Zanu (PF) Confirms Coaching People Over Constitution
    • Zimbabwe owes Equatorial Guinea US$220m
    • RBZ quasi-fiscal operations cost US$200m
    • Soldiers Detain MDC Officials
    • Chaos continues to take centre stage at Zimbabwe's Consulate in SA as the deadline looms
    • Zim dithers on press offer
    • Just over 24 hours to go for illegal Zimbabweans
    • Heavy rain, flood warnings
    • Côte d'Ivoire: an omen for Africa in 2011?
    • Add Zimbabwe to list
    • The Rabid Jackals And The GPA Government’s Mandate
  2. Posted 30/12/10
    • Smuggled-Diamond Revenue Flows to Mugabe's Zimbabwe Ahead of 2011 Election
    • NGOs: Revenue from Smuggled Marange Diamonds Going to Mugabe's Election Campaign
    • Soldiers In Door To Door Campaign
    • Treason threat for Tsvangirai ‘an electoral move’
    • Anti Riot Police disrupt NCA meeting
    • Murerwa threatens to repossess farms
    • Holiday Season Death Toll on Zimbabwean Roads Surges to 68
    • Zimbabwe Industry Minister Castigates Mugabe Over Proposed Expropriations
    • Zimbabwean Police Bar ZAPU From Holding Pre-Election Rally in Tsholotsho
    • New Zimbabwe Opposition Party Launched
    • Zimbabwe snubbed SA passport offer
    • Tear Gas Released as Zimbabweans Throng Seeking Passports at Johannesburg Consulate
    • Zimbabweans wait in limbo as deadline approaches
    • Harare City Council Parking Deal Questioned
    • Looking Back and Looking Forward
    • New book
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 3
  3. Posted 29/12/10
    • Zimbabweans scramble for South African visas
    • Karoi Hospital Turning Away Patients
    • Soldiers man roadblocks
    • We Are Trained To Kill – Soldiers
    • Moyo use security forces for no-go areas in Tsholotsho
    • Police bar Zapu meeting in Tsholotsho
    • War Vets Grab Farming Inputs
    • No electricity nor water at Christmas
    • Top Prison Officer Transferred For Keeping Goats In Cells
    • Zanu PF breaks the law
    • Mugabe withdraws fleet from Billy Rautenbach
    • Zim Child Abuse On The Rise
    • Commercial Banks Resume Consumer Lending - At a Price
    • Mutambara safe in govt - Madhuku
    • Mugabe - Asleep At the Wheel
  4. Posted 28/12/10
    • Morgan Tsvangirai faces possible Zimbabwe treason charge
    • WikiLeaks probe should target Zanu PF: Lawyers
    • Zimbabwe's Mashonaland residents hit by gold rush
    • New radical Matebeleland political party on the cards
    • ZIMRA launches blitz against tax-dodgers
    • Ncube dismisses Mugabe’s company seizure threats
    • Alert Airport Customs Police Foil Zimbabwe Diamond Smuggling
    • ACR Diamond Mining Company Accuses Mpofu of "Misleading" Nation
    • Ivory Coast's Gbagbo says Mugabe was right grabbing power after losing election
    • Ecowas Threaten To Use Force To Remove Gbagbo
    • Mutambara warns army
    • Four days left for Zim immigrants to register
  5. Posted 27/12/10
    • Israeli official arrested accused of trying to smuggle Zimbabwean diamonds
    • Zimbabwean capital to resume power generation as blackouts bite
    • The situation is at its most dangerous point
    • Initial Thoughts on the Matabeleland Constitutional Outreach Experience
    • The captivity of Robert Mugabe
    • US$1,7 million tollgate scam: A tip of the iceberg — insiders
    • Bloody Christmas as 43 perish in road accidents nationwide
    • The return of the injiva
    • WikiLeaks could quicken demise of GNU
    • Zim students stranded in Malawi
    • Air Zim grounded
    • Rampant sexual abuse at school
    • SundayOpinion: Issue of bonuses vexatious
  6. Posted 26/12/10
    • Zimbabwe AG to set up WikiLeaks commission
    • Fears Growing of Mugabe’s Iron Grip Over Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe warns public transporters as Christmas death toll rises
    • Bleak Xmas For Unpaid Council Workers
    • Top MDC Member Pushes for United Opposition Front in Zimbabwe's 2011 Polls
    • S.African President Zuma Takes Lead In Drafting Elections Roadmap for Zimbabwe
    • The Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) and its Politics after Jambanja
    • Zim to have New National Corporate Governance Code in March
    • Public Service Audit Findings Expected In January
    • US$490m remitted annually to Zimbabwe, says IFAD
    • Securities Commission hikes firm adequacy requirements
  7. Batch 2 Posted 25/12/10
    • Western Donors Pledge US$500 Million in 2011 Aid to Zimbabwe; Voice Concerns
    • Zimbabweans Find Cash Access and Travel Problematic Amid the Holidays
    • Air Zim Pilots Down Tools Again
    • "I am Ready For Elections Not War" - Tsvangirai
    • Jonathan Moyo May Bounce Back As Information Minister
    • Cash Strapped Zim Police Officers Demand Bribes From Prostitutes
    • Foreign Diamond Dealer Murdered
    • Difficult Christmas For Zim Beggars
    • 13 million textbooks
    • Robert Mugabe: what you see is what you get
  8. Posted 25/12/10
    • VP Mujuru sinks deeper into trouble
    • ... as Zanu PF financial woes worsen ahead of polls
    • ‘Police must end violence’
    • ‘Early poll will be disputed, violent’
    • Tsvangirai to remain at the helm of MDC
    • I did not influence Biti to amend law –– Kuwaza
    • Mugabe ‘stuck in the past’
    • Chinese firms under probe for ill-treatment
    • Fuel queues, black market resurface in Byo
    • NSSA blasted for poor investments
    • Zanu PF fights factionalism
    • Diasporans keen to invest in economic revival
    • South Africa: 10 positive trends
    • Zimbabweans face uncertain future in SA
    • ‘Mpofu can’t cancel ACR’s licences’
    • ZSE rues indigenisation effects
    • Firming rand cited as prices soar
    • Muckraker: Agreeing with Mugabe a state media habit
    • Eric Bloch: Discriminatory, unfair land ownership
    • Mugabe calls the tune, delegates sing along
    • Democracy in Africa: one step forward, two steps back
    • Zimbabwe elections — options and alternatives
    • Candid Comment: Tsvangirai must wake up and smell the coffee
    • Editor's Memo: What game are you playing, Mr President?
    • Comment: Zanu PF revenge thesis suicidal
  9. Posted 24/12/10
    • Constitutional referendum may be held in September 2011
    • Mugabe must go now, says Minister Biti
    • Western countries press Zimbabwe on vote reforms
    • ZBC Launches Robert Mugabe Radio Programme
    • Dabengwa questions what Zim has achieved since independence
    • Minister lied about diamond claims: ACR
    • Zanu (PF) To Set Up Own Schools
    • M&G to oppose Zuma’s appeal
    • Magistrate's arrest sparks fury
    • Police Bar ZAPU Demo Over Unity Accord
    • US Dollars, S. African Rand In Short Supply In Zimbabwe in Festive Season
    • Residents of Nyanga, Zimbabwe, Withhold State Broadcast License Fees
    • Mugabe praises South Africa’s Mbeki as a ‘great man’
    • Christmas: an ordinary day for Zimbabwe's poor
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Christmas Message 2010
    • Is Mugabe Playing A Monumental Bluff?
    • Is Zimbabwe's media really freeing up?
  10. Posted 23/12/10
    • US slaps sanctions on Tomana for ‘undermining democratic process’
    • Zanu in election charm offensive in Harare
    • Principals slammed for ‘double speak’
    • Year-End Surge in Food Prices Dampens Festive Mood for Zimbabweans
    • Thousands stuck at chaotic Beitbridge border post
    • Street vendor arrested for ‘insulting’ Mugabe
    • President Mugabe Signals Flexibility on Timing of Next Elections
    • Mpofu threatens to cancel all ACR’s mining licences
    • African Consolidated rejects Zimbabwe licence allegations
    • Zim diamonds to be sold through auction
    • South African Authorities Lower Bar For Zimbabweans to Avoid Deportation
    • Deadline and fears loom for Zimbabweans in S.Africa
    • SA rejects over 10 000 Zimbabwean dispensation applications
    • Media watchdog outraged by Grace Mugabe lawsuit
    • Abductees taken in October 2008 and still missing by December 2010
    • SADC must insist on credible Zimbabwe elections - Botswana
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe praises Mbeki and blasts Zuma
    • Zimbabwe's land - who "owns" what?
    • Early Rains Rekindle Interest in Rainwater Harvesting
    • SA needs strong-arm tactics to turn the page for Zimbabwe
    • "Free & Fair" Elections Impossible In Zimbabwe
    • Shona lessons - week 2
  11. Posted 22/12/10
    • Ten Zimbabweans Die In Police Horror Crash
    • Biti orders action as thousands stranded in Beitbridge
    • Teachers Stranded As Zim Banks Run Out Of Cash
    • Govt fights to keep Zim report under wraps
    • U.S. targets Zimbabwe attorney general for sanctions
    • Businesses urge Zim not to target foreign firms
    • ZPP wins French Prize
    • Diaspora Forum To Embark On Business Initiatives
    • Kunonga’s ‘supporters’ pledge unwavering support to ZANU PF
    • MDC-M deny reports of violent factions
    • Mangoma denies Wikileaks report
    • Zimbabwe threatens to revoke all African Consolidated licences
    • Two faced Mugabe has kind words for Tsvangirai
    • Probe Chombo - Residents
    • Another land invasion case referred to an international court
    • Zimbabwe State Enterprises Minister Moyo Slams State Media Partisanship
    • Zimbabwe envoy to Australia emphasises on the positives
    • Zimbabwe Pressured to Issue Coins
    • Coin Suggests Past Chinese-African Trade
    • Analysis: World vs Ivory Coast's Gbagbo is African test case
    • Zambezi Wind Song
    • The Global Political Agreement as a ‘Passive Revolution’: Notes on Contemporary Politics in Zimbabwe
  12. Posted 21/12/10
    • In rare joint appearance, Mugabe and Tsvangira vow cooperation
    • Mugabe praises coalition in about-turn
    • No election date yet
    • Mutambara to lead a faction against Ncube, Coltart’s political future hanging in the balance
    • "If Robert Mugabe engages in terrorism, he would go it alone" - Biti
    • MDC-M Provincial chairperson arrested in Mutare
    • Jabulani Sibanda and CIO threaten villagers in Chiredzi
    • Zanu threatens to expel diplomats
    • Police Demanding X-mas Gifts From Motorists
    • Residents up in arms with ZBC
    • Zim Prisoners Share Cells With Goats
    • Zims in SA plea for extension of documentation deadline
    • Home Affairs Refuses To Budge
    • Livestock scheme to assist refugees returning from South Africa
    • Zim human rights group calls for fair 2011 elections
    • ICSID appoints tribunal to hear land case
    • MDC wanted cash to buy off securocrats
    • Providing health care for peanuts in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai’s End of Year’s Statement to the People of Zimbabwe
  13. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/10
    • WikiLeaks cables: UN offered Robert Mugabe a lucrative retirement overseas
    • Robert Mugabe 'ready to bury the opposition' as opposition warns of beatings and intimidation
    • Mugabe Vows Never To Swear In Bennet
    • Zimbabwe headed for turmoil after Mugabe poll boost
    • Zimbabwean ambassador back in town
    • Shady group blocking official diamond sales
    • Zimbabwean Diaspora agrees to set up reconstruction fund
    • Mugabe: Mujuru has blown it
    • Mudede denies tampering with voters roll
    • Mugabe in blackmail of Western companies for political lobbying
    • US embassy cables: Obstacles to reform in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 18th December 2010
    • Zimbabwe charity appeal: my quest to help victims of Mugabe's regime
    • The 2 lions of Zimbabwe
    • The Hippo Pool by W V Squair
  14. Posted 20/12/10
    • Mugabe claims Mutare rejuvenated Zanu PF
    • Jonathan Moyo bounces back
    • Mugabe wants law to nail opponents
    • Rowdy war veterans disrupt conference
    • Zimbabweans in SA stampede for passports
    • Charging Tsvangirai politically motivated
    • WikiLeaks: No legal basis to prosecute PM
    • WikiLeaks titbits...
    • Chitungwiza workers threaten strike over pay
    • Mugabe admits losing election
    • Crisis Coalition takes poll campaign to the region
    • Welshman Ncube for president
    • Chombo-linked firm in Lupane logging debt
    • Police budge into MDC-M meeting, arrest official in Mutare
    • Zimbabwe urged to use diamond funds for health
    • Regional economic blocs set for new year integration talks
    • Hwange Colliery engages coal merchants
    • Banks bid to tap informal sector funds
    • Editor's Desk: A forced election will worsen Zimbabwe crisis
    • Hip-hop jingles demean head of state and governent
  15. Posted 19/12/10
    • Mugabe says may bar Western investors over sanctions
    • Call for sanctions should equal treason: Mugabe
    • Mugabe: Party ready to regain dominance
    • Mugabe's party ready to bury 'western NGO, the MDC'
    • Mutambara To Step Down As MDC-M Leader
    • MDC Activists Flee As Election Campaign Begins in Gutu
    • Secret Service boss and Central Bank Governor launch WikiLeaks lawsuits
    • Chinese poachers slaughter rhinos
    • Zimbabwe fuel prices rise by 10 percent
    • Masvingo Runs Out Of Fuel
    • MDC wants aborted SADC summit reconvened
    • Corruption, Abuses Cited In Army Recruitment Exercise
    • Stop Smuggling Weapons Into Tsholotsho:Gaule
    • Biti walks into salaries storm
    • The harrowing experience of being a journalist in Zimbabwe
    • Life after human trafficking
    • Forget Wikileaks – we now have Jonathan Moyo’s ‘Jomoleaks’
    • A million gossamer wings
    • A letter from the diaspora
  16. Batch 2 Posted 18/12/10
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe vows retaliation against West
    • Zim power-sharing can't continue, says Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe vote needed to resolve 'illegitimacy': PM
    • Defiant Mugabe says no to Tsvangirai
    • Women’s Coalition to block Mugabe’s 2011 elections
    • ZANU plots how to regain lost ground
    • MDC-T to hold congress in May
    • Expatriate Zimbabweans Gather to Promote Investment for Economic Development
    • Top international diamond official denies trade in Zim blood diamonds
    • UZ petrol bomb attack forces policy u-turn
    • Grace Mugabe's lawsuit plot to blackmail Trevor Ncube - Sources
    • Mugabe's newspaper urges Zimbabwe vote
    • Army buys Presidential helicopter for Mnangagwa
    • Chinese and Zimbabwean Prisoners Laboring in mines in Diamond Rich Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe court acquits LGBT activist
    • Mutambara finally rejected by own party
    • South Africa ups border security amid Christmas travel
    • Mugabe election call spoils the party
    • Bill Watch 52/2010 - 16th December [Finance Act Debacle]
  17. Posted 18/12/10
    • Biti under fire
    • ... as Mugabe vents fury on VP Mujuru
    • ‘Poll solely for presidency’
    • Mujuru camp against early elections
    • Zanu PF to probe members in WikiLeaks cables
    • Govt to resume paying Diaspora pensioners
    • 10 000 Zimbos face deportation from SA
    • WikiLeaks: A boon and bane for Zanu PF
    • Newborn deaths indict health system
    • ‘Parly whipping system could stifle debate’
    • Bank workers’ strike futile — Mushayavanhu
    • Banks never inflated balances — Gono
    • Mitigating Zim’s load shedding albatross
    • Muckraker: Respect is something earned Mr Mohadi!
    • Eric Bloch: Intensifying investor rejection
    • Dispelling myths of a people-driven constitution
    • Tsvangirai the best alternative — for now
    • Candid Comment: ‘Mugabe’s wives’ avoid succession issue – again!
    • Editor's Memo: Zanu PF should not throw stones
    • Comment: High bank charges a death knell for sector
  18. Posted 17/12/10
    • Grace Mugabe sues Zimbabwe newspaper over Wikileaks diamond story
    • International court names six Kenyans as suspects in 2007 post-election violence
    • Mugabe admits his cronies have abandoned invaded farms
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe to seek party conference backing for election date
    • PM Tsvangirai wants only presidential vote in 2011
    • ZAPU leader removed from US targeted sanctions list
    • Chinamasa snubs parliament committee for third time
    • MDC in South Africa ‘disappointed’ with Zim government
    • SA waives requirements for Zimbabweans
    • Long, wet wait for Zimbabweans
    • Activists call for arrest of Mugabe, JOC
    • Robert Mugabe's envoy to South Africa in limbo
    • Zim firms lay off workers
    • Amid Anticipation of Elections, Zimbabwe Registrar Updating Voters Roll
    • We are ready to kill - Brigadier Mutinhiri
    • Eight artists represent Zimbabwe at World Black Arts Festival
    • President Morgan Tsvangirai’s address to the media
    • An address to the Zanu-pf National Conference by a Zimbabwean Patriot
  19. Posted 16/12/10
    • Chinamasa snubs parliament
    • Donors threaten to withdraw funds from NGO hijacked by ZANU PF
    • Zimbabwe updates voters' roll ahead of poll, and its that man again
    • Rising food prices push Zimbabwe’s annual inflation to 4.2% in November
    • EU unveils €20 million humanitarian aid package for Zimbabwe
    • WikiLeaks: Grace sues paper for defamation of “the mother of the nation”
    • SA blames Zim for documentation backlog
    • "You Can't Sue Me" - Mugabe
    • Zanu (PF) Youths In Membership Cards Scam
    • Zim to host first ever Diaspora conference
    • Soldiers deployed in Masvingo forcing youth to join the army
    • Major buys votes with cabbages
    • Third EU-Africa summit: MEPs call for an EU law on "blood minerals"
    • Masvingo Residents Face Eviction From Their Homes
    • 5 years on: Murambatsvina victims speak out
    • Desperate families build their own homes
    • Tsvangirai says more serious things to probe than WikiLeaks
    • Zim’s 'world cup' campaign flops
    • Zimbabwe War Veterans Threaten Takeover of Companies Leaving Bulawayo
    • Zimbabweans Ponder 2011 Elections
    • Reform security sector - US envoy
    • Mugabe a threat to Zanu (PF)
  20. Posted 15/12/10
    • SA government fails in bid to keep Zim report secret
    • Zim election report in the public interest - Supreme Court
    • Zimbabwe protecting Rwandan genocide suspect
    • MDC MP Amos Chibaya arrested
    • ZBC stepping up support for Zanu PF
    • Zanu (PF) Officials Sidelined
    • Rhodes Remains Blocking Rains - Zanu (PF) Governor
    • Zim MPs ’promised rewards for budget assent’
    • Mugabe’s Zanu-PF to spend half a million on bash
    • Outcry As RG's Office Dispatches More Officers To SA
    • SA overwhelmed by process of documenting Zimbabweans
    • British bank defends role in Zim amid criticism
    • Masvingo Hospitals Runs Out of BCG Vaccine
    • Mugabe set to become Africa’s 2nd oldest Presidential candidate
    • Government Officials and Civic Organizations Call for the Adoption of UN Policy to Curb Corruption
    • Zimbabwe minister calls for action on match-fixing
    • ANALYSIS-Zimbabwe heads into a storm with early election
    • Interview: Magaisa on diaspora conference
    • ZCTF Report - Xmas 2010
    • Bill Watch Special of 13th December 2010 [Parliamentary CommitteeMeetings 13 - 16 December]
    • Shona Language Lessons - Week 1
  21. Posted 14/12/10
    • Mugabe to launch commission of inquiry on Tsvangirai over WikiLeaks
    • Makone: ‘I Am Sick And Tired Of Protecting Corrupt Officials ’
    • Corruption- the cancer that has destroyed Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF hijacks NGO program in Makoni district
    • Evicted farm-invading MP back on land
    • MDC Activist Fined, Deputy Minister Faces Arrest
    • Zimbabwe youth group calls for Mugabe to be tried in The Hague
    • Investigate Rape Crimes: Civic Groups
    • ‘Structures of violence. Defining the intersections of militarism and violence against women’
    • Zimbabwe Needs Mining Development Policy
    • Students want Supreme Court to rule on arrests
    • Zim Children Dying or Married Off As Hunger Takes Its Toll
    • Wikileaks hitback - Chamisa says Moyo and Chaibva are “certifiable idiots"
    • Tsvangirai Enjoys President Mugabe's Political Joke
    • Bill Watch 51/2010 - 12th December [Parliamentary Update - BudgetBills & Other Business]
    • Bill Watch Special of 13th December 2010 [Parliamentary CommitteeMeetings 13 - 16 December]
  22. Posted 13/12/10
    • Tsvangirai To Lobby Heads Of State Before Troika Meeting
    • Hungry Masvingo Villagers Assault Their Chief
    • Politicians must fight corruption - Makone
    • Home Affairs minister faces arrest
    • Biti-Mujuru alliance reels Mugabe
    • Mugabe election call - fresh trouble for Zimbabwe in 2011?
    • ZIMBABWE: Government restores student grants
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 11th December 2010
    • Cholera fears haunt Hatcliffe Ext
    • Local 'tycoons' face hard times
    • Muzarabani Jomic meeting abandoned prematurely
    • Suspended MDC-T member incites violent clashes
    • MDC sex probe opens can of worms
    • RBZ to sell assets to pay laid-off workers
    • Mawere’s assets up for sale
    • Promoting violence begets more violence
    • SundayComment: Chinese support not for granted
    • SundayOpinion: Zimbabwe’s Diaspora a unique human resource
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 731- Dated 10 December 2010
    • Jonathan Moyo’s hysterical anti-Tsvangirai rhetoric: very sad
  23. Posted 12/12/10
    • Ruling Parties Summon Service Chiefs Over Intimidation Tactics
    • Army fingered in election rape orgy
    • Poachers slaughter elephants, rhinos as poaching escalates
    • Moyo cranks up the propaganda for Tsvangirai resignation
    • Police ‘gate crush’ journos’ meetings
    • Out of control: Veld fires destroy tourism, timber industry
    • Bank implicated in sanctions-busting scandal
    • Settlement deaths, tip of iceberg
    • UK MP says SADC ineffective
    • GNU holding Zim from chaos
    • ZISCO, private companies and the Mauritius money
    • Tracing the culture of violence in Zanu (PF) (Part two)
    • China can get generals to quit: WikiLeaks
    • Roy Bennett's speech to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association
    • International Anti-Corruption day
    • Mugabe Protected By Constitution?
    • Mosquito swatters
    • Don't Forget Zimbabwe
  24. Batch 2 Posted 11/12/10
    • US$1 billion Marange diamonds looted
    • Mbare residents forced to join ZANU PF protest march
    • MPs pass Biti budget amid reports of threats
    • Tsvangirai orders Zim Army To Stop Harassing Villagers
    • Zim Villagers Forced To Attend Night Vigils
    • Zim Diamond Monitor Denies Authorising Illegal Sale Of Diamonds
    • ZAPU power struggles escalates
    • Gono adviser accused of raping 11 year old girl
    • Police Hunt For Six MDC MPs
    • Church Expells MDC Members
    • Mugabe reaches out to business
    • Bus shortages complicate Zimbabwean migrants' hopes of going home for Christmas
    • Humanitarian crisis close to home
    • Statement On Politically Motivated Rape In Zimbabwe
    • WikiLeaks Revelations Put Zimbabwe in Jeopardy of Further Instability, says Analyst
    • Law Society of Zimbabwe’s model constitution now included in Sokwanele’s online constitution resource
    • A letter from the diaspora
  25. Posted 11/12/10
    • Tsvangirai moots global campaign for free polls
    • Biti, Mujuru join forces
    • Bank workers strike next week
    • Zanu PF badly fractured — cable
    • MDC-T sets up poll probe team
    • Tsvangirai fights factionalism
    • Cowed Zanu PF members avoid succession taboo
    • Student activism slowly dying in Zim
    • Donors refuse to supplement teachers’ salaries
    • Rocky start presaged bumpy constitutional process
    • Zimbabwe hamstrung by rising debt
    • Long-term finance key to budget amnesty
    • Gono taken to task over RBZ tender
    • 2011 tobacco output could reach 150 million kgs
    • Muckraker: Mugabe’s latest title belies utterances
    • Eric Bloch: Zimbabwe bedazzled by diamonds
    • The point ambassador Dell missed
    • Thinking beyond transition, Mugabe
    • Candid Comment: Stealing elections must never be tolerated
    • Editor's Memo: Indigenisation policy muddled, confusing
    • Comment: Corruption must not derail privatisation
  26. Posted 10/12/10
    • Mugabe to arrest Tsvangirai, ban the MDC and expel US ambassador - Source
    • Traditional leaders refuse to set up militia bases in Buhera
    • Zim to nationalise alluvial diamonds
    • Zimbabwe government to nationalize all mines: report
    • Zimbabwe sends mixed messages on mining
    • Zimbabwe deputy PM, lawyer warn against rushed polls
    • Zim lawyers call for significant reforms ahead of elections
    • SADC to have input on election date in Zimbabwe
    • Amendments to POSA sail through Parliament
    • MDC Worried About Deaths
    • Zim Deputy Premier Apologises For Murambatsvina
    • Monitor Party Jingles - ZESN
    • A few MPs declare assets to Speaker
    • SA Public Protector called in over Zim documentation deadline
    • Madhuku on the verges of full-time politics
    • Zim cost of living rises by $8
    • Pauline Latham on how aid and reform can help Zimbabwe
    • Transcript: Assistant Secretary Crowley on "WikiLeaks and Other Global Events"
    • WikiLeaks cables reveal secret plan to push Mugabe out in Zimbabwe
    • Wikileaks - US embassy cables: Zanu-PF like 'a troop of baboons incessantly fighting'
    • WikiLeaks - Zimbabwe govt, in blood diamond trade
    • Wikileaks - US embassy cables: Tsvangirai sets out options for nudging Mugabe
    • Wikileaks - "Mugabe is knackered" - Tsvangirai told the US
    • Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation (ZBF) - Christmas fund-raising campaign launched
  27. Posted 9/12/10
    • Zimbabwean MPs in big pay demand
    • SADC taught a lesson by West Africa over stolen elections
    • Indian government bars trade in Zim diamonds
    • UZ pro-Vice Chancellor’s car petrol bombed
    • NCA engages SADC to fight Zanu PF violence
    • No Aliens Please - Zim Army
    • No Political Rallies At Schools - Coltart
    • Ambassador Zwambila returns to her posting in Australia
    • Mugabe a failure says Museveni
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Says Elections Not Possible by June
    • Mukoko warns of political violence to come
    • I should have condemned Robert Mugabe a long time ago, top author tells BBC and The Observer
    • Mugabe and war veterans to face off at congress
    • Mugabe is misled – Chiefs
    • Mugabe must answer in criminal court — DA
    • Bulawayo residents bring ministers to account
    • Mbeki was better than Zuma: DA
    • Time running out for Zimbabweans
    • This one is for the Economic Experts: Professor Steve Hanke, John Robertson and Eric Bloch
  28. Posted 8/12/10
    • Zim central bank to cut 1 600 jobs
    • Zimbabwe PM says no election without referendum
    • South Africa's DA devises five-stage plan for democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Government suspends Indiginisation law
    • Residents want Chombo probed
    • Zim Speaker Appointed SADC Parly Forum Chair
    • Zanu PF chairman urges security forces to crash and destroy journalists
    • Journalist claims politburo member ‘instigated’ assault on him
    • Police seize radios in Binga
    • Zanu (PF) Launches Operation Jongwe Mumusha
    • Reserve Bank Official Dr Munyaradzi Kereke rapes 11 year old girl at gun point
    • Zimbabwe: SA bank gives US$267m for Zim projects
    • Agricultural Inputs Distributed on Party Lines Hurungwe
    • Swiss Group Urges Bern to Bar Sale of Marange Diamonds From Zimbabwe
    • Cde Nunjoma booed and jeered in Ghana for saying Cde Mugabe is a great leader
    • Tourists to Zimbabwe and everyone else, Beware
    • OPINION: The point ambassador Dell missed
  29. Posted 7/12/10
    • Each Party For Itself In Zim 2011 Election - Ncube
    • ZCTU wants only presidential election in 2011
    • Take Tough And Quiet Approach On Zim - Think Tank
    • Zanu (PF) Party Wings Promise Poll Terror
    • Zim Journo Beaten Up By Zanu (PF) Thugs
    • Court asked to prevent Chiadzwa diamond exports
    • Zanu PF scoffs at extortion claims
    • Journalists further remanded
    • Zimbabwe's Economic Woes Continue
    • Zimbabwean trains held in China over debt
    • WOZA to sue police after winning Supreme Court ruling
    • Jenni Williams Speaks On Infiltration in the MDC-T
    • Zim Consular General insists no deportations from SA
    • Violence, Exploitation Fail to Dissuade Female Migrants
    • Tsvangirai tells senators to get back to work
    • How the US misjudged Robert Mugabe's bloodthirsty regime
    • Zimbabwe hosts first diaspora conference
    • OPINION: The story of reconciliation in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 22
    • Mugabe organised Rhodesian bombing of guerrilla camp to oust Sithole
    • ZANU PF thrives on opposion mediocrity
    • Bill Watch Special of 4th December 2010 [Portfolio CommitteeMeetings 6 - 9 December]
    • Bill Watch 50/2010 of 4th December [2011 Budget]
  30. Batch 2 Posted 6/12/10
    • Mugabe 'not happy in Zimbabwe unity government'
    • Chombo fleece council of millions over Harare airport road
    • ZISCO scandal: Mugabe blacklists Mittal over Blair links
    • Anxious times as amnesty deadline nears
    • UK think tanks wanted US to wash its hands of Zimbabwe
    • Grace Mugabe linked to Chinese mafia
    • Chombo to crack whip on errant councils
    • IOM Supports Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency Efforts to Identify Diaspora
    • Zimbabwe charity appeal: 'We can help this family pull through'
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 4th December 2010
    • Zimbabwean political parties should form an alliance to defeat tyranny
  31. Posted 6/12/10
    • Mugabe heads for collision with Zuma
    • ZANU PF bids for more party jingles
    • Corruption scuttles highway dualisation
    • Mutola turns down Sports Commission's invitation
    • Nine days of hell— a prisoner’s diary
    • Gweru council reverses rates hike
    • Zim lawyers win top human-rights award
    • Government officials recognised for fight against HIV
    • Police face probe over editor's arrest
    • Zimbabwe appeals for aid to stave off hunger
    • Chombo, Harare councilors collide
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T in violennt clashes in Chitungwiza
    • MDC-M congress in January
    • ZimStat looks for head
    • editor'sdesk: Day in the life of a caged editor
    • sundayopinion: ZANU PF thrives on opposition’s mediocrity
    • standardcomment: MDC-T silence on media disturbing
    • sundayview: Let’s address food security challenges
  32. Posted 5/12/10
    • White farmers return to Zimbabwe land
    • Group wants advance SADC observers
    • ZESN Calls For Demilitarisation Of Elections Body
    • 2011 Poll Now Doubtful
    • Govt workers plot unrest in January
    • Gvt urged to craft employee friendly laws
    • Zim planes, trains face seizure
    • Diamonds saga takes nasty turn
    • UN Issues $415M Zimbabwe Humanitarian Appeal to Bridge 2011 Hunger Season
    • Food, farm inputs politicised
    • Coins talks with US advanced - Biti
    • Zimbabwe Authorities Record 60,000 New HIV Cases Despite Prevention Efforts
    • Global Fund rejects Zimbabwe’s HIV funding application
    • Two new SA, Zimbabwe border posts on the cards
    • Unemployment continues to make life unbearable
    • Murambatsvina haunts gvt at Hopley
    • The story of reconciliation in Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • "She knows!"
  33. Posted 4/12/10
    • Zimbabwe politics not stable enough for IMF
    • Countdown to deportation
    • Zim admits serious passport issuing problems
    • Low morale erodes public health gains
    • MDC calls for non-partisan land audit
    • ZANU PF withdraws support for POSA amendments
    • MDC MP Cleared Off Kidnapping Charges
    • Zimbabweans free to decide on elections - Holland
    • Budget did not favour Education - Dokora
    • Makone and Mohadi booed by exiled Zimbabweans in South Africa
    • Students disappointed with PM for pulling out of UZ tour
    • Body of Gokwe villager still at mortuary after two years
    • The WikiLeaks cables are rightly scathing about Morgan Tsvangirai
  34. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/10
    • Mujuru confronted over early elections
    • … as Jomic moves to summon service chiefs
    • Constitutional data open to manipulation
    • Essar’s Zisco takeover mired in controversy
    • MDC-T clashes over national executive representative
    • Take Mugabe with a pinch of salt — UK minister
    • Posa Bill support withdrawn
    • Zanu PF factions trade bitter exchanges
    • Vulnerable groups laud budget allocation
    • No need to discuss Mugabe’s successor — SK Moyo
    • Civil service salary: Spinoffs to the broader economy
    • Stakeholders slam agric budget allocation criticised
    • Retailers poised for rising sales
    • Price increases hit struggling consumers
    • Mugabe: The end is nigh
    • Muckraker:Zanu PF spouts redundant nationalism
    • Eric Bloch: Recognising reality, lacking resolve
    • Biti’s budget: The bouquets and brickbats
    • The mythical effect of ‘illegal sanctions’
    • The last days of Robert Mugabe
    • Candid Comment: WikiLeaks’ ‘cablegate’ good for journalism
    • Editor's Memo: Chihuri’s reckless utterances instructive
    • Comment: Govt, business dialogue crucial
  35. Posted 3/12/10
    • Drop Zim sanctions, says Zuma and Banda
    • Panic Grips Zim Media As Cops Are Recruited Into Newsrooms
    • Generals demand more cash from government
    • Zimbabwe military takes charge of Zimbabwean football
    • Zim may need South Africa's help in issuing passports
    • WOZA swoop on Parliament Building
    • Rushinga teachers flee on foot as CIO botch abduction
    • Zimbabwe elections- a war situation, Concession residents
    • Urgent SADC summit on Zim in January
    • Newborn deaths at Zimbabwe settlement must be investigated
    • Zimbabwe needs $415 mln in food aid
    • Zanu PF have hijacked the food aid programme
    • Mugabe Tries to Turn U.S. Comments Into Campaign Issue
    • MDC fights back to reclaim market stalls ‘grabbed’ by ZANU PF
    • New wave of media repression in Zim: RSF
    • Arrest of journalists threatens democracy
    • US embassy sponsors public HIV testing for celebrities
    • Voting For War
    • Zimbabwe 2011 - the elections which Zanu-pf dreads
  36. Posted 2/12/10
    • Massive Army Recruitment - A Hidden Agenda
    • Soldiers hold drills in villages
    • Election Time Is War Time - Villagers Warned
    • Jabulani Sibanda terrorizing Lowveld, threatening death to MDC
    • State ordered to probe abuse of power by police
    • Police intensify media crackdown
    • Arrested Zim Editor Gets Bail
    • ZUJ President deplores crackdown on journalists
    • CIO agent abducts six teachers in Rushinga
    • MDC-M fingered in the arrest of MDC-T officials
    • Tsvangirai Senator Dies
    • European Union Rebuffs EU-African Summit Pressure on Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Mugabe blasts Europeans
    • Zimbabwe Threatens To Sue Kimberley Chairman Over Diamond Export Ban
    • State Entities Mishandling Millions in Retained Fees Charged for Public Services - Minister Biti
    • MDC calls for Chihuri’s removal after ‘puppets and dogs’ speech
    • 40pc water hike for Harare
    • The Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) and its Politics after Jambanja
    • Discussion - Should Zimbabwe have a peace and reconcialiation commission-SA Style?
    • Christmas can start in Zimbabwe
  37. Posted 1/12/10
    • Zimbabwe’s new land barons
    • Zim Editor To Spend Night In Remand Prison
    • CIOs hunt newsman over Chombo story
    • South Africa's Zuma, Zambia's Banda, to Confer in Pretoria on Zimbabwe Crisis
    • WikiLeaks tells how SA saw ‘crazy old man’ Mugabe
    • War vets establish new ZANU PF bases in Matabeleland
    • Bennett Demands Justice
    • MDC-T yet to decide on resumption of Senate sitting
    • Gender-Based Violence: 'Zimbabwe Police Officers Forget Themselves'
    • Residents gather in the fight against corruption
    • Zim police will only accept a Mugabe win
    • MDC activist dies after being assaulted by police
    • MDC say they are not relying on SADC for change
    • SA not serious about Zim documentation
    • Be very afraid
    • Teachers petitions UN and SADC
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Why not indict Bush and Blair?
    • ANALYSIS: Wikileaks, a godsend for Mugabe
    • Wikileaks' irresponsible behavior threatens relations and lives
    • Bill Watch Special of 26th November 2010 [Portfolio Committee Meetings: Post-Budget Analysis]
    • Peace Watch 14/2010 of 27th November [Should Zimbabwe have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?]

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