The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/3/11
    • SADC urged to stand up to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe tensions top regional security summit
    • Human Rights Watch Asks SADC to Pressure Zimbabwe on Harassment, Arbitrary Arrests
    • Zimbabwe Too Broke To Meet External Obligations - Government Officials
    • Zim holds another investment conference
    • Dead become a tool for Mugabe
    • Audit human remains – Colonel
    • Amnesty calls police to account
    • Churches speak out against violence
    • Soldiers deployed in Matland
    • ZIMBABWE: The Forum's Executive Director charged
    • JOMIC to meet MDC victims in Chimanimani
    • MDC youths abducted in Bulawayo, found at police station
    • Children drafted to sign sanctions petition
    • Zanu (PF) Politburo Meets Over Electoral Defeat
    • Lovemore Moyo victory boosts prospects for MDC unity
    • Zim to attend diamond meeting
    • Mutambara, Ncube clash again
    • Villagers confused, disappointed at MDC inaction in face of police rally banning
    • Farmers Sceptical About "Complicated" Exchange Market
    • Time for MDC to pay the price for freedom
    • New Book - "Zimbabwe, a passion shared"
  2. Posted 30/3/11
    • Lovemore Moyo wins election as Speaker of Parliament
    • Jonathan Moyo accused of bribing MDC-T MP’s
    • Parly poll rig plot
    • MDC-T Minister Mangoma to remain behind bars
    • SADC chair says Zim unity government must stay in place
    • Rights group calls for SADC to end Mugabe crackdown
    • ‘Intimidation surges’ as Zimbabwean militias redeployed
    • Bennett, party at odds over investment in Zimbabwe
    • Japanese Ambassador donated the 5, 7 million dollars
    • Foreign mining firms under siege
    • Signposting the Anglican Way: Theological Education Group meets in Harare, Zimbabwe
    • Desperate measures in times of hunger
    • Congratulations Mr Lovemore Moyo Thank you Welshman Ncube
  3. Posted 29/3/11
    • Zuma to ‘assess’ Zim situation after plea from Tsvangirai
    • Zim taking foreign-owned mines
    • Platinum miners tumble as Zimbabwe turns up heat
    • Zimbabwe news weighs on S.African stocks, bonds weaken
    • 'Zim crisis goes beyond elections'
    • Scores of youths picked up by police
    • Minister Mangoma’s trial kicks off
    • Zimbabwe churches condemn escalating violence
    • EU urged to penalise SADC over Zim crisis
    • Ncube MDC to back MDC-T candidate for parliament speaker
    • French President Honours Mukoko, Holland
    • The Daily News is back - and taking no prisoners
    • Theatre in the Park to re-open after HIFA 2011
    • Book Launch in Cape Town and Johannesburg
    • BILL WATCH 11/2011 of 28th March [Election of New Speaker}
    • BILL WATCH 12/2001 of 28th March [Legal Implications of Nullification of Speaker's Election]
  4. Posted 28/3/11
    • Mugabe nolonger in charge, Tsvangirai confirms Zimbabwe coup
    • Mugabe Goes For Broke
    • Bob losing grip, says Tsvangirai
    • Top MDC officials 'targeted' for arrest
    • Tsvangirai runs to Zuma for protection
    • Deposed Speaker faces arrest
    • Zimbabwe Tensions Rise Before Regional Meeting
    • Police ban rally by Zimbabwe PM's party
    • Mugabe says will not drop policy on foreign firms
    • Mugabe: Foreign firms must treat Zimbabwe as senior partner
    • MDC-T ‘quietly’ urging investors to leave: Bennett
    • Zanu (PF) Turn To Convicts For Signatures
    • Strike at Air Zimbabwe Continues as Management Pleads Financial Woes
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 26th March 2011
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/3/11
    • Police raid MDC-T offices, officials flee
    • Makone falls from grace
    • Zanu PF hopefuls jostling for seats in Masvingo
    • Police ‘forced’ to sign anti-sanctions petition?
    • Upfumi Kuvadiki targets telecoms firms, media
    • Zapu threatens parallel exhumations
    • MPs face probe over constituency funds
    • German national abducted, deported
    • Nkomo orders councils on water billing
    • MDC-T activists in court over violence
    • Zipra approaches Perence Shiri for help
    • Ministry moves to address diabetes information deficit
    • Chinese doctors carry out operations to restore sight
    • Agriculture pillars critical to agric recovery
    • Cabinet approves bills on parastatals’ reform
    • AU warns against nationalisation
    • Boka Tobacco auction Floors Open
    • Meeting immediate need vs conservation
    • SundayComment: Unearth truth on human remains
    • Realities dictators refuse to face
    • SundayView: Time for AU, UN to intervene in Zimbabwe crisis
    • From the Editor's Desk: Museveni must face new world outlook
  6. Posted 27/3/11
    • New SADC move to tackle crisis
    • Zimbabwean Authorities Deport German Citizen
    • US blacklists firms dealing in Zimbabwean diamonds
    • Desperate sanctions petitioners invade schools
    • Anti-Sanctions Petition Blues
    • DJs forced to air Zanu praise songs
    • Soldiers Force Villagers To Set Up Zanu (PF) Structures
    • Heroes Acre only for Zanu PF: Mugabe
    • MDC-T Ministers Under Siege
    • Ncube faction to act against defiant MPs
    • Mangoma spends weekend in custody
    • A tale of two ministers
    • Tug-of war over 'firing' of Harare councillors
    • Zanu (PF) jamming on Studio 7
    • Apology
    • Const input flawed - Mwonzora
    • Zim's health institutions need $420m for spruce up
    • Zanu (PF) abusing cops for political gain - analysts
    • Banks in crisis
    • A coup in progress
    • No respect
    • No respect for the dead
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/11
    • Onslaught On Human Rights Defenders Continues In Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe softens on GNU impasse
    • Zanu PF bigwigs scramble for Zimplats
    • Tsvangirai meets Zuma over political climate
    • Karimanzira dies, declared national hero
    • ‘Vote SK Moyo or you are expelled!’
    • MDC-T to back new constitution
    • Zuma still working on election roadmap
    • Swedish firm to upgrade border posts
    • Treason saga: Activists recount police ordeal
    • MDC decision on Speaker in the best national interest
    • ‘Put a lid on jobs for the boys’
    • Jitters as indigenisation thrust targets ZSE
    • Biti intervenes in ZSE, SEC feud
    • Tobacco sales rake in US$57,7million
    • ‘Politicians not looting Agribank’
    • Libya crisis: Another example of AU impotence
    • Muckraker: ‘Look at me, see how useful I can be’
    • Eric Bloch: Convenient disregard of facts
    • Opposition must forge alliance opposition parties’ alliance
    • Contempt of court has lengthy record
    • Comment: Mugabe’s hypocrisy as clear as daylight
    • Candid Comment: Govt fomenting culture of thievery
    • Editor's Memo: Another political drama plays out
  8. Posted 26/3/11
    • Zimbabwe scraps rally, arrests minister in crackdown
    • Police Arrest Energy Minister Again, Restrict Political Activity
    • New Venue
    • MDC Home Affairs Minister Makone in hiding
    • Tsvangirai expected to meet Zuma over the weekend
    • Daily News return marred by attack on reporter
    • Hearing For MDC-T Urgent Application On Speaker Election To Be Heard Next Week
    • ‘Kimberley to allow Zim diamond sales’
    • Groups move to block Marange exports
    • Zimbabwe unlikely to pay arrears this year: finance minister
    • Hundreds of Bodies Removed From Zimbabwe Mass Grave
    • Africa’s rhinos face worst poaching crisis in decades
    • One in Three Children in Zimbabwe Suffers From Malnutrition - UNICEF Study
    • Zimbabwe's Anglicans forced to worship in pubs
    • Campaign to intimidate and threaten leaders of social justice movement
    • "Mugabe will rule Zim forerever"
    • OPINION: Zim crying out for leadership
  9. Posted 25/3/11
    • Zimbabwe referendum 'delayed to September'
    • Zimbabwe Makes Progress Towards New Constitution
    • Special cabinet meeting held Thursday
    • War vets besiege finance ministry headquarters
    • Hundreds stranded as Air Zimbabwe pilots walk out
    • Over 200 MDC flee ZANU PF attacks in Chimanimani
    • Clash Of The Moyos For Zimbabwe's Speaker Post Expected As MDC Goes To Court
    • Police lied about ZANU PF booking rallies says Mayor
    • Farm attacks on the rise again
    • State Blocks Mthwakazi Leaders' Release
    • Supreme court readies itself for artist Owen Maseko’s case
    • SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.2. March 2011: The Silencing of the Bones
    • Kimberley Process In Turmoil After Chairman Clears Zimbabwe Diamond Sales
    • Harare Governor And Politburo Member Karimanzira Dies
    • IMF tells Zimbabwe to keep state wages in check
    • Thanks to Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe is on a knife edge
    • Chinese doctors restore sight to 500 cataractous Zimbabweans
    • More Clothing Makers in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Close Their Doors
    • Zimbabwe's potential should not be ignored: Analysts
    • IDC invests in Zim’s Agribank
    • Threats and acts of intimidation against members of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and ZIMRIGHTS
    • MDC calls for care, sensitivity in exhumations
    • Kucaca Phulu Behind the Headlines
    • OPINION: Thugtatorship -- the highest stage of African dictatorship
    • Africa’s Confused Relationship with the International Criminal Court
    • Is the MDC - T listening?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 742- Dated 23 March 2011
  10. Posted 24/3/11
    • Election of Speaker cancelled
    • MDC plans action over ZANU PF parliament freeze
    • Zanu PF picks Khaya Moyo for Speaker
    • Civil rights groups predict election violence in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe human rights group calls for international intervention
    • Mugabe allies bid to collapse govt
    • Mugabe’s health costs us $12m in 4 months
    • Marange’s diamonds not for export – diamond council
    • JOMIC co-chair Mushonga admits committee has no power
    • Report P R Hapelt
    • City of Harare disconnecting residents' water in Kuwadzana Extension
    • Journalist Turned Politician Wins MDC Primary Elections
    • Power-sharing failure admission needed
    • End of GNU?
    • Mass graves raise more questions than answers
    • Skeletons to the rescue
    • USAID Marks World Water Day in Zimbabwe through Landmark Rainwater 'Harvesting' Program
    • In defense of greed
  11. Posted 23/3/11
    • Parliament sitting suspended indefinitely
    • Chaos in Zimbabwe parliament as election of speaker is postponed
    • ZANU PF walks out of parliament as MDC unite over Speaker
    • William Hague: 'Arab spring' could topple Robert Mugabe
    • Mugabe rallies behind his cornered friend, Gaddafi
    • Magistrate Acquits Rooftop Artists
    • Air Zimbabwe Pilots On Strike
    • Chinese "abusing" Zimbabwean workers : Cabinet Minister
    • Zimbabwe Drought Could Translate Into US$300 Million Grain Purchase Cost
    • Splinter Group of Zimbabwe Rights Lawyers Defends Matabele Separatists
    • Residents plan action against Chombo after dismissal of councillors
    • Tsvangirai urged to seek UN help
    • High Court appeal in facebook case
    • Workers anxious over ZISCO revival
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Zanu PF activists arrested
    • Statement by the MDC President and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the Rt Hon. Morgan R. Tsvangirai,Harare
    • Jonathan Moyo flip-flopping on targetted sanctions
    • Sanctions, what sanctions?
    • Did Dawood men fix Australia-Zimbabwe match?
    • U.S. marks World Poetry Day
    • OPINION: Will popular rebellions spread south of the Sahara?
  12. Posted 22/3/11
    • China signs 700-million-dollar loan agreement with Zimbabwe
    • China urges Zimbabwe: respect Chinese firms' rights
    • Zim Facing Severe Food Shortages In Six Provinces
    • Zimbabwe lacks funds to transport food aid-minister
    • 15 hospitalised as ZPF youths & police disrupt MDC-T rally
    • Zimbabweans demonstrate in London against violence – 21st March 2010
    • Zuma Appoints New Diplomat To Harare
    • MDC-N campaign prohibited
    • Zimbabweans call for an end to human rights violations
    • AG Tomana faces corruption probe
    • Chombo fires more councillors
    • Small MDC Faction Drops Out Of Speaker's Race
    • Villagers From anti-Sanctions Rally Battling For Life After Lorry Accident
    • NSSA Increases Pension Payouts
    • KP Chair Authorizes Resumption of Zimbabwe Exports – US, EU Object
    • Zim ambassador stranded in Tripoli
    • Parties Form Committees To Deal With Violence
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Editors removed from remand
    • Paul Siwela wife hunted down by secret police
    • Nationalization of the Zimbabwe Mining Sector: Another Blunder by the Mugabe Regime?
    • Sculptures revive age of glorious stonemasonry
    • Cricket-Zimbabwe to play test match against Pakistan
    • An invitation to the PM the Right Honourable Mr Morgan Tsvangirai
  13. Batch 2 Posted 21/3/11
    • Soldiers deployed in Matabeleland
    • Zanu (PF) Youths Force Businesses To Close For Shamu Rally
    • We will take all foreign owned companies by force – Kasukuwere
    • Zim officials may arrest Energy Minister a second time
    • Arrests, torture return to Zim
    • Moonlighting now a way of life for Zimbabwean workers
    • Zim sanction busters
    • Illegal crossings from Zim into SA still at record highs
    • Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Denounces Allied Military Intervention in Libya
    • Judges 'in danger for their talents' as dictatorship reigns
    • WC Cricket: Zimbabwe crush Kenya by 161 runs
    • Test return excites Zimbabwe coach
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 19th March 2011
    • Bill Watch Special of 20th March 2011 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 21-24 March]
  14. Posted 21/3/11
    • Blow for Tsvangirai as court stops rally
    • Mugabe’s nephew in Nkomo’ s disputed house
    • Mnangagwa likens Mugabe to biblical King Solomon
    • Zimbabwe’s lost generation: Child labour on the rise
    • Are the MDCs now in the gravy train?
    • Raw sewage poses pollution threat to Lake Mutirikwi
    • Zim chiefs want Gaddafi to rule Africa
    • Gweru council fires top official
    • Zuma acts on GNU crisis
    • Ex-Zipra, Zanla clash over remains
    • Row over fresh Mt Darwin human remains
    • Schools to get new textbooks
    • Ousted Speaker vows to fight in the courts
    • Mugabe like Smith: Chamisa
    • From the Editor's Desk: When is military intervention in a sovereign state justified?
    • SundayOpinion: Why the MDC’s star is waning
    • SundayComment: Police blatant bias a national disgrace
  15. Posted 20/3/11
    • MDC-T Rally Banned, Supporters Beaten By Police
    • Zanu PF resorts to terror tactics
    • ZAPU, MDC demand Gukurahundi exhumations
    • Discovered 280 remains not victims of Rhodesian war: MLF
    • Coltart to re-start night school programme
    • Zim pushes for debt relief as IMF arrives
    • Cricket World Cup 2011: Zimbabwe's return to Test cricket put into
    • Is Mugabe fit for another term?
    • Citizens Ready to Risk Lives to Vote in 2011, Says Freedom House Poll
    • Mugabe's Police And Army Need To Watch Libya Unfolding
    • This is not MDC calling this is Zimbabwe, come in mass for the Anti- Violence Protests in London 21 March 2011.
  16. Batch 2 Posted 19/3/11
    • Zimbabwe sliding into police state: PM Tsvangirai
    • Court bars MDC weekend rally
    • Saturday Star Rally To Proceed - Tsvangirai
    • Clashes loom in Zimbabwe after police ban MDC rally
    • Zim soldiers rob, rape women
    • Banned Zimbabwe daily back on the streets
    • Is this Zim's future?
    • 'Exhume Gukurahundi massacre victims too'
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’ statement after his four-day visit in the SADC region
    • ZANU PF minister denies barring UN groups from food assessments
    • AG says removed parliamentary speaker remains MP
    • Activists finally freed after delays in posting bail
    • Southern African Leaders to Examine Zimbabwe Crisis in Late-March Mini-Summit
    • Nephew of Zimbabwe's President Mugabe in Move to Take Over Mobile Provider
    • Zim/Japan signing ceremony cancelled As Japanese Ambassador Openly Weeps
    • Zuma Sends Envoys To Zimbabwe And Libya
    • African strongmen move to prevent Egypt-style revolts from happening south of the Sahara
    • U.S. to continue assistance to Zim education sector
    • ZanuPF unpopular even in rural areas
    • Jobs for qualified Zimbabweans
    • Is the ban a trap or has Zimbabwe’s moment finally arrived?
    • The African Group seems to have redeemed itself, at least for now
    • A letter from the diaspora
  17. Posted 19/3/11
    • Mangoma blames Mugabe for arrest
    • Zanu PF factions battle for Speaker’s post
    • ‘Telecel board continues to consult Makamba’
    • Police ban weekend MDC-T peace rallies
    • Corruption investigator faces disciplinary action
    • Chinamasa’s hand in SMMH saga confirmed
    • Health sector still ailing despite GNU
    • The highs and lows of Moyo’s Speakership
    • MDC-T boycott threats a strategic blunder
    • ‘Proposed RBZ law bad for business’
    • Mobile networks moot infrastructure sharing
    • Beeg lobbies for wealth redistribution
    • Sanctions: An empty propaganda line
    • Muckraker: Zanu PF foisting a delinquent leadership
    • Eric Bloch: Mourning the demise of the economy
    • Former Speaker Moyo should revert to MP
    • The case for Zim human rights trials
    • Candid Comment: Investment: Let’s not sign away future to the Chinese
    • Editor's Memo: Attack on judiciary deplorable
    • Comment: No alternative to unity govt
  18. Posted 18/3/11
    • Robert Mugabe henchmen planning to arrest Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai Saturday Star Rally Banned/Students forced to Sign anti-sanctions petition
    • Soldiers, Police, Journalists Forced To Sign Mugabe's Anti-Sanctions Petition
    • Human rights lawyers deny refusing to represent Paul Siwela
    • Gwisai & others battling to raise bail
    • Rituals team charged with “beating drums”
    • War vets threaten to evict MDC in Mberengwa
    • The MDC Today - Issue 169
    • ZANU-PF Top official threatens ZAPU members with death
    • London protest planned over deteriorating Zim situation
    • Tsvangirai meets Swazi King ahead of SADC troika meeting
    • Mugabe Cannot Be Removed From Power The Egypt Style - UK Labour MP
    • Human Rights Watch Urges Southern Africa to Adopt a Tougher Stance on Zimbabwe
    • IMF Sends New Mission to Zimbabwe Amid Talk of Corporate Seizures
    • Zimbabwe Parties Face Off to Contest Vacant Parliamentary Speaker Post
    • Jonathan Moyo’s hypocrisy exposed
    • The effects of the events in North Africa on Zimbabwean Politics
  19. Posted 17/3/11
    • Gwisai and other detained activists granted bail
    • Judge describes Robert Mugabe's case on Mangoma as "weak"
    • ZANU PF crackdown on activists continues
    • Tsvangirai to Address star Rally On Saturday
    • Tsvangirai meets Zambian and Mozambican presidents
    • War Vets, Zanu PF youths declare war on MDC
    • UN agencies barred from food assessment for 'political reasons'
    • Farmers fear new jambanja
    • Zimbabwe inflation slows to 3 pct y/y in February
    • Chihuri crushes new party
    • Mthwakazi trio's case splits lawyers
    • Battle for Speaker of Parliament post hots up
    • Constitutional process expected to end in September
    • Prisoners stay naked in condemned cells
    • Abducted and assaulted by armed men in police uniform
    • Release our comrades demands WOZA
    • Central Bank Chief Proposes Compensation for Dollarisation Victims
    • MDC Calls For Demonstration Against UK Deportations
    • Police defy Chihuri
    • Zim's Freedom of Expression under Threat As AG Threatens Crackdown on Editors
    • Is Jonathan Moyo demonising himself?
  20. Posted 16/3/11
    • Tsvangirai's Risks Arrest/Seeks Regional Support
    • Energy Minister Elton Mangoma out on $5,000 bail
    • Police raid party HQ in Zimbabwe
    • Race for Speaker On
    • NGO Crackdown Continues As Police Raid Czc Offices And Quizz Chikomo
    • Acts of harassment and intimidation against Mr. Chikomo, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
    • Zim asylum seekers urged not to panic over UK deportations
    • Zimbabwe Could Still Hold Planned Referendum on Constitution in September
    • Bennett blasts Old Mutual role in blood diamonds
    • Air Zim Boss Arrested In Connection With Fraud
    • Gono says Mawere and the State must negotiate
    • Villagers demonstrate against Unki mine
    • Zanu PF hoodlums pull down Obama portrait
    • Zimbabwe’s economic progress ‘has become stuck’
    • Tsvangirai must be taught lesson: Moyo
    • Zimbabwe: an HIV prevention success story
    • Job vacancies in Zimbabwe
    • Desperate times in Zimbabwe-the MDC must pull out now
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 1/2011 of 14th March [ADeclaration/Bill of Rights]
    • BILL WATCH 10/2011 of 15th March [Parliamentary Update]
  21. Posted 15/3/11
    • Zimbabwe returns to begin after removal ban is lifted
    • Tsvangirai to embark on new regional diplomatic offensive
    • Crisis Coalition director & more MDC members arrested
    • Police Raid MDC Headquarters
    • Ncube wants Mutambara arrested
    • Ministers awarded ‘baffling’ salary jump
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to discuss crisis
    • Zimbabwe ethanol plant should put fuel on market by June
    • Zimbabwe threatens to take over Coca Cola
    • Threat to seize foreign firms is 'idle rhetoric'
    • ZANU PF propped up by controversial Chinese businessman
    • Zanu PF harassing MDC-T officials
    • ACTION ALERT: Activists held in solitary confinement
    • Pakistan wins by seven wickets against Zimbabwe
    • OPINION: Army, police still serving ZANU PF
    • Have sanctions boosted Mugabe's morale?
    • Is deposed Speaker still an MP?
    • For Zimbabwean journalist Saize, the absurd is routine
    • Keeping body and soul together
    • Constitution Watch 1/2011 of 13th March [Mwonzora Incarceration holds up Constitution-Making]
    • BILL WATCH 9/2011 of 13th March [New Election for Speaker of House of Assembly]
  22. Posted 14/3/11
    • Unity Govt's Top Six To Hold Crisis Talks
    • MDC Activists Relate Horror Stories
    • Political Think Tank Says MDC Has Failed Zimbabweans
    • Despite major steel deal, investors doubt Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai faces contempt charge
    • Cash constraints hamper dualisation
    • Zimbabwe theatre group embarks on yearlong world tour
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 12th March 2011
    • Ncube's MDC guns for Speaker’s post
    • Ministers get hefty salary increases
    • Police arrest Crisis director
    • Only Mugabe can stop Chihuri: Makone
    • Women resort to herbs for abortions
    • US$500m expansion to go ahead
    • Zimplats workers fear repeat of SMM disaster two lines here
    • Mystery surrounds origins of Upfumi Kuvadiki group
    • Group suffers crisis of identity
    • Businessman sues H-Metro
    • Can Tsvangirai afford to ‘divorce’ Mugabe?
    • Matabeleland secession: Who will benefit?
    • Another Chinese firm at Chiadzwa
    • Statistics strategy launched
    • Biti blasts Mugabe over plans to seize companies
    • From the Editor's Desk: Without dignified leadership, change will ramain elusive lacking in Zim
    • SundaOpinion: Democracy is about tough choices
    • SundayComment: Sadc must take stand on Zim crisis
  23. Posted 13/3/11
    • War by intimidation
    • Zanu in shadow of elusive magnate
    • Govt will pay up - Kasukuwere
    • ZESA pledges uninterrupted power supplies to farmers
    • We can’t feed nation – “new” farmers confess
    • Zanu’s terror allowances
    • Nyanga at war
    • MLF Members In Hiding, Four More Arrested
    • Zim Teachers' Right To Legal Representation Violated
    • We will not vote for Nyanhongo - villagers
    • CIO bars stats agency worker from office
    • MDC-T has numbers to win speaker again
    • Bennett now a free man
    • Mugabe's company grab threats tumbles Zimplats share prices
    • Drought Parches Four Zimbabwean Provinces, Devastating Harvest Hopes
    • Rainwater: Solution to water woes
    • Determined to kill the GNU
    • Who killed Herbert Chitepo?
    • The Liberation of Zimbabwe can only come from Zimbabweans outside
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch Special of 11th March 2011 [Public Hearing on National Incomes and Pricing Commission Amendment Bill]
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/3/11
    • Mangoma Indicted For trial, Committed To Remand Prison
    • Mwonzora released but three MDC-T MP’s still in custody
    • Harare policy confusion, squabbles deepen
    • UK Govt Official Says Minister's Arrest - A Sinister Motive
    • House of Lords debates Zim violence - full text
    • Air Vice-Marshal Muchena resigns to run Mugabe’s campaign
    • Tsvangirai admits unity government not working
    • Zimbabwe miners want 26 pct local ownership
    • Envoys in Zim call for respect of GPA and end to violence
    • Mthwakazi Leaders Have A Case To Answer - Magistrate
    • Villagers Homes Destroyed
    • Mugabe uses Tsvangirai birthday to go for the kill
    • Wildlife land reform enacted
    • Zimbabwe to exhibit work at Venice Biennale
    • Tomana’s reign as Attorney-General: a trail of questionable decisions
    • Speech delivered by Roy Bennett at Conference of International Fund Managers held at Mount Nelson - Cape Town, 10th March 2011
    • Dinner with the FT: Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Olonga so proud of protest which cost him all
  25. Posted 12/3/11
    • MDC-T threatens unity govt pullout
    • Mangoma arrested over US$6m fuel deal
    • Parly Speaker loses post
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T squabble over elections
    • Sanctions lobby ‘excuse to collapse GNU’
    • Shaky GNU: Tsvangirai speaks out
    • Netone to engage in foreign partnership
    • Mugabe, Gaddafi tight business pals
    • Tempers flare at investment conference
    • No going back on Nestle takeover — Kasukuwere
    • Sipepa Nkomo attacks MZWP
    • Zanu PF hooligans invade Unki Mine
    • No end in sight for wage war
    • Barclays dismisses indigenisation concerns
    • GDP must reach US$15bn before Zimdollar returns
    • IMF team to discuss US$7 billion Zim debt
    • Cross the bridge or jump into the abyss
    • Army, police still serving Zanu PF
    • Eric Bloch: Devious anti-sanctions campaign
    • Comment: Current indigenisation policy lacks sustainability
    • Editor'sMemo: A country reeling under siege
    • Comment: Mugabe must uphold national interest first
  26. Posted 11/3/11
    • Energy minister arrested
    • Mangoma arrested for cutting out ZANU PF heavyweights from deals
    • Supreme Court nullifies election of MDC parliament speaker
    • MDC threatens to pull out of govt
    • Zimbabwe PM calls for 'divorce' with Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai blasts Supreme Court ruling on parliament speaker
    • Appeal against Bennett thrown out
    • Bennett still unable to return to Zim
    • Envoys appeal for calm in Zimbabwe
    • Tensions Escalate In Harare's Unity Govt As PM's Party Calls On People To Defy Police Bans
    • House of Lords to debate current situation in Zimbabwe
    • Stand up to Mugabe - ex-Army chief
    • Top UK Govt Officer And Former Mandela Lawyer Urges Zim To Respect Rule Of Law
    • War vets want to teach history in schools
    • Police detain MDC gravedigger assaulted by ZANU PF youth
    • Mwonzora’s bail application hearing postponed again
    • MDC position on nationalisation undermined by ZANU PF
    • Firm takeovers seen derailing recovery
    • Minister Says Rules for Indigenous Control of Mines to be Published Shortly
    • Junta in control again
    • NGOs abandon irrigation plans
    • Poor Healthcare Endangering Mothers in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe violence unpunished
    • Sri Lanka beat Zimbabwe by 139 runs to reach quarter-finals
    • Collapse of Zimbabwe’s GNU would be a Zanu-pf’victory
  27. Posted 10/3/11
    • Zimbabwe land reforms target wildlife reserves
    • Zimbabwe to nationalize mining sector, says official
    • Tsvangirai denies Zimbabwe plans to nationalize mines
    • Wildlife land reform policy will have huge impact on tourism
    • Police Quizz Two As They Suppress Zlhr Meeting
    • 82 year old languishes in prison as judge postpones hearing of AGs appeal against Hon. Mwonzora and villagers’ bail order
    • SA resumes fight to keep Zim election report secret
    • Mthwakazi Leaders Treason Case Postponed
    • Row between Mkoba Teachers' College and Former Students Deepens
    • Stop meddling in education - Coltart
    • Court in Mwonzora bail hearing
    • President Mugabe Skips International Investment Conference
    • Birth of indigenisation super minister
    • Zanu (PF) Senator Seeks Class Action Against EU Over Sanctions
    • Zanu abusing Govt - US ambassador
    • U.S. Disagrees with Zimbabwe Foreign Minister's Comments on Iran Sanctions
    • Veld fires destroyed timber
    • Only 30 signed “sanctions” petition
    • Harare parking marshals working under police protection
    • India's Essar to Spend $750 Million to Revamp Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Mill
    • The Dilemma of farm labourers
    • WOZA leader Jenni Williams on Question Time
    • FACTBOX-Foreign companies in Zimbabwe
  28. Posted 9/3/11
    • Rights group: Zimbabwe impunity fueling violence
    • Zimbabwe election report back in court
    • US warns Zimbabwe over Iran nuke cooperation
    • N Korea begs food aid from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe clinches US$500m Chinese cotton deal
    • ZANU PF in ‘panic mode’ over MDC restructuring exercise
    • Zanu (PF) Door-To-Door Registration Sparks Fear
    • RBZ governor in ‘no show’ at parliamentary committee
    • Police protect Easipark workers
    • Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) Press statement
    • ZCTU women protestors ordered to strip by male police
    • Life expectancy is just 33.5 years for Zimbabwean women – this and other facts on Women’s Day 2011
    • Remembering Elizabeth Madangure…
    • 300 Business Tycoons Gather for Investment Conference
    • Zimbabwe to use diamond cash to repay debt-PM
    • Tsvangirai says no 'ambush' elections in Zimbabwe
    • Unity Government Hopes To Rebrand Zimbabwe at Euromoney Conference
    • Govt tries to lure investment despite mounting violence
    • Keynote Address by PM Tsvangirai at the Euro Money Investment Conference
    • Politburo to endorse company seizures
    • Zim Euromoney Conference - no time for mixed messages
    • Zimbabwe's Two MDCs Seeking Court Relief From Police Ban on Meetings
    • MDC accused of not doing more to end political violence
    • Mutambara undermining the judiciary
    • DAS Page Press Conference in Harare, March 4th 2011
    • Thugtatorship
  29. Batch 2 Posted 8/3/11
    • Mugabe gives way to PM in Cabinet
    • Parties snub Zanu PF sanctions war
    • Anti-sanctions rally a big setback for traders
    • Police ban MDC-T rallies for fear of Egypt-style protests
    • MDC-T fires salvo at Chihuri
    • Tsvangirai moves to end love child saga
    • US urges Zim police to stop supporting extremists
    • Tsvangirai challenges Mugabe on violence
    • Government cracks whip on secessionists
    • Is Gaddafi coming to Zimbabwe?
    • Highfield families ‘live like rats in a hole’
    • Ruling gives journalists a ray of hope
    • Mugabe to lead push for foreign investment
    • From the Editor's Desk: Zimbabwe’s way forward lies in GPA implimentation
    • SundayOpinion: Why the gnu has failed
    • SundayComment: Violence eats perpetrators too
    • An Incorrigible Regime
  30. Posted 8/3/11
    • Release of 39 activists, but 6 held in solitary confinement
    • MDC banned from holding office, home or public meetings
    • WOZA spring an early Women’s Day protest
    • MDC-T MP And 23 Villagers Still Locked Up For Violence
    • Zim rights group dismisses ‘growing support’ for ZANU PF
    • ZANU PF abuse cell phone text messages for ‘sanctions’ war
    • Political Violence Meeting Banned
    • Zanu PF youths seize Easipark
    • Culture Of Fear Grips Zimbabweans
    • Govt urged to stop politically motivated rape
    • New farmers owe council US$200 000
    • Mugabe back from health check
    • ZITF Bans Sell Of Goods At 2011 Trade Fair
    • Govt urged to promote living standards
    • Chihuri Is Hiding Behind his Finger on Violence
    • What’s in a (dictator’s) name?
    • BILL WATCH 8/2011 of 6th March [Parliament to resume 8th March]
    • Bill Watch Special of 7th March 2011 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 7-10 March]
  31. Posted 7/3/11
    • Zanu PF far from reforming - EU
    • Press statement - Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
    • Zim Women Fear Being Targetted For Rape During Elections
    • Zim Threat To Seize Standard Bank- Paper
    • MDC has the people's support - Chamisa
    • Mugabe's health woes sparks intense infighting in Zanu PF
    • Coup inevitable - IDASA
    • Diamond Sale Audit on the Way for Zimbabwe
    • Bennett cries foul over defamation
    • The MDC Today Issue 167
    • Speakndebele launches 101 Video tutorials
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 5th March 2011
    • Mugabe – surrounded by lying bootlickers
    • Tsvangirai’s mediocrity making Zanu PF shine
    • Zimbabwe: Cross the bridge or jump into the abyss
    • Do Zimbabweans deserve Jacob Zuma’s mediation style?
    • Bill Watch Special of 5th March 2011 [Mines Portfolio Committee to hear Gono on Mawere & SMM]
    • BILL WATCH 7/2011 of 5th March [Commentary on General Laws Amendment Bill]
  32. Posted 6/3/11
    • Zimbabwe State-Owned Power Utility Staggering Under US$900 Million Debt
    • Zimbabwe denies sending weapons to Gbagbo
    • Zanu PF lays into Biti over poll delays
    • Police Cancel MDC-T Meetings
    • SA talks tough on Zim
    • MLF Leaders Still In Police Custody
    • Ruling Party Militants Strip Supermarket Shelves of Basic Goods
    • General’s wife threatened US ambassador
    • War vet leader a fake
    • Darkness looms for Zimbabwe
    • The truth about ‘sanctions’
    • Squatting in the Diaspora
    • Library neglect kills reading culture
    • Mugabe’s lessons in light-touch tyranny
    • Hit List
  33. Batch 2 Posted 5/3/11
    • UN probes Zimbabwe arms sent to Ivory Coast
    • Zimbabwe annual inflation seen at 4.5 pct in Dec - Biti
    • Harare Takes Swipe At UN Rights Chief Over Alleged Political Crackdown
    • US won’t shift on sanctions
    • US rubbishes Mugabe sanctions petition
    • ZANU PF arming its militia in Nyanga North
    • Bulawayo man arrested over Facebook message
    • MDC MP's Son Attacked By Zanu (PF) Youths
    • Gutu Teachers Flee Violence
    • US concerned about Zimbabwe political arrests
    • Zimbabwe's Main Political Parties Exchange Recriminations Over Violence
    • Police ban ZCTU march commemorating Women’s Day
    • International calls grow for release of detained Zim activists
    • Pregnant journalist assaulted by CIO ‘relative’
    • Masvingo Students In Court Over Mugabe Assassination Movie
    • 'Mounting fears in Zimbabwe' says survey
    • Chihuri Lashes Out At NGO's
    • Desperate Zanu PF abusing church leaders for political expediency
    • Bomb Scare In Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe, Iran ink deal on uranium mining - report
    • Zim auctions elephants, leopards
    • 46 Derailments On Beira-Zimbabwe Line
    • Senior U.S. State Department Official Concludes Zimbabwe Visit
    • International Award For Rights Lawyer
    • Zimbabwe election will be significant ‘for SA as well’
    • WC Cricket: New Zealand hammer Zimbabwe by 10 wickets
    • From the archives: Mugabe's rise to power
  34. Posted 5/3/11
    • Cabinet to decide unity govt’s fate
    • Zanu PF coerces bank executives over sanctions
    • ‘Dearth of political will retarding reform’
    • Biti wants to meet Mpofu over diamond revenues
    • Principals agree to start GPA implementation
    • MDC-T proposes electoral reforms
    • Chihuri ducks 2008 poll violence questions
    • Anglican bishops fear ‘Kunonga death threats’
    • Ministry fines tollgate contractors
    • Moyo after MDC-T Byo chairmanship
    • Committee wants agreement revised
    • GNU parties clash over election roadmap
    • ‘Anti-sanctions crusade exercise in futility’
    • Banks must tap into informal sector
    • Muckraker: Sanctions ultimate Zanu PF scapegoat
    • Eric Bloch: Lies, damned lies and statistics
    • A global political disagreement
    • Why we should not have elections this year
    • Candid Comment: Africa’s silence on Gaddafi brutality deafening
    • Editor's Memo: Army must stop suppressing people’s rights
    • Comment: Business gulps from poisoned chalice
  35. Posted 4/3/11
    • Germany angered over attack on ambassador
    • China helps build state intelligence complex for Mugabe
    • Sikhala hospitalized after assaults by police
    • Chihuri blames Khupe and other MDC for political violence
    • More health worries for Mugabe as he flies back to Asia
    • Mugabe blows millions on trips
    • Anti-sanctions campaign kicks off
    • Britain condemns 'irresponsible' Mugabe takeover talk
    • Ray rubbishes sanctions petition
    • AAG Names A Hit List Of Foreign Controlled Firms
    • Cabinet to discuss sanctions
    • People walk out on Mugabe
    • MDC youths in court for laughing
    • SA Warns On Early Zimbabwe Elections
    • Zimbabwe Police Summon NGO Leader Lovemore Madhuku Over 2004 Cases
    • Bulawayo runs out of food
    • HRW slams political killings, torture in Zim
    • Inclusive Government: Remove the State of Emergency
    • Zim solidarity protests spread to the US & Canada
    • Munyaradzi Shoko assaulted by six men some in army uniform
    • Hopefuls jockey for top MDC post in UK
    • Food Readily Available in Zimbabwe - But Priced Out of Reach for Many
    • Tsvangirai a stooge - Gwisai
    • RioZim power plant ready in 2014
    • Libya's fate depends on loyalty of Gadhafi forces
  36. Posted 3/3/11
    • Mugabe flies back to Asia, as health woes continue
    • ZANU PF shuts down Harare for ‘sanctions’ rally
    • Zimbabweans Promised Loans If They Sign Anti-Sanctions Petition
    • Mugabe’s propaganda petition, with the usual diet of thuggery and lies thrown in for good measure
    • CZI, Bishops, Farmers Join Anti-sanctions Campaign
    • Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Should Seize U.K Companies, Boycott Their Products
    • UK announces 15% increase in aid to Zim
    • Nationalization not government policy
    • Zimbabwe says UN rights chief biased, insulting
    • Political Doubt Hits Zimbabwe Investors
    • Tsvangirai urges SADC & AU to act on violence in Zimbabwe
    • Women of Zimbabwe Arise Hunted by Police
    • WOZA leader says protests need proper planning
    • Magistrate too busy to deal with case of detained activists
    • MDC MP Harassed Over "Million March"
    • Keep an eye on Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai appeals
    • Chinese spy centre taps diplomats?
    • Statement by Rt Hon Morgan R Tsvangirai,President of the Movement for Democratic Change and Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe
    • WILF MBANGA: We need to keep telling Zimbabwe’s stories
    • Open letter to David Cameron
    • Bill Watch Special of 2nd March 2011 [Parliamentary Committee to hear ZRP Commissioner-General Thursday 3rd March]
  37. Posted 2/3/11
    • Zimbabwe tense over anti-Mugabe protests call
    • Security crackdown deters Zim protests
    • Jittery Mugabe puts security on high alert
    • More activists arrested as Mugabe hits panic button
    • Another Zim dissident arrested, tortured, lawyers say
    • WOZA members arrested, beaten
    • Zimbabwe court orders treason suspects, alleged plotters to stay in jail another week
    • Lawyers Fight For Sikhala's Release
    • Police Take Aim At Madhuku And Student Leader
    • U.N. urges Zimbabwe to release detained activists
    • Zimbabwe court orders treason suspects, alleged plotters to stay in jail another week
    • Cops secure release of MDC activist
    • Mugabe ‘executed’ outside Embassy
    • Jabulani Sibanda shuts down schools for ZANU PF rally
    • Zanu (PF) Bus In Supporters For Mugabe Anti-Sanctions Launch
    • SA court defers ruling on Zim farms case
    • Chihuri to face MPs who want answers on violence
    • Senior U.S. State Department Official Visits Zimbabwe
    • Go-ahead for Gukurahundi monument
    • Banned Exhibition Finds Reception In Europe
    • Zimbabweans Turn to Indigenous Medicine
    • Banks to return SA coins
    • Villagers benefit from wetland conservation
    • High Court To Preside Over Ag'S Appeal Against Mwonzoraand Villagers' Bail Order
    • Free the Forty-Five Now!
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 24
    • BILL WATCH 6/2011 of 28th February [Parliament adjourns to 8th March]
  38. Posted 1/3/11
    • Security presence intensifies ahead of anti-Mugabe march
    • Zim Magistrate Summoned, Army Deployed In Harare's Streets
    • Magistrate fails to show up in “Egypt protest” activists case
    • Zimbabwean dissidents denied medical treatment, lawyer says
    • Four WOZA members arrested
    • Job Sikhala arrested and tortured
    • Chihuri faces committee on political violence
    • Chihuri Snubs Parliamentary Committee
    • Zanu (PF) Youths On A Rampage In Chitungwiza
    • Buhera village destroyed by ZANU PF mob
    • Mugabe Under Pressure To Deal With Finance Minister
    • MDC MP To Languish In Prison
    • Poverty grips Ziscosteel workers
    • MDC Calls For Mugabe And Tsvangirai Imprisonment
    • Africans fleeing Libya say they were attacked
    • Zimbabwe to import 100 megawatts from DR Congo
    • Impending polls stall Zim reforms: bank
    • Cricket: Zimbabwe beats weak Canada
    • Making a run for the border
    • The MDC Today - Issue 157
    • From The Zimbabwe Vigil
    • Is Jonathan Moyo petrified by North Africa’s protests?
    • To Jump or Not to Jump
    • Desperate
    • Bill Watch 5/2011 of 21st February [Parliamentary update for weekending 19th February]
    • Bill Watch Special of 26th February 2011 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 28 Feb - 3 March]

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