The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 28/2/11
    • African Union sends a special team to advise Gaddafi to relinquish power - Cartoon
    • Mugabe sends mercenaries to prop up crumbling regime
    • We’ll find the money for elections, insists defiant Mugabe
    • Mugabe threatens Implats’ Zim operations
    • From handouts, Zimbabwe farmers target surplus harvest
    • 'Bow to Chiwenga and get power' - Mutsvangwa
    • Jomic Investigates Nyanga Violence
    • Residents sue council
    • Zim Orphans Get Chicago Support
    • In search of an African revolution
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 26th February 2011
  2. Batch 2 Posted 27/2/11
    • Violence escalates in Manicaland
    • Minister linked to Nyanga reign of terror
    • Mugabe threatens to grab Nestle Zim
    • Sikhala arrested for alleged kidnapping
    • Tsvangirai fathered my baby, Byo lady
    • Secessionists pile pressure on Mugabe
    • Mutambara in U-turn over Ncube
    • Zanu PF supporters fume over Mugabe inputs scheme
    • Farm workers accuse employer of abuse
    • Shabanie mine collapse ruins lives
    • Civic organisations to protest against harassment
    • Mugabe moves to pre-empt Egypt-style uprising
    • ‘Police’ shoot an unarmed man
    • MDC-T restructuring thrown in turmoil
    • From thw Editor's Desk: Popular outrage razes Gaddafi's invincibility
    • Sunday Opinion: Courage is contagious
    • SundayComment: Use of torture is despicable
  3. Posted 27/2/11
    • Zimbabwean president Mugabe marks 87th birthday
    • Mugabe urges polls to end power-sharing
    • Mugabe threatens to pull out of constitution talks
    • UK blocked Mugabe US$60m arms bid
    • Euromoney to hold inaugural Zimbabwe investment conference in March
    • Teachers Threat To Shut Down Schools
    • Magistrate In Trouble For Harbouring Criminal Hubby
    • Political Violence Spreads to Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South Province
    • Mines Minister Dismisses Pending Kimberley Process Accord
    • Fears Of Cholera Outbreak In Masvingo
    • Truck drivers arrested in Zim
    • Artists arrests condemned
    • Amnesty calls for Zim security reforms
    • Mugabe empowerment plan … as witnessed in Mbare
    • Zim needs to rethink empowerment – German Ambassador
    • Zuma Facilitation Working On Free And Fair Elections
    • University Graduates Main Target Of CIO Recruitment
    • Million Citizen Protest
    • Zimbabwe expect cakewalk against Canada
    • FIFA wants bans for Zimbabwean players involved in Asian match-fixing scam
    • Libyan unrest shaking Mugabe’s tree
    • People weary, army ruthless – Analysts
    • Why uprisings may not cross the Sahara
    • Book Review
    • The spark
  4. Batch 2 Posted 26/2/11
    • War vets, soldiers fingered in violence report
    • MDC members attacked by axe-wielding ZANU PF mob
    • Murder of 89-year-old in Zimbabwe stokes church fears
    • Political protest in Zimbabwe
    • Zim minister denies sending soldiers to Libya
    • Mugabe celebrates amid rising violence
    • Critics Say Mugabe Birthday Celebration Funds Should Benefit Students
    • Civil service audit awaits cabinet debate before release
    • Smaller MDC Faction Wants Ncube To Attend GPA Meetings
    • Britain condemns Gwisai's torture
    • Suspended MDC's Top Official Re-instated
    • ZESA increase blocked by government
    • South African Imports Filling Zimbabwean Shop Shelves
    • Please don’t tell me Zimbabwe is aiding that crazed lunatic Gaddafi!
  5. Posted 26/2/11
    • Bankrupt ZEC requires US$240m for polls
    • Biti furious over missing US$300m
    • EU to review sanctions periodically
    • Mubarak, Mugabe regimes: So many parallels to draw
    • Zim’s statistical data fails to add up
    • Zanu PF ‘steps up aggression ahead of polls’
    • Loyalists rain praises on Mugabe’s 87th birthday
    • ‘PM must rein in Gorden Moyo’
    • Treasury will not pay for RBZ car bill –– Biti
    • Debt stalls Batoka station construction
    • Noczim to retrench 106 employees
    • GPA implementation first before polls –– MDCs
    • Govt must consult on Bippas –– ZNCC
    • Sanctions: Will business take cue from Zanu PF?
    • Manufacturing sector poised for growth
    • Zisco-Essar deal hinges on subsidiaries’ disposal
    • Zimplats threatens to take Zimra to court
    • ‘Mineral smuggling, leakage a threat to economy’
    • Global open market system crucial
    • Zanu PF’s use of violence futile
    • Muckracker: Zanu PF’s friends going out one by one
    • Elections: Zanu PF drags nation along familiar path
    • Eric Bloch Column: Funding remains scarce for business
    • Editor's Memo: President’s health a matter of public interest
    • Comment: In a word, Libya!
  6. Posted 25/2/11
    • Zimbabwe Activists Charged with High Treason
    • Gwisai, six others severely tortured
    • Gwisai Bemoans Torture As Muchadehama Challenges Remand
    • Amnesty International today expressed shock at treason charges
    • Gaddafi's Private Plane, Reportedly Loaded With Gold, Ready To Leave For Zimbabwe As Early As Tomorrow
    • Zimbabwean army helping Gaddafi in Libya
    • Iran 'seeking uranium in Zimbabwe'
    • Teachers Forced To Join Zanu (PF)
    • Coltart seeks to protect teachers
    • Hundreds flee violence in Nyanga North & cross into Mozambique
    • Zimbabweans Million Citizen march against Mugabe at Harare Gardens
    • Civic Groups Planning Protests Over Mounting Political Violence
    • Statement by the Minister of Energy and Power Development Hon E. S. Mangoma
    • Zuma team in talks on new elections
    • Zuma team meets ZAPU leaders
    • Calls for Zuma to intervene in Zim treason case
    • China drives Zim tobacco recovery
    • MDC-T complains to ZBC
    • Masvingo Mirror Editor's Defamation Case Thrown Out
    • Zimbabwe to host tours from Bangladesh, NZ and Pakistan
    • The Changing Politics of Matebeleland since 1980
  7. Posted 24/2/11
    • Treason Charges For Gwisai And 44 Other Activists
    • Zim Political Heads To Meet Amid Escalating Violence
    • Militia harass private property owners
    • Climate of fear hovers over Buhera again
    • Chaos As Zanu (PF) Turns Hall Into A Campaign Base
    • Zim Magistrates Issue 14 Day Ultimatum
    • SA mediators arrive in Zimbabwe for talks
    • Mwonzora’s arrest stalls progress in COPAC
    • Smaller MDC Faction Appeals For GPA Amendment
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Editor arrested
    • Zanu governor summons NGOs
    • Biti Pressured by ZANU-PF Over Civil Servant Salaries
    • Cops corrupt, not trusted – survey
    • African Bishops appeal to SADC over Zim elections
    • ZEC’s mission made possible
    • Zanu milks traders
    • Journalists resolve to drop hate language
    • Mugabe’s ‘despotic’ behaviour worries DA
    • Bulgaria Will Waive $6.3 Million of Zimbabwe’s State Debt
    • Students Find Government Assistance Program Unreliable
    • Goodbye, Qaddafi: Why these sorts of dictators are done
    • Zimbabweans not willing to die for change
    • Could Zimbabwe’s diamond sales be the ‘smoking gun’?
  8. Posted 23/2/11
    • Civic groups mull protest marches
    • ‘Egypt style protest’ activists to spend more time in custody
    • Zims urged to follow Egypt, Tunisia & Libya’s lead
    • Unidentified People Interrogate Activists As They Remainin Police Custody
    • South African union blasts arrest of Zimbabwean activists
    • Air Zim adds new flights to London
    • Masvingo Chief Battling For Life After Assault By Zanu (PF) Youths
    • Police dismiss corruption allegations against Chombo
    • ZAPU prepares to ‘repossess’ properties from government
    • CZI threatens 'suit' over ZESA tariffs
    • Zimbabwe passport deadline extended
    • Zimbabwe’s Co-Ministers of Home Affairs Snub Stakeholders in South Africa, again
    • IMBISA Statement on Zimbabwe
    • Calm returns to Mbare
    • "Rituals" perseveres in Mashonaland Central
    • Fit Mugabe ready to put in more hours
    • Thousands Of Dollars Splashed On Mugabe's Birthday Celebration Adverts
    • A helping hand for HIV-positive mothers and babies
    • U.S. agency, partners to launch youth support facility
    • Deputy Justice Minister Obert Gutu on Question Time
    • Cricketers win accolades despite defeat
    • Ricky Ponting smashes a TV in anger after Australia captain is run-out against Zimbabwe
  9. Posted 22/2/11
    • Zimbabwe arrests 46 over "Egyptian-style" protests
    • Zimbabwe activists tortured after meeting on Egypt, lawyers say
    • Mwonzora Wallows In Jail As State Vetoes His Bail Order
    • Vetoing Of Mwonzora And Villagers&Rsquo; Bail Order Motivated By Malice
    • Few reasons to party as Mugabe turns 87
    • Mbare residents forced to ‘celebrate’ Mugabe’s birthday
    • Robert Mugabe's birthday: potential successors
    • Robert Mugabe: from freedom fighter to aged tyrant
    • Broke ministries splash on Mugabe's Birthday
    • Police to question Sikhala over Facebook comments
    • Zim ministers in SA over passport crisis
    • Moyo demands Biti’s arrest
    • Mugabe delaying law that would prevent financial abuse
    • Double Cabinet Meetings To Compensate For Mugabe's Absence
    • US govt agrees to supply coins
    • Police refuse to charge Chombo
    • Magistrates threaten to strike
    • SADC famine warning system predicts bumper harvest in most of region
    • Anglican Bishops fearful after brutal murder and death threats
    • Zim Electoral Commission Under-funded Becaause Of Sanctions - Chinamasa
    • The Solidarity Peace Trust urges humane treatment of Zimbabwean Refugees
    • No to an early election, remove sanctions: CZI
    • Australian Batsmen struggle in opening win
    • Obituary: Judge Hector Norman Macdonald, 3 November 1915 – 30 January 2011
    • Violence keeps protest at bay in Zim
    • ANALYSIS-Zimbabwe's Mugabe unlikely to be swept from power
    • Regime change now coming to a dictator somewhere near you
    • Bill Watch Special of 19th February 2011 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 21-24 February]
  10. Posted 21/2/11
    • Mugabe returns from an eye check in Singapore
    • Dlamini-Zuma to host Zimbabwe talks: Home Affairs
    • Tsvangirai Not Afraid Of Elections
    • Late payment to blame for fuel crisis - supplier
    • Zimbabwe not fearful of Australia
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 19th February 2011
    • Bill Watch Special of 19th February 2011 [Mines Committee Public Hearings in Zvishavane, Mashava: Monday 21 February]
    • Can failing health stop Mugabe?
    • Tsvangirai takes on Chombo over riches
    • ANC says Lesabe a heroine
    • Zesa defends tariff hike
    • ZBC TV viewership hits rock bottom
    • US$1m fraud at Trauma Centre
    • Zanu PF unperturbed by war veterans’ Heroes Acre snub
    • Why Zanu PF pushing an early poll
    • ARV access points distant-patients
    • Somebody, mow the grass please!
    • Minister in stands row
    • Tobacco leads agriculture revival
    • Candid Comment: Opportunists behind political violence here set centred
    • Sundayopinion: The island called fear
    • Editor's Desk: Zim politics, a case of wrestling in the mud
    • Sunday View: Dictators must take heed: Pride goes before a fall
  11. Posted 20/2/11
    • Kunonga terrorises fellow bishops
    • Anglican Priest Found Dead As Bishops Seek State Protection
    • Zuma to Mediate Zimbabwe MDC Factional Feud
    • PM: I will confront Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Passport Bottleneck Holding Up South African Documentation Process
    • Electricity Consumers Bewildered and Outraged as Rates Again Rise
    • Cast of Zimbabwean political play arrested for second time in two months
    • Justice delayed
    • ADB unveils Hwange rehab project
    • Harare floats mineral exploration tender
    • Chegutu slowly becoming a ghost town
    • Zimbabwe - Urgent need for security sector reform to stem human rights abuses
    • Chinamasa on corruption commission delays
    • VP takes swipe at trophy farm owners
    • ZAPU Threatens to Exhume Remains of its Liberation Heroes
    • The MDC Today Issue 151
    • Hope Deferred: Life Under Zimbabwe's Cruel Dictator
    • Article by Ben Freeth
    • Mugabe’s legacy
  12. Batch 2 Posted 19/2/11
    • Harare political violence unacceptable: Zuma
    • ‘Zanu PF sabotage derailing unity govt’
    • MDC-T: Actions speak louder than words
    • Court judgment deters investors
    • ‘Zim can revert to old constitution if GPA fails’
    • MDC-T fights factionalism before congress
    • Mugabe frustrating new Finance law — Biti
    • Asylum seekers languish in SA detention
    • ‘Zanu PF to employ dirty poll tactics’
    • Parly okays Gonese to steer Posa amendment
    • ‘Anti-graft officers were offered stands’
    • Declare Mutambara a Zanu PF DPM –– MDC
    • Court officials push for salary increase
    • Cabinet rejects youth service proposal
    • GNU: The successes and failures
    • Egypt-style revolution improbable in Zim
    • Zim industrialisation gone wrong
    • Party splits: A recurring theme in Zim politics
    • Mugabe’s Singapore trip an eye opener
    • Biti’s diamond order in the country’s interests
    • Zanu PF violence courts sanctions’ extension
  13. Posted 19/2/11
    • ZESA announces 30% increase in electricity charges
    • Zuma facilitation team due in Harare next week
    • Mugabe And Tsvangirai To Discuss Violence, Ghost Workers
    • Mugabe 'activates' security organ in sanctions war
    • Mugabe's Anti-Sanctions Petition Launch Rally Cancelled
    • Zim cabinet anxious about Mugabe’s absence
    • Zimbabwe Tobacco Selling Season Opens With Strong Output, Firm Prices
    • Police delay bringing Mwonzora to court
    • State media attacks Biti over diamond probe
    • Tsvangirai To Woo Matabeleland Voters
    • JOMIC Useless
    • More trouble for Chombo
    • Survey reveals increase in internet use in Zimbabwe
    • President Robert Mugabe's Health Now A Subject Of Debate
    • "Happy birthday, Mr. Dictator"
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 10
  14. Posted 18/2/11
    • Tsvangirai threatens to boycott early polls
    • Zimbabwe to nationalise mines, spare Chinese firm
    • Cabinet to decide on ghost workers
    • Public service commission disputes payroll and skills audit
    • Wage bill threatens Zim recovery
    • High Court rules that Mutambara is not MDC president
    • UK faces criticism over 100 million ‘reward’ for Zim
    • Mugabe behind army actions: PM
    • Organisers say media not blocked from Tsvangirai address
    • VP Nkomo, Minister Mudenge Clash Over Journalists
    • Zuma urged to stop violence
    • Army officers take over control of Nyanga Police Station
    • Hon. Mwonzora Located, Lawyers Denied Access As Dowa Surfaces In Nyanga
    • ZBC Ambush Motorists Despite Listenership and Viewership Drop
    • Zanu (PF) Youths To Seize More Buildings In Bulawayo
    • Zim Magistrates On Go Slow
    • Cholera kills two, affects 150 others in Zimbabwe in January-WHO
    • Bulawayo's New Party Organising Secretary Arrested
    • Iranian media delegation visits Zimbabwe
    • 'Zanu PF politburo - a gang of tribalists'
    • Excited by the promise of power for Bulawayo
    • Hungry for books
  15. Posted 17/2/11
    • Mixed reaction to the easing of EU targeted sanctions
    • PM drivers freed, vehicles seized
    • Address by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, to the New Zimbabwe Lecture Series, Harare, Tuesday February 15th 2011
    • Journalists blocked from attending Tsvangirai’s address
    • Police Transfer Mwonzora To Nyanga As Villagers Languish In Police Cells
    • Police Charge Mwonzora And 22 Villagers With Public Violence
    • Three singers incarcerated for brilliantly converting Robert Mugabe’s jingle
    • Tight Security Ahead Of Mugabe Rally, Banks Ordered To Release Funds
    • Mutambara leaked secret information to Mugabe – MDC-N
    • Civil service wage bill tops US$117 million
    • Zimbabwe’s media commission issues licences to three new players
    • ‘Flea markets for Zanu PF supporters only’
    • Zanu (PF)'s Controversial War Vet In Child Soldier Training
    • Red Cross to withdraw Zimbabwe prison food aid
    • ZANU appeals for Mugabe's birthday funds
    • Zimbabwe finance minister: millions missing from diamond sales
    • Zanu wants ALL the diamonds – Politburo
    • Zimbabwe tobacco crop to leap with Chinese funding
    • Zanu (PF) thugs attack researchers
    • Boka Holdings granted license for daily newspaper
    • Skepticism as Zimbabwe Deputy PM Mutambara Said to Propose Cabinet Shuffle
    • Hague fears over Zimbabwe violence
    • Zimbabweans Prefer Unity Government - Survey
    • Miss Zimbabwe pageant turned into ZANU PF rally
    • Business moguls debate economy
    • Analyst: Easing EU Sanctions on Mugabe Allies 'Serious Blunder'
    • We can't all be intellectuals: Coltart
    • Chiwenga for President?
    • Is Egypt possible in Zimbabwe?
    • Will the removal of bob’s cataracts enable him to see the truth at last?
  16. Posted 16/2/11
    • EU extends Zimbabwe sanctions, drops 35 from list
    • WOZA delivers demands to Parliament despite police attempts to block
    • Tsvangirai drivers freed after five-day jail ordeal
    • Death Threats For NCA Members, More MDC Supporters Flee Violence
    • Police Unlawfully Arrest And Detain Mwonzora As Pm Tsvangirai&Rsquo;S Drivers Freed On Bail
    • Tsvangirai's Office Enraged By Arrest Of Drivers
    • Zimbabwe inflation quickens to 3.3 pct y/y in January
    • MDC Youths Abducted For Celebrating Mubarak Step-down
    • Zimbabwean MP expects 'more violence'
    • UK to increase aid to Zimbabwe
    • Zim Agriculture Minister Invites Soldiers To Work On Farms
    • Missing diamond millions investigated
    • New Daily News Paper For Zimbabwe
    • Lions wreck havoc in Zimbabwe's western district
    • Summons on MPs an abuse of the criminal justice system
    • ZESA agrees to comply with CTC ruling
    • Zimbabwe: Fewer Extramarital Partners and Dollars Push Precipitous Decline in H.I.V. Rate
    • Thenjiwe Lesabe denied heroes status
    • Zim expects higher tobacco output
    • Cricket World Cup: Ireland beat Zimbabwe in warm-up
    • Rule Of Law Lacking In Zimbabwe
    • ‘Democracy is the tunnel at the end of the light’
    • Bill Watch 4/2011 of 14th February [GPA lives on;House of Assembly reopens]
  17. Posted 15/2/11
    • Mugabe's Absence Reportedly Hinders Zimbabwe Government
    • WOZA condemns members arrests, ZANU PF militias terror
    • GPA principals asked to deal with upsurge in violence
    • South African farmer threatened biological terror attack on UK
    • Amnesty calls for security reforms
    • Police Arrest Tsvangirai&Rsquo;S Drivers As Mp And Mabvuku Residents Freed From Custody
    • Zimbabwe launches Valentine's Day blood drive
    • Zanu (PF) Gags Chiefs
    • Forum seeks views on transitional justice
    • Miss Zimbabwe pageant, an uncomfortable political event
    • Minister wants Namibia power deal review
    • Chinese Firms to Invest in Local Hotels
    • “The power of love can conquer the love of power”
    • Zimbabwe lecture series
    • Opinion: Rape in Zimbabwe -- perspectives and realities
    • 1932-2011: the life of Thenjiwe Lesabe
    • The Future of Africa
    • Zimbabwe Achievers Awards
  18. Batch 2 Posted 14/2/11
    • Mugabe in Singapore for eye surgery checks: paper
    • Ghost Workers Helped Mugabe Defeat Tsvangirai In 2008 Polls:Report
    • Missing fuel deal above board - Mangoma
    • Tsvangirai slams diamond looting
    • Biti stops funding of Robert Mugabe's bursary scheme
    • Brass meet on violence
    • Zimbabwe churches: Stop police harassment of Mugabe critics
    • Zim to stick with foreign currencies: Mutambara
    • Ncube's MDC Is Dead: Zapu
    • Congressman Payne Condemns Zim Violence
    • Parly Committee To Visit SMM Mines
    • Zimbabwe’s Inclusive Government Stalls
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 12th Februaryp 2011
    • The Use of Violence in Politics
    • Are Zimbabwean Political Parties Serious About the Internet?
    • Bill Watch Special of 12th February 2011 [Parliamentary Committee Meetings 14-17 February]
  19. Posted 14/2/11
    • US$100 million from diamond sales goes missing
    • Mugabe makes U-turn on civil servants pay salaries
    • Chihuri set wrong tone on violence
    • Japan builds low-cost toilets
    • Bleak future for rural orphans
    • Youths intimidate stallholders
    • Villagers told to sign Zanu PF petition or face death
    • Mujuru drawn into fight for Boka floors
    • Gukurahundi monument for Bhalagwe
    • Christian Alliance want an audience with Chihuri over safety of victims
    • Violence victims hounded out of refuge
    • Mixed reaction to Mubarak resignation in Harare
    • Swiss freeze Mubarak’s assets
    • Zanu PF youths harass Alpha Media vendors
    • Mutambara slams slow privatisation
    • Zim has great potential but...
    • Sadc should replace Jomic as GPA monitor centred
    • HIV/Aids: Telling it like it is
    • Why Zimbabwe risks the Egyptian experience
  20. Posted 13/2/11
    • One thousand eight hundred members march for love in Bulawayo
    • GNU To Continue-Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe Security Council Meets As Amnesty Condemns Mugabe's Party For Violence
    • Violence still embedded in Zimbabwe's political system
    • Robert Mugabe supporters 'beyond reach of law' as pre-poll violence surges
    • ZESN wants census to fix voters roll
    • E.U. Starts Deliberations On Extending Sanctions Targeting Zimbabwe President Mugabe
    • British Business Executives Visiting Zimbabwe to Promote London Stock Exchange, Boost Local Bourse
    • Makumbe, Madhuku criticise Chinamasa
    • The MDC Today
    • NRZ deficit hits US$300m
    • Zimbabwe Mining Fees Increased as Marange Diamond Issue Remains at Standstill
    • ZESA subsidises Namibia power imports
    • Corrupt cops to face the music
    • Mugabe’s endgame - and his only two options
  21. Posted 12/2/11
    • Fear as govt marks 2 yrs in office
    • Zim Leaders Meet Ahead Of Unity Govt Expiry
    • Intensified propaganda signals impending polls
    • President Mugabe Causes Alarm By Outsourcing Election Campaign to Feared Military
    • "We won’t go for elections untill all reforms are met" – MDC-T
    • Zimbabwe could revert to old constitution for elections
    • Alert
    • Zanu-PF's new coercion tactic
    • China stands behind resource-rich Zimbabwe -Yang
    • China urges West to lift Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Amnesty calls for security and media reforms to end abuses
    • Police Quiz MDC Supporters Fleeing Violence
    • MDC Supporters Languishing In Prison
    • Looting And Grabbing Of Farms/Businesses- 'Dangerous and Satanic' - Chamisa
    • Mugabe refuses to fire deputy PM
    • MDC-N says they have ‘donated’ Mutambara to ZANU PF
    • Keep Politics Out Of Schools - Coltart
    • SA court says detention of Zim asylum seekers unlawful
    • Statement By The Civil Society Organisations
    • Zimbabwean Union Leader Wellington Chibebe Elected ITUC Deputy General Secretary
    • Zapu is here to stay, get used to it
    • Welshman Ncube: sins of the fathers
    • Why Owen and not Yvonne?
    • A letter from the diaspora
  22. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/11
    • Mugabe in GNU tight corner
    • Zanu PF militias among 75 000 ghost workers
    • MDC council expels Mutambara
    • Criminal Law Bill sails through
    • Chombo exercise to stoke tension
    • Noczim fails to account for US$35m
    • ‘GPA does not have a sunset clause’
    • We are fed up with the GNU — Gumbo
    • Mutambara is Zanu PF — Ncube
    • Unity govt appears terminally ill
    • Nine airlines propose to fly into Zimbabwe
    • Zim external debt remains unsustainable
    • Golden age of pension funds disappearing
    • Mutambara has no right to be in govt
    • ‘Office of DPM does not serve one party’
    • Eric Bloch: Kasukuwere’s policies destructive
    • Muckraker: Buckle up, silly season is upon us!
    • Zimbabwe politics: What 2011 may hold
    • The fall of African tyrants
    • Candid Comment: Mugabe playing Machiavellian politics
    • Editor's Memo: Where are the guarantors of the GPA?
    • Comment: It’s time that power sector is opened up
    • Give me Egypt and I will give you Zimbabwe
  23. Posted 11/2/11
    • China renews relationship with Zimbabwe
    • What does China want from Zimbabwe?
    • China in Zimbabwe: what does it mean for Robert Mugabe?
    • Confusion over GNU future
    • Madhuku clarifies confusion over GPA timetable
    • Ncube backs down
    • Mutambara now represents Zanu PF: MDC
    • Political parties locked in dispute over voters roll
    • US says alarmed by Zimbabwe political violence
    • Zanu (PF) Threatens To Bomb MDC Office
    • Soldiers major rights abusers: report
    • ROHR condemns ongoing political violence
    • MDC Official Held Under Siege
    • Operation Murambatsvina Victims Threaten To Grab Houses
    • Parirenyatwa Hospital Runs Out Of Water
    • Vice President Ordered To Pay US$ 5000 To Jonathan Moyo
    • Mugabe Birth Day Donations Controversy Continues
    • Mugabe’s party demands polls amid violence
    • Floods could herald humanitarian disaster
    • Israeli firm to buy Zim gold mills
    • Zim’s impressive progress against HIV
    • President Mugabe Talking Too Much and Day Dreaming- Tsvangirai
    • The Hidden Story with Dewa Mavhinga
    • 2 years on: the balance of power in Zimbabwe
    • Police Quiz Internally Displaced People,Disband Meeting and Arrest Resident
  24. Posted 10/2/11
    • Another MDC split as Mutambara reclaims party leadership
    • Mugabe to meet Tsvangirai over Mutambara
    • Ncube Is Fired From MDC: Mutambara
    • Zimbabwe's main party: opposition started violence
    • Chinese foreign minister expected in Zimbabwe Thursday
    • Police Detain And Quiz Zim Human Rights Campaigner
    • Zanu (PF) Youths Take Terror To Schools
    • Furious Tsvangirai hits back at Herald ‘outright lies’
    • ZEC needs 3 months to clean voters’ roll
    • Youth Forum Offices Attacked, Closed
    • Fear of infection drove AIDS decline in Zimbabwe
    • Report showing decline in Aids rate ‘too simplistic’
    • Fifteen Injured Over Mugabe Birthday Donations Bloody Clashes
    • Rowdy youths burn newspapers
    • Zanu try to seize court truck
    • Former Mutare City Commissioner Ordered To Return Farm
    • Parliament urged to investigate political violence
    • Zim's Political Parties To Discuss Declaration Of Assets
    • Consumers to blame - ZESA
    • Thermal hopes
    • Zimbabwe diamond, coal exploration fees soar
    • ZBC won’t cover NAMA awards
    • Zanu (PF) violence escalates
    • Wheels off at The Herald
    • Police alliance with Zanu PF a major source of threats to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Judge a Politician by his Covered Content Also
  25. Posted 9/2/11
    • Kasukuwere fingered as being behind Harare violence
    • Police Raid and Detain Internally Displaced Persons
    • Hundreds of MDC members displaced in Harare
    • Police stand-by as ZANU PF youths seize Bulawayo flats
    • Deputy prime minister defies order to quit
    • Mugabe defends Mutambara in meeting with Ncube
    • Newspaper vendors attacked as Zimbabwe’s political violence escalates
    • Police arrest dozens of youths in Zimbabwe
    • Economy Hurt by Uncertainty About Indigenization Law
    • Mugabe To Launch Anti-Zimbabwe Sanctions Petition
    • Expelled MDC Legislators Speak Out On Mutambara Ouster
    • Zim Villagers Tell Zanu (PF) Politburo Members To Go Hang<
    • Govt loses US$5m in fuel scam
    • Zim Students Want Presidential Scholarship Scrapped
    • Close to 2 million still need food aid in Zim
    • Cross-Border Traders Shift From Cash to Safer Electronic Cards
    • Bill Watch 3/2011 of 7h February [Senate to Resume Sitting on Tuesday 8th February]
  26. Posted 8/2/11
    • Harare descends into chaos as ZANU PF militia loot shops
    • Eight held after mobs hit foreign businesses in Zimbabwe
    • Armed riot police on Monday arrested hundreds of internally displaced MDC members
    • Zanu PF activates its brutal campaign
    • Britain funding Zimbabwe military
    • Makone wants a word with Chihuri over Zanu PF terrorism
    • JOMIC to launch violence hotline
    • Mutambara will not resign as Deputy Prime Minister
    • Ncube mulls pull-out
    • Zimbabwe Marange Mines 1 Million Carats Gems a Month
    • Broke COPAC “wasted donor funds on posh hotels”
    • MDC MP Barred From Constituency
    • Floods threaten crops across Southern Africa
    • We will rape and kill demostrators in Zimbabwe - "Cde Ngwena"
    • President Robert Mugabe Must Address Political Violence in Zimbabwe
    • No diamonds money for civil service pay raise: Biti
    • Mujuru to bring Zhuwao to book over invasions
    • Harare Mayor under scrutiny
    • Zanu PF, Zapu wary of secessionists
    • Tempers flare over Bulawayo company relocations
    • How tennis star plunged into Egypt chaos
    • Ncube says GNU on the brink of collapse
    • Wetlands project row resurfaces
    • Government probes Nust degree
    • Prince of Wales fundraises for Zimbabwe
    • Row over US$1 sparked violence in Mbare T/ship
  27. Posted 7/2/11
    • Zimbabwe ivory stockpile grows amid sale ban
    • World Diamond Council Warns Against Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • Army behind Buhera violence
    • Britain harboring Zanu PF War Criminals
    • Mugabe support for sect land invasion
    • Residents want water debts cancelled
    • Wikileaks Reveal Biti's Role In Sanctions Issue
    • Fifth of banks in distress: RBZ
    • Mugabe to face storm over pay rise for civil servants
    • You Have Permits, Go Home And Register To Vote
    • Nkomo defamation judgment this week
    • Dictatorship must be confronted now – Sikhala
    • Hate speech preparing the way for murder
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 5th February 2011
    • ZCTF Report - Feb 2011
    • The MDC Should Sharpen and Fireproof Strategies in All Areas
    • Is Welshman Ncube now an outstanding GPA issue?
    • Indigenisation in its present form is shameful legalized looting
  28. Posted 6/2/11
    • Zimbabwe parties condemn spate of political violence
    • JOMIC, Zim Political Parties Condemn Violence
    • Chinotimba Wants Unity Govt To End Next Week
    • War vets vow to defend Mugabe
    • ZEC's Mtambanengwe hits ground running
    • New Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister Wrangle
    • Five MDC activists badly injured
    • FEWSNET predicts more hunger
    • Zimbabwean Police Vow to Crush Any Egyptian-Style Uprising in Harare
    • Human trafficking horror exposed
    • MDC Formation of Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Prepares for May Congress
    • EU To Review Zim Sanctions
    • Muchinguri says Zanu full of crooks
    • Poachers Target Rhinos in Limpopo Park
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: Supporting Zimbabwe's children
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: Chasing Dr. Thistle
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: Big on care, small on resources
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: Making connections
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: Big ideas met with bigger problems
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE: The healing power of the little things
    • SURVIVING IN ZIMBABWE : Finding the human spirit in the horror
    • OPINION: As African tyrants fall
    • Stay tuned... yawn!
    • Learn Shona - Beginner's Lesson 9
  29. Posted 5/2/11
    • Zimbabwe demonstrators mob aid project handover
    • Zanu (PF) Behaviour 'Depressing' : UK Embassy
    • Zim debt arrears hit US$4.8 billion
    • Zim Soldiers Continue Violence In Masvingo
    • ‘Mugabe can stop violence if he wants to’ says Theresa Makone
    • Zanu (PF) Mbare Youth Demand Mugabe's Birthday Donations
    • Taxis and minibuses ordered to play ZPF music & display flag
    • Ncube might have to eat own words on ‘trivial’ GPA posts
    • World diamond group insists Zim issue not settled
    • Zimbabwe Diamond Export Plans Depend on `Credible' Anti-Smuggling Plan
    • Zimbabwe licenses five private power producers
    • Zim's Sugar Conglomerates Take-Over Okayed
    • China offers Zimbabwe $3 bln for platinum-report
    • Magistrate Who Called MDC "Puppets" Forced Off Case
    • Zuma welcomes ambassador chosen by Mugabe
    • PASSOP says Zim ‘robbing’ citizens in SA
    • Churches call for end to violence
    • Zisco production resumes as Essar Africa inks deal
    • Harare fine-tunes empowerment plans
    • Zimbabwean Business Chafes at Slow Rollout of Afreximbank Loan Facility
    • Warvet on land
    • Reflections on Human Rights Discourse and Emancipation in Africa in the Twenty-first Century
    • Paying it Forward in Africa
    • Bill Watch Special of 4th February 2011 [Parliamentary Public Hearing on Fuel Crisis: Monday 7th February]
    • A letter from the diaspora
  30. Batch 2 Posted 4/2/11
    • China’s US$3 billion offer for platinum raises tension
    • Tsvangirai confronts Mugabe over violence
    • Mutambara risks being fired from MDC
    • MDC-T forced to play second fiddle to Zanu PF
    • MDC-T issues new candidate selection guidelines
    • Wage pressure a threat to Zim economy
    • Emergency medical response makes strides in Zim
    • Regaining the edge in manufacturing
    • ‘Policy uncertainty bad for investment, growth’
    • ‘Economy should remain liberalised, open’
    • Lending rates remain prohibitive
    • Egypt: People pay high price for change
    • Chinese not foreign to Mudenge!
    • Govt oblivious to economic realities
    • ‘Zanu PF going all out in preparing for elections’
    • US African policy: An opportunity lost
    • Odds heavily stacked against Zapu
    • CandidComment: Lessons for Zimbabwe from Egyptian riots
    • Editor'sMemo: Mugabe’s GNU flip-flop will not fool nation
    • Comment: Mugabe holding cabinet hostage
  31. Posted 4/2/11
    • Imminent danger of floods
    • ZANU PF youths being trained at Inkomo army barracks
    • Violence flares in Zimbabwe's capital; 3 hurt
    • Pro-Mugabe militias blamed as Zimbabwe violence erupts
    • Upsurge of violence dominates Tsvangirai and Mugabe meeting
    • Jailed MDC youths denied food and treatment
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC Accuses Mugabe Supporters, Police of Attacks
    • Zimbabwe PM accused of uprising bid
    • Zanu-PF denies strong-arming its anti-sanctions campaign
    • UN investigating Zim-Ivory Coast arms trade claims
    • Harare Suburb Center of Political Violence
    • Zim Electoral Commission wants to clean up voters’ roll
    • Zim urban councils looted
    • Zanu (PF) Youths Demonstrate Against British Embassy Official
    • Zesa Accused of Bias in Implementing Loadshedding
    • Mawere loses case in Supreme Court
    • ZBC, The Herald now masters of high grade fiction
    • The Silence of the Lawyers
  32. Posted 3/2/11
    • Tsvangirai confronts Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai Says President Mugabe Can't Call Elections Alone
    • Major split in Mugabe’s Cabinet as deputy premier refuses to quit
    • Mugabe mourns Mutambara
    • MDC-T MP accuses police of fanning violence in Mbare
    • Farmers arrested after ZANU PF led land invasion
    • Gono’s adviser has Harare resident arrested
    • Diamonds cash perpetuates Mugabe’s misrule
    • Raw sewage at Magistrates’ court
    • People fear elections before reform of state security organs
    • Some 1.7 Million Zimbabweans To Require Food Aid Until April - FEWSNET
    • Zanu highjack NGOs
    • Foreign mining companies to be forced to sell majority shares
    • Diaspora remittances up
    • Zimbabwe Business, Unions Set to Clash Over Frequency of Wage Reviews
    • Polish hunter sues after failing to find elephant
    • Can Zimbabweans Catch The Revolutionary Fires That Have Engulfed The Middle East?
    • 'No' vote shall be Zimbabwe's Egypt
    • Why the Zimbabwe National Army and Intelligence must side with the people
    • Bill Watch Special of 1st February 2011 [No Parliamentary Committees Meetings This Week Open to Public]
  33. Posted 2/2/11
    • MDC youths threaten to hit back
    • Mugabe not on African Union crisis panel for Ivory Coast
    • Zimbabwe begins voters’ roll-cleaning exercise ahead of referendum
    • MDC slams SA’s acceptance of Mugabe’s ambassador
    • Bishop compares Gukurahundi massacres to Holocaust
    • RBZ chief prays for political stability
    • Welshman Ncube's MDC Threatens Media Houses
    • Buzz off, Mugabe nephew tells Mujuru
    • Parties want by-elections
    • Zimbabweans Worry New Zuma Mediation Role in Ivory Coast May Distract Him
    • Political violence leaves two MDC activists in hospital
    • Magistrate Overturns Police Ban On National Healing Play After Zlhr&Rsquo;s Intervention
    • ‘Missing’ MDC official is found
    • Zimbabwe Central Banker Demands Foreign Banks Lend to Sanctioned Persons
    • New investor plans thermal power plant in Zim
    • Zim To Reconsider Taking SA Offer Of Passport Machine
    • Zim Varsities'Fast Multiplying, But Sub-standard'
    • Zim political climate driving up cost of living
    • Police, Zanu PF drag Zimbabwe into its dark past
    • Winds of change sweeping across Africa & Middle East
    • FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 2/2011 of 31st January [Inclusive Governmnent Still Failing to Implement 24 Agreed Points]
  34. Posted 1/2/11
    • Poverty line rises for families in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe says China eyes $10 bln investment
    • Mugabe to Call Early Elections, Deploy Military
    • Tsvangirai top official 'kidnapped'
    • Rowan Williams urges Robert Mugabe to stop persecution of Anglicans
    • Johane Masowe church releases dossier on ZANU PF killings
    • Ncube could fire Mutambara to gain DPM post
    • SADC urged to push for security reforms
    • AU appoints Mugabe to mediate Ivory Coast crisis
    • Mugabe causing needless alarm: PM
    • New surge of violence rocks Zimbabwean teachers
    • Two senior MDC-T MPs appear before disciplinary hearing
    • Moyo calls for laws that curb torture
    • I did not lead the invaders - Chadenga
    • Zimbabwe’s aviation body the worst in the world – report
    • Zim vets appeal for donations to care for caged lions
    • ANALYSIS: Wage pressure threatens Zim economy
  35. Batch 2 Posted 31/1/11
    • Tsvangirai warns of uprising
    • We'll re-invade lake resorts says Zanu PF
    • Mugabe says he won’t fire Mutambara
    • MDC-T in dilemma over Mat posts
    • Zanu PF stabs Mzembi in the back
    • Mugabe’s anti-sanctions lobby in sinister twist
    • Group protests company relocations
    • MDC-T minister, MP charged over violence
    • What happened to city by-laws?
    • Strikes loom as Emcoz calls for lid on salaries
    • IMF cautions govt over pay demands
    • Sunday View: Tribal card could be the undoing of Ncube's MDC
    • Editor's Desk: Mudenge misses the irony of Zanu PF’s waywardness
    • Sunday Opinion: Leverage discontent for national good
    • Comment: AU lethargy to continue under President Obiang

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