The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/4/11
    • Mugabe has no power to call for elections
    • GNU parties fight over security sector
    • Principals to summon Joc, Attorney-General
    • Speedy media reforms part of poll roadmap
    • AG accused of truancy
    • Battle for posts at MDC congress
    • Exiled Bennett blames Mugabe for loss of seat
    • GNU security sector reform failure blasted
    • Mugabe relative challenges Chombo
    • Kadzura quits Air Zimbabwe?
    • Timba quits Afre amidst financial probe
    • Indigenisation could stifle gold output
    • Economy still faces challenges –– Biti
    • Govt spends US$519,5m in first quarter of 2011
    • Zim’s economic turnaround efforts futile
    • BEE notice 'contravenes regulations'
    • ‘Govt must lead commercial milk production’
    • Congress must elect the people’s candidates
    • Muckraker: We all know who is making Zim poor
    • Eric Bloch: Zimbabwe’s self-induced eclipse
    • Indigenisation: ‘Robbing Peter to pay Chamunorwa’
    • Food crisis in Zimbabwe
    • CandidComment: AirZim malaise: Privatise, it’s just that simple
    • Editor's Memo: Roadmap: Will it be different this time?
    • Comment: Security sector reform case compelling
  2. Posted 30/4/11
    • High Court clears ZCTU May Day events
    • Kenya Prepared To Assist Zimbabwe In Constitution Making Process - Odinga
    • RBZ vehicles towed away after bank fails to pay debt
    • Group warns of rising lawlessness in Zim
    • MDC supporters abducted
    • African Union Urged to Follow Up on Reports Alleging Zimbabwe Torture
    • Economists Urge Zimbabwe Treasury to Block Funding for Foreign Junkets
    • Mugabe To Attend Vatican Ceremony Despite EU Ban
    • GMB fund looted
    • Tsvangirai rallies supporters for Zimbabwe vote
    • Daily News vendor assaulted and robbed by ZPF youth
    • Mugabe hosts Kenya's Prime Minister at State House
    • Elections alone not enough for Africa: Odinga
    • Scramble for Zimplats shares
    • Theresa Makone re-elected Women’s Assembly Chairperson
    • Cyril Ramaphosa to grace ZITF 2011 International Business Conference
    • Army derails Zim’s political transition?
    • UK Parliament - House of Commons
    • Key Note Address by President Tsvangirai to the MDC’s Third Party Congress, Bulawayo
    • Swazis in UK to picket King’s reception
    • Draft roadmap for Zimbabwe – a big joke
  3. Posted 29/4/11
    • Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe Will Hold Elections In 12 Months
    • Zim Police Ransack HIFA Offices
    • Civil servants plan massive strike
    • Commission urged to probe Zim torture
    • US and Crisis Group Say Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Abuses Security Forces
    • Police And Army Harrass MDC Delegates Ahead Of Congress
    • 5 more MDC officials arrested
    • PM vows to crack down on poll violence, party squabbles in former opposition
    • MDC-T chairman demands tribal balancing
    • MDC ready for action
    • Exiled Roy Bennett re-elected MDC-T Treasurer-General
    • Rights group calls for Mines Minister to step down over diamonds
    • Ailing Mugabe not coming to 2011 Trade Fair?
    • Over 50 world leaders will attend beatification-- including Zimbabwe's Mugabe
    • In Zimbabwe, Catholic bishops are among Mugabe's toughest critics
    • Travelers hit with US$30 airport charge
    • Halt military deployment in constituencies
    • Independent Zimbabwe Daily Says Undeterred by Theft of Computer Data
    • British media joins criticism of Zim royal wedding invite
    • British Government Defends Controversial Invite Of Zim's UK Ambassador To Royal Wedding
    • Honour 2006 plan, Zimplats urges govt
    • Zuma Refers To Zim Governance Failure In Veiled Freedom Day Speech
    • Fertilizer manufacturer suspends operations
    • ZANU PF sends support to Malema in South Africa
    • Key Note Address by President Tsvangirai to the MDC Women’s Assembly Congress, Bulawayo
    • Is Zanu-pf snub of elections funding official Zimbabwe policy?
    • MDC Congress a cautionary statement
    • Bill Watch 18/2011 of 26th April [Parliamentary update for April]
  4. Posted 28/4/11
    • Sensitive data stolen in raid on NewsDay offices
    • Threat To Press Freedom As Newsday Offices Are Raided
    • Zimbabwe too broke to organise elections this year
    • Cut Mugabe trips: Biti
    • Disclose health status, Mugabe urged
    • Mugabe elite again exposed in new list of land seizures
    • Sibanda threatens to unleash terror
    • Sex, drugs, AG & Shamu at rapist’s shrine
    • Mugabe's men seeking to curry favour with ANC leaders
    • Police ban May Day marches
    • Zimbabwe now a police state-Chibebe
    • National Healing Minister Laments Jail Conditions
    • 82 die on roads in bloody Easter break
    • Hotly contested race for posts at MDC congress
    • Siwela still in jail 3 weeks after receiving bail
    • HIFA 2011
    • Roy Bennett on Question Time Part 2
    • The fifth column in ZANU (PF)
    • No safe haven for Swazi King
    • Zimbabwe: The Road to Reform or Another Dead End?
  5. Posted 27/4/11
    • Zimbabwe may force miners to fund development: paper
    • Mugabe makes fifth trip to Singapore
    • ‘Jittery’ police bar May Day marches
    • ZEC composition stalls election roadmap
    • Sadc wants more action
    • Rights abuses continue - US
    • SADC NGOs call for end of human right violations in Zimbabwe and Swaziland
    • Magistrates in new walk-out
    • PM Tsvangirai Moves to Mend Party Divisions Ahead of Congress
    • MDC-T Congress, Succession Battle Under The Spotlight
    • MDC disowns 6 councillors
    • China says foreign aid about friendship, not resources
    • MDC Minister ‘traumatised’ by Lupane detention horror
    • Holiday Lesson Fees Stir Controversy Among Zimbabwe Parents, Officials
    • Zimbabwe: China's friend in need?
    • Zimbabwe-From Bread Basket to Begging basket
  6. Posted 26/4/11
    • Another GPA hurdle
    • Police ban May Day commemoration marches in Zim
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Square Off For Elections
    • Another MDC official accused of insulting Mugabe
    • The Zimbabwean Consulate Finally Delivers Passports To Zimbabweans in Cape Town
    • Tourism boosting Zimbabwe's weak economy : minister
    • Zanu PF not paying municipal bills - Mayor Masunda
    • Bulawayo's Only HIV-AIDS Nursing Home Faces Closure
    • First-Quarter Gold Output Fell 19%, Herald Reports
    • MLF To Discipline Mkandla Over Flag Burning Comments
    • Royal couple face rogue's gallery of despots in Abbey's front row
    • Maybe together we women can make a difference…
  7. Posted 25/4/11
    • Mugabe's plan for snap Zimbabwe elections shot down
    • We have a fresh list of land grabbers: Zimbabwe newspaper
    • This law is an ass, says an angry MDC
    • ZABG is in big trouble
    • Diplomatic immunity claim in land-grab case
    • Chief Vows To Kick Zanu (PF) Out Of Chundu
    • Thousands Of Zim Children Starving To Death: Report
    • Former Beauty Queen Arrested For Accusing Ministers Of Sexual Harassment
    • Call Mugabe’s Bluff: Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 23rd April 2011
    • Is Robert Mugabe now playing politics with his maker?
    • Daggers out ahead of MDC-T congress
    • Mugabe’s Singapore trips cost $3m each
    • Zanu PF loses battle for 2011 polls
    • 70 perish in holiday road accidents
    • Ballantyne Park residents turn the heat on Chiyangwa
    • Masunda attacks Chombo over slashing of tariffs
    • Mutambara set to lose DPM post
    • Zanu PF official accused of abusing council property
    • Zimbabwe’s widening ethnic divisions
    • Violence strategy will only bolster MDC-T support
    • Mugabe spoiling for a fight: Analysts
    • ‘Female condom side-effects exaggerated’
    • No need for KP monitor — Mpofu
    • SundayComment: Roadmap progress commendable but...
    • SundayOpinion: Like Smith, Mugabe is abusing chiefs
    • From the Editor's Desk: Acts of bravado hardly the panacea for failed states
    • SundayView: Veterai ranting will not derail MDC resolve
  8. Posted 24/4/11
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Government Partners Agree Elections Not Possible This Year
    • India holds pair over US$2m Marange gems
    • Police Hunt For Khuphe's Driver After Stabbing Incident
    • Ministers defy Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • Air Zimbabwe buys 2 Airbus jets: paper
    • President Tsvangirai re-elected unopposed
    • Tsvangirai Travels To Byo To Deal With Intra Party Fighting
    • MLF Zim Leaders Condemn Flag Burning By SA Members
    • Raffingora Celebrates As Terror Gang Disintegrates
    • Indian docu-maker captures Mugabe's horrors
    • Zimbabwe Still Fails On Human Rights
    • Wasted all these years
    • Letter from the diaspora
  9. Posted 23/4/11
    • Mugabe disowns Roman Catholic Church
    • MPs conspire to remove Mugabe
    • Sanctions threat to election roadmap
    • ZANU-PF in poll crisis
    • UK, US relent on Zim ‘blood diamond’ ban
    • ZESA presses on with tariff hike
    • Mudenge Promises Mugabe To Punish MDC Supporters
    • Air Zimbabwe Pilots Return to Work, But Carrier's Future Still Looks Bleak
    • 20 held in Bulawayo MDC-T clashes
    • Unicef To Donate $20 Each To Vulnerable Zimbabwe Families
    • Julius Malema Trial Generates Interest In Zimbabwe
    • Protest against Swazi king’s visit to London
  10. Posted 22/4/11
    • Zimbabwe pilots end strike
    • Attorney General set to drop Gwisai treason charges
    • ZANU PF continues regional apology spree
    • MDC-T to make changes to party constitution
    • Zimbabwe Unity Gov't Partners Detail Election Road Map Under SADC Pressure
    • Election Road Map Drafting Snags on Security Apparatus Overhaul
    • Zim won’t accept Briton as KP monitor
    • Lack Of Consensus on Zimbabwe Diamonds Fractures Kimberley Membership
    • Demand for Gukurahundi compensation
    • UN Humanitarian Appeal for Zimbabwe Falling Far Short of Need
    • Analysts dismayed at China's Zimbabwe 'invasion'
    • Econet invests US$270 million in infrastructure
    • 3 000 face axe at city council
    • Internet Unlikely to Spark Zimbabwe Mass Mobilization - Freedom House
    • Grace Mugabe’s nursing home faces closure
    • Alec Muchadehama; Up for any Challenge, an interview
    • Roy Bennett on Question Time Part 1
    • Munyaradzi Gwisai on Question Time: Part 1
    • Britain must withdraw the Royal wedding invitation
  11. Batch 2 Posted 22/4/11
    • MDC-T in disarray ahead of congress
    • Chinese in deal to save Air Zim
    • Elephant meat for hungry prisoners
    • Diaspora Zimbos snub constitution-making
    • Markets spooked by latest BEE regulations
    • Zimbabwe needs US$270m for maize imports
    • Illegal settlers disrupt timber industry
    • BEE law devoid of clear definitions
    • ‘Two more blocs join common currency talks’
    • New papers yes, but are these new voices?
    • Youth service source of women’s abuse
    • Political will crucial for recovery
    • Mugabe caught between rock and a hard place
    • Muckraker: Grovelling beneficiaries sing patronage praises
    • Eric Bloch: The case for, against holding elections
    • Why it is hard to trust the African Union
    • CandidComment: Let’s have implementation for a change
    • Comment: Zanu PF pushing the limits yet again
    • Editor's Memo: Leaders failed principles of integrity
  12. Posted 21/4/11
    • Zimbabwe panic as ATM spits out old dollar bills
    • Army Summons Newsday Journalist Over Chiwenga Illness Story
    • Hwedza villagers under threat from war vets
    • ZANU PF supporters invade MDC plots in Epworth
    • War 'Vets' Leader Backs Jonathan Moyo
    • Zanu PF no longer electable: Kadenge
    • Zuma wins Zim war
    • State Drops Charges Against Mp Pending Supreme Court Decision As Activists Trial Set For July
    • Father Mkandla, Minister Freed After Surrendering Passports
    • ZANU PF violence continues despite SADC rebuke
    • Chihuri probes police officers
    • Mugabe spotted at Medical Chambers
    • Air Zimbabwe pilots end strike
    • 45 out of 1 000 die of malaria, reveals Health Ministry
    • Mugabe admits that Zim faces food shortages
    • Factionalism In Zanu (PF) Costs Chiredzi MP House
    • Hundreds gather for Zim, Swaziland rally in Soweto
    • Passport collection deadline moved
    • Cotton prices increased by 200%
    • Zimbabwe edges out Zambia in battle for tourists
    • Pivotal regional rail system is in the doldrums
    • Transforming and Preventing Polarization by Embracing Strategy Dilemmas: An Outsider View on Lessons from Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil calls for withdrawal of wedding invitation – 20th April 2011
  13. Posted 20/4/11
    • Father Mkandla, Minister Granted Bail As Lawyers Protest Against Denial Of Food To Pastor
    • Police Frustrate, Interrogate Lawyers Representing Tormented Minister And Pastor
    • Mzila-Ndlovu pays the price for revealing dark secrets of the past
    • Zimbabwe to Seize Foreign-Owned Firms Without Compensation - Minister
    • Tsvangirai takes on Mugabe over nationalisation
    • Robert Mugabe Hounds Rivals in Zimbabwe, Parties Say
    • Mujuru Apologises To Zuma
    • Mass rally in Soweto to take SADC to task
    • Matland Secessionists Burn Zim Flag In Joburg March
    • SADC Tribunal review upholds unlawful land grab judgement
    • Minister buys house for 48 cents
    • ZDF commander Chiwenga back from China
    • Crisis outrage over plans to tear down POSA billboard
    • Thugs who assaulted elderly headman taunt villagers
    • Air Zimbabwe announces fleet renewal
    • NCA pleads with SADC over violence
    • Zimbabwe bans chrome exports, to boost refining
    • Broke Copac Gets US$10m From Donors
    • Civil society demands end to Mswati's rule
    • Online service bids to transform African money transfer
    • Mugabe in bullet-proof vest fails to liven up 31st independence anniversary
    • Making Mugabe Laugh
    • When will Robert Mugabe free the airwaves?
    • Bill Watch 17/2011 of 19th April [General Laws Amendment Bill amended by House of Assembly]
  14. Posted 19/4/11
    • Zimbabwe’s president defends troubled coalition on nation’s 31st anniversary of independence
    • More MDC ministers will be arrested: Mugabe independence speech
    • Tsvangirai denounces Zimbabwe nationalisation plans
    • ‘31 years of hell’
    • Zim Independence Day protest in UK
    • Celebrating independence amid fear - Amnesty International
    • Repression escalates
    • ZANU thug strips Canadian tourists naked in Zimbabwe
    • National Healing Minister Ndlovu remains locked up
    • UK, US relent on Zim ‘blood diamond’ ban
    • China and India want to end the Zimbabwe diamonds stalemate
    • Two million Zimbabweans lose cell phone contact
    • All set for the MDC-T congress in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe's small scale miners considering forming consortiums
    • Tycoon riles villagers over land
    • African farmers 'need more relevant climate predictions'
    • Moyo loses political grip
    • Zimbabwe, Zambia in tug of war over Vic Falls
    • Botswana civil servants begin 10-day strike
    • Speculation rife over Grace Mugabe whereabouts
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s independence message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • ANALYSIS: After 31 years, Mugabe caught between rock and a hard place
    • At 31 Zimbabwe should move towards maturity -
    • Will Zimbabwe be toasting to 31yrs of self-rule or moral decline?
    • Stop the Violence in Zimbabwe Independence Day Protest – 18th April 2011
  15. Batch 2 Posted 18/4/11
    • Zuma warns Mugabe of revolts, upheavals
    • Zimbabwe PM warns of tough year ahead
    • Govt won’t pay for mining shares: Kasukuwere
    • Tsvangirai Cracks Whip, Warns Against Vote Buying
    • MDC Youths To Stage Protests At Police Camps
    • Lawyers Demand Probe Into Death Of 82-Year-Old Activist
    • Dr Bekithemba Mpofu set to replace Bennett
    • GPA worries regional NGOs
    • Another cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe is likely: WHO
    • New threat of waterborne diseases in Harare
    • Zimbabwe marks 31 years of independence
    • Zapu statement on Zimbabwe’s 31st Independence Anniversary
    • Muzariri a 'killer not war hero'
    • Masvingo MDC Factions Make Peace
    • Zim Lawyer Muchadehama Honoured In Netherlands
    • Zesa wants country to use energy-saving bulbs
    • Mugabe's crumbling bedrock
    • Independence Day: Is It Politicking Or Celebrating
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 16th April 2011
    • Why Zanu-PF's land seizures failed
  16. Posted 18/4/11
    • Plot to block MDC-T congress
    • Mugabe wins on Bennett
    • Workers attach minister’s property
    • Civil servants ‘pawns’ in Govt turf wars
    • Govt hospitals get CD4 machines
    • Grace Mugabe mystery deepens
    • Patriachy slows down female condom use, says activist
    • Fish population below Sadc average
    • Gukurahundi: Minister spends weekend in jail
    • No head of state at ZITF
    • New twist in Joshua Nkomo statue saga
    • Ill-health, factionalism weigh down Mugabe
    • DPM Khupe rescues old people's home
    • ZCTU to name and shame top-earning managers
    • Can AirZimbabwe survive operational turbulence?
    • SundayView: How Mugabe turned the Zim revolution on its head
    • From the Editor's Desk: Not much to celebrate on 31st Independence Day
    • SundayOpinion: Defining moment for MDC-T
    • SundayComment: Lupane arrests crude, deplorable
  17. Posted 17/4/11
    • Zim unemployment at 70%
    • Grace Mugabe studying at Chinese university
    • State media reluctant to carry anti-corruption adverts
    • Zanu (PF) steals farm, land and future
    • Catholic priest faces porn charges
    • Address real issues, GALZ tells Mugabe
    • Soldiers in Chitungwiza
    • ZLHR Mourns 82 Year-Old Hero Nyakauru Who Succumbed To Death After Abduction And Assault
    • Huddersfield businessman Alan Fish returns to Zimbabwe to help anti-Mugabe forces
    • Women take centre stage in politics, peace-building, business
    • New female CZI boss for Matabeleland
    • 300 women get mining rights
    • Harare’s Poet of Hope
    • Zim stone sculptors “best in the world”
    • Africa’s worst dictator on way out
    • Shooting stars and satellites)
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [No Meetings Until 9 May]
  18. Batch 2 Posted 16/4/11
    • Minister for National Healing arrested
    • NCA activist detained overnight for organizing meeting
    • ZDF Commander Chiwenga flown to China for treatment
    • Zim fights SA ruling in favour of farmers
    • Zim minister denies attacks on Zuma
    • Zimbabwe inflation eases to 2,7%
    • Southern African Regional Leaders to Bolster Mediation in Zimbabwe
    • Hundreds force-marched to Heroes Acre
    • Masvingo Villagers Homeless After Refusing To Sign Mugabe’s Anti-Sanctions Petition
    • Zanu PF disowns Jonathan Moyo
    • Detained activist fired by employer
    • Chombo to return disputed property
    • Arrested South Africans stranded in Zim
    • Independence day in Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe’s tough line on nationalisation
    • Zanu-pf’s damage control on SADC and Pres Zuma - too little, too late
    • A letter from the diaspora
  19. Posted 16/4/11
    • Mugabe receives damning report
    • President confirms using CIO to spy on foes
    • Sadc beefs up Zuma facilitation team
    • ‘Indigenisation loopholes open to challenges’
    • Air Zim fails to buy planes
    • Intense bickering at AG’s office
    • Service chiefs snub national healing
    • Zanu PF mobilises support for indigenisation
    • PM Tsvangirai in congress test
    • ‘Culture of suppressing truth stifling healing’
    • Securities Depository hits stumbling block
    • Competitiveness first, begging bowl later: WB
    • Perennial congestion at tobacco auction floors
    • The MDC’s worrisome thread of violence
    • Muckraker: ‘Sadc no longer buys Zanu PF’s line
    • Eric Bloch: Indigenisation: Setting the record straight
    • Comment: Mugabe must learn from Gbagbo’s fate
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc should heed Mandela clarion call
    • CandidComment: Greed: The centre of our economic ills
  20. Posted 15/4/11
    • Mugabe grapples with party spies, ill health
    • Zimbabwe to go ahead with company takeovers- Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe condemns gay 'filth'
    • Zim Catholic Priest Nabbed For Preaching On Violence
    • Rowdy MDC youths face disciplinary action
    • Siwela still in detention as MLF takes Mugabe to AU Commission
    • COPAC to appoint principle drafters to write text of new constitution
    • UN cranks up heat on Rwanda genocide suspect in Zimbabwe
    • Disease outbreak looms at Harare Hospital
    • MDC Harare Chair In Court For 2006 Assault Case
    • Botched First Lady deal: Suspect's wife faces death
    • Zim Widow Drags Attorney General To Court
    • Swaziland minister plays down uprising
    • Persecuted Play, Ritual To Show At Hifa
    • Despite widespread volatility in Africa, economists say now is the time to invest
    • Statement by the SADC Lawyers Association
    • Zimbabwe Bid for Special Global Fund Fails, Will Seek Round 11 Monies
    • Power Sharing Has Made ZANU-PF More Accountable - Report
    • Statement on President Robert Mugabe’s threats, at the burial of Menard Muzariri
    • Stop the Violence in Zimbabwe - Vigil
    • ACTSA calls for democracy & an end to violence in Zim
    • Christians must fight Mugabe’s defilement of their churches
    • OPINION: Tribal relations in Zim and the myths
    • Shake Hands with the Devil: A Date with Chiminya’s Murderers
  21. Posted 14/4/11
    • The Hard Road to Reform
    • Zanu PF blocks ghost workers report
    • Badly beaten MDC Vice Chair finally released
    • Hon. Madzore Summoned Over Alleged Police Assault
    • Mugabe back from Singapore, but no sign of Grace
    • ZANU PF snubs EU and UN funding for elections
    • Zim urged to boycott early election if called by ZANU PF
    • Zimbabwe's Mavambo Kusile Party Proposes Apolitical Transitional Gov't
    • Mining sector appeals to Mujuru for sanity
    • Air Zimbabwe problems 'mirror rot at parastatals'
    • Zimbabwe Should Resume Marange Gem Trade, South Africa Says
    • $1bn investment needed to revive Zimbabwe’s gold sector
    • Zim case against farmers being heard in Northern Gauteng High Court tomorrow
    • Bitter political foes come face to face in Nyamapanda
    • Factionalism In MDC-T Rears Its Ugly Head In Hurungwe
    • Mwonzora at Zanu PF's throat
    • Moyo under fire
    • Community radio frustrated by State monopoly of airwaves
    • I Will Not Be Buried At The Heroes Acre - Dabengwa
    • ZCTF Report - Apr 2011
    • SADC to consider real sanctions?
    • Sino - Zimbabwe relations – who benefits?
    • Does Jonathan Moyo know that Gbagbo was finally captured?
    • SADC to consider real sanctions?
    • Sino - Zimbabwe relations – who benefits?
    • Does Jonathan Moyo know that Gbagbo was finally captured?
  22. Posted 13/4/11
    • Police release 12 arrested at weekend prayer meeting in Harare
    • Police Maliciously Incarcerate Mukoyi As They Release 12 Others On Summons
    • SADC urged to police Zim roadmap
    • Body Exhumations In Zim Continues Despite Court Ban
    • Govt defies court order
    • Zim Industry Operating At 45%
    • CIO boss death leaves Mugabe in quandary
    • Zim Top Secret Agent Declared National Hero
    • Zimbabwe now a dictatorship - Tekere
    • Cholera claims 8 in Chimanimani
    • President Mugabe was rushed to Singapore on health scare, not his wife
    • Zimbabwe Licences More Newspapers
    • Air Zimbabwe Needs $4 Million to End Pilot Strike, Newsday Says
    • Striking Air Zim Pilots Blame Past Management For Airline Woes
    • 50 pilots fly 5 Air Zimbabwe planes, MPs told
    • Hundreds arrested as Swazi government cracks down on public protests
    • Gbagbo’s capture warning to the continent
    • Manicaland & Mash East nominate Tsvangirai for re-election
    • New treatment guidelines rolled out – a year later
    • Conflict In Zimbabwe Anglican Church hits low as parishioner denied burial
    • Zim Achievers Awards - Press Release
    • Speaking out can pay off
    • No hope for Zim security sector reforms
    • OPINION: Zimbabwe and political transition
    • A Generic Model to Strategic Conflict Resolution
  23. Posted 12/4/11
    • Mugabe’s back in Singapore for medical treatment
    • Zim parties agree election roadmap
    • Temporary break in election roadmap talks
    • 13 Congregants Still In Police Custody As Police Violatemukoyi'S Right To Health
    • Zanu (PF) And MDC-T Fail To Agree On Violence
    • SA anger mounts
    • Zimbabwe’s mining output increase 47 percent
    • Mugabe’s top spymaster Menard Muzariri dies
    • Angola meeting 'excellent': Tsvangirai
    • Community Radio Initiative Goes To Court Over ZBC Monopoly
    • Goldman Prize: Zimbabwe's rhino rescuer honoured
    • US army condemns Zim
    • Green Fuel to revolutinise local market
    • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
    • Back to the future for Zimbabwe
    • How has Robert Mugabe been able to rule Zimbabwe for so long?
    • Can we trust in the African Union?
  24. Posted 11/4/11
    • Mugabe's wife in Singapore for medical care: report
    • Tsvangirai Urges His Supporters To Live In Peace With Zanu (PF)
    • Rights lawyers slam minister, police for unlawful detentions
    • Mugabe out in the cold
    • Chaotic land reform is hurting timber industry
    • China Buying Up The Board In Zim
    • Villagers forced to sign anti-santions petition
    • ZBC, MDC on collision course
    • Gorden Moyo Is New MDC-T Bulawayo Province Boss
    • Mugabe wheeled in to Vigil: Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 9th April 2011
    • A Long Hard Winter Looms
    • Ailing Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, rushed to Singapore
    • Tomana accused of intimidating judges
    • Hunger stalks Matabeleland villagers
    • Mediocre leaders blamed for violence
    • Farmers shake off ‘dependency syndrome’
    • Mbare Musika for upgrading
    • MDC-T congress: Tsvangirai faces stern test
    • Anti-sanctions petition will backfire —analysts
    • Families of slain MDC-T activists feel abandoned
    • Villagers lose 200 cattle to witch-hunters
    • MDC-T courts Welshman Ncube
    • Zanu PF tried to bribe me: Mtetwa
    • Import duty on basics to return
    • SundayView: Moyo’s diatribe on Sadc destructive to Zanu PF
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk: Who advises dictators when endgame looms?
    • SundayOpinion: Urgent action in Sadc’s interest
    • SundayComment: Respect court ruling on exhumations
  25. Posted 10/4/11
    • Police disrupt praying for peace church service, arrest 9 and teargas Glen-Norah B
    • ZLHR Condemns Police Abuses In Suppressing Prayer For Peace
    • Zanu (PF), MDC Negotiators Close To Trading Blows Over Security Chiefs
    • Allies of Zimbabwe’s President Push for Quick Vote
    • More Cholera Outbreaks in Zimbabwe Claim Dozens of Lives
    • Police Called To Stop Chaos At MDC-T Provincial Congress
    • MDC-T MP charged for insulting Mugabe
    • Air Zimbabwe pilots press on with 'illegal' strike
    • Tsvangirai pledges no nationalisation of business
    • US firm sues Reserve Bank
    • Human Rights Commission worried
    • Zimbabweans seem to put too much trust in tripartite negotiations
    • Wiped off the land without a trace
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [Meetings 11-15 April]
  26. Posted 9/4/11
    • Sadc plans extraordinary summit on Zim
    • Zuma’s team and GPA negotiators still locked in talks
    • Miners offer compromise on Zim equity rules
    • EU, UK pledge support for SADC’s election roadmap plans
    • Geoffrey Van Orden MEP press release on Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai tightens screws on Mugabe
    • Labor Court Orders Air Zimbabwe's Striking Pilots to End Two-Week Work Stoppage
    • Air Zim pilots defiant after court rules strike illegal
    • Magistrates defy call to end strike
    • Zim Magistrates Resume Work
    • Mugabe's bogus salary promise
    • Mugabe banking on Chinese back-up plan
    • Victory reignites MDCs unification debate
    • MDC pays bail for Mthwakazi man
    • Zim Rights Lawyers Caution Chinamasa, Police Over Detainees
    • Bennett denies chasing away investors from Zimbabwe
    • MDC members jostle for posts
    • Councillors at loggerheads
    • Zvoma Threatens Biti
    • Harare radio takes licensing fight to court
    • Polls to trigger new Zim storm: LSE
    • Gono - workers' hangman
    • Sokwanele: Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 25
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 16/2011 of 6th April [Commentary on New Indigenisation Requirements for Mining Sector]
  27. Batch 2 Posted 8/4/11
    • Judge halts Mt Darwin exhumations
    • GPA parties begin formal talks on electoral roadmap
    • Tsvangirai wants 80s army killings punished
    • At least 14 MDC hospitalized after cemetery attacks by ZPF
    • Tsvangirai Orders Re-run Of Masvingo Congress
    • Zim farmer who took Mugabe to court dies of his injuries
    • PM Tsvangirai blasts Chihuri
    • EU Seeks Emergency Meeting Over New Kimberly Chair's Move on Zimbabwe
    • Kasukuwere’s company has not paid staff since January 2010
    • Tobacco Deliveries Stopped
    • Zuma pins Mugabe
    • Malema hate speech case starts Monday - AfriForum
    • MEP press release on Zim
    • Massive wealth revealed in ZANU PF Minister’s divorce case
    • Civil society condemns violence instability & victimization of civil society
    • Only impeachment can guarantee Mugabe a dignified exit
  28. Posted 8/4/11
    • ‘Police biased over political violence’
    • ‘Personal preferences’ delay commission
    • Facilitators meet negotiators over GNU, poll roadmap
    • ‘Democratisation agenda at the mercy of Mugabe’
    • Fireworks expected at MDC-T polls
    • Chinamasa forced to drop ‘retrogressive’ clauses
    • Development fund ‘prone to political hijack’
    • ZSE proposes new law on demutualisation to govt
    • Economic stability the key, says Stanchart
    • Speaker vote: Insight into the politics of consensus
    • Zanu PF fables dealt a heavy blow
    • Sadc Troika finally flexes its muscles
    • Zim’s reckless anti-Sadc rhetoric
    • Comment: Rough ride at Livingstone
    • Candid Comment: Policy inconsistency toxic for business
    • Editor's Memo: Reality check for Mugabe at Sadc
  29. Posted 7/4/11
    • 'White African' Mike Campbell dies
    • Mugabe distances himself from attack on Zuma
    • SA insists Zimbabwe sticks to election deal
    • Amnesty: Zim mass grave bodies must be exhumed by experts
    • Judge to rule on Mt Darwin exhumations
    • Riot police and teargas at memorial for murdered MDC
    • Speech by President Tsvangirai, on the occasion of the memorial service and unveiling of the tombstones of heroes of democracy
    • 94pc of MDC-T rallies approved: Chihuri
    • Tsvangirai's MDC refute Zimbabwe police claims
    • Zuma’s team back in Harare for more talks on electoral roadmap
    • Intergovernmental African Delegation In Zimbabwe To Check Marange
    • Zim imports arms despite embargo
    • Ministers in tug of war
    • Zimbabweans’ passports ready
    • Zim passport ‘threat’ dismissed by SA refugee rights group
    • High Court Says Air Zimbabwe Workers Can Attach Carrier's Assets
    • ZNA ‘retires’ soldiers to run ZEC
    • Chinese snap up prime property
    • Fresh Cholera Outbreak Hits Chiredzi
    • Mugabe’s SADC entourage blasted
    • Infant mortality rate triples
    • Mthwakazi Liberation Front Drags Mugabe To Court
    • Chihuri's shady past
    • Rallying region against Mugabe: Zuma’s test
    • SADC Troika can bite
    • The Elton Mangoma Case: A Rare insight into ZANU PF Theftocracy
    • Assessing Zimbabwe'S "GPA" As A Mechanism For Change - A Legal Perspective
  30. Posted 6/4/11
    • Zimbabwe energy minister released from remand
    • SADC under pressure to follow through on Zim
    • Arms shipment destined for Zimbabwe docks in Beira
    • Magistrates’ strike enters day two countrywide
    • Zim situation turns for worse: EU
    • Zimbabwe faces large financing gap in 2011: IMF
    • Zim empowerment law must 'respect property rights'
    • Platinum, palladium prices to rocket
    • ZSE Shares Tumble By 23 Percent / IMF Concerned
    • Zimbabwe’s empowerment group’s entire executive resigns
    • Pilots seize Air Zimbabwe property, stand-off continues
    • Chinese to Fund Upgrades of Water Systems in Zimbabwe Capital
    • SA government not liable in Zim land grab cases
    • South Africa to start finalising Zim permit applications
    • Zimbabweans forced to fetch passports from JHB
    • Harare warned against rush to hold elections
    • Zim constitution in limbo
    • The beginning of the end of Robert Mugabe has started
    • Whether he likes it or not Mugabe’s time is up
    • Remarks at launch of report - When a State turns on its citizens by Lloyd M Sachikonye (1 April 2011)
  31. Posted 5/4/11
    • Zim/SA in diplomatic tiff
    • Mugabe must retire - Sadc
    • "Mugabe’s SADC comprehensive humiliation signals end of era"
    • "Shut-up, you're talking nonsense" - Zambian President told Mugabe
    • SADC leaders cited in landmark Zim legal case
    • New application to SADC Tribunal makes legal history
    • Zimbabwe minister released on bail after controversial arrest
    • Courts chaos as magistrates strike
    • Zim farmer loses case against SA govt
    • 'Zimbabwe could end-up like Ivory Coast'
    • Porous border is smugglers' paradise
    • The Winds of Change
  32. Batch 2 Posted 4/4/11
    • Zuma, Mugabe at war
    • Zimbabwe attacks "erratic" Zuma over Mugabe, Libya
    • Fresh fears over Mugabe's health
    • Pilots call off strike for Bob
    • SA hits back over Zuma criticism
    • Zipra Veterans Challenge Chaotic Exhumations
    • MDC-T congress on
    • Delegates Cry Foul At Faction Riddled MDC-T Congress
    • Tomana miffed by judge’s comments
    • Ncube scoffs at SADC snub reports
    • ‘ Stop Taking Over Buildings ’ - Sikhosana Warns Zanu (PF) Youths
    • Humiliated Zanu (PF) probes MPs Who Voted For Moyo
    • Fiery human rights lawyer Mtetwa wins ethics award
    • Law silent on payment for 51% mining shares
    • ZBC needs $30m for upgrade
    • Zimbabweans to be asked for more info: Home Affairs
    • Music, visual arts feast to rock Harare
    • Mugabe has no clothes – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 2nd April 2011
    • Urgent Challenge To The Suspension By The Sadc Summit Of The Sadc Tribunal
    • Beer puddles
    • Bill Watch 14/2011 of 1st April [SADC Organ Summit and Communique]
    • Bill Watch 15/2011 of 1st April [Parliamentary Update]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [Meetings 4-7 April]
  33. Posted 4/4/11
    • Summit isolates Mugabe in region
    • Fresh fears over Mugabe’s health
    • Sadc leaders turn against ailing Mugabe
    • Loss takes the stuff out of Zanu PF
    • I have lost all respect for Mugabe, says Nkala
    • Congress divides MDC-T
    • Chiyangwa, residents wrangle over park
    • Police deny raiding MDC-T head office
    • ‘Slap in the face for Jonathan Moyo’
    • Khupe calls for reduction of maternal mortality rate
    • Tobacco selling season: Wives camp at auction floors
    • Zimplats ignores seizure threat
    • World Bank upbeat on Zim recovery
    • POSB posts US$3,4m net profit
    • Zimbabwe misses out of key economic indaba
    • SundayComment: New Sadc stance on Zim laudable
    • SundayOpinion: My problem with Morgan Tsvangirai
    • From the Editor's Desk: New refrain on violence exposes Zanu PF dishonesty
    • SundayView: Moyo’s election as Speaker: More than just poetic justice
    • Letter from the diaspora
  34. Posted 3/4/11
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe hits back at regional criticism
    • We won’t brook interference: Mugabe
    • Zuma’s list 6 months on – nothing has been done!
    • Zimbabwe Magistrates Strike On Monday
    • Mugabe Set to Intervene in Air Zimbabwe Strike
    • "Havalume” – Msika crowd stands up to Mugabe’s youths
    • MDC speaker may have casting vote on Mugabe's succession
    • VP Nkomo allegedly paying farm staff US$50
    • Zanu unleashes terror
    • Ex-cop sues ministers over murder cover-up
    • ZANU-PF witch-hunt
    • Gono to pay all outstanding payments
    • US Internet Executive Under Fire For Killing An Elephant In Zimbabwe
    • 150,000 permit applications pending - SA govt
    • Zim empowerment plan worries IMF
    • MDC-T Chipinge Legislator Charged With Theft
    • Gender-based violence at all-time high
    • Rape Victims speak out
    • Only one Doctor dealing with rape cases
    • Jonathan Moyo Lied -British Embassy
    • MLF Leaders Fail To Raise Bail Money
    • So did Mugabe mean that Zuma can keep his SA?
  35. Batch 2 Posted 2/4/11
    • Mugabe warned about uprising
    • Sadc tackles Zim’s political crisis
    • Factional fights rock MDC-T Byo
    • Zanu PF to hold primaries in May
    • New mining BEE law a bombshell — Analysts
    • Zanu PF campaign a sign of things to come
    • Political violence blights tranquil Chimanimani
    • Whipping system takes away MPs’ freedom
    • SK Moyo loses property in acrimonious divorce
    • Loan scheme for academic glory
    • Mashakada seeks firms’ compulsory registration
    • Why the AU fails to resolve conflicts
    • Libya — It’s not all about oil
    • Accelerating economic demise
    • Re-election of Moyo to Speakership inspiring
    • Libya crisis: Another example of AU impotence
    • CandidComment: Noczim an anachronistic lost cause
    • Editor'sMemo: Alliance key to dislodging Zanu PF
    • Comment: Property rights under attack
  36. Posted 2/4/11
    • African Leaders Pressure Mugabe
    • Region hardens on Zimbabwe's Mugabe over violence
    • Southern Africa Region Slams Mugabe
    • Cautious welcome for SADC criticism of Zim deadlock
    • Mugabe vows to resist regional pressure
    • Plea to stop army brutality
    • Zambian Leader Urges Democratic Reform in Region Or Risk Egypt-Style Revolts
    • Top Zim rights activist arrested
    • Amnesty International Calls on Zimbabwean Authorities to End Harassment of Human Rights Defenders
    • Facebook user granted bail after quashing of magistrate’s ruling
    • Police Charge MDC MP With Theft
    • Diamond Trade Chief insists Zim diamonds can be exported
    • Reporters Without Borders Urges Respect for Press Freedom in Zimbabwe
    • Jonathan Moyo filed lawsuit against Daily News
    • Defense attorney in Africa wins Ohio ethics prize
    • For $700 Million Mugabe Lets China Write Its Own Rules
    • Leo Mugabe pressures Telecel to give up majority stake
    • Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Fears for Next Generation of Women Leaders
    • Highlights from The US Embassy News
    • Veteran journalist Bill Saidi publishes his memoirs
    • U.S. Embassy invites applications for USAP scholarship program
    • BILL WATCH 13/2011 of 31st March [The Speakers Election]
  37. Posted 1/4/11
    • Zimbabwe mass grave becomes political propaganda
    • Who filled Zim mass grave?
    • Another Sadc bid to save GNU
    • SADC unlikely to break Zim impasse
    • Malawi: Tsvangirai briefs Mutharika on Zim Government 'discord'
    • Plea to stop army brutality
    • Military summoned
    • China’s Anjin wants Marange gems certified
    • Human Rights Forum director charged by police
    • Politics overrides law in court
    • High Court orders release of Mthwakazi duo, Siwela still held
    • Facebook User Granted Bail After Quashing Of Magistrate'S Ruling
    • ZANU-PF offers Khaya-Moyo ministerial post
    • Another new paper for Zimbabwe
    • MDC Congress dates announced
    • Kenyan Premier to attend MDC congress in Zimbabwe
    • Egypt Style Activist Narrates Ordeal At The Hands Of State Security Agents
    • Trade Union Says Sack Air Zimbabwe Management to End Strike
    • Bennett launches site
    • Zimbabwe's Braying Cavalry in Campaign for Literacy
    • Zanu-Pf MPs must defect to MDC- T to avert a Tunisia

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