The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/11
    • Zimbabwe policeman dies in clash with Mugabe opponents in Harare
    • Zim cop's killing was provoked - MDC
    • Chaos in Harare
    • Police wantonly arrest MDC members in Glen View
    • AU credibility questioned as Zim set to chair peace organ
    • Zim Villagers In Trouble Over Mugabe Praise Song
    • New Voters' Roll For Zim - ISS
    • Mugabe Ally Escalates Push to Control Anglican Church
    • Zanu-PF makes mileage out of sanctions
    • China bails out Harare City Council
    • Circus in swing as Mutambara fires Ncube
    • War veterans oppose reforms
    • Activists protest at UK home of CIO who was granted asylum
    • Human rights lawyers refute ZBC allegations of MDC sponsorship
    • COPAC extends thematic committee stage by five days
    • Zim urged to stay away from dollar
    • Army Chief hails Sino-Zimbabwe military ties
    • Britain should start engaging Zimbabwe as Mugabe's time come to an end
    • Pensioners sing the blues
    • Bob's scholarship benefits few
    • DIANNA GAMES: African conglomerates present new competition for SA firms
    • Farm invasions: When will it end?
    • State of prisons deplorable
    • Repression of the Press in Zimbabwe
    • The Curious Case of Former CIO Granted Asylum in UK
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/5/11
    • Tsvangirai thanks SADC
    • Constitution process hit by new cash crisis
    • Load shedding due to lack of funds -Zesa
    • Winter wheat producer prices to be announced soon
    • Industry wobbles in Zimbabwe's second city
    • Removing ghost workers will spur economy - stock brokers
    • Army general, Nyikayaramba vows not to salute Tsvangirai
    • Election rigging was exposed by internet – Gordon Brown
    • Mugabe acting like Smith: Coltart
    • Mliswa acquitted
    • De Beers unaware of ‘expert’ panel
    • Kimberley Process Urged To Resolve Zim Diamond Issue
    • Phoney prison officer steals keys to Zimbabwe's high security prison
    • Apostolic sect members grab over 100 cattle
    • How Zanu-PF plans to steal the Zimbabwe elections
    • Vigil demands ‘no haven in UK for CIO torturer’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 28th May 2011
  3. Posted 30/5/11
    • Brigadier throws Zanu PF into crisis
    • MDC-T officials alleged to be Mugabe spies
    • Polls spark Zanu PF intra-party violence
    • Tsvangirai speaks out against secessionists
    • ‘Coup-plotters’ still jailed
    • Alleged mbanje farmers nabbed
    • Farmers call for policy to standardise organic produce
    • Radio licences: PM, President agree
    • Siwela critically ill
    • Embattled Mutambara strikes again
    • Welshman Ncube engages ‘Plan B’ after DPM snub
    • Zanu PF invaders infiltrate Matabeleland
    • Catholic nun’s gift to blind students
    • Plumtree villagers dump ‘bush system’
    • Zim birth threatens Banda’s second-term bid
    • Man born with HIV wants law revised
    • Green economy critical for sustainable development
    • ‘Shift to proactive environmentalism’
    • Electoral reforms welcome but...
    • Has Mugabe ever wanted to retire?
    • ReNaissance bail out plan mired in politics
    • Govt to descend on profiteering banks
    • Miners blast Govt
    • Air Zimbabwe crisis deepens
    • SundayView: Upfumi Kavadiki is the wrong approach to empowerment
    • Editor'sDesk: Yes, Nyikayaramba is right, Zanu PF will win
    • SundayOpinion: Why unity in Africa is a pipe-dream
    • StandardComment: Zim ill-suited to head AU organ
  4. Posted 29/5/11
    • Shocking results of land audit leaked
    • Security Council must act on Zim – HRW director
    • Suspension of SADC tribunal a deadly blow
    • CIO torturer faces UK fraud rap
    • Petras fumes over ZBC lies
    • We will not pay ZBC licenses - villagers
    • MDC-T Dissolves Foreign Structures
    • Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor Urges Relaunch of Gold-Backed Zim Dollar
    • Zapu Says ‘No Unity Deal’ With Other Parties
    • 'I won't quit'
    • Tsvangirai Condemns Reckless Utterances By Army’s Top Brass
    • Indigenization on Agenda at Zimbabwe Business Exposition in Cincinnati
    • Mugabe wrecks Kimberly Process
    • CBZ denies link with Gaddafi
    • Gold output to hit 20 tonnes: Chamber
    • Mugabe bars Daily News
    • Film captures election trauma
    • "Too gruesome to recount"
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/11
    • ZANU PF army general calls for elections in 2011
    • Securocrats retarding Zim’s reforms
    • ‘Free airwaves before elections’
    • MDC-T say call for radio licenses “bogus” and a diversion
    • New electoral act to bar cops from polls
    • Missing ZimRights staff finally found in Lupane
    • IATA demands $2m from Air Zimbabwe
    • Zim diamond group warns against rushed resumption of trade
    • Deal collapses over empowerment
    • Zuma Refuses Mugabe Request for Zimbabwe Mediation Team Reshuffle
    • More evidence surfaces linking Minister to murder
    • Who's a killer?
    • Ongoing arbitrary detention of Ms. Florence Ndlovu for discussing torture issues
    • Zimbabwe sees 2011 gold output up 35 pct-chamber
    • Zimbabwe Plans to Buy 14 Chinese Locomotives, Herald Reports
    • Outrage As Britain Protects Butcher Of MDC Members
    • Zimbabwean Conservationist Seeks to Protect Black Rhinos
    • ZANU PF sympathisers launches violence magazine
    • Morgan Tsvangirai’s keynote address at the launching of the Panel of Zimbabwe Elders
    • Military junta must stop meddling in Zimbabwean politics
    • Opportunites and gaps in the proposed electoral reforms
    • Deconstructing The Language Of Integration And Unity In Africa
    • Machemedze could spark a serious crisis in Britain and the EU
    • A letter from the diaspora
  6. Posted 28/5/11
    • Army demands elections in 2011
    • ReNaissance Bank saga deepens
    • Moyo, Zvoma feud disrupts parliament
    • AirZim asks Van Hoog for US$2m
    • ‘Loan sharks’ blast Biti
    • National Healing organ set for review
    • Jailed Siwela left in a dilemma
    • Govt presses Mutare to approve Chinatown
    • Abuses render politburo impotent
    • Political will to make police effective — Makone
    • Suddenly the GPA looks more bearable
    • Whither democracy in the MDC-T?
    • ‘Youths must not be used by politicians’
    • Labour problems: Greed stifling communication
    • CandidComment: Bankers truly a privileged lot
    • Kasukuwere wedded to flat-earth mentality
    • IndependentComment: Mugabe in denial
  7. Posted 27/5/11
    • Broadcasting Authority offers two commercial radio licenses
    • ZANU PF to snub SADC election roadmap
    • Mugabe Threatens To Resist Regional Pressure for Reform
    • Zuma says no
    • Whereabouts of ZimRights officials still unknown
    • Zim farm invasions intensify as SADC snubs human rights
    • Partisan Zimbabwe Police Flourish Under Attorney General
    • Gono Wants Zim Dollar Back
    • ‘New charter must promote basic rights’
    • Push for Chombo’s arrest
    • Parties Deadlocked On Election Timeframe: Tsvangirai
    • No United MDC Front in Next Zimbabwe Elections - MDC Wing Leader Ncube
    • Head of Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Assembly Eyes Term Extension
    • Church leaders turn on heat
    • Coltart says no child should be sent home over levies
    • Magistrate takes leave to work as ZANU PF advisor in COPAC
    • Home Office bid to throw out ex-CIO man fails
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Approves 5-Year Plan to Promote Economic Growth
    • For Zimbabweans, Meaning of Africa Day is in the Eye of the Beholder
    • Rural Women Voting With Their Feet
    • 'Axe' falls on Mugabe's shame
    • Zimbabwe must licence private broadcasters transparently
  8. Posted 26/5/11
    • High court orders release of ‘2007 coup plotters’ against Mugabe
    • White farmers under fresh siege
    • Police threaten to shoot lawyers for arrested activists
    • SA joins SADC in protecting unlawful land reform
    • Media freedom group says party of Zimbabwe’s ruler keeps ‘stranglehold’ on broadcasting
    • Siwela’s Condition Worsens In Prison
    • ZCTU warns against Chinese plunder of Zim
    • Zimbabwe Farmers Increasing Tobacco Production on Seized Land
    • Zimbabwe growers call for government intervention
    • Mugabe In Fresh Bid To Mend Ties With Pretoria
    • Zimbabwe owes Britain’s ECGD 190.4 million pounds
    • Disaster looms
    • Massive looting at the Reserve Bank unearthed
    • Zimbabweans in South Africa Complain Zimbabwean Consulate Slowing Down Regularization Process
    • Oprah Donation To Rebuild School In Zim
    • Rwandan killer in Zim
    • State witnesses fail to nail Mangoma
    • Masvingo Students Acquitted
    • Cross-Border Traders Don’t Trust Banks With Their Money
    • Never Use Toilet Reserved For President!
    • SADC Tribunal Rights Watch - Statement
    • From OAU to Obama’s Africa
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 27
  9. Posted 25/5/11
    • Police arrest two ZimRights employees in Tsholotsho
    • Arbitrary arrest of Ms. Florence Ndlovu and Mr. Walter Dube
    • Britain urged to suspend aid to corrupt SADC
    • Tribunal closure devastates Zim farmers
    • Court ends Von Abo bid for compensation for lost farms
    • Tribunal disbandment tragic: MDC
    • Namibian Police Deny Harassing Zim Civic Groups
    • Southern African Leaders Rebuff Mugabe Attempt to Blunt Call for Reform
    • Zimbabwe 'needs $9-billion to overhaul economy'
    • Nine arrests at WOZA demo against ZESA
    • Update on Mwonzora case and Facebook arrest
    • School Head Flees After Death Threats
    • ‘RBZ plundered’
    • Judge Orders Release Of Coup Plotters
    • Zulu Hit Back At Zanu (PF) Officials
    • Zimbabwe State Media Increase ZANU-PF Propaganda
    • Ncube’s MDC wants Zuma to dump Mutambara
    • ANC firm on election roadmap
    • Mugabe health: a national security risk
    • The day George Charamba bashed his wife
    • Zimbabwe: The Way Forward – Some Suggestions in the light of the SADC Troika Decision
    • The Diaspora Population and Elections in Zimbabwe: Implications for Democracy
    • MISA - Zimbabwe Africa Day Statement
    • U.S. Embassy partners with independent media to hold Youth and the Future Dialogues
    • Consultancies in Zimbabwe
    • Build yourself UP
    • Consumers Alert - Tired of being ripped off ??
    • Statement by the SADC Lawyers' Association
  10. Posted 24/5/11
    • Bob wants Zuma out
    • SADC turns its back on human rights
    • Zim civil society slams harassment of activists at SADC summit
    • Police Arrest Zimrights Employees Over Torture As Magistrate Frees WOZA Members
    • Zuma aide disputes ZANU PF accusations
    • Mutambara threatens to dismiss Ncube’s MDC negotiators
    • Ncube Rules Out Unity With MDC-T
    • MDC eyes ZCTU elections
    • MDC calls for release of activists and mourners
    • Pastor, Mukoyi And Mourners Wallow In Detention
    • Nyanga Magistrate Refers Mwonzora's Case To The Supreme Court As Police Defy Court Order To Release Copac Vehicle
    • IOM assists counting of Zim migrants
    • Chombo suspends Mutasa council
    • Youth Demands for the Holding of Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Four NUST students appear before a Bulawayo magistrate
    • Give Us Money, Not Treatment: Gukurahundi Survivors
    • The Africonomist: A Talk with Pat Devenish
    • Mugabe film set for big screen
    • Angels abroad and angels at home
    • Bill Watch 20/2011 of 23rd May [Update on Parliament, Newly Gazetted Acts and SADC Tribunal]
  11. Posted 23/5/11
    • Very Little 'Extraordinary' About Latest SADC Summit
    • Sadc snubs Zanu PF
    • Zanu (PF) Complains To ANC Over Lindiwe Zulu Statements
    • Mugabe desperate
    • Wars Vets Petrol Bomb Chief’s Aide Homestead
    • Black Farmer Falls On Hard Times
    • Zim Nationals In SA May Be Allowed To Vote
    • White Gold Miner Raided By Police
    • 'Chihuri must go'
    • Charamba apologises to CNN
    • Tsvangirai Did Not Abuse Journalists: Tamborinyoka
    • 'Zuma and SADC must respect me' - Mutambara
    • Church leaders confront Mushohwe over violence
    • Bank story misleading - Kereke
    • Mining Companies At War With Gwayi Council Over Licences
    • Malawi cuts off its own nose – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 21st May 2011
  12. Batch 2 Posted 22/5/11
    • Mugabe favours Sekeramayi to succeed
    • Zanu PF tries to arm-twist Sadc: MDC-T
    • Health ministry working to deal with information gap —Madzorera
    • Mugabe ‘micro-managing’ Mines ministry
    • Youths embark on voter education
    • Electorate confused over poll dates
    • No progress in improving human rights: US official situation
    • Councillors slam Harare City Council’s housing department
    • Apostolic sects slammed
    • Recycling industry gains momentum
    • Tobacco farmers bemoan poor prices
    • Shut and go, Kasukuwere tells firms
    • Govt urged to open energy sector to private investors
  13. Posted 22/5/11
    • SADC to re-constitute contentious tribunal
    • More Charges of Rights Violations in Zimbabwe's Marange Diamond Field
    • No indigenisation just yet – ACR
    • Dilapidated road network needs $1,7b upgrade
    • Employers owe NSSA $14 million
    • One spillgate opened at Lake Kariba
    • Early treatment reduces HIV by 96%
    • Councillors battle to serve Mutare residents
    • Rwandan refugees in Zimbabwe encouraged to repatriate
    • Kundishora defends out-of-date ICT policy
    • Investors snooze on Zim shares
    • SADC's Livingstone summit a ‘bombshell’: Mugabe
    • Cost of dying in SA ruins Zimbabweans
    • Oprah Winfrey reveals her all-time favorite guest
    • Its about us
    • The Price of Tyranny
  14. Batch 2 Posted 21/5/11
    • Zuma to tackle Mugabe in SA
    • Principals in disarray over Mutambara
    • Rights commission to look only at post-2009 abuses
    • ‘Security sector reform not regime change’
    • Zim escaped more EU sanctions —WikiLeaks
    • Parly merely rubber-stamps executive decisions—Moyo
    • I set money aside for Zim land reform — Blair
    • Battle for secret Zimbabwe report rages on
    • Nyikayaramba a Zanu PF thematic committees advisor
    • Gono compiling banking sector report
    • Mudzuri bounces back
    • RioZim turned down Essar proposal
    • BEE law: ‘Failure to comply will lead to sanctions’
    • ‘Long way before a gold-backed local currency’
    • Tobacco deliveries set to hit 200m kg mark
    • Gold-backed Zim dollar the most ideal solution
    • Bulawayo: A place of political slaughter
    • Erich Bloch Column: Labour demands beyond employer means
    • Could we please see some leadership
    • Candid Comment: Cry my beloved Zimbabwe
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc leaders need to stand firm
    • Comment: Banks - Regulator must step up
  15. Posted 21/5/11
    • Zim activists, lawyers & journalists arrested at SADC Summit
    • Zimbabwe State Security Agents Target CSO'S At Sadc Summit
    • ZANU PF demands reversal of SADC resolutions on Zim
    • Mugabe clashes with Zambian President, again
    • Battle for Zim report in final round
    • MDC-T activists arrested at a funeral wake in Harare
    • ‘Increase in arson attacks against MDC’
    • Cholera looms in Harare
    • Mugabe rejects MDC’s calls for security sector reforms
    • Education Minister says each child allocated only $2 per month
    • Copac officials blow up US$4m
    • South African Churches Send Food Aid to Zimbabwean White Ex-Farmers
    • Former member of Mugabe secret police granted asylum in UK
    • Mugabe denies protecting Mutambara
    • Zimbabwe’s dollars and sweets
    • Zimbabwe To Trade Diamonds For Gold As It Prepares To Launch Gold-Backed Currency
    • Zimbabwe: Diamond Institute to Open Two Centres
    • Ambivalence feeds Zimbabwe's diamond tyranny
    • Zimbabwe’s bishops undermined by Vatican welcome for Mugabe
    • ACTION ALERT: Six WOZA women arrested for protesting about electricty supplies
    • Does SADC know that Mugabe scorns ‘totem-less aliens’?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 750- Dated 19 May 2011
    • Can ZANU PF learn?
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 5/2011 of 19th May [Executive Powers Part IV]
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 4/2011 of 19th May [Executive Powers Part III]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series of 20th May [No Committee Meetings 23rd to 27th May]
  16. Posted 20/5/11
    • Zim bumped off SADC agenda
    • Removal of Zimbabwe agenda from SADC Summit rocks Zanu PF
    • Mugabe in Namibia for SADC Summit
    • Southern African Summit on Zimbabwe Pushed Off to June in South Africa
    • Mugabe wants Zimbabwe elections this year
    • Demilitarise Zim polls: NGOs
    • No to elections, Zim still fragile; Civic society
    • Zuma and Sadc can stop Mugabe’s new election fraud
    • Mugabe denies illness
    • Presidency ‘falls short’ on proof for report refusal
    • Black commercial farmer wants SADC Tribunal reinstated
    • CNN crew detained in Harare
    • Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) statement on the arrest and detention of CNN journalists by the police
    • Mugabe foe flees to London after 'death threats'
    • Massive Manhunt For Army Deserters
    • Ex-CIO exposes horrific acts of torture in UK asylum case
    • Six WOZA women arrested for wanting power for the poor
    • Zimbabwe Aviation Authority Grounds Troubled National Carrier's Planes
    • German Parliamentarians Urge Southern Africa to Keep Pressure on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe April inflation unchanged at 2.7 pct y/y
    • Students suffer as political oppression continues
    • Mudzuri bounces back into MDC-T national executive
    • Media Organisations, ZMC, on Collision Course
    • ZPF provincial chair implicated in destruction of chief’s home
    • Karoi Residents Snub Zanu (PF) Audit Exercise
    • Court rejects Bilal’s petition
    • Mugabe's spies in Britain
    • Yet another wrong turn in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu (PF)’s defiance is costly
    • Horrified at police brutality
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai respects a free press
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Public Hearings on Social Protection Programmes - 20th to 23rd May]
  17. Posted 19/5/11
    • Confusion surrounds SADC summit
    • Still no official confirmation that Zim is on SADC agenda
    • Zanu (PF)’s rent-a-mob flies off to SADC summit
    • ‘Summit must push for full GPA implementation’
    • Air Zimbabwe cancels all regional flights
    • Minister grounds AirZim
    • Speculation mounts as Mugabe collapses
    • Fresh wave of farm invasions
    • Mugabe re-election report: ruling reserved
    • Zanu PF Youths Continue To Seize Buildings
    • Chief In Trouble Over Disappearance Of Anti-sanctions Forms
    • Police Stop Bank Workers Demonstration
    • Freed journalist recounts ordeal at police station
    • Bikita MDC MP Acquitted
    • ZIPRA outraged as members denied heroes status
    • Ian Mutonhori speaks out on father’s murder
    • State admits to using wrong charges to prosecute Hon. Mangoma
    • Zimbabweans want media diversity in new constitution
    • No pay, no sex: NRZ employees' wives
    • Govt to end railways monopoly
    • 10 die in Harare kombi crash
    • Lies, deception as Mugabe emissaries visit regional heads
    • Winter wheat season flops in Manicaland
    • Elephants Wreck Havoc To Police Crops
    • ZUJ blasts Tsvangirai And Mines Minister For Attacking Journos
    • Media Alliance opposes move for more controls
    • Nelson Chamisa on Question Time
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 3/2011 of 17th May [Executive Powers Part II]
  18. Posted 18/5/11
    • GPA hijacked
    • Mediators: concern over Zimbabwe leader's health
    • M&G's battle for secret Zim report reaches ConCourt
    • SADC Set To Discuss Zim Land Reform
    • Mugabe Scrambles for Regional Support Ahead of Summit
    • Tough Road Ahead For Zimbabwe’s New Constitution
    • SADC Tribunal future uncertain
    • Rights group slam bill
    • Germany Parliamentarians Raise Concern Over Increased violence
    • Komichi To Instil Discipline In MDC-T
    • Abducted Zim Journalists To Apply For Stay Of Prosecution
    • Mangoma, Paul Siwela trials drag on
    • COPAC meetings delay POSA debate in Senate
    • Mugabe exposes aides
    • Ex-CIO killer granted UK asylum
    • Sharp rise in mobile phone use in Zimbabwe
    • Eleven years on, no move to prosecute Joseph Mwale
    • "Harare Spring" fizzles
    • Has Zanu-pf imposed targeted sanctions on Chiadzwa villagers?
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 2/2011 of 16th May [Executive Powers Part I]
  19. Posted 17/5/11
    • Zim crisis faces being left off SADC agenda
    • Mugabe begs Sadc
    • Afeared of Its Own Tribunal
    • Mutambara ‘steps down as president’
    • Welshman Ncube's "expulsion" from MDC endorsed
    • Smaller MDC Faction Circus Continues
    • Now Zimbabwe talks of a gold standard while warning of U.S. dollar devaluation
    • Chiadzwa families forced to move by brutal soldiers
    • Parties worry over Mugabe succession: ANC
    • Brush with protesters marks bad week for Mugabe and Mutasa
    • ‘Overhaul justice delivery system’
    • Hon. Mangoma's Trial Commences As Judge Postpones Bail Hearing
    • Zimbabwe's National Airline Defaults
    • Foot And Mouth Vaccines Run Out In Mat South
    • Memorial for murdered activist Tonderai Ndira
    • Zimbabwean commuters suffer daily daylight robbery
    • Stop overestimating ZESA
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 26
  20. Posted 16/5/11
    • Mugabe faces revolt over polls
    • Tsvangirai reaches out to war veterans and security chiefs
    • Zanu(PF) Rebuilds Structures As MDC Penetrates Its Strongholds
    • 'Zanu-PF doesn't have the divine right to rule'
    • Zimbabwe stable, peaceful, Mugabe tells regional peers
    • Zimbabwe threatens foreign banks over empowerment
    • Central bank head queries whether Zimbabwe can afford an election
    • Banks face huge crisis
    • RBZ urges gold-backed Zim dollar
    • Chinese to pay for spy centre
    • IATA suspends Air Zim over debt
    • Refugee anguish at border
    • Zanu (PF) Leaders Cling To Farms Acquired During Land Grab
    • Zim’s shocking TB mortality rate
    • Tourism chief sues paper for 'slander'
    • “Go to Hell Dictators” – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 14th May 2011
    • Constitution Watch of 14th May [Thematic Committee Members]
  21. Batch 2 Posted 15/5/11
    • Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, rolls out survival strategy
    • Mugabe confirms that Grace is unwell
    • Security chiefs: Mugabe’s last line of defence — analysts
    • Why Mugabe wants early elections
    • Former minister faces eviction from council house
    • Police launch blitz against witch-hunters
    • Zimbabwe has no election date yet, says Mnangagwa
    • Globe Trotter feud turns violent
    • Bulawayo youths embark on unique project
    • Fired councillors fight back
    • Upfumi Kuvadiki targets Econet
    • Zanu PF outcasts set to bounce back
    • Tsvangirai’s luxury cars seized
    • Unsung heroes in the ‘garbage war’
    • New farmers’ health services nightmare
    • Sex workers yearn for clean money
    • From the Editor's Desk: Bring the elections on, who fears Zanu PF?
    • SundayOpinion: Don’t criminalise regime change!
    • StandardComment: Election talk damaging
    • Constitution Watch of 13th May [Thematic Committee Stage]
  22. Posted 15/5/11
    • Zimbabwe parties resume constitution process
    • Suspension of Air Zimbabwe
    • Zim miners appeal to Parliament
    • RBZ Equipment Goes Under The Hammer In Bulawayo
    • Mnangagwa Says Unity Govt Is Working Well
    • Amnesty tracks increased human rights abuses
    • Zesa fails to pay workers
    • Villagers reject ZBC
    • Japanese government provides food aid
    • Business sector believes in Tsvangirai
    • Notorious bank robber arrested
    • Culture Week Celebrations
    • Musical Icon Oliver Mtukudzi Named Tourism Ambassador
    • No to impunity
    • Mugabe is just grandstanding, take no notice
    • Don't use the lifts
  23. Batch 2 Posted 14/5/11
    • Constitution dispute resolved and drafting back on track
    • SA team dismisses ZANU PF attempts to block progress
    • Reports say SADC will decide date for Zim elections
    • Tsvangirai Optimistic Zim Elections Will Be Held In 2012
    • Zimbabwe civil servants exposed by World Bank report
    • Still no action on 75 000 civil service ghost workers
    • Mugabe convoy stoned in Uganda
    • Zimbabwe's political elite eyes mines
    • Destitute Former Zim White Commercial Farmers Turn To The British For Help
    • Trading in Two Zimbabwe Companies Suspended; Securities Violations Cited
    • Man linked to Gono faces 5 year jail for cocaine in Australia
    • Journalist arrested, independent dailies harassed in return to bad old ways
    • Earnings surge for Zim beverages giant
    • Let us denounce violence - Tsvangirai
    • Beyond Party Politics – Towards a National Vision for Zimbabwe
    • Tea with The Economist - Roy Bennett talks about the GNU
    • The Role of War Veterans in Zimbabwe's Political and Economic Processes
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 19/2011 of 12th May [Senate adjourns to July; Another delay on POSA]
  24. Posted 14/5/11
    • Mugabe bulldozes politburo over polls elections
    • Chinamasa in trouble over elections
    • ‘Govt will press ahead with BEE’
    • Elections: Zanu PF has no candidate
    • Joint-venture set to improve road network
    • Zamcom boosts Zim chances of drawing from Zambezi
    • Sadc mulling measures to take against Zim
    • ‘Zuma will have final say’
    • Bulawayo to host Zanu PF indaba
    • ‘Diamond mining must benefit communities’
    • Constitution responses on media raise eyebrows
    • Securities board plans ‘frozen’
    • Wheat season in disarray
    • RBZ to audit banks
    • Indigenous banks exposed to risks
    • ‘Securocrats fear post-Mugabe era’
    • The city of Bulawayo is still alive
    • Muckraker: Personal opinion is not fact Cde Gumbo
    • CandidComment: We need to lure back Diasporans
    • Editor'sMemo: Fulfilling our watchdog role
    • Editor's Comment: Elections - Sadc, AU must assert authority
  25. Posted 13/5/11
    • Constitutional process thrown into turmoil
    • Zanu PF politburo insists on 2011 polls
    • Mugabe’s party tells Zuma to keep off army
    • ZANU-PF oiling its violence machinery, targets churches in propaganda drive
    • Zanu PF digs-in on elections, blasts South African government
    • Fireworks at politburo meeting as Chinamasa & Goche ejected
    • Elections debate invites villagers ire
    • The constitution: Political parties holding the nation to ransom
    • MDC ready for free and fair elections
    • Sadc summit hangs in balance
    • To hell with Sadc
    • Zim Constituitional Dispute Referred To GPA Superiors
    • COPAC management locked in meetings to resolve impasse
    • Police refuse to investigate Chombo land corruption
    • Chihuri case: Lawyer denied court papers
    • Court blocks RBZ property auction
    • Police detains 21 peaceful protesters
    • Zimbabwe program would give farmland to Chinese investors
    • Early drug therapy curbs HIV transmission: study
    • More Than 100 000 Zimbabweans Failing To Access HIV treatment
    • Critical shortage of midwives
    • Uganda's Museveni sworn in for new five-year term
    • Ugandan police fire teargas
    • Once again it is winter
    • ZANU PF election discord confirms worsening fissures
  26. Posted 12/5/11
    • Negotiators agree on probe into army atrocities
    • ZANU PF u-turn stalls constitution making process
    • Zim Constitutional Process Stalls
    • Zimbabwe Constitution-Making Committee Grants Access to Civic Monitors
    • Election date divides Zanu (PF)
    • Consul removed: “Too close to MDC”
    • Villagers Paying 2R A Day For War 'Vet's' Leader Upkeep
    • More arson attacks against MDC-T in Manicaland
    • Artist Acquitted As State Withdrews Charges Against WOZA And MEZA Members
    • Activist arrested over national healing story
    • Mugabe collects 2 million signatures
    • Matebeleland Snubs Zanu (PF)'s Anti-sanctions Campaign
    • Charamba Says Zim Pirate Radio Stations Are Illegal
    • MDC-T Hits Out At Matonga Over ZBC Monopoly
    • Chombo dockets vanish
    • Mwonzora wants case referred to Supreme Court
    • Teachers Threaten to Strike Again Over Low Pay, High Risk on Job
    • Zesa promised $65 million from govt
    • Mutambara is finished - MDC
    • Oil firms suspend production
    • Patients shut out as Mugabe visits hospital
    • Mahachi threatens Daily News reporter over story
    • More RBZ property under the hammer
    • Zim Trade Deficit Worsens
    • Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe Agree to $7 Billion Port, Railway Project
    • ZCTF Report - May 2011
  27. Posted 11/5/11
    • SADC Facilitation Team Wants To Meet Security Chiefs
    • Army brutality probe
    • Sadc will discuss land grabs — Zuma
    • Special summit on Zim in doubt
    • Another media black out on latest SADC talks
    • Govt, private sector face paralysing strikes
    • Zimbabwe teachers threaten strike as term begins
    • Bulawayo riot police crush peaceful WOZA protest
    • Mujuru & Mnangagwa factions jostle over election dates
    • Human Rights Group Wants Zim's Constitutional Data Capturing Process Monitored
    • Police Arrest Villager As Lawyers Challenge Abuse Ofsection 121 In Mwonzora'S Case
    • Siwela suffers new bail blow
    • Moyo further strains Zim, SA relations with fresh attack on Zuma
    • De Beers Dismisses Zimbabwe Charges of Diamond-Looting Before 2006
    • Miners submit empowerment plans
    • Harare opts for hybrid debt solution
    • Murder case involving Mohadi remains unresolved
    • The MDC Today - Issue 192
    • Youth Participation Crucial for Credibility of Zimbabwe’s Next Election
    • Of course, Zanu-pf needs SADC more than vice versa
    • Politics and Economics in Zimbabwe – War by other means?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [Meetings Indefinitely Postponed]
  28. Posted 10/5/11
    • Southern Africa Mediators Report Progress in Zimbabwe Political Talks
    • Zimbabwe stalemate can't go on forever, says mediator
    • SA rubbishes Moyo attack
    • Zanu PF, MDC clash over civil service audit
    • Zimbabwe mines threatened with forced takeover
    • Foreign miners submit Zimbabwe ownership plan
    • Media groups slam Charamba
    • Zimbabwe Not Ready To Issue Broadcasting Licenses - Matonga
    • UK-bound passengers shun Air Zim
    • Minister seeks refuge behind wheelie bin as ZPF rally disrupted in SA
    • Zim power funding tied to polls: Report
    • Sino-Zim Temporarily Halts Marange Exploration
    • Zimbabwe " Won't Work" With Candidate for New KP Diamond Monitor
    • MDC factions, ZAPU demand voting rights for Diaspora
    • Botswana relaxes stance on Zimbabwe
    • Over US$1m RBZ assets to go under the hammer
    • Zimbabwe Earns $173 Million Selling Tobacco in Season So Far, Newsday Says
    • 'African Booker' shortlist announced
  29. Batch 2 Posted 9/5/11
    • SA Police Rescue Zanu (PF) Leaders From Gukurahundi Survivors
    • American Tourist Recovering From Lion Attack In Zim
    • Zanu PF digs in
    • Mugabe in a pickle
    • Power struggle as would-be successors smell blood
    • New spark in constitution-making process
    • Water crisis needs urgent attention
    • Deport Muzariri's children: activists
    • Grace Mugabe's aide exposed
    • Census hit by lack of funding
    • CAAZ Suspends Departure Tax
    • Reluctance to free up the airwaves slammed
    • ZISCO owes KweKwe $15m for water
    • Indigenisation not about expropriation
    • Without Reform We Face Vote Sham
    • Diaspora votes poser
    • Zimbabwean Girls Among Sex Slaves Working For Nigerian Syndicate
    • Zuma Save Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 7th May 2011
    • Our World has moved on
    • Zimbabwes anxious moment
  30. Posted 9/5/11
    • Negotiators say security sector ‘sensitive’
    • Police probe ‘smuggled’ Tsvangirai luxury cars
    • City planner in trouble over Chombo stands
    • Gukurahundi arrest riles cabinet
    • ZITF bounces back
    • Chinese contractor ‘ill-treating workers’
    • Chipinge town council, residents clash over bills
    • Airport levy put on hold
    • 'Traffic police milking transport operators'
    • Fresh violence exposes Jomic impotence
    • Nyanga youths assisting the aged and needy
    • Free Zesa bulbs could be deadly
    • Foreign firms dodge indigenisation: AAG
    • Business leaders call for lifting of sanctions
    • Indeginisation sparks company closures
    • A more participatory approach necessary
    • Comment: Strengthening Jomic the right approach
    • SundayOpinion: Not voting, the cause of our woes
    • Editor's Desk: MDC-T joins scramble for the gravy train
    • SundayView: Zimbabweans must not despair, the third republic is at hand
  31. Posted 8/5/11
    • Zuma to Take Up Zimbabwe Security Sector Reform With Harare
    • MDCT-T Blamed For Most Of The Violence In Zim
    • MDC Dismisses Police Report Alleging Violence
    • Zim civil rights groups preparing report on violence
    • MDC officials arrested, detained in Kariba
    • Chinamasa, Goche face ZANU-PF wrath
    • Air Zimbabwe fails to pay salaries
    • Civil servants: Pawns in a political game
    • MDC hobbled by pre-election infighting
    • Tsvangirai Opts For Indigenisation
    • US will insist on free, fair poll – US
    • I was not arrested - Bagorro
    • War Of Words Continues Over Exhumations
    • Women Set Minimum Conditions For Free, Fair Elections In Zim
    • What a shameless lie
    • Giving back to Zimbabwe
  32. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/11
    • Tsvangirai set to reshuffle MDC ministers
    • Mugabe in a fix
    • ‘Securocrats a stumbling block to political reforms’
    • Security forces under spotlight
    • Depositors’ safety net a trifle US$1m
    • Health board intervenes in allowance ‘abuse’
    • Zesa to distribute six million energy-saving bulbs
    • Zim elections ‘in 12 months’
    • Union militancy watered down by unemployment
    • Presidential pardons: There should be transparency
    • Zimplats set to conclude BEE talks with govt
    • ‘US$70m facility to recapitalise local companies ready’
  33. Posted 7/5/11
    • MDC-T to launch independent inquiry into violence
    • Mahoso to co-chair new constitution media committee
    • US Ambassador dismisses ZPF anti-sanctions petition
    • Zim Major General Rugeje Disrupts University Lessons
    • Zesa fails to import power
    • Many Suburbs of Harare Without Water Due to Electric Power Cuts
    • ZITF hit by low turnout
    • Monday deadline for Zim miners
    • Chiadzwa families demand thousands for forced relocation
    • Zimbabwe Gov't Sets Panel to Investigate Alleged De Beers Diamond Fraud
    • External radio stations not illegal: Charles Ray
    • NewsDay journalists searched as media intimidation continues
    • White Farmers Refuse To Buy Cattle Owned By Zanu (PF) Official
    • Chiyangwa splits Zanu PF
    • Councillor hauls Chombo to court
    • MDC-T Pushes For Diaspora Vote
    • Zim's trade balance likely to fall
    • Harare arts festival attracts thousands of arts lovers
    • Zimbabwe's top legal mind Advocate Chikumbirike dies
    • ‘Justice has been done’
    • SADC-Zanu-pf roadmap to nowhere
  34. Posted 6/5/11
    • Tsvangirai Expects Elections Within 12 Months
    • Zimbabwe's MDC: Ready to Govern Alone
    • Zuma Meets Zimbabwe GPA Negotiators
    • Sadc stands firm
    • ZANU-PF Party of Zimbabwe's Mugabe Said Divided Over Election Timing
    • SADC blasted for joining ZPF anti-sanctions campaign
    • Four MDC-T activists released from police captivity
    • Govt urged to pull down torture houses
    • Western journalists threatened with renewed Zimbabwe ban
    • Pay for mining stakes? Not likely, says Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe negotiations 'frustrating' but key: Tsvangirai
    • Swords out for Zanu PF post
    • Cost of living too high – CCZ
    • Zim gold giant in production surge
    • Zimbabwe Sets Aside US$1 Million For Poor Students' Examination Fees
    • Restore the Diaspora vote
    • NCA: Elections only after a new constitution
    • Roy Bennett- Address To Sa Business Club- 4 May 2011- New Street Square, London ECLS 3BZ
  35. Posted 5/5/11
    • Mystery over whereabouts of missing MDC activists
    • ZBC Reporter Challenges EU Sanctions List
    • EU: sanctioned Zimbabwe journalists 'incite hate'
    • ZBC Cannot Be Transformed - Mtetwa
    • ZANU PF linked to Zim poaching syndicate
    • Iran turns to Zimbabwe for help with banned nuclear program
    • Zim provinces face hunger
    • Zanu PF explodes
    • Smuggling robs fiscus of $1billion annually – Chimanikire
    • CIO must answer to Parly - Biti
    • Zesa loses $5 million to vandals
    • 300 foreign firms expected at ZITF
    • Zanu (PF) Takes Jingles And Anti-Sanctions Petition To Trade Fair
    • Business Conference on Fringes of Zimbabwe Trade Fair Aims to Spark Growth
    • Zim consul sets up makeshift base in Cape Town
    • ‘Bribes for passports’, say Zimbabwe officials
    • Sadc takes over sanctions issue
    • Dabengwa Disowns Matabeleland Separatists
    • Mnangagwa says no vote for Diaspora until sanctions lifted
    • Malaria Outbreak Hits Beitbridge
    • Villagers Demand Compensation For Being Moved From Diamond Fields
    • Members of Zimbabwe's MDC Contend for Top Party Posts
    • Resolutions Of The MDC 3rd National Congress Of Held At Barbourfields Stadium, Bulawayo Between The 28th To The 30th Of April 2011
    • U.S., media partners pay tribute to newspaper vendors
    • Zimbabwe's forgotten children
  36. Posted 4/5/11
    • ZANU PF militia burn down village in Cashel Valley
    • Zim talks to continue in Cape Town
    • Top Officials of Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Seen Grabbing Stakes in ZimPlats
    • Zanu PF youth militia “witch hunt” MDC supporters
    • Chombo, Shamuyarira want Chiyangwa back
    • Sacked treason case activist loses appeal
    • ZANU PF hawks ‘gearing to shove off ailing Mugabe’
    • Mugabe 'rift' with generals dismissed
    • Mnangagwa sidelined in Mugabe retirement plan
    • Afrexim bank chief to open ZITF
    • ZITF 2011 Promises To Be Bigger And Better
    • Six Zim Mines Respond To Controversial Indigenisation Proposals
    • ‘Mugabe is a press freedom predator’
    • MISA-Zimbabwe World Press Freedom Day Statement
    • Mugabe Bashes Local Media For Negative Reporting
    • Unesco Launches Global Report On The Status of Media Women
    • Outside View: Is Iran looking to Africa to secure uranium ore?
    • Zimbabwe: The house that books built
    • A New Way For Young People To Learn Shona And Focus On Homework
    • Job vacancies in Zimbabwe
  37. Posted 3/5/11
    • Zim back on Sadc’s agenda
    • Mugabe to wield axe
    • HIFA artists ‘targeted by ZANU PF thugs’
    • Former Campfire director blames rampant poaching on land reform
    • Gukurahundi: Mugabe losing fight against history
    • Mpofu must go
    • We’re ready to takeover: Tsvangirai
    • Mudzuri toppled
    • Madhuku hails MDC election process
    • Mugabe at the Vatican: Dictator beats EU travel ban to be among 1.5m watching Pope beatify his predecessor
    • Banning Mugabe would drag the Vatican into a diplomatic minefield
  38. Batch 2 Posted 2/5/11
    • Dogfight as move to replace Mugabe grows
    • Security chiefs say Mugabe must resign immediately
    • Grace turns up for the Rome beatification
    • Zimbabwe labor leaders: workers harassed, arrested
    • Chombo faces arrest
    • Load shedding to increase, due to maintenance at Kariba: Zesa
    • No Major Shocks At MDC-T Elections
    • Zim needs no more inclusive governments - Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe economy could grow 10 pct/yr: Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai: Regional election monitors will ensure credibility
    • Infighting mars MDC-T congress
    • Passport deadline now May 20
    • Acceptance speech by the President of the Movement for Democratic Change
    • British Africa policy needs rethink – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 30th April 2011
    • A letter from the diaspora
  39. Posted 2/5/11
    • Tsvangirai tightens grip on MDC-T
    • Service chiefs tell Mugabe to go
    • Gukurahundi splits cabinet
    • ZCTU, employers on collision course
    • Minister gets reprieve
    • Wrong to blame all Shonas for Gukurahundi – Analysts
    • Obama aides, Sadc meet over Zim crisis
    • Relief over election delay
    • Zanu PF blamed for MDC-T violence
    • Poll roadmap half-baked– Analysts
    • Air Zimbabwe heading for crash-landing
    • Mining firms submit empowerment plans
    • Zim banking sector struggles to survive
    • Pirate tobacco farmers congest auction floors
    • SundayOpinion: Fallacy of constitution-making process
    • Comment: Congress exposes dark side of MDC-T
    • SundayView: ‘21st Century media, new media, new barriers’
    • Editor's Desk: Wa Mutharika cuts his nose to spite his face
  40. Posted 1/5/11
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe in Rome for John Paul II's beatification
    • Outcry as Mugabe is invited to attend pope's beatification
    • Don’t Vote Unless Elections Are Free And Fair:Odinga
    • ‘Mugabe has no future’: Zanu (PF) MP
    • Tsvangirai commends Zuma’s ‘bravery’
    • Seizure Of Zim Blood Diamonds Increase Pressure On Mpofu To Resign
    • Stop forced evictions - Amnesty
    • Zimbabwe - Worst Offender Of Media Freedom
    • Project Aids Zimbabwe Women
    • MLF Probes Spies Within
    • Fear Grips NewsDay Newsroom After Raid
    • Gorden Moyo accused of cheating
    • United States - Southern African Development Community Delegation Meeting
    • Business & human rights in Anglophone Africa - briefing
    • Still beat you over the head

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