The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/11
    • Breaking news: Standard Editor, reporter arrested
    • Standard editor and reporter picked up by police in Harare
    • Mugabe back at clinic
    • MDC Says Mugabe No Longer Controls Military
    • Mugabe’s legacy: a nation destroyed
    • Zimbabwe cabinet ministers at the mercy of hooligans: Tsvangirai
    • Human Rights Watch Tells Consumers to Refuse Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • China, Zimbabwe strengthen ties: Imperilling African workers?
    • EU calls for reforms in Zimbabwe and diamond consensus
    • Harare residents to resist property seizures by Council
    • Chibebe appointed to global trade union post
    • Foreign hotel occupancy up 32%
    • Hacking group targets Zimbabwe government website
    • Direct military interference in electoral affairs Partisan public statements
    • Trophy hunting, crocodile farming help rural poor adapt
    • Zim Vigil’s Rose Benton on Question Time
    • Promise Mkwananzi on Question Time
    • A compelling case for an International Press Tribunal
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series of 28th June [Meeting on Human Rights Commission Bill off]
    • Bill Watch 25/2011 of 29th June [Electoral Amendment Bill Gazetted]
  2. Posted 29/6/11
    • Zimbabwe Energy Minister Acquitted
    • Zimbabwe removed from Sadc Troika agenda
    • MDC-T condemns continued arrests over policeman death
    • Another MDC activist remanded in custody
    • Biti flees office
    • Plot to arrest journalists
    • Harare City Council Threatens Property Seizures Over Unpaid Water Bills
    • Anonymous Hackers Leak Zimbabwe Government Data
    • Impunity fuelling Zim violence
    • Air Zimbabwe Breaks Aviation Records Again
    • Jabulani Sibanda rips ZANU PF apart in Masvingo province
    • Firms submit share transfer plans
    • Harvesting Water for Food Security
    • The day over 8 villagers were massacred by ZANU PF militias
    • Service in support of Zimbabwean victims of torture – 26th June 2011
    • NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe
    • OPINION: Beyond Livingstone
    • Swimming with sea horses
  3. Posted 28/6/11
    • Biti’s offices again besieged by rowdy ZANU PF crowd
    • Jameson Timba freed after court room drama
    • I faced hell: Timba
    • In Zimbabwe, Mugabe Government Is Not Sharing the Power to Arrest Rivals
    • ZANU PF youth terrorise Harare residents meeting
    • Victims urge government to end police torture
    • Machipisa violence victims still battling with pain
    • Kill me: PM
    • Eastern Zimbabwe Plantations Face Grim Future
    • No rain in Zimbabwe's south Matabeleland
    • 'Zuma, SADC must stop pussyfooting around Zim'
    • Zimbabweans flee fresh SA xenophobic attacks
    • SADC Tribunal Judges Demand Compensation
    • Gibson Sibanda’s children defect to MDC-T
    • SW Radio Africa to publish full list of CIO’s
    • ‘Inconclusive’ decision on Zim diamond future rejected
    • Zimbabwe diamonds not cleared
    • New Diamond Act must promote transparency and fair compensation
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series of 27th June [Public Hearing on Road Traffic Regulations; Committee Meetings - 27-30 June]
  4. Posted 27/6/11
    • Zimbabwe court orders release of PM aide
    • Minister detained immediately after his release
    • Zim plunges into crisis
    • Zim army takes charge
    • Diamond looting sucks in minister
    • U.S. Expresses 'Deep Disappointment' At KP Intersessional's Outcome
    • US-Zim trade increases
    • Zanu (PF), CIO in constitution witch-hunt
    • War Vets ,Zanu (PF) Clash Over Sibanda Expulsion
    • Galileo International threatens to withdraw its franchise from Air Zim
    • Zimbabwe, The Second Poorest Country In The World
    • Stop suppressing people: Mtukudzi
    • The end of an era for Zimbabwe's last white farmers?
    • Home Office a disgrace: objective evidence – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 25th June 2011
    • Threatening Chiefs in Chivi a Recipe for Disaster
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Public Hearing on Road Traffic Regulations; Committee Meetings - 27-30 June]
    • Mugabe remains in Asia
    • VP Nkomo ruffles feathers in Matabeleland
    • MPs confirm ZBC rot
    • Mugabe wades into AirZim fiasco
    • Anglicans remember Bernard Mizeki
    • Chombo, wife head for court
    • Economic indicators crucial to investment: World Bank
    • SundayView: Timba arrest, another sinister Zanu PF plot
    • SundayOpinion: Malema is not the problem
    • SundayView: Zanu PF claims over struggle undermine democratic principles
    • From the Editor's Desk: Voter secrecy only way to stop electoral violence
  5. Posted 26/6/11
    • Arrested Zimbabwe PM aide “missing,” say lawyers trying to get police to reveal where he is
    • Timba is being tortured at an unknown location: MDC-T
    • Mugabe Legitimizing Attacks on Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s Power-Share MDC Says
    • Chivi Chiefs’ Lives Threatened By Zanu (PF) Bigwigs
    • Canada Rejects Statement on Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • “Racketeering by regulation,” Indig Act unconstitutional – RAU
    • Election Resource Centre mobilises ‘to defend the people’s vote’
    • Zuma turns up the heat on Mugabe
    • IMF Says Zimbabwe Lacks Capacity to Increase Salaries of Civil Servants
    • ZBH threatens viewers
    • Zims in SA sleep in queues
  6. Posted 25/6/11
    • Zimbabwe PM aide arrested; called Mugabe a 'liar'
    • Kimberley grants Zimbabwe conditional diamond sale
    • Confusion remains over Zim diamond trade status
    • Develop A Clear Diamond Policy: AfDB Urges Zimbabwe
    • Cracks Emerge in Kimberly Process
    • Diamond watchdog divided over Zimbabwe diamonds
    • SADC judges slam illegal closure of Tribunal
    • Three illegal and arbitrary decisions taken in bad faith by the SADC Council of Ministers and Summit of Heads of State and Government
    • SADC Tribunal Rights Watch supports Tribunal judges’ call for compensation
    • WOZA say police in plot to kill them with poison
    • WOZA: Police leave bullets
    • No bail judgement for 20 in Glen View case
    • Army under fire
    • US ambassador decries military's stranglehold on Zim
    • Zimbabwe teachers ignore call for wage strike
    • Working for Chinese is 'hell on earth'
    • Sibanda intimidation campaign backfires in Masvingo
    • Bulawayo death row inmates denied appeals since 2005
    • Reduction of internet costs imminent
    • An open letter to Gideon Gono
    • SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.3. June 2011: Beyond Livingstone
    • Persecution of MDC Youth National leadership by the ZANU PF aligned police should stop- MDC USA Youth
    • A letter from the diaspora
  7. Batch 2 Posted 24/6/11
    • Diamonds fail to sparkle at Chiadzwa
    • Sadc moves to prevent clashes with GNU parties
    • Baz rejects licence applications
    • Military chefs rake in mining profits
    • Indigenisation: Kasukuwere backs down
    • Bank charges milking depositors — analysts
    • Ambitious project to eliminate child HIV/Aids
    • Latest IMF report paints gloomy picture
    • Cotton buyers, farmers haggle over prices
    • ‘Security forces cause confusion at auction floor’
    • Muckraker: Mudede’s fable won’t cleanse voters’ roll
    • Eric Bloch: Looming demise of mining
    • Sadc tightens reins on Zanu PF’s options
    • Why AirZim must be liquidated
    • Moyo’s scare tactics must be disowned
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc: Beyond solidarity and rhetoric
    • CandidComment: Corporates finally wise up to disposal
    • Comment: Hate campaign must be rejected
  8. Posted 24/6/11
    • Zimbabwe military calls Tsvangirai a 'security threat'
    • MDC-T slams 'hallucinating' general
    • Gloves are off as Junta and Tsvangirai engage in verbal spat
    • PM's life in danger
    • Diatribe by Zimbabwe Mines Minister Poorly Received at Kimberley Meeting
    • Kimberley Process Diamond Scheme ‘Defunct’ Says Zimbabwe Mining Minister
    • Civil Society Walks Out of Kimberley Process Meeting
    • MDC-T official abducted as ZPF crackdown continues
    • Union says militia & CIOs harassing striking teachers
    • Militant Zimbabwe Teachers Union Claims Success in Nationwide Strike
    • Credible election impossible
    • Tsvangirai Calls For International Support Ahead Of Polls In Zimbabwe
    • Retailers in Harare Are Forced to Display Mugabe Posters, Newsday Reports
    • Mliswa acquitted on fraud, violence charges
    • RBZ still owes Seedco
    • Lawmakers want media unshackled
    • Press Release: ACTSA calls for democracy, rights and end to violence on anniversary of Zimbabwe's presidential elections
    • A new road map for Zimbabwe?
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 754- Dated 22 June 2011
  9. Posted 23/6/11
    • Zimbabwe teachers strike for more pay
    • No Pay Increase for Zimbabwe's Civil Servants As National Strike Sputters
    • Tsvangirai blasts Junta for violating people’s rights
    • COPAC Kicks Out Brigadier Nyikayaramba
    • Police use force to disperse protestors
    • Court Orders Police off Woza Premises
    • South Africa's Zuma Wants High-Profile Facilitators to End Zimbabwe Crisis
    • ZANU PF offering bribes to find MDC-T youth leaders
    • Envoy abruptly ends term
    • SA to assist Zimbabwe conduct referendum
    • Fifa anti-corruption officials will visit Zimbabwe
    • Undersea Internet cable in deal for Zimbabwe service
    • Zimbabwe Legislator Accused of Infecting Journalist With HIV-AIDS
    • Parliamentary group calls for end of ZBC monopoly
    • MDC urges KP to lift Marange embargo
    • Marange Diamonds Put Kimberley Process to the Test
    • Zimbabwe vows to oppose Marange gems monitoring
    • Blood gem trade curbs imperiled by abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Turbulence predicted for Air Zim
    • Zanu PF implodes
    • ZESA, politicians should be held accountable for massive forest destruction
    • ZANU PF urged to respect remains of liberation fighters
    • Ignoring Zim Anti-sanctions Campaign Is Ignoring God- Zanu (PF)
    • Keeping it in the family: African migrants send home billions
    • History matters, but what history shall we teach?
    • Endgame approaching in the long Zimbabwe saga
    • Keynote Address by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Right Hon Morgan Tsvangirai at the occasion of the World Justice Forum, Barcelona, Spain
  10. Posted 22/6/11
    • Video footage exposes ZANU PF intimidation in rural areas
    • ZANU PF Setting Militia Bases: ZESN
    • Tanker explosion death toll hits 11
    • MDC-T suspects ‘nowhere near’ scene of cop murder
    • MDC-T Activists’ Family Under Attack
    • Zimbabwe teachers to strike over wages: union
    • Striking teachers urged to direct anger at GNU, not Biti
    • Zimbabwe 'to defy US, West' on diamond exports
    • Diamond group calls for continued Zim suspension from trade
    • Marange Diamonds Center-Stage At DRC Kimberley Meeting
    • WOZA invade Harare streets, send strong petition to Parliament
    • Zimbabwe police stop unauthorized pro-reforms protest march
    • Top AFZ of officer up for fraud
    • Minister’s ‘absurd’ proposals flung out of parliament
    • Grace to testify?
    • Zimbabwe Iran relations shaky over loan
    • ILO demands Zim stop union rights violations
    • Hospital owed over US$6m
    • We Are Surviving on Zhing Zhong: Women Tells Tsvangirai
    • Town clerk in trouble for siphoning public funds
  11. Posted 21/6/11
    • 'Stalemate' deals further blow to new Zim constitution
    • Zimbabwe Defense Minister Mnangagwa Denies Presidential Ambitions
    • Marange Diamonds Center-Stage At DRC Kimberley Meeting
    • Zimbabwe Will Resist Any Special Monitoring of Gem Exports, Minister Says
    • Conflict arises over diamonds from Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF Dismiss War Veterans Leader, Sibanda
    • 'Quit army, face me'
    • Top Mugabe ally sees Feb polls
    • Zimbabwe trade deficit reduced: Zimstats
    • Mangwana Warns Zimbabweans Over a No Vote
    • ‘Raid’ on Masvingo Mirror newspaper offices leaves staff uneasy
    • SA groups calls for action after xenophobic killing
    • Arrest Tsvangirai: Moyo
    • Top MDC-T official dies after collapsing during party rally
    • Company launches free SMS service
    • Gold-backed currency won’t work
    • ZANU PF digging own grave
    • Bill Watch 24/2011 of 17th June [Committee Meetings 20th to 23rd June, Committee Reports and Status of Bills]
  12. Posted 20/6/11
    • 'Mugabe a liar'
    • ZANU (PF) is Lying on SADC Resolutions: MDC Tells Diplomats
    • SADC stands by Zimbabwe report
    • Power-sharing agreement on shaky ground
    • SA denies pledge to Mugabe on firms' bailout
    • War on salaries rages
    • SA four caught up in Mugabe cash row
    • African leaders told 'good governance key to growth'
    • Mugabe pushes to smash sanctions on blood diamonds
    • KP faces ‘open revolt’ over Marange
    • 1000s of foreigners flee murderous mobs
    • ZBC refuses to repay Iran loan
    • Malaysia opens forum to push African ties
    • China to encourage better local relations in Zimbabwe
    • Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Zimbabwe
    • Incoming envoy pledges UK support
    • MDC-T denies that its youths are being trained to do a Benghazi in Zimbabwe
    • Farm workers children drop out of school
    • Council cuts allowances to improve service
    • Zimbabwe's Minister of Defence 'wants heal the country's divisions'
    • Emmerson Mnangagwa vs Morgan Tsvangirai: the two opposing faces of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai tells of the challenges of coalition with Mugabe
    • Mugabe refusing to accept reality
    • Zanu-PF's narrowing options
    • The Three Alternatives – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 18th June 2011
    • Has Jonathan Moyo threatened a military coup in Zimbabwe?
  13. Batch 2 Posted 19/6/11
    • No June pay rise for civil servants
    • Hate speech lands Chinamasa in trouble
    • Elephant kills Vic Falls head guide
    • Briefcase NGOs firmly behind Zanu PF
    • No takers for Bulawayo partnership
    • MP infected me with HIV: Journalist
    • Econet in contractual wrangle
    • Govt to launch another economic blueprint
    • Trade optimism after T-FTA pact
    • Development experts launch association
    • Uncertainty over poll could derail economic growth — IMF
    • SundayView: Zanu PF claims over struggle undermine democratic principles
    • From the Editor's Desk: Voter secrecy the ‘Holy Grail’ of free and fair polls
    • SundayComment: Tomana defiles office of AG
    • SundayOpinion: The truth about the Sandton summit
  14. Posted 19/6/11
    • Zimbabwe's voters' roll is a shameless shambles
    • Zimbabwe voters’ roll ‘100 percent perfect’
    • Mugabe off to Malaysia
    • Black farmers prove critics wrong: Mugabe
    • Beef production nose-dives
    • Zimbabwe at the Verge of Collapse
    • 2008 Cholera Outbreak Threatens To Resurface
    • Zanu PF MP Backs ‘Pirate’ Radio Stations
    • Civil servants blast ministers’ car scheme
    • Only 300 commercial farmers left
    • ZBC milks Copac
    • Khupe Takes Indefinite Sick Leave
    • Politicians must prioritise agri sector - Rukuni
    • Reform state institutions or ….
    • Harare: Where did the sunshine go?
    • We are de-humanized
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 753- Dated 17 June 2011
  15. Batch 2 Posted 18/6/11
    • 'Mugabe unwell'
    • Mugabe's Ill-Health Is A Zimbabwean Time-Bomb
    • Mugabe asks Zuma for $50m rescue package
    • The report Zanu PF wanted withdrawn
    • Diamond-Financed Defense College Deal Exposes Zimbabwe's China Ties
    • MDC-T criticized over support for “spy center” loan
    • US envoy says army already in charge
    • SADC push may come to nought
    • Britain releases list of projects for which it is owed money by Zimbabwe
    • WOZA Sues Police
    • Ministers not attending parliament
    • Victims of CIO agent granted UK asylum, urged to come forward
    • Tsvangirai assures investors
    • Zanu-PF may reject SADC plan
    • Mugabe thought Mandela was dead: report
    • Air Zim troubles can be resolved by seeking partnerships
    • Chombo’s directives cost council
    • I was not snubbed - Mutambara
    • MISA-Zimbabwe:` Mirror offices ransacked
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Mugabe cannot leave SADC and survive politically
    • SADC Still Hesitant to Take a Tougher Stance On Zimbabwe?
  16. Posted 18/6/11
    • Sadc teaches Mugabe lesson
    • Econet case urgent — court
    • Zuma’s controversial report on Zim
    • Zuma’s troubleshooters to stay put
    • Another coalition government feared
    • Landmines cost Zimbabwe millions
    • RMB curatorship ‘brings calm to financial sector’
    • Banking sector pros and cons
    • Youth empowerment: looking beyond politics
    • ‘Noted’ or ‘endorsed’: Sadc summit outcome clear
    • Zim crisis: Sadc shows it means business
    • Why Mugabe wants to rush to the polls
    • Muckracker: Sadc summit - State media spin exposed
    • Sadc flexes muscle on Zim
    • Candid Comment: Zesa’s needs to see the light
    • Editor'sMemo: Sadc summit: propaganda, lies and deception
    • Comment: Bank deadline: Market awaits RBZ stance
  17. Posted 17/6/11
    • Suppliers cut off fuel to Air Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe’s Inflation Rate Fell to 2.5% in May, Agency Says
    • Election roadmap talks to resume in July
    • $98m Zino-Zim loan agreement criminal: Biti
    • Russia joins China’s fight for Zim diamond control
    • Zanu (PF) Officials, Youths Invade Gold Rich Wildlife Conservancy
    • Removing Mugabe Alone Not A Solution For Zimbabwe - US Envoy
    • Zimbabwe's Biodiesel Industry in Trouble
    • New farmers owe ZETDC $80m
    • Panic grips Masvingo
    • Suspected Spy Agents Ransack Masvingo Mirror Paper Offices
    • Thugs raid Biti
    • PM Tsvangirai Charges Insubordination by ZANU-PF Ministers
    • Work on Zimbabwe's New Constitution Again Halts; Parties Dispute Method
    • Rwandan Genocide Tribunal Complains Zimbabwe Uncooperative on Fugitive
    • Judgement reserved in bail application for MDC members
    • SA urged to seize white farms
    • Young people arise
    • WOZA lodges High Court application
    • A glimmer of hope for Zimbabwe
    • Cancel Chinese USD98m loan or turn it into a grant
  18. Posted 16/6/11
    • Road map talks resume next month
    • Zimbabwe Military Said to Plan Own Ruler Should Mugabe Be Too Ill to Lead
    • Sanctions petition: Biti besieged
    • Tomana threatens MDC
    • Soldiers beating and evicting MDC members in rural areas
    • More farmers kicked off land in ongoing invasions
    • White Old Farmer Left Homeless
    • Another delay in bail application ruling for MDC members
    • IMF mission arrives today
    • World Bank Appoints Zim Representative
    • Desperate Police Officers Ban Beer Brewing To Stop MDC Activities
    • ZANU PF says it does not recognize Welshman Ncube
    • UK says now deporting Zimbabwean asylum seekers
    • Zimbabwe miners to meet ownership deadline: official
    • Govt officials, businessmen corrupt: NSSA Chief Inspector
    • Disaster if Zimbabwe exported its crisis to region
    • Write off ZESA bills based on estimates: Residents
    • Zesa loses US$642m annually
    • Zimbabwe Legislation Would Give Human Rights Commission Legal Powers
    • MDC councillor Dumba released
    • Over 500 families face eviction
    • Zimbabwean Merchant Banker Patterson Timba's Financial Realm Crumbles
    • Controversy surrounds $1.6m road tender
    • Human rights should be part of education
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 28
    • Constitution Watch of 14th June 2011 [Reconstituted Thematic Committees]
  19. Posted 15/6/11
    • Poll talk stokes tension in Zim
    • Zuma outwits Mugabe
    • SADC summit: Sanctions remain MDC's burden
    • COPAC temporarily halts drafting of new constitution
    • ZANU PF infiltration of Apostolic churches exposed on video
    • MDC-T blasts delaying tactics in police death trial
    • Gweru court defends illegal invasion of SA farmer’s land
    • Zanu PF informers infiltrate MDC
    • "Arrest machemedze," Hoey
    • Petulant Robert Mugabe's ministers refusing to report to Tsvangirai
    • Over 2 000 graduate nurses jobless
    • Zvimba villagers bashed, missing
    • Fear rises in SA as Zim deportations loom
    • Essar to Process Zimbabwe Iron Ore If It Decides to Export
    • 'Gono hotel' woman threatened
    • Horror fire: Search on for missing relatives
    • ZUJ fury over Mutambara outburst
    • Legendary broadcaster Hilton Mambo dies
    • Were these people at the same meeting?
    • Artistic Zimbabwe goes Venice
  20. Posted 14/6/11
    • Southern African Nations Urge Faster Progress on Zimbabwe Power Sharing
    • Zuma stands up to Mugabe during SADC summit
    • Zimbabwe's neighbors to take more active role
    • Approval all round of Zim resolutions at SADC summit
    • Final SADC Communique
    • Mugabe Set To Confuse The World On Outcome Of SADC Meeting On Zimbabwe
    • SADC Angers Mugabe As It Intensify GPA Monitoring
    • The MDC welcomes SADC summit resolutions
    • Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma clash
    • Meeting went ‘very well’, says Mugabe
    • Report by Peter Fabricius
    • Un-Commonwealth
    • Corruption probe councillor arrested over policeman’s death
    • WOZA troubles continue after police raid
    • Fuel tank victims ‘risked death for income’
    • Police camp at WOZA house following raid
    • Mozambique to step up diamond controls
    • Robert Mugabe credits David Cameron for easing Zimbabwe tension
    • Zimbabwe prepare to put beauty in the eye of the bowler with new ground next to Victoria Falls
    • David Coltart on Question Time: Part 2
    • Has Jonathan Moyo forgotten – ‘Britain is not the solution’?
    • Welshman Ncube comments on SADC meeting
    • Zanu-pf in semantic war over SADC communiqué
    • Bill Watch 23/2011 of 13th June [Human Rights Commission Bill Gazetted]
  21. Batch 2 Posted 13/6/11
    • SA warns Mugabe of Egypt-style uprising
    • Zanu PF fallout over Edgar Tekere status
    • Mugabe caves in to pressure over polls
    • Zimbabwe tries to mislead UN on human rights issues
    • Major shake-up at ZBC
    • Pastor lives in fear
    • Siwela wants to meet Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe blood stocks too low
    • Government underfunding mental health, say experts
    • Uproar over CDF funds
    • EMA’s US$2 000 fine hits truckers
    • Miner reclaims environment
    • Edgar ‘2boy’ Tekere: The struggle ends
    • Mugabe was a coward: Tekere
    • Why Mugabe gave in on Tekere hero status
    • Jonathan Moyo still a misfit in Zanu PF
    • Biodiesel project faces collapse as RBZ pulls out
    • Zimbabwe sits on 500m Euro loan offer
    • IMF team to assist govt on mid-term budget
    • Zim workers fear the chop — Study
    • Potraz defends licensing rules
    • ‘Loan shark’ threatens war at RTG
    • SundayView: Blaming Tsvangirai for sanctions baseless politics
    • SundayOpinion: No law sanctions police brutality
    • Tekere hero status exposes Zanu PF hypocrisy
    • From the Editor's Desk: Civil servants, pawns in political games
  22. Posted 13/6/11
    • New pressure on Mugabe
    • COMESA Launches Free Trade Area
    • SADC:Zim Crisis Talks Still To Be Tabled
    • Mugabe begs Zuma
    • Mugabe regime steps up the heat
    • Mugabe, Bashir to visit Malaysia: minister
    • AG to challenge court on assets
    • Robert Mugabe ally calls for talks with Tories
    • Police raid, invade WOZA house
    • Zanu PF ministries shun PM
    • Zimbabwe official: At least 3 die in gas truck fire, others injured trying to take leaking gas
    • Police arrest MDC officials
    • Burial for ally-turned-foe of Zimbabwe's president
    • Gwisai gets passport back
    • Sanctions waived, Zimbabwe set to tour NZ
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 11th June 2011
    • Keeping Mugabe on the Straight and Narrow
  23. Posted 12/6/11
    • Mugabe Faces Pro-Democracy Push From Powerful Neighbor, South Africa
    • Sadc- Sandton Convention Centre Hive Of Activity As SADC Heads Of State Arrive
    • Civic Society Expect Full Implementation Of SADC Resolution
    • Political Intolerance Disrupts Anti-Mugabe Demonstration
    • Zimbabwe seen as acid test for SADC
    • Zanu-PF Sticks to Its Guns
    • Mugabe Must Go - MDC
    • More Than 280 MDC Supporters Murdered - Report
    • Clinton warns against "new colonialism" in Africa
    • Use Chinese loan to pay civil servants - Mavambo
    • Tobacco makes a recovery
    • IMF sees Zim growth slowing down
    • $30m safe water deal
    • ZIMRA targets 12 tourism firms in Kariba
    • Sexual Harassment Of Zim Women On Beitbridge Border Continues
    • UK-Zim schools exchange music, dance
  24. Batch 2 Posted 11/6/11
    • The Anatomy of Terror
    • Mugabe meets Zuma
    • Pressure grows on SADC leaders ahead of Zim discussions
    • SADC expected to push for adoption of electoral roadmap
    • SADC seen pushing for Zim poll delay
    • Indigenization regulations "absurd" says Zimbabwe's parliament
    • More MDC-T activists arrested over policeman’s death
    • Military fingered in plot
    • Riot Police Disrupt WOZA Meeting
    • COPAC suspends operations over dual-citizenship stalemate
    • Zim policies need to be changed, says IMF
    • Zimbabwe's reserve bank up to its ears in debt
    • MMCZ loses stones worth $50 000
    • Swaziland offers support to anti-Mugabe marches
    • Import of Second Hand Japanese Cars to be Banned
    • Zimbabwe visit report
    • Complaint filed with SA police against ZANU-PF Thug
    • 'Hero' Edgar Tekere haunts Zanu-PF
    • Zanu PF in Crisis
    • A Way Forward for Zimbabwe
    • A letter from the diaspora
  25. Posted 11/6/11
    • Bank looted to a shell
    • ‘Zanu PF to deploy 80 000 militia for polls’
    • GNU tension ahead of Sadc summit
    • Ex ZBC boss withdraws claims
    • Tekere declared national hero
    • ‘Mahoso should stop toyi-toying for Zanu PF’
    • Councillors block top-of-the range vehicles
    • ‘2,5m registered ghost voters in Zim’
    • Zimbabwe Parly ducks austerity duty
    • Zanu PF at the epicentre of electoral violence
    • Muckraker: We don’t need support, just professionalism
    • Eric Bloch: Disaster if currency changes now
    • Zanu PF Mat bigwigs jostle to succeed Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe cursed by diamonds
    • RBZ needs a broader financial stability thrust
    • Editor's Memo: Security sector reforms crucial
    • CandidComment: Politics: The bane of African economies
    • Comment: Sadc must stay its course
    • NEPAD and agriculture - Africa's development plan bears fruit
    • A new scramble for African riches – its consumers
    • In Africa hi-tech is taking centre stage
  26. Posted 10/6/11
    • Zim war in SA
    • Zimbabwe's political tensions evident at press conference
    • SA ‘likely to toughen stance on Zim’
    • Zanu-PF supporters disrupt CZC conference in Joburg
    • Tekere declared 'national hero'
    • Zim Hero’s Status Row Taken To SADC AS Tekere Is Declared National Hero
    • Rights activists say Zimbabwe too violent, undemocratic for elections this year
    • Bread shortages in Harare as Lobels bakery shuts down
    • Kunonga tries to take over Anglican Clinic
    • Diamond licences suspended
    • Put Mangoma on his defence: State
    • Amnesty International Urges Southern African Body Stand Firm on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe 2011 growth cld exceed 9.3 pct f/cast: finance minister
    • Soldiers From Algeria & Zimbabwe Fighting in Libya for Gaddafi
    • Zim to appeal SA ruling in favour of white farmers
    • MDC minister compares Zimbabwe to Rwanda before the genocide
    • War 'Vets'Forcing Villagers To Attend VP Mujuru Rally
    • They Live by the Sword, But Should They Die by the Sword?
    • Film maker Shrenik Rao on Behind the Headlines
    • Mugabe 'wouldn't look me in the eye'
    • “Robert Mugabe... what happened?”
    • Zimbabwe: Elections Roadmap Solidarity March and Mass Rally
    • Brother Edgar Tekere: may your soul rest in peace
    • Unpacking the need for Institutional Reforms in Zimbabwe’s Roadmap to Elections
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Public Hearings on ZESA service delivery 10 to 14 June]
    • Zimbabwe: Elections Roadmap Solidarity March and Mass Rally
    • Brother Edgar Tekere: may your soul rest in peace
    • Unpacking the need for Institutional Reforms in Zimbabwe’s Roadmap to Elections
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Public Hearings on ZESA service delivery 10 to 14 June]
  27. Posted 9/6/11
    • Security sector reform to come under spotlight at SADC meeting
    • Sadc Summit - Are Zim's Political Parties Aiming For A penalty?
    • Zanu (PF) versus Ngos At Sadc Summit
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Partners Trade Barbs Ahead of Crucial SADC Summit
    • Police take over Glen View home of MDC member
    • IMF wants Biti to handle all diamond dealings
    • Biti Says Election Deadlock Stalls Plan to Clear Debt
    • Zimbabwe Governing Principals Order Finance Minister to Boost State Pay
    • ZANU PF tries to block civic rally in SA
    • Bombshell Harare land scandal report out
    • ZINASU factions bury the hatchet and unite
    • Apostles invade Chipinge dairy farm
    • Zimbabwe's smaller political parties cry foul over constitution making process
    • Chinese loan: cause for national outrage
    • Released secessionist leader Siwela fears for his life
    • SADC urged to take stand against human rights violations in Zimbabwe
    • Refugees suffering in Zim
    • A letter from Bishop Godfrey Tawonezvi and the persecuted Church in Zimbabwe
    • Statement by the SADC Lawyers Association
    • Smear campaign won’t translate into votes
  28. Posted 8/6/11
    • Biti blames junta for attempt on his life
    • I want out: Biti
    • Zimbabwe's Independence Hero Dies
    • Violence Breaks Out In Chiadzwa Diamond Fields, 78 Civilians Injured
    • Former Air Vice Marshal Muchena To Crack Whip In Bikita
    • Indigenization Minister Kasukuwere owns nine farms
    • Patients Evacuated as Power Outage Persists at Leading Zimbabwe Hospital
    • ZANU PF hijacks Murambatsvina housing scheme
    • Glen View residents hauled before courts
    • White farmers shut out: CFU
    • Blindfolded and tortured for daring to stand up to Mugabe
    • MDC-T, NCA split deepens over COPAC
    • ZCTU reveals ‘obscene’ salaries of Zim bosses
    • Parly probes ban on left hand cars
    • Chiwenga’s Potential Candidacy Is A Zimbabwean Nightmare
    • Launch of the Zimbabwe 'Yes we can' Movement
    • The MDC Today - Issue 206
    • OK Zimbabwe's full year earnings more than double
  29. Posted 7/6/11
    • MDC claims breakthrough
    • Zimbabwean farmers win legal battle in North Gauteng High Court
    • South Africa prepared to go it alone over Zimbabwe
    • Bomb hits home of Zimbabwe's pro-democracy finance minister
    • Zimbabwe bomb blast casts shadow over upcoming SADC summit
    • Resurgent violence worries Zuma
    • Zimbabwe has 2.5 million fictitious voters on its roll
    • Preventing Electoral Fraud in Zimbabwe: A Report on the Voters’ Roll in Zimbabwe
    • Cops turn Glen View into mini-war zone
    • ZRP will not support MDC-T: Chihuri
    • SADC urged to deal with Zim human rights abuses
    • Zanu (PF) Says Election Funds Available
    • Teachers' Strike On June 21
    • MDC-T Defends Biti On Strict Public Funds Accountability
    • NCA Fires MDC-T
    • Bid to kill Biti
    • PM told: 'No negative Mugabe comments'
    • Eager to fend off China, India seeks diamonds from Zimbabwe
    • Talk to Tsvangirai not a geriatric
    • Bill Watch 22/2011 of 6th June [Recalled Parliament approves Chinese loan agreement]
  30. Posted 6/6/11
    • Attempted bombing at Zimbabwe finance minister's home
    • Police Blocks Tsvangirai's Rally Attendance
    • Mugabe-Zuma on collision course
    • Angry Biti, Mugabe clash
    • MDC-T Makes A Turn On Constitution
    • Minister leases land for just $42
    • Chinese Accused of Extending Mugabe's Hold on Power
    • Outrage over loan for diamonds
    • Chinese deal just for elite
    • RMB looting spree
    • Brigadier 'must quit' over rule forever call
    • Iran and Zimbabwe among states owing UK more than £2bn
    • Ambassador Zwambila Faces Fresh Sexual Harassment Allegations
    • Voice of British Caribbeans ‘ashamed of Mugabe’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 4th June 2011
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Public Hearings on Road Traffic Regulations; Committee Meetings Open to Public - 6-8 June]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 5/6/11
    • Tsvangirai star rally flops
    • Mugabe gives Biti ultimatum on salaries
    • MDT's Nelson Chamisa to stay put
    • Sibanda targets chiefs in violent Zanu PF campaign
    • Arrests: An old Zanu PF intimidation tool
    • Bread shortages resurface
    • Isolated Mutambara to pose sideshow for Sadc summit
    • Nyikayaramba stirs furore at Copac
  32. Posted 5/6/11
    • Zimbabwe cop murder suspects show signs of torture
    • Zimbabwe prime minister’s rally thwarted by police, his party says after few supporters attend
    • Thousands attend the Real Change Peace Rally
    • Zimbabwe’s GNU hits another deadlock over CIOs
    • Security reform tops agenda
    • Beware of Zim fallout – CSOs warn SA
    • MPs refuse to repay car loans
    • War 'Vet' Leader Vows: "I Will Not Leave Masvingo
    • Kimberley Process In Turmoil As South Africa Approves Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • ZESA plans expansion
    • Judge blasts 'shoddy' police work
    • Germany diplomat complains over slow investigations on his attack
    • AirZim debt escalates
    • Parirenyatwa Hospital rises from the 'dead'
    • Govt stalls Beitbridge-Harare road project
    • Zims in SA suffer as Jhb centre closes
    • Youthful shoe-makers battle for survival
  33. Posted 4/6/11
    • Mugabe shifts ground on election date after South African pressure
    • Lawyer says 12 visibly wounded suspects were tortured over alleged police slaying
    • Police Charge 24 MDC Activists And Residents With Murder
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers Seek Supreme Court Intervention on Police-Death Suspects
    • Tsvangirai ‘laughs off’ remarks that Junta will not salute him
    • Zimbabwe’s Electoral Roll Has ‘Impossible’ Number of 100 Year-Old Voters
    • Constitution won't be ready end of year - Matinenga
    • Top lawyers say SADC turning its back on human rights
    • Zimbabwe Government, Civil Service Representatives, Deadlock on Wages
    • Parties select nominees for new media boards
    • All roads lead to Highfield tomorrow for the MDC peace rally
    • Troubled RMB placed under curatorship
    • Rio Tinto ‘Hopeful’ Zimbabwe Ownership Plan Will Be Accepted by Government
    • Tsvangirai Pays Tribute To The Disabled And People Living With HIV/AIDS
    • We Have Failed The Media - Biti
    • Siwela release not confirmed
    • China exploiting Africa - Germany
    • Indian diamantaires want Marange gems
    • Anglicans released on bail as bishop laments illegal arrests
    • End of the line for Air Zimbabwe?
    • Military's place is 'in the barracks'
    • Zimbabwean artists featured at Venice Biennale
    • A letter from the diaspora
  34. Batch 2 Posted 3/6/11
    • Chiwenga guns for presidency
    • ReNaissance Bank placed under curatorship
    • Rescue plan for ailing banks in the offing — Biti
    • Succession issue: The elephant in the living room
    • Zim not ready for elections
    • MDC-T ready for coalition against Zanu PF
    • ‘I wont go’ syndrome: The scourge of Zim politics
    • Farmlands: A pale shadow of yesteryear glory
    • ‘Tsvangirai is not the right candidate’
    • ‘We would accept a Zanu PF victory if...’
    • Politburo still immersed in yesteryear hangover
    • Zesa in power purchase agreement
    • Banks hit back
    • ‘Govt, industry dialogue key to mining sector growth’
    • Defend the freedoms which you fought for
    • Muckraker: Let’s have some honesty from the CZI
    • Eric Bloch: Addressing the brain drain
    • Enemies of democracy: Mugabe, Madhuku and Mutambara
    • Comment: RBZ should keep eye on the ball
    • Editor's Memo: Dangers of Mugabe succession
    • CandidComment: Leadership renewal must be a culture
  35. Posted 3/6/11
    • Arrested activists severely assaulted
    • Urgent High Court Application To Release MDC Activists
    • Anglicans under siege from Kunonga
    • Zanu shifts into election mode
    • Current voters roll will prevent free elections, warns SA group
    • How Zanu (PF) plans to steal the Zimbabwe elections
    • Referendum by September: Zanu PF
    • Chinese loot Zim
    • Chinese 'grab' construction projects
    • Zim Farmers To Seek Justice At International Courts
    • Biti rejects ‘loan shark’ offer to rescue AirZim
    • MDC-T cave in on controversial defence college
    • ZANU-PF Rejects Zimbabwe Panel of Elders Launched by Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • Siwela awaits release after granting of bail
    • Out-going German Envoy Accuses Zim Generals Of Politicking
    • UF researchers suggest cholera vaccination strategies for Zimbabwe
    • Out of Africa - and not a moment too soon
    • ZANU PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo Behind the Headlines
    • Masvingo youth question govt policy
    • MPs blundered by ratifying US$98m loan for a spy centre
  36. Posted 2/6/11
    • Zimbabwe monitors want militia bases destroyed
    • Zimbabwe police threaten "war" on opposition after policeman's death
    • Cop killers 'will die by the sword': Chihuri
    • Lawyers Denied Access To Detained MDC Supporters
    • Dead policeman described as notorious thug by vendors
    • ‘Elections are on this year’ - Gumbo
    • Former War Fighters Condemn Senior Army Chief Utterances
    • Unicef needs six million dollars to treat Zimbabwean water
    • Zim imports milk products
    • Controversial Sussex tycoon Hoogstraten steps in to save airline
    • Mnangagwa takes over Jaggers
    • Zanu (PF) ploy to flood airwaves exposed
    • Chaos, corruption unearthed in Marondera council land audit
    • Mangoma denies Herald report on security reforms
    • Mugabe Toilet Police Officer Sentenced 10 Days
    • Parliamentarians Overhauling Zimbabwe Constitution Pressured for Progress
    • Out going British ambassador says restrictive measures stays
    • Zimbabwe's parliament approves $98 million loan from China
    • SA shuts down refugee reception centre
    • Zimbabwe to pull-out of SADC?
    • Zim out of the spotlight
    • Securocrats fool themselves
    • MDC calls for professionalism in investigations – statement by Tendai Biti
    • Press Release from the South African Institute Of Race Relations
  37. Posted 1/6/11
    • ZANU PF turn Mbare into a war zone
    • Police Arrest MDC-T Activists In Midnight Raids
    • State drops treason charges against Gwisai and fellow activists
    • South Africa has no intentions to meet Zimbabwe's security chiefs
    • SA facilitators 'cave to Mugabe pressure'
    • Parliament To Discuss Controversial Chinese Military Academy
    • China Pledges to Rally Behind Nation's Diamonds
    • President hails China's military
    • SA opens market for Zim diamonds
    • Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe To Sell Seven Companies
    • Now owned by Army Generals Lobels faces closure
    • Uncertainty Over Pay Hike for Zimbabwe Public Sector Workers in June
    • End Near for Zimbabwe's Last White Farmers
    • MDC-T say policeman was killed by drinkers
    • Researchers call for firm stance on Zimbabwe polls
    • ZANU PF torture agent not immune from prosecution in the UK
    • Securities body warns traders
    • Gun toting Saviour Kasukuwere and his violent past
    • Cash transfers target vulnerable children
    • David Coltart on Question Time: Part 1
    • Raoul du Toit: Saving Zimbabwe's black rhino
    • Did Zimbabwean Women have anything to celebrate on Africa Day 2011?
    • Peter Godwin on Zimbabwe, South Africa, crimes (against humanity) and a stuffed Mugabe
    • Three years for murdering MDC –T activist, 65 yrs for stocktheft
    • Bill Watch 21/2011 of 31st May [Both Houses of Parliament to meet Today]

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