The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/7/11
    • Secret Zanu, MDC talks confirmed
    • Zuma loses patience
    • Travellers stranded as Zim pilots strike
    • Red Cross Feeds Starving Prisoners
    • State given ultimatum in activists’ case
    • Zanu (PF) desperate to stop probe
    • Copac faces funding problem
    • ZANU-PF Accused of Forcing Local FIrms to Sponsor Party's Anti-Sanctions Campaign
    • Journalist arrested, case thrown out
    • Civil society raps Parly storming
    • Zimbabwe road accident claims 18 people
    • Malawi risks becoming next Zim - protest leader
    • Activists banished by headman
    • Education standards slip
    • US Universities Parade Study Opportunities To Zim Students
    • Villagers united
    • US-Africa business summit
    • West partly to blame – Coltart
    • Lessons for Zimbabwe’s constitutional reform process
    • Miss Muffet
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/7/11
    • Zimbabwe constitution referendum by January, official says
    • ZANU PF to defend supporters who attacked Parliament
    • Mutsekwa blasts Mnangagwa for ‘misleading nation’
    • MDC gun for Mnangagwa
    • Air Zimbabwe Pilots On Strike Again
    • Seven People Denied Bail in Connection With Killing Zimbabwe Police Officer
    • Detained ROHR protesters released after paying fines
    • Zanu PF activists invade farm
    • Chimanimani Headman Expels MDC Supporters
    • Zimbabwe guard faces jail for alleged Mugabe slur
    • On the three youths being prosecuted
    • Khami Maximum Prison Boss Fired
    • External Radio Broadcasts To Cease If Zimbabwe Liberalizes Airwaves
    • CZI boss calls for clampdown on Chinese imports
    • Ziscosteel's brain-gain drive
    • Zimbabweans brace for deportation
    • SA denies death of two, including 5 year old, after stampede
    • Zimbabwe Forcing Industries To Rely On Erratic ZESA Power Supplies
    • Zimbabwe to fine traders for exorbitant exchange rates
    • We don’t care who wins Zimbabwe elections: US
    • Election Rhetoric Escalating Political Violence, Tensions in Zimbabwe
    • Stop meddling in Zec affairs: Tsvangirai
    • Lupane police stop MDC meeting
    • ZANU-PF bigwigs face fresh probe
    • Zim Nurses Confused About Bonding
    • Diaspora vote only answer to Zimbabwe crisis
    • A letter from the Diaspora
  3. Posted 30/7/11
    • Mugabe, Biti cross swords
    • Zanu PF not ready for elections — politburo
    • Diamond revenue no match for wage bill
    • Econet to appeal High Court ruling on Trustco
    • Manufacturing will contribute 30% to GDP –– Ncube
    • Mining syndicates bleed fiscus of US$500m
    • Political blows keep economy on the ropes
    • ‘Voters’ roll Zec’s sole responsibility’
    • No hope of recouping debts: Arda
    • Elections are only for politicians’ benefit –– CZI
    • Constitutional timelines nonsensical — Ncube
    • Parties seek Byo mileage
    • Mining set for 34% growth
    • National herd unlikely to meet 5,8m target
    • ZSE asset register in shambles –– Audit
    • Corruption nail in the economy’s coffin
    • Security reforms: The need to uproot the ‘deep state’
    • Who is the highest flyer of them all?
    • CandidComment: Detox banks from high-interest weed
    • IndependentComment: Fiscal policy - Focus on fundamentals
    • Editor'sMemo: Media reforms now without preamble!
  4. Posted 29/7/11
    • Police bias exposed
    • Part 5 of the leaked CIO list
    • Zimbabwe Finance Minister warns of govt shutdown over deficit
    • Mugabe spends US$20 million on travel in 6 months
    • ZANU thugs burn Down MDC member's house
    • Zimbabwe journalist Arrested, Prosecutors Throw Out Case
    • Mixed Reactions to Zimbabwe Finance Minister Biti's Mid-Year Budget Review
    • CZI Attacks Political Leaders
    • No empowerment feed-back from govt: Zimplats
    • Zim needs change: Finance Minister
    • Cynthia Manjoro released on bail after two months in detention
    • NGOs want 2008 abuses probed
    • Zim Street Child Accuses Soldier/Police Members Of Sexual Abuse
    • Zim Minister Calls For Closure Of Condemned Prison
    • Tsvangirai's Aide On Trial Over Falsehoods
    • Indigenisation hijacked: Gono
    • 'Ensure transparency in voting'
    • Mugabe 'spends 2m per month on travel abroad with his huge entourage'
    • ROHR Zimbabwe Statement on the arrest of its Activists
    • Torture a Pastime in Zimbabwe
  5. Posted 28/7/11
    • Large armed gang makes off with 4 tonnes of gold ore in Zimbabwe
    • 13 ROHR activists arrested outside High Court for protesting
    • Nyazura farm looted by invaders
    • Fresh jail threats to journalists reporting on cabinet
    • Mugabe travel shocker
    • Foreign visits costing Zim
    • Harare Man Declares Himself Presidential Candidate
    • Mugabe Challenges UN Member Countries to Empower Youth
    • New bail ruling for MDC members postponed again
    • Policeman assaults MDC official in Mudzi
    • US dollar coins likely to be unveiled in Zimbabwe before end of the year
    • Zim Prison Officers Steal Cooking Oil
    • Most soldiers support MDC: Mutsekwa
    • CFU boss blasts dictatorship
    • UNDP’s funding dries up
    • Thieves arrested for book piracy
    • Mkoba Teachers' College Political Wrangle
    • Zanu PF youth in court for assault
    • Hwange board defiant
    • JOMIC to deal with Chihuri
    • Zanu(PF) violence escalates
    • Infiltration accusations continue
    • Zimbabwe’s Power Prices Too Low for Independent Producers, Regulator Says
    • Zimbabwe is not looking for a 'hangman'
    • Luke Tamborinyoka on Question Time
    • Holding hands as region gets tough
    • The Day Zimbabwe's Parliament Became A Battle Ground
    • On object of ridicule
  6. Posted 27/7/11
    • Zimbabwe economy to grow by 9.3 pct in 2011 - Biti
    • Zim Diamond Exports And Revenues Do Not Tally - Biti
    • Political issues hitting Zim budget
    • Zim's Financial Sector Very Worrying - Report
    • Mines Minister Mpofu in $2bn diamond fraud
    • Zimbabwe finmin sees $700 mln deficit for 2011
    • Zimbabwe speaker wants militants arrested
    • Press Statement by Hon. Lovemore Moyo On the Recent Public Hearings Disturbances
    • Lindiwe Zulu condemns Parliament violence
    • Zim Journos Beatean Up By Zanu (PF) Thugs Take Matter To Parliament
    • Zim's Brigadier Sends Journalists Running For Dear Life
    • ZANU PF hit squad still using murdered victim’s phone
    • MPs probed for fraud
    • MDC official arrested for distributing party newsletter
    • Parly in damage control over Zanu PF violence
    • ‘Glen View 8’ hearing postponed to Wednesday
    • Genocide experts say Gukurahundi justice needed for real peace
    • SA truck drivers' case in Zim may take 4 years
    • Lobel's to engage foreign investor
    • University of Zimbabwe reopens campus residence
    • Mnangagwa: the limits of vuvuzela politics
    • Bill Watch 30/2011 of 25th July [MTP on Governance; Adverse Report on Mines Indigenisation]
  7. Posted 26/7/11
    • Tsvangirai eyes protests to overthrow Zim government
    • Police accused of inaction after ZANU PF attack in Parliament
    • SADC team shelves security sector talks
    • White farmer arrested for insulting Mugabe
    • Police ban ‘Free the Airwaves’ concert
    • Zimbabwe man charged with insulting Mugabe in joke
    • Judge gives police green light to access Biti phone calls
    • Workers demand expulsion of Chinese
    • ZBC Asked To Respond To Hate Language Allegations
    • Disgruntlement Over Civil Servants Salaries
    • Company makes civil service salary pledge
    • Zanu PF running an illegal parallel Finance Ministry
    • ‘Mugabe on way out’
    • Glen View residents in new bail application
    • Amplats says still in Zimbabwe ownership plan talks
    • Zim environmental group warns of serious poaching threat
    • ZIMSTATS to conduct pilot census
    • Journalists assaulted at parliament
    • Diamond barons back in dock
    • Four Masvingo students appear before a Masvingo magistrate
    • Thousands attend Hero Nyakauru’s memorial service
    • Malawi protesters threaten more demonstrations
    • "Blood diamond" regulation system broken
    • Investor confidence wanes
    • Zanu PF should stop abusing youths
    • How to Handle the Wounded Buffalo
  8. Posted 25/7/11
    • Zanu PF unleashes violence
    • Instability escalates in Harare
    • Zim's Constitution-making To Resume Next Week
    • Timeline stretch for free and fair election
    • Tsvangirai threatens poll boycott
    • ZEC boss says he will not be forced out
    • Tsvangirai denies 'unity talks'
    • Zim Police Bans MISA Musical Concert
    • Police probe Tsvangirai
    • Top cop Chihuri accused of abusing his powers
    • Chinamasa faces jail
    • Landgrabs make a bitter brew for Zim
    • Slow recovery for Zimbabwe’s tobacco harvest
    • Sweden's $60 million Zimbabwe elections offer receives mixed reactions
    • Mnangagwa misleads locals
    • Zanu terror in SA – MDC
    • Crackdown on unregistered health facilities in Zimbabwe
    • Cameron’s visit rattles Zanu (PF)
    • Mugabe loses it
    • Kaseke sued over US$2 000 debt
    • Coltart to open ZIBF’s first indaba
    • Malaria outbreak fears in Harare, Byo
    • Immigrants won't be sent back
    • Mugabe youths sued for forcing man to have sex
    • Dressing down of Mugabe
    • SundayView: Nyikayaramba typifies breakdown of army discipline
    • Zimbabweans face expulsion from UK – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 23rd July 2011
  9. Batch 2 Posted 24/7/11
    • ZUJ condemns journalists’ harassment
    • God, not Internet, holds key to Malawi protests
    • Town clerk refuses suspension
    • Zanu PF youths haunt ex-Zipra fighter
    • Malawi appoints new army chief
    • Wanton salary hike sparks fresh GNU crisis
    • ‘Democracy does not always give the best candidates’
    • Aids gaffe exposes legislator
    • Pensioners cry foul over payouts
    • NSSA hit by shares scandal
    • Bulawayo company closures acts of sabotage —MDC-T
    • Nyikayaramba blamed for NRZ demise
    • Zanu PF property-grabbing sparks panic
    • Banker says pay should be linked to productivity
    • StandardComment: Unofficial pay hike a dangerous precedent
    • SundayOpinion: Zanu PF subverts role of defence forces
    • From the Editor's Desk: The chickens come home to roost for wa Mutharika
  10. Posted 24/7/11
    • Zim Journos, MDC MP Beaten Up by Zanu (PF)
    • Zim Finance Minister Takes Police To Supreme Court Over Phone Spying
    • Pressure mounts on AG, Chihuri
    • Mugabe’s “catch-and-release” tactics under fire
    • Teachers flee schools as threat of violence increases
    • South African Facilitators Wrap Zimbabwe Talks With Electoral, Rights Commissions
    • PM dresses down Chiyangwa
    • Ministers' spending cut
    • Ministers fail to account for funds
    • Recruits used for violence
    • No to Zim dollar
    • MDC MP names ghost workers
    • Constitution will be ready by year-end
    • PM fumes over CIO boss
    • Kasukuwere censured again
    • UNDP sponsors consultant
    • Plot to oust Mtambanengwe
    • Economic Recovery Benefits Zimbabweans Despite Low Incomes - Gallup Poll
    • Police, Attorney-General lose credibility
    • Zimbabwe fight back but Australia A on top
    • Fermenting carpets
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series - 22nd July 2011
  11. Posted 23/7/11
    • Mugabe jets off to another sanctions busting trip to New York
    • Amnesty International blasts rights abuses in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe arrests 10 for rhino, elephant poaching
    • Zimbabwe Public Servants Worried About Pay Raise
    • Foes drag Zimbabwe back from the brink
    • More than 275 arrested in Malawi riots
    • Malawi President threatens to ‘smoke out’ protestors
    • Nyazura farm family forced to flee after mob attack
    • Chiyangwa owns 57,000 stands in Harare
    • Biti writes to SADC over security sector reforms
    • War Veterans Disrupts Human Rights Public Hearing
    • With Elections Afoot, Zimbabwe Schools Again Become Political Battlegrounds
    • S. African Facilitators Said to Pledge Funding for Zimbabwe Constitution Rewrite
    • Zimbabwe coalition trudges on austerity measures
    • Bill fails to protect people: Crisis
    • Mutambara now an obstacle in ratifying SADC resolutions
    • Zimbabwe Football Association Match-Fixing Investigators Said Threatened
    • SA extends Zim documentation deadline
    • Extracting value
    • Zimbabwe is a police state
    • Remarks by the PM Tsvangirai, at a meeting with mayors on national housing challenges
    • ZIFA Vice President Ndumiso Gumede on Question Time
    • A letter from the diaspora
  12. Batch 2 Posted 22/7/11
    • Court rules RBZ’s Zimra account raid illegal
    • Zanu PF lodges complaint
    • ‘Voter’s roll Zec’s sole mandate’
    • ‘New CIO boss 98% disabled’
    • All eyes on military ahead of Zim elections
    • ‘Anti-corruption drive has failed’
    • Parly calls for Gwaradzimba probe
    • Depoliticise national programmes — Mujuru
    • Omnipotent Chombo hamstrings councils
    • Poll petition amendment lacks timelines
    • Contrite Gono dispenses monetary advice
    • Hwange board on firing line
    • Zim debt overhang: Sword of Damocles
    • Mnangagwa: Gukurahundi wounds have not healed
    • Reforming land reform
    • Old wounds cannot be wished away
    • Zanu PF leaders out of touch with reality
    • MDC-T’s deathly silence not so golden
    • Coins: Spare rod and spoil retail child
  13. Posted 22/7/11
    • Mugabe Supporters Disrupt US Ambassador's Meeting
    • Zimbabwe Accepts Mining Firm Indigenization Proposals - With Reservations
    • ‘Govt ill-advised on mining threshold’
    • Mugabe looks frail at Heroes Acre
    • Hero’s son humiliates Mugabe
    • SADC Facilitation Urges Full GPA Implementation
    • SA facilitators to focus on GPA, roadmap discussions
    • NCA Launches A No Vote Campaign
    • Drive to bring Zim migrants in from cold 'nearly done'
    • Observers See Danger in Zimbabwe Budget Reliance on Diamond Revenues
    • ZANU PF Emptied Reserve Bank Coffers- GONO
    • NetOne of Zimbabwe Attracts at Least 6 Investors to Buy Stake
    • Last minute reprieve for Zimbabwean Deportee
    • COPAC deadline for a referendum now 31 December
    • PM spokesman says broadcasting licences a ZANU PF ‘ruse’
    • Part 4 of the leaked CIO list
    • Public hearing on human rights bill abandoned in Masvingo
    • Cholera threat remains in Chisumbanje
    • British envoy raps inflammatory statements
    • 2008 deaths worry MDC
    • Tsvangirai's Party, Like Mugabe's ZANU-PF, Rejects Elections Road Map
    • ZANU-PF to Highlight Anti-Sanctions Petition at Regional Summit
    • 18 reported killed in Malawi anti-government protests
    • Starving pensioners get a lifeline in Zimbabwe
    • Analysis Of The Electoral Amendment Bill 2011
    • : U.S. Measures no Hindrance to Zim Progress: U.S. envoy
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 29
    • Mugabe exit plan, ill-advised, insensitive and probably illegal
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series [New Venue for Harare Public Hearing on Human Rights Commission Bill]
    • Bill Watch 29/2011 of 21st July [Facilitation Team in Town for Election Roadmap; Parliamentary Update]
  14. Posted 21/7/11
    • Zuma’s team jets into Harare
    • Zuma threatens Mugabe
    • Zuma, PM agree Mugabe exit plan
    • Mugabe doubles civil servants' salaries
    • Diamonds fund civil service pay rise
    • Violence erupts during Malawi anti-government demonstrations
    • NSSA threatens land grab farmers who fail to pay
    • Nyazura farmers under siege by farm invaders
    • Zanu (PF) Youths Demonstrate Against US Ambassador
    • MDC MPs defy Mugabe
    • Indian telecoms firm targets TelOne
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chief Under Fire from Mugabe's ZANU-PF
    • Zimbabwe rejects 175 local ownership proposals
    • Foreign mining operations in Zimbabwe
    • Police assault delegates at youth meeting in Kwekwe
    • MDC-T urged to start championing Diaspora vote
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Snub Ncube
    • Daily News expose Jonathan Moyo hypocrisy
    • Moyo’s views on Mugabe
    • MDC-T councillor arrested
    • Zimbabwe cbank says approves $1.5 bln lines of credit
    • Gono denies blame for RBZ troubles
    • ZNA crippled: Report exposes decay
    • Tobacco prices up in smoke
    • Glitch leaves Zimbabwe facing record wheat imports
    • Sweden Commits US$60 Million to Zimbabwe to Promote Free & Fair Elections
    • ZESN Preliminary Statement On Zimbabwe'S Electoral Amendment Bill, 2011
    • Women victims of torture
  15. Posted 20/7/11
    • Mugabe to table sanctions issue at SADC
    • Zuma’s facilitation team expected in Harare this week
    • MDC says acquittal exposes AG’s bias
    • State Frees Energy Minister Alters Gwisai Treason Charges
    • Gwisai up for inciting violence
    • Lawyers to make fresh bail application for ‘Glen View 8’
    • Abducted MDC-T activist located
    • Zim Education Minister Investigates Political Child Abuse
    • Blame me, says Gono
    • Zim closes northern border to refugees
    • Fresh ZANU PF Gukurahundi remarks ‘indicate fear’
    • A landslide victory certain
    • SA rights group appeals for Zim documentation extension
    • Death threat
    • Gono disowns Rushwaya
    • Some Zimbabwean State Workers See Indications of Salary Increase
    • Authorities Attribute Decline in Malaria Deaths to Prevention Effort
    • Zimbabwe seeks investors to end electricity woes
    • CZI Appeals To Govt. To Conduct Minerals Survey
    • Zimbabwe's aquaculture sector under threat
    • Buy Zimbabwe Campaign Date Changed
    • Mending the City’s Water Leaks
    • Joseph Chinotimba and his violent past
    • Moyo’s views on Mugabe
    • Victoria Falls Marathon – 28th August 2011
    • MDC-T be warned on diaspora vote
  16. Posted 19/7/11
    • Treason charges dropped in uprising case
    • Zimbabwe drops charges against energy minister
    • State withdraws case against Minister Mangoma
    • Tsvangirai’s life threatened
    • Police ordered journalists to delete photos from cameras
    • Mnangagwa wades into Gukurahundi row
    • Chinese miners accused of poisoning Zim elephants
    • War vets refuse to leave Chiyangwa farm
    • Probe into malaria cases in Zim cities
    • 15 000 teaching posts vacant in Zim
    • MDC-T continues hunt for abducted activist
    • Hundreds of Ethiopian Refugees Flock Through Zimbabwe
    • Oprah Winfrey Builds School In Rural Zimbabwe
    • Soldiers Run Amok In Masvingo, Beat Up Civilians
    • Juru Growth Point, A Zanu (PF) Stronghold
    • Knives out for Jonathan Moyo
    • Lindiwe Zulu shrugs off latest attack by Jonathan Moyo
    • Fresh row over Zim army reforms
    • Fight sanctions in UK courts: Mugabe
    • Nkomo's statue to re-surface
    • CFU submits proposal to restore agric viability
    • All eyes on military ahead of Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Alert– 18th July 2011
    • MDC-T be warned on diaspora vote
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/7/11
    • Zimbabwe poll agency reported too broke to hold election
    • Zanu PF lying about elections
    • MDC Activists Denied Access To Medical Attention By Prison Officials
    • Cop fired over MDC song
    • No joy for civil servants
    • War vets declare war
    • Ncube Lambasts Mugabe Over His Military Credentials
    • Zim in Polocrosse World Cup final
    • Zimbabwe battle but Australia A in charge
    • Stormy weather ahead – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 16th July 2011
    • Zimbabwe's slide into kleptocracy
  18. Posted 18/7/11
    • Militia training done under a veil of secrecy
    • Inside Zanu PF’s militia training camps
    • Mugabe in bid to placate warring Zanu PF factions
    • Villagers still haunted by 2008 violence
    • Chiyangwa threatens Harare water supplies: Researcher
    • Top Zanu PF chefs accused of tax evasion
    • Mugabe nephew in property wrangle
    • Jomic orders Chombo probe
    • Senior cop evicted for anti-Mugabe music
    • Incarcerated MDC-T supporters denied treatment
    • Zanu PF haunting its own
    • Land invasions scare Chinese investors
    • Top banker appeals for policy consistency
    • Business talks tough on fiscal policy
    • Zimbabwe economic plans: Recycling same old stale ideas
    • SundayView: Moyo regrets spewing vitriol against Mugabe
    • From the Editor's Desk: Obsession with polls stifles development
  19. Posted 17/7/11
    • Zimbabwe police release 4 journalists detained for investigating political harassment
    • Mugabe Tells MDC ,Hands Off Service Chiefs
    • Zim Civil Servants Receive Increments Despite Biti’s Continued Denials
    • Air Zim Pilots Down Tools
    • Violence in Mbare Township: Testimonies from the Victims
    • Statement on Mbare Violence by Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace
    • S. African Facilitator Rejects ZANU-PF Insistence on 2011 Zimbabwe Elections
    • Lavish councillors face probe
    • Zanu PF disown Nyikayaramba
    • List reveals murder accomplice Machekanyanga as CIO office
    • Mangoma Back In Courts On Tender Related Charges
    • Lobel's set to reopen
    • Land reforms erode property rights
    • Mugabe blasts ‘politically drunk’ MDC-T
    • Chinese couple up for fraud
    • Zimbabwe lawmaker advocates once-a-month sex to curb AIDS
    • Zim prison horror
    • Reckless disregard for life
    • Last One Standing - Roy Lilford
    • Three legged pot
  20. Posted 16/7/11
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe elections possible this year
    • NO elections this year - South Africa tells Robert Mugabe
    • Four journalists arrested in Zimbabwe, lawyer says
    • Armed cop robs taxi drivers
    • Police abduct MDC-T official in Headlands
    • Assaulted Glen View detainees still denied treatment
    • MDC Officials Brutalised After Abduction
    • Chinese miners 'poisoning Zim elephants'
    • Zimbabwe inflation quickens to 2.9 pct y/y in June
    • Zim/SA trade deficit balloons
    • South Sudanese Leader To open Harare Show
    • Hangmen crisis puts pressure on death penalty
    • 'Sell-out' minister may be next victim of skewed land policy
    • Rushwaya challenges ZIFA to take her to court
    • Zim diamond watchdog rejected by Mines Minister
    • Marange Diamonds 'Curse' to Zimbabweans Relocated From Mining Zone
    • SA to probe ‘stampede’ after 14 Zims left injured
    • Zimbabwe's Exiled Community Struggles in South Africa
    • World's top asylum spot S.Africa plans crackdown
    • The return of Mugabe's propagandist
    • Is Jonathan Moyo regretting his anti Mugabe stance?
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series - 15th July 2011
  21. Batch 2 Posted 15/7/11
    • Politburo poll stance jeopardises unity govt
    • Military moves on Mugabe succession
    • Army, Chinese form private military companies
    • Abuse fears as Zanu PF seeks youth service revival
    • Scepticism persists over full GPA implementation
    • Goche defends tender award to SA firm
    • RBZ should recover US$2m given to AMG — Parly
    • Storm over Constituency Fund reports
    • Jonathan Moyo in bid to gag the Independent
    • Time Bank offers govt US$5 billion facility
    • CandidComment: Failure of Medium Term Plan would be no mystery
    • Editor'sMemo: We’ll not be intimidated into silence!
    • IndependentComment: Wicked witch-hunt
  22. Posted 15/7/11
    • Mugabe party insists on Zimbabwe elections this year
    • Part 3 of the leaked CIO list
    • MDC-T MP wants service chiefs to appear before Parliament
    • Threat of army takeover looms large in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-T Reports Brigadier General To JOMIC
    • Zimbabwe power crisis to ease next year: minister
    • The MDC Today - Issue 218
    • Police stopped from seizing lawyer’s phone
    • Zimbabwe FA releases match-fixing report
    • Players and officials deny Zimbabwe match-fixing claims
    • No cash for workers’ pay hike: Minister
    • Zim Expects US$500 Million Budget Deficit
    • 2 000 nurses jobless
    • Land thieves to be summoned
    • Cane Plant Rescues ZESA
    • Zim in crisis: Kanyekanye
    • Zanu PF blocks Mbare project
    • Chiyangwa in trouble
    • Zanu (PF) Disowns Legislator
    • Black frost destroys citrus, horticulture
    • Zimbabwe fibre optic link set for completion in November
    • Plight of street children in the spotlight
    • Panic, police presence ahead of deadline
    • SA to investigate refugee stampede
    • Zuma Deserves The Praise He Is Getting For Zimbabwe
    • No More ‘Ships of Shame’ to Africa
    • Will Zimbabwe probe suspected phone hacking?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series [Public Hearings on Human Rights Commission Bill 18-23 July]
  23. Posted 14/7/11
    • Zimbabwe government in turmoil as vote looms
    • ZANU PF misleading nation on security sector reform
    • Parliament to probe generals
    • Secret doc outlines plans to destroy MDC
    • High Court reserves judgement in Biti's phone records case
    • Zimbabwe banks want to clean dirty dollars
    • Human Rights Commission Bill ready for parliament
    • Zim Legislators Demand New Cars
    • MDC-T Appeals To Parliament, Zanu (PF) Calls For GNU's End
    • Matombo's fate hangs in balance
    • Gumede stands firm on explosive match fixing report
    • Mugabe appoints new deputy spy chief
    • EU fed up with Mugabe’s ruinous policies
    • Buy Zimbabwe Day: public invited to celebrate local goods
    • Marginalization of Matebeleland discussed
    • Govt needs help to revive Byo: Biti
    • No toilets, running water for 7 years in Cowdray Park
    • Sekeramayi “behind Mutinhiri farm invasion”
    • Zimbabwe music star becomes UN goodwill ambassador
    • Training for Zimbabwe’s new tobacco growers
    • 4 tons per ha – from land dry enough to smelt iron
    • Why is Zimbabwe's national airline called Scare Zimbabwe?
    • Travelling through Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 13/7/11
    • Zimbabwe finance minister seeks to block police phone investigation
    • Top Zimbabwe officials named in Asian match-fixing
    • Ministry of Finance employees freed on bail
    • Video exposes ZANU PF bullying of vendors
    • Fresh call for targeted sanctions to stay in place
    • Rights commission Bill ready
    • Govt delays Essar deal
    • Govt fighting to keep Air Zimbabwe flying
    • Experts Dismiss Minister's Estimate of Air Zimbabwe Turnaround Cost
    • Diplomats honored for championing democracy in Zim
    • Former chair slams closing of Sadc Tribunal
    • Lawmakers want service chiefs reined in
    • Zimbabwe's NoViolet Bulawayo wins Caine writing prize
    • ZANU PF still divided over constitution making process
    • Tensions build as Zim documentation deadline in SA looms
    • Constitution Making: Zanu (PF) In Quandary After Being Trounced By MDC-T
    • Chihuri faces court
    • Goche, consortium clash
    • MDC tackles Jabulani Sibanda
    • ZANU on ZANU - new land reform
    • Masvingo throws out Zanu PF
    • Hwange power station now working at full capacity
    • MDC youth: Stop selective application of law
    • The MDC Today - Issue 216
    • NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe
    • Chiadzwa: Can Parliament make a difference?
    • Bill Watch 28/2011 of 11th July [Parliamentary Update]
  25. Posted 12/7/11
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest More MDC Leaders
    • 3 ministers arrested
    • 5 Zimbabwe finance ministry employees arrested
    • ZANU PF deputy Minister under siege from party mob
    • Fake notes flood Zimbabwean shops, highways
    • MDC Parties Mull Coalition
    • Police demand Biti mobile phone register from Econet
    • Military Junta’s hold on power dangerous for Zimbabwe
    • Chinese pile into Harare tobacco
    • Air Zimbabwe ready to fly again
    • Details of more ZANU PF infighting emerge
    • Civil servants’ salaries - New GNU battlefield
    • Man caught with gun at State House
    • Both MDC parties want Gukurahundi to be investigated
    • Unofficial poll result announcers face jail
    • Transfrontier conservancy hit by rampant poaching
    • Harare Airport to have 'longest runway in Africa'
    • Ncube will never be principal — Mutambara
    • I don’t hate police but their deeds’ - PM
    • Zimbabwe profile
    • Zimbabwe’s economic plans: still stale
    • "SADC, Jomic, Zuma Please Note, And Act"
    • Rural HIV affected sell domestic animals to access ART
    • Public Service Minister Mukonoweshuro on Question Time
    • Bill Watch 27/2011 of 8th July [In Event of Incapacitation or Death of the President]
  26. Batch 2 Posted 11/7/11
    • Ncube, Misihairabwi-Mushonga arrested
    • Mutinhiri's farm invaded
    • Victimised for exposing torture base: MDC MP
    • Biti a marked man
    • Parties deadlocked on security reforms
    • 'Stop lying about media'
    • Moyo Calls For Fresh Gukurahundi Probe
    • Ghost workers in new civil servant audit
    • NRZ Pensioners Paid Paltry Salaries
    • Zanu PF culprit: Welshman
    • An up and down business – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 9th July 2011
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee and Status of Bills Series - 9th July 2011
  27. Posted 11/7/11
    • Mpofu, Mugabe ‘relative’ in ugly fight over mining rights
    • Fresh doubts over poll roadmap
    • Violence erupts at MDC-T polls
    • Zapu admits failure
    • Zanu PF factions in new turf war
    • Zimbabwe buys FMD infected cattle
    • Rights activist warns against KPCS defiance
    • Jonathan Moyo ‘polls now’ campaign comes to zero
    • Minister raps PM over rebel slur
    • Hunger stalks Silobela
    • Proposal to decriminalise homosexuality
    • Organ struggles to find healing formula
    • Govt, van Hoogstraten crack whip at Hwange
    • US expert tips Zim for entrepreneurship centre
    • Tobacco deliveries decline
    • Pegging salaries on PDL suicidal: expert
    • From the Editor's Desk: Notoriety tag sticks on those who abuse office
    • StandardComment: Mahoso proves unfit for BAZ post
    • SundayOpinion: Don’t personalise liberation struggle
  28. Posted 10/7/11
    • Mugabe rewards merchants of death
    • ZNA colonel gives MDC supporters ultimatum
    • Mugabe’s generals lay out their plans for next year’s election
    • Mugabe Critics Targeted In Zimbabwe
    • Zanu (PF) hires ‘prophets’ to cow MDC
    • Truth a casualty: MDC battles Zanu (PF) misinformation
    • 'Disband Zesa'
    • Rolling blackouts warning
    • Byo residents up in arms about water, ZESA, ZBC
    • Electoral amendments don’t go far enough: ERC
    • MDC To Submit Draft CIO Bill To Parly
    • Governing Parties Lock Horns Over Public Pay and 'Ghost Workers'
    • Prosecutors under fire
    • US Group Mounts Pressure On KP Over Marange Gems
    • Four MDC Activists Released, Eight Still Remain In Custody
    • Death row backlog as Zimbabweans shun hangman role
    • Mugabe accused of South Sudan 'hypocrisy'
    • ‘World should stop election losers from ruling’
    • The desperation of Mugabe’s CIO
    • Seven Degrees
  29. Posted 9/7/11
    • Zimbabwe says it will pay for foreign firms
    • Unity Government Negotiators Gazette Electoral Reform Legislation
    • Zimbabwe targets 7.1-per-cent economic growth by 2015
    • PM, Mugabe clash
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe Under Pressure To End Violence
    • Lawyer in dock for “insulting” Mugabe
    • MDC-T treasurer languish in jail for attacking the police
    • Nyikayaramba threatens two MDC-T legislators
    • PM accuses Shamu and Charamba of stifling media reforms
    • BAZ taken to task over delays to free airwaves
    • BAZ 'shuts out' independent players
    • Soldiers Force MDC Members To Join Zanu (PF)
    • Jailed MDC Councillor still untreated for head injury
    • Gov’t lunges towards dysfunction: PM
    • MDC calls on Government to raise money for civil servants salaries
    • Government Rejects Local Equity Stakes Proposed by Mining Firms
    • Corporate spat threatens tourism
    • Action hoped after play about Zim violence
    • Controversial Zwambila Ordered To Respond To Sexual Allegations
    • Mugabe attends South Sudan official independence celebrations
    • Russian Envoy Tells Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, You’ve Got a Friend
    • CFU congress set for July 26
    • Public Service Minister on Question Time
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • My letter to The Mirror on Friday 08 07 11
  30. Batch 2 Posted 8/7/11
    • Army, police, CIO talks divide negotiators
    • Ministers reject Kasukuwere plan
    • US dollar to remain main currency
    • Govt in bid to increase power output
    • Biti to cut funding for foreign trips
    • Politicians do not trust social services
    • Zanu PF angers people of Matabeleland
    • Baz lacks capacity
    • Econet sells off RTG shares
    • Attack on Harare residents meeting
    • Need for a strategic security sector reform
    • Muckracker: Dubious claims left right and centre
    • The economic impact of elections
    • ‘Zanu PF succession won’t be hierarchical’
    • ‘Mugabe puts nation’s survival at great risk’
    • Legitimate govt will kickstart recovery
    • CandidComment: Lack of disclosure affecting companies
    • IndependentComment: GPA: Problems of implementation
    • Editor'sMemo: What constitutes national security threat?
  31. Posted 8/7/11
    • Zimbabwe's MDC and Zanu-PF in election timeline deal
    • Part 2 of the leaked CIO list
    • ZANU PF Minister threatens mass mine takeover
    • ZANU PF factional fighting delays drafting of new constitution
    • Earthquake rattles southern Africa
    • Zim govt probes De Beers
    • Zim targets 7% growth in four-year plan
    • Misleading reports over Principals’ meeting
    • Parly probes Kariba project
    • Botswana breaks with AU, supports international court’s warrant for Libyan leader Gadhafi
    • Zimbabwe growth revival in spite of problems — Biti
    • Malawians Angry At Zimbabwe Over Unpaid Debt
    • Fresh GNU war
    • ZBC attacks futile
    • JOMIC urged to assist in Chombo corruption case
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Questions Quality of Senate Debate
    • Central Bank Board Members Miffed at Slight by Governor Gono
    • Masunda, councillors clash
    • Rusape council forced to award pay hikes
    • Defiant state invokes section 121 of the CPEA to veto Bindura man’s bail order
    • Disconnection of services concerns residents
    • Marange Diamonds Still Tarnished
    • Zanu (PF) a threat to national security
  32. Posted 7/7/11
    • Zim elections pencilled in for end of 2012, say officials
    • Electoral reforms mum on security
    • Talks deadlocked as Zanu (PF) refuses security reforms
    • GPA Review Meeting Went Well: Mangoma
    • Zimbabwe could seize mines over local ownership-TV
    • Zimbabwe Says Mining Empowerment Plans Are Falling ‘Short’ of Expectations
    • Over 75,000 ghost workers to be gone before August
    • Zimbabwe nurses reduced to selling fruit to survive, says minister
    • Zim diarrhoea outbreak kills 10 kids
    • Volatile situation in five Zim provinces
    • Government To Maintain Grip On Monopoly As Zimpapers Applies For Licence
    • Army, Zanu PF harassing MDC members: MP
    • India bans import of rough diamond from Zimbabwe
    • India Pushes for Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • SA role in Zim diamond trade slammed
    • Zim negotiating power deal with SA - report
    • FIFA delay Zimbabwe visit by anti-corruption team
    • Glen View 3 councillor beaten in police custody
    • 'Arrest Chombo'
    • People re-build shacks as Garikai promises fail
    • Gono’s empire crumbles
    • MISA-Zimbabwe's response to ZBC attack
    • Number of school dropouts swells
    • ZWRCN Pledges $300 000 To Parly
    • Courage, resilience of people amazing: EU envoy
    • Zanu-PF's blood diamonds
    • Anna Manjoro on Question Time
  33. Posted 6/7/11
    • Zimbabwe elections set for August/September next year
    • Zimbabwe's Inter-Party Negotiators Defy Mugabe Call for Early Elections
    • No Salary Increase Yet For Zimbabwe Civil Servants - Public Service Minister
    • Tsvangirai Voices Displeasure at Civil Service Pay Increases
    • Video shows police violently dispersing peace prayer
    • We Will Meet The Deadline: Zim Consulate Assures Citizens
    • Zimbabwe Catholic justice leader fears priests could be targeted
    • Independent media banned from Mugabe, Blatter talks
    • Fifa's president Sepp Blatter meets Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe
    • Blatter and Mugabe seem to have made fast friends
    • FIFA president says match-fixers will be banned for life
    • Cops after match-fixers
    • ZESA managers sue Mangoma for pay hikes
    • RBZ Snubs Parly
    • Zanu PF hardliners cornered
    • RBZ defaults payment
    • 15 Aspiring Radio Broadcasters Applied License
    • Threats and beatings of residents of Harare a wakeup call to action
    • Hunting of black rhinos on farms on the increase
    • Minister of State Jameson Timba on Question Time
    • Is the Kimberley Process fit for purpose?
  34. Posted 5/7/11
    • The Kimberley process, set up to rid the world of blood diamonds, is on the brink of collapse
    • Confiscated Zimbabwe diamonds worth 160 million dollars up for sale
    • SA facilitates blood diamond sale
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai ‘barred’ from Chiadzwa
    • Biti Confess Ignorance On Diamond Proceeds
    • Pay hikes for civil servants
    • Some Zimbabwe Teachers Strike Over Pay, Daily News Reports
    • Army drills scare Gutu villagers
    • They Want To Kill Our Supporters: MDC-T
    • New Zim-SA row?
    • ZANU PF officials ‘make overtures to MDC-T’
    • Lambasting Chinese Companies Could Imperil African Workers, Analysts Say
    • FIFA Boss Arrives In Zimbabwe
    • Councillors to engage Chombo over budget
    • Minister Makone criticized by mother of detainee
    • British MP wants to see a regime change in Zimbabwe
    • Cattle thief jailed for 189 years
    • End of South Africa's quiet diplomacy
    • The Impossible Search for a Hangman
    • Rate of male circumcision speeds up
    • Zimbabwe 'We Can' News Release
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 6/2011 - 1st July 2011 - The Nature of a Constitution
  35. Batch 2 Posted 4/7/11
    • Fuel shortages hit the skies
    • Zimbabwe Catholic group: Stop township violence
    • Zimbabwe diamonds test Kimberley Process
    • Election talks to resume
    • Civil service pay hike ‘rigged’ to benefit Mugabe
    • Sex traps for MDC chiefs
    • Zimbabwe spy agency thrown into turmoil
    • Zimbabwean teen murdered in London
    • Ncube Elected MISA Chairperson
    • A busy week for the Vigil – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd July 2011
    • This is home
    • What will happen next?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee and Status of Bills Series - 2nd July 2011
  36. Posted 4/7/11
    • Mugabe trips drying up revenue coffers
    • Tsvangirai barred from Chiadzwa
    • No agreement on civil servants pay: Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF power dynamics play out in Masvingo
    • Not yet Uhuru for Zim’s media
    • MSF hands over Aids programmes to govt
    • Australia embassy donates boreholes
    • My father had a deal with Mugabe says Nkomo’s son Semibold here
    • Full-scale campaign against littering
    • Mothers give birth on floors in Gwanda
    • Curtain comes down on HIV programme
    • The late CP leader who was demoted for liking blacks
    • Electoral roadmap, what roadmap?
    • Analysts look beyond the Mugabe era
    • Retrenched RBZ workers get paid retrenchment here
    • SundayView: Joshua Nkomo legacy: Is this what he fought for?
    • From the Editor's Desk: Arresting journalists is political harakiri
    • SundayOpinion: The psyche of our liberators
    • StandardComment: Govt pay hike a positive move
  37. Posted 3/7/11
    • Zimbabwe teachers suspend strike
    • Zimbabwe's Lowest-Paid Civil Servants Get a Raise - But Can Harare Afford It?
    • Civil servants get $31 pay rise
    • Demilitarise Zim polls body: NGOs
    • Worry over absence of roadmap timelines
    • MDC activists get bail
    • Biti insists on voters’ roll clean-up
    • Mutambara says Zim ‘over-borrowed’
    • S Africa's Zuma Urges Zimbabwe President, PM to Increase Cooperation, Ease Tension
    • Controversial Zimbabwe Diamonds Dispute Deepens
    • The country's youngest mayor falls prey to ZRP
    • ZANU-PF moves to tame old guard
    • Zim media freedom cosmetic
    • 19 charged for stoning Zim man to death
    • 31 Underprivileged Students Benefits From US Scholarships
    • Catastrophe: What went wrong in Zimbabwe?
    • Before Elections - Abolish PresidentialTemporary Powers
  38. Batch 2 Posted 2/7/11
    • Zimbabwe government agrees to 50-per-cent civil service pay hikes
    • Editor, journalist freed on bail in Zimbabwe
    • 12 MDC activists granted bail, 12 denied
    • Zimbabwe's opposition parties ponder coalition
    • Striking Zimbabwe Teachers Joined by More Than 1,000 College Lecturers
    • Despite Restrictions, Buyers Abound for Zimbabwe's Marange Diamonds
    • SA to resume deporting Zimbabweans
    • Zuma intervenes
    • Fist Raising, A Risk In Zim - Tsvangirai
    • Willful Transmission of HIV in Spotlight as Zimbabwe Lawmaker Prosecuted
    • Air Zimbabwe passengers angered by bus offer
    • Zifa To Take Advantage of Blatter's Visit To Zim
    • The face of Zimbabwe's military brass
    • SW Radio Africa statement on release of CIO names and details
    • Making the water safer
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Constitution Watch of 30th June 2011 [COPAC Thematic Committees Still Stalled]
    • Bill Watch 26/2011 of 30th June [Parliamentary Update]
  39. Posted 2/7/11
    • Biti, Chihuri in war of words
    • Military wants parly seats for retired soldiers
    • Zanu PF in poll mobilisation drive
    • ‘Military major cause of socio- economic decay’
    • Chiluba: Lessons for Robert Mugabe
    • Security reforms: PM must win polls first
    • Retrenchment: The buzzword for companies’ survival
    • Van Hoog is thwarted at Rainbow Tourism AGM
    • Hwange Colliery meeting adjourned
    • Falcon predicts golden future
    • 118,5m kgs flue cured tobacco goes under the hammer
    • Gono economic messiah only in the Herald
    • Eric Bloch: Mid-year budget crystal ball
    • Zanu PF needs to reinvent itself
    • Banks squatting in the market
    • Comment: Fifth column must be boldly resisted
    • CandidComment: Trade: African leaders must transform talk into action
    • Editor's Memo: AG’s office has lost all credibility
  40. Posted 1/7/11
    • Zanu PF in crisis
    • Standard editor Nevanji Madanhire held overnight in police cells
    • Bail ruling for ‘Glen View 24’ postponed for the 5th time
    • Outrage as SADC pulls plug on rights tribunal
    • Zimbabwe's Political Economy, Governance In Shambles - Herbert Nkala
    • Zimbabwe nurses threaten industrial action
    • Villagers in Chihota forced to attend ZANU PF rallies
    • Zanu PF official threatens NGOs
    • SADC Troika criticized for dropping Zim from agenda
    • Part One of the leaked CIO list
    • Ms Cynthia Manjoro & 23 Others: Victims of Police Persecution Through Prosecution
    • Consumers urged to boycott Zim diamonds
    • Forever dirty
    • "Blood Diamonds" Slip Through Watchdog's Cracks
    • Elections only after a clear roadmap – Hon. Biti
    • MDC provincial chairperson and Gokwe Kabuyuni MP arrested
    • Tsvangirai: "Policy paralysis" affecting Zimbabwe's economic growth
    • South Africa grants residency permits to 133,000 Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabweans face hostility in South Africa
    • PM hails underprivileged Zim students for earning U.S. scholarships worth $7 million
    • Two Standard journalists arrested on libel charge in new threat to independent media
    • RTG's suspension from ZSE unlawful, claims CEO Chipo Mutasa
    • Hundreds of Mining Companies Comply in Zimbabwe Indigenization Process
    • Friends of Zimbabwe pledge broad support as Zimbabwe moves down the path of democracy and human rights
    • FIFA chief Blatter to visit Zimbabwe
    • ‘Mugabe, witty old charmer’
    • University of Zimbabwe POLAD’s Wall of Silence
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 5/2011 of 28th June [Citizenship]

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