The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/11
    • Zimbabwe expels Libyan ambassador after switch of allegiance to rebels
    • Libyan deportation bid fails
    • Mujuru death probe complete: Police
    • Vice-President Mujuru determined to take the throne
    • Foreign Banks must stop enabling violence and corruption in Marange diamond fields, say human rights groups
    • Zimbabwe: Rampant Abuses in Marange Diamond Fields - Human Rights Watch
    • Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe Sells Illegal Marange Diamonds
    • Grace Mugabe scam accused go missing
    • ZANU PF youths resist eviction from seized Byo property
    • Police question Independent journalists
    • Promised media reforms a pie in the sky
    • Zim Gazettes Improved Prisoners’ Diet
    • Zim told to pass law against poll violence
    • ZOU in exams scandal
    • PM in shock discovery
    • 18 Zimbabweans Injured in Stampede To See "Prophet"
    • The MDC Today - Issue 233
    • Bus en-route to Zimbabwe from SA kills five, dozens injured
    • Bulawayo renames Main Street after Nkomo
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Rap Unions for Failing to Provide Traditional Benefits
    • Part 2 of ROHR debate on Question Time
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 30
  2. Posted 30/8/11
    • Police led farm invasion leaves hundreds homeless
    • ZANU PF force Libyans to take down rebel flag in Harare
    • Libyans warn Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe army panic over Libya revolt
    • Zuma denies ignoring Mugabe's ‘blood diamonds’
    • Gono unhurt in mystery farm blaze
    • Foreign papers face Zimbabwe ban
    • Mugabe hails farm recovery
    • Farmers fail to pay labourers
    • AirZim responds to reports
    • Khupe calls for end to property invasion
    • Zim issues warrant for SA truck drivers
    • Legislator Saves Children From Sharing Classroom With Cows
    • Zimbabwe Topped UK Asylum Seeking List In 2009
    • Over U.S. $500 Million Needed to Replace City's Water Pipeline
    • Canadian owned gold mine loses Zim licence
    • Implats may invest US$10 billion in Zimbabwe
    • Zim loses investment over indigenisation
    • Eddie Cross: How Zanu PF would win an election against MDC
    • Mujuru death probe is like the 2008 presidential results
  3. Posted 29/8/11
    • Libyans in Harare Dump Gaddafi
    • School leavers stranded, govt fails to produce exam certificates
    • Supreme Court ruling empowers Kunonga
    • Disasters Cost Zim Over US$2,8 Billion
    • Circumcision drive targets cabinet ministers
    • ‘Zim law blocks a $10bn investment’
    • Goche dragged to court
    • 'Makandiwa returning today'
    • Mugabe threatens: ‘they’ll be cinders’ - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 27th August 2011
    • Pay more for less
    • Libya envoy’s defection sparks discord in GNU
    • Govt forces Libyans to pull down rebel flag
    • Police say they can’t stop Byo property grab
    • Gukurahundi ghost rattles Zanu PF
    • Minister blasts police for bias
    • Nkomo returns after treatment in South Africa
    • MDC-T set to quiz Makone
    • Goche denies role in buying luxury government cars
    • Is Mugabe softening stance on MDC?
    • Regional teachers converge in Zim
    • Poachers devise new tricks to evade detection
    • Pregnant women shun HIV-testing
    • ‘No price hike for maize meal’
    • Kasukuwere vows to grab companies
    • Deporting Libyan envoy bizarre
    • Sunday Opinion: There is need to go beyond rhetoric
  4. Posted 28/8/11
    • Gaddafi 'seen in Zimbabwe on Mugabe's private jet' as Libya rebels march on dictator's home town
    • Zimbabwe throws out envoy over defection
    • Zimbabwe's Ruling Partners Differ Sharply Over Status of Libyan Ambassador
    • Zuma: AU will not recognise Libya rebels
    • Refugees ‘disappear’
    • Enormous electoral challenges - Motlanthe
    • FM Biti Says Diamond Cash Not Covering Civil Service Pay Increase
    • Mugabe heaps praise on Biti
    • Chombo’s perks
    • Teachers forced to support
    • Police brutality concerns
    • Zanu (PF) Women Went On A Rampage
    • Stay out: PM
    • Zimbabwe Co-Home Affairs Minister Makone Denies Sustaining Mild Stroke
    • First casualty of Zimbabwe mine grab
    • CPCA challenges ruling
    • Plans to revive ‘youth corps’
    • Mujuru's death blow to Zanu PF
    • The mysterious death of Solomon Mujuru and fears for the future of Zimbabwe
    • Abusive Email from Henry Maturure ex diplomat CIO
  5. Posted 27/8/11
    • Zimbabwe may deport Libyan ambassador who defected to rebels
    • Zim, Libyan assets threatened
    • Gaddafi's Envoy spills the beans
    • Zuma’s SADC report talks tough on ZPF and security reform
    • Be serious: Zuma
    • Unconfirmed reports say VP Nkomo has died
    • Harare Anglicans back in court
    • Anglican priest seriously beaten by Kunonga mob
    • WOZA march on parly hand over 100ths petitions
    • 'CIO spying on exiles in the UK' - Report
    • No bail for alleged Zanu PF kidnappers
    • Dangarembga blasts Zim politics
    • WikiLeaks: Gono friends with Mugabe's enemies
    • Import duties drive up food prices, hurt poor
    • OPINION: Mujuru death exposes leadership vacuum
    • Zuma needs a democratic Zimbabwe to gain credibility over Libya
    • A letter from the diaspora
  6. Batch 2 Posted 26/8/11
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Silent On General's Death; Police Investigation Criticized
    • Mujuru investigation ‘bungled from the onset’
    • US seeks deal on Marange diamonds
    • Narrow escape for debt-riddled Zupco
    • ‘Show reflects Zim’s economic recovery’
    • Mpofu tightens grip on Hwange
    • Small banks losing market share to top five
    • Death, illness now Zanu PF’s Achilles’ heel
    • Mujuru death exposes essential services decay
    • Inflationary pressure up
    • Consumers hit by price increases
    • Favourable threshold for banks –– Biti
    • Govt to surpass US$700m deficit
    • Muckraker: If only our clergy could tell it like it is
    • Eric Bloch: More indigenisation insanity
    • Mujuru: Yet another mysterious Zanu PF death
    • GPA: Tokenism and deception sideline women
    • Picking up pieces of hope – Sadc’s Zim dilemma
    • CandidComment: De-industrialisation: Technological leapfrog not the answer
    • Editor's Memo: Mujuru death: More and more questions
    • Comment: Enemies of open society
  7. Posted 26/8/11
    • Anti-Gadhafi Libyans Demonstrate in Harare
    • Zim 'does not recognise Libyan NTC'
    • 'Gaddafi not welcome in Zim'
    • 20 dead in double bus crash
    • Zimbabwe raises electricity tariffs 31 percent
    • Zim Rights Leaders Arrested, Beaten Before Release
    • Gwisai trial postponed again
    • Rights Groups Say ZANU-PF Youth Militia Training in Secondary School
    • Zanu-PF warns US Ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • U.S. Ambassador Meeting With Zanu PF National Chairman
    • Police and soldiers block protest of Jabulani Sibanda
    • ZCTU says ZANU PF behind factionalism
    • SADC drags feet on appointing reps to assist JOMIC
    • WOZA marches to Parliament over ZESA monopoly
    • Anglican Church Challenges Kunonga In Supreme Court
    • US Ambassador denies being barred from Mujuru home
    • Zimbabwe threatens to deal harshly with foreign companies
    • Implats chief says not "willing sellers" in Zimbabwe
    • Implats says Zimbabwe equity policy "does not work"
    • Implats: Zim mines may “limp along”
    • CFU returns to Harare Agric Show
    • Zimbabwe holds census trial run
    • Makone hospitalised
    • Africa Remains Hamstrung in Battle for Water and Sanitation
    • How a General stole a farm: My family’s story – Guy Watson-Smith (2004)
  8. Posted 25/8/11
    • Solomon Mujuru: Widow Joice wants Zimbabwe death probe
    • Zimbabwe Vice President Suspicious About Husband’s Death
    • Mhanda calls for commission of enquiry into Mujuru death
    • Libya's Zimbabwe embassy flies rebel flag
    • Zanu’s secret plan to steal next election
    • Interviews reveal Zanu election strategy
    • SADC officials welcome: PM contradicts Mugabe
    • Retired officer threatens Tsvangirai
    • No Boers in Zim politics: Chiwenga
    • Trial of Gwisai and 5 others deferred a third time
    • Airzim future uncertain
    • Sanctions-busting suspected in Zim airplane deal
    • Zim finally agrees to help root out Rwandan genocide suspect
    • ‘Zanu PF wants to loot Zim’s economy’
    • Police detain Masvingo youths who want to protest Jabulani Sibanda
    • Kasukuwere and Gono in ZANU PF row
    • ZCTU battle for control takes new twist
    • Teacher incentives necessary
    • We are rotting here: jailed MDC members
    • ZLHR blast Human Rights Bill 2
    • Global action against Zim’s political rape horror
    • Civil servants forced to pay for Heroes Day celebrations
    • Chivi villagers refuse to attend Zanu (PF) rallies
    • Small-scale farmer trains over 2,000 villagers
    • Zimbabwean farmers grow Nigeria's green revolution
    • Positive outlook for Zim
    • Conspiracy of silence on company grabs must end
    • The Dinner with Mugabe Club
  9. Posted 24/8/11
    • Crisis Looming As Company Takeover Kickstarts
    • Blanket Mine to lose licence
    • Caledonia settles gold mine dispute with Zimbabwe
    • Harare’s indigenisation ultimatum causes panic
    • Zimbabwe may require foreign bank to sell less to locals
    • Zimbabwe tells Stanbic to give 30%
    • Daggers out for Gono
    • Zim to partner private explorers
    • Police quiz 23 people over Mujuru death
    • Mujuru allies cry ‘murder most foul’
    • Vice-President want answers; why husband could not escape
    • Mugabe has the most to gain from Mujuru death: analyst
    • Zimbabwe food price hikes raise inflationary pressure
    • No water for days in Harare suburbs
    • Trial of video-watching activists postponed again
    • Relationship between Zim and USA is like a dysfunctional friendship: US Ambassador
    • We Are Assisting Zim Export Diamonds: US
    • Parallel structure emerges in Zim diamond sales
    • US$1.5 Million Worth Of ARVs Burnt To Ashes
    • Cosatu blasts Zanu PF
    • ‘Matibenga bound for ministerial post’
    • FBC launches air travel facility for crossborder traders
    • Chisumbanje villagers furious over lack of consultation for Ethanol project
    • Refugees take SA gov’t to court
    • South Africa [and Zimbabwe] at ‘Stage Six Genocide’
    • Mujuru's death, selected comments from Byo24News readers part 1
    • Mujuru's death, selected comments from Byo24News readers part 2
    • Is the banks seizure threat, a Zanu-pf diversionary tactic?
    • Bill Watch 34/2011 of 22nd August [New Parliamentary Session to Open on 6th September]
  10. Posted 23/8/11
    • Gaddafi headed for Zimbabwe?
    • Gadhafi Not Welcome Here: MDC-T
    • ZANU-PF guilty of Mujuru death: Biti
    • ZANU PF battling to suppress Mujuru death speculation
    • Mujuru death: Cops quizzed
    • Interview: farmer Mujuru evicted on his death
    • 'CIO spying on exiles'
    • Cash strapped Air Zimbabwe buys Airbus planes
    • ZCTU split looms after congress boycott
    • Heavy police presence in Bulawayo ignored as hundreds march but 20 members arrested
    • 28 arrests in WOZA demo over ZESA bills
    • MDC Youth Assembly deputy president under attack
    • Soldiers blamed for MDC-T official arson attack
    • Chiadzwa diamonds cleared by India
    • Chronic malnutrition in Zim
    • Ask Goche on Luxurygate: Biti
    • Ensure end to violence, Mugabe told
    • Firms, govt lock horns
    • Gukurahundi still sparks heated debate
    • Gwisai and Activists' Trial Postponed to Wednesday
    • Masiyiwa saved independent media
    • OPINION: Another vicious attack on CSOs in Africa
    • A meeting with Solomon Mujuru
    • A country’s moral dilemma over liberation icon
    • Of securocrats, candles and a raging dictatorship
    • The Dip Tank Looms
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series - Electoral Amendment Bill Public Hearings
  11. Batch 2 Posted 22/8/11
    • Planes collide in Mujuru flypast
    • Mugabe changes tact, calls for calm
    • Cash-strapped Air Zimbabwe donates to army schools
    • Catch the fire conference: Makandiwa didn’t turn up
    • Zanu PF accused of arson
    • Chombo orders reinstatement of sacked official
    • Man in trouble for calling Mugabe baboon
    • Councils, Zinara at loggerheads
    • Mhanda exposes Mugabe, Mujuru, Moyo
    • Villagers forced to fund militia’s graduation event
    • MDC enlists SA youths’ assistance to stem xenophobia
    • Sadc summit fails to tackle Mugabe
    • Arson: New Zanu PF weapon?
    • Free eye operations come to Pari
    • NSSA sets up US$5 million fund for retrenchees
    • Resumption of import duty sparks price hikes
    • SundayOpinion: The 4th Money Concept for Zim
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk: Conspiracy theories can tear a country asunder
    • SundayView: Well-managed diamonds can make a difference
  12. Posted 22/8/11
    • Rare Unity at Funeral for Zimbabwean Hero Solomon Mujuru
    • Mujuru died bitter man
    • We won’t sit back: Mujuru allies
    • Chombo Accused Of Destroying Councils
    • Council Drags Sipepa Nkomo, ZINWA To Court
    • No farming implements
    • Tourism up in Nyanga
    • Company acquisition not priority in helping nation
    • CIO assaults
    • Shakib leads Bangladesh to face-saving win
    • The Power Struggle Unfolds – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 20th August 2011
  13. Posted 21/8/11
    • Thousands Of Zimbabweans Mourn Mujuru
    • Mugabe stops Zanu PF jeering Tsvangirai at Mujuru's funeral
    • Mugabe urges peace after Zimbabwe general's death
    • Mujuru Death Leaves Many Questions Unanswered; Mugabe
    • Mujuru’s death a wake up – Beatrice Farm owner
    • Zim gives firms ultimatum
    • Zimbabwe bank chief reassures foreign businesses
    • Following SADC Summit, Mugabe Spurns South African Facilitation Team
    • UN gives vehicles for 2012 Census
    • Zim accused of sending mercenaries to crush Malawi demos
    • Zimbabwe hunts Rwanda genocide suspect
    • ZCTU President boycotts congress
    • Mutharika forced to quit Zim land trial
    • Rampant poaching decimates Kariba wildlife
    • More War Vet Association woes
    • Mining co to challenge Kasukuwere in court
    • The dark side of Operation Murambatsvina
    • Non-transparent Diamond Sales Affecting Workers Remuneration: PM
    • Centre clears import of Zimbabwe rough diamonds worth 700 crore
    • Giant Okavango-Zambezi conservation zone launched in Africa
    • Fire engine with no water
  14. Posted 20/8/11
    • War over Mujuru death
    • Herald pulls the plug on Mujuru story as tensions run high
    • 'Mujuru opposed Gukurahundi'
    • Analysis - Mugabe succession race could turn ugly
    • Factbox: Leading figures in Mugabe succession race
    • SADC summit takes no action on Zim
    • Leaders skirt Mugabe confrontation
    • Eyebrows Raised As Zimbabwe AG Office Represents Grace Mugabe in S. Africa
    • Zimbabwe gives foreign firms 14-day ultimatum
    • Central Bank Says No Intention to Withdraw Foreign Bank Licenses
    • Gono savages Kasukuwere
    • Mugabe appoints anti-corruption team
    • Strike-ridden Air Zimbabwe ready to soar with new aircraft
    • Zuma to Appoint Zimbabwe Monitoring Team
    • Zimbabwe Defence Forces in plot to delay elections
    • MDC welcomes SADC summit resolutions
    • NCA, GZF Dismiss Sadc Summit As Routine
    • Civics Hail Sadc Summit As A Success
    • Human rights violations case against MDC members referred to Supreme Court
    • Tsvangirai to address rally in Mutare
    • ZCTU congress starts amid factionalism
    • Murerwa flown to SA on ill health
    • Zimbabwe Activists Vow Legal Action Against Mbada Diamonds Over Dog Attacks
    • Victory in Court for WOZA
    • Human Rights Abuses Perpetrated Against “Criminals”
    • Bangladesh finally beat Zimbabwe to break drought
    • Correction: Kinnock article was from 2002
    • 2012: A Looming Humanitarian Armageddon in Zimbabwe
    • My ideal Zimbabwe
    • A letter form the diaspora
  15. Batch 2 Posted 19/8/11
    • Mujuru death set to up shake political scene
    • Copac fears stakeholders’ conference delay
    • Govt unprepared for failed asylum seekers
    • Unity govt ‘kills’ parliamentary democracy
    • Musindo launches ‘housing project’ to lure votes
    • Get our money back from Zim, Bingu told
    • Benevolence led to my persecution — Buyanga
    • Up milk supply:Dairibord
    • Zimasco imports coal
    • Zisco, Essar deal a sprawling conglomerate
    • High losses blamed for missed tobacco targets
    • Mujuru: A leader who made, unmade history
    • Muckraker: Where is Jomic when you need them?
    • Eric Bloch: Deterrents to Foreign Direct Investment
    • Effects of North Africa events on Zim politics
    • Why Zim needs a new voters’ roll
    • CandidComment: Sadc’s obsession with politics detrimental
    • Editor's Memo: Polls: Putting the cart before the horse
    • Comment: Mujuru’s death: echoes of the past
    • Hunger spreading in south
    • DOCUMENTARY: Will the real Mugabe please stand up?
    • Tapestries of fear
  16. Posted 19/8/11
    • SADC Luanda summit ends with no Zim solutions
    • Zim Parties Close To Agreeing An Election Date
    • Summit silent on key issues
    • S. Africa's Zuma: Zimbabwe Political Reform Lagging
    • Zuma turns the heat on Zimbabwe's leaders
    • More CIO agents revealed in supplementary list (Part Two)
    • $29m for water, sewer systems upgrade in Zimbabwe
    • Funds Flow, But Water Taps Run Dry
    • Donors generous - despite Mugabe’s vitriol
    • US Ambassador barred from Mujuru home
    • Fugutive Zimbabwean Banker Arrested In Taiwan
    • Farm invasions continue across Zimbabwe
    • Stop Rumours Surrounding My Husband's Death - Joice
    • Mujuru death mystery deepens
    • Mysterious deaths list
    • Fierce Leadership Battle Roils Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
    • Majongwe denies Zanu (PF) links
    • Victory for Woza members
    • Concerns Over Transparency Of The Copac Constitution Drafting Process
    • Zanu (PF) bigwigs warn Mugabe on elections
    • The farmer Mujuru evicted speaks out
    • Zimbabwe Polling Organization Suspends Surveys, Citing Political Climate
    • Part 1 of ROHR debate on Question Time
    • Who dunnit?
    • Do political analysts have emotions?
  17. Posted 18/8/11
    • Mugabe’s double standards on Mujuru death
    • Mujuru death raises more questions than answers
    • Questions over Mujuru death
    • Mujuru death exposes rot
    • Mujuru faction regroups
    • Mujuru Declared National Hero, Burial Saturday
    • Joice Mujuru Acting President Despite Mourning Husband
    • Sadc summit opens, Zim’s political impasse tops agenda
    • Southern African leaders open talks
    • Zuma remains facilitator as Troika notes Zim progress
    • Zimbabwe Parties Disagree Over Security Reforms As SADC Meets In Angola
    • Mugabe And Mutambara Should Go - Poll
    • Anglican priest evicted from home by Kunonga gang
    • MDC-T councillor arrested & beaten
    • Security sector reform dominates NGO Expo in Harare
    • CZI blasts price increases
    • Death of MPs affects constituencies
    • We are neglected: Green Bombers
    • Last white farmers targeted
    • Zanu (PF) interferes in food distribution
    • South Africa seizes children of Zimbabwe beggars
    • China reaffirms support to Zimbabwe
    • Cops refuse post-mortem for murdered activist
    • Political intolerance - SANToC
    • Uncertainty threatens Zimbabwe’s recovery
    • Militarised Control of Diamonds and Power in Zim
    • Solomon Mujuru: An obituary
    • Was General Solomon Mujuru assassinated?
  18. Posted 17/8/11
    • Zimbabwe 'kingmaker' general dies in fire
    • Mujuru Was Among Zimbabwe's Most Feared Men
    • Zimbabwe's ruling party shrouded in suspicion after ex-military chief dies
    • General’s death opens Mugabe succession race
    • General Solomon Mujuru legacy divides opinion
    • Anglican boss tackles Kunonga mess
    • Kunonga gets custody of church property
    • In Zimbabwe, renegade bishop's backers evict priest
    • Thousands destitute after Nyazura farm invasions
    • Luxurygate spreads
    • Mutasa vows not to close ‘torture base’
    • SADC must stop Zimbabwe army generals: Tsvangirai
    • ZCTU Congress to go ahead as the High Court dismiss Majongwe's papers
    • Former Grace Mugabe business partner avoids extradition
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers Accuse Police of Selective Arrests
    • Zimbabwe to Use Special Drawing Rights Facility to Pay Off IMF Debt
    • Cabinet approves exploration company
    • South Africa's Jacob Zuma Moves to Finalize Zimbabwe Elections Road Map
    • As SADC Summit Opens, Zimbabwe Governing Parties Remain Divided
    • SADC told to tackle Zim media repression
    • Zimbabwe seal ODI series against Bangladesh
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai“s condolence message
    • Another Open Letter to Eddie Cross
    • Has the Zimbabwe Diaspora been neglected?
  19. Posted 16/8/11
    • Zanu PF push for Mugabe exit
    • ZANU PF digs in ahead of SADC Summit
    • Zim crisis solution unlikely at SADC summit: analysts
    • Monitors ‘infringe on our sovereignity’ – Zanu-PF
    • Outrage over flashy cars
    • Another Nyazura farm family attacked by land invaders
    • Zim’s Biti keeps US$215 mln at IMF
    • Zim Police Investigates Fliers To Topple Mugabe
    • Shops In Chiadzwa Diamond Area Ordered To Close
    • EU invited to tour Chiadzwa after ZANU PF denies torture claims
    • Zim lifts ban on livestock imports
    • Over 500 victims of 2008 violence missing
    • Low water levels worry Byo councils
    • Pay your bills: Tsvangirai
    • Zim handing out energy saving bulbs
    • Rainbow Tourism Group tries to silence The Sunday Mail
    • MISA - Zimbabwe: submission of broadcasting licence applications
    • Plan Zimbabwe responds to "NGO ‘campaigns’ for ZANU PF governor"
    • Social networking and the future of political reporting in Zimbabwe and beyond
    • The west's gift to Robert Mugabe
    • Hypocrisy of the highest order
    • Eddie Cross: Islands of Excellence
    • Open Letter to Eddie Cross
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/8/11
    • Ministers plunder government
    • HIV MP presses charges against reporter
    • Police, AG Shield Violence Perpetrators- ZLHR
    • Import restrictions to hit Zimbabwe's economy
    • UK's new envoy to Harare aims to improve relations
    • Zanu PF must resolve Gukurahundi: Moyo
    • Cholera claims more victims
    • More than 500 still missing after 2008 poll violence
    • Consumers in duty panic
    • Fury at proposal of alcohol ban
    • Man fined $600 for helping border-jumpers
    • US plot to discredit Zim security sector, claims state media
    • PM Tours Mthabezi Dam, Promises To End Matabeleland Water Woes
    • Rampant Zimbabwe crush Bangladesh
    • Aid begins at home? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 13th August 2011
  21. Posted 15/8/11
    • Jabulani Sibanda threatens to ‘roast livers’ of opponents
    • Minister Timba demands US$250 000 from Chihuri
    • Zanu PF militia invades farm
    • Mugabe turns to war-time allies for support
    • Tired Sadc leaders tackle Zimbabwe
    • Minister suspended over MDC-T links
    • Demise of Bulawayo not deliberate, says Tsvangirai
    • Chitungwiza residents give council ultimatum
    • Displaced MDC-T victims still stranded
    • Mkoba lecturers take Govt to court
    • Govt forced to rethink beer ban
    • ‘BBC human rights documentary a shame’
    • Marange diamonds seized in India
    • Makandiwa’s whereabouts revealed
    • Mystery of women rapists unleashing terror on men
    • Zim fails to meet tobacco target
    • Govt to clear IMF arrears
    • Sadc summit to discuss free trade
    • SundayView: Will Zanu PF ever learn from its mistakes?
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk: Unravelling Jonathan Moyo’s introspection
    • SundayOpinion: Old Mutual payouts: Is this a fair deal?
  22. Posted 14/8/11
    • Knives out for Zuma
    • Kunonga gets control
    • Zimbabwe torture documentary: The Axe and the Tree Pt.4: Video
    • Zimbabwe back pedals on company seizures
    • Drought-hit Zimbabwe farmers push government to lift GMO ban
    • Food needs to escalate
    • Boreholes ease water woes in Nyamandlovu
    • Locals flood Moz hospitals
    • Support for ‘health tax’
    • Soldiers, police up for robbery
    • Mugabe promises soldiers more money
    • Zim out of AU, UN peacekeeping
    • Civic societies fume over detention and deportation ahead of SADC summit in Angola
    • UNICEF children assaulted by Zanu (PF) agents
    • Residents of Chikomba, Zimbabwe, Allege Abuses of Constituency Funds
    • Farmers meet poachers
    • Chipinge: punished for supporting opposition since 1980
    • Forgive us our debts: The albatross around Zimbabwe’s neck
    • Security chiefs refuse to allow will of people
    • Fighting dictators and corruption
    • Diaspora vote deal hangs in the balance
    • The Emperor's Cloak
  23. Posted 13/8/11
    • Sadc summit: Zanu PF, MDCs poles apart
    • Mugabe Lobbies Regional Leaders to Stave Off Summit Reform Call
    • Zuma's final push
    • Summit won’t sanction parties: analysts
    • Civic leaders deported from Angola ahead of SADC summit
    • Southern African NGOs Press SADC Leaders on Human Rights Guarantees
    • SADC GPA Monitoring Team Ready For Deployment
    • Police visit offices of the Zimbabwe Independent
    • VMCZ on police visit to Zimbabwe Independent
    • Tsvangirai fraud scandal deepens
    • MDC gets on the gravy train
    • Supplementary list of CIO agents in Zimbabwe
    • Deborah Bronnert - Britain’s new ambassador
    • Zimbabwe official inflation rises to 3.3%
    • White couple gets farm back
    • Water shutdown for city
    • MDC-T MP and ZANU PF governor clash over donor project
    • Remains of suspected Gukurahundi victims found in Lupane
    • Retailers Urge Abolition of Duties on Imported Maize Meal, Oil
    • Zimbabwe Justice Rules Legislator Cannot be Compelled to Take HIV Test
    • Polls plunge Zanu PF into turmoil
    • Diaspora vote deal reached
    • Silence Surrounds Submission of Broadcasting licence applications
    • Muponda freed, charges dropped
    • MDC-T still searching for 7 activists missing since 2008
    • Malema silencing Zimbabwe opposition: group
    • Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh by four wickets
    • Mugabe’s best friends
    • Foreign Aid Dilemmas under Zimbabwe's Inclusive Government
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 33/2011 of 11th August [POSA Amendment Bill Bocked]
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/11
    • Sadc ‘must rein in rogue regimes’
    • Mugabe readies party for polls
    • Drop in the ocean for MZWP
    • Zanu PF youths lease out grabbed property
    • Zim food security ‘pressing issue’
    • Only 25% of GWP implemented — Biti
    • Corruption fight: Zanu PF chefs remain sacred cows
    • Hwange Colliery workers mull strike
    • Banking sector: Room for optimism
    • Rural farmers should go commercial –– Olam
    • 130m kgs tobacco go under the hammer
    • Tsvangirai’s leadership qualities questionable
    • Muckraker: We all know who has the ‘octopus’ grip
    • Eric Bloch: RBZ sees realities
    • Sadc Summit: Will it be more of the same?
    • No democratic transition without security sector reform
    • Why sanctions must remain in place
    • CandidComment: Indigenisation could hurt banking confidence
    • Editor's Memo: Urgent reform key to Zanu PF’s survival
    • Comment: Sadc must stay course
  25. Posted 12/8/11
    • Zimbabwe tops Sadc agenda
    • SADC urged to stand up to tyranny
    • Mugabe’s party insists Zuma must quit as mediator ahead of summit
    • Zimbabwe considers dumping US Dollar for Chinese Yuan
    • Activist of Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change Found Murdered
    • Arrest Ncube’s murderers
    • Zapu recruits army officers, Zanu (PF), MDC officials
    • More CIO agents revealed in supplementary list (Part One)
    • 'Smuggled' Zimbabwean children taken home
    • Zim children still risking SA border crossing
    • Mutare based NGO ‘campaigns’ for ZANU PF governor
    • MDC-T ordered to close down office in Chimanimani
    • Suspected Zanu (PF) Hooligans Ransack MDC Offices
    • Zim bank robber in SA escape
    • Zimbabwe reduces penalties on ownership transfer law
    • Court orders medical treatment for Glen View activists
    • Britain Donates US$1 Million To Avert Cholera in Zimbabwe
    • Heroes Day Woes For MDC Supporters
    • PTUZ warns govt over teachers’ salaries
    • Chipangano feeds on Mbare vagrant prophetess
    • ZCTU invites Vavi
    • Parliament To Hold Public Hearings On Electoral Amendment Bill
    • Gukurahundi probe on, 'We want proper investigations'
    • 'We are no longer going to ask for the land', Mugabe's memorable quotes
    • Is the EU trivialising human rights abuse in Zimbabwe?
    • Bill Watch 32/2011 of 10th August [Parliament Adjourns for End of Session]
  26. Posted 11/8/11
    • Evidence of Chiadzwa massacre could be used to prosecute Mugabe
    • White ZANU PF farmer defaces MDC office in Chimanimani
    • 13 days on, Air Zimbabwe stays grounded
    • Zimbabwe To Have Its First Military University
    • Missing MDC 7: party petitions SADC, AU
    • Zimbabwe Lawmakers Reject ‘Indigenization’ Regulations
    • Evicted farmers, workers sue govt for $20billion
    • Zanu (PF) provokes villagers
    • Expel guilty soldiers: Amnesty
    • Tsvangirai only worried about ‘salute’ from people, not generals
    • All top foreign company officials could face jail over indigenisation
    • Zim documentation project: It's a wrap, says home affairs
    • GNU Begs For US$489m In Humanitarian Aid From Donors
    • Zanu thug avoids justice
    • Zimbabwean Churches Told to Support Ruling Party—or Else
    • Regional leaders urged to confront human rights issues
    • Heroes Day Woes For MDC Supporters
    • Chitungwiza town clerk’s allowance case turns dirty
    • Speaker backs Gukurahundi probe
    • Many Zimbabweans in Drought-Hit Regions Surviving on One Meal A Day
    • Global: Human Rights Watch Honors 7 Activists
    • State journos fear news clampdown
    • Stealing MPs should be arrested
    • SADC: Confront Region’s Urgent Rights Issues
    • Import duty ill-timed
    • Makandiwa turns down Zanu PF
    • Outrage: in the name of the people
    • News releases from Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe – 10th August 2011
    • Eddie Cross: Marvelous Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 31/2011 of 6th August [Indigenisation Regulations Amendments & PLC Adverse Reports]
  27. Posted 10/8/11
    • Marange diamonds: Zimbabwe denies 'torture camp'
    • Mugabe to Britain: Extinguish London Fires
    • Abducted MDC-N director of elections found dead in Zhombe
    • Tsvangirai Hails Mukoweshuro As A National Hero
    • Zanu PF hijack heroes day
    • President Mugabe Preaches Peace But Differs With PM On Military Reform
    • Moeletsi Mbeki blasts SADC failure to deal with Mugabe
    • Amnesty calls for UN investigation into security sector
    • MDC- T Honours Gibson Sibanda
    • When Tsvangirai met Chiwenga
    • Forces Day loses patriotic appeal
    • Four star-spending for families
    • Confidence in GNU plunges
    • Zimbabwean Ministers Disown Proposed Tougher Alcohol Sales Policy
    • For Zimbabwe's women, a bicycle can be a tool of liberation
    • Jonathan Moyo’s hypocritical lecture on democracy
  28. Posted 9/8/11
    • Marange diamond field: Zimbabwe torture camp discovered
    • Victims speak of massacre in Zimbabwe diamond fields
    • European Union to lift ban on Zimbabwe's 'blood diamonds' despite torture claims
    • Export of Zimbabwean diamonds threatens ethical jewellery trade
    • Zimbabwe minister denies existence of diamond mine "torture camps"
    • Britain Urges Zimbabwe to Examine Diamond ‘Torture Camp’
    • Mugabe threatens Western firms in Heroes Day speech
    • Mugabe Says No To Security Sector Reform
    • Mugabe takes aim at mining firms
    • Mugabe slams "terrorist" NATO over Libya operations
    • Air Zimbabwe passengers stranded in China
    • New import duty could lead to food shortages
    • Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh in test return
    • MDC-T commemorates own heroes in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabweans snub SA permits
    • Hundreds Of Refugees Refused Entry At Nyamapanda Border Post
    • Zanu PF rocked by Jonathan Moyo’s call for old guard to go
    • Majongwe’s bid to land ZCTU post flops
    • India bars Marange diamonds shipment
    • Thousands attend Mukonoweshuro’s burial
    • Vagrant prophetess draws huge crowds in Mbare
    • Marange diamonds torture exposure vindicates civil society
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series - 5th August 2011
  29. Posted 8/8/11
    • Zimbabwe PM: Military involved in violence
    • Leave Politics To Politicians: Tsvangirai Urges Zim Military
    • Zimbabwe near Test win
    • MDC wants police to act within law
    • Moyo goes to court over anti-Mugabe articles
    • No censure for Chinamasa over SMM
    • Zim enters diamond big league
    • Tourism minister calls for alternative to ZBC
    • ZNA deserters fight for justice
    • MDC-T seeks to free Mbare
    • Mugabe scared to go
    • Mutinhiri cleared
    • Youths excluded from key policy matters: Madhuku
    • Zim, Mozambique’s ‘dirty’ row
    • Farmers fight on
    • Zimbabwe is bottom of the list for aid
    • Presidential herd under fire
    • Asylum-seekers still look for refuge in SA
    • Massive increase in 2nd hand car imports
    • Zim govt has suspended holiday lessons
    • Zimbabweans and Money . . . Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 6th August 2011
    • A generation of readers
  30. Batch 2 Posted 7/8/11
    • Beer to be banned Sundays — New law
    • Embattled Makandiwa gets reprieve
    • Welshman Ncube says Tsvangirai is ‘empty’
    • MDC-T unveils own heroes
    • AAG official nabbed for gold panning
    • Sadc raps Mugabe over elections
    • MP arrested
    • Councillors endorse town clerk’s suspension
    • Cross-border traders hit by duty on blankets, shoes
    • Mutinhiri cleared of conspiracy against Zanu PF
    • Murder suspect appeals for ARVs
    • MDC-T youths vow to block early elections
    • Parents of police shooting victim vow to seek compensation
    • Paying the price for insulting Mugabe
    • Dream comes true for ZCC followers
    • SundayOpinion: Succession failure, Zanu PF’s undoing
    • SundayView: African leaders pay lip service to true democratisation
  31. Posted 7/8/11
    • Government Again Bailing Out Air Zimbabwe to Tune of US$9 Million
    • 170 farmers await trial – CFU
    • Kimberley Process Says Zimbabwe Ranked Seventh In Global Diamond Production
    • ZISCO Steel Resume Operations After Takeover By Essar
    • Beware election violence: warn true war vets
    • Zanu PF want Jonathan Moyo in JOMIC
    • Violence escalates in Midlands
    • Poll reveals massive voter fatigue, lack of confidence
    • Police ‘rob’ passengers
    • Teachers forced to work at Zanu school
    • Residents slam ZESA
    • Tobacco – ‘A magnificent recovery’
    • Mugabe’s relative in smuggling scam
    • Pensioners’ payment pain
    • Province is marginalised: BPRA
    • Hard Winter in Harare
    • Transitional Justice: national healing and reconciliation
    • Chimanimani Arts Fest explodes
    • Zimbabwe victory charge hit by late collapse
    • Zimbabwe moves on
    • Kunonga’s actions sickening, perverse
    • For Howard
  32. Batch 2 Posted 6/8/11
    • Public Service Minister Elphas Mukonoweshuro dies
    • Hackers target ZSE website
    • Council to probe state of Matapi cells
    • ZANU-PF Blocks Passage in Zimbabwe Senate of Public Order Act Revision
    • Zimbabwe Diamond Output Surges After Marange Sales Allowed, Rapaport Says
    • Mutare police top brass war spills into court
    • Veld fire destroys US$77 000 maize
    • Political Violence Flares in Zimbabwe Even as Mugabe Preaches Tolerance
    • Makandiwa to face the music
    • Zimbabwean writer is a finalist in BBC competition
    • Zimbabwe takes upper hand in one-off Test
    • ZESN Ballot_Update June - July 2011
    • Malema not a SADC Youth Chairperson
    • A letter from the diaspora
  33. Posted 6/8/11
    • Tsvangirai under US$1,5m probe
    • Sekeramayi forces CIO boss out of Central Committee
    • Gwaradzimba in contempt of parly
    • Manyika family suspects Zanu PF cover up
    • Green Fuel project will not be reviewed — Arda
    • Backyard schools: A sign of government neglect
    • Indigenisation policy: More questions than answers
    • Ministers clash over Hwange Colliery AGM
    • Econet seeks to gag Alpha Media
    • Strike costs AirZim US$2 million
    • We need 18 hours of power supply –– CZI
    • The disaster is closer to home Cde Chombo
    • Abysmal mid-year budget review
    • Debt: The albatross around Zim’s neck
    • Violence perpetrators must pay for 2008 abuses
    • Alternative financing explored
    • Land tenure audit now without delay
    • Take time to listen Kasukuwere
    • Banks crisis: Prevention is better than cure
  34. Posted 5/8/11
    • ‘Zim, centre of human trafficking’
    • Parliament set for unprecedented debate on ‘errant’ security forces
    • Part 6 of the leaked CIO list
    • ZANU PF thugs pour hot oil on MDCT youth activist
    • ZISCO Steel No More
    • Techno Challenge Scuttles Facebook Trial
    • Ministers seek end to Air Zimbabwe strike
    • Call to scrap death penalty in Zim
    • Mugabe dishes out the cash
    • Hardliners in Mugabe's ZANU-PF Challenge Mediation Role of S. Africa's Zuma
    • Council defies Chombo
    • “You can have change without shedding blood” says Tsvangirai
    • ‘Revolutionary’ money sending service available in SA
    • Makandiwa flees Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website hacked
    • Zimbabwe shine on return to Test cricket in Harare
    • BBC: A Panorama Look At Marange
    • The illegal seizure by excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga of the Arthur Shearly Cripps Shrine in Chivhu, Zimbabwe
    • When will AIPPA and POSA be abolished?
  35. Posted 4/8/11
    • 14 die in 2nd crash of an overcrowded bus in Zimbabwe in recent days
    • Zuma going nowhere
    • Zim adjusts aid appeal by US$73mln
    • Video footage exposes ZANU PF manipulation of food
    • From bread-basket to basket case: Land seizures from white farmers have cost Mugabe's Zimbabwe £7billion
    • Zimbabwe needs $100 million for the referendum but cannot raise $32 million for food
    • India's Essar to invest up to $4 bln in Zimbabwe: minister
    • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Demands More Taxes From Poorly Paid Teachers
    • Grace abused funds say Chinese monks
    • Facebook post lands man in court
    • Inside Chipangano: hungry thug reveals Mugabe’s violent secrets
    • Return of import duty ill-timed
    • Women Seeking Justice Face Archaic Rules and Discrimination
    • ZEC should fix voters’ roll
    • Technology-shy Mugabe dazzled by Chamisa-Laptops
    • Rural communities left out
    • Miners forced to buy Zanu (PF) cards
    • No end to Air Zimbabwe pilot strike in sight
    • Some Zimbabwean Ministries Not Reporting to Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • MDC will only attend burials of genuine heroes
    • Late Vice President Nkomo’s Statue Sparks Fresh Debate
    • Zim Donates HIV Paediatric Drugs
    • Prisoners shave with broken glass
    • I only eat traditional foods: Grace Mugabe
    • ‘Set trial date for Grace’s case’
    • Disharmony in Zimbabwe cricket
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Statement on ROHR
    • Correction - Harare cops charged with brutality
  36. Posted 3/8/11
    • Zanu PF seeks to unseat Zuma as mediator
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai still divided over electoral roadmap
    • Zimbabwe Governing Parties Urged to Reach Agreement Before SADC Summit
    • No military interference: MDC
    • Zimbabwe Defense Forces Commander to PM Tsvangirai: Leave Military Alone
    • Still no clarity on Zimbabwean deportations
    • Thousands of Zimbabweans in South Africa Face Deportation
    • SA says Zim deportations will not resume, yet
    • UN to appeal for Zim aid
    • Zimbabwe needs additional $73 mln aid - UN
    • UN says Zimbabwe needs more than $480 million for food, health, humanitarian aid
    • No Money No Work - Zim Pilots
    • Zimbabwe Loses $12 Billion of Produce, Farmers’ Union Says
    • Harare cops charged with brutality
    • Journalists remanded again for ‘criminal defamation’
    • ZANU PF accused of using police to banish women from politics
    • Life for Zimbabwe Anglicans worsens with properties commandeered, priests arrested
    • HIV MP's lawyer barred from practice
    • Work on Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo statue resumes
    • Zimbabwe’s economy showing growth after longtime fiscal chaos
    • Kombi As A Threat To Democracy
    • Bowerman Award - pls take a moment to vote for our own Ngoni Makusha!
  37. Posted 2/8/11
    • Drafting of new constitution resumes after 3 month deadlock
    • Did UK warn Mugabe and Nkomo about assassination attempts?
    • Army biggest obstacle to reforms: PM
    • ‘Zanu PF finished’
    • Mugabe family owns 39 farms, says report
    • Soldiers beat up ROHR activist after prison release
    • Block failed farmers from mines: Gono
    • Gono pushes indigenisation re-think
    • New ZANU PF jingles present urgent need for reform
    • Zimbabweans Should Brace For More Zanu (PF) Jingles
    • US ambassador defends position on military
    • Air Zimbabwe grounded again following strike by pilots
    • Mliswa sues Chihuri for unlawful detention
    • Zanu-PF thug runs berserk at NewsDay offices
    • S.Africa sets stage for deportation of Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabwean immigrants in the dark
    • Parents of 16 dead babies can sue over ZESA faults
    • China blamed for increase in poaching
    • FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Senator Misheck Marava on Question Time
    • TRANSCRIPT: The Future of U.S.- Zimbabwe Relations
    • Why Invest in Zimbabwe?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees and Status of Bills Series - 1st August 2011
  38. Batch 2 Posted 1/8/11
    • At least 18 die in bus crash in Zimbabwe
    • Net closing on top MDC-T leaders
    • Matabeleland Residents Facing Safe Water Shortage
    • 'Govt decision ineffective'
    • Farmers encroach on wildlife
    • SA banks in Mugabe's sights
    • Biti instructs revenue collector Zimra not to bank with Zimbabwe Central Bank
    • State Of The Art Hospital Lies Idle
    • Prostitutes rap sex-for-freedom cops
    • UK Border Agency says sorry to Vigil – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 30th July 2011
    • Legal plunder crumbles Zimbabwean businesses
    • Caveats and opportunities of secret Zanu pf MDC talks
  39. Posted 1/8/11
    • 16 babies feared dead in power cuts at Pari
    • Chitungwiza splashes US$500 000 on cars
    • Zanu PF, MDC agree on polls roadmap
    • Grace Mugabe’s orphanage leaves families homeless
    • Unclaimed salaries expose ‘ghost workers’ at Harare City Council
    • Police face mounting bills over torture
    • AirZim defers flights as pilot strike bites
    • Security sector reform could stem the tide: Lawyers
    • Slain activist inspires Nyanga villagers
    • ICT indaba slated for August 3
    • Government crafting new investment laws
    • Biti move on import duty a double-edged sword
    • Gono cracks whip on banks
    • StandardComment: Police must stop being partisan
    • SundayOpinion: Charges of armed forces coup baseless
    • From the Editor's Desk: ZDF must show that charity begins at home

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