The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/11/11
    • Concourt rules on Zim election report
    • Police Pledge Support Ahead Of Zanu-PF Conference
    • Mugabe hangs on
    • Gono nudges Zimbabwe towards yuan
    • Zim parents & teachers express growing anger
    • MDC-T member assaulted
    • Scientists 'baffled' by gel results
    • Zimbabwe militants seek restaurant boycott over ad showing leader as “last dictator standing”
    • Tsvangirai’s ‘lover’ slept outside his house for 3 days
    • Detained MDC Supporters Launches Fresh Freedom Bid
    • Govt urged to scrap hospital admission fees
    • BAZ invites applicants for radio licenses for urban centres
    • MISA concerns over granting of radio licenses
    • Hwange disaster averted by rains
    • SA-based Zimbabweans Worried About Lack Of Jobs
    • SOUTH AFRICA: "Harsher regime" for asylum seekers
    • Inspect your Zimbabwe Electricty Supply Authority bill
    • Mugabe - traitor against Africans
    • X Factor star Gamu wins deportation fight
    • Marange Diamond Revenue: A Clueless Jigsaw Puzzle?
    • Cooking in a Three Legged Pot
    • Bill Watch 53/2011 of 28th November [2012 Budget Highlights and Getting Money Bills Through Parliament ]
  2. Posted 29/11/11
    • Police disrupt MDC-T rallies
    • Deputy Speaker Fired
    • MPs blackmail Biti
    • 800 WOZA members launch ‘gender violence’ campaign
    • 'Chiefs used for political mileage'
    • Tsvangirai's mum welcomes his wife
    • Chiota’s wife dies
    • Fed-up minister quits politics
    • Female rape suspects appear in court
    • Fragile truce holds in Zim
    • Women triumph against Mudede
    • Rights groups fight for SA asylum seekers
    • Zanu PF thugs to pay for torturing MDC activist
    • MISA-Zimbabwe: call for local radio station licenses
    • Report: Zimbabwe Plans To Open Diamond Sales Offices In Antwerp, Dubai
    • Transcript of Theresa Makone on Crisis Analysis
    • Transcript of Question time with Pedzisai Ruhanya
    • Zimbabwe Media: Mahoso, Resign Now!
    • Court Watch 2/2011 - November 2011 [Cases in the Supreme Court]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 28th November 2011 [Committee Meetings 29th November]
  3. Batch 2 Posted 28/11/11
    • Catholic commission says Zimbabwe water supplies ‘a national disaster,’ warns of disease
    • Mugabe caps 1 679 Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) graduates
    • Zim, SA hit by doctor brain-drain
    • Council wants ‘police market’ brought down
    • BAZ Slammed Over “Independent” Radio Licences
    • 'Radio licences: Deception, plain nonsense’
    • Maguwu opposes nationalising Marange gems
    • Tsvangirai keeps nation guessing
    • Sham marriage exposes Tsvangirai
    • Kunonga directed Chihuri on action against parishiners
    • $45m blown on travel
    • Massacre horror relived
    • Don't be intimidated: Dabengwa
    • Zanu-PF mafia ruining Zimbabwe, says Bennett
    • Aid change – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 26th November 2011
    • Divine Rights
  4. Posted 28/11/11
    • Rape case Kereke wants to suppress
    • New radio licences a ‘farce’: Tsvangirai’s office
    • Mandiwanzira upbeat on radio licence
    • 2011 great year for education, but...
    • Harare upgrades traffic lights
    • Sexual abuse rife in police – Makone
    • Call for inter-party unity
    • Farming group denies Zapu links
    • Nando’s ad pokes fun at Mugabe
    • Intra-trade can be remedy for Africa’s woes, say experts
    • Three scoop maths olympiad
    • Biti appeals for wise political leadership
    • Sex strikes are an effective tool for change
    • Free trade talks kick Africa into future
    • Kereke must have his day in court
    • Editor's Desk: Bed-hopping Tsvangirai soiling his own image
  5. Posted 27/11/11
    • Biti casts doubt over election
    • Soldiers kept in the dark
    • No hope for new house
    • Rural schools get lease of life
    • Order of Merit for WOZA leader
    • Eight Activists Arrested As Onslaught Escalates In Masvingo
    • Climate change hits Africa's poorest farmers
    • Beit Bridge Border post
    • Plum coloured Starling
    • Masuku speaks to ZIP... John Makumbe
  6. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/11
    • 2012 budget hailed as people’s budget
    • Biti hailed best Finance Minister since independence
    • Biti warning over foreign travel ‘cancer’
    • No Election Money From Biti's Budget
    • 'No salary raise'
    • 2 new radio stations in Zimbabwe get licenses
    • Zimbabwe new radio licences a 'farce': Tsvangirai's office
    • Harare on ‘high alert’ as typhoid continues to spread
    • Continued pressure on Tsvangirai over ‘marriage’
    • Zanu-PF MPs Mortify Tsvangirai
    • Constitutional Court to rule on Zim vote report
    • MDC wants Marange nationalised
    • Climate change effects: Poor at risk
    • Transcript of Theresa Makone on Crisis Analysis
    • Transcript of Question time with Pedzisai Ruhanya
    • Last dictator standing
    • Court Watch 1/2011 - November 2011 [About Court Watch; the Supreme Court]
  7. Posted 26/11/11
    • Salaries gobble up Biti’s budget
    • Zanu PF tightens grip on the airwaves
    • Govt tinkers with duty, tax regimes
    • Legal wrangles stall Essar deal
    • Govt set to launch National Trade Policy
    • Land reform in need of review— Ray
    • Bulawayo a hive of activity
    • Banking sector makes proposals to restore confidence
    • Zim’s key economic indication now regressing
    • ‘I went into govt with a different attitude’
    • Tunisia: Inspiration to African media
    • MuckRaker: Where then is the sabotage Cde Gumbo?
    • Eric Bloch Column: Zim politicians should see the light
    • Will Mugabe’s party be torn apart?
    • GNU has failed on justice delivery
    • Paranoia haunts Mugabe allies
    • Independent Comment: Budget: Good progress but a long way to go
    • Editor’s Memo: BEE: Mugabe volte face a setback
    • Candid Comment: Phew! No mention of elections in budget
  8. Posted 25/11/11
    • Zimbabwe’s diaspora: reasons and lessons
    • Biti banks on diamond revenue for 2012 budget
    • Zim economy expected to grow
    • PM to issue statement on ‘marriage’ rumours
    • Makone denies meddling in Tsvangirai’s private life
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Communique: new radio licenses issued
    • Mandiwanzira, Zimpapers Granted Radio Licences
    • Zimbabwe State Television to Broadcast Chinese News Programming
    • Mugabe calls Cameron 'satanic'
    • Mugabe Rules Out Uprising In Zimbabwe
    • We’ll punish gay people: Mugabe
    • One in two Zimbabweans has bribed police: report
    • Typhoid cases escalate
    • Amplats’ Zim empowerment deal
    • MDC activist bail hearing deferred for fifth time
    • MDC Exonerates Madzore From Evading Police Arrest In Fresh Freedom Bid
    • Constitutional Draft on Table, But Unresolved Issues Remain
    • Hugh Grant warns Britain of Zimbabwe
    • Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t
    • Bill Watch 52/2011 of 24th November [Budget Today; Setting up Media Council]
  9. Posted 24/11/11
    • Heat wave kills more than 77 elephants in Zimbabwe
    • Alleged conspiracy to corner Tsvangirai into marriage
    • Chiwenga gags Standard newspaper over ‘wife beating’ claims
    • Kereke Accuses Standard Journos Of Extortion As Onslaught Escalates
    • Farmers blame land grab for serious food shortages
    • GPA facilitators meeting delayed again
    • China funds Zim SMEs
    • ZOU Degrees Suspended
    • Mugabe Launches Community Trust, Critics Say Its Electioneering
    • Rapaport Group Calls on Diamond Trade to Avoid Marange Diamonds
    • Violence haunts Copac
    • Zanu-PF threatens farmers in Insiza North
    • MDC voters removed from roll
    • MDC-T youths barred from ZNA
    • Madzore bail hearing postponed to next Wednesday
    • Ruling on Zhanda case tomorrow
    • Zim politician turns gun on himself after shooting wife in SA
    • Retailer giant OK posts a stunning 1,167 % on earnings
    • Cattle banking plans
    • UNICEF to stop water provisions
    • Next elections in 2013
    • Sustainable solution to resuscitate Zimbabwe's Agriculture
    • Ambassador Ray's Speech
  10. Posted 23/11/11
    • Budget presentation postponed again
    • Tsvangirai marries
    • Corruption is getting worse in Southern Africa / New survey from Transparency International shows the police are seen as most corrupt
    • Facilitators to meet negotiators on Wednesday
    • Registrar General Says Deportees Stretching Capacities
    • Civic group fears for Zim returnees
    • Politician shoots wife, self in SA
    • ZESA renounces power deal with the Chinese
    • Zesa pre-paid meter project in mess
    • Tracy Mutinhiri to be sacked as Minister next month
    • ZANU PF refusing to pay for conference venue
    • HIV tests for Zanu PF conference delegates
    • Ncube, Mutambara fight over MPs
    • ‘Land probe gives Chiyangwa chance to clear name’
    • ICG: Mugabe Party Blocking Reforms
    • 1700K ‘human wall’ to stop diamond smuggling? Only in Zimbabwe
    • McGee Is A Liar: Claims Zanu-PF MP
    • Madzore bail hearing postponed for the 4th time
    • Harare deputy sheriff face charges of criminal abuse of duty
    • SA Parliament passes controversial ‘Secrecy Bill’
    • He’s not here: Immigration
    • Transcript of Paul Siwela on Question Time (Part 1)
    • Appeal for research information for a book
  11. Posted 22/11/11
    • UN warns 1 million Zimbabweans set to face struggle for food
    • Zimbabwe Police Guard MDC Rally
    • Police receive rare commendation from MDC-T
    • PM calls for fair 2012 election
    • Exclusive: Tsvangirai marries lover
    • ZANU PF planning ahead for next election
    • Glen View MDC-T activists detained for 6 months
    • Chiyangwa loses battle over land
    • Hwange elephant deaths linked to poor park maintenance
    • Bulawayo market traders forced to attend ZANU PF meeting
    • Police officers operating Kombis illegally
    • ‘Ncube hell-bent on destroying MDC’
    • Zanu PF gay storm
    • Govt fails to fund Nkomo statue
    • Media distorted my wealth: Chombo
    • ‘Zim prisons not reformative’
    • Tehran ready to share experience with Zimbabwe: foreign minister
    • Police must be professional: President Tsvangirai
    • Yet another disastrous programme
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: Issue 33
    • Peace Watch of 18th November 2011 [International Day for Tolerance]
  12. Batch 2 Posted 21/11/11
    • Mugabe seeks protection
    • MDC Formations Call For Khaya Moyo’s Arrest For Inciting Violence
    • ZCTU faction presses ahead with congress
    • Standard journalists go into hiding
    • NewsDay suspends editor in bribes probe
    • Diamond Rush Reported in Zimbabwe's Pondongoma Region
    • Chinese in diamond challenge to Harare
    • MDC-N still going strong
    • Turbulent times, but Mutambara stays defiant
    • Soldiers blamed for violence
    • ZRP - the kings of corruption
    • Zanu PF supports gays
    • Monitor MDGs, MPs urged
    • Health care remains depressed - Tsvangirai
    • ‘Zim prisons not reformative’
    • Zimbabwe has only 8 registered pathologists
    • Zimbabwe's king of bling
    • ‘No solution will come from outside Zim’
    • 'Dictators be warned' - Tsvangirai
    • A call for mass action – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 19th November 2011
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 19th November 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 21st-24th November]
  13. Posted 21/11/11
    • Mutinhiri kicked out as minister
    • GPA principals meeting hopeless, say analysts
    • Masunda speaks on Borrowdale mall
    • Firm seeks Mugabe’s help to recover licence fees
    • Kunzvi Dam project: Council weighs funding options
    • Water woes to persist till 2015
    • ZUJ dumps Kereke over arrests
    • Homosexuality issue referred to Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • Masiyiwa among Africa’s richest
    • Politics stall setting up of NEC
    • Zim dollar balances: CZI calls for UN conversion rate
    • RBZ creditors to wait longer
    • Biti says Zim businesses fear statistics
    • Letter to Father Christmas
    • Inviting foreign artistes: Word of advice to ZTA
    • Urgent need to revise laws on stolen asset
    • Harassment will come to naught
  14. Posted 20/11/11
    • Reforms face further delays
    • Colonel revives torture bases
    • Bonus Crazy Soldiers Beat Up Villagers
    • Magistrate acquits Mugabe ‘insulter’
    • Airzim workers return to work
    • Air Zimbabwe Looks to China's Hainan Airlines as Possible Strategic Partner
    • Envoys: EU Sanctions to remain
    • South Africa’s Zuma to Meet Zimbabwe Leaders, Herald Reports
    • Zimbabwe Activists Propose to Target Justice Minister Chinimasa With Eggs
    • Kasukuwere links political violence to 'youth poverty'
    • Chombo re-expels Harare councillors
    • Gono nails MP over bribe
    • Zimbabwe's feared police Support Unit warns violence perpetrators
    • Elephants in grave danger
    • Growing US interest in Zim
    • Mugabe to blame: SA analyst
    • Zimplats submits revised local ownership plan
    • Parties want free, fair elections
    • I am so sick of the Constitutional debate
    • Mayhem and obscenity
  15. Batch 2 Posted 19/11/11
    • GPA teams meet over lack of implementation
    • Senior MDC official murdered in Glen View
    • Editor bemoans use of ‘criminal defamation’ to muzzle media
    • Minister Mohadi Targets Journalists
    • Corruption Rampant in Zimbabwe; National Police Seen Worst - Survey
    • Zanu-PF's militia feeds on extortion
    • Diamond rush hits Beitbridge
    • Residents continue to suffer as load shedding persists
    • Madzore bail ‘scuttled’ by State
    • Chaos, as Air-Zim bosses are detained by angry workers
    • Court postpones Mutambara, Ncube fight ‘indefinitely’
    • ‘Zimbabwe has no capacity to pay Zambia debt’
    • Tsvangirai placed on unprecedented high level surveillance – Reports
    • Mudede Battles To Overturn High Court Ruling
    • Reforms face further delays
    • ‘Copac never discussed gay rights’
    • MDC Real Change Peace Rally moves to Chibuku Stadium on Sunday
    • 'Maintain tenets of good governance democracy'
    • Was Julius Malema in ZANU-PF’s Pocket?
    • Why Zimbabwe should abolish criminal defamation law
    • The Chinese are ready to step in and help their ,Old Friend' steal yet another victory
  16. Posted 19/11/11
    • Tsvangirai under tight surveillance
    • VP Mujuru escapes Mugabe censure
    • Parties in full throttle campaigns for polls
    • Detectives looking for Standard journos
    • Violence: Mugabe’s Damascene moment?
    • SMM saga: Chinamasa gets final warning
    • ‘Hopes for free polls dashed’
    • Zesa drops Sino Hydro deal
    • Zanu PF indaba preps hit a snag
    • Byo water project set for completion
    • Budget conundrum: What can we expect?
    • Zimbabwe embarks on eco friendly fuel project
    • Make constitution outreach reports public
    • MuckRaker: Another ‘healing’ body as Rome burns
    • Eric Bloch Column: Will diamonds be for never?
    • Farming season in disarray
    • Why voters fear an early election
    • Media: Cornerstone of Zanu PF’s misrule
    • Govt not in control of inflation
    • Independent Comment: Biti must remove rigidity in the economy
    • Editor’s Memo: Political violence: Zanu PF’s sincerity suspect
    • Candid Comment: Shhh, it’s budget day next Tuesday, don’t let anyone know
  17. Posted 18/11/11
    • Farm outlook in Zim is bleak
    • Aspiring Soldiers Die In Sweltering Heat
    • State drops espionage charges against Africom
    • ‘Fugitive’ banker Vingirai granted bail
    • Journalists Charged With Theft, Defamation
    • ZUJ cut ties with Kereke over arrest of Standard journalists
    • Zimbabwe Media Activists Sound Alarm as Independent Papers Face Barriers
    • Prime Minister Seen in Diplomatic Drive to Engage UN
    • Mutambara, Ncube case postponed
    • Sadc fails to save Zimbabwe
    • Ncube on principals table to undermine Tsvangirai - Madhuku
    • Ncube Zanu PF ally: Bhebhe, Madhuku
    • ZANU PF hypocrisy over gay rights exposed
    • State accused of ‘deliberately frustrating’ Madzore case
    • Bureaucracy delays resuscitation of Bulawayo industries
    • Zim working towards hosting successful UNWTO event
    • Eddie Cross: To Be Held Accountable
  18. Posted 17/11/11
    • Zim inflation eases to 4.2%
    • Fresh Abduction Fears For Mukoko
    • Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Says No End to Blackouts in Sight
    • China urges Zimbabwe's Mugabe to expand economic ties
    • Chinese to invest US$700 million in Zimbabwe mineral processing
    • Standard journalists bailed after spending night in cells
    • Code of Conduct ‘not enough without reform’
    • Madzore’s fresh bail application postponed
    • MDC officials arrested in Masvingo
    • Plot to unseat Mugabe gathers pace in Zanu PF
    • No trees in 50 years
    • Govt rejects EU observers
    • Police demand ‘permit’ for birthday party
    • City of Harare called upon to scrap residents’ debts
    • Africom espionage case drags on
    • British ambassadors to deliberate on Sadc developments
    • Typhoid cases rise in Harare
    • ZANU-PF Chairman Under Fire for Alleged Inflammatory Remarks
    • Indian diamantaires rush to Zimbabwe
    • Eviction threatened
    • Libraries abandoned…
    • Ncube Is Being Used By Zanu-PF: Bhebhe
    • Welshman sees ghosts where none exist
    • MDC disturbed over the continued persecution of scribes
    • ZLHR strongly condemns the acts of surveillance and intimidation of Jestina Mukoko
    • Resistance and Denial: Zimbabwe's Stalled Reform Agenda
    • I applaud Bulawayo residents for Zesa money clubs
    • Bill Watch 50/2011 of 16th November [2012 Budget Statement on Tuesday 22nd November]
  19. Posted 16/11/11
    • Two journalists arrested and charged with theft & defamation
    • Biti’s budget presentation postponed due to Mugabe’s absence
    • City of Harare slammed for ignoring early typhoid warnings
    • Zimbabwe reports 207 typhoid cases amid heat wave, acute water shortages
    • Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai MDC Denies Tabling Gay Rights Bid
    • PM taken to task over gay rights
    • Aspiring Soldiers Stranded As Vets Run Short Of Cards
    • Mujuru alliance with MDC-T might have cost him his life
    • Sellouts face roasting
    • Zimbabwe's National Healing Organ Drafts Code Of Conduct for Political Parties
    • Electoral Fears As Leaders Denounce Violence
    • Robert Mugabe's bloody regime set in stone
    • Chipangano threatens us
    • Social Work in Zimbabwe: Cry the beloved profession
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 14th November 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 14th-17th November]
  20. Posted 15/11/11
    • ZANU PF factions unite to try to remove ailing Mugabe
    • Zim drafts code against violence
    • MDC Appeals To SADC Over Deteriorating Political Situation
    • Mugabe meets Chinese jewellers
    • De Beers to shun ‘low quality’ Zim diamonds
    • Calls grow for Gukurahundi justice
    • Council Blocks Zanu-PF's Abuse Of State Resources
    • Mugabe in u-turn
    • Ncube blasts PM again
    • Malema’s woes traced back to his links with ZANU PF
    • Solomon Mujuru’s brother told he will ‘disappear’
    • War Vets Assist In Soldiers Recruitment
    • Minister's fury over Air Zimbabwe downgrade
    • Rural Women Banking By Mobile Phone
    • The MDC Today – Issue 264
    • Zimbabwe National Ballet Disaster
  21. Batch 2 Posted 14/11/11
    • Mugabe in Hong Kong for daughter’s graduation
    • Fear of anarchy grips Zimbabwe
    • Zuma needs to get serious on Zimbabwe row
    • Women contract HIV after drug trial
    • Zanu PF in quandary over Malema suspension
    • Some in Zimbabwe Applaud ANC's Political Banishment of Firebrand Malema
    • Bloody Sunday: Victims of political violence speak out
    • Youths invade Byo factory premises
    • Gideon Gono must own up to his past
    • Zanu-PF Postpones Mash West Elections Again
    • Tsvangirai, world’s unsung hero
    • CIO at Vigil – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 12th November 2011
    • Could Zimbabwe end up like Syria?
  22. Posted 14/11/11
    • Inclusive govt reaches logjam
    • ‘Violence Indaba, a futile exercise’
    • More illegal settlements mushroom in Harare
    • Byo MDC-T youths warn Chipangano
    • Typhoid spreads in Harare
    • Constitution process hobbles on
    • Jocelyn spills the beans
    • Police raid on newsroom condemned
    • Msipa Jnr faces fraud charges
    • Court awards MDC-T activist damages
    • Moyo tells govt to release funds for new Parly building
    • Tourist arrivals increase
    • New twist to SMM saga
    • Surge in mining sector despite indigenisation threat
    • Strict requirements force banks to shun RBZ facility
    • ‘Religion is the opium of the people’
    • Newsroom raid despicable
    • Service providers extortionate
    • Editor's desk: Voter secrecy only way to stop violence
  23. Posted 13/11/11
    • Mugabe rushed to Singapore (not China), on emergency health scare
    • Man arrested for ‘undermining’ Mugabe
    • Zuma to visit Zim
    • Mugabe defends Chihuri
    • De Beers to avoid Zimbabwe gems
    • Air Zimbabwe resumes Beijing, London flights
    • “Second chance” programme on the cards: Coltart
    • Police evict land invaders
    • Chief ‘demands’ monetary respect
    • Chiyangwa files Court application against Harare City Council
    • WOZA, MOZA activists launch anti-harassment campaign
    • Misa takes airwaves fight to rural areas
    • Bumpy ride for Zimbabwe's Green Fuel
    • Beef price shoots up at Botswana deal ends
    • Battle for ZCTU control intensifies
    • MDC-M ejected from high-level peace Summit
    • I have to relate to Mugabe: PM
    • Chipangano won’t go easily
    • Zimbabwe Political Class Talks About Violence - But are Grass Roots Listening?
    • From Zimbabwe We Can - 'Who Are We'
    • Unarmed and outnumbered
    • It doesn’t help us just to go back?
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/11
    • Harare under seige
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe and Tsvangirai Talk Peace
    • Zimbabwe takes delivery of 20,000 AK-47’s from China
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Ncube call for end to violence
    • Serious violence hits Zim farming community
    • ICU Patients Forced To Vacate For Ailing Mugabe
    • President leaves for China
    • Grave site reveals sad tale of Chiadzwa violence
    • Zimbabwe minister admits smuggling is rife barely a week after diamond export ban is lifted
    • Zim officials criticised over Oxfam detentions
    • UN Funder of Zimbabwe Constitutional Revision Raises Concerns About Violence
    • 'Put up or shut up', Gono tells ministers
    • Mugabe gives elephants to China
    • ZCTU Fights Take New Twist
    • Chombo, councillors trade accusations
    • Governor in land controversy
    • Reflections after my 39th arrest
    • CFU President Press Release
    • Political parties share platform on violence
  25. Posted 12/11/11
    • Savanhu linked to Chipangano
    • Mugabe blocks Chiyangwa return
    • ‘Farmers need equipping’
    • ‘No basis for allowance cut’
    • No nationalising Marange — Mpofu
    • Expectations high ahead of national budget
    • AirZim leaves passengers stranded
    • Farming woes remain
    • ‘Diamonds proceeds should revive economy’
    • Does Zim qualify for Kimberley Process?
    • ‘Manufacturing malaise reflects economy’
    • MuckRaker: Why give Zanu PF an election gift?
    • Eric Bloch Column: An industrial mirage
    • Fractured course for media reform
    • Elections: Violence, bribery and fraud
    • Zimbabwe: Chance for democracy or conflict?
    • Candid Comment: Go ahead and surprise us all minister Mpofu!
    • Editor's Memo: Is Mugabe still in charge?
  26. Posted 11/11/11
    • Zimbabwe Leaders Meet to Discuss Surge in Political Violence
    • Jomic consults police over violence
    • ‘Hate speech contributes to violence’
    • Principals agree to early elections
    • PM Under Fire For Moving Towards Election Amidst Escalating Violence
    • Police raid Oxfam meeting in Harare, rights group says
    • Rearming Zimbabwe’s security forces
    • Mugabe ‘too sick’ to cap NUST graduates
    • Power cuts after Kariba, Hwange 'shutdown'
    • Farm invasions stepped up
    • Zim faces hunger again
    • Zimbabwe Beef Prices Soar as Imports End and National Herd Dwindles
    • Harare threatens to repossess homes over unpaid rates
    • Blended fuel prices fall
    • Court won’t hear MDC bail appeal
    • Chombo brags about riches
    • Mutare city councillor freed on bail
    • Zims welcome Malema suspension
    • Residents Burn Mugabe Poster
    • Now it’s Robert Mugabe the pop star
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 12/2011 - 9th November 2011 [Social, Economic and Cultural Rights]
    • Bill Watch 49/2011 of 8th November [Budget Seminar for MPs; Increased Political Violence; SADC Facilitation Team]
  27. Posted 10/11/11
    • ZESA to increase tariffs by nearly 50%
    • Sudden power shut down at Kariba, Hwange
    • Zimbabwe Plans Six Hydroelectric Generators, Newsday Reports
    • Government pledges diamond-fuelled bonus for civil servants
    • War Vets Languish In Prison Over Land Dispute
    • Mugabe thanks China for support
    • Sadc steps in
    • Youth Gang Forces Harare To Relocate Gates-Funded Housing Project
    • Gates’ project moves on
    • Doubts over police use of video evidence in Chitungwiza violence
    • US Ambassador Says Zimbabwe's Army Must Serve People
    • Zim Political Situation Uncertain: Ray
    • Green Fuel launches ethanol-blended petrol
    • Kunonga vows to keep doors shut
    • Villagers too clever for Zanu (PF)
    • Lawyer Irene Petras honoured for human rights work
    • ZANU PF in ‘panic mode’ over electoral defeat
    • Bail application for Glen View activists deferred again
    • Zim Journalist Faces Arrest Over Leaked Docs
    • Mutare councillor arrested
    • ‘Rape’ suspects attacked in Gweru
    • Government to Distribute Planting Vouchers to Vulnerable Farmers
    • AG appeals High Court by-election ruling
    • New SA banking regs cause panic
    • New short story competition launched
    • Zimbabwe today: ‘a mockery of liberation’
  28. Posted 9/11/11
    • GPA on verge of collapse: PM
    • MDC-T, MDC-N and ZANU PF to meet over violence
    • PM, Mugabe face off
    • Tsvangirai ceremonial PM - Ncube
    • Kasukuwere behind Chitungwiza anarchy - PM
    • Is Zimbabwe's power-sharing deal coming undone?
    • Zimbabwe police, army collude with illegal diamond miners - report
    • Zim diamond deal questioned after smuggling revelations
    • Treasury Unlikely to Be Flooded With Diamond Receipts - Experts
    • Rwodzi arrest shows weakening of Mujuru faction
    • Ontario telecom company baffled by link to Zimbabwean spy charges
    • Gwisai case near collapse after ‘star’ witness ‘caught in lies’
    • Prosecutors resume strike
    • Govt in Indigenisation climbdown
    • Media Commission Supports Panel Secretariat Amid Media Council Backlash
    • Accident claims 10
    • Assassination attempt on PM’s right hand man
    • Drama at court as Madhuku’s case further postponed
    • FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 7th November 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 8th - 10th November]
    • Bill Watch 48/2011 of 7th November [Summary of Private Member's Bill to amend the Urban Councils Act]
  29. Posted 8/11/11
    • MDC rally cancelled as violence erupts
    • Mugabe supporters stone Zim PM's rally: MDC
    • MDC-T statement on Chitungwiza violence
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Tsvangirai to meet after weekend of violence
    • "No hope of free and fair elections if violence continues" - Tsvangira
    • MDC-T: ‘Disruption of Tsvangirai rally was well planned’
    • ZBC REPORTER part of Chipangano
    • Zimbabwe Slides Back Into 2008 Violent Era: ZESN
    • Health fears rise as typhoid hits Harare
    • Police bias irks Zapu
    • MDC youths arrested for ZANU violence
    • Chipangano cost Mbare residents new houses
    • Mujuru Frustrated By Police Investigations Over Husband Death
    • MPs want exemption from ZESA bills
    • Zim Finance Minister To Revise Budget Upwards To Include Marange Diamond Revenues
    • MPs face prosecution for fraud
    • US sees positive growth in Zimbabwe
    • Fired ZANU PF MP vents anger on Facebook
    • ‘Zim not interested in re-joining Commonwealth’
    • Shamu waters down feud with Chamisa
    • Women University fails to honour promise
    • Thousands of girls forced out of education
    • Transcript of Rugare Gumbo on Question Time
  30. Batch 2 Posted 7/11/11
    • Mugabe supporters stone Zimbabwe PM's rally
    • 22 hurt, property destroyed at Zimbabwe PM rally
    • Security forces fanning violence
    • Mugabe beefs up his security, living in fear of his cronies
    • Copac in controversial decision
    • As elections loom, Jonathan Moyo's star is rising
    • Diamond Windfall
    • Diamonds to boost US$3.4bln budget: Biti
    • Makone Calls For Transparency On Diamond Sales
    • Gono: I didn’t spend US$1,1bn on scotch-carts
    • MPs target Chombo on Act
    • Harare presses ahead with Chombo probe
    • Education looks for 22% of budget
    • Angry SA justice minister demands answers on 'death handovers' to Zim
    • Police Bar ZAPU Road Show In Umzingwane
    • Zim Media Environment Hostile: IFJHR
    • ZMC Defends Zim’s Media ‘Hangman’
    • Ruckus over Tsvangirai house
    • Sata keeps Zanu PF guessing
    • Zim among world's least developed nations
    • MDC Press Statement on the Chitungwiza disturbances
    • EU undermines hope of democratic change – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 5th November 2011
    • What should be done before Mr Ban Ki-moon’s Zim visit?
    • A typical 82-day Reform Plan for Zimbabwe before UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon's visit
    • Film Project
    • PRESS RELEASE: Zimbabwe Achievers Short Story Award 2012
    • From Dictatorship to Democracy -reposting with link
  31. Posted 7/11/11
    • Mugabe tightens security
    • Deportations: MDC-T in quandary
    • Mugabe health under spotlight at Chinhoyi University ceremony
    • Zanu PF, MDC meet on violence
    • Zanu PF unleashes violence to threaten voters
    • Project to contain cholera underway
    • Siwela seeks police protection
    • Kereke’s medical aid firm collapses?
    • Colleges ill-equipped to deal with students’ health needs
    • Five perish in accident outside Gweru
    • Water tables depleting
    • MDC-T linked pastor fired
    • Visually impaired teacher seeks reinstatement
    • Mpofu warns of mine takeovers
    • Kenyan delegation scouts for business opportunities
    • SundayOpinion: AU, Sadc toothless bulldogs
    • SundayView: Service provision: Residents must play their part
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk: Zanu PF now a threat to country’s stability
  32. Posted 6/11/11
    • 21 hospitalised as typhoid outbreak hits Harare
    • Troubled Air Zim Suspended Again
    • Tsvangirai’s Star Rally Set For Chitungwiza
    • UN Secretary General to visit troubled Zimbabwwe
    • Banks flood to Chipinge as ethanol comes on stream
    • Indian jewellers keen to import Zimbabwean diamonds
    • Negotiator for Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Backtracks on Quitting Intra-Government Talks
    • Fresh Mujuru death probe
    • Mutinhiri terrorizes villagers
    • US hails ‘gifted’ Zim students
    • Controversy as Zimbabwe Media Commission Proposes Monitoring Panel
    • Mugabe Appeals Against Decision Forcing Crucial By-Elections
    • 'We won't rejoin Commonwealth' - Zanu PF
    • Coltart: Cricket can help sustain Zimbabwe's recovery
    • A Million Face Hunger As Zimbabwe Fails to Provide Seeds to Farmers
    • High Court rules in favour of tortured MDC member
    • Arrest of youth leader will not derail us: MDC-T
    • Exclusive Interview with Diamond Expert Farai Maguwu
    • Zimbabwe lose the game, but win respect
    • Waiting for dead bodies
    • A traumatized nation: RAU report
    • From Dictatorship to Democracy
    • Here we go again
  33. Posted 5/11/11
    • SADC to deploy Troika team to Zimbabwe in a fortnight
    • Zuma faces new GPA crisis
    • ZANU-PF Wants Out of S. Africa-Mediated Talks
    • CFU warns of ‘disaster’ as farm invasions intensify
    • ZANU PF divided over leaked COPAC document
    • Zanu-PF Wages Covert War Against MDC-T
    • Fresh divisions around Mugabe
    • Mugabe Blocks Chiyangwa’s Election Bid
    • Police ban Ncube meeting and rural clinic celebrations
    • Police try to force one-man protester to eat ‘Mugabe faeces’
    • MISA ‘shocked’ by fresh threat to Zim journalists
    • Discipline magistrate: reinstated councillors demand
    • No Seeds for Zimbabwean Farmers
    • Tomana Strips Off ZILOA Leaders Prosecution Powers
    • Jailed robber calls Mugabe ‘impotent’
    • Students arrested for demonstrating
    • ‘Zim adult literacy could drop to 70pc’
    • PM: Country risks political implosion
    • With Zimbabwe Cleared to Sell Marange Diamonds, Accountability a Key Issue
    • Tsvangirai to address thousands at Chibuku Stadium on Sunday
    • History is in the Making, Zimbabwe Arise! - Zimbabwe We Can
    • Beyond the Reign of Zimbabwe's Mugabe: A Chance for Democracy or Prelude to Conflict
    • Contextualising South Africa’s Foreign Policy Towards Zimbabwe
    • Fighting violence with non violence
  34. Batch 2 Posted 4/11/11
    • Referendum delay body blow for Mugabe plan
    • Diamonds to rake in US$2bn –– Mpofu
    • Elections likely in March 2013 — Ncube
    • Senior Zanu PF Jomic official grabs farm
    • Mangwana leaked Zanu PF document –– MDC-T
    • Zisco needs US$388m –– Essar
    • Tobacco grower profile shifts
    • RBZ Governor speaks on business empire
    • MuckRaker: Zimpapers’ creativity put to work
    • Eric Bloch Column: Harare Alive, Elsewhere Dead?
    • Zim faces prospect of failing to feed itself
    • Context of SA’s foreign policy towards Zim
    • Time for the populace to impose sanctions on Zanu PF
    • Diamond sales veil must be lifted
    • Zim desperately needs responsible politicians
    • Let’s rethink strategy on AirZim
    • Govt, business must talk
    • Candid Comment: Service: what Zimbabwe needs
    • Editor's Memo: Premier must fight even harder now
  35. Posted 4/11/11
    • SADC to deploy Troika team to Zimbabwe in a fortnight
    • Zuma team silent on Harare violence
    • New video shows MDC members in rural Zim face harassment, violence and displacement
    • Top cop denies PM feud
    • MDC’s ex-Zanu PF cadres face axe for inciting violence
    • Zimbabwean government, donors launch $85 million education fund for secondary schools
    • Rugare Gumbo interview jammed by Mugabe regime
    • US says compromise on Zimbabwe diamond sales was necessary
    • U.S. Sanctions Prohibit Trade With Zimbabwe's Diamond Entities
    • Diamond Expert Maguwu Lashes At KP
    • Diamond CSOs slam Zim deal for ignoring human rights
    • Mujuru death remains divisive issue within ZANU PF
    • Ncube Shoots Down Tomana’s EU Claims
    • ‘Zanu PF a sinking ship’
    • Zimbabwe's manufacturing stirs, yearns for cash
    • Lawyers dump Mudede again
    • Mzembi raps poor tourism standards
    • Zanu PF scared of change
    • 50 years on, jubilant USAID reflects on its work in Zimbabwe
    • Will the KP green light increase remittances to Treasury?
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 11/2011 - 2nd November 2011 [The Judiciary Part II]
  36. Posted 3/11/11
    • Zim cleared to sell Marange diamonds despite ongoing abuses
    • Approval of Zimbabwe gem sales will fund Mugabe, politician warns
    • Zimbabwe minister calls decision to allow diamond export from controversial fields a ‘victory’
    • EU Welcomes Kimberley Process Decision on Marange Exports
    • Kimberley Process Lets Zimbabwe Off The Hook, Again
    • Mugabe should mull resigning over health, age: Zimbabwe PM
    • Zimbabwe prime minister justifies Mugabe's travel for medical care
    • Mugabe travel to Singapore costs millions, figures show
    • Soldiers deployed in Mbare as residents counter Chipangano gang
    • MDC HQ-raiding cops 'were hunting pirates'
    • PM Tsvangirai says violence on the rise
    • Tsvangirai Slams Police
    • Chaos in Harare
    • Referendum now expected between March and May 2012
    • Gwisai case: Lawyer doubts state witness identity
    • State media turns up heat on PM
    • Zimbabwe Presidential Spokesman Says Targeting Swiss Units Now 'Policy'
    • Africom bosses out on bail
    • One in 10 Zimbabweans Will Need Food Aid Through Early 2012 - FEWSNET
    • $14.2 billion needed for rehab
    • Zimbabwe's parents forced to pay school wages
    • Peasants transform agriculture in the wake of new ‘farmer’ failure
    • Army crackdown illegal: experts
    • PM’s question time in House of Assembly
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the Press
    • The Marange diamond fields of Zimbabwe – An Overview
    • "Hard Times" Matabeleland: urban deindustrialization – and rural hunger
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 10/2011 - 1st November 2011 [The Judiciary Part I]
  37. Posted 2/11/11
    • MDC-T headquarters besieged by armed police
    • Zimbabwe police seal MDC offices, fire tear gas
    • Makone warns of Egypt style uprising in Zimbabwe
    • Tension builds in Harare ahead of SA facilitation team’s visit
    • Suspected Zanu PF supporters detain lawyers
    • Zim businessmen granted bail
    • KP greenlight for 'immediate' Marange diamond exports
    • MDC takes police ban to Sadc
    • Gwisai’s defence team starts cross examining ‘star’ witness
    • Guzha Appointed To The Media Council Board
    • Human rights violations rise
    • Land invaders bash Mugabe relatives
    • Commonwealth Members Wants GPA Implementation
    • Zimbabwe politician recommends no sex for women who fail to vote
    • Zanu (PF) silent for first time on Mugabe as poll candidate
    • Zimbabwe's Political Parties Blame Each Other For Weekend Disturbances
    • Investor bets on Zimbabwe growth
    • African viewpoint: Zimbabwe's ghosts and intrigues
    • Chipangano, a Business Outfit, Hiding behind Zanu PF
    • Bill Watch 47/2011 of 31st October [Inaugural PM's Question Time & Another Private Member's Bill]
  38. Posted 1/11/11
    • Mugabe threatens Swiss properties in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe denies failing health after 8th Asia trip
    • Pandemonium as MDC-T and ZANU-PF supporters clash
    • Makone: Jomic rep responsible for violence Harare North
    • Police come under fire for blocking Tsvangirai rallies
    • Cops block PM
    • MDC-T MP threatened by CIO over diamond revelations
    • Zimbabwe 400-million-dollar health fund launched
    • Civic groups want Commonwealth role in elections
    • Zim's Bid To Sell Diamonds Under Spotlight Again
    • Mujuru right hand man arrested on espionage charges
    • Mugabe Family planned to open Bank Accounts in Switzerland - Sources
    • Ndebele penetrates Mashonaland Central
    • Zimplats Q1 output down, eyes local ownership plan
    • How ZANU (PF) disrupted my rally
    • Opinion on Government of Zimbabwe’s Response to UPR
    • Is Zim’s Attorney General A Square Peg in a Round Hole?

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