The ZIMBABWE Situation

October 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/10/11
    • Reform before readmission
    • 'Zim has worst conditions'
    • New panic over Mugabe's health
    • Mugabe should strategise on relinguishing power
    • Tired Mugabe wants out: Tsvangirai
    • Bob's 'disgraceful legacy'
    • PM, Mugabe collide
    • Respect People’s Rights: Tsvangirai Tells Police Officers
    • Mass arrests of MDC activists in Matebeleland
    • SA link as Gaddafi’s son ‘flees to Zim’
    • Biti distances himself from Airbus deal
    • Tsvangirai takes gay crusade on the road
    • Cotton centre evicts 13 famlies
    • Chinamasa: You are wrong about the ICC
    • Forced to follow a leader who’s going the wrong way
    • Religion and Politics Should Not Mix
    • ‘Awesome Semantic Redolence’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 29th October 2011
    • Statement by Mr. E G Cross
  2. Posted 31/10/11
    • Mugabe ready to step down, says Tsvangirai
    • GNU Principals block MPs’ hefty payout
    • Police threaten to shoot MDC-T supporters
    • Harare residents plan protests over rampant water cuts
    • Hunt for public service ghost workers stirs hornet’s nest
    • Long distance, tuition behind school drop outs
    • Gold panners causing havoc in Bindura
    • Chokuda case: Avenging spirits exact justice?
    • Tsvangirai’s support for gays backfires
    • Villagers denounce homosexuality
    • Criminal elements burning vehicles in Zvishavane
    • Prisons boss Zimondi dragged to court
    • Zim Red Cross gets US$30 000 donation
    • ‘Share scheme, a vote-buying gimmick’
    • Zanu PF conference: Will Mugabe face challenge?
    • RBZ debt scuttles Korea deal
    • Kasukuwere says Korean investments safe in Zim
    • Increasing imports threaten recovery: AfDB
    • Import duty re-introduction yields positive results: NECF
    • Mobile banking craze hits Zim
    • Minister pushes for GMO food to avert hunger in Zimbabwe
    • SundayView: Mismanagement threatens national asset — wildlife
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk:
    • SundayOpinion: Mugabe, Zanu PF are the problem
  3. Posted 30/10/11
    • Zimbabwe's espionage crackdown nabs three
    • Court approves MDC rallies
    • Police disrupt MDC rally in Lupane
    • Mugabe Wants To Step Down: Tsvangirai
    • 'Mugabe could appoint Grace'
    • Zim should restore ‘genuine’ democracy
    • MDC supporters arrested for Gaddafi “insult”
    • Biti: Cabinet ministers among failed farmers
    • Heat Wave in Zimbabwe Exacerbating Impact of Urban Water Shortages
    • Zimbabwe Engages International Lawyers To Challenge European Sanctions
    • Iron Ore Dispute Jeopardizes Strategic Partnership in Zimbabwe Steel Maker
    • Zanu (PF) wants to silence me: Chibaya
    • Radio Licence Issuance To Linger Longer
    • Morgan Tsvangirai on Question Time
    • Mugabe banks on violence
    • Are real owners of Zanu (PF) afraid to challenge ‘mafikizolos’?
    • Zanu PF continues to idolize the late Colonel Gaddafi
    • The sky is falling in
    • Bill Watch 46/2011 - 27th October [Summary of the Last (Third) Parliamentary Session]
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/10/11
    • MDC-T to defy police ban on rallies in Matabeleland
    • MDC-T Youth Leader Arrested Ahead of Tsvangirai Banned Rallies
    • War Veterans Terrorizing Matabeleland Villagers - MDC Activists
    • Border chaos as new computer system fails
    • COPAC says constitutional report ready
    • Commonwealth Wants Political Reforms Before Re-admitting Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF thugs defy eviction and assault police
    • President Tsvangirai addresses thousands of party supporters in Binga
    • Mudede judgment postponed
    • Mercenaries offering to take Gaddafi's son to Zimbabwe - ICC
    • Zimbabwe to 'sue EU' over travel ban
    • Zim 'women rapists' released on bail
    • Mugabe is in Singapore - sources
    • Ncube accused of playing central role in ‘engineered’ MDC split
    • Radio license hearings poorly attended
    • Africom bosses arrested
    • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Moves to Tax Teacher Incentives
    • Zimbabwe: keeping up with evolving humanitarian needs
    • CHOGM - What Next For Zimbabwe?
  5. Posted 29/10/11
    • Mugabe’s illness triggers panic
    • Document leak deepens Zanu PF fissures
    • Parliament flexes muscles on evasive Made
    • MDC-T, police feud over rallies
    • ‘Strip Mudede of his powers’
    • ‘Sterner stuff’ needed for Zanu PF succession issue
    • Timba risks arrest
    • President’s health cause for concern
    • SA envoy breaks mould on invasions
    • Air Zimbabwe can fly
    • MuckRaker: Zim once again on wrong side of history
    • Globalisation, democracy and the African agenda
    • Indigenisation: From one crisis to the next
    • Let the political games begin!
    • Iron-fisted rulers meet similar fates
    • Nationalise Marange diamond fields –– Cross
    • CandidComment: Decongesting Harare: Take employment to the people
    • Editor'sMemo: Zanu PF set to entrench airwaves domination
    • IndependentComment: Key lessons from Gaddafi’s death
  6. Posted 28/10/11
    • ZANU PF activists attack MDC-T’s Harvest House
    • Harare swelters as water crisis continues
    • Police Bans Three MDC Rallies
    • ‘Zim secures $300m Brazil farm loan’
    • Hundreds march through Bulawayo to protest ZESA failures
    • Salaries suspended at Zisco as Indian deal drags on
    • Zim Announces Census Dates
    • Sanctions on Mugabe, allies to stay
    • Gwisai trial postponed again
    • Attorney-General mulls pulling Zimbabwe out of UN over Grace's visa row
    • MPs tackle Tsvangirai over gays
    • Why Mugabe might be forced to embrace gays
    • PM wants growth-focused empowerment
    • Zimbabwe Allocates $45 Million to Small Farmers For 2011-2012 Season
    • Chipangano Gang Wreaks Havoc in Harare
    • War over Tsvangirai's book
    • Will Mugabe's party be torn apart by Wikileaks?
    • E.Cross: Presentation to Parliament on Marange
  7. Posted 27/10/11
    • Officials denied visas, Mugabe cancels UN trip
    • Interesting comments by Herald readers...
    • Mugabe rumoured to be back in Singapore
    • State case against Gwisai and others crumbling
    • Chogm to debate Zim political woes
    • Zim plant generates controversy
    • Registrar General faces court action after refusing Zim man passport
    • Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Board To Be Reconstituted - Tsvangirai
    • ‘Chombo’s dismissal of councillors irrational’
    • ‘Hired thugs’ attack Anglicans in Mutare
    • MDC Cries Foul Over Youth Member Arrests
    • Air Zimbabwe trying to secure French planes amid sanctions
    • Tsvangirai says Zimbabweans will decide on gay rights
    • Zim Foreign Minister Blasts UN Over Gaddafi Killing
    • Zimbabwe rejects calls to ratify ICC treaty
    • Security forces intensify violence against MDC
    • Zimbabwean Lydia Werrit granted three more years in UK
    • MSF, Red Cross brace for cholera in jails
    • Will of people will prevail: ZEC warns securocrats
    • High Court ruling litmus test
    • Army recruitment drive
    • Small-scale farmers choose tobacco over maize
    • ZESA robs clients: ratepayers
    • Makone blasts GNU
    • Indigenisation should not be political rhetoric
    • Bill Watch 45/2011 of 26th October [Prime Minister's Question Time to Start Today]
  8. Posted 26/10/11
    • Zimbabwe shock Black Caps in final ODI
    • Reactions to historic Zimbabwe win
    • Zim experiences hottest October in almost 50 years
    • Binga Villagers Refuse To Grab White Owned Firms
    • Ex-Zim Policeman Teargas Shoppers
    • Parliament Completes Public Hearings on Electoral Reform Bill
    • Former AAG chief defends support of ZANU PF
    • Gwisai’s defence to cross examine state witness
    • Spokesman for Zimbabwe's Mugabe Now Cites 'Differences' With Gadhafi
    • ZANU PF Haunts Journalist At BAZ Hearing
    • Zimbabwe's Chinamasa attacks Tsvangirai on gay rights
    • MP released from custody
    • Ex-judge to lead Zimbabwe match fix probe
    • Zim Judges Say Government Should Buy Them Clothes
    • Fertiliser industry stuck with 300 000t
    • Asylum seekers face detention
    • Deportation of Zimbabweans tearing families apart
    • How rich was retired General Solomon Mujuru?
    • MISA-Zimbabwe: Human rights should be taken seriously
    • MISA-Zimbabwe: Journalists trial deferred
    • CHOGM and Zimbabwe
    • Will Gaddafi’s family settle in Zimbabwe?
  9. Posted 25/10/11
    • Zimbabwe government to take over Air Zimbabwe's debt
    • SA denies report of deadly deal with Zim police
    • MDC ready to rule — PM
    • Fresh Mugabe health concerns
    • ‘Zanu PF thugs are wasting time’
    • Public hearing meeting disrupted in Bulawayo
    • Cholera fears rise in Harare as fights over water continue
    • Water Crisis Worsens in Mabvuku
    • Zesa fears collapse
    • Nicholas Goche Gets New African Top Post
    • MDC-T MP for Mkoba arrested on false charges
    • Violence rocks AAG summit, Mandiwanzira bloodied
    • Zimbabwe's PM backs gay rights for new constitution
    • Zimbabwe politicians in community trust abuse
    • Diesel shortage hits Harare
    • Essar’s Zimbabwean steel quest turns sour
    • Serial rapist dies
    • Chamber warns of mining decline
    • Zim fails to meet tobacco sales target
    • Diaspora Can Play Bigger Political Role: DBIC
    • Goche conceded Mugabe lost 2008 election
    • ‘No Vote’ was a blunder: Tsvangirai
    • Letter from Harare: why Mugabe is unlikely to share Gaddafi's grisly fate
    • Leadership and Accountability
  10. Batch 2 Posted 24/10/11
    • Report: Zimbabweans 'sent to die'
    • Tsvangirai Matabeleland North Rallies Disrupted
    • Zimbabwe Needs To Engage Tribal Differences : Ndlovu
    • Mugabe wanted Tsvangirai to rule
    • Zim professionals living in poverty
    • Over 60 % Secondary Girl Children Drop From School: Report
    • Govt, private sector lacks financial resources
    • Govt frustrating investors
    • I did not help found the MDC - Nyoni
    • Gaddafi gone – next Mugabe: Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 22nd October 2011
  11. Posted 24/10/11
    • Grace Mugabe evicts 62 Mazowe families
    • Police disrupt Tsvangirai rally
    • Zanu PF shies away from Mugabe endorsement
    • Poll hearings abandoned
    • MDC-T activist buried three years after death
    • Government to set up reconciliation council
    • Cholera fears in Harare as water shortage persists
    • Empowerment taken too far
    • Zimbabweans ordered to leave SA township
    • Ex-RBZ workers’ plight turns nasty
    • Politics derail Bulawayo recovery
    • Kasukuwere shuts door on Zimplats suitor
    • Govt releases only US$11m to rehabilitate ailing NRZ
    • SundayView: Global peace remains an elusive goal
    • FromtheEditor'sDesk: Share ownership schemes a Zanu PF poll gimmick
    • SundayOpinion: Zanu PF, aliens colluding in poaching syndicates
  12. Posted 23/10/11
    • African Union Largely Silent About Gadhafi's Death
    • Gaddafi death: Mugabe in crisis
    • Violence on the rise
    • Non-violence pact: PM
    • Activists arrested for “burning” Zanu (PF) banner
    • Zim violates African Rights Charter
    • IOM deplores treatment of refugees
    • NGOs chased away
    • UNICEF trucks misused
    • Farm invasion spat pits SA against Zim
    • Air Zim losing $4m a month
    • 'Sanction campaign in the bin
    • Zimbabwe targets free breast cancer screening
    • Zimbabwe dictionary unifies rival sign languages
    • Mutambara falls from grace
    • Young Africans Chat A Way Forward For Zimbabwe
    • ‘Ministers plotted terror'
    • Lawmakers to get windfall
    • Black Caps win ODI series despite second Taylor century
    • End the deceit of endless dialogue
    • Scott free for torture
    • ZANU PF Conference or Congress?
  13. Batch 2 Posted 22/10/11
    • Fights break out as water crisis grips Harare
    • Harare Cholera Threat
    • ZANU PF mourns the demise of Gaddafi
    • Gaddafi Fall A Lesson To Other African Dictators - MDC-T Spokesman
    • Forced labour on farms owned by ZANU PF chefs
    • Map of victims of violence
    • Riot police assault innocent civilians in Bulawayo
    • Tomana Charges Prosecutors, Mugabe Biscuit Man Freed
    • Xenophobic violence resurfaces in South Africa
    • Public hearings expose cracks in GNU
    • Zimpapers Talk Radio's Impartiality Threatened
    • Zim Vigil activist granted last minute reprieve from deportation
    • Zimbabwe Seeks to Reopen Talks With Essar Africa Over Iron Ore Holdings
    • Zimbabwe scores badly in world bank rankings
    • Govt must pay up: Robertson
    • Mbeki financed MDC split: Tsvangirai
    • Livestock Initiative Restores Land, Water in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-pf should learn from the Libyan experience
  14. Posted 22/10/11
    • Zanu PF fights over VP posts
    • Chinamasa rejects 2008 election violence probe
    • ‘Zanu PF open to Mugabe succession debate’
    • Chiyangwa’s return linked to Zanu PF power struggle
    • Mutsekwa accuses Zanu PF of asset-stripping
    • Africa faces tough decisions over GMOs
    • Zanu PF obstinacy leading towards disputed election
    • Inflation to close year above target
    • Zim to clear US$260m Federation-era debt
    • Muckcacker: What will they do when Mugabe goes?
    • Budget: Essential policy issues
    • Globalisation, democracy and the African agenda
    • Matabeleland cries out for pragmatic politicians
    • CandidComment: Budget 2011: Biti’s acid test
    • IndependentComment:
    • Editor'sMemo: Flexibility, rapport key for BEE success
  15. Posted 21/10/11
    • Gaddafi praised as "an African hero" by Mugabe's party
    • More CIO offices and torture centres exposed: Part 2
    • MDC-T youths march in solidarity with detained activists
    • Lawyers Name And Shame Police Torturers
    • Court hearing for MDC youths, chairman today
    • Jailed MDC activist collapses in court
    • Undercover cop testifies in Gwisai case
    • Mujuru death saga deepens
    • Police push for inquest into Mujuru’s death
    • Commercial radio shortlisting slammed for favouring ZANU PF
    • We Will Not Be Biased, Says ZimPapers Talk Radio
    • Electoral Amendment hearings suspended due to ZPF violence
    • Zec in dark over by-elections
    • Zimbabwe to Reopen Marange Tender By Year-End, Chimanikire Says
    • Biti on state of roads
    • Council workers back on strike
    • 2 000 Zimbabweans Deported Monthly
    • Zims fear SA census enumerators
    • Feared Mnangagwa Did Not Play Significant Role During The War: Mhanda
    • Midlands Governor Compensates Family Of MDC Slain Activist
    • New Zealand beat Zimbabwe in first one-dayer
    • Get South Africa more involved in changing Zimbabwe
  16. Posted 20/10/11
    • Zim needs US$200 mln for vote
    • ZEC Urges Zimbabweans To Assist In Removing Ghost Voters
    • Zimbabwe inflation seen below 4 pct end-2011-finmin
    • AAG split linked to deepening ZANU PF cracks
    • Veteran Zimbabwe Politician Urges ZANU-PF to Ditch Mugabe in 2012 Elections
    • Mugabe a “bad choice” for Poll – Zanu PF leaders
    • President, PM, Others Spend US$50 Million Traveling in September
    • Mtukudzi partners with ZBC in radio licence application
    • Four Aspiring Radio Stations Shortlisted
    • Judge dismisses court application over missing diamonds
    • ‘Zimbabweans eager to return’
    • Refugee groups slam SA Home Affairs
    • Govt in hot water over passports
    • White-owned businesses must pay: Zanu youths
    • Enos Nkala denies involvement in Gukuruhundi Massacres
    • Mayor confronts Chombo
    • Matibenga fights for civil servants
    • Makandiwa cashes in
    • Zambia demands Rhodesia debt
    • Police officers survive by hook and crook
    • Moyo planted false stories in state media: Wikileaks
    • Wrong-headed advice to wrong-foot Mugabe
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 9/2011 - 18th October 2011
  17. Posted 19/10/11
    • MPs flee Zanu PF thugs
    • ZANU PF ‘empowerment’ group under new leadership
    • Biti urged to stop Mugabe trips
    • Air Zim Sinks Deeper In Debt
    • Fears rise for Zim activist facing deportation from UK
    • Mutambara commutes to work weekly from South Africa
    • Army, Police Refuse To Pay US10m They Owe Council
    • State opposes bail application
    • Madzore’s bail judgment set for Thursday
    • Minister Accuses NGOs of Destabilization in League With West
    • Zimbabwe Not Paying 1,000 Teachers Rehired After Unity Gov't Formed
    • Zimbabwe to Award 2 Commercial Radio Licenses
    • Aspiring Radio Broadcasting Company To Work With ZBC
    • SA deportees include Gukurahundi survivors: ZAPU
    • MDC election campaign to target young voters
    • Miners decry high bank tariffs
    • ZESN chairman Tinoziva Bere on Question Time
    • Parliamentary Committees Series - 17th October 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 18 - 20 October]
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 8/2011 - 15th October 2011
  18. Posted 18/10/11
    • Zimbabwe PM says local ownership rule too stringent
    • Tsvangirai urges Mugabe to retire from politics
    • Zanu PF rift over Zimplats trust
    • SA urged to explain ‘secret’ deportation decision
    • Mugabe/Zanu (PF) Wary Of SA Deportations
    • ZANU PF youths disrupt public hearing on electoral law bill
    • Fear of violence in public hearings
    • Zim government reacted angrily to criticism by Commonwealth
    • Mutare Mayor attacked in robbery
    • Madzore’s urgent bail application postponed again
    • Hearing postponed for abuse case of Zimbabwean official's aide
    • Police Refusing With Mujuru Death Probe Results - Makone
    • Still no bailout for Air Zim
    • Urgent support for elephants needed
    • 15 000 say goodbye to singer Tongai Moyo
    • New Zim mall to cost US$100m
    • Khaya-Moyo Denies Riches
    • Former CIO agent avoids UK jail
    • Branson plotted to oust Mugabe
    • ‘SA backed coup plot’
    • NZ win Twenty20 series in Zimbabwe
    • How to take tea and turn the tables on Mugabe
    • Keynote Address by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 43/2011 of 14th October [High Court Orders Holding of 3 Matabeleland By-Elections]
  19. Batch 2 Posted 17/10/11
    • Zanu PF factions unite to remove Mugabe
    • Mugabe caves in to demand for congress
    • Zimbabwe diarrhoea outbreak - 7 dead
    • Election preps in mess
    • ZAPU Gears For By-elections
    • Pending By-Elections
    • High Court Braces For MDC’s Charges Against Mutambara
    • Zanu man defends farmer
    • Move to defuse land-grab row
    • Chiwenga rules out WikiLeaks probe
    • Mugabe praises Zambia’s Zim-educated white VP
    • Freda, employees lock horns
    • Government's mining claims sham exposed
    • Who will pay RBZ’s massive debt?
    • Mujuru enquiry pointless: MDC MPs
    • Female ‘rapists’ part of wider syndicate: Police
    • Zim-SA relations take turn for worst
    • WikiLeaks: Tsvangirai on warpath
    • Deportations to put pressure on Mugabe? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 15th October 2011
    • Zanu-pf’s culture of intolerance regrettable
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [Public Hearings on 2012 National Budget]
  20. Posted 17/10/11
    • Mugabe under pressure to deal with ‘sellouts’
    • Zimplats windfall divides Zanu PF
    • ‘Soldiers plot vote rigging’
    • Zanu PF in bid to block violence trials
    • MDC-T plan to lure more voters on cards
    • Displaced political violence victims return home
    • Hearings on electoral Amendment bill to start
    • Security agents, activists clash over mass grave
    • Divisions rock AAG
    • Governor Gono: Colossus no more
    • Wildlife: A national asset under threat
    • Biti tells govt to give farmers long leases
    • SundayOpinion: Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai
  21. Posted 16/10/11
    • “MDC Real Change Peace Rally” Angers Zanu-PF
    • Illegal Panners Should Not Be Arrested: Minister
    • Citrus farms lie idle as land grabbers give up
    • Army campaigns for Zanu (PF)
    • Harare Brought To A Halt As Women Rapists Appear In Court
    • 17 men implicate rape suspects
    • Political violence grips Masvingo
    • Kunonga strips Anglicans of property worth $40 million
    • Prosecutors call off strike
    • Not enough ‘chefs’ for all the country's wealth: Kasukuwere
    • Investor Fears of Zimbabwe's Empowerment Law Choke Off Capital Flows
    • Inflation Surges to 4.3 Percent in Year Through September
    • Moyo plot thickens
    • We will not be forced to vote for Zanu (PF)
    • Villagers sacrifice herds to get decent news
    • S. Africa's Continued Deportations Of Zimbabweans Signals Moratorium Over
    • Red Cross welcomed
    • Death penalty ungodly: former judge
    • Commonwealth in bid to ensure free, fair polls
    • Zim and the Commonwealth
    • Africa's despots gather without fear of arrest
    • "Mugabe in Grace's hand bag" - WikiLeaks
    • NZ crush Zim by ten wickets
    • That's my throne!
  22. Batch 2 Posted 15/10/11
    • Zimbabwe to Reinstate Evicted Anglican Teachers
    • SA Ambassador to Zimbabwe criticises lawless farm invasions
    • Bennett needed to be replaced: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe's Sept CPI inflation up at 4.3 pct y/y
    • COPAC says referendum could be in February 2012
    • Police bar PTUZ march
    • Mugabe rejects Zimplats offer
    • Mugabe Says Black Economic Empowerment Program to Stay
    • Malawi offers Zimbabwe farmers land
    • Madzore bail hearing postponed again
    • MDC, Zanu PF councillors unite for perks
    • No condoms allowed in Zimbabwean prisons, official says
    • SA slammed for deportations of hundreds of Zimbabweans
    • Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Condemns "Thuggery" Against Zimbabwean Church
    • Zim's church horror: 'Homosexuals must die'
    • All roads lead to Rudhaka Stadium on Sunday
    • Commentators caution Zim on transitional justice
    • Some are more indigenous than others
    • An appeal from St. Christopher’s School
    • Press release from the Joint Ethanol Project Advisory Committee
    • Biti’s statement on 2011-2012 Agricultural Inputs
    • A letter from the diaspora
  23. Posted 15/10/11
    • ‘Zanu PF will sink without Mugabe’
    • High Court orders by-elections in 14 days
    • SAA capitalises on AirZim’s woes
    • Parties adopt draft constitution framework
    • MDC-T threatens to boycott sham election
    • Bulawayo rates soar
    • Motion to clip Chombo’s wings faces stiff resistance
    • Zanu PF succession hots up
    • Commonwealth ready to accept reformed Zimbabwe
    • Government to issue Diaspora Bond
    • Stocks fall as govt ups empowerment drive
    • Mobile banking services launch chart a new era
    • MuckRaker: Kunonga a mere cog in the Zanu PF wheel
    • Eric Bloch Column: What Biti should do
    • Byo revolving fund under scrutiny
    • Visionless leadership defers Zim’s dream
    • The best and worst of the unity govt
    • Editor’s Memo: MDC-T’s poll demands in line with GPA
    • Candid Comment: Credit now the fourth money
    • Stop human rights abuses
  24. Posted 14/10/11
    • High Court rules against Kunonga evictions
    • Zimbabwe's Anglicans in rare victory following Archbishop of Canterbury visit
    • CIO offices and torture centres exposed countrywide
    • Locals to get 10 pct of Zimbabwe unit:Implats
    • Zimplats to invest up to $1 billion in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Rejects Security Sector Reform
    • Defiant Chinamasa Rejects Human Rights Remedies
    • Who will counter Chinamasa’s fraudulent report?
    • High Court order Mugabe to call by-elections
    • Tsvangirai's MDC Demands New Electoral Commission Staff
    • MDC-T official beaten by soldiers for wearing Obama t-shirt
    • The MDC Today
    • Police arrest MDC councillor
    • Madzore bail hearing fails to take place Wednesday
    • South Africa deports 500 Zimbabweans in two days
    • We can’t pay for transport to work: Airzim workers
    • Corruption rocks multi-million Ethanol project in Chisumbanje
    • Housing list soars to 1,2 million
    • Power outages threaten Zimbabwe agriculture
    • Mugabe's violent henchman handed community service
    • UK tycoon confirms Mugabe ouster plot
    • Black magic sperm?
    • New Zealand arrive in Harare
  25. Posted 13/10/11
    • Mugabe hints at WikiLeaks probe
    • Zimbabwe lawsuit seeks to challenge EU travel bans on its leadership
    • Zimbabwe Anglicans Optimistic Following Visit by Archbishop of Canterbury
    • Parliamentarians unite over Mujuru death probe
    • Too soon for Commonwealth gesture to Zimbabwe-UK
    • Nuns harassed after Archbishop’s visit
    • WikiLeaks Drama As MDC Senior Officers Nearly Exchange Blows
    • MDC-T calls on police to act against terror group Chipangano
    • Suspected war veterans terrorise residents
    • All night pungwes for Chayemiti
    • Still no passports in sight for Zims in SA
    • SA ‘tired’ of Zimbabwe crisis
    • Mugabe digs in
    • State media slams EU attempt to re-engage with Zimbabwe
    • High Court Rules against kunonga bishop in Manicaland
    • War Vets fed up
    • MDC-T national executive meets in Harare
    • Madzore’s bail application fails at the High Court
    • City council defy Chombo
    • You won’t die of hunger, PM tells villagers
    • Justice Minister Insists Repressive Public Order Act to Stand
    • Zimbabwe We Can 'Meet the People' Campaign
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series [Public Hearings on Electoral Amendment Bill: 17-24 October]
  26. Posted 12/10/11
    • Rowan Williams tells Robert Mugabe to end persecution of Christians
    • Dossier of Abuses
    • Mugabe 'on top of things': Williams
    • Archbishop harassed
    • Kunonga ordered to stop violence
    • Analysis: will Robert Mugabe keep his word to the Archbishop of Canterbury?
    • Statement by the Archbishops
    • Leading article: Courage of a good man in Africa
    • Homophobia in Africa prompts UK to cut aid
    • Chinamasa comes out swinging in Geneva
    • Bennett out as Tsvangirai appoints new ministers
    • Tsvangirai confident of winning elections
    • Analysis - Mugabe's health sends shivers through Zimbabwe
    • MDC-T councillor finds loaded AK47 magazine outside his house
    • War 'Vets' Torch MDC Legislator's Bus
    • No date set for Zuma’s meeting with GPA principals
    • Coalition government accused of abandoning UZ
    • Chisumbanje Villagers Threaten To Destroy Ethanol Project
    • We do not belong to anyone: Chiefs
    • Zimbabwe Army Chief Sounds Alarm on US, British 'Recolonization' Effort
    • Biti Unveils Bulawayo Survival Fund
    • Rebound projected for Zimbabwe tourism
    • Virgin Zimbabwe... Secret cable shows how Sir Richard Branson 'led plot to remove Mugabe'
    • Bill Watch 43/2011 of 11th October [MDC-T Minister & Deputy Minister Sworn In]
  27. Posted 11/10/11
    • Archbishop of Canterbury attacks 'mindless and Godless' assaults on Anglicans
    • Williams hands Mugabe Kunonga 'dossier'
    • Bishop savages Mugabe
    • Robert Mugabe offers Rowan Williams tea but little sympathy
    • Head of Anglican Church holds "candid meeting" with Mugabe
    • Kunonga hides behind homosexual debate in Anglican saga
    • Chipangano attack leaves three MDC activists in hospital
    • Matibenga sworn in as Public Service Minister
    • Calls for lifting of sanctions a ‘political game’
    • MDC-T Chair Quizzed About Arms Cache At His Home
    • Zanu PF Accused Of Coercing Supporters In Hurungwe
    • Police provoking us - MDC
    • Minister Trying to Create a "Paper Tiger" Human Rights Commission
    • Task of rebuilding Zimbabwe has only just begun
    • Zimbabwe defends human rights record
    • Murowa Diamonds surrenders 51% to Zimbabwe
    • Mutambara, AAG boss set for UK expo
    • Mana Pools faces threat
    • Ex-Cape Verde leader wins $5m African governance prize
    • If only UK politicians were as brave as Rowan Williams about Zimbabwe
    • Archbishop's sermon to the Anglicans in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 41/2011 of 7th October 2011 [Minister of Justice to Propose Amendments to Human Rights Commission Bill]
    • Parliamentary Committees Series - 8th October 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 10 - 13 October]
  28. Batch 2 Posted 10/10/11
    • Archbishop of Canterbury cheered in Zimbabwe
    • Rowan Williams takes Mugabe to task in Zimbabwe sermon
    • Christianity not about politics, Archbishop of Canterbury says on Zimbabwe visit
    • Kunonga followers protest Williams visit
    • Archbishop Rowan Williams warned over meeting with Mugabe
    • Secret moves within SADC to get Mugabe to retire
    • Heads of Commonwealth must try to help Zimbabwe in Perth
    • Miner sues for $500m
    • Deportation threat to census
    • Humanitarians unite to help those facing expulsion from SA
    • Tough times ahead for Zimbabwe's farmers
    • Water woes strike hit higher education
    • Wikileaks: Moyo begs UK tycoon to oust Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Vigil’s 9th Anniversary: 8th October 2011
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 767- Dated 7 October 2011
    • The Tide of Time and Change
    • Let’s report bribery in Zim
    • Whoever takes over from Mugabe could be even worse
    • Bill Watch 42/2011 of 7th October 2011 [Does the Human Rights Commission Bill meet the Paris Principles?]
  29. Posted 10/10/11
    • Tsvangirai promises compensation for victims of political violence
    • VP Mujuru demands results of police probe
    • Zim Students praised for writing talent
    • Mugabe going nowhere: War veterans leader
    • Chipangano attacks MDC-T activists
    • Uproar over impending deportations
    • MDC-T intra-party violence blamed
    • Delayed poll favours MDC-T: Analysts
    • Khupe launches MDC-T election campaign in Byo
    • Retired army officer arrested for invasion
    • Chinese investors accused of unfair business practice
    • Private business sector calls for removal of targeted sanctions
    • Govt courts foreign airlines
    • Sunday View: WikiLeaks exposes the questionable calibre of leaders
    • Foreign trips a drain on the fiscus
    • Editor's Desk: Turn violent groups into cleaning brigades
    • Sunday Opinion: Zim rights report far from truth
  30. Posted 9/10/11
    • Rio surrenders 51 pct stake in Zimbabwe unit-paper
    • Gov’t told to change police leadership
    • State agents step-up terror campaign
    • Zimbabwe would need huge sum to compensate local currency holders
    • Tsvangirai's movements curtailed
    • Strike paralyses Harare
    • 2012 not an election year: civic society
    • MDC dismisses Chinamasa human rights report
    • Chindori Chininga Suspended Over Draft Constitution Leak
    • MDC- T Launches Presidential Election Campaign
    • Prosecutors’ strike paralyses courts
    • Youths target empty buildings in Bulawayo
    • MPs flex muscles
    • ZBC brings in the big guns
    • Government Sets US$40 Million Credit for Matabeleland Industry
    • Money for GMB goes to civil servants
    • Zanu infiltrates apostolic sects
    • Maize production to increase
    • Desist From Hate Speech: MISA Urges Media
    • Ncube Laments Decay Of Journalistic Values
    • Ministers strike it rich in conservancies: WikiLeaks
    • Sen. Inhofe Introduces Bill to Repeal Zimbabwe Democracy, Economic Recovery Act of 2001
    • A single bolt of lightning
    • Where did it all go wrong?
  31. Batch 2 Posted 8/10/11
    • Mugabe regrets 'incompatible' unity government
    • Mugabe warns against Libya-style uprising
    • MDC-T 'suspends' minister over US cables
    • Zimbabwe's Biti Sees Problems Paying for Elections
    • Civil servants to get hefty bonuses
    • Government duty-free car scheme dismissed as electioneering
    • Archbishop of Canterbury in Zimbabwe this weekend
    • Williams, Mahlangu appear in court
    • Zimbabwe turns to mining to boost coffers
    • Mugabe admits he has no power to order elections
    • Madzore remanded in custody on murder charges
    • Home affairs resumes Zim deportations
    • Zimbabwean Business Delegation Urges US Invesment Despite Uncertainties
    • US Ambassador backs empowerment in Zim
    • Residents drag Chombo to court
    • Bonded nursing graduates to be released: minister
    • Zimbabwe to host white collar crime summit
    • Lawyer strike continues in Zim
    • Wikileaks cables galore this weekend
    • HRT 2012 City of Harare Budget Position Update
  32. Posted 8/10/11
    • Hardliners arm twist Mugabe
    • MDC-T suspends minister over US cables
    • ‘Nationalise diamonds’
    • Zim’s poor human rights record under scrutiny
    • US softens stance on Zim
    • Gono to supply personal debts record
    • Impunity rules during Zimbabwe’s ‘transition’
    • Post-succession potholes
    • More power outages loom
    • Treasury still in a fix over Zimdollar exchange rate
    • Muckraker: You don’t have to be racist to be a patriot
    • Please explain, Minister Kasukuwere
    • BEE policy needs proper interrogation
    • More uncertainty haunts Zimbabwe
    • Visionless leadership defers Zim’s dream
    • Empowerment policy foggy
    • Editor’s Memo: Implementation an outstanding issue
    • Candid Comment: Infrastructure crucial to hasten economic recovery
  33. Posted 7/10/11
    • Zimbabwe's president says he can't force 2012 vote
    • Zimbabwe to import new US dollar notes
    • New money for Zim stuck in Namibia
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers want former army chief's death explained
    • CIO torture offices and addresses to be exposed
    • Archbishop of Canterbury to press Mugabe on persecution
    • Kunonga evicts teachers in Mhondoro a week before exams
    • Mugabe: "Arab Spring" leaders missed warning signs
    • Scepticism over Zim growth prospects
    • Mugabe fed up with Moyo
    • Human rights leaders slam harassment of WOZA
    • Police Charge MDC Youth Leader Madzore With Murder of Cop
    • Zuma pressures Mugabe
    • Mugabe health now a crucial election issue
    • High noon for Mugabe
    • Grace Kwinjeh on Question Time
    • Roy Bennett Speech to Drake University USA
    • The Tragic Death Of Keith Nicolson On 13/09/2011
    • Nalatale Ruins
    • Judicial indolence threat to justice system
  34. Posted 6/10/11
    • Forced evictions in Zimbabwe leave thousands of children without access to education
    • Zanu (PF) chefs agree Mugabe must go now
    • Zimbabwe GDP seen slowing in 2012-finmin
    • Army divided over Generals who criticized Chiwenga
    • Arrest unruly youths: Mutasa
    • Government criticised over human rights abuses
    • MDC Senior Official Arrested Over Cop Murder
    • MDC-T activists have now spent over 4 months in custody
    • Williams visit for solidarity: church
    • Coltart intervenes in Anglican saga
    • AG's Dilemna Over Prosecutors' Strike
    • SA rights group says Zim deportations have begun
    • Public hearings for radio licenses begin this month
    • GNU a tug-of-war: Khupe
    • PM meets Mugabe over civil servants
    • Chinese cannot sell Zim diamonds
    • South Africa urged to ensure Zim Diaspora vote
    • Government suspends proposed vehicles ban
    • 99-year leases can be cancelled: Govt
    • CIO, cops tortured me to confess: Kuzipa
    • Ambassador Bronnert meets Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara
    • Milk production down
    • Zimbabwe puts food giant Nestlé on the ropes
    • Chipangano – a law unto itself
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement on abuse of opinion pages
    • Asylum Found?
    • Dark clouds of brutality that changed Andy Flower’s life
  35. Posted 5/10/11
    • MDC youth leader arrested
    • Prosecutors go on strike
    • '60 bodies' in school mass grave: minister
    • UK nurse and husband seize Zimbabwe farm
    • WOZA leaders granted bail
    • Give resettled farmers title: banker
    • Birth control jab doubles HIV risk
    • Controversy Stirred Before Zimbabwe Visit by Archibishop of Canterbury
    • Two MDC-T officials injured in unprovoked attack
    • Violence erupts in Chipinge South
    • Showdown looms over Zim report to UN human rights meeting
    • NewsDay newspaper website hacked
    • SA resumes Zimbabwe deportations
    • SA “unaware” of reported deportation directive
    • African army officers begin study tour
    • Vehicle imports: Goche statement this week
    • 9th Anniversary of the Vigil - Saturday 8th October 2011
    • Wikileaks: Mnangagwa would be more ruthless than Mugabe
    • The role of the middlemen at Beitbridge border post
    • I Have A Dream For Africa!
  36. Posted 4/10/11
    • Beatrice farmer & 84 workers threatened with eviction
    • No Zimbabwe-style land grabs in South Africa, says Zuma
    • Senior cop denied UK asylum
    • Gov’t urged to scrap media controls
    • Still no bail date for WOZA leaders
    • Speculation on Mugabe’s health mounts after 7th Asia trip
    • Cooperate or perish, Moyo tells Zanu PF's WikiLeaks plotters
    • Poverty alleviation scheme targets kids
    • Zimbabwe’s power situation: a closer look
    • Wikileaks: CIO keeps Mnangagwa a step ahead of his adversaries
    • 2013 U.S. Green Card Lottery opens October 4
    • Lessons and Insights to Inform Zimbabweans on Zambia Elections
    • Address by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
    • I disagree on lifting sanctions for six months
  37. Posted 3/10/11
    • Mugabe dismisses health speculation
    • Mr Land Grab at it again in Zimbabwe
    • Diamond boycott threat
    • WikiLeaks strengthened Mugabe's hand: Moyo
    • Two leaders of Women of Zimbabwe Arise still in prison – Action Alert
    • Majority of Zimbabweans shun state TV broadcasts
    • Sleeping in queues for water
    • Zimbabwe threatens to close under resourced universities
    • Zim must pay up: IMF
    • Disgraceful Zimbabwean asked for £25 000 to expose illegals in UK
    • All our politicians need is love: Biti
    • Wikileaks Bring Winds of Change, even to Rural Zimbabwe
    • World ignores Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 1st October 2011
  38. Batch 2 Posted 2/10/11
    • Mugabe in Singapore for medical attention
    • Many MPs have Aids—Speaker
    • Tsvangirai preaches peace
    • Mohadi, new farmers in land battle
    • Zesa switches off Mutoko hospital
    • Invaders threaten to drive out elephants from conservancy
    • Jonathan Moyo speaks on Mugabe succession
    • Journalists launch green association
    • Empowerment a Zanu PF project, says Kasukuwere
    • War veterans share ‘stolen’ cattle
    • DPM Khupe’s bodyguard sues Langa
    • Violence perpetrators to assist victims rebuild homes
    • Kunonga speaks on Anglican chaos
    • Children demand better services for the disadvantaged
    • Zanu PF chefs exploiting farm workers
    • Colourful festival for king Mzilikazi
    • Striking college lecturers suspended
    • Mugabe in another elections conundrum
    • Preserving wildlife can rebrand Zim
    • Indigenisation drive shifts to financial services sector
    • Strike costs NRZ US$5m
    • Econet launches mobile money transfer service
    • All set for Sanganai travel expo
    • Sundayopinion: Inclusive govt must redefine priorities
    • From the Editor's desk: Of rats, smokers and the scourge of litter
    • Sundayview:Pros and cons of polling station-based voting system
  39. Posted 2/10/11
    • Speculation as Mugabe travels to Singapore for treatment
    • Constitution goes to the drafters
    • Census to cost $16 million
    • Sticker Shock as Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Pitches US$88M Referendum
    • Tsvangirai Moots Inter-Ministerial Session on Indigenization
    • Chiroto denies looting
    • Ministers not living in luxury: Tsvangirai
    • ZANU-PF to block changes to POSA again
    • Rhino dehorning conflict rages
    • Tsvangirai defends book decision
    • Kasukuwere misled the nation: MDC youths
    • Zimbabwe Railway Strike Sign of Urgent Need for Restructuring - Minister
    • Mine grab will only benefit clever ones: Supa
    • Anglican hymn becomes global prayer
    • The whole story
    • Zanu PF to blame
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 30th September 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 3 - 6 October]
  40. Posted 1/10/11
    • Zim needs money to vote on constitution
    • US Embassy slams Zimbabwe police over violence; group reports cases of assault, intimidation
    • Zimbabwe rights group reports 20 violations a day
    • 70 Elephants Under Threat On The Chiredzi River Conservancy, Zimbabwe
    • Second Press Release
    • Conservancy ‘decimated’ by land invaders
    • Political changes in SADC delay plans on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Media Liberalization Advocates Grow Impatient on Radio Licenses
    • Rowan Williams is 'lobbying for homosexuality', claims Mugabe-backed bishop
    • Indigenisation: Zanu PF leaders at war over country’s mines
    • Pressure mounts on foreign firms in Zim
    • Mining firms ordered to transfer shares next month
    • Daily Newspapers 'Lying' About Readership, Claims Geoff Nyarota
    • CIO’s Thuthani a “heroine”
    • Police Dismantle Diamond Trafficking Network in Manica
    • Amnesty International to launch report
    • Zimbabwe is set for more uncertainty
    • The University of Iowa and Drake University to host Roy Bennett
    • The Grace Mugabe Wikileaks weekend special

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