The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/9/11
    • Chiwenga loses ‘spies’ battle
    • ‘Mugabe losing it’: Swazi deputy PM
    • ‘Nine provinces prefer an executive president’
    • Parly demands explanation over ministerial vehicles
    • Zanu PF ‘Zaire-ises’ Zim — WikiLeaks
    • Political bickering stalls Essar deal
    • Endorsement scramble to precede conference
    • Afre forensic audit exposes Timba
    • Afre AGM, EGM were doomed to fail
    • RioZim: A beggar on a pipe of diamonds
    • Dos Santos expresses interest in NetOne
    • RMB curator charges US$630 316 in three months
    • National code on corporate governance update
    • Zambian polls: The lessons for Zimbabwe
    • Sanctions: Real or a mirage?
    • Sata’s Zim policy anxiously awaited
    • Sovereignty comes with responsibility
    • Why does Zanu PF only believe in ‘crushing?’
    • Zambian poll holds lessons for Mugabe
    • Candid Comment: Poll roadmap, deviations and the MDC agenda
    • Editor's Memo: Privatisation: Opportunity for indigenisation
  2. Posted 30/9/11
    • Foreign banks miss Zimbabwe equity deadline: minister
    • Miners meet Zimbabwe deadline on ownership-minister
    • Zimbabwe government spending a 'nightmare': Biti
    • Min Biti rolls out the 2011 budget plan
    • South African Mediators to Assist Zimbabwe's Election Preparations
    • Former CIO boss’ return raises eyebrows in ZANU PF
    • Policy discord worries investors: PM
    • Mbudzi’s Life In Danger After Calling For Mugabe Exit
    • No deportations from SA…yet
    • Civil society to boycott international diamond meeting
    • Trains grounded as rail workers strike
    • Harare city councilors granted bail
    • MDC women call for immediate release of WOZA leaders
    • MISA Holds Media Ethics Indaba
    • Stand-off Continues Between Masvingo Farm Invaders and Zimbabwe Police
    • International Bar Association Says ZANU-PF Blocking Reform in Zimbabwe
    • New British Ambassador, Deborah Bronnert met VP Mujuru
    • Southern Africa Bishops support Anglicans in Zimbabwe, Primate heading to Harare
    • STATEMENT: U.S. concerns regarding the rule of law in Zimbabwe
    • Remarks by the Prime Minister following his visit to the United States
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe has dossiers on the illegal activities of his colleagues
    • Wikileaks: Why no one in ZANU-PF is challenging Mugabe
    • Police should come clean on Chiadzwa murder case
  3. Posted 29/9/11
    • Zimbabwe's PM Has 'Headache' Over Indigenization
    • Zimbabwe move to localise firms scares investors: PM
    • Zimbabwe launches 1st national scale cash grant programme for children and families
    • Pro-Mugabe youths protest outside Zimbabwe finance ministry
    • Finance Minister: Zimbabwe Owes Debt to White Farmers
    • Coltart says teacher’s incentives a ‘necessary evil’ for now
    • ZANU PF delays deployment of SADC team to join JOMIC
    • Govt Escalates Heat On Foreign Companies
    • Chief in bed with Kunonga
    • Zanu thugs ban church in Mutoko
    • Residents urged to brace for more water shortages
    • No water for PM’s visit
    • NRZ Employees Down Tools Over Outstanding Salaries
    • War vets demand pensions
    • Mugabe vetoes Blackberry service
    • HIV positive renal patients in Dilemma
    • Millions of dollars in diamonds missing
    • Police ban MDC-T youth peace march in Harare
    • WOZA leaders still detained
    • Government buys more luxury vehicles
    • Zanu (PF) ‘Malema’ protest angers ANC
    • Zimbabwe energy and power conference gets under way
    • Zanu youths grab car parks
    • Warning over Zanu (PF) infighting
    • Great Zim celebrates World Tourism Day
    • Wikileaks: Jonathan Moyo says Mandela asked Mugabe to step down in 2007
    • Wikileaks: Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?
    • The Joice Mujuru Wikileaks cables
  4. Posted 28/9/11
    • Former CIO boss back in Zimbabwe under mysterious circumstances
    • Does Libya’s NTC hold deeds to Zim Embassy London?
    • Zimbabwe to probe foreign firms over ownership law
    • 700 firms miss Zimbabwe equity law deadline
    • Zimbabwe Minister issues warning amid threat of political volcano
    • Zimbabwe Government Threatens to Shut Down Under-funded Institutions
    • ZANU activists jailed for murder
    • Investigations into Mujuru’s death not yet complete
    • Police ban MDC Youth Assembly peace march
    • Two Harare councillors arrested
    • Zim police cells 'inhumane'
    • Role and value of Zimbabwe’s Parliament questioned
    • Zimbabwe to conduct infrastructure audit
    • Minister in Dispute With Local Chief Over Community Industrial Stakes
    • Zimbabwean man sues court over lost 300-million-dollar diamonds
    • Launch of National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (NAP for OVC 2)
    • The MDC Today - Issue 246
    • Clinging to Power... African Style (Cartoon)
    • Are Anglicans and Woza suffering retribution for targeted sanctions?
  5. Posted 27/9/11
    • Mugabe urged to rein in his terrorist group
    • Chipangano operating with military precision
    • Kunonga orders eviction of another priest
    • COPAC two weeks away from drafting new constitution
    • Kasukuwere to decide fate of foreign firms
    • Zimbabwe rejects StanChart's ownership plan -media
    • Air Zimbabwe re-opens London route
    • 'Match-fixers' face life bans: FIFA
    • Mugabe breaks ranks on Libyan NTC
    • Governor's son jailed for MDC man's murder
    • No broadcast licences despite call for applications
    • WOZA concerned over leaders’ detention
    • ZIPRA Labels Veterans Leader Sibanda 'Sellout'
    • Tsvangirai to publish memoirs
    • Wikileaks: Prosecutor told US official that Tomana was scared of Jestina Mukoko’s case
    • Wikileaks: Amnesty International and its love-hate relationship with Mugabe and Mutasa
    • Wikileaks: Jabulani Sibanda dossier
    • Bill Watch 40/2011 of 26th September [Parlliament Ajourns Once Again]
  6. Posted 26/9/11
    • SA Abandons Mbeki’s ‘Quiet Diplomacy’: SA Envoy
    • Constitution process in chaos
    • Zanu-PF broke
    • Zimbabwe pondering fate of foreign firms shirking equity
    • ‘Erosion of judiciary’s independence in Zim’
    • Farm worker disputes
    • Woza Seeks Closure Of Police Station
    • How China lost Zim steel deal
    • CDF abuse: Chivamba under fire
    • Zimbabwe 'match-fixers' face ban: FIFA
    • A ‘silent no more’ movement
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe so unpopular that he needs 250 000 to canvass for him
    • Wikileaks: Fast-track land reform divides white farmers
    • A New Broom – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 24th September 2011
  7. Batch 2 Posted 25/9/11
    • Mugabe stranded in the United States
    • Faction in move to oust VP Mujuru
    • Sibanda shunned heroes acre before death
    • Gokwe murder case: ruling expected
    • Women raped in mysterious circumstances
    • Zanu PF chefs, chief fight over Zimplats shares
    • Chombo backs Chitungwiza mayor
    • Zanu PF in bid to recapture urban vote
    • Govt set to launch child protection action plan
    • Zuma to play active role in GPA talks
    • Mugabe, Mujuru relations strained
    • Minister slams border post delays
    • Van Hoogstraten pulls plug on RTG
    • Gono is world’s worst central banker: IMF
    • Negotiate fairer deals with China, AfDB urges Africa
    • Final Whistle: Can the league give us value for money?
    • Sata victory shows the power of youth in shaping future
    • Sunday Opinion: Lessons for Zim from Zambia poll
    • Chipangano must be stopped forthwith
    • Editor's Desk: Mbada Diamonds Cup will not wash dirty tag
  8. Posted 25/9/11
    • Zimbabwe deadline for foreign firms looms
    • Zimbabwe Companies Facing Indigenization Move to Empower Workers
    • Michael Sata Sworn In as New Zambia President
    • Zambia's fiery populist, Michael Sata, wins presidential election
    • Zimbabwe Civic Activists Find Model to Emulate in Zambian Elections
    • Mugabe Stuck In New York After Tyre Bursts
    • Zimbabwe's CSO’s launch advocacy charter at UN human rights council
    • PM Tsvangirai meets UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
    • Anglican conflict rages on
    • Kunonga part of Mugabe’s grand plan
    • US Ambassador To Zimbabwe Urges Security Reforms Before Elections
    • Centre-based polling system concerns
    • Ncube won't ride MDC-T 'hyena': Dube
    • Zim Appeals For US$16, 5 Million For Census
    • ZUPCO evicted
    • CFU to work with govt on land reform
    • Mugabe’s peace speech insincere: MDC
    • EU responds to Tomana threats
    • Poor nutrition affects ZNA recruitment in Mat South
    • Rural folk suffer as cash shortage hits hard
    • Villagers despair as funds run out
    • 2008 election trauma lives on in many
    • The generation that broke Zimbabwe’s soul
    • Wikileaks: Delta boss planned deal to enable government to buy up 400 farms
    • Wikileaks: Chombo, Chinamasa raided RBZ
    • Wikileaks: Hungwe, Moyo traded secrets for sanctions removal
    • The good, the bad and the downright ugly
  9. Posted 24/9/11
    • ICC turns a 'blind eye' to western crimes: Mugabe
    • Michael Sata wins Zambian presidential election
    • Violence As Zanu (PF) and ZCTU Clash
    • Last Minute Bid To Bar Chiyangwa From Contesting Elections
    • WOZA leaders face weekend behind bars
    • Amnesty International - Women of Zimbabwe Arise Activists Arrested on International Day of Peace
    • Villagers fear army intimidation
    • Questions raised about ZANU PF links with SA’s Malema
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Association Backs Parents Over ‘Incentives’ Row With Striking Teachers
    • Cabinet to discuss ministers bunking parliament
    • Motive of Zimbabwe Registrar General Challenged in Call for Voter Registrations
    • WikiLeaks puts Zim generals in firing line
    • Govt Loses U.S.$500 Million to Gem Smuggling
    • 500 landless families invade Chiredzi farms
    • Murder Trial Involving Midlands Governor’s Son Opens
    • IBAHRI Report on Zimbabwe
    • The MDC Today - Issue 244
    • Wikileaks: Commercial farmers go for broke
    • WikiLeaks: ZANU PF leaders named in 2008 violence
    • Full text: Mugabe's speech to 66th UN General Assembly
    • A letter from the diaspora
  10. Batch 2 Posted 23/9/11
    • Mugabe backs off
    • Mugabe digs in on polls, GPA reforms
    • ‘Mugabe under pressure to quit’
    • ... as military hardliners insist on action
    • MDC-T, Zanu PF set for Parly showdown
    • Mujuru haunts Zanu PF
    • ‘Mutasa, Shiri incited 2008 violence’
    • Zanu PF targets Byo buildings
    • Activists demand gender equality in govt
    • Banks set to take over RioZim
    • Task-force seeks US$40m for Byo firms
    • Afre AGM, EGM to proceed
    • Afre calls off AGM, EGM
    • MuckRaker: Moyo attempting to justify his duplicity
    • Fiscalisation is premature
    • ‘We are in the last mile towards a new beginning’
    • Mugabe must pack his bags
    • Editor's Memo: Zanu PF, police must end violence
    • Candid Comment: Policy somersault throwback to over-regulation era
    • Zimbabwe We Can Movement Declared Official
    • President Mugabe's Speech at UN General Assembly
    • Newsletter Of The Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance - Zimbabwe
  11. Posted 23/9/11
    • ZANU PF pushing for second GNU
    • MPs walk out to avoid debate on Mujuru
    • Only 200 White Commercial Farmers Left In Zimbabwe - CFU
    • Land reform alleviating poverty: President
    • Zimbabwe tobacco farms yield success
    • MDC-T call on youth to defend against ZPF attacks
    • WOZA leaders still detained, 10 others released
    • US/EU Envoys Trying To Destroy Zanu (PF) - Party Spokesman
    • The EU supports Zimbabwean Children
    • Dangerous pollutants turn Save river murky
    • Zimbabwe Anglican Dispute Returns to Supreme Court at Justice's Bidding
    • Old Mutual, gov’t reach agreement
    • Senior MDC-N members defects to MDC-T
    • ANC, Zanu PF clash over Malema
    • Tanaka Bus Service Claims Intercape Row Is Political
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe just trying to save his skin
    • The Ignatius Chombo Wikileaks dossier
    • Congratulations to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
  12. Posted 22/9/11
    • Zanu says wants better ties with EU
    • Minister Makone admits MDC-T powerless over ZPF youths
    • Zimbabwe: a new wave of land seizures?
    • ZANU PF intimidation increases in Chipinge district
    • More activists arrested in Bulawayo
    • For Zimbabwe Premier, Optimism and Caution
    • WOZA members beaten, arrested after police crush peaceful march
    • Zimbabwe won't fold state airline despite debt
    • Mutinhiri Faces Sack From Parliament
    • Chiyangwa Bounces Back In Politics Amid Vote Buying
    • 'Millions of Zimbabweans face deportation'
    • Facebook trial collapses
    • Two MDC members bailed in Glenview cop murder
    • Old Mutual reaches local ownership deal with Zimbabwe
    • Embattled Anglican Church builds new structures
    • Top CIO operative deployed to Malaysia
    • Matapo endures prison torture
    • ZNA colonel threatens private newspapers
    • Apostles ignore farm order
    • Zimbabwe cane ethanol project ready to distribute
    • Thousands mourn death of MDC founder
    • Zimbabwe To Host Diamond Beneficiation Symposium
    • Emirates to launch Zambia and Zimbabwe routes
    • Land invasions, poaching threaten Trans-frontier tourism
    • Into Africa with the reserve that knows no frontiers
    • New film charts Mugabe’s rise and fall
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe outmanoeuvred MDC to increase size of cabinet
    • Wikileaks: Chombo among ZANU-PF officials who got multiple farms
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series [Committee Meetings 19-23 September]
    • Bill Watch 39/2011 of 20th September [Parliamentary Sittings Resume]
  13. Posted 21/9/11
    • SA computer upgrade closes BB border
    • Air Zimbabwe flies back single passenger on recovery flight
    • Zim rights Bill amended
    • African Union finally recognises Libya's NTC
    • Zimbabwe to recognise Libya rebels
    • Justice Delayed As Water Outage Shuts Down High Court
    • Zimbabwe Wildlife Poisoned
    • Zimbabwe Nuns, Priests Evicted, Orphanage Seized
    • MDC Election Unity Hopes Dashed by Reported Comments of Wing Leader Ncube
    • Ncube clarifies 'education' comments
    • With UN, Zimbabwean Ministry of Health Targets Non-Communicable Diseases
    • ZANU PF Chipangano gang attack minibus operators
    • MDC-N youths denied bail in Bulawayo
    • ‘Facebook’ case thrown out of court
    • ZANU PF commander jailed 20 years for rape
    • OPINION: Zim gets ready for “indigenisation”
    • Analysis: Impunity rules during Zimbabwe's “transition”
    • Wikileaks: ZANU-PF’s disdain for parliament
    • Wikileaks: Zanu PF chief whip offered 'union' with MDC
    • Why should Anjin pay peanuts for Meikles Park?
    • Letter from Zimbabwe - some acts of kindness are still happening
    • Constitution Watch Content Series 7/2011 - 19th September 2011 - Local Government and the Constitution
  14. Posted 20/9/11
    • Zimbabwe poachers turn to poisoning water holes
    • SA, EU want faster Zim reforms
    • Zanu (PF) says it has unearthed US-British plot to infiltrate its structures
    • Technologically Challenged Zim Police Give Up On Face Book Case
    • Zimbabwe collapsing: Tsvangirai
    • Soldiers arrest and torture MDC-N youths in Bulawayo
    • Mugabe's Mega Rich Minister To Pay Damages To Top Civil Servant
    • Police chief bans all civic activities in Mat North
    • MDC-T condemns invasion of Chiredzi buildings by ‘thugs’
    • Fresh farm invasions hit Masvingo
    • Mpofu Evicts Mail Staff
    • Zanu-PF Forces Vendors To Cover Fuel Expenses
    • Zimbabwe not ready for elections: Makoni
    • China donates 14 million dollars for Zimbabwe food aid
    • Moyo joins JOMIC
    • ‘Mnangagwa, Mujuru to be dropped'
    • Parirenyatwa hospital is letting down patients
    • Cabinet reshuffle shows power of hardliners and military- Wikileaks
    • Ministers demand cut on oils deals with South Africa-Wikileaks
    • Constitution Watch of 16th September 2011 [Constitution-making moves slowly towards drafting stage]
    • Lies and spies
  15. Batch 2 Posted 19/9/11
    • Mugabe 'shackled' by own actions - analysts
    • 'Sell-outs' to intensify bootlicking
    • Zesn backs Zec
    • Health fears on the rise as Zimbabwe poachers poison water holes
    • Harare too expensive, tycoons say
    • ‘Uneducated’ PM out of his depth: Ncube
    • Election nightmare …Zim is not ready
    • Arrested MDC Youths Detained At State House
    • Pak clean sweep
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe must retire - Chigwedere
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 17th September 2011
    • No Excuse for Denying Expats Right to Vote
  16. Posted 19/9/11
    • New Zanu PF land-grab exposed
    • Load shedding still with us, says Zesa
    • Mugabe in elections dilemma
    • Anglican evictions turn nasty
    • Is US govt warming up to Mugabe?
    • Police ban Matabeleland gathering
    • Splinter group launches Methodist Revival Church
    • National blood policy unveiled
    • Organisations in fresh battle for King Mzilikazi’s legacy
    • US cables expose Grace Mugabe’s Korean links deals exposed
    • Chigwedere warns of army coup in Zim
    • Gono yearned for political office, wanted Mugabe to go: WikiLeaks
    • New tariff necessary, says Zesa boss
    • Investors shrug off indigenisation fears
    • Govt shifts focus to other sectors
    • Political links saved Irvine’s
    • Sunday Opinion: West to rake in billions from Libya war
    • Privatise AirZim to save airline
    • Editor's Desk: Has Mugabe been ruling Zimbabwe by decree?
  17. Posted 18/9/11
    • Report: No passengers as Air Zimbabwe resumes service after strike
    • Constitution: not a word written yet
    • Zanu heavies threaten Mugabe over secret deals
    • Parties Call For Independent Electoral Commission
    • Registration of Voters ... An Election on its own
    • ‘Centre debate on how to bring down Mugabe’
    • Mugabe flies to New York for UN Summit
    • Top judge Justice Sandura retires
    • Sekeramayi’s wife to replace Mutinhiri
    • Zanu PF youths take over buildings
    • Severe teacher shortage
    • Locals shortchanged
    • World’s dumbest cops
    • John Sentamu refuses to be collared
    • Mines will keep licences
    • No to economic sabotage
    • Zanu-PF Central Committee Member Arrested For Theft
    • Court Ruling Paves Way For Gukurahundi Play
    • Wikileaks: 'Mugabe feared war vets'
  18. Batch 2 Posted 17/9/11
    • Air Zimbabwe pilots end strike
    • Electoral Amendment Bill to spark heated debate
    • Gwisai trial delayed again
    • Mugabe/Tsvangirai Discuss Fate Of Stripper Ambassador
    • 'War Vets' Leader Moves To Matabeleland South
    • Rights Lawyers Challenge Protest March Ban
    • 2008 abductees want charges dropped
    • EU Presses South Africa's Zuma to Press Harder for Reform in Zimbabwe
    • President Mugabe Deplores Surge in Violent Crime in Country
    • Finance Minister Biti Seeks to Re-Engage World Bank
    • AG Tomana Steps Up Legal Challenge to Western Sanctions
    • Zimbabwe, South Africa snub Libyan rebels at UN
    • The MDC Today - Issue 239
    • Mugabe push for pulpits' pulling power
    • Some Perceptions on the Poverty Question in Zimbabwe
    • 'Peace and Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard'
    • Political Reform Still Lacking In Zimbabwe
    • Gukurahundi tragedy to unfold on London stage
    • MDC gives Trevor Ncube nightmares
    • "Zanu PF will disintegrate when Mugabe dies" - Ray
    • A letter from the diaspora
  19. Posted 17/9/11
    • Army commanders face court martial
    • CIO director falsified reports to Mugabe
    • BEE: Govt contradicts itself
    • Mushore plotted money-printing demise
    • Bulawayo city council institutes forensic audit
    • ‘Libyan ambassador not expelled’
    • Ncube dismisses Mugabe election call
    • Chiwenga ills exposed
    • Jonathan Moyo on Mugabe succession, US policy
    • ‘RBZ was run like the mafia’
    • Bulawayo bears brunt of capacity utilisation crunch
    • Meikles seeks to comply with Empowerment Act
    • Indigenisation remains divisive
    • What WikiLeaks reveals about Zim politics
    • Muckraker: Mugabe cannot be immune from criticism
    • Eric Bloch: Correction of errors begins at last
    • Violence proves Mugabe not in control of Zanu PF
    • Assisted voting prone to vote-rigging
    • Candid Comment: Indigenisation: Is sanity prevailing at last?
    • Editor's memo: Mugabe must be accountable
    • Comment: WikiLeaks decrypted: meaning and impact
  20. Posted 16/9/11
    • GPA still not fulfilled after three years
    • ZANU PF Politburo shelves discussion on WikiLeaks
    • Sell-outs kept hanging
    • Zimbabwe aims to lift power output by 40 percent
    • Zim Year on Year Inflation Up
    • EU, S.Africa seek to move past disputes
    • Zimbabwe again hints at compromise with foreign miners
    • Implats says Zimplats' licence removal threat gone
    • Zim can fight farmers ruling
    • Airzim fails to resume flights
    • Big interest in Zimbabwe diamonds, despite abuse allegations
    • Three rhino poachers killed in Zimbabwe
    • Maguwu Sneaks Out For Ireland
    • China offers 14 mln USD worth of food to Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe willing to cooperate with West?
    • Retired commercial farmer killed in Banket
    • Alpha Media defamation case date set
    • Accolades for Verryn and Sisulu
    • The MDC Today - Issue 238
    • Pakistan in series whitewash
    • Mukonori wanted 'secure way out' for Robert Mugabe - WikiLeaks
    • 'Mnangagwa, Mujuru cannot win against MDC'
    • Mnangagwa’s splinter party?
    • Watch, Be Inspired and Learn: a series of short films to inspire and entertain
    • Internship in Zimbabwe
  21. Posted 15/9/11
    • Former Raffingora farmer, Keith Nicolson, killed
    • ZANU PF mulls punishment over WikiLeaks revelations
    • Mugabe faces ‘sell-outs’
    • Gwisai trial finally takes off in Harare
    • Lawyers Summoned Over Anglican Church Feud
    • Jonathan Moyo launches Daily News lawsuit
    • Airline strike hits Zimbabwe hard
    • Report: Zimbabwe airline strike hits Victoria Falls bookings
    • Report: Mugabe to recall Zimbabwean envoy over stripping charges
    • Zimbabwe empowerment furore aimed at coming vote
    • Zimbabwe softens tone with foreign miners
    • Kasukuwere and Mpofu clash over mine licences
    • MPs defy cabinet directive
    • Mudenge dragged to court
    • Businessmen fear the signs
    • Vote Zanu, I need transport: Chief
    • Mutare primary school teacher accuses police of intimidation
    • No salary for 32 months: CSC
    • 36 roadblocks a week for Eddie Cross
    • ‘New’ farmers fail to produce quality produce
    • ARDA workers still unpaid
    • Mugabe wants health care in UK
    • Paradza admitted to bar, again
    • Human rights festival a success
    • Old Mutual offered to buy grabbed farms: WikiLeaks
    • 'Mpofu a crook and a thief'- WikiLeaks
    • Sydney Masamvu Wikileaks dossier- Part One
    • Webster Shamu unfairly diverting attention to media
  22. Posted 14/9/11
    • 'No WikiLeaks, no rants' as Ray meets Mugabe
    • Minister: Zimbabwe to pull licence of media that "denigrate" Mugabe
    • Zim Information Minister Under Fire
    • Victory For Maguwu As Spies Ordered To Return Property
    • EU dismisses Zimbabwe sanctions challenge
    • Robert Mugabe roasts EU
    • RBZ urged to rethink ‘compulsory loan’ order
    • Zimbabwe, Zimplats to develop revised ownership plan
    • MDC activists attacked, hospitalised
    • Mutare teacher ‘arrested’ for distributing MDC-T fliers
    • Battered MDC-T youth to sue Chipangano
    • MDC-T, ZANU PF to clash over Diaspora vote
    • SADC should strengthen JOMIC -Minister Mzila
    • More Than 100 Orphans In Anglican Care Left Vulnerable
    • Operation Garikai beneficiaries to pay rentals
    • Coltart to give keynote address
    • German group to invest 13 mln US dollars in Zimbabwe park: report
    • Beatrice Mtetwa honoured in US
    • The MDC Today - Issue 237
    • Cars for Ministers: The facts
    • Mnangagwa used CIO to spy on prominent ZANU PF members
    • Chidyausiku a 'rabid party man': judge
    • Chiwenga feels betrayed
    • Opportunity and Risk in the Proposed Polling Station-Based Voters’ Roll
    • Bill Watch 37/2011 of 12th September [Electoral Amendment Bill - Part I]
    • Bill Watch 38/2011 of 13th September [ElectoralAmendment Bill -Part II]
  23. Posted 13/9/11
    • 'Compulsory loans' aim to keep money in Zim
    • Judge orders end to diamond activists’ harassment
    • Army generals face possible treason charge after WikiLeaks revelations
    • Another diamond rush in Murehwa
    • Rio's Murowa Eclipsed by Mbada as Zimbabwe's Biggest Gem Miner
    • "Don't lecture us on democracy," Zimbabwe's Mugabe tells EU envoy
    • Thousands mark MDC-T’s 12th anniversary celebrations in Harare
    • Grace Kwinjeh honoured for coming up with the MDC name
    • Chipangano in renewed attacks on MDC-T supporters
    • Kunonga Misleading the Nation on Anglican Homosexuality
    • Voters ‘still welcome to register’
    • Political Commentator Makumbe Eyes Buhera Seat
    • Villagers bemoan GNU
    • Leaders shun Zim
    • Mother, daughter killed by elephant in Zimbabwe: report
    • We still got our licence: Zimplats
    • The MDC Today - Issue 236
    • Book Café Scoops €25 000 Prize
    • Wikileaks: Mnangagwa, Moyo plotted Zanu PF breakaway
    • Gono: ‘ZANU PF poster boy for corruption and mismanagement’
    • 'Gono, McGee close to blows’
    • ZimExpo UK celebrates 10th Anniversary Leicester October 14 – 16, 2011
    • How the MDC became Zanu-PF's worst nightmare
    • Just fire them – what is Mugabe waiting for?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - No Dates yet for Public Hearings on Electoral Amendment Bill
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/9/11
    • Tsvangirai: Mixed messages are hurting Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe Isolated
    • Mutasa Calls For Purging Of Wiki leaks ‘Sellouts’
    • Zimbabwean diamond activist barred from leaving
    • Zimbabwe's dealings with Gaddafi to be reviewed
    • Army chiefs turn on their boss Chiwenga
    • Faith Members Threaten Fresh Farm Invasions
    • State Agents Confiscate Rights Defender’s Property
    • Suspected MDC supporters denied voter registration
    • Zapu pins hope on diaspora
    • Air Zimbabwe pilot who wrecked plane keeps wings after audit
    • Tsvangirai Rebuffs Mugabe Call for March 2012 Elections
    • Elections in 2012 only after the full roadmap has been agreed
    • Blood-sucking diamond poachers
    • New Mugabe mining plan
    • Report: Zimbabwe diamond mining firms to set up own power line
    • Latest Wikileaks Releases Offer Zimbabweans Candid View of Political Parties
    • WikiLeaks ok but ...
    • Wikileaks: 'Mugabe attempted ‘a coup on himself’
    • Archbishop shares our pain – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th September 2011
  25. Posted 12/9/11
    • MDC-T holds colourful anniversary celebrations
    • Mugabe quite unstable: Mujuru
    • WikiLeaks reports shocked Mugabe, says Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai vulnerable
    • Has Wikileaks sealed Joice Mujuru’s fate?
    • No escape for Shamuyarira in Zanu PF’s succession debate
    • Mugabe met UN expert on health woes
    • ‘Mnangagwa pleads with Tsvangirai for govt post’
    • Zim payment of IMF arrears rated ‘poor’
    • Empowerment rules: Zim to set up equity fund
    • Sunday View: 9/11 US attack and lessons for future security
    • Dictators overstate their self-worth
    • Sunday Opinion:Politicians’ deceit exposed
    • Editor's Desk:Leaks a consequence of autocratic governance
  26. Posted 11/9/11
    • Zimbabwe PM slams Mugabe plan for 2012 election
    • Tsvangirai's speech at Gwanzura Stadium
    • Khupe Threatens A No Vote Campaign
    • New election deadline from President
    • Experts meet on GPA anniversary
    • Anti-MDC media onslaught
    • No end in sight for Air Zim paralysis
    • Zimplats courts govt
    • Foreign-owned companies on the edge
    • Nestle to expand regardless
    • Tourism under serious threat
    • Report: Zimbabwean minister pushes for door-to-door HIV tests
    • Visa Regime Colonial-Mzembi
    • MP orders MDC out
    • PM praises local council
    • Luxurygate out of proportion: Govt
    • Zim: money laundering playground
    • Wikileaks: Zanu PF part of future: Bennett
    • Lost in smoke and haze
  27. Batch 2 Posted 10/9/11
    • Zimbabwe bishop death threat after speaking out
    • Freedom for Anglican priest clears path for Archbishop to meet Mugabe
    • Mission to Harare
    • Police gagged over Mujuru
    • EU deliberates on Zim ultimatum
    • Harare Tense Ahead of Anniversary Rally Organised by Prime Minister's Party
    • Zimbabwe Sets November Deadline For Zimplats to Revise Equity Quotas for Blacks
    • Panic over Mugabe backlash
    • Makoni party funded by UK: WikiLeaks
    • Bill Watch 36/2011 of 9th September [Opening of Fourth Session of Parliament]
  28. Posted 10/9/11
    • More Anglican churches and properties seized in Zimbabwe
    • Forty-eight Hour Eviction Notice To Anglicans And Orphanage
    • Mugabe’s Bishop Kunonga evicts nurses, school head and priests
    • Rowan Williams to meet Robert Mugabe
    • No British, EU observers for polls: Mugabe
    • Top European Union Diplomat to Engage Zimbabwe Government in Forthcoming Visit
    • Zim documentation almost done
    • Old Mutual & Zimplats ‘renegotiating’ indigenisation plans
    • Kasukuwere remains defiant
    • Another MDC member remanded in custody over the death of a policeman
    • MDC-T beef up security for Saturday rally
    • Victims of violence still bitter
    • MDC-T Senator says ZANU PF running scared of elections
    • Zanu-PF turns on 'moderate'
    • Debunking MDC political school myths
    • Report: Zimbabwe rhino poachers given record jail terms
    • Rampaging Elephants Threaten Zimbabwe Farms
    • WikiLeaks: Mugabe fears being hanged for crimes
    • Shiri has 'repented' of Gukurahundi: Dabengwa
    • WikiLeaks: Moven Mahachi Death Possible Assassination/Chamisa Breathes Fire
    • ‘WikiLeaks blessing in disguise’
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Bill Watch 35/2011 of 6th September [Indigenisation Threat: Human Rights Commission Bill: Key Appointments]
  29. Batch 2 Posted 9/9/11
    • Push for Mujuru exhumation
    • Mugabe paralysed
    • MDC-T probes intra-party violence
    • Mnangagwa’s double dealings exposed
    • Anti-corruption work dangerous — Mangwana
    • Stop playing politics with business — Khupe
    • Zanu PF heavyweights close ranks ahead of indaba
    • Anti-Corruption Commission has mammoth task
    • Mugabe friends supping with the ‘devil’
    • Homelink writes-off US$4,3m property
    • ‘MDC at 12: We see a new Zimbabwe’
    • Zim keeps landing on wrong side of history
    • Government must make economy fly
    • Libyan debacle exposes archaic foreign policy
    • Polling station-based voters’ roll: Opportunities and risks
    • Mugabe’s real enemies exposed
    • Candid Comment:Deal with second-hand clothing trade
    • Editor's Memo:Pan-African initiative AMI on the move
  30. Posted 9/9/11
    • Violence in Harare as ZANU-PF Militants Attack MDC Backers Over Market Stalls
    • ZANU PF youth attack Chitungwiza council
    • Zim farm murder ‘not mere robbery’
    • Archbishop will find Zimbabwe Church in chaos
    • Archbishop of Canterbury requests meeting with Robert Mugabe
    • Kunonga takes over mission
    • Mugabe and Zuma in Showdown Over Regional Monitors
    • ‘Cancel Mugabe, Gaddafi deals’
    • Broke Zimbabwe can't feed inmates
    • Inputs politicised
    • Cholera Cases Down - UN
    • Zim threatens Old Mutual
    • Investors’ fears increase
    • Over 50 Zim mines face the axe, say reports
    • Impala’s Zimplats Proposes Arbitrator to Help Resolve Zimbabwe Law Dispute
    • MDC-T takes measures to protect rally goers
    • Mugabe Fuming Over WikiLeaks
    • Chamisa says MDC united behind Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe bought loyalty of army to keep him in power
    • Gono eyed ministerial position
    • WikiLeaks: Moyo sues Daily News
    • From Zimbabwe to South Africa in search of an education
    • Wikileaks – What will George Charamba say now?
  31. Posted 8/9/11
    • Platinum giant loses mining rights in Zimbabwe under black empowerment laws
    • Zim mines min backs away from Zimplats expulsion
    • Q+A-What next in Zimbabwe mine ownership showdown?
    • Anglican priest arrested by police in Highlands
    • Anglican Bishop of Harare: "Priest's arrest for 'theft' of US$1.5 million is baseless"
    • AG goes after Mugabe allies
    • Zanu (PF) admits party is rocked by WikiLeaks
    • Zimbabwean lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa awarded Inamori Ethics Prize
    • More than 20 injured after ZANU PF attack in Highfields
    • Air Force director threatens locals
    • Zim "Egyptian style" Uprising Activists Trial Postponed
    • Air Zim Expecting Delivery Of First Airbus Plane
    • ZEF hosts workshop on Diaspora Vote
    • ZESN takes Electoral Amendment Bill debate to Hurungwe and Kariba
    • Perpetrators of Organised Violence and Torture must be accountable
    • Geoffrey Van Orden on Tomana's letter to the EU
    • The MDC Today - Issue 234
    • WikiLeaks: "Moyo advised the US how to penetrate Zanu PF and oust Mugabe"
    • WikiLeaks: Mnangagwa 'grabbed Mugabe by the lapels'
  32. Posted 7/9/11
    • Violence Reported in Harare as Mugabe Calls for Peace
    • Mugabe encourages lawmakers to preach peace
    • Police look on as MDC-T official & others attacked outside Parliament
    • Another white farmer evicted
    • ZANU-PF Turns to Monitoring Committee in Mujuru Death Charge
    • Is Mugabe a long term cancer survivor?
    • Mugabe's party says WikiLeaks claim that president has cancer is false
    • Zim's National Healing Organ Has Failed - Zimrights
    • Air Zimbabwe Big Let Down: Mugabe
    • Zim government spreading HIV: Mugabe
    • Political violence victims demand action
    • CZI fights Zesa power hike
    • Mugabe expects foreign firms to abide by stakes plan
    • Zimbabwe to prosecute Zimplats over share plans
    • Zimbabwe threatens to sue EU over sanctions
    • WikiLeaks exposes Jonathan Moyo’s fickle ZANU PF loyalty
    • Wikileaks: Mujuru backed Makoni for president
    • Wikileaks: Bots prepared for war with Zim
    • WikiLeaks: Mujuru behind Makoni party
    • WikiLeaks Revelations: Will They Change The Face Of Zimbabwe Politics? - Analysts
    • Summer Travel: Mugabe Style
    • US Ambassador Charles Ray on Question Time
    • Wikileaks Tsunami - Will Jonathan Moyo be prosecuted?
  33. Posted 6/9/11
    • WikiLeaks reveals Africa’s growing impatience with ailing Mugabe
    • Mugabe’s Terminal Cancer is Set to Heat Up Race for Succession
    • Mugabe says elections to be held in 2012
    • Zim White Farmers Appeal For Protection
    • Zimbabwe's white farmers still target of violence
    • CFU statement on murder on Colin Zietsman
    • World Bank gets tough on Zimbabwe’s US$8 billion debt
    • Failure to release civil service audit report is ZANU PF plot
    • ‘Zim will not nationalise mines’
    • 'Zimbabwe empowerment minister powerless'
    • Foreign firms and Zim government headed for negations
    • ZESA won’t budge on tariffs
    • Bill payers to boycott
    • ‘Hokoyo ZESA’
    • Zimbabwe's underfed prisoners "must grow their own food"
    • Zambia denies plans to use Zimbabwean police
    • Mugabe Ashamed Of HIV Government Officials
    • ‘Zanu PF stealing diamonds money’
    • No water, no electricity for Chitungwiza
    • Wikileaks: Masiyiwa’s bid to thwart vote rigging
    • WikiLeaks: Grace told Gono, Mugabe was old and senile
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the press and the people of Cote d’ Ivoire during his visit last week
    • Pakistan in seven-wicket win over Zimbabwe
    • Zanu is still not facing reality
  34. Batch 2 Posted 5/9/11
    • Mugabe, Zanu courtiers move to crush dissent
    • Children suffer at orphanage
    • Zesa justifies tariff hike
    • Grace Hoodwinked
    • Anger at Mujuru death comments
    • MDC youths attacked
    • Union accuses Zanu-PF of distorting history in schools
    • Willowvale hit by cheap car imports
    • Alarm bells over huge steel deal
    • Zim finds friend in Beijing
    • Biti pushes for reform in ZSE law
    • WikiLeaks: ZANU-PF paralysis created conditions for "military opportunism." - Biti
    • WikiLeaks: General Mujuru had secret talks with MDC
    • WikiLeaks: "Mugabe should step down" - Kasukuwere
    • Wikileaks: Botswana sought US help against Zim military attack
    • Wikileaks: Mugabe obsessed with out-lasting Kaunda
    • Like Libya, Zimbabwe must move on – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd September 2011
  35. Posted 5/9/11
    • Police graft blamed for road carnage inaccidents
    • Cholera fears linger in rural Lupane
    • Bogus prophets prey on women
    • Mujurus were long divorced: WikiLeaks
    • Fellow generals expose Chiwenga has no experience
    • Mujuru, MDC links exposed
    • ‘Tsvangirai received vehicles from RBZ’s Gideon Gono’
    • Byo pressure group demands affirmative action on firms
    • Land rights: Banks speak-out
    • Indigenisation law scares ZSE buyers
    • Zim economy on the mend, but contraints remain: WB
    • NSSA scam: more officials face the chop
    • Cross-border traders’ future bleak
    • Lest we forget the Mugomba 13 disaster
    • Why ZRP needs urgent reform
    • Sunday View: Marange diamonds tainted by human rights violations
    • EDITOR'S DESK:No power, no water but Harare is still the best city
  36. Posted 4/9/11
    • Zim's Unemployment Down To 50%
    • Libyan envoy expulsion not govt decision: PM
    • Mpofu’s vast wealth questioned
    • Zimbabwe's MDC Says Dumped ZANU-PF Minister Free To Join Tsvangirai Party
    • City Council Braces For Massive Workers Strike
    • No pay checks for MDC
    • MP CDF scandal
    • Stop the violence: US ambassador
    • Villagers want JOMIC intervention
    • More vehicles for MPs?
    • Chiadzwa guards unhappy
    • Mujuru wanted an educated army
    • Minister rejects Nestlé's plans on indigenization
    • Zimbabwean diplomat 'propping up' embassy with her own money
    • Media self regulation under threat
    • WikiLeaks: Mugabe dead by 2013
    • Wikileaks: Mujuru clandestinely met with U.S. Ambassador and pleaded for U.S. help
    • WikiLeaks: Moyo ‘planted false stories’ - Ex-Herald editor
    • Wikileaks: Chissano likened Mugabe to 'mad dog'
    • Wikileaks: Gono wanted Chinamasa 'wounded'
    • WikiLeaks: Generals attack Chiwenga
    • WikiLeaks: Rautenbach’s Zanu PF headache
    • Wikileaks: Zambia's ZIPRA archives snub
    • WikiLeaks questions NewsDay ownership
    • A hundred and twenty years
  37. Batch 2 Posted 3/9/11
    • Expelled Libyan ambassador, diplomats leave Zimbabwe for neighboring Botswana
    • Mugabe says Zimbabwe election by March 2012
    • Anti-corruption commission sworn in
    • White farmer ‘beaten to death’ in suspected robbery
    • ZANU PF tensions rise after Mujuru death
    • ZANU stealing diamond money: NGOs
    • Suffering Zimbabweans fed up with the GNU
    • Zanu PF, Sadc clash
    • We won’t seize foreign assets: Minister
    • Power hike tickles price boom
    • Zanu PF MP in court for fraud
    • Shunned by West, Zimbabwe Finds a Friend in Beijing
    • Nicholas van Hoogstraten: Zimbabwe's Mr Big
    • Wilfred Mhanda on Question Time: Part 2
    • A letter from the diaspora
  38. Posted 3/9/11
    • Mujuru steps up presidential bid
    • Mugabe concedes defeat over election date
    • Free reign for Mugabe after Mujuru death
    • No GPA implementation spirit in govt –– Zuma
    • UK govt looks to post-Mugabe era
    • ‘Africa must ensure free polls’
    • Matinenga blocks Human Rights Bill debate
    • GNU presides over social service decay
    • Ministers duck MPs queries
    • Discreet business for cricket franchises
    • BEE: Govt reneges on its side of the bargain
    • CABS lending up 485%
    • Economics and unintended consequences
    • Tsvangirai’s poor judgment increasingly self-evident
    • Muckraker: Puerile attempt to soil Zuma falls flat
    • Eric Bloch: Ministerial lawbreakers
    • Civic society leaders ‘power hungry’
    • What Zim can learn from Disney World
    • Prohibit statements threatening free, fair polls
    • CandidComment: Of bank profits and the ‘rob-each-other’ business model
    • Editor's Memo: Sadc must spell it out to Mugabe
    • Comment: Zim’s foreign policy detached from reality
  39. Posted 2/9/11
    • Zim leaders divided over Libyan ambassador
    • Deputy Prime Minister Says Libyan Envoy Deserved Expulsion
    • Zim Journalist​s Arrested At Libyan Embassy
    • KP Acts On Marange Torture Claims
    • Marange miners: testimonies of abuse
    • Theft of Anglican properties: Archbishop seeks Mugabe meeting
    • World Bank Worried About 'Ghost Workers'
    • ZANU PF expel Tracy Mutinhiri over MDC-T links
    • Zanu-PF fires lawmaker for calling Mugabe 'old'
    • Row over Mujuru escalates
    • ‘Harare worst city to live in’
    • Probe on Biti bombing yields nothing so far
    • Eyebrows Raised as Zimbabwe MDC Formation Launches Politics School
    • Zimbabwe empowerment law not nationalisation
    • MISA: AG withdraws charges against Standard journalists
    • Zanu PF militia threatens villagers
    • Zimbabwe MPs shun Thokozani Khope's circumcision call
    • Real Entrepreneurs Not ‘Activists’ To Lead AAG: Mavhinga
    • Land grabbers threaten Zim elephants
    • Campus residence for UZ students after 5 years
    • Exam results scandal rocks Zimbabwe Open University
    • Tsvangirai's 'Ivory Coast' warning
    • Zambezi Airlines courts Zim pilots
    • Your mine is mine
    • Political violence knows no limit: Heal Zimbabwe
    • A country in darkness
    • Zim vs Pak: Zim 245-4 at stumps on Day 1
  40. Posted 1/9/11
    • Libya's ambassador expelled from Zimbabwe to return home Wednesday
    • MDC-T condemns ‘despicable’ decision to expel Libyan ambassador
    • Storm over envoy
    • CZI set for showdown with Zesa
    • Hre Residents Trust: ZESA Rates Hike Unacceptable
    • Zimbabwe needs $13 bln for energy sector: World Bank
    • 'Fresh assault on Operation Murambatsvina victims'
    • MDC-T officials in Manicaland under siege
    • Mob of 15 soldiers runs riot in Mbare
    • Zanu women abuse shoppers
    • Zanu (PF) thugs defy Mugabe’s ‘peace’ calls
    • Political Violence in Zimbabwe Down in July, Says Watchdog Group
    • 3 police officers face armed robbery rap
    • Chihuri must be fired: Makone
    • Zuma backs sale of Chiadzwa diamonds
    • Zimbabwe linked to $200-million sale of ‘blood diamonds’
    • Examine Your Head: AAG Tells KP
    • Electoral Amendment Bill — ZESN Public Meeting
    • World Bank official: loans for Zimbabwe a long way off
    • Mugabe 'hijacks history syllabus'
    • Archbishop of Canterbury Looks to Ease Zimbabwe Church Violence
    • 'I wanted to give Mugabe pangolin'
    • Pictures: 2011 Zimfest a 'fantastic success'
    • Air Zimbabwe strike enters second month
    • Zimbabwe’s attitude towards Libya’s NTC really irritates me!
    • Wilfred Mhanda on Question Time part 1
    • Mugabe must account for the goings on at Marange
    • Air Zimbabwe strike enters second month
    • Zimbabwe’s attitude towards Libya’s NTC really irritates me!
    • Wilfred Mhanda on Question Time part 1
    • Mugabe must account for the goings on at Marange

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