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  • Summary of headlines from 5 August on the old ZimSit site
  • BILL WATCH 36/2013 Election Irregularities – What Can be Done about Them?
  • Shameful stain on Britain’s conscience
  • Zuma Has Failed Zimbabweans By Congratulating Mugabe – DA Party
  • It’s a nightmare…
  • ‘Incredible’ elections – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd August 2013
  • Zimbabwe 2013 elections – lessons and the future
  • Mugabe’s hollow victory will do more damage
  • Press Statement | John Kerry | US Secretary of State
  • Simba Makoni to unmask the rigging techniques used by Zanu PF
  • Mugabe faces growing fallout after disputed election win
  • U.S. Says Zimbabwe Election Not Credible
  • Africa and West at odds over disputed Zimbabwe election
  • SA opposition rejects SADC endorsement of Zim poll
  • Zuma urges ‘acceptance’ of poll results  as West expresses doubt
  • Zimbabwe: Is the electronic voters’ roll the smoking gun?

Headline news 4 August, 2013

  • Summary of headlines from 4 August on the old ZimSit site
  • Robert Mugabe’s election victory is defeat for democracy
  • Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe reelected; opponents cry foul
  • Tsvangirai: outfoxed by Mugabe yet again
  • Mixed expectations on Zimbabwe’s future as Mugabe re- elected president
  • Zimbabwe opposition furious over Robert Mugabe’s ‘fraudulent’ election victory
  • Zimbabwe President Mugabe re-elected amid fraud claims
  • Zimbabwe’s perplexing election
  • Level of rigging in Zimbabwe’s 2013 election stuns MDC parliamentary candidates
  • How the election in Zimbabwe was rigged
  • Chinamasa says no to SADC mediation in Zimbabwe
  • Anti-riot police increase patrols ahead of poll result
  • Mudede refuses to answer questions on voters roll
  • When a nation’s hope turns into a nightmare
  • We dared to hope by Cathy Buckle
  • Electoral commissioner resigns over unfair elections

Headline news 3 August, 2013

  • Summary of headlines from 3 August on the old ZimSit site
  • International Community must reject fraudulent election in Zimbabwe
  • Mai Jukwa finally takes our cue by Muckracker
  • Shocking Vote Rigging Video Haunts Zanu PF Before SADC
  • Mugabe: African liberator, former honorary knight, aging ruler
  • Mugabe party wins huge majority in parliament
  • Zimbabwe elections free, credible: AU
  • Outgoing minister says breaches of electoral law render result illegal
  • Preliminary Statement by African Union Election
  • ZEC Results mapped by Sokwanele
  • Why a Mugabe victory would be good for Zimbabwe
  • MDC considers protests against Mugabe landslide
  • Bloated Zimbabwe parliament set to further strain fiscus
  • Mbanga in debate at Frontline Club

Headline news 2 August, 2013

  • Summary of headlines from 2 August on the old ZimSit site
  • MDC braced for a coup if it wins
  • Morgan Tsvangirai declares elections illegitimate
  • Vote counting completed in Zimbabwe polls
  • Vote chaos plunges Zimbabwe back into crisis
  • Row Erupts After Mugabe Party Claims Election Win
  • Major Flaws in Zimbabwe’s Elections
  • Claims of vote-rigging mark Zimbabwe elections
  • Zanu PF Heading for Landslide Victory in Disputed Election
  • Tension mounts as Mugabe claims poll win amid opposition protests
  • EU says Zimbabwe poll peaceful, withholds judgement on fairness
  • Bring Zim to a standstill – MDC’s Bennett
  • Letter from Harare: Harare sips a cocktail of hope and dread
  • Morgan Tsvangirai declares elections illegitimate
  • Zimbabwean Vote Seriously Compromised: Observer Group
  • Shock and despair as Zanu-PF headed for victory
  • Youth Agenda Statement on elections
  • One million barred from vote: monitors
  • Statement by David Coltart re election result in Bulawayo East
  • Africa in Transition » Zimbabwe Elections: A Sham

Headline news 1 August, 2013

  • Summary of headlines from 1 August on the old ZimSit site
  • Zimbabwean voters find their names have ‘vanished’ from electoral roll as election gets underway
  • Zimbabweans shrug off cold weather with massive voter turnout
  • Traditional leaders and police “assist” voters in rural areas
  • ZEC reports high voter turnout
  • Zimbabwe election: queuing voters given more time
  • Zanu PF, War Veterans Force Zimbabweans to Vote for Mugabe
  • Zim voters’ roll ‘in shambles’, thousands fail to cast ballots
  • ‘Tension palpable in Maramba Pfungwe’
  • No ink in Nkayi South
  • Email from a voter
  • What’s going on in Mwenezi?
  • Bogus polling station: are there more out there?
  • Intimidation in Gokwe-Gumunya
  • Two ‘aliens’ suddenly reappear on the voters’ roll
  • ZEC regs violated in Mvurwi
  • Youths, farmers forced to vote with help from Zanu (PF)
  • Forces of evil lurking in the dark
  • SA based Zimbabweans left stranded at border
  • ZEC given last minute order to hand over voters roll to MDC-T
  • AU, SADC urged to intervene in predicted post election ‘chaos’
  • Man jailed over Baba Jukwa
  • MDC raises concern over excessive ballot papers
  • War vets confiscate Tsvangirai posters
  • ‘Zanu PF causing Internet traffic jam’
  • Zanu-PF, MDC near end of ‘painful’ Zimbabwe unity government
  • Tsvangirai party alleges ‘disturbing’ vote anomalies
  • Blair to blame for Zimbabwe woes: Mugabe
  • We are confident of a win: Tsvangirai
  • Scores on the doors
  • Zimbabwean exiles call for new elections
  • Zimbabwean elections: A view from polling stations
  • Obasanjo to alert ZEC to any irregularities
  • Exiled Zimbabweans protest against unfair elections
  • Zimbabwe Votes 31st July 2013
  • Exiled Zimbabweans stage dramatic pre-election protest
  • Zimbabwe elections free and fair, says Robert Mugabe after casting vote
  • US expresses concern over Zim polls
  • Economy needs a clear winner: Gono
  • Zimbabwe elections: no matter the result, the future’s bleak (and Comrade Bob’s not going anywhere)
  • 89 reasons why Mugabe must go
  • Zimbabwe’s crucial elections: what to expect and when
  • Q&A: Why Zimbabwe elections matter
  • Exclusive interview with Tsvangirai
  • Our vote is being stolen – MDC should withdraw now
  • Don’t be fooled: Zimbabwe’s land reform is no success
  • More Important Articles