The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2011 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/12/11
    • Flood alert as heavy rains continue in Zimbabwe
    • COPAC livid as constitution leaked
    • Parliament Mull Suing Herald Newspaper
    • Processing of passports suspended
    • Police Charge Media Activist For ‘Denigrating’ Mugabe
    • MDC senator died of bird flu
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Urges Tolerance, National Unity
    • Police Bar MDC Nkayi Rallies
    • Charamba denies Mugabe speech rap
    • Dereliction of duty caused boat disaster: ZPA
    • Chamisa minister of the year
    • 2011: Makandiwa comes tops
    • Heavy Toll on Zimbabwean Music as a Dozen Musicians Pass On in 2011
    • Kitchen-table bloggers are today’s revolutionary heroes
    • Lethal game of cat and computer mouse
    • 2011: The year Jonathan Moyo may want to forget quickly
  2. Posted 31/12/11
    • Charamba linked to army poll ploy
    • Mugabe declined US exit package: WikiLeaks
    • ‘Copac chaos a poll-delaying ploy’
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T set to prolong unity govt
    • Victoria Falls loses out in new world seven wonders poll
    • AirZim prejudicing the country — Kaseke
    • Cabinet Scorecard: How did the ministers fare?
    • Some of the year’s quotable quotes. . .
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2011
    • 2011: Mujuru death shook up political scene
    • Another year goes down the drain
    • Let’s demand to be governed well
    • 2012: A watershed year
    • Will the MDC pick up the ball please!
    • What will the New Year bring?
    • Debunking Mugabe’s poll plan
    • Liberalised broadcast media informs voters
    • Business longs for more December madness
  3. Posted 30/12/11
    • Diamond Firm ‘Hires’ Plane for Mugabe As Air Zim Woes Haunt Mugabe
    • Mugabe’s provincial party offices damaged in bombing
    • Chimanimani West MP granted bail
    • Zimbabweans evicted from diamond mines await compensation
    • Mugabe rewards praise-singing general
    • Outcry over Zimra flawed system
    • Harare plunged into darkness
    • Journalists and Rights Defenders Are Zim Heroes-Ray
    • ‘Boat had mechanical fault’
    • Blow to Artists as Zimbabwe Center Closes
    • Mzembi appoints advisory council
    • Huddersfield Conservative forms new anti-Mugabe group
    • How Cabinet ministers performed
  4. Posted 29/12/11
    • Zimbabwe police 'arrest owner of boat that capsized'
    • Boat Disaster: Shocking details
    • Zimbabwe Legislator Freed on Bail After Calling President Gay
    • Mujuru Faction Opens Parallel Party Offices In Bikita
    • President’s absence: Reform agenda grounded
    • Air Zim debt paid because Mugabe needed plane
    • MDC Clashes with Councilors over Corruption Probe
    • Envoy Says EU to Respect Zimbabwe Election Outcome Regardless of Winner
    • High Court judge to rule on Zvoma’s motion
    • Police shatter vendors’ holiday spirit
    • Zimbabwe considering a ban on raw platinum exports
    • Hotel Group Unloading Assets to Pay Heavy Credit Line
    • ‘2011, failed year for Harare council’
    • The ‘unpeople’ most of us don’t know
    • Don’t personalise the Liberation struggle
    • Will Mugabe heed Pyongyang’s stay-away call to foreign leaders?
  5. Posted 28/12/11
    • MDC Mourns Lawmaker's Sudden Death
    • Air Zimbabwe Flights to South Africa Still Grounded Over Debt Crisis
    • Chief Chundu Villagers Miss Christmas Due To Roadblocks
    • Zanu-PF Bigwigs Sell Free Maize Seed on Parallel Market
    • Police: Chivero tragedy boat overloaded
    • Holiday death toll tops 72
    • WFP buy local scheme helps farmers
    • Mbeki’s concoction: candy from poison ivy
    • A beacon of light for Africa
  6. Posted 27/12/11
    • Lake Chibero boat tragedy claims 11 lives
    • Ailing Mugabe rushed to Asia for treatment
    • Farm Workers Celebrate Christmas Without Salaries
    • Police Disburse Villagers Celebrating Christmas Day
  7. Posted 26/12/11
    • Air Zim plane flies home
    • Criminal gang terrorises Beitbridge as holiday toll rises
    • Zimbabwe poised to be world's third largest diamond producer
    • Leadership struggles dog MDC factions
    • Zapu Battling to Delete Zanu-PF Violence Tag
    • Hospitalised Inmate Skips Police Protection
    • Reform efforts in Zimbabwe move slowly as tensions rise
    • Poverty fuels sexual abuse: Report
    • Book Café founder heart-broken over closure
    • Mixed trends, the fittest survived
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/12/11
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai ‘plot’ against Ncube
    • Cash crisis recedes in Harare
    • Zanu PF resists CIO reforms
    • 50 dead as Xmas accident toll soars
    • Irrigation scheme under threat from Chinese firm
    • Zanu PF hijacks beauty contest
    • Cement plant workers cry foul over safety
    • 2011: Remembered for media onslaught
    • WikiLeaks saga exposes Zanu PF, MDC-T leaders
    • 2011, the year politicians would want to forget head
    • Unity Day is hollow – Analysts
    • Potentially vibrant tourism development under threat
    • Little gained from regional integration
    • Passengers can help curb road carnage
    • Year of political deception
    • Editor's Desk: Wake up and take the kids to the Lunar Park
    • SundayView: Why Zanu PF will not win free and fair elections
    • Dictatorial Grief – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 24th December 2011
  9. Posted 25/12/11
    • Air Zimbabwe Failing to Raise Cash to Buy Spares for Impounded Aircraft
    • Air Zim Dispatch Senior Engineers To London
    • Electoral Chief Plays Down Call For 2011 Elections
    • New Zimbabwe Constitution: problems mount
    • Travellers warned of criminal syndicate at border post
    • Gvt Extends Free Health Services to Pregnant Women First: Madzorera
    • Zimbabwean Lawmaker Uses Sports to Promote Peace
    • Breakthrough of the Year: Antiretroviral drugs treat & prevent HIV
  10. Posted 24/12/11
    • Zimbabwe Political Parties Dismiss Unity Day As Irrelevant 24-Years On
    • Zuma facilitation team hopeful
    • Court case proves CIO above the law
    • Travel chaos hits Beitbridge border post
    • People Wrench At Banks To Get Cash Ahead Of Christmas Holiday
    • Stranded Air Zimbabwe Passengers Likely To Spend Christmas At UK Airport
    • ZESA owed over $500M in unpaid electricity bills
    • Zim’s economy banks on diamonds
    • Anhui farm project helps Zimbabwe's agriculture
    • Zanu PF delay tactics exposed
    • The MDC dissociates itself from the so-called COPAC National Report
    • Payback time for Zanu PF thugs
    • Zimbabwe: Where pensions can mean poverty
    • Summary On Politically-Motivated Human Rights And Food- Related Violations
    • Profile: Emmerson Mnangagwa
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/12/11
    • Tsvangirai fraud probe complete
    • Zim influence in decline — China
    • Banking sector attitude wrong –– Kasukuwere
    • MDC-N to fire 5 defectors
    • MDC must follow procedure — Gumbo
    • Zanu PF casts deep shadow over Zuma
    • Malawi duplicates Zimbabwe crisis
    • ‘Insolvent’ Rainbow Tourism faces liquidation
    • Interfresh deal gets shareholders’ nod
    • AMA agro bills fail to entice market
    • Liquidation: AirZim’s sole option
    • MuckRaker: Judge not Cde, lest you also be judged
    • Dabengwa’s hypocrisy exposed
    • Zanu PF poll plot foolhardy
    • AirZim must prepare for privatisation
    • Postal voting: Govt must be pro-active
    • Jomic: Our toothless bulldog
  12. Posted 23/12/11
    • Zimbabwe rights groups forecast upheavals in 2012
    • Police crackdown triggers Harare transport chaos
    • Police roadblocks cause chaos for Harare shoppers
    • Xmas made in hell
    • Power outages affect surgery at Parirenyatwa hospital
    • Harare’s water supply crisis worsens
    • Radio licences row escalates
    • Charamba wrong to say parliament cannot discuss BAZ
    • Senior CIO operatives re-instated after 13 years
    • Constitutional Revision Process Resumes After New Dispute
    • Chinhoyi Residents Snub Unity Day Commemorations
    • Price hike hits Zim nationals hard
    • Book Cafe/Mannenburg Faces Closure
    • Mugabe Pledges Support for Kabila Amid Disputed DRC Vote
    • No new sanctions — US embassy
    • India releases Zim diamonds
    • RapNet Suspends Member for Listing Marange Diamonds
    • Zec takes election lessons
    • Exiled James Makamba misses daughter’s funeral
    • ZANU PF Mwenezi MP behind murder and violence
  13. Posted 22/12/11
    • Long bank queues return as cash shortages hit Zim
    • Dozens of political activists to spend Christmas in prison
    • State blocks bail for MP
    • Air Zim plane released in London but no flights yet
    • Kereke withdraws journalists’ case
    • Mbuya Nehanda tree at Heroes Acre
    • Chief Bans MDC's Friday Political Meetings
    • Mugabe wades into DRC poll dispute
    • Crisis rocks COPAC as ZANU PF complain at draft content
    • Parties clash over constitution
    • Tobacco Farming Negatively Impacts Zimbabwe's Indigenous Forests
    • Govt struggles to raise agric funds
    • Eyebrows raised as SADC secretariat pushes ZANU PF agenda
    • Murambatsvina part II coming soon
    • No plans for regularising Zimbabweans again
    • Zimbabwe’s Strange And Messy Debate Over Homosexuality
    • Settlement Chikwinya on Question Time: Part 1
    • Political violence perpetrators and their crimes
    • The JAG Trust Christmas Communique
  14. Posted 21/12/11
    • MDC-T MP for Chimanimani arrested for ‘denigrating’ Mugabe
    • Chitungwiza workers strike after two months without pay
    • Constitution-Revision in Crisis as ZANU-PF Demands New Drafters
    • Gukurahundi victims celebrate death of North Korean leader
    • The Late Kim Jong-il Was A "Lovely" Man - Zanu (PF)
    • Mugabe only head of state at Kabila inauguration
    • Stranded Air Zim passengers chucked out of Gatwick hotel
    • More Woes As Impounded Air Zim Plane Develops Fault
    • Lawyer's nightmare over
    • WOZA: Williams and Mahlangu Trial day 3
    • Nyagura implicated in fuel scam
    • 2 MDC members arrested in Makoni for “illegally distributing seed”
    • I won’t stop: Ncube
    • Zimbabwe government may force platinum miners to set up refineries
    • Beitbridge holiday pile-up begins
    • Waiting for the "Heavens to Weep"
    • 2011 - Bad year for dictators
    • Zimbabwe Women and their Participation In Elections
  15. Batch 2 Posted 20/12/11
    • Zanu PF theatens to dissolve parliament
    • 'Zanu PF kills for votes'
    • Eviction leaves farm workers stranded
    • Air Zim claims debt paid
    • Stranded Air Zim passengers refuse to leave hotel
    • MDC-T proposes change to party symbol
    • Women face death penalty in Malaysia
    • Civil servants give government ultimatum
    • Media monitors released by High Court
    • MDC to set up audit teams
    • Profile: Perence Shiri
    • Wrestling with a skeleton
  16. Posted 20/12/11
    • Mugabe plots to pull out of GNU
    • Tsvangirai blocks talk of Makone censure
    • Brace for more street protests, says Sikhala
    • Ardbennie resident’s gold reef stand
    • Rights violations probed
    • Harare council faces hefty loan penalties
    • Danida back in zim 10 years later
    • Air Zim to resume flights
    • No Nkomo statue before Unity Day
    • Festive season: No business boom for transporters
    • Giving the boy child the best possible start in life
    • Mad week is here, let’s all take care
    • Zanu PF conference: Who’s fooling who?
    • Forget politics and enjoy our wonderful world
  17. Posted 19/12/11
    • 'Mugabe powerless'
    • MDC-T pushes dual citizenship, Diaspora vote
    • Zim set to benefit from EU trade agreement: Report
    • Zim dollar return plan slammed
    • Gay rights at center of Zimbabwe's constitutional debate
    • Makone escapes censure
    • They Want To Rule By Spilling Blood: Dabengwa
    • Sikhala Sets In Motion 2012 Election Campaign
    • Campaigners call Kimberley Process an 'utter failure'
    • Exporting rough diamonds, a major setback
    • Chiadzwa diamond fields transformed
    • Audio #3: Marange victim tells his story
    • Austria closes Zim mission
    • Another top intelligence official dies
    • What will Zuma do? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 17th December 2011
    • The solution in Zimbabwe
    • An open letter to Gwede Mantashe
    • Solidarity Peace Trust The Spell of Indecision in Zimbabwean Politics
  18. Posted 18/12/11
    • Millions From Diamonds Go to Mugabe, Observers Say
    • Uproar Over Zimbabwe Registrar's Bid to Update Voters List With Help of Chiefs
    • Civil servants threaten New Year strike
    • Mujuru death: Inquest stalled
    • Mutambara appeals
    • High Court Orders Release Of Media Monitors
    • Villagers Snub Mugabe’s Seed Handouts
    • MDC-T demand immediate liquidation of Air Zimbabwe
    • Parly To Build Own Hotel
    • Warrant of arrest for ex-CIO chief as spy agency in-fighting escalates
    • Jabulani Sibanda descends on Manicaland
    • Zimbabwe Financial Experts Question Government’s Latest Agro-Finance Plan
    • ZANU-PF, MDC brew new storm
    • Deadly Cholera Could Return, Warn Municipal Officials in Harare, Zimbabwe
    • ZAPU Castigates Mathema’s Interference, Asks Him To Back Off
    • No Reconciliation With Nkiwane’s ZCTU: Matombo
    • Mugabe under pressure
    • Mann tells his side of coup story
    • Resolutions To The MDC National Council
    • Letter to Father Christmas
  19. Posted 17/12/11
    • Zimbabwe suspends flights to S.Africa over debts
    • Air Zimbabwe passengers stranded as airline runs out of money
    • Kunonga militants target schools helping evicted Anglicans
    • Daggers out for Biti
    • Tsvangirai Slams Pro-Mugabe Media
    • Property seized in Nyazura over unpaid water bills
    • New diamond discoveries
    • Zanu PF MPs walk out of Parly
    • Moyo Refuses To Back Down On Zvoma Motion
    • Chinese-built houses’ roofs blown off
    • Ministers opposing reforms –– PM
    • Baz: Shamu defies cabinet
    • Community radio backs MPs in bid to dissolve BAZ
    • It's what all the tyrants are wearing, darling!
    • No Reconciliation With Nkiwane’s ZCTU: Matombo
    • Tsvangirai Calls For Reforms Before Vote
    • Mutambara booted out
    • More duty woes for travellers
    • Coventry named sports person of the year
    • U.S. pushes for African solutions to climate change
    • Profile: Obert Mpofu
    • Bill Watch 56/2011 of 16th December [Parliament Adjourns until 28 February]
  20. Batch 2 Posted 16/12/11
    • Zanu PF mobilisation drive hits brick wall
    • Human rights not an issue for China
    • Zapu, police on collision course
    • Zanu PF cracks down on social media
    • Mutinhiri loses ministerial post
    • Zanu PF indaba: Yet another jamboree
    • ‘Liberation parties birds of a feather’
    • RioZim set for US$8,7m loss
    • AirZim suspends flights to Jo’burg
    • SEC, ZSE meet over viability
    • ‘Review mining royalties policy’
    • Zanu PF urgently needs leadership renewal
    • MuckRaker: Sanctions a pretext to avoid renewal
    • Eric Bloch Column: Deterrents to foreign investment
    • The dangers of illiberal democracy in Zimbabwe
    • Preventing delays in poll results
    • Crude stroke cancels Freedom Charter
    • Independent Comment: Zimdollar calls a desperate ploy
    • Editor’s Memo: Polls: Sadc, AU must remain steadfast
    • Candid Comment: Zanu PF won’t let go of the airwaves
    • Court Watch 5/2011 [State v Elton Mangoma MP, Minister of Energy and Power Development]
  21. Posted 16/12/11
    • Zimbabwe raises $1.5 mn to release impounded airplane
    • Angry Air Zim passengers demand answers
    • Newspaper staff to face trial over ‘defamation’
    • Chinese firm denies abuse at Zimbabwe diamond mine
    • Tsvangirai calls for reforms before vote
    • Court Orders Mutambara To Step Down As MDC Leader
    • 'I fear for my life but I try not to be paranoid' says activist
    • Locadia’s sister exposed as leader of violent militia
    • KISS FM sues the broadcast authority over radio licenses
    • Mugabe Begs International Support For Overcrowded Prisons
    • Senate Human Rights Committee Tours Zimbabwe Prisons
    • Gwisai’s trial takes new twist
    • Robert Mugabe makes poll plans to bury power-sharing
    • Politicians Implicated In WikiLeaks Have No Case To Answer - Tomana
    • Zimbabwe Medical Authorities Warn Consumers Against Fraudulent Drugs
    • More farm seizures ahead
    • Bulawayo Mayor insists donated pink bins will be used
    • Mugabe's huge gamble
    • Chinese companies under scrutiny in Zimbabwe
    • Political violence perpetrators and their crimes
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s End-Of-Year address to Parliament
    • Tomana is not fooling anyone about Wikileaks
    • Court Watch 4/2011 [Press Freedom Cases - The Independent and Standard Appeals to the Supreme Court]
  22. Posted 15/12/11
    • Zuma says no
    • Hundreds stranded at Gatwick as Air Zim drama continues
    • Zimbabwe says auction of impounded airline plane deferred as negotiations continue
    • Sikhala urges Zimbabweans to unite and overthrow Mugabe
    • Job Sikhala Arrested
    • Mugabe's ZANU-PF Vows to Silence Critics Ahead of Zimbabwe Elections
    • Mugabe targets Biti for election campaign attacks
    • ZPP’s damning report
    • Debate in parliament exposes broadcasting authority
    • MDC legislators call for Baz licence withdrawal
    • Housing ‘not enough’ for displaced Chiadzwa villagers
    • Zim Clerk Of Parly Fights For His Job
    • Mugabe Blocks Shamu’s Wife For Senior Party Position
    • Bromley Farm workers evicted
    • Chinese immigrants deported
    • Witness implicates police
    • SA activists honoured for helping Zimbabweans
    • Support refugees’ rights: UN
    • Tsvangirai: The man who failed to deliver the killer punch?
    • Analysts rule out crisis if Mugabe stays
    • Transcript of Minister Eric Matinenga on Question Time
    • ZIG Watch : Issue 34
  23. Posted 14/12/11
    • Zimbabwe scrambles for plane seized over $1.2 mln
    • Arrests and chaos at Gatwick over seized Air Zim plane
    • Job Sikhala arrested for leading protest march against Mugabe
    • Joshua Sacco promoting ZPF violence in Manicaland
    • Gono, Zanu PF push Zim-dollar return
    • Mining Activity in and near to Hwange National Park
    • Grave Mistake To Endorse Mugabe – MDC-T
    • Zanu PF in leadership crisis - Analysts
    • CIO infighting escalates
    • Cash strapped Bulawayo council rejects private waste removal proposal
    • MDC Youth Call For Advertisers Boycott For Zim's New Radio Stations
    • Fall of ‘Nehanda tree’ bad omen for ZANU PF
    • Mugabe’s Seized Farms Boost Profits at British American Tobacco
    • Nurturing Mugabe, one of the ANC’s last dictator friends
    • ZBC sinks to the bottom of the pile
  24. Posted 13/12/11
    • Air Zimbabwe Plane Impounded In London
    • Zim under siege: PM
    • Mugabe in more double-speak over violence
    • Mugabe urges supporters to attack opponents in bid to seek re-election
    • Prime Minister demands Gukurahundi justice
    • EU ‘concerned’ over Zim violence upsurge
    • 6 Acquited; Trial of Williams and Mahlangu begins
    • Media monitoring group workers remain locked up
    • Army says hit by sanctions
    • Econet launches free MMS trial period
    • Is another cholera epidemic on the way?
    • Bushmeat trade driving illegal hunting in Zimbabwe park
    • Govt strategy needed for RBZ debt
    • Zim rejects Barclays, Stanchart offers
    • Implats Zimbabwe JV gives 10 pct to locals -minister
    • Rio Zim botched recapitalisation drags Mining Index into red
    • Sordid scandal of Zim’s bureaucrats
    • Zimbabwe: 2011 in political retrospect
    • Constitution Watch of 10th December 2011 [Stages Still to Complete]
    • Bill Watch 55/2011 of 12th December [House sends Budget to Senate]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committee Series - 12th December [Public Hearings on Primary Education 12-15 December]
  25. Batch 2 Posted 12/12/11
    • Mugabe wins party vote but challenged by age, ill health
    • Zanu-PF Has Less Than A Million Supporters- Central Committee Report
    • S. Africa's ANC offers election help to Mugabe party
    • Mugabe's Presidential Candidature, A Scandal: ZAPU
    • Bob, God’s gift to Zim
    • Tsvangirai Bemoans Unity Government's Failure To End Rights Violations
    • Mnangagwa: GNU will hold
    • Copac strikes out of court settlement deal
    • Tsvangirai fined two cows, sheep
    • More than one in ten people will need food aid next year
    • Donor fatigue hits humanitarian projects
    • Biti’s budget – a recipe for political failure
    • Visitors to the Vigil – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th December 2011
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 10th December 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 12-15 December]
  26. Posted 12/12/11
    • Defiant Mugabe vows to stay on
    • Chief slaps fine on PM Tsvangirai
    • Ncube’s MDC faction good as dead — say analysts
    • Clampdown on media not govt policy: Minister
    • Elections hype worsens media onslaught worsens
    • Zimbabwe urged to abolish death penalty
    • Madzore to spend Christmas, New Year in jail
    • Bulawayo engages private firm to collect refuse
    • Khama, Mugabe mend relations
    • Copac outreach condemned
    • Chiyangwa re-admission turned down
    • Govt unfazed, to continue selling Marange diamonds
    • Zim needs debt relief: Report
    • Gold deliveries surge
    • Pledge to boost human capacities
    • Demise of dictators shows people power unconquerable
    • Referendum is key to future
    • Smear campaign on PM escalates
    • Only new charter can guarantee free and fair poll
  27. Posted 11/12/11
    • Zimbabwe's president says he will not retire
    • Mugabe threatens to reject new constitution
    • Plans to remove remaining white Zim farmers
    • MDC-T Murder Accused Appeal To Supreme Court
    • Moyo In Trouble For Insulting Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai snubs chief's court
    • I’m lonely — Mugabe
    • ZLHR slams court ruling
    • Judge recuses self from ZCTU case
    • Zimbabwe Per Capita Health Spending Well Below International Benchmark
    • US Updates the Zimbabwe Targeted Sanctions Schedules
    • Sale of Agricultural House
    • Damp squib
  28. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/11
    • ZANU-PF party panics as Robert Mugabe sticks
    • Zimbabwe’s longtime president says he’s confident of election victory
    • Zimbabwe: The land of nervous laughter
    • Mugabe’s age and health to impact on his candidature
    • Mugabe fears Nato attack
    • Top Zanu PF Officials Worse Than Dogs: Sibanda
    • State Invokes Section 121 To Deny Bail To Media Monitors
    • Amnesty calls for release of Zim ‘prisoners of conscience’
    • Nothing to celebrate on International Human Rights Day
    • Civil Servants Cautions Of Strike In The New Year
    • Doctor brain drain proves costly
    • Chief under fire over PM ‘marriage’ summons
    • Zimbabwe needs $336,34m until 2015 for child food aid
    • Parastatals funding blocked
    • Zimbabwe's government under fire for award of overseas business contracts
    • Sata settles own bill
    • Analysis: Loophole in blood diamond monitoring scheme exposed
    • Reply from Zimbabwe Vigil to accusations by Nehanda Radio
    • When will Mugabe return Libya’s 4 camels to the NTC?
  29. Posted 10/12/11
    • Mujuru faction under pressure
    • Mugabe threatens to sabotage constitution
    • ‘ANC strategists for Zanu PF’
    • GNU must end –– Khaya Moyo
    • Zanu PF conference: Mat ghosts loom large
    • Mutambara reinvents his political fortunes
    • Arrests raise spectre of media crackdown
    • Mawere solicits SA, UK intervention
    • Address Gukurahundi concerns — Khumalo
    • Contrasting fortunes for new farmers
    • Nando’s should stand up to bullying
    • Eric Bloch Column: No to the Chinese yuan
    • Zanu PF indaba: Watershed or same old story?
    • Long term targets must direct budget planning
    • Rights violations: Zim must face the truth
    • Candid Comment
  30. Posted 9/12/11
    • Human rights lawyers urge government to uphold rule of law
    • Cops ban lawyers’ march
    • Annual ZANU PF conference begins in Bulawayo
    • ANC Pledges Continued Support To Zanu-PF
    • Zanu-PF Conference To Come Up With 2012 Election Manifesto
    • Chief drags PM to court over wife
    • MDC accuse ZANU PF of abusing chief in ‘marriage’ saga
    • Tsvangirai ‘marriage’ saga opens debate on Zimbabwe’s moral fabric
    • MDC members denied government inputs by soldiers and chiefs
    • Judge Moves to Sue UK Guardian Paper, Journalist and Bennett
    • Constitution writers to have technical assistance
    • Robert Mugabe's spy Chief claims US$10 million defamation damages
    • Geoffrey Van Orden MEP Press Release on Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF MP Zhanda blasts Chinese investment
    • US Joins Look-East Policy For Survival: Mugabe
    • Parly Clerk scoffs at MDC-T threats
    • Government urged to prioritise access to sanitary wear
    • Environment experts castigate Murambatsvina
    • Zimbabwe's "Hanging Tree" falls, revives legends
    • Tearful Mujuru welcomes fire-truck donation
    • Nestle Zimbabwe Invests in Cows to Revive Battered Dairy Industry
    • Nestle not compliant yet
    • As Zimbabwe's Anglicans are persecuted, their numbers grow
    • Zimbabwe: The deep history of AIDS denialism
  31. Posted 8/12/11
    • State opposes bail for media rights group members
    • ‘Blood diamonds’ on sale for £103m as China and Mugabe benefit from split
    • Zimbabwe Monitoring Panel Again Seeks Meeting With Police Chief Chihuri
    • Motion in parliament to cancel controversial radio licences
    • Zuma’s team holds final meeting with Zim negotiators
    • Parliament passes 2012 budget, Zanu PF praise Biti
    • Worst harvest in 50 years: CFU
    • Soldiers take charge of inputs scheme
    • Zambia agrees to export 1m tonnes of maize to neighbours
    • Independent media barred from ZPF conference
    • The circus comes to Bulawayo
    • Zanu PF prioritise conference over parliament
    • Zanu (PF) Mash West Division Saga Deepens
    • Replacing Mugabe, a Zanu-PF nightmare
    • NGOs Call For Audit of Zimbabwe Foreign Debt, Charging Misuse of Funds
    • Kunonga continues to persecute Anglicans
    • U.S. Statement on the arrests of media workers & civil society activists
    • Constitution drafters get to work
    • Ballot Update October-November
    • Mugabe man insists on elections
    • Polls only after reforms
    • Zanu propaganda stepped up
    • Zanu’s election tactics
    • Chiwenga graduates
    • Attacks on villagers sparks call for crocodile cull
    • CZI predicts economy growth
    • Zim not immune to global crunch
    • Could Anjin’s pathetic pay be fuelling diamond smuggling?
    • Bill Watch 54/2011 of 5th December [Budget to be debated Tuesday 6th December]
  32. Posted 7/12/11
    • Plot to prosecute Tsvangirai exposed
    • Anger grows as another media rights group member detained
    • Militia training resumes
    • Chinese firm sells first Zimbabwe diamonds after ban lifted
    • Fresh row over Marange diamonds
    • Referendum now expected June 2012
    • Zimbabwe president’s party holds crucial convention ahead of elections to end coalition
    • Police beat up commuters and vendors in Bulawayo
    • RBZ in trouble
    • Allies turn on Zanu PF Chinese friends
    • Madhuku denied trial again
    • Uncertainty reigns in Zimbabwe mining
    • Mthwakazi activist John Gazi still in prison
    • Joshua Nkomo Statue Wrangle Continues
    • Zimbabwe Launches of US$100 Million AGROBILLs
    • Mnangagwa in car accident, one killed
    • Mpofu slams De Beers
    • Human Rights Defenders persecuted in the run up to the UN Human Rights Day
    • The MDC calls for an end to persecution of human rights defenders
    • Arrest of MMPZ Director Andy Moyse outrageous
  33. Posted 6/12/11
    • Kimberley Process failing on blood diamonds, claims rights watchdog
    • Media group members arrested
    • Bankrupt Air Zim may cancel SA flights
    • Poachers kill 23 Zim rhinos
    • Chefs in poaching scam
    • MP’s accused of budget blackmail to get cars
    • Chinese diamond firm paying workers $180
    • Madzore denied bail
    • Zanu PF youths abusing Chimoio trips
    • Zimbabwe's Richest Man Ventures Into Solar Energy
    • MP’s accused of budget blackmail to get cars
    • Betty Makoni challenges Gono adviser on rape case
    • Zim's Malaria Campaign Impressive - Official
    • Climate change hits Zimbabwe wildlife
    • ‘Wikigate not conference agenda’
    • Mugabe relives his nightmare
    • Presidential motorcade stuns Zambians
    • Indigenisation won’t create jobs: PM
    • U.S. / Zim partnership boosts medical labs in HIV/AIDS fight
    • Species of black rhino declared extinct
    • MDC: the only serious party – President Tsvangirai
    • The Return of the Blood Diamond (And We Don't Mean the Movie)
    • Zimbabwe Vigil should consider their position
    • Transcript of Paul Siwela on Question Time (Part 2)
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 3rd December 2011 [Meetings Open to Public 5th - 8th December]
    • Constitution Watch of 3rd December 2011 [Final preparations for drafting]
  34. Batch 2 Posted 5/12/11
    • RBZ in $450m gold row
    • Gono aide sues paper for US$5mln
    • Anti-corruption team probes Zou
    • Varsity loses $20 000 in 20 cent labour fight
    • Zanu PF conference gives Bulawayo buzz
    • Pyrrhic victory for Mugabe - the unwanted presidential candidate
    • Sata snubs Mugabe invitation
    • Mugabe blasts money-grabbing councillors
    • Beware Of The Chinese: Mutambara
    • Desist From Personalities Politics: Tsvangirai Urges Ncube
    • CIO in dagger-fight
    • Mushonga Fires Tirade At Deputy Speaker
    • Canadian mining firm scoffs at indigenisation drive
    • Zimbabwe plane seized over debt
    • Tsvangirai should ‘consider his position’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd December 2011
  35. Posted 5/12/11
    • Tsvangirai speaks on Gukurahundi
    • Daggers out for Theresa Makone
    • ‘New constitution nowhere near’
    • Soldiers, police beat up bar patrons in Karoi, Magunje
    • ‘No fireworks at Zanu PF conference’
    • ‘Political instability worsens domestic violence’
    • GNU energy-sapping, say ministers
    • Get local treatment — Sikhala tells Mugabe
    • Council employees cry foul
    • Copac discussions on vice presidents put on hold
    • Furore over radio licences rages on
    • Lobola: Token of appreciation or money-making venture?
    • Govt’s fresh demands to mining firms
    • Climate finance falls short
    • Like farm seizures, indigenisation will destroy economy
    • Leadership deficit has kept Mugabe in power
    • Give education sector due priority
    • Zim not ready for free, fair poll
  36. Posted 4/12/11
    • Air Zim refused ground handling services in SA
    • Mugabe Says Unity Gov't Has Expired, Demands Elections
    • Conf to focus on life after Mugabe
    • Police Commissioner Snubs Unity Gov't Monitoring Committee
    • ‘Gukurahundi can’t be swept under’
    • The Dollar Is Dead, Says the World's Worst Central Banker
    • Gono fired staff 'like used condoms'
    • Alpha media under fire over rape case
    • Judge PM on performance: US envoy
    • PM Insists Marriage a Closed Case, But Jilted Bride Differs
    • Khumalo expelled for ‘intransigence’
    • Mutambara’s MDC Bump-Up Khumalo To The Presidency
    • UK to review restrictions
    • Nothing for education: Gaidzanwa
    • Mutsvangwa a ‘Shadow MP’
    • British taxpayers paid £8m to buy Land Rovers for Mugabe thugs
    • Review of Two Zimbabwe Novels
    • Dirty politics
    • Chicken dinner
  37. Batch 2 Posted 3/12/11
    • Zimbabwe to up diamond mining fees
    • Over 20 MP’s walk out on Welshman Ncube
    • Daily News editor & reporter briefly arrested over Chombo story
    • Zimbabwe's debt to UK includes money lent for police repression
    • Police chief rejects reform
    • Minister in hot soup over P.M's 'wife'
    • Zim/China diamond auction gets underway
    • New MDC-T Information director denies link to ZPF
    • Corruption eats away local authorities: PM
    • Councils call off AGM
    • More Bulawayo jobs with reopening of flour mill
    • Zim on the brink of desertification
    • President Tsvangirai to address major a rally in Plumtree
    • Zim judgment a cause for concern
    • Constitution Watch of 30th November 2011 [Drafting to Start Soon - Reminder of the Process so Far]
  38. Posted 3/12/11
    • Tsvangirai ‘marriage’: A political powder keg
    • ...Mugabe concerned about PM’s affairs
    • Kasukuwere’s wings clipped
    • RBZ extends RMB curatorship
    • Top posts up for grabs at Zanu PF indaba
    • Supreme Court judgments take too long
    • Chipangano an MDC creation — Savanhu
    • Turmoil rocks Zanu PF Byo
    • Election code of conduct ‘worthless’
    • ‘ZHRC should look into all rights issues’
    • Byo State House lies idle
    • Climate change irreversible — UN
    • RioZim saga: Owed banks push for judicial management
    • The budget: So little for so much
    • Zim set to achieve its inflation target of 4,5%
    • Tsvangirai his own worst enemy
    • MuckRaker: Satellite dishes tell us the true story
    • Eric Bloch Column: The good, the bad, and the ugly
    • Prosecuting bankers futile
    • SA: A matter of time before bomb explodes
    • Independent Comment: Zanu PF conference: Time to break mold
    • Editor’s Memo: BEE hijacked into a party project
    • Candid Comment: Now that the budget is over
  39. Posted 2/12/11
    • Government bows down to MP’s demands over allowances
    • Thousands march on World AIDS Day in Bulawayo
    • Zim AIDS Funding Suffers Yet Another Big Blow
    • Nando’s South Africa pulls advert after Chipangano threats
    • Morgan Tsvangirai claims he is victim of plot as he walks away from second marriage after 12 days
    • Rtd Colonel Exposes Zanu PF In Court
    • Mugabe’s Seized Farms Boost Profits at British American Tobacco
    • Zim's Gono scoffs at debt relief plan
    • Zim civic groups meet new Zambian leadership
    • ‘Zanu PF lying about sanctions’
    • More delays frustrate Madzore’s bail fight
    • State Concedes Madzore Was Not On The Run
    • NewsDay lifts suspension of journalist accused of accepting bribe
    • Are Zimbabwe's new farmers winning, 10 years on?
    • Q & A with Zimbabwe minister David Coltart
    • On patrol with Zimbabwe's wildlife defenders: the last hope for black rhinos?
  40. Posted 1/12/11
    • Tsvangirai clarifies position on his reported ‘marriage’
    • Mugabe In Trouble Over Suspension of Former AG Gula-Ndebele
    • New docs reveal extent of debt
    • Chombo accused of instigating political violence
    • Maize bags with Mugabe picture given to ZPF members only
    • Zanu-PF Wants Nkomo Statue To Be Unveiled At Conference
    • ZRP scam: warning to travellers
    • Grant Other Players Licences: British Envoy Urges BAZ
    • Women ‘rapists’ fear for lives
    • Controversy in City Hall Over Alleged Political Firing
    • Zimbabwe Sustaining Financial Losses as Doctors Seek Greener Pastures
    • More than 1000 march against rape
    • Madzore’s bail hearing resumes at the High Court
    • Mliswa’s ex-lawyer barred from testifying
    • MDC murder ruling delayed
    • Hospital fees blocking access to free HIV treatment
    • Rhinos at risk get US crime-fighting boost
    • The MDC Today - Issue 271
    • Zimbabwe’s fiscal train wreck
    • Whose interests are they serving?
    • BAZ is better challenged through courts than via Mugabe
    • Court Watch 3/2011 - November 2011 [State v Mwonzora MP]

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