The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/12
    • African Union fails to elect new chairman
    • Strike continues ahead of fresh wage talks
    • Controversy As Govt Shields Sata's Embassy From Creditor
    • Zim crops failing after Mugabe's land 'reforms'
    • MDC-T seethes over meddlesome Chiwenga
    • Magistrate dismisses request by Mujuru family
    • ZANU PF intensifies intimidation in Mbare
    • ‘Zanu PF scared of elections’
    • New charges for air travellers
    • Mugabe To Compete With Dairibord
    • Businessman Chamba to run for President
    • Zim threatens to seize mines, without compensation
    • EU visits 'neglected' Matabeleland region
    • I'm not scared: Tsvangirai
    • Government criticised as doctors report 800 typhoid cases
    • Typhoid stalks Harare
    • We Ignore Environmental Issues At Our Own Peril
    • Managing a State after it has been destroyed by a Neutron Bomb
    • African Union where U?
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/1/12
    • Mugabe to quit
    • Mugabe's ailing health spurring election push, says Tsvangirai
    • AU summit: 'Forty African leaders are attending 18th AU summit'
    • Strike leaves civil service divided
    • Tertiary lecturers strike, uncertainty over student grants
    • Chiwenga Summons Copac For Briefing
    • Lupane Police Defies High Court Order as They Arrest Byo Agenda Staff
    • Mujuru death crisis
    • Mujuru inquest changes face of courts
    • Perpetrators of Gukurahundi Will Be Prosecuted
    • Bid to woo youth as elections loom
    • Hundreds Jostle for Free Medication
    • Kereke's bizarre media rant
    • Chinese investor continues with hotel construction
    • 'Unsatasfactory' - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 28th January 2012
  3. Posted 30/1/12
    • Gen Mujuru died before fire: Allies
    • Census scuttles Zanu PF early election hopes
    • MDC-T appeals to Jomic over arrests
    • Water scarcity fears in Mat, Midlands
    • 9 in a 1 000 at risk of contracting cancer in Harare
    • Group demands Gukurahundi report
    • Activists push govt to end torture
    • Chipangano blocks US$1m project
    • Matibenga versus workers
    • Minister should apologise — MDC
    • Family lucky to survive typhoid scourge
    • MP leads Zaka march for Madzore
    • RBZ in limbo, operating without deputy governors
    • Zinara revenue falls short
    • Shearwater resumes Vic Falls bungee jumping
    • Call for Zanu PF, MDC youth to unite
    • Sunday View: Sopa’s threat to Internet democracy
    • Standard Comment: Sata, sham elections are not democracy
  4. Posted 29/1/12
    • Panic As Mugabe's Plane Billows Smoke
    • Mugabe Seeks African Union Support For 2012 Elections
    • Possibility of another cholera outbreak high
    • Zimbabwe typhoid cases rises to nearly 900 amid fears of cholera outbreak loom
    • Rohr official arrested
    • US takes control of tarnished blood diamonds monitor group
    • Air Zim partnership talks collapse
    • MDC youths castigate Sata
    • PM speaks on govt performance
    • 'Regime change took place in 2008'
    • Officials in new push for Chinese Yuan
    • Mujuru: family wants second opinion
    • Matibenga in new attack on unions
    • Grand dame of Rotten Row goes abegging
    • Welshman Ncube on Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe farmers turn back to tradition as rainfall changes
    • Wildlife Experts Distraught as Record Rhino Killings Plague South Africa
    • Cricket-New Zealand win test after bowling Zimbabwe out twice in one day
    • Zimbabwe thrashing no good for Test cricket
    • Why so hush, hush?
    • Little has changed
  5. Batch 2 Posted 28/1/12
    • Mugabe in Ethiopia for AU Summit
    • AU urged to show strong leadership on Zimbabwe crisis
    • Air Zimbabwe Summon Engineers to Fix Mugabe's Plane
    • Police on high alert
    • Soldiers Chase Teachers From Schools
    • Amnesty urges Zim to halt abuses
    • ZANU PF violence intensifies in Mbare
    • Army up his sleeve: Mugabe’s military strongmen likely to stay
    • Zimbabwe must hold fresh polls by March 2013: Tsvangirai
    • Mujuru’s remains may be exhumed
    • Makedenge Rules Out Foul Play As Family Hints on Possible Exhumation
    • 17 Burnt Firearms Discovered at Mujuru’s House: Makedenge
    • Zim wildlife facing poaching ‘horror story’
    • Biti to stagger civil service, pension payments dates
    • Copac completes draft
    • Parties fight over citizenship
    • Land grabs move to Harare
    • Zimbabwe Aims To Induce Private Funding of $2.6B Roads Plan
    • Simon Mann appeals against Zimbabwe gun conviction over Equatorial Guinea plot
    • Health crisis unfolds
    • Mass graves found at police training camp
    • The MDC Today – Issue 289
  6. Posted 28/1/12
    • Tsvangirai gives up
    • Family doubts remains belonged to Gen Mujuru
    • Mafa eyes Shamu’s seat
    • Mujuru inquest: More questions than answers
    • Gono star witness in Tsvangirai fraud case
    • Biti strips Zimra boss of all powers
    • Govt in MP sitting allowance storm
    • Zim’s reform agenda ‘requires major surgery’
    • Crop hectarage diminishes
    • Restoration of RBZ’s lender status crucial
    • Land: Africa’s greatest but still dead asset
    • Eric Bloch Column: Can Air Zimbabwe be saved?
    • Vacant parly seats ‘cause for concern’
    • Time to forge a united political front
    • MuckRaker: Is defence policy a result of poll defeats?
    • Independent Comment: Restore lender of last resort role
    • Editor’s Memo: The type, quality of elections matters
    • Candid Comment: Inflation figures: There’s need for more accuracy
  7. Posted 27/1/12
    • Zimbabwe civil servants resume strike
    • Gov accused of fuelling corruption by failing civil servants
    • Diamonds 'key to Zimbabwe civil service pay' - MDC-T
    • Two guns found next to Mujuru’s body
    • Mujuru evidence destroyed
    • ZESA rules out electric fault in Mujuru fire
    • Zanu PF, Police Worst Torturers: ZimRights
    • Mwonzora finally removed from police remand
    • Biti hints on duty U-turn
    • Zim piles on more debt
    • Zim debt audit ‘critical’ for future transparency
    • Health authorities probe typhoid deaths
    • Mohadi raises hopes for Zim permit extension in SA
    • Mugabe’s govt in $1 deal with mercenary
    • Chinese nationals in prison, await deportation
    • Battle To Control AU Commission Causes Friction in Harare
    • Govt intervenes on liquidity crisis
    • Air Zim partnership talks collapse
    • Attempts to stop new Constitution are absurd
    • “Polls to be held on old Constitution” – Jonatha Moyo
    • Another MDC member arrested on false charges of murdering a police officer last May
    • Police in Zimbabwe should declare assets
    • I’m Docile, Like You
    • To Yuan or Not to Yuan, That is the Question
  8. Posted 26/1/12
    • Talks to end civil servants strike collapse
    • Press Statement by the Hon. Lucia Matibenga, the Minister of Public Service
    • Matibenga must resign: Sikhala
    • Fire Brigade testimony fuels suspicions over Mujuru fire
    • Arson cause of Mujuru blaze: Fire Expert
    • Mujuru inquest: cops face arrest
    • Zimbabwe to use IMF support for infrastructure: minister
    • Post budget developments in the economy: press statement by hon. T. Biti M.P., Minister of Finance
    • Biti’s miracle as Zimbabwe has budget surplus
    • Harare typhoid cases continue to rise
    • Media monitors still face charges of undermining Mugabe
    • Chimanimani residents forced to sign ZPF list to get food
    • Controversial Judge Transferred To Harare
    • ZANU-PF Reversal on Death Penalty Holds Up Zimbabwe Constitution Draft
    • Zimbabwe mine licence fees set to soar - state media
    • President Sata’s comments on Tsvangirai raise eyebrows
    • Zinara to increase toll gates
    • ‘Tsvangirai key to Zim transition’
    • Small-scale farmers to feed the nation
    • No money to protect elephants
    • Zimbabwe presses for SA permit extension
    • A country at peace: Senator Gutu’s vision
    • Zimbabwe’s debt - a compelling case for an audit
  9. Posted 25/1/12
    • Zimbabwe teachers join national strike over pay
    • Apex council & government to meet Wednesday over pay dispute
    • Strike to Continue Until Friday: Union Leader
    • Zimbabwe suspends state workers strike
    • Sikhala Urges Civil Servants To Back Attempts To Oust Mugabe
    • Harare fears typhoid epidemic
    • New evidence suggests Mujuru fire not an accident
    • VP Mujuru to testify
    • Court Upholds Traditional Chief's Ruling Against PM Tsvangirai
    • Shamu accused of ‘fighting dirty’
    • Tsvangirai book sellers released on bail
    • Air Zim vows to fight liquidation
    • ZimRights official acquited
    • Service Delivery Woes Worsen in Bulawayo
    • ‘Political violence likely to characterise forthcoming elections’
    • Bogus CIO arrested
    • UK minister rejects call to audit Zim debt
    • Construction of new Zimbabwean power plant to start soon
    • ‘Defence geared to counter regime change agenda’- Ngwena
    • SA criticised for ‘preventing’ asylum applications
    • Nat Hentoff: The 'Hitler of Africa' still rules
  10. Posted 24/1/12
    • Civil servants strike off to a slow start
    • Parties trade blame over civil servants strike
    • Zimbabwe elections ‘not feasible in 2012′
    • Hundreds turn out for global Free Zimbabwe protests
    • Zim immigrants expelled
    • SA continues inhuman treatment of refugees
    • Typhoid outbreak hits Harare
    • Zimparks on high alert
    • Chief moves to attach PM’s property
    • State ordered to investigate MDC-T ‘torture’
    • Mugabe is just a friend: Thai Minister
    • US$200m forestry plantations lost to illegal settlers
    • Indigenisation board to enforce regulations
    • Mugabe to torpedo Dlamini-Zuma's AU bid
    • New constitution draft inspection could end in chaos —ZLHR
    • 3.5 million Vulnerable Children Face Starvation-UNICEF
    • Free Zimbabwe Global Protest: Worth all the sweat
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/1/12
    • Air Zimbabwe threatened with liquidation
    • MDC, Zec clash over CIOs
    • Tsvangirai, Biti face arrest
    • Zimplats workers strike over power bills: paper
    • MDC youths drag police to court
    • ZCTU mobilises for strike
    • ‘MDC must learn to live with me’
    • EU Delegation to Zimbabwe 'Moves' to Bulawayo for a Week
    • Masunda extends hand to youth group
    • Municipality of Gwanda Resorts to Water Rationing
    • Politics to Stall Economic Growth: MMC report
    • UK Zimbabweans petition Zuma – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 21st January 2012
    • Just doing my job
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 20th January 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 23rd - 27th January]
  12. Posted 23/1/12
    • Mujuru inquest raises more questions
    • Zanu PF encourages civil servants strike: MDC-T
    • Mafa leads Zanu PF election race
    • MDC-T appeals to Jomic over arrests
    • Sikhala threatens Egyptian-style protests
    • Zimbabwe sliding back into chaos, say analysts
    • Chitungwiza to upgrade water pipe
    • MDC-T takes Chihuri to court
    • Budiriro’s sickening maize fields
    • Return of Zimbabwe dollar condemned
    • High output expected as tobacco selling season opens
    • WB calls for power- saving measures
    • Child protection a must for every politician
    • Is Harare turning into a stinking ‘Kumazai’?
    • CDF fiasco exposes calibre of MPs
  13. Posted 22/1/12
    • Bookseller Arrested over Tsvangirai’s Memoirs
    • Police left Mujuru to die - Lawyer
    • No salaries for civil servants
    • Ministry Submits Report on Alleged Misuse of Constituency Funds
    • MDC youths hold surprise Madzore demo
    • Teacher takes Mangwana to jomic
    • RBZ still awaits bailout
    • Zvoma Wins First Battle To Save His Job
    • "The police will never say no to Zanu PF instructions"
  14. Posted 21/1/12
    • Zimbabwe unions call for five-day strike
    • ‘Free Zimbabwe’ protests kicks off in South Africa
    • Court orders State to investigate torture of MDC activists in prison
    • MDC activists, vendors denied bail
    • Zimbabwe Elections Chief Urges Subordinate Role for Registrar General
    • Suspected diahorrea outbreak in Kuwadzana
    • Zimbabwe has 29 vacant seats in Parliament
    • Ruling in Chiredzi land seizure case delayed till March
    • MDC-T youth march in Masvingo for activists’ release
    • 17 members arrested, tortured then released
    • An Unknown to contest presidential polls
    • COPAC accused of blowing US$100 000 a week
    • Vic Falls bookshop owner arrested as police plant subversive material in President Tsvangirai’s book
    • D-Day for Mohadi in farm case
    • Mthwakazi Liberation Leaders Re-arrested
    • I heard gunshots, says Mujuru maid
    • Gen Mujuru feared Chihuri and his officers: Maid
    • Rescuers found Mujuru’s body in flames
    • Mujuru inquest adjourned with anti-climax heading towards a white-wash
    • South Africa sets March target for Zim permits
    • Polls, indigenisation weigh on Zim miners
  15. Batch 2 Posted 20/1/12
    • Age clause set to bar Mugabe
    • Mujuru ‘wanted police guards withdrawn’
    • Zim guns for AU posts
    • MDC-T dossier chronicles ‘Chihuri violations’
    • Chinese hotel construction angers residents
    • Mujuru inquest: Zim disaster preparedness in a shambles
    • ‘Copac constitution a transitional document’
    • Copac using up US$100k a week
    • Skewed policies bog down mineral-rich Zim
    • Constitution delay: Setting the record straight
    • Foreign tourists arrivals up 10%
    • Fertiliser shortage threatens farmers
    • Politics strain economic recovery momentum
    • MuckRaker: ‘What crisis?’ Thabo Mbeki at it again
    • Eric Bloch Column: Misdirected protection of industries
    • Whither Zim after constitutional impasse?
    • In defence of the constitution drafters
    • Independent Comment: Mujuru inquest exposes police
    • Editor’s Memo: GNU implementation remains key
    • Candid Comment: Government’s gravy train riders costly
  16. Posted 20/1/12
    • Civil servants ignore strike call
    • Civil servants strike paralyses government services
    • Govt Hypocrisy Exposed As Workers Go On Strike
    • Zimbabwe Cabinet Dysfunctionality Deepens as Ministers Drop Out of Sight
    • 12 Zimbabwe security service agents die in horror crash
    • ZANU PF winning votes & making money in new gold rush
    • Chief exposed as taking part in ZANU PF violence
    • US Denies Intentions To Abuse KP Chair On Marange Gems
    • Diamonds Can't Meet All Budget Needs, ZANU-PF Cautions
    • Mujuru Inquest:Candle Did Not Burn The House - Maid
    • 'Mujuru sensed death'
    • Mujuru wanted police guards fired
    • Police detain and torture WOZA activists in Bulawayo
    • Mugabe ‘gay gibe’ MP case referred to Supreme Court
    • Anglican cleric warns of religious unrest
    • 'End chaos in constitution-making'
    • Minister embroiled in housing scandal
    • Book Café arts centre finds new home in Harare
    • 'Crony' Thai minister blacklisted for Mugabe links
    • Zim documentation nearly done
    • EU Delegation moves to Byo
    • Warren Park residents cry foul
    • Diamonds – Zimbabwe’s curse?
    • American Zims prepare for Saturday protest
    • Free Zimbabwe Global Protest – Exiled Zimbabweans demand action
  17. Posted 19/1/12
    • Civil servants to embark on day long strike on Thursday
    • Air Zimbabwe Takes Delivery of First Airbus
    • Mujuru cop makes shocking statement
    • Heavy Police And Security Agents Presence At Mujuru Inquest
    • Mujuru death inquest temporarily halted
    • Teachers furious as Minister snubs meeting
    • Chiredzi land seizure case postponed
    • Lawyers Group says New Constitution Will Lack Legitimacy
    • Court rules that WOZA kidnap case must continue, despite no evidence
    • UN to monitor food aid?
    • Support grows for global Zim protests
    • Met Office issues flood warning
    • Pressure Group Leads Weekend Gukurahundi Victims Commemorations
    • Zim journalists Win Court Battle
    • Students bemoan maltreatment by Masvingo police
    • Zim hard hit as bio-piracy flourishes
    • Conservation concerns
    • 'Only Mugabe can remove security chiefs’
    • CIO agents refuse to reform
    • Gold panning: Shurugwi turns ugly
    • Zimbabwe to Stop Funding State Firms Paying Executives Hefty Salaries
    • Did Mugabe's latest madness topple Impala's CEO?
    • Woe Betide the Return of the Zimbabwean Dollar
    • Miracle in Mbizingwe
  18. Posted 18/1/12
    • Guard at Mujuru farm claims he heard gun shots
    • Police were negligent on Mujuru's death: Lawyer
    • Zimbabwe policeman 'slept during Solomon Mujuru fire'
    • Fresh evidence on Mujuru’s death
    • VP questions probe into husband's death
    • Mujuru ‘not drunk’, inquest told
    • Zuma unlikely to raise Zim crisis at UN level
    • Police accused of trying to cripple MDC-T youth wing
    • Zanu PF land wars intensify in Masvingo
    • War Vets Take Mohadis to High Court Over Land Dispute
    • Bulawayo Set To Run Dry
    • Gandiya pleads with Chihuri
    • MDC Alleges Police Looting in Weekend Office Raid
    • Zimbabwe's 2011 Tax Collections Surpass Targeted Revenues
    • US$30 million worth of "Presidential Input Scheme" looted
    • Chombo blocks mayors’ US junket
    • WOZA: Magistrate suprisingly dismisses application for discharge
    • Speech by Hon. Lovemore Moyo, Speaker of the House of Assembly Parliament
    • Tsvangirai Book Confiscated
  19. Posted 17/1/12
    • Inquest opens into death of Zimbabwe general
    • VP Mujuru hopes the truth will come out on husband's inquest
    • "Chiwenga ordered Mujuru assassination" - Report
    • MDCs unite against terror chiefs Chihuri and Chiwenga
    • Police out to decimate party: MDC
    • Zimbabwe CPI inflation quickens to 4.9 pct y/y
    • Prices on the rise as ZIMRA implements fresh duty charges
    • Blow for Kunonga faction
    • Ban appoints Zimbabwean to Sudan mission
    • US diamond bans counter-productive: Biti
    • Armed police officers loot MDC property, documents at the Bulawayo office
    • Mugabe, Gono, Grace "Cartoonists" Acquitted
    • War 'Vet' Invades Allied Timbers
    • COPAC to tighten security following disruption by war vets
    • MDC-T prepares for global protests against slow pace of reforms
    • Zim gold panners mauled by dogs
    • Chinese firm refutes abuse claims
    • Intercontinental and regional carriers look to serve Zimbabwe in absence of national carrier
    • Former ZBC DeeJay To Contest Legislative Election Under MDC Ticket
    • Transcript of Welshman Ncube on Question Time: Part 1
    • Has Biti fallen into a Zanu-pf trap on sanctions?
  20. Posted 16/1/12
    • Zuma gets more muscle to deal with Zim
    • Mpofu picks loyalists to tighten grip on diamonds control
    • Marange possible source of funding for early election
    • Zanu PF fights Biti's debt plan
    • Zanu in panic over elections
    • Biti furious as US sanctions hit budget
    • Zanu PF steps up efforts to derail constitution-making process
    • Presidental Scheme Halted at GMB Karoi Depot
    • GMB still to pay farmers
    • MPs Get $15 000 Outstanding Balances
    • Tsvangirai hunts 2008 murderers
    • Daggers drawn over city expansion plans
    • SA shuts door on Zim imports
    • Police rapped over missing children
    • No easy walk in Zimbabwe for Easipark
    • Pressure mounts on banks
    • Mujuru's mysterious death claimed to be murder
    • Anglican cleric sees Mugabe as his boss
    • Zanu-PF on the prowl
    • MDC faces acid test
    • Zimbabweans demand action from Zuma – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 14th January 2012
  21. Batch 2 Posted 15/1/12
    • MDC youths arrested in police crackdown
    • Does Masunda deserve another term?
    • Zanu PF MP threatens to shoot wife
    • Principals to deliberate on GPA report
    • Zapu revives bid to recover seized properties
    • We meet govt safety requirements: sino-zim
    • Hunger ravages Zimbabwe’s dry regions
    • Zimsec ordered to pay outstanding allowances
    • ‘Attack on Telecel appointments void’
    • Alleged editors’ bribery saga: PM to sue media outlets
    • Suffering in silence: Abused women ignorant of law
    • Fear grips town as ritual murders rock Masvingo
    • Rapists torment the disabled, young girls
    • Report blames judiciary for lack of transparency in handling rape cases
    • 2012 environmental outlook optimistic
    • Retrenchment war escalates at Reserve Bank
    • Suspend Sadc tariff hikes, says Zim
    • Indian delegation demands clear investment policies
    • ‘No need for Tsvangirai to bribe journalists’
    • Sunday View: Second-hand underwear, an empowerment issue
    • Inside Track: Buying second-hand lingerie
    • From the Editor's desk: Street vendors’ rebellion: David confronts Goliath
  22. Posted 15/1/12
    • Zimbabwe’s Unsavory Path to Peace
    • 50 MDC-T Youths Arrested During Free Madzore Campaign
    • DA Turns Classrooms into Cattle Pens
    • Tsvangirai Files Complaint Against ZMC
    • Mohadi Evicts War Veterans from Farm
    • Food, cars duty shocker
    • Food, cars duty shocker
    • Teachers challenge govt on salaries
    • PTUZ demands meeting with GNU principals
    • New Year Brings Steep Rises in Housing Costs in Zimbabwean Cities
    • Parastatals collapse: An indictment of GNU
    • Zanu PF Out to Trash the Constitution Making Process
    • Porcupine quills filled with gold
  23. Posted 14/1/12
    • ZANU PF running parallel government
    • Two vendors in hospital after police torture
    • Soldiers beat up villagers in Mutasa South
    • MDC Seeks SADC Support On Police Crackdown
    • We will stay put says vendors
    • Makone slams police harassment of innocent people
    • Police maintain a heavy presence in high density suburbs
    • Zimbabweans to protest at South African Embassies
    • Tense Atmosphere As War Veterans Take Over Copac Press Conference
    • Zanu PF activists face eviction
    • Negotiations Stalled Between Zimbabwe Civil Servants and Government
    • 'No chance in hell' for gay rights
    • Minister close to tears over teachers’ pay
    • Zimbabwe's teledensity rises to 74%
    • Diamond prices may fall: Rapaport
    • Free Solo Madzore campaign takes off in Bulawayo
    • Prime Minister’s statement on alleged bribery
    • Statement by Minister Makone on behaviour of police
  24. Batch 2 Posted 13/1/12
    • Chihuri, Chiwenga contracts expire
    • Mugabe gets chance to hit back at Zuma
    • Mugabe, Biti clash over Zimra boss
    • Mugabe in dilemma over successor
    • Copac: Zanu PF pushes for Chinhengo’s ouster
    • Zim looks to qualify for HIPC status
    • Constitution-making has failed –– Madhuku
    • Union, councils clash over late salaries
    • Crisis as Zimbabwe faces ‘disastrous’ farming season
    • ‘Youths’ mere pawns in political game
    • Zim tobacco exports rake in US$390m
    • MuckRaker: Kunonga a product of Zanu PF’s mantras
    • Eric Bloch Column: Unprofitable value addition policies
    • Parastatals collapse: An indictment of GNU
    • Zanu PF’s kleptocracy faces demise
    • Elections: ZEC’s independence critical
    • Africa’s three-legged dilemma
    • Gwynne Dyer: The African National Congress at 100
    • Independent Comment: Constitution-making reduced to circus
    • Editor’s Memo: Pull AirZim back from the brink
    • Candid Comment: One down, more to go?
  25. Posted 13/1/12
    • Police raid Harvest House and arrest four people
    • Marauding War Veterans Storm Copac Base In Vumba
    • Daily News Journalists Arrested
    • Bungee jumps suspended at Victoria Falls
    • Negotiators, Facilitators Hand Election Road Map to Principals
    • Document exposes violence by Mudzi West ZANU PF MP
    • Ncube says ‘extremely unlikely’ MDC factions will unite
    • No progress in teachers pay talks
    • Chiyangwa's terror group attacks Telecel
    • Zimbabwe Judge Slams Biased Prosecutors
    • Mujuru inquest to begin Monday
    • Lowveld farm seizure cases go to court Monday
    • MDC T Organises Global Protests Against South Africa
    • VP Mujuru backs SA facilitation, distances herself from Mnangagwa faction
    • Zvimba Farmers Fear Food Shortages
    • Kwekwe gold-rush prompts Chiadzwa fears
    • Zim to wait even longer for faster internet
    • MDC-T MP Karenyi’s trial fails to kick off in Mutare
    • Self-serving parliament fiddles while Rome burns
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 778- Dated 10 January 2012 - extract
  26. Posted 12/1/12
    • Zimbabwe off AU agenda after Mugabe lobbies chairman
    • MDC minister warns of another GNU
    • ZANU-PF Mulls Pulling Out of Unity Gov't to Force Elections
    • War vet and white farmer behind Chiredzi ranch invasions
    • Harare turned into war zone as vendors clash with police
    • Constitution drafters cleared of any wrongdoing
    • Police Deployed In Nkayi
    • Rhino horn smugglers appear in court
    • Statement by Minister Zvidzai on rhino horn
    • Some Teachers Embark on Nationwide Sit-in Labor Action
    • Journalists Case Takes New Twist
    • Zimbabwe Utility Moves to Expand Pre-Paid Consumer Meter Program
    • Chimani constituency office still closed
    • Zhanda wants Gono’s head
    • Zimbabwe's Richest Man Joins Hilton Foundation Jury
    • Mother-to-child HIV transmission at 18 percent
    • Zim loses out on foreign deals
    • Land reform: going beyond the policy impasse
    • Regional News Roundup
    • Transcript of Mutare Mayor Brian James on Question Time
    • Free maize seed for sale
    • Elections will never cease to take their toll
    • Open letter
    • Would SADC and the AU endorse a military coup in Zimbabwe?
  27. Posted 11/1/12
    • Schools open despite call to strike by unions
    • Zim 'powerless' as teachers threaten to strike
    • Teachers Sidelined From Presidential Input Scheme
    • Mugabe cuts short holiday to see Equatorial Guinea leader
    • Mugabe and Obiang meet
    • Kasukuwere To Move In On Commercial Banks
    • Fears as Zanu-PF pushes for elections
    • 'Poll talk mere hoax'
    • ‘Zanu PF against new constitution’ - Analysts
    • Escalating tensions in Zanu-PF as infighting forces another local office to close
    • ZMDC take over diamond venture after Chinese pullout
    • MDC supporters denied food aid
    • State Broadcaster Dodges Messenger Of Court
    • Nkayi Growth Point turned into war zone
    • Maize crop down 35 percent: Agritex
    • Brown Revolution Brings New Hope
    • Bungee jump horror 'a one-off': tour boss
    • China to donate $14m worth of food aid
    • India proposes $100 mn line of credit for Zimbabwe
    • Border Timbers invaded by ZANU-PF “settlers”
    • Anthrax outbreak claims lives of more than 165 wild animals in Zimbabwe
    • Rabies Alert
    • Zimbabwe outlaws sale of used knickers
    • Gwisai trial shelved again
    • More threats to Zim-Libyan investments
    • Residents of Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Demand Police Probe Missing Children
    • Moyo behind Tsvangirai ‘bribes’ story - Reports
    • Constitution drafters misdirected
  28. Posted 10/1/12
    • Zimbabwe gold deposits 'claimed' by Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF
    • Small scale miners’ gold contribution drops
    • War vets take over fishing lodge in Hippo Valley
    • Equatorial Guinea Nguema in Zimbabwe To Meet Mugabe
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai absent from ANC celebrations
    • Vietnam Bars Mugabe's Plane From Its Airspace
    • Looming threat of teachers’ strike over low pay
    • I’ve no power to stop strike: Coltart
    • Terror Bishop declares support for Robert Mugabe
    • January 09, 2012 15:34 PM
    • Coin crisis to worsen
    • Bloated govt strains police resources
    • Zanu (PF) Printing Company Fails To Pay Workers
    • RBZ ordered to pay workers’ arrears
    • Kaunda warns Zuma on 'serious' land question
    • Zimbabwe Marks New Legal Year
    • Rogue Judges to be fired - Judge Code says 'Report' rogue Judges
    • Top govt officials abandon Air Zimbabwe
    • Transcript: Election Watch with Senator Obert Gutu
    • Do not ever write Zimbabwe off
  29. Batch 2 Posted 9/1/12
    • Aussie tourist's bungee cord snaps
    • Police mount bid to nail Biti
    • More money for ministers but none for civil servants
    • Zanu-PF to escalate foreign firms share grab
    • ‘Referendum unlikely this year’
    • Shambolic Zou struggles to pay examiners
    • Union urges teachers to report for work
    • Mthwakazi trio get trial date
    • Editors Mull Lawsuit
    • Chief Negomo Loses Case
    • Chief after Tsvangirai’s property
    • No Diamonds in Beitbridge: Minister Mpofu
    • ‘Posa abused for unmitigated repression’
    • Mwenezi Villagers Face Victimisation Following Mugabe’s Election Call
    • Rifts Widen In Zanu-PF Ahead of Provincial Elections
    • ‘I’m ready to die for Gukurahundi’
    • ‘Zim needs to amend Indigenisation Act’
    • ROHR to elect new UK Executive – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 7th January 2012
    • Raucous, scolding Francolin
  30. Posted 9/1/12
    • Feuding Zanu PF stalwarts face off
    • MDC-T chefs jostle for seats
    • Illegal structures proliferate in Harare
    • Children with hearing impairments desert school
    • Zim children languish in SA prisons
    • Cross-border traders demand residential land
    • Peace rallies: Is Zanu PF sincere?
    • Pastors rescue refugees
    • PM Tsvangirai to sue State media
    • ‘Air Zimbabwe refused to take advice’
    • Schools reopening: Business records boom in sales
    • Body lobbies against import duty
    • Settle external debt to lure investment, Zim told
    • Zanu PF to blame for dismal failure of GNU to deliver
    • Editors, Tsvangirai bribe scandal that never was
    • Only privatisation will work at AirZim
    • Weighing parties on electoral scale
  31. Posted 8/1/12
    • Schools opening in limbo
    • Colleges, Schools Demand Groceries From Students
    • Chiefs get 60 percent pay rise
    • Defiant Sikhala Threatens "Terrorist” Attacks on Polling Stations
    • Zim Churches Rescue DRC Refugees From Police
    • State Opposes Bail for villagers In Row with Mohad
    • Air Zim strike continues
    • Bromley Farm: Murerwa intervenes
    • Govt abandons bonding of nurses
    • Zimbabwe Takes Over Chinese Diamond Company, Herald Reports
    • Chinese labour practices haunt Zim factory workers
    • Chinese Become Unwelcome Guests
    • Mugabe's plans for early elections meet obstacles
    • Herald story on PM bribes mischievous
  32. Posted 7/1/12
    • Mugabe, ministers paralyse unity govt
    • Air Zimbabwe Crisis Worsens as Employees Stage Protests Over Pay
    • Air Zim resorts to govt blackmail
    • MDC activists charged for ‘bombing’ Zanu PF offices
    • Zanu bomb a hoax
    • Tsvangirai Dismisses Media Bribery Allegations
    • Chaibva names Editors “bribed” by PM
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai skip ANC centenary celebrations
    • Teachers Union Demand Mugabe Back From Annual Leave
    • Constitution drafters moved to secret location
    • Huge influx of DRC refugees in Bulawayo
    • Chimani constituency office closed due to ZPF infighting
    • MDC infighting intensifies in Mutare
    • Nkayi Police Disrupts MDC Rally Despite Court Order
    • Scam sucks in minister
    • Pressure mounts on Sikhosana to go
    • MDC-T official criticizes war vets call to dissolve Parliament
    • Media Monitors Trial Deferred
    • ZBC television Monopoly To Be Maintained
    • Education in crisis
    • Made defends GMO ban
    • Zimbabwe's Unity Gov't Moves to Address Food Problems in Prisons
    • Zim faces bleak farming season
    • Militant youth group has last laugh
    • ‘Poll will dampen economic growth’
  33. Batch 2 Posted 6/1/12
    • Zim should be digital by 2015 — Chamisa
    • Paltry council pensions will not be reviewed
    • Byo help only for ‘critical’ firms
    • 2011: Zanu PF reduced to an opposition party
    • Chief Negomo raises the ire of villagers
    • Mpofu lashes out at RapNet
    • Mining industry sings the blues
    • 2012 outlook: Key growth sectors
    • Reform efforts move slowly as tensions rise
    • MuckRaker: Bombings: State media parrots Zanu PF spin
    • Eric Bloch Column: Devolution long overdue in Zim
    • Chiefs part of Zanu PF’s political arsenal
    • What kind of leaders do we need?
    • Constitution-making needs sober minds
    • Independent Comment: Mining: Spell out beneficiation strategy
    • Editor’s Memo: Calls against violence without reforms void
    • Candid Comment: Predictions for 2012 — Gobbledegook
    • New Year message from ROHR Zimbabwe founder Ephraim Tapa
  34. Posted 6/1/12
    • Teachers to strike when schools open next week
    • Prison officers victimized for ‘reading’ Tsvangirai’s newsletter
    • Crackdown on MDC
    • Police raid house of Mkoba legislator
    • Kasukuwere exposed as violent political gangster
    • Minister Mohadi in wrangle over Beitbridge farm
    • Zanu-PF, MDC head to ANC bash
    • MDC gets ANC celebrations invite
    • Mugabe’s party says ANC is inefficient
    • Zim in Libyan NTC climbdown
    • Zimbabwe's "female rapists," accused of semen harvesting, strike again
    • Zim's Largest Emerald Mine Shutdown
    • Possible election could dampen Zimbabwe growth outlook-AfDB
    • WOZA: Williams and Mahlangu apply for Trial discharge
    • Kariba opens spillway gates
    • Microcredit Aggravates 'January Disease'
    • Concern raised over price increases
    • Zimra set new rules for cross border travellers
    • Zim growth target in limbo
    • Q&A: Zimbabwe's 'Cold War, Which Is a Racial War'
    • As much a Black thing as it is White
    • Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    • Free Zimbabwe Global Protest
    • Call for Applications: Fellowships for Threatened Scholars
    • Ministerial appraisals: When the most experienced become the worst performers
  35. Posted 5/1/12
    • Air Zimbabwe’s last plane grounded
    • SADC leaders to plan Zim meeting during AU summit
    • Mujuru probe complete but ...
    • Mudede resumes passports production
    • COPAC concedes blame for constitutional chaos
    • Sikhala calls for united front to fight Mugabe
    • Upfumi Kuvadiki in takeover drive
    • NRZ woes worsen: workers unpaid for two months
    • Zimbabwean Anglicans slam police for dispersing clergy meeting
    • Church seeks divine intervention in Zim
    • Mugabe and Ncube plan to attend Tsvangirai's rallies
    • SMM pays workers, three years later
    • Councillors persuade Mutare Mayor to stay on
    • Zanu (PF) Youth Property Grabbers' Docket Mystery
    • An act of evil
    • Mystery surrounds diamond ore theft in Zimbabwe
    • Nyikayaramba’s promotion ‘an infamy’
    • Pedzisai Ruhanya Behind the Headlines on Nyikayaramba
    • Bill Watch 1/2012 of 2nd January [Update on Acts and Statutory Instruments]
  36. Posted 4/1/12
    • Police evict Anglican clergy from prayer retreat
    • War vets push Parly dissolution
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai plan joint anti-violence rallies
    • Workers blast Chinese labour practices
    • Job Sikhala in police custody since New Year’s Day
    • MDCs ready to fight: Officials
    • Police Launch Election Preparations; Many Voice Misgivings
    • Sadc meets over Zim
    • New referendum seen as key test for GNU
    • Danida Gives Zimbabwe US$43m Boost
    • Air Zim awaits govt bailout
    • ‘Zanu PF is not responsible’
    • Zimbabwe Power Demand to Rise 29% in 2012, Supply Authority Says
    • Health Ministry Targets Diarrheal Diseases in New Year
    • Growing risk of waterborne diseases in rural areas
    • Parly fiddles while Rome burns
    • Zimbabwe: Two scenarios for 2012
    • Reply to Masimirembwa and Mudenda's "Zimbabwe: the critique of the Constitution"
    • Dear 2012, Will you promise to be better than 2011?
  37. Posted 3/1/12
    • Drafting of new constitution to resume Tuesday
    • Police begin election preparations
    • Mugabe promotes notorious general ahead of election
    • Goche Halts Flights to London and Johannesburg
    • Inside job suspected in Marange diamond robbery
    • Local authorities in quandary
    • Maize shortage looms as Malawi halts exports to boost grain reserves
    • Chiyangwa cleared to run for provincial chair
    • Zanu-PF Plans To Hijack Mupfurutsa's Projects
    • Harare cautiously, slowly rolls into 2012
    • Mugabe's election nightmare
    • 2011 year Mugabe would like to forget
    • What went wrong in Zimbabwe?
  38. Posted 2/1/12
    • Border Timbers Face Closure
    • ZUPCO crumbles, Robert Mugabe presides over yet another historic destruction
    • Diamond Ore Worth Millions Stolen in Zimbabwe
    • Demote Nyikayaramba-MDC-T
    • 71 people killed at work in 2011: NSSA
    • Mugabe plan to rig next election exposed
    • Suspected child trafficker seeks bail
    • House of Exile
  39. Batch 2 Posted 1/1/12
    • Chiyangwa divides Zanu PF
    • Festive road deaths surpass last year’s figure
    • Madzorera denies bird flu death
    • Minister Mpofu acquires PhD at 60
    • Restructuring Zanu PF worsens internal feuding
    • Mugabe’s beloved serial failures
    • New year: Political uncertainty still shrouds the nation
    • Deportations bring misery to Matabeleland
    • Villagers say relocation is safety from abuse
    • Villagers opposed to construction of dam
    • Obituary: Peter Garlake 1934-2011
    • Proposed law trims more RBZ powers
    • Van Hoogstraten wants entire RTG board axed
    • MTP expected to bolster national economic growth
    • Editor's Desk: My New Year’s pledge: Stop playing the Lotto
    • Standard Comment: A year of abject lessons for Africa
    • Pass the Formaldehyde – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 31st December 2011
  40. Posted 1/1/12
    • Promotion of Zimbabwean General a Setback for Security Sector Reform
    • Robbers Steal Diamond Ore Worth Millions of Dollars in Zimbabwe
    • AirZim: Hell in the skies
    • Indigenisation Move Turns Sour For Zanu –PF Youth Militia
    • High Court Rules In Favour Of Zvoma On Urgency Of Case
    • Court still to decide on Zvoma
    • Mutambara contests High Court interdict
    • Jonathan Moyo tops 2011 noise makers
    • Zimbabwe 2011

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