The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/4/12
    • Mugabe succession game plan exposed
    • Zanu PF members defect to MDC-T
    • Vote-buying is in full swing in Zim
    • West plots Tsvangirai exit: Madhuku
    • Succession Battle: Mnangagwa Trounce Mujuru
    • Temporary teachers blamed for poor results
    • PM Tsvangirai introduces fiancée Elizabeth
    • Cash-strapped teachers create parallel schools
    • Air Zim resumes local flights for international trade fair
    • Scores of Visitors and Exhibitors Stranded
    • Bill Gates to invest in Zim
    • Chiyangwa donates US$1,6m to University of Zimbabwe
    • Investors jump in to save banks at last minute
    • Mugabe 'feared' Mujuru
    • Horror story of Zimbabwe must keep us on right track
    • Empowerment policy doomed to fail - Cross
    • Educating Sata – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 28th April 2012
    • Standard Comment:Bloated parliament is not the answer
    • Sunday Opinion: Special Interest Councillors: Curse or blessing
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/12
    • ‘Damned if Mugabe wins, damned if he loses’
    • Chinhoyi gold rush turns ugly here
    • Zanu PF land invaders threaten scenic Vumba
    • CIO murder: Family speaks
    • Pending GPA reforms curtail media freedom
    • Sisulu calls for political stability
    • Civic group unveils devolution proposal
    • Council attaches property in Mabvuku
    • Vapostori sects adamant on immunisation
    • No imminent privatisation of parastatals: PM
    • Informal traders, registered businesses at loggerheads
    • RTG workers go for four months without salaries
  3. Posted 29/4/12
    • Frail Mugabe Tours ZITF in A Vehicle
    • Poised for a post-Mugabe era
    • Diaspora Fears Mugabe May Steal Another Election
    • Mineral Wealth Should be Used to Revive Struggling Firms, Says Mugabe
    • Bulawayo loses US$1 million to strike
    • Prison conditions appalling: Minister
    • Maternal Deaths Surge in Zimbabwe; Deputy Prime Minister Urges Action
    • Mutare City Council fires, punishes workers
    • JOMIC Demands Opening Of New Radio and TV Stations
    • Labor Rebukes Gov't for Inaction on Worker Abuse by Chinese Merchants
    • Mugabe Under Pressure to Diffuse Intra-Party Tensions
    • Zanu PF infighting gets dirtier
    • PM, chief renew fight
    • Police officers loot Beer at Media Cocktail
    • Constitution Watch of 26th April 2012 [Directive from GPA Principals]
  4. Posted 28/4/12
    • ‘Huge Fault’ at Hwange Plant leaves Harare without power
    • Why we’re stuck in the dark
    • Mugabe, Sata arrive to Bulawayo council strike
    • Bulawayo Council workers call off week-long strike
    • Tsvangirai ‘boycotts’ trade fair opening
    • Zimbabwe trade fair boycotted by India and Russia
    • Sata slams sanctions, supports grabbing of white owned farms in Zimbabwe
    • CIO, army battle Zanu PF bigwigs
    • War vets threaten to deal with faction leaders
    • Proposal to have extra 90 MP’s slammed
    • Central Bank Board Investigates Mines Minister's Source of Funds
    • Zanu PF power struggle debate shifts
    • ZITF: Traditional firms in no-show
    • ‘No mandate to hand over draft’
    • Zanu PF elites in land dog fight: Part II
    • Sikhala acquitted over illegal alien
    • Mbeki answers University of Zimbabwe SOS
    • Mars workers on strike
    • Zim man on round the world fundraising trip
    • Taylor Gone, but Blood Diamonds Are Forever
    • Simba Makoni on Question Time: Part 1
    • Time to rebrand, refocus trade fair
    • Candid Comment: Let’s give IMF prescriptions a chance
    • Editor’s Memo: Taylor conviction lesson to our leaders
    • Anders Behring Brevik and Charles Taylor
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/4/12
    • Charles Taylor’s conviction for war crimes is a lesson to all tyrants
    • Minister says draft of new constitution not completed yet
    • Mnangagwa Camp Fights To Regain Lost Ground
    • Voter registration plagued by malpractice
    • ZANU PF supporters come to blows in Nyanga
    • Soldiers at spy centre break up workers demo
    • Hungry villagers urged to report corruption to JOMIC
    • Zanu PF thugs pounce on traumatised victims
    • Sata praises Mugabe over liberation war
    • Pensioners languish in poverty
    • The MDC Today - Issue 344
    • Accused Israeli diamond ‘smuggler’ acquitted
    • No end in sight for Bulawayo Council workers strike
    • MDC is fully committed to devolution
    • Crisis in local governance grips Harare
    • Zimbabwe To Send Small Olympics Team
    • Zanu PF elites in land dogfight
    • Land power struggle through white eyes
    • Of compromised governments and constitutions
  6. Posted 27/4/12
    • Renewed assault on media ahead of Press Freedom Day
    • Zesa explores nuclear option
    • GNU can only go so far –– PM
    • Factionalism crippling Mugabe reelection bid
    • ZITF: Economy bears brunt of disastrous govt policies
    • SMMH: Parly trial to shed light on political actors
    • ‘Uncertainty pushes mining industry towards the brink’
    • Inflation figures doubtful
    • ‘Parastatals have potential’
    • SA lends support to Zim’s trade policy
    • ‘Zim needs a corporate governance code’
    • MuckRaker: Someone else started apostolic ‘meddling’
    • Eric Bloch Column: Diaspora an economic mainstay
    • RBZ role comes under renewed focus
    • Copac turns constitution-making into circus
    • Zanu PF baits youths with patronage
  7. Posted 26/4/12
    • Zimbabwe prime minister says ‘poisonous politics’ are scaring away investors
    • COPAC remains deadlocked
    • Zim Leaders Issue Constitution Ultimatum
    • Voter reg: ERC survey finds cause for concern
    • Mnangagwa admits army involvement in diamond trade
    • Israeli diamond pilot acquitted
    • High Court nullifies chief’s decision to fine Tsvangirai
    • Zambia's President To Open ZITF
    • Sanctions To Remain Until Free And Fair Poll- Ambassador
    • Gov't Sells Off Struggling Bank to ZANU-PF Minister
    • Bulawayo strike continues as talks collapse
    • Prime Minister pledges to assist businesses in distressed areas
    • Using U.S. Dollars, Zimbabwe Finds a Problem: No Change
    • MDC calls for non-partisan distribution of grain
    • Cabinet Takes Up Food Aid Politicization Amid Deepening Hunger
    • VP Mujuru Exploded To Mugabe That She Was Independent Of ‘Rex’
    • ZIMRA earns $53m above target
    • Indigenous trees under siege from farmers
    • Zimbabwe must declare HIPC status, recommends Tony Hawkins
    • Declare maternity mortality a national disaster: ZWRCN
    • Dying rivers dry up livelihoods
    • Digging up the truth: The legal and political realities of the Zimplats saga
    • Court Watch 8/2012 of 25th April [Prosecutors' Record of Abuse of Power to Delay Bail]
  8. Posted 25/4/12
    • Police arrest 15 activists for holding “illegal” meetings
    • Daggers out for Shamu in Manicaland
    • Mudenge Held Hostage In Masvingo
    • Still no sign of bail for 29 jailed MDC-T members
    • Judges Demanding Review Of Working Conditions
    • New plane on Zim runway
    • Civic groups and labour meet over dying Matabeleland businesses
    • Zimbabwe's resettled farmers struggle to educate their children
    • Strike by Bulawayo council workers enters second day
    • Chombo, deputy clash over mayor
    • Makoni vows to make Zimbabwe 'ungovernable'
    • Zanu-PF faction engages notorious Ugandan lobbyist to fight EU sanctions
    • Sikhala in the dock over illegal alien
    • New constitution is not answer
    • Parties reject Mugabe's poll call
    • European Nations Back at Zimbabwe's International Trade Fair
    • Kereke to face MPs over Gono claims
    • Funeral scheme launched to help Zim Diaspora
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 342
    • Mugabe Feared Mujuru
    • Mpofu vows to continue Chiadzwa relocations
    • Zimbabwe Army In Diamond Pact with China, Russia
    • Marange diamonds - questions remain unanswered despite spin
    • Debt Relief – What Zimbabwe has to do to qualify
    • Sanctions: the Western World’s most generous gift to Zanu (PF)
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 23rd April 2012 [Privileges Committee Meeting Open to Public 24th April]
  9. Posted 24/4/12
    • Zim set for ‘tough discussions’ with IMF
    • Villagers starve as grain loan corruption intensifies
    • Mugabe's peace talk may be with amnesty in mind
    • Another school fee increase hits Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai engaged to daughter of ZANU PF chef
    • Nation welcomes Tsvangirai's engagement
    • Zimbabwe trade fair lures exhibitors
    • China plays big at Zimbabwe’s International trade expo
    • MDC-T denies Biti-Chamisa rift claims
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai attend Mutharika burial
    • Bulawayo council workers down tools over salary arrears
    • Foreign journalist reportedly still detained a week after Beitbridge arrest
    • Treason trial against MLF leaders resumes in Bulawayo
    • Zanu PF panics over TB Joshua
    • Central Bank Governor in Court for Expropriation
    • Zim mortality rate up
    • ‘Conflict has become part of Zim’s culture’
    • Petition Requests UN to Supervise Polls
    • ZCTF Follow Up Report 20th April
    • Africa’s hospitals crumble while leaders are treated elsewhere
    • A tale of two murders in Zimbabwe
  10. Batch 2 Posted 23/4/12
    • IMF visits Zimbabwe as worries intensify over $9bn debt
    • Zanu-PF says no to draft constitution
    • Tsvangirai: Elections in March 2013
    • Showdown looms over funding of crucial elections
    • Bitter fight to replace Mugabe
    • Air Zimbabwe Owes Workers $ 40 Million
    • Air Zim eyes planes from Brazil
    • Corrupt GMB Officials Blocking Grain Loan Programme: Minister Moyo
    • Teachers slam schools for increasing fees
    • SA newspaper talks tough
    • One dies, 28 injured in bus accident
    • 'I'm Zanu's saviour'
    • Zimbabwean Activists Protest From Outside
    • Vigil presents petition – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 21st April 2012
    • Asiagate probe clears 30 players
    • The unlikely climate change ambassadors
    • The house that Bob built?
  11. Posted 23/4/12
    • Tsvangirai in a fix over new fiancée
    • New political parties emerge as poll nears
    • Water cut disrupts business operations
    • Mugabe peace message rings hollow
    • Budiriro residents threaten demos against council
    • Chombo unsettles MDC-T run councils
    • CIO murder: Western suburbs tense
    • Group lobbies for Gukurahundi compensation
    • BAZ halts freedom fone project
    • Billing system ‘in shambles’
    • Chinhoyi landlords fleece CUT students
    • Adventist church proposes to build university in Chegutu
    • Pastors to meet for refresher courses
    • Mbeki to launch UZ programme
    • Chiadzwa businesses to get compensation
    • Action, not words Cde President
    • Indigenisation: A Zanu PF election ploy
    • Mawere saga: Who owns the country’s natural resources?
    • Editor's Desk: Consumers at the mercy of predatory supermarkets
  12. Posted 22/4/12
    • Mutasa Joins Race To Succeed Mugabe
    • Two officials vow not to challenge ailing Mugabe for top post
    • Constitution Effort Still in Deadlock, Principals' Intervention Sought
    • Biti urges US sanctions re-think
    • Politicians neglecting people: Makoni
    • ZAPU falls on hard times
    • Zanu PF Byo Leaders, A Joke: Sibanda
    • Prime Minister Finally Finds Love, Engaged to Marry
    • IMF team expected next month
    • Japan commits to improve Zimbabwe health system
    • Witchcraft Dispute With Chief Lands Zimbabwe Family in Jail
    • Fuel imports up 24,8pc
    • Teachers to meet Kasukuwere
    • Judges whipped into line
    • Tuku's Uhuru performance full of spite
    • Life in Rhodesia was better than Zimbabwe
    • What's in the briefcase?
    • Mugabe double-speak
  13. Batch 2 Posted 21/4/12
    • Empowerment to benefit the elite: Biti
    • Zimbabwe railway workers unpaid for six months
    • NZ journalist arrested in Zim
    • MDC-T MP receives death threats over Gukurahundi remarks
    • ZANU PF elections widens split in the party
    • Hardcore criminals escape from Zim mental prison
    • MDC-T bitter over Tsvangirai snub
    • Bulawayo activist released after five day detention
    • Street vendors seek protection from new organisation
    • Police Mum On Missing Cash From Accident Scene
    • Activist Locked For Disrespecting Chief
    • AirZim prepares for take-off
    • Goche wants to strip Air Zim
    • Zimbabweans to petition 10 Downing Street
    • Finance Minister Pleads For Outside Help
    • NGO Tackles Rising Child Labor in Farming Communities
    • Australian Ambassador Impressed With Inclusive Govt
    • Mugabe bails Aussie miner in Zimbabwe
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 340
    • More Toilets in Zimbabwe, Better Livelihoods
    • Tsvangirayi’s 2013 Electoral Albatross
    • Progress, Power and Violent Accumulation in Zimbabwe — by David Moore
  14. Posted 21/4/12
    • Mounting woes dog Mugabe candidacy
    • ... as Zanu PF infighting spreads
    • Council of Ministers reduced to talk shop
    • Plumtree-Mutare road set for revamp
    • Indigenisation our last political card –– Zanu PF
    • Zela calls for displaced communities law
    • US$750m Essar deal frozen
    • Tsvangirai backs Mugabe on constitution
    • Violence: MDC-T to expel errant members
    • General price levels softening
    • Zim needs US$5b to revive infrastructure –– AfDB
    • Tobacco sales increase 25%
    • ‘Trade deficit key to easing liquidity crunch’
    • Post-Mugabe Zim unlikely to change much
    • Zimbabwe at 32: Typical post-colonial trajectory?
    • ‘Zanu PF has now privatised Uhuru’
    • Kasukuwere was right on Hitler gaffe!
    • Muckracker: AirZim ruin: A tribute to Mugabe’s (mis)rule
    • Leaders sell country to scary enemy: stupidity
    • Zanu PF, high-stakes polls and coercive terror
  15. Posted 20/4/12
    • Mugabe looks to legacy with speech regretting violence
    • Mugabe challenged to prove he wants peace
    • MDCs: Mugabe must walk anti-violence talk
    • MDC-T member assaulted by ZANU PF on Independence Day
    • ZANU PF factionalism reaches ‘boiling point’ in Bulawayo
    • Govt urged to address ‘dire’ prison conditions
    • Minister barred from prisons visit
    • President Mugabe Apologizes to Civil Servants for Poor Salaries
    • Zimbabwean killed in Ghana land dispute
    • Saturday Zim Protests Aimed At Zuma
    • Support Census Count- Mugabe
    • Mnangagwa deny Mugabe succession deal
    • Gukurahundi not a crime: Magagula
    • Vic Falls gets offshore financial zone status
    • Zimbabwe's outstanding arrears to IMF reach US$140m
    • Zim GDP to grow by 4,7pc: IMF
    • Zimbabwe warned against adverse policy choices
    • Aquarius plunges as Zimbabwean notice to miners spooks investors
    • Zimbabwe’s Continuing Struggle for Freedom
    • Zimbabweans present petition to 10 Downing Street
    • Book review: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: Farmers’ Voices from Zimbabwe
  16. Posted 19/4/12
    • Mugabe speaks of peace as others talk of betrayal on Independence Day
    • Mugabe’s broken Independence Day promises unveiled 32 years later
    • MDCs lament ‘betrayal’ of independence values
    • President Wants Elections to End Coalition Government
    • Pressure keeps building on Zim mining sector
    • Five more farms seized by government under ‘land reform’
    • Farm Workers Stranded As Mavhaire Takes Farm
    • Chief in farm grab
    • Made hits out at ‘lazy’ war vet farmers
    • Presidential input scheme must be investigated
    • ZANU PF infighting deepens in Manicaland
    • NCA Pushing Zimbabweans To Reject New Constitution
    • EU, US should call Mugabe’s bluff on “sanctions”
    • 100 children a day dying in Zimbabwe
    • Project helps 350 children return to school
    • Grace Chirenje’s passion to fight women’s oppression
    • Police punish the commuter
    • We’re victims of police brutality, say vendors
    • Silly Ninny – Zimbabwe Vigil: 18th April 2012
    • Inside Mugabe’s descent into autocracy
  17. Posted 18/4/12
    • PM bemoans lack of rights and freedom 32 years after independence
    • Inclusive Parties Divided Over Independence
    • Tsvangirai slates Zim anniversary theme
    • Zanu PF official condemns own party ahead of Zimbabwe's anniversary
    • Nothing To Cheer On Independence Day - Sikhala
    • Be patient over Zim crisis: Zuma
    • Tsvangirai Wants Zuma To Adress Media Reforms
    • MDC-T trusts in Zuma despite slow progress on GPA
    • ZANU PF infighting intensifies following DCC elections
    • Campaign of arrests and suppression of MDC-T continues
    • Zanu PF supporters protest imposition of candidates
    • Mob demands shares in MDC-T official’s firm
    • Chiyangwa gets 68,000 hectares for US$200k
    • Cabinet Approves Code of Conduct to Curb Political Violence
    • Diaspora set for fourth Free Zim Global Protest
    • Zim Minister Promises To Hand Over Rwanda Fugitives
    • Zim Should Release Genocide Fugitives - Survivors
    • Mugabe Bans Student Activism
    • Prisoners Not Getting Enough Food - Committee
    • Zimbabwe Mining Fee Increase May Be Illegal, Committee Says
    • Condolences for Masvingo bus crash victims
    • Steady Water Supply for Zimbabwean City Still a Pipe Dream
    • Youths should know and defend independence gains
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement on Independence Day
    • Chimurenga Zimbabwe!
    • Video: Mugabes Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe at 32 - toasting to looting, lies and hunger
  18. Posted 17/4/12
    • Twenty-one Perish In Bus Accident
    • Zimbabwe's former white farmers will never be allowed back -ZANU PF
    • Draft constitution held up by disagreements
    • Mahoso, Chivaura attack drafters
    • Infighting rocks ZANU PF in Manicaland province
    • Zim farmer dies after violent ‘robbery’ last year
    • Tension As Chief Grabs Council Seat
    • ‘Zanu PF’s plans to rig elections in motion’
    • Zimbabwe's "Tyson" goes the distance with foreign firms
    • Zimbabwe orders firms to resubmit exploration bids
    • Mutare residents angered by council buying posh cars
    • The Late Deputy Transport Minister Denied Hero's Status
    • War vets helped form MDC: PM
    • Coalition failing: PM
    • Sewage-fed vegetables give pause for thought
    • Incompetent State Lawyers Costing Zimbabwe Billions in Undervalued FDI Deals - Biti
    • Aussie in custody in Africa over gold
    • Police blitz on MDC members intensifies
    • MDC supporters arrested in Kariba
    • Diamonds could undermine Zim democracy
    • ZCTF Report - April 2012
    • Are these Mugabe’s final days?
    • Uncle Bob has outlived speculators, obituary writers
    • Down to the Wire
  19. Posted 16/4/12
    • New battle lines drawn
    • Moyo scoffs at Copac impeachment threat
    • Mujuru not backing down from succession battle
    • Former Top Ranking Army Officer Denies Mugabe Links In Marange
    • 35 children in prisons as hunger, disease stalk jails
    • Mudede Incompetent ZANU PF Activist and Liar: ZAPU
    • Zimbabwe youth groups protest cops’ $50 bail on murder charges, criticize bias in courts
    • Major water crisis looms in Byo
    • MDC supporters arrested in Kariba
    • Tragic news
    • MDC official up for distributing PM’s newsletter
    • Minister: Zimbabwe Diamond Mining to Expand in 2012
    • Teachers refuse to distribute condoms in schools
    • Teenagers from 11 countries advise on future of higher education
    • Great survivor runs out of options
    • Stop politicising food aid
    • Farm workers trapped in poverty
    • Water Woes and The sad life of Murambatsvina victims
    • Busy Independence Saturday – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 14th April 2012
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/4/12
    • Mudede exposed as ‘ghost’ seeks passport
    • Soldiers accused of interfering in Zanu PF restructuring exercise
    • Elections shameful without credible voters’ roll: Chamisa
    • Mudzingwa deserved hero status: MDC-T
    • MP questioned over revenge reports
    • Zanu PF disowns Chinhoyi terror group
    • Mat province seeks to tackle education crisis
    • Special interest councillors dismissed
    • Residents threaten demos
    • Abolish two Parly chambers: Makoni
    • Zim still struggling 32 years on
    • Hard-up families rely on remittances from abroad
    • Suburbs go for weeks without water
    • Councils urged to ensure their bills are paid
    • Chitungwiza residents lose faith in their council
    • Creches under scrutiny
    • MSU official dispels reports of rising prostitution
    • Cops facing fraud charges remanded out of custody
    • Kasukuwere misinterpreting indigenisation law — Biti
    • Budget deficit looms
    • Govt to float tender for Agribank partner
    • Pitfalls of indigenising foreign banks
    • Sunday View: Two similar cases expose the bias of the Judiciary
    • Standard Comment: Proof of the chaos at Mudede’s office all
    • Editor's Desk: Reflecting on decades of shattered dreams
  21. Posted 15/4/12
    • Mugabe's Return Raises Concerns for Zimbabwe
    • President Mugabe's 2012 Election Gambit Faces More Daunting Hurdles
    • ZANU-PF under threat
    • MDC-T Appeals For SADC Help
    • ‘Zanu PF ready for land audit’
    • Former Zimbabwe Finance Minister Makoni Puts Mugabe, Tsvangirai on Notice
    • Tsvangirai barred by police
    • 5 provinces to be declared disaster areas
    • Police blitz on MDC members intensifies
    • African Leaders Find Solace in Foreign Health Care As Ordinary Citizens Suffer
    • Ministers clash over power cuts
    • Residents opposing me are MDC activists: Chombo
    • ZESA to pay for boob
    • ZLHR engages communities
    • Accolades abroad, baton sticks at home
    • Keep the salt handy!
    • Sizzling fireball
  22. Batch 2 Posted 14/4/12
    • Maize harvest down 26 percent: Made
    • High Court suspends Gwisai community service
    • Violent Chipangano gang campaigning for ZANU PF
    • ZANU PF hijacks GMB Humanitarian Aid
    • Principals Delay Zuma Visit
    • Teachers Demand Shares In Foreign Companies
    • Jailed ‘coup plotter’ assaulted in prison
    • Strong winds leave 32 families without homes
    • Mujuru lawyer says ‘they should have used anti riot water canons’
    • MDC-T slams ongoing detention of Glen View activists
    • EU sets conditions for poll funding
    • Chinese Workers In Zimbabwe Are Eating Endangered Tortoises, Pythons And Leopards
    • SA deportations a ‘threat’ to Zimbabwe
    • Lack of planning and delays cripple Zim’s Paralympic Games
    • Joint Monitoring Committee Probes Rising Political Violence
    • MDC Chief of Staff granted bail
    • Resolutions of the MDC National Council
    • Zimbabwe turns to market financing to boost farmers
    • Is agribusiness the catalyst to Zimbabwe’s economic recovery?
    • Transcript: ZCTU rival presidents debate on Question Time: Part 2
    • The nine lives of Mugabe: What's next for Zimbabwe?
    • Land as a ‘racial’ issue and the lost opportunities to resolve the matter
  23. Posted 14/4/12
    • Mugabe health doubts persist
    • Army punishes general over Chiwenga remarks
    • New Zanu PF team targets youth vote
    • GNU pull-out not an option –– MDC-T
    • Zesa under fire for excessive tariffs
    • Zanu PF’s mobilisation drive hits snag
    • Storage facilities reduce harvest
    • ‘Remittances contribute up to 40% of Zim GDP’
    • CSC to foray into regional markets
    • Outrage over brutal Chinese labour practices
    • Mining sector to rake in US$2,6bn
    • ...firms face extra taxes
    • Daunting hurdles for manufacturing sector
    • Any job will do for Zim’s desperate graduates
    • MuckRaker: Hitler would be really proud of Zanu PF
    • Eric Bloch Column: Deterrents to growth of tourism
    • New industrial policy: Easier said than done
    • Non-violent mass action feasible in Zim
    • Preparing for China’s economic slowdown
    • Will Mugabe get away with it again?
    • Editor’s Memo: Who’s behind Mugabe’s ill-health reports?
    • Candid Comment: Buy Zim: Local products must measure up
  24. Posted 13/4/12
    • Mugabe back in Harare after ‘private visit’ to Singapore
    • "Fit as a fiddle" Mugabe returns from Singapore
    • Mail fires editor over Mugabe death story
    • Mnangagwa can't take over
    • Tsvangirai Dispatches Envoy To Angola
    • Parliament says mining fees hike illegal
    • ZANU PF seizes another conservancy despite parly warnings
    • Masvingo student convicted after demanding refund for cancelled course
    • Zapu official arrested over Devolution of Power
    • MDC Chief of Staff remanded in custody
    • Zimbabwe ill-prepared for climate change challenges - experts
    • Villager vows to defy govt
    • Zip it old man - Makoni
    • Budget deficit swells as diamonds under perform
    • The MDC Today – Issue 334
    • Move over, Mugabe
    • Transcript: ZCTU rival presidents debate on Question Time: Part 1
    • Court Watch 7/2012 of 11th April [Code of Ethics for the Judiciary]
  25. Posted 12/4/12
    • Anxiety as Mugabe fails to return home from Singapore
    • Journalists camp at airport waiting for Mugabe arrival
    • President Mugabe Expected Home, Zim Editors Summoned
    • Three Whites Lose Farm To Mahofa
    • 12 Burnt To Death In Road Accident
    • Vice President Mujuru's Name Used To Swindle Farmers
    • Kasukuwere’s indigenisation damaging Zimbabwe
    • Judge reserves judgement as Glen View murder case drags on
    • More delays as COPAC committee fails to resolve contentious issues
    • War of Words Intensifies Over Zimbabwe's New Constitution
    • Deputy Transport Minister Mudzingwa Dies
    • Media Commission Seeks Gov't Assistance to Ban Foreign Publications
    • Zimbabwe 'in dire need' amid Mugabe rumours
    • WOZA teams up with key Egypt activist for seminar
    • Parliament urged to do more to protect Zim conservancies
    • Mutharika: Mugabe's party accuses prophet of conspiracy
    • Mangoma imperils US$600m ethanol project
    • Zimbabwe considers waste-to-energy plants
    • Implats may set up Zimbabwe refinery
    • SA remittances to Zimbabwe among costliest, report finds
    • Imprisoned youths open to abuse
    • Blood Diamonds on the British High Street, New Visualisation Launched to Raise Awareness
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 333
    • Dust to dust: who’s next?
    • Let's not be too quick to mourn the passing of Mugabe
    • Can Mugabe order elections like a take-away?
  26. Posted 11/4/12
    • ZANU PF deny Mugabe is on his ‘deathbed’
    • Zimbabwe's Spectacularly Bad Propagandist Fights Mugabe Death Rumors
    • Reports of Mugabe’s ill health sparks debate over successor
    • Mugabe's Absence Forces Another Punt on Zimbabwe Cabinet
    • Political ‘meltdown’ expected if Mugabe dies in office
    • Race to succeed Mugabe hots up
    • Mugabe Dumps Air Zimbabwe At Last
    • Zimbabwe Agriculture Struggles to Meet Demand
    • Zimbabwe Drought, A National Disaster: ZCFU
    • $20 million for winter wheat
    • SA says Zuma not a ‘babysitter’ in Zim crisis
    • Mangwana attacks 'crazy' Moyo
    • Chiadzwa compensation row rages on
    • Air Zimbabwe Banks On Samba Magic
    • Masvingo Central MP arrested
    • The MDC Today – Issue 332
    • FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Land Policy in Zimbabwe: A Framework for Discussion Papers
  27. Posted 10/4/12
    • Mugabe battling for life in Singapore, cabinet meetings suspended
    • Mugabe ‘returns on Wednesday’
    • Zanu-PF Snubs Joint Political Parties Peace Rallies
    • I’m the ‘Hitler of our time’: Kasukuwere
    • Police impound 400 vehicles in bloody Sunday
    • 'Spot fines still in place'
    • Zim’s natural resources can settle debt: Mutambara
    • Zimbabwe NGOs in Quandary After Threat of Ban
    • MDC youths blast judiciary
    • Zanu PF's Copac desperation takes nasty turn
    • Declaration of Global Principles for Nonpartisan Election Observation and Monitoring
    • Zanu PF 'hijacks' Makandiwa
    • How prophet with direct line to God predicted President’s death
    • Mutharika contacted TB Joshua over prophecy
    • From protests to prophets - Is this what dictators fear?
    • Zimbabwe 0 - Malawi 4
  28. Batch 2 Posted 9/4/12
    • 60 percent of Harare residents drink 'unsafe' water
    • Mukoko Commends GVT on Moves To Ratify Torture Convention
    • Zimbabwe Violence Rose in February, Peace Monitoring Group Says
    • Mugabe mourns 'great son of Africa' Mutharika
    • President Mugabe's office congratulates Mrs Banda
    • Mugabe absence paralyses government
    • Zim Owes AfDB US$510m, Says Minister Biti
    • Financial constraints stall progress towards MDGs
    • Khami prison has no doors: report
    • Zimbabwe happy with Amplats ownership plan: Minister
    • Wrong despot – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 7th April 2012
  29. Posted 9/4/12
    • Mugabe’s absence creates anxiety
    • Chefs behind looting of Marange diamonds?
    • Final draft of constitution expected this week
    • Zela blames govt over poor mining contracts
    • Lupane gas project fails to lure investors
    • Hunger ravages Zimbabwe’s dry regions
    • Political violence cases on the increase
    • Petroleum companies duping motorists
    • ‘Diesel n’anga’ released from prison
    • Makandiwa sermon steals the thunder
    • Activist ruling set for Tuesday
    • Easter holidays: 11 dead
    • Nationalisation of mines out of step with Govt policy: Biti
    • Ministers clash over mayor’s suspension
    • Storm brews over hunting concessions
    • Fresh attempt to ease RBZ debt
    • New govt policy seeks to reverse industrial woes
    • Re-defining the independence epoch
    • Senegal polls: Learning points for Zim
    • From the Editor's desk:Doomsday prophecies threat to African stability
    • Independence Day: A betrayal of Lookout Masuku’s vision
    • Standard Comment:Surge in political violence worries
  30. Posted 8/4/12
    • No polls unless goals met - Zuma mediator
    • New Constitution Will Not Guarantee Fair Polls: Dabengwa
    • Robert Mugabe strikes secret deal to hand Zimbabwe power to Emmerson Mnangagwa
    • Malawi's ex-leader Muluzi says vice president must take over
    • Mining Executives to Meet Zimbabwe's Indigenization Minister Over Equity Stakes
    • Chombo Is A Cruel Man: Zvidzai
    • Local Gov't Minister Under Fire for Suspending Gwanda Mayor
    • MP’s Family Lashes Zanu PF Over Neglecting Huruva
    • Mpofu builds empire
    • A leader who split the nation
  31. Posted 7/4/12
    • Malawi president dies, leaving nation in political suspense
    • UZ falls ‘on hard times’: Vice Chancellor
    • Zimbabwe to Promote Ties with China
    • China Extends Economic Assistance to Zimbabwe
    • Chombo Fires Gwanda Mayor
    • RBZ US$150m Fund Won't Affect Interest Rates - Analysts
    • Chihuri a risk: Mwonzora
    • Zimbabwe PM contradicts minister over mines
    • Counting the cost of Zimbabwe's roadblocks
    • Hunger Strike
    • The air of a Shakespearean tragedy
    • Bill Watch 16/2012 of 5th April [PM Disowns Kasukuwere Public Notice to Mining Companies: Not Government Policy ]
  32. Batch 2 Posted 6/4/12
    • State now "owns" 51% of foreign miners - Zimbabwe empowerment minister
    • Businesses should ignore Kasukuwere’s notice
    • Zimbabwe push to control foreign miners hits confusion
    • Mugabe health speculation goes into overdrive
    • MDC-T worried about upsurge in violence countrywide
    • Malawi president unconscious after heart attack
    • Five student leaders suspended over photo of Vice Chancellor
    • Mudenge fingered in conservancy destruction
    • Chief Justice Decries Judiciary Corruption, Poor Salaries
    • Mugabe Will Not Get VIP Treatment Over ZESA Bill: Mangoma
    • Education Officials Accused of Abusing School Development Funds
    • Abducted and assaulted MDC-T official arrested
    • Police to set up more roadblocks over Easter
    • Zim Government to Review Mining Fees: Mpofu
    • 2012 declaration on Zim community radio
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch – Issue 37
    • Zimbabwe Land Series: Introduction
    • Why the land issue continues to define Zimbabwe’s past present and future
  33. Posted 6/4/12
    • Mugabe fights knockout plot
    • Moyo, Mpofu in stormy succession row
    • Senior MDC-T MPs opt out of urban seats
    • Nyikayaramba promotion divides army
    • Govt tackles US$600m inter-parastatal debt
    • Relocate parly to Bulawayo –– Ncube
    • Trust under fire over Joshua Nkomo hospital
    • Zanu PF ministers snub: PM set to confront Mugabe
    • Govt threatens to seize 900 hectares from Glenara Estates
    • Soldiers, police fuelling violence
    • Drought: Policy failure worsens situation
    • Tollgate levies used as a political tool
    • MuckRaker: Chamisa outdoes Mugabe’s apologists
    • Erich Bloch Column: Govt takes yet another wrong turn
    • Angola: Ten years of peace but at what price?
    • Mat provinces: Zanu PF’s faction-ridden Waterloo
    • Zanu PF must accept political change
    • Rabble-rousers must be stopped
    • Editor’s Memo: Mugabe in denial, resisting reform
    • Candid Comment: Govt fiddles while parastatals bleed
  34. Posted 5/4/12
    • Zimbabwe says reviewing mine fees after industry uproar
    • Progress made on contentious issues in draft constitution
    • Violence Likely At the Second Stakeholders Conference: CSOs
    • Divisions Rock Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF Party as Factions Position Themselves
    • ZANU PF thug threatens villagers in Zaka
    • Confusion over wedding ‘ban’
    • WOZA’s Jenni Williams wins Amnesty International award
    • Makandiwa prophesies political chaos in Zimbabwe
    • Accused diamond ‘smuggler’ to sue Zim cops for theft
    • Zimbabwean Women Seek Access to Rich Alluvial Diamond Fields
    • Zim delegation for KP meeting
    • Zimbabwe carrying out Geological Mineral Survey
    • Loan scheme for marginalized areas ignores Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe legal action
    • Resist Mugabe’s Poll Calls : Makoni Urges Citizens
    • Mugabe Insulted Kabila: US Cables Divulge
    • Health workers rap religious sects
    • Controlling the Typhoid Epidemic Plaguing Sub-Saharan Africa
    • War vets demand money for projects
    • The MDC Today - Issue 330
    • Zimbabwe needs property rights policy - VP
    • Zimbabwe's 2012 Trade Fair Set for Success as Businesses Snap Up Exhibition Space
    • UN appoints rapporteur for justice
    • Ballot Update
    • Amplats, Zimbabwe to meet on Unki indigenisation plan
  35. Posted 4/4/12
    • Zimbabwe president’s plan for polls ‘not practical,’ likely to stir violence, researchers say
    • Political Violence Flares in Rural Zimbabwe as Election Talk Gains Momentum
    • ZANU PF ‘too scared’ to open up airwaves
    • Tsvangirai: Respect the Constitution, Mr President
    • ZANU PF ministers boycott Council of Ministers meeting
    • ZPF youths jailed for kidnap and extortion of minibus touts
    • Iran distributing hardline Islamic material in Zimbabwe
    • 100 year old headman’s huts burned twice by ZPF thugs
    • Spanish ambassador to Zimbabwe dies in car crash
    • ZESA urged to switch off Mugabe
    • T.B Joshua says death of ‘old’ African leader imminent
    • Time running out for military officials: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe's Power Outages to Worsen as Gov't Negotiates With Mozambique
    • The horn ultimatum: 'Lift the ban on trade or killing goes on'
    • Zimbabwe exporting lions to Kenya!
    • Zimbabwe now part of world’s largest conservation area
    • Lewanika, Mafunda and Matambanadzo on Question Time
    • The Role of Civil Society in Rebuilding Zimbabwe
    • The MDC Today - Issue 329
    • Statement on the death of the Spanish Ambassador to Zimbabwe
    • Will John Nkomo be the next president of Zimbabwe?
  36. Posted 3/4/12
    • Zimbabwe PM rejects Mugabe's renewed pressure on polls
    • Tsvangirai plays down talk of early election by Mugabe
    • Weddings suspended to curb ‘fraud’
    • Constitutional Age Limits Not Tailored For Mugabe - Tsvangirai
    • ‘Elections before reforms costly’
    • Load-shedding could worsen: Mangoma
    • Maize scandal
    • Chinese investor rescues Bindura Nickel
    • Zim colleges “prisons”: MDC
    • ZEC dismisses Zanu (PF) plans to increase rural constituencies
    • NGO’s chased away
    • Mnangagwa and Moyo fall out over Chiwenga
    • Concern for UK Zim activist set to be deported
    • MP bans constituents from listening to Studio 7
    • NRZ a headache to govt: Moyo
    • Zimbabwe's 90% literacy rate disputed
    • Mugabe's threats to his own MPs could fall on deaf ears
    • Ethanol plant halts production
    • Bring in the Fraud Squad
    • Harare West’s “Unsung Heroine”
    • Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the Press – 2 April 2012
    • Partisan Policing Stalling Youth Development
    • Constitution Watch of 30th March 2012 [COPAC calls back Lead Drafters]
    • Constitution Watch of 31st March 2012 [Will the Constitution be Ready Before Elections?]
    • Bill Watch 15/2012 of 2nd April [Parliament in Recess until May]
  37. Posted 2/4/12
    • Mugabe in Singapore on private visit
    • Embattled Air Zim Generating Revenue Through Chartered Flights
    • Chiefs Must Be Taught Corporate Governance Issues: Kasukuwere
    • Politburo in turmoil
    • Zim in gems warfare
    • Marange minefields open to media 'scrutiny'
    • Mugabe fears Chiyangwa could spy on him
    • Stop weddings, says Zimbabwe in fraud check
    • Who is Tsvangirai working for? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 31st March 2012
    • Zimbabwe: The high costs paid for ‘normality’
  38. Batch 2 Posted 1/4/12
    • Bigwigs under probe
    • Mugabe blocks Chiyangwa
    • Prisoners survive on nuts — Gutu
    • PM urges Zimbabweans to shun violence
    • Parly to summon Shamu over media reforms
    • Mugabe insult: Businessman acquitted
    • Lack of funding cripples Bulawayo water campaign
    • Mujuru death: Family lawyer exposes more inquest inconsistencies
    • Disease outbreak looms in Chinhoyi
    • Civic group protests police conduct
    • Post-Mugabe uncertainty haunts Zimbabwe
    • Biti appoints five members for Audit Commission
    • EU to increase investment in Zim
    • RBZ reforms inadequate to bail out banks
  39. Posted 1/4/12
    • Zimbabwe monitors say upswing in violence follows president’s call for polls this year
    • Mugabe vows to call elections by May
    • Draft Constitution Out in Ten Days
    • 'COPAC draft frightening' - Charamba - with comments
    • Application for stay of community service dismissed
    • Zanu PF blocks Chiyangwa election
    • Fresh water shortages strike Harare
    • Zimbabwe coal industry seen hinging on power plants
    • Findings of Mujuru inquest
    • Hopes fade for missing Victoria Falls tourist
    • Zimbabwe MP Wants Diamond Probe After Chiadzwa ‘Hostile’ Reception
    • ‘Mpofu involved in $2bn scam’
    • Zim police steal diamonds from Israeli pilot
    • Zanu PF youth militia attack traditional leader
    • Gukurahundi Playwright Arrested in Lupane
    • Ministers looting
    • New Twist in Industrial Rescue Package Angers Zimbabwe Company Executives
    • Chitungwiza looting continues
    • Mums and Dads, Gogos and Sekurus
    • Corruption

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