The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 31/3/12
    • Gono Profiteered - DRC Envoy
    • Magistrate throws out Gwisai community service appeal
    • ZANU PF thugs assault MDC-T activists in Sanyati
    • Diamond output surges at Rio's Zim unit
    • Cash-flush buyers fuel boom for new Harare mansions
    • Zimbabwe probes thefts of donated text books after massive UNICEF program to re-equip schools
    • Mismanagement bleeds NRZ
    • Family want Mujuru body exhumed
    • Activists ‘hopeful’ ahead of Zim torture ruling
    • SA bank withholds funding for dual highway
    • SA To Start Deportations For Zimbabweans Soon - Ambassador
    • Lawmaker Masaiti Speaks Out as Debate on New Marriage Regulations Continues
    • Kubatana’s Freedom Fone open source project wins award
    • Lupane police arrest NGO officer for conducting life skills workshop
    • Politicians erode public trust
    • US, local NGO partner to contain child abuse in Shurugwi
    • MISA-Zimbabwe: Veteran journalist’s memoirs launched
    • Tsvangirai Statement to Water summit
    • Court Watch 6/2012 OF 29th March [Constitutional Cases]
  2. Posted 31/3/12
    • Mugabe election plans in disarray
    • Hurungwe protests Chiyangwa’s election
    • NCA snubs MDC-T advocacy campaign
    • Voters still haunted by spectre of 2008 polls
    • No investors for new Air Zimbabwe
    • Zesa bill scam: A mirror on the abuse of power
    • Shamva case a tip of police brutality iceberg
    • Mayors slam Chombo
    • Inputs scam: GMB bosses summoned
    • ‘SA values Zim trade’
    • Govt sets out to finalise Essar deal
    • Govt refuses to pay for mining shares
    • Govt’s new debt policy: Will this one do the trick?
    • Infrastructure critical to Zim economy
    • MuckRaker: Savanhu is a sore loser in the extreme
    • Erich Bloch Column: Wage negotiations: The stalemate continues
    • Govt’s debt strategy could come unstuck
    • Polls: Contenders, pretenders and no-hopers
    • Zim needs new constitution before the next elections
  3. Posted 30/3/12
    • Zimbabwe court says no foul play in Mujuru mystery death
    • Zimbabwe’s New Constitution Two-Plus Years Behind Schedule
    • ZANU PF’s “Top Six” terror gang returns to Chinhoyi
    • Judgement reserved in Zim torture case
    • Key army and CIO figures helping Mugabe stay in power: Part 2
    • Grain loan scheme rocked by corruption in Manicaland
    • Governing Parties Agree on Devolution as Constitution Process Drags On
    • Indigenisation Minister eyes takeover of Masvingo firms
    • Tsvangirai Was Warned About Housing Deal
    • Tsvangirai Asks Britain To Remove Sanctions
    • Mugabe appeals to the EU to remove sanctions
    • Zanu (PF) Youths Convicted for Exortion
    • Violent Mugabe henchman escapes jail despite fraudulently earning £151,000 working illegally in Britain as a CARER
    • State to appeal against leniency of Gwisai sentence
    • U.S. health agency intensifies typhoid fever outbreak investigation
    • MDC MP Drags Zanu (PF) Chief To Jomic
    • Air Zimbabwe Summons Flight Crew
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 328
    • Mugabe’s pleas for peace: falling on deaf ears?
    • Chipangano must be stopped and disbanded
    • ‘Do diplomatic ties trump human rights?’
    • Small steps in fixing Zimbabwe
  4. Posted 29/3/12
    • Key army and CIO figures helping Mugabe stay in power: Part 1
    • Hearing begins in Zimbabwe torture case
    • ‘NPA failed in duty to probe crimes in Zim’
    • Zim torture victims protest at landmark SA court case
    • ZPF’s violent Chipangano gang running “parallel Council” in Harare
    • Education Ministry Probes Resale of UNICEF-Donated School Books
    • Zimbabwe to cut back on hangings
    • Zimbabwe Militia Linked to President Mugabe Ban Lawmakers From Constituencies
    • Lawmakers Finally Cleared To Visit Controversial Diamond Fields
    • Food situation in prisons is critical
    • Magistrate in ‘no show’ to hear Gwisai appeal
    • 20 pupils share desk in Matabeleland North: Coltart
    • Sugar, Mine Companies Risk Govt Take Over
    • Unity Partners Spar Over Vacant Parliamentary Seats
    • AG appeals against prosecutors
    • Mugabe ‘hijacks’ Chamisa project
    • Mugabe received Gaddafi gown from criminal
    • Zanu PF resists skills audit
    • Minister Says Stanbic Bank Agrees to Set Up Wealth Fund For Poor Youth
    • Zim women shortlisted for award
    • Transcript of Betty Makoni on Question Time
    • Revolution hits Zimbabwe's theatres
    • How to steal elections – Zimbabwe style
    • Sanctions: the West’s most generous gift to Zanu (PF)
    • Wade’s early admission of defeat - what lessons for Mugabe?
    • Bill Watch 13/2012 of 27th March [List of 2011 Acts: ]
    • Bill Watch 14/2012 of 28th March [Human Rights Commission Bill now at Committee Stage with Amendments]
  5. Posted 28/3/12
    • S.African court hears Zimbabwe torture case
    • Prosecutor ‘swaps sides’ in Harare rights case
    • SA urged to separate politics and law in Zim torture case
    • Rio Tinto mulls Murowa sell-off
    • Zimbabwe shortlists bids for enlarging power plants
    • Prosecutors delaying hearing of Gwisai appeal
    • COPAC working on final draft of constitution
    • Internet problems persist in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF plans by-election ambush
    • Harare seeks US$100 million to fix water problems
    • MDC-T Is Good At Campaigning Not Governing –Bennett
    • Shamva murder: Cops face death
    • Chombo, councillors clash
    • Students condemn police crackdown
    • TN to launch Cattle Bank
    • Zimbabweans Hail Senegal Election as President Wade Concedes Defeat in Run-Off
    • PM Cameron Articulates Vision for Free & Fair Elections in Zimbabwe
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 327
    • In the Twilight of His Rule, Mugabe Wants All the Marbles Back
    • Bill Watch 12/2012 of 26th March [Update on the Clerk of Parliament Case]
  6. Posted 27/3/12
    • Zimbabwe activists appeal conviction, sentences for Arab Spring video session
    • ‘Extraordinary’ twist in SA, Zim torture trial
    • Outrage over hefty allowances for ZESA executives
    • More investment inroads from China into Zimbabwe
    • Bank blamed in GMB rot
    • Shamva cop attacks fuelled by illegal gold deal gone bad
    • Proposal For Parliament In Bulawayo Tabled
    • Zanu PF interference ruining parastatals
    • NRZ gives govt restructuring ‘headache’
    • Energy Minister Promises Improvement Soon in Delivery
    • ZANU PF youth militia removed from government payroll
    • Donated school books being sold in Harare streets
    • Zim's Russian Embassy Not Paying Rent, Faces Eviction
    • Zesa scam divides government
    • Call for govt to introduce human rights education
    • Parks authority says Trump sons' hunt legal
    • Mobile Phone, Internet Use Increasing
    • The man behind bid to thwart Zimbabwe torture probe
    • Celebrating a Fearless Human Rights Defender, Jenni Williams
    • Hanging On to Dollars in Zimbabwe
    • Robert Mugabe, Britain and the agony of Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Exile Makes ‘A Thousand Pieces of Joy’
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/3/12
    • Mumbengegwi airlifted from strife torn Mali
    • 15 dead, 28 injured in Nyanga bus crash
    • US Ambassador Condemns Selective Application of Law
    • Lupane Police Stop Tsvangirai Peace Rally
    • Zanu-PF youth militia will no longer be paid by government
    • Minister attacks ‘embarrassing’ AG
    • Diamond case exposes Mpofu
    • Mudenge suffers head injuries after bull attack
    • Defiant Miners Face Arrest : Kasukuwere
    • Ex-top spy fights CIO
    • Anger over dramatic surge in mining fees
    • Gono and Biti bury the hatchet
    • Biti meets Mugabe to discuss diamond revenue
    • The gloves are off as indigenisation crusade gains clout
    • Why SA should prosecute Zimbabwe's torturers-in-chief
    • Zimbabwe: What went wrong?
    • Call their bluff – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 24th March 2012
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 23rd March 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 26th to 29th March]
  8. Posted 26/3/12
    • Arrest of corrupt officials imminent: Tsvangirai
    • ‘Ghost workers gobble US$50m’
    • Chitungwiza group fights youth delinquency
    • Massive fuel scam unearthed in Mutare
    • Zuma not coming to Zimbabwe soon – advisor
    • Tollgate fees victory for chiefs
    • Mujuru inquest magistrate runs over mechanic
    • Maluleke eats humble pie
    • Gwisai: Rebel without cause or workers’ champion?
    • Time to revive agricultural sector
    • Gwisai case: Another example of Zanu PF’s desperate tactics
    • Transparency can help curb diamond looting
    • New approach needed to empowerment
  9. Posted 25/3/12
    • Zimbabwe foreign minister stranded in Mali after coup
    • Mugabe will cling to power until the last, says minister
    • Chinese diamond miner ups wages to end Zimbabwe strike
    • Police Chief, Cabinet Ministers Implicated in Farming Inputs Scandal
    • Zimbabwe Threatens To Seize Stakes in Mining Firms for Free
    • Heads to roll at ZESA
    • Zanu PF Politicise Food Distribution
    • Murambatsvina victims still in abject poverty
    • Mugabe Should Clear Confusion On BAZ: MISA
    • Killer cops: Scores descend on Bindura Court
    • Mugabe told Obert Mpofu demanded US$10 million bribe: court
    • Zimbabwe, AU States behind Mali coup?
    • Mugabe meets another Chinese delegation, again
    • Bulawayo City Council Set To Establish A College
    • ‘Zimdollar depositors to wait a little longer’
    • Corruption, acrimony between police and combi crews . . .Blame it all on the uniformed forces
    • Zimbabwe’s first black Rhodes scholar
    • Interview: South Africa - Zimbabwean prosecutions?
    • How erratically the rule of law operates in Zimbabwe
    • Headstones in the golden grass
  10. Batch 2 Posted 24/3/12
    • MDC-T Chief of Staff speaks out on home raid by police
    • Concern for Chiredzi farmers as invaders intensify intimidation
    • Information Minister says no to media reforms
    • Mugabe attacks Mangoma over leak of ZESA bills
    • British PM Cameron Pledges to Push for Free Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe group investigating hunt by Trump's sons
    • US puts pressure on India over Marange gems
    • ZESA to ease load-shedding: Mangoma
    • Prosecution case against MFL leaders ‘shaky’
    • Zim Judiciary Extremely Polarised: Crisis Coalition
    • Mugabe Says Gov't to Prioritize Water Provision
    • Water Situation Dire in Many Parts of Zimbabwe as World Marks Water Day
    • Zim-SA to Hold Trade Investment Seminar
    • Two court appearances and an arrest
    • MISA-Zimbabwe appeal for President Mugabe’s intervention on BAZ’s legal status
    • Tortured soldier fights Mnangagwa
    • Zimbabwe’s Mopani Worms Disappearing from Rural Diets
  11. Posted 24/3/12
    • Mugabe fumes over Zesa bill
    • Bigwigs under probe over inputs scam
    • Zanu PF factions battle in district polls
    • Tycoon Shanfari threatens to close Independent
    • River Ranch feud rages on
    • Exhume Mujuru, demands family
    • Zanu PF woos young voters
    • Bribes, kick-backs in NSSA property acquisitions
    • ‘Govt has no treaty record’
    • Law Society reads its members the riot act
    • Local contractors let us down –– Zinwa
    • Rampant graft: Govt takes business as usual stance
    • Zimplats takeover far from a done deal
    • Govt tackles US$9,1b external debt overhang
    • No going back to Zim dollar –– Biti
    • Broadacom: Telecoms’ new player
    • Civil servants drown in microfinance loans
    • Zim’s liquidity crisis easing — Biti
    • Zimbabwe faces acute hunger, starvation
    • MuckRaker: We’re more alarmed by you Cde Chombo
    • Erich Bloch Column: The pursuit of bank stability in Zim
    • Inconsistency dents human rights drive
    • Devolution is the way to go
    • Independent Comment: Policy certainty critical element
    • Editor’s Memo: We’re living in a police state
    • Candid Comment: Of Tony Blair, good governance and baboons
  12. Posted 23/3/12
    • Gwisai to appeal against sentence
    • Gwisai Vows to Fight Dictatorship in Zimbabwe
    • Ruling sets fear among civic groups
    • Zimbabwe justice system in intensive care
    • Shamu defies PM on media reforms
    • Attorney General protecting Chombo and Kasukuwere from arrest
    • Workers continue strike at diamond fields
    • Villagers Complain Diamond Mining Companies Polluting Water Sources
    • Israeli pilot accused of trying to smuggle £1.5m diamonds out of Zimbabwe
    • PM Tsvangirai meets Cameron
    • One death in “revenge attacks” by police in Shamva
    • Police raid senior MDC official’s Harare home
    • MDC-T suspends Marondera Mayor over ZANU PF links
    • Defaulting Cabinet Ministers Negotiate to Settle Huge Electricity Bills
    • Magistrate foils bid to evict Murambatsvina victims
    • Chaos rocks AAG leadership
    • Zimbabwe launches debt clearance strategy
    • Zanu PF youth arrested over threat
    • MDC-T ‘astounded’ by High Court ruling on bail application
    • South African High Court To Hear Zimbabwe Torture Case
    • UNICEF salvages Zimbabwe’s Education sector
    • Zimbabwe yet to conclude sale terms with miner Zimplats
    • Binga women in Zimbabwe make history on the Zambezi River
    • Good news from Zimbabwe for a change
    • What will get Zimbabwe back on track?
    • Corruption has become the norm in Zimbabwe
    • Is Welfare Trust another Chipangano?
  13. Posted 22/3/12
    • Gwisai and others slapped with a two year suspended sentence
    • International Outrage Over Conviction of Activists
    • Amnesty International: Sentencing of activists a 'setback' for freedom of expression
    • Action Alert: Gwisai +5 found guilty for watching videos
    • Three die in ‘revenge attacks’ by police in Shamva
    • 8 police officers arrested over Shamva killing
    • Shamva murder: Wife speaks
    • Police recant testimony in Siwela trial
    • Coltart says he had nothing to do with tender for textbooks
    • DA, Police, CIO rapped for causing confusion in the timber plantations
    • Zimbabwe says plans $100 mln infrastructure bond
    • Police refuse to recognise Chinese products
    • Diaspora urges SADC not to cross Zim election ‘red lines’
    • Mpofu told to face court in ongoing fraud case
    • Bulawayo Council cuts water at ZANU PF HQ
    • Empowerment law poorly crafted: PM
    • Zanu PF Using Empowerment Law As Vote Catching Gimmick: Admits Kasukuwere
    • Journo Refutes Chipangano Links, Describes Reports as False and Malicious
    • Rogue Zanu PF youths go berserk
    • Botswana President Khama Says Zimbabwe Instability Concern for Region
    • Farmers Engage Zimbabwe Power Utility Over Huge Outstanding Bills
    • Journalism Fraternity Thrown Into Mourning as Three Scribes Die in One Day
    • Clients worried about bank
    • Conditions for elections: Norton residents speak out
    • Katsande urges govt to stand against greed, corruption
    • Radio Dialogue Denied Procession Clearance
    • Transcript of Tendai Biti on Question Time
    • PM Tsvangirai dismayed at human rights activists’ conviction
    • MDC 99, Job Sikhala Communiqué to political and civic groups in Cape Town 20th March 2012
    • MDC99: Comment on Coltart tender scandal allegations
  14. Posted 21/3/12
    • Prosecution wants maximum sentence for Gwisai
    • URGENT ACTION: For Zimbabwe political prisoners
    • SA Civic Groups Call for Gwisai’s Freedom
    • We are all Munyaradzi Gwisai
    • Farmers warn that Zim agriculture is in ‘major crisis’
    • Rival ZANU PF factions square off in front of journalists
    • Cops kill mine worker
    • MLF Leaders' Trial Opens, Key Witness Rebuffs Police Claims
    • Court Throws Out Chief’s Bid To Attach PM’s Property
    • Zim, Iran ties questioned as SA launches ‘sanctions busting’ probe
    • Kurotwi case: Mpofu to testify
    • Diaspora prepares for third ‘Free Zim’ protest
    • VIPs confirm Zesa bills
    • Power cut hits Mugabe office, city
    • Parliament Told Country Failing to Utilize Harvested Water
    • Biti is The Best Finance Minister Ever: Mugabe
    • MDC Probes Graft in Local Authorities Under Its Leadership
    • Zimbabwe's Toll Highway Operator To Review Exemption List
    • Church service for missing rights activist Paul Chizuze
    • Zim youth seek two million signatures to stop elections
    • Using food rations to rebuild infrastructure
    • Radio Dialogue denied permission for free the airwaves procession
    • Southern African countries losing grip on democratic gains
    • MDC condemns police brutality in Shamva
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai dismayed at human rights activists’ conviction
    • Bill Watch 11/2012 of 20th March [Coming up in Parliament This Week]
    • Bill Watch 10/2012 of 19th March [No Banning of NGOs: ZANU-PF No to Private Members' Bills: Last Week in Parliament]
  15. Posted 20/3/12
    • 6 Convicted for Watching Arab Spring News in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans found guilty of watching Arab Spring videos
    • Don’t allow Mugabe to steal another election, says man he beat last time
    • No sign of Zuma as election fears rise
    • Gono’s US$800,000 phone bill
    • Outrage over top government ZESA defaulters
    • Robert Mugabe and wife Grace owe £220,000 to Zimbabwe's failing power firm
    • Media ‘Hangman’ Mahoso Threatens Media houses
    • Bail hearing for 29 MDC-T activists postponed for 7th time
    • The MDC Will Fire Unprofessional Police Once in Power : Bhebhe
    • Copac stuck on traditional leaders
    • Chiefs to run mines - Cde Kasukuwere
    • Zimbabwe writes off a third of maize crop, deficit looms
    • Ticking health time bomb in Harare, Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF blasts ICC for convicting Lubanga
    • Zimbabwe business grab scares investors
    • Lack Of Funding Slows Zimbabwe's Fibre Optic Cable Project
    • Young Britons ‘at risk’ in Zimbabwe scheme
    • Diamonds sold through opaque structure: Mpofu
    • Zimbabwe To Announce New Diamond and Mining Policy
    • Will prices collapse as Mugabe’s generals loot Marange?
    • Zim activists in danger of unlawful prison sentences – release them now!
    • Mugabe is not popular at all
    • Miss Alex Duval Smith is ill informed about Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 16th March 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 19th to 22nd March]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 19/3/12
    • MDC-T refuses to be cowed into early election
    • SADC standing up to Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe linked to Iran sanctions busting
    • Mugabes owe R3m to power supplier
    • Industry wants Zesa board fired
    • Zimbabwe invites Indian investment in infrastructure, mining
    • Gono sued over massive phone bill
    • Audit reveals rot at GMB
    • Former AG calls for repeal of Aippa, Posa
    • Noczim property faces hammer over $1m debt
    • Roadblocks provoke storm
    • Farmers, war vets swindled of millions
    • Zimbabwe orders mining firms to bank locally: paper
    • Zimplats 51% will ‘cost far more than expected’
    • Gono Unleashes Snipers on Kereke
    • Mbare, Zimbabwe's Riskiest Suburb - National Study
    • The friends in his corner
    • UK supports ‘brutal and corrupt dictatorship’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 17th March 2012
  17. Posted 19/3/12
    • Mugabe, Zanu PF desperate as time runs out: analysts
    • Chiefs breach constitution, sing for their supper
    • Rights commission: Another stillbirth
    • Zanu PF deaf, sets up ground for June polls
    • Biti, Mpofu tussle over diamond revenue
    • Church service for missing human rights activist
    • Senator fears for his life
    • Ncube urges use of social media to grow brands
    • Chiyangwa bounces back in Mash West
    • Anglicans saga: Police ban gatherings by Kunonga’s rivals
    • Zanu PF wants Andy Brown declared hero
    • Local banks get lifeline
    • Mining firm, govt in crunch talks over indigenisation
    • ‘Imported Japanese cars radiation-free’
    • ‘Adopting Chinese yuan long overdue’
    • Mugabe stance on devolution misleading
    • Sunday View: Let’s all play our part in preserving the water table
    • Standard Comment: Zesa denials shield electricity looters
    • From the Editor's desk: Mugabe finds new spin doctor: Alex Duval Smith
  18. Posted 18/3/12
    • 'No foul play' in Zimbabwe general's death
    • Mujuru Inquest Results a Mockery: Family Lawyer
    • Kasukuwere now toxic
    • Central Bank Governor Urges Distressed Firms to Occupy Ministers' Offices
    • Minister Shamu A Hindrance to Media Reforms: MDC-T
    • MDC Says Mugabe Blocking Legislative Reforms
    • Sanctions Hamper Zim's Weapons Purchases: Sekeramayi
    • Norwegian Red Cross funds $217 000 warehouse
    • More Zesa VIP debtors shamed
    • Chinese face fresh allegations over animal abuse
    • Zuma visit long overdue
    • Buckets and batteries
  19. Batch 2 Posted 17/3/12
    • Mugabe's shock $350 000 Zesa bill
    • Police defiant over roadblocks
    • Researcher arrested for interviewing victims of 2008 violence
    • WOZA leader released after ‘shock’ two day detention
    • Mujuru inquest findings out, but not public
    • Govt criticised for ‘hypocrisy’ over Transfrontier Conservation Park
    • Attorney General Clears MDC T MP On Charges Of Embezzling Development Funds
    • Mangoma dates Mozambique
    • UK boosts Zim basic education
    • Activists Sue Ministers and Police Chief, Alleging Torture
    • Unity Gov't Divided Over Municipal Probe Team Costing Residents Thousands
    • MDC-led Bulawayo Municipality Rattled by Chombo Corruption Probe
    • Mugabe is Air Zimbabwe's last man flying
    • Zanu (PF) Double Standards Exposed, Launches Election Campaign On Twitter
    • UK music concert to raise money for conservation task force
    • Zimbabwe's inflation figures don't add up
    • Zimbabwe needs up to $1bn cash to compensate Implats fairly
    • Zimbabwe to repossess idle mining claims
    • Archbishop of Canterbury resigns: the row over gay bishops and the Anglican Covenant
    • MDC bail hearing postponed for 6th time
    • Ben Freeth speech to Royal Geographical Society
    • As the Dust Settles on the Limpopo River
    • How Mugabe won over a nation – again
    • Zanu PF’s protection of Rushwaya on Asiagate scandal shameful
    • SADC lapse deals Nigeria a prized ace
    • Peace Watch: Mbare
    • Diaspora Diaries with Stephen Lewis co-director of AIDS-Free World
    • A toxic mix
  20. Posted 17/3/12
    • Ministers protect diamond barons
    • Mujuru stumbles in succession race
    • Dimaf: Gono urges protests over funds
    • ZSE, Sec clash again
    • NSSA exposure to local banks up to US$200m
    • Matinenga blasts Tomana
    • River Ranch mine denies fall-out with Mujurus
    • Zanu PF divided over fate of draft constitution
    • BAZ defers issuing of radio licences
    • Devolution is what the people want –– Moyo
    • Risk of getting cancer from water grows
    • Constitution: GPA exposes Mugabe’s poll duplicity
    • There are no sanctions on Zim –– EU envoy
    • MuckRaker: Deifying Mugabe is taking it too far!
    • Eric Bloch Column: The realities of devolution
    • Independent Comment: Liquidity crisis or credit crunch?
    • Editor’s Memo: Zimplats grab may be a pyrrhic victory
    • Candid Comment: What next after Zimplats’ ‘indigenisation’?
  21. Posted 16/3/12
    • ZANU PF MPs resolve to block parliamentary debate
    • Moz cuts power to Zimbabwe
    • Mozambique denies cutting Zimbabwe power over debts
    • Abuse of food aid in Gwanda by alleged CIO operative
    • Inside Zimbabwe's controversial Marange diamond field
    • Don't indigenise banks - Gono
    • Banking sector indigenised: Biti
    • Corruption Commission to continue arrests of constituency fund looters
    • US shipping agents foil coin imports
    • Why Iran wants to beef up Zimbabwe’s military
    • United Kingdom commits $15 million for the education of Zimbabwean orphans
    • Mujuru family demands inquest findings
    • Tsvangirai has 66 percent popularity rating - latest poll
    • Zimplats cave-in expected to bring other firms to heel
    • Zimplats capitulation props up Mugabe's election campaign
    • Defence team frustrated with delays in MDC murder case
    • UK slammed for ‘supporting’ Mugabe regime with gap year scheme
    • Fate of human rights activist remains unknown
    • Zimbabwe prisoners need 'sex gadgets' to curb urges, senator says
    • Harare Hospital buys water (with comments)
    • 5 southern African countries form the world’s biggest wildlife conservation area
    • Zimbabwe: who’s next for ‘localisation’?
    • Doubts over door-to-door testing campaign
    • ZCTF Report -March 2012
    • Why Zanu PF Wants Elections Yesterday
    • MDC Will Not Budge:( A reply to Jonathan Moyo)
    • State on “fishing expedition” as charges against MDC members crumble
    • Zanu PF Crime in Zimbabwe
    • Court Watch 5/2012 of 14th March [Update on (1) Glen View 29 Murder Trial; (2) State v Gwisai and Others]
  22. Posted 15/3/12
    • Zimbabwe finance minister says there is no money for elections this year
    • Zimbabwe government may 'close without diamond money'
    • Implats tells Zimbabwe to pay up before it gets stake
    • Zanu PF buoyed by Implats capitulation
    • Full compensation ‘unlikely’ after Implats indigenisation deal
    • Pressure builds on SADC to enforce rule of law
    • Ben Freeth launches charity for father-in-law killed in Zimbabwe
    • Journalists arrested for investigating pollution from Chiadzwa
    • PM Tsvangirai Threatens to Name and Shame Under-Performing Ministers
    • Attorney General Halts Corruption Probe Targeting Senior Govt Officials
    • Fight over thieving ministers
    • Unity Gov't Divided Over Municipal Probe Team Costing Residents Thousands
    • Councils force NGOs to pay illegal fees: Civicus
    • ZCTU disgusted by extent of corruption at NSSA
    • Elderly battle as government promises help but cannot pay
    • Gwisai and activists suing Home Affairs Ministers over torture
    • Bail application for 29 MDC members set for Thursday
    • Zim Journalists Kick Out From Parliament Thwarted
    • Mugabe regime seeking support from rogue states ahead of elections
    • >Zimbabwe Lifts Ban on Used Vehicles But Japanese Cars Face Threat Over Contamination
    • Mugabe’s promotion of 8 colonels to brigadier generals uncalled for
    • Rejection of Zimbabwe is the only course of action
    • Transcript of Harare Mayor on Question Time: Part 2
    • We need more than a new constitution
    • Disenchantment
    • Tendai Biti on the state of the economy
    • Constitution Watch of 13th March 2012 [Progress on COPAC's Review of the First Draft]
  23. Posted 14/3/12
    • Zimbabwe, Implats agree on 51 pct stake transfer
    • EU pushing for ‘re-engagement’ with Zimbabwe
    • Ministers up for theft
    • Tsvangirai Dismisses Tomana Attempts to Protect Thieving MPs
    • Prison is now for the poor: judge
    • Air Zim not profitable - Goche
    • Cabinet Resolves to Revive Debt-Ridden National Airline
    • Police do nothing to stop Chipangano violence
    • Scandalous salaries for Chitungwiza municipality ‘revival’ team
    • New wave of global Zimbabwe protests
    • Zim Youth Seek Two Million Signatures To Stop Elections
    • Civil Society Groups Threaten ‘No-Vote’ Campaign Over Devolution
    • Trial of MDC members fails to kick-off as defence asks for time to file
    • Why Mugabe Cannot Fire Gono - Wiki Leaks
    • Govt Turns Down Application For Gukurahundi Monument
    • UN slammed for ‘silence’ on Zim political rape
    • Detained young mother wins award
    • Drug dealers in South Africa turn to cigarette smuggling, says revenue service
    • Govt stalls church plans
    • Donald Trump's Sons Awesome At Killing Elephants And Other Wildlife
    • herzimbabwe: Women’s web portal launched today
    • NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe
    • Roy Bennett on Face Book
    • President Tsvangirai’s statement to the Parliament of Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 9/2012 of 12th March [Both Houses Resume: Human Rights and Electoral Bills Waiting]
  24. Posted 13/3/12
    • Zim, EU set to resume talks
    • Air Zimbabwe holdings disbanded
    • Air Zimbabwe leases Airbus A320
    • Information minister silent as media reform deadline passes
    • Tomana under fire over CDF
    • Civil society groups express concern over diamond proceeds
    • Diamond mining benefits unseen in Zimbabwe
    • MDC condemns violent disruptions of rallies
    • Australia special forces in Zimbabwe
    • UN Tourism Boss Heads For Zim
    • Cop murder trial fails to kick-off
    • Breakthrough in fight to restore Southern Africa rights court
    • Zanu PF plot to arrest PM exposed
    • Fighting intensifies over ‘Solomon’s mine’
    • ‘Army officials must stay away from politics’
    • Villagers isolated and stranded
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Communique on the most open public institutions
    • Round 3: March 21 Zimbabwe Global Action
    • A Line in the Sand
    • 2012 - The year of the New Diamond Mining Act
  25. Batch 2 Posted 12/3/12
    • Attorney General widens CDF abuse probe
    • Zuma's next visit provokes political storm in Harare
    • Chiefs Are Corrupt: Nkomo
    • Zanu-PF Youths in Court for Extortion
    • Mugabe Will Never Die: Chivaura
    • 'Mugabe's R1million whisky'
    • Sparks fly over devolution
    • Chipangano crushes MDC rally
    • Call for reforms 'Zimbabwe people's agenda not MDC's'
    • Mnangagwa mobilises rogue States ahead of polls
    • Zimbabwe calls for increased defense cooperation with Iran
    • Air Zim workers' jobs on the line
    • Fears grow after missed deadline for constitution
    • No Sign of Changes as Zimbabwe Information Minister Defies Media Reform Deadline
    • Viewers to cough up more for luxury of satellite TV
    • Tsvangirai slams Daily News
    • Asiagate: 20 players interviewed
    • Zim's Saviour an enigma
    • Rape a Mugabe weapon – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th March 2012
    • Court Watch 4/2012 of 9th March [MDC-T Activists Face Murder Trial : State v Madzore and Others]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 9th March 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 12th to 15th March]
  26. Posted 12/3/12
    • MDC-T threatens to rule alone
    • Zanu PF chefs plan to grab ethanol project
    • ‘Replace chiefs with qualified personnel’
    • Zanu PF politburo member seeks police protection
    • ‘Targets fuel police corruption’
    • Zanu PF trying to influence constitution drafters—MDC-T
    • Mayor threatens to spill the beans
    • MDC-T director general sues party activist
    • Minister blasts governor over NGOs’ ban
    • Mugabe not God-given, says PM
    • Jail-bird accused of stealing from warden
    • More firms apply for radio, tv licences
    • CFU, BAZ join to stimulate investment
    • Let sanity prevail in Marange: Civil society
    • Govt mulls new plan to rescue ethanol project
    • Nkomo right to censure chiefs
    • Mugabe must walk the talk on call against violence
    • Let’s cast away mumbo-jumbo of Satanism
  27. Posted 11/3/12
    • AG Ordered to Reinstate Dismissed Prosecutors
    • Zanu PF youth group plans to eject Chinese
    • Minister Wants Grain Executives Fired For Spoiling 50,000 Tonnes of Maize
    • Sable shutdown threatens winter cropping
    • Zuma to caution Mugabe
    • Stalemate over PM post
    • Chief Negomo To ‘Ambush’ Tsvangirai
    • ‘NGO ban sadistic, evil’
    • Mugabe gifted worn Gaddafi gown
    • Rushwaya lawyers seethe at trial delay
    • A Way To Save The Rhino, Just Not Its Horn
    • Key political risks to watch in Zim
    • A national disgrace!
    • Soggy letters
  28. Batch 2 Posted 10/3/12
    • Government tour of Zimbabwe’s diamond fields fails to sway human rights activists
    • African Commission prepared to consider application for reinstatement of SADC Tribunal
    • SPT-Zimbabwe Update No.4. March 2012: The Shadow of Elections
    • Tsvangirai says reforms essential before next polls
    • GPA Was Never About Writing A New Constitution: - Mugabe
    • Draft constitution 'nearly complete'
    • Copac completes review of 18 chapters
    • Information Minister summoned to explain defiance on media reforms
    • Mugabe presence leads to police assaults in Bulawayo
    • No need for land audit: Mutasa
    • Residents cry foul over electricity disconnections
    • Zimbabwe – last to leave, never mind turning off the lights – they’re already off
    • Mnangagwa anointmented Mugabe's successor by Chinese Generals
    • General Chiwenga hails China
    • End-games: Mugabe feeds on lies and deceit - Analysts
    • The royal geographical society presents: “If Good Men do Nothing, Evil Will Prevail”
    • Education in Focus As Rural Schools Outperform Urban Institutions
    • MDC members exasperated by delay in bail application
    • Spoilt kids
  29. Posted 10/3/12
    • Mujuru family in diamond feud
    • NSSA loses US$14m in shares scandal
    • GPA only meant to end violence –– Mugabe
    • River Ranch mine: A poisoned chalice
    • Chindori-Chininga ouster hits brick wall
    • ZCTU needs ‘eminent broker’ to reunite fractured
    • Referendum: Zanu PF holds the aces
    • AU powerless to deal with dictatorship
    • Gono sheds light on nostro accounts
    • Foreign-owned banks resist 75% demand
    • Banking malpractice source of liquidity crunch
    • Under fire Zimra boss speaks out
    • MuckRaker: Musindo stands: A déjà vu moment
    • Eric Bloch Column: Dimaf a disastrous non-event
    • Byo industry fund ‘a pie in the sky’
    • NGOs crucial to Zim democracy
    • Does Zimbabwe ‘yearn for the yuan’?
    • Independent Comment: Indigenisation policy: Better model needed
    • Editor’s Memo: NSSA must fully probe corruption
    • Candid Comment: Zimbabwe remains a looter’s paradise
  30. Posted 9/3/12
    • Zimbabwe’s voters roll perfect: Mudede
    • Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede exposed
    • Ncube Threatens To Stall Constitution Making Process
    • ‘New Constitution no guarantee for credible poll’
    • Generals to stage a coup if Mugabe lose election - PM
    • MDC-T resolves to prepare for polls
    • MDC launches booklet on minimum conditions for free and fair poll
    • Zanu PF threat to sink constitution over devolution
    • Police ban ZCTU women’s march for International Women’s Day
    • Attacks on media intensify with increased threats against newspapers
    • Daily News Ban Must Be Investigated - MISA-Zimbabwe
    • 4 days left in media reform ultimatum
    • Zimbabwe’s demands for ‘fair share’ of platinum plant threaten to ruin it
    • Implats dispute with Zimbabwe deepens
    • Former farmer loses bid to remain in retirement home
    • 500 000 Hectares Of Planted Maize Crop A Write Off - Made
    • ‘Cops roadblocks excessive, used to fundraise for Zanu PF’
    • Chiefs demand guns
    • Mugabe meets top Chinese military brass
    • Mugabe Is King And Should Die In Office - Chief
    • Zimbabwe Govt. Could Acquire River Ranch Mine
    • Bail application for MDC members postponed for 3rd time
    • Granny-headed Households in Zimbabwe under Stress
    • Honor women by naming and shaming Zimbabwe
    • End political violence against women: Rau
    • The MDC Today - Issue 216
    • MDC Assembly of Women International Women’s Day Statement
    • PM Tsvangirai’s speech at the launch of the MDC’s minimum conditions for document for a sustainable election in Zimbabwe (CoSEZ) Harare
    • Pissing on the long-term future in Zimbabwe
  31. Posted 8/3/12
    • Zuma to visit Zimbabwe for poll talks amid widening rift
    • Mugabe allies slam SA stance
    • MDC-T throws down gauntlet to ZANU PF over elections
    • State takes over Air Zimbabwe debt
    • Zimbabwe extends Zimplats equity surrender deadline
    • PTUZ officials arrested in Bulawayo
    • Chegutu man gets ten years in jail for reconnecting ZESA
    • Bail application for MDC members postponed again
    • Information minister has five days to reform media boards
    • South African Freelance Photojournalist Arrested In Zim
    • Ministers face axe
    • NGO ban deplorable: EU
    • Govt backtracks on Green Fuel deal
    • Zimbabwe Parliament Demands Urgent Action on 'Ghost Workers'
    • Robert Mugabe aides hail Cardinal O’Brien for opposition to gay marriage
    • ZANU woes chiefs
    • MDC Press Statement 7 March 2012
    • WOZA: Magistrate refuses to drop Criminal Nuisance charges
    • Morgan Tsvangirai Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-pf seems to be shooting itself in both feet this time
  32. Posted 7/3/12
    • ZANU PF infuriated by SA Foreign Affairs Minister
    • Zimbabwe president's party pushes polls this year
    • NGOs To Tour Marange Diamond Mines
    • Chinese firms panning for gold in UMP
    • 'Zimbabwe Ministers Looted Free Farming Inputs Meant for Poor Farmers'
    • Charges against Africom bosses dismissed
    • Bail application postponed for MDC members
    • Makone meets UK minister over deportations
    • MISA criticise ‘empty’ media reform promises
    • Internet in Zimbabwe still affected by cable damage
    • Tsvangirai Pained By Deaths Of His Senators and MPs
    • Small scale miners under threat
    • Zimbabwe to act on Implats unit after deadlock: paper
    • Bob 88 participants still to get prizes
    • Overwhelmed by trash, Zimbabwe's capital launches anti-litter campaign
    • AFRICA: Challenging the urbanization myths
    • Press Release from the Zimbabwe (Yes) We Can Movement following the Executive Meeting of 3rd March
  33. Posted 6/3/12
    • No Zim poll without reforms - SA
    • Mugabe ally effectively running election body
    • ZANU PF strongman handed top diamond job
    • Australia removes 82 people from the Zimbabwe sanctions list
    • Australia criticised for easing Zim sanctions
    • Mugabe Dismisses Devolution of Power
    • Draft constitution to be ready in April
    • One week left of media reform ultimatum
    • Fugitive Zimbabwe tycoon ‘in Kenya’
    • ‘Zanu PF abusing children’
    • Déjà vu as NGOs come under attack
    • Waste management: Council fails to cope
    • High court to decide Tuesday on bail application for MDC activists
    • Indigenisation deprive Zim of $6,3bn
    • East African undersea cables remain unfixed
    • Zimbabwe's police getting rich fast
    • ZESA Billing System Chaotic
    • Patrick Chinamasa’s statement to the UN Human Rights Council
    • ZANU-PF and China: does Zimbabwe really ‘yearn for the Yuan?’ – By Andrew C. Miller
    • Responsibility in the Zimbabwe opportunity
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 5th March 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 5th to 8th March]
  34. Batch 2 Posted 5/3/12
    • Zimbabwe charities report new state onslaught
    • Typhoid cases soar in Zimbabwe
    • Black market dirties Zimbabwe diamond fields
    • Aussie couple tells of Mugabe assasination claim
    • Key job for Mugabe ally
    • Fraud probe: Biti hits back at security bosses
    • Mpofu buying bank
    • Riot Police Called To Disperse Warring Zanu PF Factions
    • Mugabe takes control of constitution process
    • ‘Enemies’ keep Zim going, as Mugabe, Tsvangirai squander resources on luxuries
    • Ncube's MDC Courts Support From SADC Political Parties
    • HIV patients exposed to expired drugs
    • ‘Mthwakazi concerns are genuine’
    • It's impossible for MDC-T to lose elections: Chamisa
    • MDC 'perched on shifting sand'
    • Harare Is 51% Male - Harare City Council Survey
    • Key to economic progress
    • Mugabe's men who ensure he stays put
    • Obert Mpofu: Fact sheet
    • In the face of desperate Zimbabwe poverty, a Jewish woman provides hope
    • France grabs loot of Mr I’ll Take the Lot
    • A few questions . . . Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd March 2012
    • Bill Watch 8/2012 of 4th March [Revival of Electoral Amendment Bill and Human Rights Commission Bill]
  35. Posted 5/3/12
    • Cops, soldiers nabbed in Chinhoyi gold rush
    • Zanu PF youth leader accuses chefs of corruption
    • Top ZBC official arrested
    • ‘Ministers of state useless’
    • Parly Speaker applauds arrest of corrupt MPs
    • Govt mulls new plan to rescue ethanol project
    • Zimsec fails to pay markers
    • Human trafficking rampant in Zimbabwe
    • Chinese, Nigerians shun banks
    • Hardships in SA blamed for increase in suicides
    • Council engages new chemical supplier
    • Zapu falls on hard times
    • Nation’s maize crop wilting, says ZFU
    • Recapitalisation: Banks submit proposals to RBZ
    • Chatunga ambition: Is Mugabe dreaming of a family dynasty?
    • How Zanu PF has stolen polls since 1980
    • Zim’s anti-people stance on Syria
    • Erom the Editor's Desk:Lots of lessons to learn from Senegal’s election
  36. Posted 4/3/12
    • Ministry applies for bail-out to curb typhoid
    • Zuma ropes-in Khama in Zimbabwe mediation
    • ICC, glorified kangaroo court: Chinamasa
    • Touts fight running battles with ZANU thugs
    • Tollgate funds plundered
    • Third land audit on cards
    • MDC-T Senator Chitsa Dies
    • Sikhala no political threat: Moyo
    • Justice Minister Backs Moscow, Beijing on Syrian Regime
    • Constitution Committee Rejects Talk of Two-Week Deadline
    • ZANU-PF control of distribution of international food aid
    • ZBC journalist asks minister to re-read speech!
    • Farmers Tackle Water Problems Fuelled by Climate Change
    • This cricket commentator is one of the most remarkable in the world
    • Piglets in single file
    • Elections
  37. Posted 3/3/12
    • Third MP arrested for abusing development fund
    • Zanu PF Youths Detain Town Clerk
    • Lack of funding stalls hospital project
    • Govt set to acquire River Ranch mine
    • Corruption rocks NSSA
    • 10 days left of media reform ultimatum
    • Misa-Zimbabwe Community Radio Initiatives Come Under Fire
    • Its Time to Invest in Zimbabwe:Chamisa
    • Chihuri sucked in underwear fight
    • Glen View residents taken back into custody
    • Govt ‘contradictions’ damaging Zim investment future
    • Local assets in Zimbabwe ‘are secure’
    • Message -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Situation in Zimbabwe
    • Banks to return US$200m in offshore funds
    • President Urge MPs to Reveal HIV Status to Fight Stigma
    • I can’t amend Section 121: Tomana
    • Transcript of Harare Mayor on Question Time: Part 1
    • The demented defiance of a despot: Robert Mugabe at 88
    • Independent Comment: Let’s learn from our mistakes
    • Editor’s Memo: Elections: Road to reform or another dead end?
    • Leadership without respect
  38. Batch 2 Posted 2/3/12
    • Police persist with PM house deal probe
    • Constitution-drafters’ contracts extended
    • Scepticism over govt’s rights move
    • Chihuri defies High Court order
    • MDC-T Byo in turmoil
    • Currency regime: Where do we go now from here?
    • New measures to ease liquidity crunch
    • Bank deposits up but liquidity crunch persists
    • We must insist on reforms before polls
    • MuckRaker: Does anybody else get a chance to lead?
    • Eric Bloch Column: The banking crisis, far-reaching effects
    • Jury still out on Zim economic outlook
    • Nothing illegal about seeking regime change
    • Parallels between Greece and Zimbabwe
    • Candid Comment: 60% capacity utilisation? My foot!
    • Statement On The Expulsion Of Mr Ephraim Tapa From Zimbabwe We Can
  39. Posted 2/3/12
    • Zimbabwe’s prime minister tries to lure foreign investors despite unity government’s problems
    • Zimbabwe Seeking 'Lost' Diamond Revenue
    • Zimbabwe ministers disagree on indigenisation, Zimplats and missing diamond mine millions
    • Zimbabwe poll politics hurting investment: Tsvangirai
    • Hospital in darkness
    • Harare Council ‘not in control’ as typhoid continues to spread
    • Aid groups under surveillance as provinces demand illegal “fees”
    • Minister of State involved in political violence and murder
    • Zimbabwe Commuter Bus Operators, NGOs, Allege Official Shakedowns
    • China hands over 15,000 tons of wheat and rice to Zimbabwe drought victims
    • Zanu PF MP ‘swindles’ CDF money
    • Councillor Rubbishes EU's 5,2 m Health Donation
    • Zimbabwe Health Sector Severely Understaffed, Official Tells Parliament
    • Still no sign of media reforms with 11 days left in ultimatum
    • Mugabe admits AIDS deaths
    • A lean season ahead
    • Williams and Mahlangu appear in Court and more harassment after protests
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Statement on community radio initiatives
    • Tsvangirai speech at Investment Promotion Conference
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 35 & 36
  40. Posted 1/3/12
    • Typhoid slowly engulfing Zimbabwe
    • Former adviser says Gono stole millions from RBZ
    • Carpenter In Trouble Over Mugabe Birthday Bash
    • Church leaders push for reforms before elections
    • Labour leaders briefly detained at protest march in Harare
    • Civil servants urged to play dirty tricks on MDC
    • CIO agent held over attempt to extort ZIFA CEO
    • 12 days left of media reform ultimatum
    • Gwisai tells court Mugabe must go
    • Zim's indigenisation minister blasts Implats CEO
    • Implats says will not exit Zimbabwe
    • Churches and civic groups join search for missing activist
    • ZMC Sets Police Against Foreign Newspapers
    • Red tape stalls ethanol project
    • Zimbabwe Health Officials Scramble As Typhoid Spreads Beyond Harare
    • Another Zimbabwe Legislator Detained in Probe by Anti-Corruption Commission<
    • Dairy plant for Gushungo
    • EU keen on lifting beef ban
    • Mutambara Top Ally Resigns
    • Pride of lions loose in Zaka, Bikita
    • Women face maternity horror at public hospitals
    • Surviving Chikurubi horror
    • Music Freedom Day a Challenge in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe in no hurry to reform the media before elections
    • Constitution Watch of 29th February 2012 [New Time Frame for Constitution-Making Process]

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