The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/12
    • Petroc Trelawny hit with fresh charge in Zimbabwe
    • SADC summit to decide on next steps in Zimbabwe crisis
    • Zimbabweans Look to SADC Summit to Tackle Elections, Outstanding Issues
    • Tsvangirai's China visit cut short
    • Prime Minister courts Chinese investors
    • Mudzi murder puts spotlight on police loyalty to ZANU PF
    • Political Murder, barely 24 hours after UN Envoy’s departure!
    • Violence on the increase: CHRA
    • Political haggling blocks human rights bill
    • Coal, gas finds in Manicaland
    • Mutinhiri explains decision to join MDC-T
    • Copac Process Is Nothing But Politics: Minister Majome
    • Zanu (PF) Faces Eviction From Offices
    • Harare health officials on cholera alert
    • Zimbabwe Closes Unregistered Colleges and Private Schools
    • UN insists Mugabe tourism honour not an official title
    • UN honor for Robert Mugabe sparks outrage on Capitol Hill
    • Why Zimbabwe's President Mugabe was named UN 'tourism envoy'
    • Charles Taylor sentenced to 50 years
    • What the people say about UN call to suspend sanctions
    • Zimbabwe: why sanctions should stay
    • Address by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, The Right Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai at the Sino-African Trade in Services and Investment Forum, Beijing, China
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch – Issues 38 & 39
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 29th May 2012 [SME Committee Meeting Moved to Thursday 31 May]
  2. Posted 30/5/12
    • SADC Troika to discuss Zimbabwe on Thursday
    • Political Parties Lobby for Regional Support Ahead of Crucial Summit
    • Petroc Trelawny release delayed after immigration refuses to hand over passport
    • Police arrest six ZANU PF members over MDC-T murder
    • Push for Mugabe to face ICC prosecution
    • Robert Mugabe asked to be UN 'leader for tourism'
    • Tourists Stuck As Mugabe/Sata Prepares To Sign Agreement
    • Zambian Sata Addresses Mugabe As "Grandfather"
    • Zimbabwe recovers 50 elephant tusks
    • Zim Growth To Slow Down To 4,4%
    • The MDC Today – Issue 364
    • Midwives shun rural health facilities
    • Roy Bennett Speech: Smoke and mirrors: another look at politics and ethnicity in Zimbabwe
    • What they really don’t want to see in the new Constitution (Part 3)
  3. Posted 29/5/12
    • Robert Mugabe named ‘international tourism ambassador’ in latest UN absurdity
    • BBC classical music presenter Petroc Trelawny to fly home after case dismissed
    • Zimbabwe diplomats 'evicted' over unpaid rentals
    • Zuma's strong facilitation jets-in
    • MDC-T official murdered by ‘known’ ZANU PF thugs in Mudzi
    • Tsvangirai meets Chinese premier in Beijing
    • Police Ignorant of Chipangano, ZRP Reveals
    • MDC-T dossier exposes Zanu PF
    • Poacher shot dead in Binga blitz
    • Auditor exposes ZBC corporate abuses
    • UN Rights chief criticised over call to suspend sanctions
    • Ernst & Young Consultancy Probes Air Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe kleptocrats haemorrhaging economy
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Alert: Editor assaulted
    • Delays in Finalizing Zimbabwe-Essar Deal Worry Creditors: Industry Minister
    • Zim military to pounce while focus elsewhere
    • Culture in Stone
    • Zimbabwe licensing madness
    • ‘Song of the Carnivores’ victim
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 28th May 2012 [Public Hearings 28 & 29 May: Meetings Open to Public 28-31 May]
  4. Batch 2 Posted 28/5/12
    • Zanu-PF blasts UN Human Rights Chief
    • Mugabe tests commitment to reforms before polls
    • Mugabe targets Tanzania in SADC campaign
    • Kikwete Pledges Political Support for Zimbabwe
    • Zanu-PF 'hijacks constitution'
    • BBC classical music presenter arrested in Zimbabwe had been there as charity volunteer
    • ‘State operatives disrupt students’
    • Zimplats under renewed siege over foreign funds
    • Rising star in tourism
    • Role sought for Tsvangirai's wife
    • Mudenge's Third Wedding
    • Alert : MDC Ward 1 chairperson murdered in Mudzi
    • What’s the point of Pillay? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 26th May 2012
    • UN’s Navi Pillay failed to press Mugabe on key issues
  5. Posted 28/5/12
    • Officials loot diamonds to buy private jets
    • Generals can meddle in politics: Chinamasa
    • MDC-T accuses army of biased recruitment
    • Zimbabwe offers to pay off Malawi debt with fuel
    • Politicians hijack drought relief grain
    • Zanu PF will ignore UN advice: analysts
    • Mugabe wants guaranteed seats for women MPs
    • Priest loses US $ 25 000 in botched deal
    • Nkala accused of seeking limelight
    • Zimbabwean tries to flee Botswana court
    • ‘Pensioners can sue employers’
    • Police blitz on women slammed
    • Refuse dumpsites re-emerge in public places
    • No brisk business for Domboshava sculptors
    • Carpenter famed for creating employment
    • Marketing of traditional medicines lags behind
    • Housing stands attract back errant husbands
    • China sets conditions to build convention centre
    • Commission reviews corporate actions
    • Zimplats in a fix, risks default on payments
    • Govt moves another step to settle external debt
    • Challenge for GNU: Heed Pillay advice
    • Pillay lecture exposes human rights deficit
    • Africans must choose development, reject divisive politics
    • TB Joshua, a political scapegoat in Zim
  6. Posted 27/5/12
    • BBC presenter held by Zimbabwe police after arrest at cultural festival
    • British war crimes cops probe Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe minibus crash kills 13
    • Elections ‘‘sometime next year’’ as Zanu (PF) signals climbdown
    • Tax collectors chased away from Mbada Diamond Mine
    • Supreme Court Sets Mugabe Hearing Date
    • 'Time to get into Zimbabwe' - Investors urged
    • Bring on the national migraine
  7. Posted 26/5/12
    • UN rights chief calls for lifting of Zimbabwe sanctions
    • UN chief urges truth commission
    • Zanu-PF courts top UN official
    • UN Rights chief urges agreement on key reforms
    • United Nations Officers Chased Out Of Pillay Briefing
    • Mugabe And Pillay Clash On Gay Rights
    • MDC-T mounts diplomatic offensive as SADC summit draws near
    • Prime Minister Visits China for High-Stakes Meetings
    • PM visit to China rocks Zanu-PF
    • MDC youth leader in Mash Central arrested over party posters
    • Judge Reserves Ruling On Tsvangirai's Case Against Mugabe
    • 13 killed in Bindura bus crash
    • ZANU PF run broadcasting authority says no more radio licences
    • Zimbabwe Observes Africa Day With National Prayers
    • Central Bank Shuts Out Zimplats Over Offshore Funds
    • Cyanide killers get death penalty
    • Rushwaya beats match fixing charges
    • Activist: ‘Zimbabwe government increases repression following Arab Spring’
    • How Crumbling U.S. Dollars Bailed Out Zimbabwe
    • A gendered insight into the lobola debate
    • Europe's economic crisis and Africa
    • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay at a press conference
    • Speech by Ms Navi Pillay at the University of Zimbabwe
    • ZimExpo USA 2012
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/12
    • Zimbabwe Sues European Union Over Mugabe Sanctions
    • Mugabe lashes out at 'selfish' west over wbank top job
    • Zimbabwe's president dismisses gay rights
    • Elections Confirmed in Zimbabwe
    • UN rights envoy gets Mugabe history lesson
    • Zanu PF Youths Want Military to Take Charge When Mugabe is Gone
    • No vacancy for Zanu PF leader: Gumbo
    • Railway workers unpaid for 6 months
    • Riot police called in to keep peace during ZANU PF meetings
    • Tsvangirai office deny claims of bloated delegation
    • Vice President Nkomo back in hospital for cancer treatment
    • Rio’s Zimbabwe spin-off to acquire Murowa diamond mine
    • The Pollution Fallout From Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds
    • Chitungwiza councillor 'sold 388 stands'
    • Zimbabwe's women activists face filthy prisons, insults
    • Defence and Security in a new Zimbabwe
    • What they really don’t want to see in the new Constitution (Part 2)
  9. Posted 25/5/12
    • Mugabe seeks Sadc poll nod
    • Govt battles to rescue Essar deal from collapse
    • Govt ministries fail to account for US$40m
    • Byo officials ‘incompetent’
    • Youths blast PM, Zuma
    • Transfer power –– Chissano
    • Zim not ready for elections
    • Pillay faces toughest human rights test
    • Arda herd decimated
    • Biti slams military interference in mining
    • ‘Bar Shumba at Zanu PF’s peril’
    • Voter education still a mirage
    • Africa Day: A lot still needs to be done
    • GNU reforms key to credible elections — UK Ambassador
    • New NSSA irregularities unearthed
    • Of Boom and Bust: Zim’s economic growth in danger
    • Biti’s utterances malicious: Kuwaza
    • Govt to revise down economic targets
    • Muckracker: Herald’s attempt to deceive gets no takers
    • Dimaf a specious ploy
    • A reflection of public administration crisis
    • Time for EU to reconsider targeted sanctions stance
    • Diamond revenues: We need answers
    • Zim’s ballooning trade deficit a ticking time bomb
    • GNU: Zanu PF govt by another name
  10. Posted 24/5/12
    • Pillay tells Mugabe to ensure fair elections
    • Mugabe attributes ZANU PF violence to history
    • Drafting of new constitution back on track
    • Mugabe Threatens to Take Charge of Stalled New Constitution Process
    • Visiting U.N. Rights Chief Calls for Activation of Zimbabwe's Rights Commission
    • S. African Facilitators Heading to Zimbabwe for Election Roadmap Talks
    • Zimbabwe's Mimosa sees 75,000 tonnes ore loss after fire
    • Minister accused of squandering US$80 000 hospital funds
    • Parliament adjourns after three days with key Bills pending
    • Mpofu, Ncube meet over ZISCO chaos
    • State has no evidence, as activists rot in jail
    • Army officers call crisis meeting with Zanu (PF)
    • Army Boss In Pensions Arrears
    • 250,000 need urgent food aid
    • Bishops want to monitor elections
    • HIV patients at risk as donors pull-out
    • New Politburo? Mugabe in a fix
    • Zim tourism fastest growing in the world
    • Porous borders give vendors a lifeline
    • Zimbabwe Pushes for International Tourism Market As Africa Travel Congress Ends
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Introduces New Wife to Ruling Partners
    • Statement on the state of the constitution making process in Zimbabwe
    • Copac draft versus Kariba draft
    • What they really don’t want to see in the new Constitution (Part 1)
    • In Zimbabwe, a Longtime Foe Sees a Different Side of Robert Mugabe
    • Could Zimbabwe be the next Myanmar?
    • Bill Watch 22/2012 of 23rd May [Urban Councils Amendment Bill suspended sub judice: Parliamentary Update]
  11. Posted 23/5/12
    • UN rights chief presses Zimbabwe PM on poll violence
    • PM decries continuing violence
    • Human Rights violations still rampant in Zimbabwe
    • Govt Hijacks UN Chief's Visit, Angers CSO's
    • All trapped miners at Zimbabwe's Mimosa safely rescued
    • Mnangagwa In Angola To Deliver Mugabe's Message
    • Gays are criminals, says Zim minister
    • Kasukuwere urges ZANU PF youth to seize Indian businesses
    • Leadership training stopped by police in Bulawayo
    • Gono Must Resign: Smaller MDC Faction
    • Civic Groups in Matabeleland Say May Vote Against New Charter
    • Debt-Ridden Zimbabwe Squeezed by Struggling Malawi to Pay $23 Million Maize Debt
    • Amid Ongoing Water Woes, Zimbabwe Orders Registration of Boreholes
    • Essar moves to rescue ZISCO deal
    • Mbada Diamonds says remitted US$300m to treasury
    • Securities Commission Chief bashes ZSE
    • Taking the easy road into SA
    • A Voice All Our Own: Zimbabwean Culture on the World Stage
    • Petina Gappah: Zimbabwe
    • Of course Zimbabwe has a lot to hide
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 21st May 2012 [Public Hearings on ZESA & Wheat Farmers' Problems]
  12. Posted 22/5/12
    • UN rights chief to asses Zimbabwe human rights situation
    • Zimbabwe Denies State-Sponsored Violence Claims
    • Zanu-PF micro-managing UN Human Rights Chief’s tour‏
    • Robert Mugabe – I want to retire but I can’t
    • Zanu elder backtracks on ‘Mugabe tired’
    • Zimbabwe: Political Temperatures Rising
    • Shamu and Mahoso to appear before Parlimentary committee on Thursday
    • Mugabe and Mutambara absent from peace prayers in Bulawayo
    • US, Zim divisions remain: Ray
    • Zimbabwe to review diamond deals
    • Biti queries Green Fuel’s land deals
    • Pardon looms for gold panners
    • Hunger: No excuse for corruption
    • Inter-Parastatal Debt Soars to U.S.$1,5 Billion
    • Zimbabwean MPs to be circumcised as part of HIV/Aids campaign
    • Zimbabwe's cattle breeders face tough choices as pasture vanishes
    • Small grains are tough sell
    • My perspective on the on-going preparations for a National Land Audit
    • Constitution Watch of 19th May 2012 [Second Draft Halted by Party Differences]
  13. Batch 2 Posted 21/5/12
    • Zimbabwe's Mugabe says 'tired of ruling'
    • Mugabe 'the glue holding Zim together', says former minister
    • UN human rights chief visits Zimbabwe; President’s party says ‘we have nothing to hide’
    • Minister blocks Zim’s biggest investment
    • Former Zipra Supremo in Vitriol Attack over Military Chefs
    • Mpofu against nationalisation of mines
    • Mpofu’s Zisco claims ‘nonsensical’: Ncube
    • Prof Moyo is a Sellout-Samahuru Villagers
    • It never rains but it pours for Zimbabwe
    • Tomana Recruits Moyo for Battle on Three Fronts
    • Politicians look East for family studies
    • Bigwigs’ debts cancelled
    • ‘Shame on You’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 19th May 2012
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 19th May 2012 [Meetings Open to Public 21-24 May: Public Hearings: Committee Reports ]
  14. Posted 21/5/12
    • I am tired, Mugabe says to Enos Nkala
    • Mtukudzi hits out at ‘false prophets’
    • Age-defying Mugabe mesmerises Gwanda
    • Civic groups threaten to reject constitution
    • Jabulani Sibanda under fire from villagers
    • Mujuru faction loses ground in Masvingo
    • Nust to reopen medical school
    • War veterans fight over Njelele shrine
    • Mash Central factionalism sucks in Mugabe
    • Dudzai selected for leadership programme
    • DCC chaos a threat to Zanu PF election drive
    • ‘Devolution — Zanu PF fears crumbling’
    • Local authorities fail to pay pensioners
    • Children die at Apostolic church ‘clinic’
    • Jalopies provide answer to Domboshava transport blues
    • Zvishavane community at war with Chinese companies
    • Hatcliffe water situation improves
    • Dzivaresekwa residents bemoan poor service delivery
    • Wildlife depletion killing tourism
    • Cabinet works on Zim dollar conversion rate
    • Govt moves another step to settle external debt
    • Ministers haggle over ethanol project
    • Parastatals hit hard by capital constraints
    • Copac, a waste of time and resources
    • Water crisis, a health time bomb
    • Editor's Desk:Let’s give due priority to the environment
    • Mugabe still has role to play if he makes correct choices
  15. Posted 20/5/12
    • The Zimbabwe Mugabe didn't want you to see
    • In Land’s Bounty, a Political Chip
    • Mugabe Threatens Mine Invasions
    • Army will get you: Mugabe
    • 17 hours of load-shedding in Zim
    • AIDS Patients Bitter Over Poor Service Delivery
    • Econet's Masiyiwa to address G8 leaders
    • Mozambique-Zimbabwe joint commission calls for lifting of sanctions
    • Dr Kereke claims US$2m from Dr Gono
    • African feminists, stop coddling reptilian chauvinists
    • Distinctly second hand
    • A Warning to the Hardliners
  16. Posted 19/5/12
    • Polarisation overshadows endorsement for a draft constitution
    • MDC-T speaks on ‘invasion’ of Manicaland by military top brass
    • Jonathan Moyo accused of defrauding parliament
    • Chinese companies warned over abuse of Zimbabwean workers
    • Police causing accidents and injuries in war against minibuses
    • Goche Claims Toll Gates Money Being Looted
    • Malawi Turns Screws On Zimbabwe Over Debt
    • Man in trouble over Mugabe castration remark
    • Zimbabwe politicians chase the religious vote
    • HSBC victory in UK case a relief to money-laundering monitors
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers set to undergo the cut
    • Mugabe meets Enos Nkala
    • ZESN granted observer status with African Commission on Human and People’s Rights
    • Mujuru hits back
    • Security forces intensify Mugabe poll campaign
    • Govt to tackle inflated interest rates –– Biti
    • ‘State accounting systems shambolic’
    • Infighting rocks Zanu PF Mash Central
    • Security forces tighten mining sector grip
    • Stocktaking on human rights
    • Editor"s Comment:Copac process a national disaster
    • Candid Comment:Green Fuel: Ministers’ ‘ignorance’ of project shocking
    • Speculation over Zimbabwe's invitation to UN
    • Zimbabwe's army puts the 'general' back in general elections
    • Harare International Festival of the Arts: Zimbabwe's artistic community navigate carefully around state censorship
    • Letter from Ben Freeth to JAG OPEN LETTER FORUM - No. 794- Dated 17 May 2012
    • To Kill a Mockingbird
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/12
    • Zim: Chinese mining firm not paying
    • Without Diamond Revenues, Zimbabwe Gov't Programs In Jeopardy
    • Shamu Ordered To Probe Zanu (PF) Disputes
    • Zanu PF in marathon crisis meeting
    • Politburo orders re-run of disputed DCC elections
    • Elections by March 2013: Mutambara
    • Zuma Insists On Adoption Of Election Road Map
    • Zimbabwe sees lower growth
    • Zimbabwe lost US$30bn in Zisco deal: Mutambara
    • Fresh Cholera Outbreak Worries Residents of Zimbabwe's Chiredzi Town
    • MDC-T members to plead not-guilty in cop murder case
    • Women Groups Demand Lawmaker Apology Over HIV Gaffe
    • Zimbabwe Army Accused of Recruiting Militia To Shore Up Mugabe
    • Businessman loses $300m HSBC lawsuit
    • Zimbabwe Rights Lawyers Want Probe Into Police Custody Death
    • Police in Zimbabwe label TB Joshua a false phophet
    • Nigerian 'prophet' rattles Zanu-PF
    • Zimbabwe poachers target rare anteaters amid growing Asian demand for exotic animal parts
    • Successful Pangolin Recovery
    • ZCTF Critical Crane Appeal!
    • Election Support Network Empowers Locals Ahead of Polls
    • Diamonds funding parallel government: Hon Biti
    • Chinese should respect Zimbabwe labour laws
  18. Posted 18/5/12
    • Copac needs US$35m for referendum
    • Constitution: VP posts to be based on seniority
    • Policy failures render Zim a basket case
    • ‘UK won’t fund land reform now’
    • Parastatal graft: Minister blames political patronage
    • Healing organ advocates justice for victims
    • Car loans: Byo mulls salary cuts
    • ‘New mining fees unlawful’
    • Mining sector: Call for workable policies
    • Embattled ZEC boss under fire
    • Mining sector likely to miss projected 16% growth target
    • Official inflation figures ‘not a true reflection’
    • MuckRaker: Kunonga wreaks havoc as church leaders fuss
    • Eric Bloch Column: Taxation policy regime urgently needs reform
    • ‘No lifting of sanctions without real reforms’
    • Mugabe film misses crux of the matter
    • The buck stops with the president
  19. Posted 17/5/12
    • ZANU PF attempts to revise constitutional draft thwarted
    • Zim parliamentary debate stalled by ZANU PF court challenge
    • MPs summon Mpofu, Ncube over ZISCO
    • Mayor threatens to drag ZESA before Parliament
    • Mozambique Threatens Power Cuts To Zimbabwe
    • Village heads diverting resources to ZANU PF in Lupane East
    • 350 Chimani families denied maize by ZPF chef at GMB
    • Zanu-PF smarting from EU sanctions stance
    • US won't lift Zimbabwe sanctions before reforms
    • Attorney General Ordered To Pay Pension Arrears
    • Zanu (PF) Politburo Meets Over Divisions
    • Minister Acquitted Of Gukurahundi Case
    • 'Politics Rather Than Capacity, Reason Why Zimbabwe Won't Open Airwaves'
    • Harare Hospital in Dire Straits
    • Sikhala spokesman ‘drove off in display car’
    • ‘Exorbitant’ Zim mining fees will not be reviewed
    • CZI chief backs mandatory ethanol blending
    • The MDC Today - Issue 356
    • Zim's women's groups to chart way forward on constitution
    • Forget the environment, we need hotels
    • Jongwe running scared
    • New constitution: a tokenistic exercise for rich, corrupt, powerful
  20. Posted 16/5/12
    • Zimbabwe's Anti-Graft Commission Decries Government Meddling
    • Zimbabwean deal struck on constitution
    • SA urged to deal with ‘chaos’ at Zim border
    • Deputy Minister Gutu denies praising COPAC for UNDP cash
    • CIO bars journalists from covering ZANU PF meeting
    • Devolution Of Power Rejected – State Media
    • Zimbabwe Won't Import Extra Coins
    • Fresh evictions feared as Chombo stokes up persecution and displacement of villagers
    • Ministers trade blame as ZISCO deal threatened
    • Lives of HIV Positive Zimbabweans In Jeopardy As Donor Funds Dry Up
    • Poor salaries blamed for police sleaze
    • Congress Aims To Woo Tourists
    • Minister urges eviction of people who support gays
    • US Wants Genocide Fugitive Arrested
    • Zimbabwe rules out mining fee review
    • South Sudan Seeks Zimbabwe Support Over Conflict With Khartoum
    • Hoogstraten gave me US$25 million: Buyanga
    • Mugabe Holding Adultery Evidence Against Catholic Bishops
    • Hilarious ZBC spoof now filming
    • A Landmark Ruling in South Africa
    • South Africa shrinks from investigating Zimbabwe torture allegations
    • Using good judgment
    • ZESN takes The ‘Bridge Course’ to Matebeleland
    • Bill Watch 20/2012 of 15th May [Supreme Court Case to Stop Private Member's Bill: Part I]
    • Bill Watch 21/2012 of 15th May [Supreme Court Case to Stop Private Member's Bill Part II]
  21. Posted 15/5/12
    • Zanu-PF voting irregularities at district council elections cause internal conflict
    • In The Absence of National Healing, Zimbabwe Remains Prone to Violence
    • ZESA warns of nine-hour power cuts as winter sets in
    • New US Ambassador For Harare
    • Pillay to conduct first ever visit by a UN Human Rights chief to Zimbabwe, 20-25 May
    • Deputy Justice Minister Sues State Weekly
    • Zimbabwe Tells Green Fuel to Export Millions of Stuck Ethanol
    • Farmers blast Made, Biti
    • Sikhala blames CIO plot for rape charges
    • 31 graduate from ‘Mugabe’ spy college
    • Zimbabwe capable of having 68 radio stations
    • Tonderai Ndira’s ‘killers known and walking scot free’
    • Four Diamond Traders Arrested in Zimbabwe
    • EU's first Economic Partnership Agreement with an African region goes live
    • EU interim trade agreement with southern African states enters into force
    • Zanu PF to defend national sovereignty in COPAC - Sekeramayi
    • Zim group threatens SA crimes unit with international legal action
    • The MDC Today Issue No. 354
    • Making Progress
    • Bill Watch 19/2012 of 14th May [Both Houses to Sit this Week]
  22. Posted 14/5/12
    • Zimbabwe braces for daily 9-hour power outages amid winter weather
    • No one can hear you, they screamed
    • MDC-T Urges Its Supporters to Desist From Violence
    • ZACC go after Chombo, Dinha
    • ‘Mugabe, Mujuru didn’t see eye to eye’
    • MDC-T leaders have no appreciation of Diaspora efforts - Bennett
    • South Africa sued over Zimbabwe permit renewals
    • In Zimbabwe's Media, It's All About Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Seeks to Add Value to Diamonds Locally
    • Army plots Zanu's election offensive
    • Mugabe to act on factions with new politburo
    • 'Ready to rule' talk sparks outrage
    • 'We will take SA's Hawks to The Hague'
    • SA court ruling blow to Mugabe
    • The voice of the voiceless
    • What Vigil friends is this? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 12th May 2012
    • What progress has EU’s Catherine Ashton ‘seen’ in Zimbabwe?
    • Bill Watch 18/2012 of 12th May [Parliamentary Sitting Calendars for 2012]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 12th May 2012 [Meetings Open to Public: 14th to 17th May; Privileges Committee]
  23. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/12
    • ‘Police on crusade to disrupt MDC rallies’
    • Zhuwao wins case against farm workers
    • Zanu PF orders fresh Mat North poll
    • Dual citizenship stalemate spills into Parliament
    • Women rights activists blast Mujuru
    • US$1,3m Mbare fuel project in dire state
    • Case exposes Chipangano’s rowdy behaviour
    • General Mujuru was a unifier: Analysts
    • Towards zero new HIV infections
    • Gandiya faction constructs own Anglican churches
    • Residents fetch water from unprotected sources
    • Parents force school to close in Karoi
    • Villagers exchange livestock for food
    • Pungwe project let down communities
    • Library trust targets uplifting rural areas
    • Hatcliffe Extension needs upgrading
    • Policy bankruptcy, Zanu PF’s Achilles’ heel
    • Sunday View: Domestic abuse should never be tolerated, Madam VP
    • Raw deal for public transport users
    • Editor's Desk: Soldiers in politics, a threat to national security
  24. Posted 13/5/12
    • EU Notes Progress in Zimbabwe But Says Won't Lift Sanctions Yet
    • Textbooks from UK spark fury in Zimbabwe
    • Panel Probes Food Politicization Amid Growing Hunger
    • Zanu PF Officials Denies HIV/AIDS Orphans Aid
    • Military Takes Aim At Draft Constitution
    • Security services ready to defend Zimbabwe - Sekeramayi
    • Sikhala hit with rape, theft charges
    • FAO, EU Agree with Zimbabwe to Help Small Farmers
    • Captive Kiwi journo freed
    • US$4m shellfish consignment seized at Beitbridge
    • South Africa signs tourism memo with Zimbabwe
    • HIV: Senator wants women to dress shabbily, bath less
    • Minister demands gay evictions
    • Town planner in the dark over Ballito lair
    • This is Africa
  25. Batch 2 Posted 12/5/12
    • Mnangagwa officially declares his ambition to lead ZANU PF
    • Kasukuwere speaks on succession
    • EU: Won’t Lift Sanctions on Mugabe Until Free & Fair Elections in Zimbabwe
    • In Bilateral Talks, Zimbabwe Presses EU to Lift Sanctions on Mugabe
    • MDC-T raises EU sanctions buffer in diplomat briefing
    • Private Radio Takes Broadcasting Authority to Court Over Licenses
    • New radio groups miss six month broadcast deadline
    • Kereke Comes Out Guns Blazing, Labels Gono "A Drowning Thief"
    • Dabengwa Urges Army To Be Professional
    • Government breaks promise to fund companies in Bulawayo
    • Zimbabwe Set to Restructure Loss-Making Enterprises
    • Foreign miners ripping off Zimbabwe: Mpofu
    • Zimbabwe farmers refuse to harvest cotton; seek more price
    • MDC Threatens to call for a SADC Summit Over Devolution
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 353
    • Zimbabwe army enters political fray
    • Land and Freedom
    • Dictators ruin the economy
    • South Africa: War criminals' holiday destination no more?
    • Our relations with Zim cannot stand in the way of the law
    • Religion and politics
  26. Posted 12/5/12
    • Disband Copac –– Zanu PF
    • Zanu PF strife: Daggers out for Dinha
    • Mugabe faces election fund hurdle
    • I’m ready to rule, says Mnangagwa
    • Gono stole my US$100 000 — Kereke
    • Gono to act on interest rates
    • Radio stations only for urbanites
    • Zim to import Zambian maize
    • Zanu PF heavyweights in forced voter registration
    • Shamu media threats go against SA trends
    • No confidence vote for Thabitha Khumalo
    • Ethanol fuel prices explained
    • Military’s role in Zim politics destabilising
    • MuckRaker: Shamu going against the will of the ‘people’
    • Eric Bloch Column: Reversing effects of poor economic policies
    • ‘Mugabe’s rhetoric must be scrutinised’
    • Disunity jinxes pro-democracy movement
    • New constitution: The myths, facts and fiction
    • General’s reckless remarks dangerous
    • Editor’s Memo: Human rights chief must speak truth to power
    • Candid Comment: Zimra: Sniffer dogs won't curb ingrained graft
  27. Posted 11/5/12
    • EU's Ashton sees 'progress' in Zimbabwe
    • ZANU PF left ‘jittery’ by landmark SA court ruling
    • South Africa Cannot Try Us – Tomana
    • Corrupt cops blamed for tragic crash
    • Police claim 50 MDC-T members assaulted cop at rally
    • Detained MDC youths granted bail
    • Army general ‘threatens coup’
    • Anger over General Chedondo’s ‘treasonous’ comments
    • MDC slams the army’s meddling in politics
    • Money gone at Zimbabwe Princess Di old age home
    • Zim white farmers in trouble in Nigeria
    • EU Money to Help Revive Ailing Zimbabwe Agriculture
    • Zimbabwe's tobacco making a comeback
    • Mutinhiri joined MDC days after expulsion from ZANU PF
    • Obert Mpofu 'disobeyed' ZMDC
    • Zim women activists call for aggressive outreach to UN bodies
    • Part 2 of Simba Makoni on Question Time
    • Mugabe anxious for new blood
    • Our ugly secret: abortion in Zimbabwe, illegal but thriving
    • Street Life: 'I wish things would go back to normal'
  28. Posted 10/5/12
    • Zim government divided over SA torture ruling
    • S.Africa's Prosecuting Authority Says May Appeal Zimbabwe Torture Ruling
    • Zimbabwe rescuer dies as crocodile attacks friend
    • Parliament to confirm appointments of judges and ambassadors
    • Top Army Officer Says Soldiers Support Zanu (PF)
    • UK accused of ‘fast tracking’ Zim deportation cases
    • MDC-T demands release of detainees and Police Chief’s retirement
    • Zanu (PF) Stalls Constitution Making Process Again
    • Copac guarantees 'jobs for the boys'
    • MDC formations endorse draft constitution
    • Don’t delay, WOZA urges COPAC
    • Cabinet Approves $4.5 Billion Strategic Plan to Revive Education Sector
    • Treason trial deferred over faulty recorders
    • EU, Zimbabwe Meeting To Strengthen Relations
    • EU keeps Zim sanctions on
    • China, Zimbabwe trade doubles, calls for relaxed visas for Asians
    • ZINASU Students Arrested
    • Rights groups blast Zanu PF over violence
    • Tracy Mutinhiri joins MDC-T
    • ZANU PF move to justify blocking TB Joshua visit
    • Thousands of Zimbabwean refugees face bleak future
  29. Posted 9/5/12
    • High Court Orders South African Authorities To Investigate Crimes Against
    • Court Orders S. African Prosecutors to Investigate Torture in Zimbabwe
    • COPAC negotiations suffer another setback
    • Constitution Panel Accuses President Mugabe's Party of Delaying Process
    • Draft constitution triggers new gay storm
    • President Can Be Prosecuted After Leaving Office
    • Mugabe's Party Doubles Down on E-U Election Observer Ban Ahead of Talks
    • EU’s Ashton to meet Zim ministers
    • Confusion in the Zimbabwe Media Commission
    • Amnesty petitions Zimbabwe leaders over death penalty
    • ‘Angry’ teachers threaten June strike action
    • As Schools Open, Zimbabwe Parents Complain of Fee Hikes
    • Tsvangirai’s security aide not involved in violence
    • Release political detainees, arrest terror gang members
    • Maguwu is a True Hero- Diamond Group
    • Zanu PF splits into five factions
    • Fear in Mutare as Zanu PF explodes
    • Hunger-Stricken Zimbabwe Villagers Trade Off Livestock at Low Prices
    • EU $2 million fund for midwifery training
    • Zimbabwe mining companies concerned about erratic grid power
    • Zimbabwe’s mining indigenisation moves ahead
    • Indigenisation=More Corruption?
    • UN rights chief should press Mugabe on rights abuses
  30. Posted 8/5/12
    • Zim ministers set for EU sanctions talks
    • African Commission To Act On Zimbabwe Rights Violations
    • Police disrupt MDC rally
    • MDC condemns police’s disruption of Kambuzuma rally
    • ZANU PF intensifies violence and intimidation against MDC-T
    • Tug of war over leaked draft constitution
    • Constitution Panel, Civic Groups Meet Over New Charter
    • Biti hits out at Zuma over credit, trade
    • State media inciting hatred - PM
    • Teachers threaten to strike as schools open
    • ‘Shamu personalising ministry’
    • Nssa awaits corruption report
    • MPs to ask firms to explain how UK taxes helped dictators build arsenals
    • Human Rights Activist Farai Maguwu to Speak at Rapaport Las Vegas Conference – Sunday, June 3, 2012
    • Resettled farmers fail to utilize land
    • Mugabe’s nephew held hostage by farm workers
    • WOZA applaud effort of the constitution drafting team
    • SA’s porous, lawless border
    • The green, green grass of South Africa
    • Barbaric border activity during the ‘hell run’
    • Unmasking the border’s notorious guma guma gang
    • Special report: Welcome to Musina, the crime town
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 7th May 2012 [Privileges Committee Meeting re Gwaradzimba: 8th May]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/12
    • Zim, EU officials to hold sanction talks
    • Mugabe calls for make or break emergency Politburo summit
    • Sata gives Mugabe $42.5m worth of Maize for campaigns
    • Western Election Observers Will Never Recognise Mugabe Victory - Gumbo
    • Biti hits out at Zuma over credit, trade
    • Zanu-PF throws out Copac draft
    • Alert: Youth Assembly Organising Secretary dies
    • Mujuru most patient woman in marriage: Mugabe
    • Mugabe Doubts Mujuru's Death Cause
    • Mujuru spills the beans
    • TelOne completes fibre project
    • Tourism blueprint set for 2013
    • Trevor Ncube Scoops MISA World Press Freedom Award
    • Govts should guarantee press freedom: EU
    • UK paper urges aid to Mugabe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 5th May 2012
    • In SA, the evil men do is oft interred with their bones
    • Court Watch 9/2012 of 4th May [Update on Ongoing Cases]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 5th May 2012 [Meetings Open to Public: 7th to 10th May]
    • The Success Story of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards ZAA
  32. Posted 7/5/12
    • UN rights chief to visit Marange diamond fields
    • Mujuru reveals general’s secrets
    • Infighting: The start of Zanu PF’s demise
    • Hardliners want constitution stalemate
    • Job Sikhala ‘on the run’
    • Missing human rights activist feared dead
    • Council on debt recovery exercise
    • MDC-T members attacked in Highfield
    • Zhuwao held hostage
    • Residents decry poor service delivery
    • Talk Radio: Analysts fear more propaganda
    • Binga man gets three months for assault
    • Journalists urged to keep Chakaodza’s name alive
    • Bulawayo tourism operators hike rates
    • Zim’s tobacco industry records sales boom
    • Recovery tied to political stability: Ncube
    • Mugabe outburst exposes hypocrisy
    • Politics and mining: A pact made in hell
    • Media diversity, plurality still a pipe dream
    • Moyo fears elections under new constitution
    • From the Editor"s Desk:Leadership failure the bane of our lives
    • Sunday View:What happens after Mugabe? — Darkest hour is before dawn
  33. Posted 6/5/12
    • UN Rights Chief to Visit Zim
    • We’ll lose - Mugabe
    • Troubled by Divisions in His Party, Mugabe Rethinks Poll Gambit
    • MDC-T poll guidelines target factionalism
    • Minister Mpofu to Appear Before RBZ Board Over Bank Purchase
    • ‘MDC unaware of judges’ appointments’
    • Zim rangers kill marauding elephants
    • Alert: MDC members attacked in Highfield West
    • Hate Speech Proponents to Be Arrested: Tsvangirai
    • Chivero boat crew could face murder charges
    • Political figures hijack public forums and meetings for political gain
    • Zambia agrees export of 300,000 T maize to Zimbabwe
    • Shadowy Zimbabwean firm buys $42.5m maize from Zambia
    • Beam under seige
    • International Artists Bring New Excitement to Zimbabwe
    • 33 Zimbabwe players cleared of match-fixing by Zifa
    • COPAC fiasco: case for another Constitutional Commission
    • Infighting at Zanu-PF as factions look to eventual control
  34. Posted 5/5/12
    • Zimbabwe president says splits, greed threaten his party ahead of elections planned this year
    • Fireworks rage at politburo meeting
    • Factional battles rock Mugabe's Zanu-PF
    • Close shave as Mugabe stumbles at ZITF
    • Zim farmer conciliatory on land grab
    • Zimbabwe starts reclaiming land seized from white farmers
    • Aid to Zimbabwe must take account of resettled farmers on contested land
    • Information Minister Shamu and his media threats
    • Tsvangirai And Shamu Differ On Media Reforms
    • No kind words after death of violent Chipangano leader
    • Makoni targets Tsvangirai coalition
    • Sikhala claims rape arrest plot by CIO
    • Mugabe appoints new judges
    • Concern for Matabeleland wildlife affected by coal mining
    • MDC UK criticised for failing to assist Zim deportees
    • Zimbabwe trade with China tops US$800m
    • Chinese Envoy Urges Stability and Reforms In Zimbabwe
    • Harare International Festival to close with celebration of Tuku’s birthday
    • D-Day looms for Zim killers
    • Copac draft: New divisions emerge
    • MDC-T debates primaries
    • Securocrats raise stakes in elections
    • Continuing power shortages cripple Zimbabwe economy
    • The MDC Today Issue - 349
    • Green fuels: National interest must prevail
    • Editor’s Memo: Let’s resist repression but also reflect
    • Candid Comment: Wily Chinese see opportunity in Zim malaise
    • Will a new constitution make Zimbabwe more democratic?
    • Workers' pay packets
    • The Nationalist Narrative and Land Policy in Zimbabwe
  35. Batch 2 Posted 4/5/12
    • Workers bear brunt of trade union strife
    • MDC-T drifts away from its labour roots
    • Another water crisis looms
    • Point-of-output subsidy will boost farming
    • SMMH grab: Mawere to re-engage Mbeki
    • SA, Zim slammed for failing violence victims
    • Row over blending threatens project
    • Mining sector submits indigenisation proposals
    • Beitbridge Border bottlenecks costly
    • Zim economy poised for rapid recovery
    • Zim Q1exports top US$152,79million
    • Declining trade threatens stockbrokers
    • GMB set for restructuring
    • Firming gold prices present investors with positive returns
    • MuckRaker: Cde Sata ‘just got excited’ indeed!
    • Eric Bloch Column: Kasukuwere may not be a Hitler, but…
    • Mugabe poll agenda: MDCs in a dilemma
    • Copac fiasco: Case for another constitutional commission now
    • Economic paradigm shift crucial
    • Uhuru speech: Mugabe steals the thunder
    • The Bornwell Chakaodza Memorial Lecture: Introspection into media sector in a changing Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 4/5/12
    • Nothing to celebrate on World Press Freedom Day
    • Zimbabwe minister threatens media crackdown
    • Tsvangirai demands Shamu axe
    • Media Experts Blast Information Ministry Ahead of Press Freedom Day
    • Bishop Kunonga calls for more farm invasions
    • ZANU PF MP ‘paid’ police for unlawful arrest of Aus miner
    • Little faith in new constitution while ZANU PF in power
    • PM Post To Be Scrapped, Draft Constitution Shows
    • 'Draft constitution dangerous' - Zanu-PF Political Analysts
    • Tsvangirai sucked into ZCTU power struggle
    • Zanu PF hijacks NGO meeting
    • Zimbabwe drops rape charges against 3 women
    • Makandiwa admits land impropriety
    • One-stop Beitbridge border ‘imperative’ to unlocking further trade, investment
    • Labor Minister Says No Stone Will be Left Unturned in Chinese Firms Probe
    • The MDC Today Issue – 348
    • World Press Freedom Statement - ZESN
    • Robert Mugabe among the predators of freedom of information
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day
    • MISA-Zimbabwe World Press Freedom Day Statement
    • Constitution Watch of 3rd May 2012 [Revised Draft Available]
  37. Posted 3/5/12
    • Constitution Drafters Told to Clean Up 'Disappointing' Charter
    • Draft constitution retains powerful presidency
    • New constitution will not allow Zim exiles to vote
    • Mugabe banking on violence to win elections
    • Jonathan Moyo and Obert Mpofu bunking parliament
    • Moyo vows to continue parliament boycott
    • Row over gold mine sucks in Mugabe's man
    • Chief Defies Charumbira Over Farm Seizure
    • War vets besiege Biti office and threaten to beat him up
    • Mugabe to chair tense Zanu PF indaba
    • Air Zimbabwe Resumes Domestic Flights With Only 3 Passengers
    • Matombo attacks MDC
    • Police have cowed workers: ZCTU
    • Solve Problems In Soweto First: ZCTU’s Moyo Tells Mbeki
    • Top cop, banker fight over gold mine
    • Zim envoy defies recall
    • Binga Community Radio Station Raises Eyebrows
    • Informal traders boom as companies close
    • Mugabe unpopular with most: Gallup
    • Despite Legislative Safeguards, Domestic Violence Remains High in Zimbabwe
    • Harmonise Zimbabwe’s marriage laws before changing marriage certificates
    • Dollars and condoms economy
    • New online business directory launches, uses TelOne directory data
    • Drought: Zimbabwe needs new agro model
    • Harare: hungry for culture
    • Voices of Zimbabwe: stories of hope
    • In Zimbabwe, bicycles save lives
    • The Magic of April/May in Zimbabwe
  38. Posted 2/5/12
    • Zimbabwe PM calls for reforms before election
    • Mugabe and Tsvangirai to receive draft constitution on Wednesday
    • Devolution stalls new constitution
    • Copac under pressure to break impasse
    • In May Day Solidarity, Zimbabwe's NCA Urges Workers to Reject Draft Charter
    • Zimbabwe probes worker abuse by Chinese firms over alleged violence, low pay, safety concerns
    • Rival ZCTU factions celebrate Workers Day separately
    • Tsvangirai ‘Endorses’ Nkiwane’s ZCTU Faction
    • Armed police quell ZANU PF clashes in Masvingo South
    • Transitional justice ‘not possible’ with ZANU PF in power
    • War vets threaten Biti
    • Harare International Festival of the Arts kicks off
    • Court insists WOZA ‘kidnap’ case will continue
    • Media Monitors Freed
    • Ethanol plant to sack 4,500 workers
    • Chiefs threaten villagers as election euphoria heightens
    • Holland Scoops $50 000 Peace Award
    • African farmers grow trees as a natural crop fertilizer
    • Mbada Diamonds Underwrites University Department
    • Mbare Report No. 108 – Weekend in the cells
    • World Press Freedom Day - Not in Mugabe’s backyard
  39. Posted 1/5/12
    • Zim transitional justice report launched in London
    • Zim justice delivery system corrupt — Chinamasa
    • MDC-T to expel its Mayor for Marondera
    • Madhuku to quit NCA for political office
    • Civil Organisations Blast Sata
    • School heads face graft probe
    • Will Mugabe withstand rigours of campaigning at 88?
    • Mbeki shuns GPA questions during Zim visit
    • Banks target non-resident Zimbabweans
    • May Day: Nothing in it for workers
    • Moyo escalates attack on Copac
    • Gates Foundation to Invest in Waste Management in Zimbabwe: Mayor Masunda
    • Top Financial Advisor Bashes Investment Conferences
    • Investing in young girls is smart economics
    • Zimplats sees quarterly profits jump 170%
    • President Tsvangirai calls for peace and respect
    • Coming home
    • Bill Watch 17/2012 of 29th April [Parliament in Recess during April - Update on Bills Waiting]

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