The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Batch 2 Posted 30/6/12
    • Gem wealth ‘not helping Zimbabweans’
    • The diamond curse
    • MDC accuses diamond miner of funding shadow Zanu-PF
    • I’m the ‘sole defender’ of Chiadzwa, claims killer cop
    • Kasukuwere pushes for new controversial mining policy
    • Zanu PF tries to influence court's decision
    • Zim To Adopt US Presidential Poll System
    • New draft constitution not good enough for MFL says Siwela
    • Justice system in the dock
    • Zimbabwe's Short Term Economic Plan Fails to Attract Funding, Investors
    • Government fails to fund distressed companies
    • PM pressures Mugabe over generals
    • Billing Crisis Bleeds Zesa
    • Mocking Mugabe is no joke
    • Debt cancellation by City of Harare the only option
    • Copac accused of failing the nation
    • Why Rhodesian-Era Economy Boomed
    • Zimbabwe becoming a Chinese colony?
  2. Posted 30/6/12
    • Mugabe climbs down on polls
    • Zanu PF scrambles to protect grabbed farms
    • Biti slams inclusive govt
    • Zim banking sector vulnerable: IMF
    • Govt in ‘resources for arms’ deal with Russia
    • Tsvangirai summons Byo party heavyweights
    • Cross, Sululu vow to censure ministers
    • Reserve Bank urged to mint coins
    • JOC plot to smear Biti, Tsvangirai in disarray
    • Police brutality in the spotlight
    • Mysterious yacht owner remains a mystery
    • ‘No going back on banks’
    • Ncube blames Mpofu over Essar deal
    • Zim govt courts Transnet and Eskom
    • AirZim: Regional merger way to go
    • GPA: Mugabe, Zanu PF hold balance of forces
    • Anjin saga: Lifting the corporate veil
    • Kasukuwere part of sinking Genesis ship
    • Elections: Time to reap the fruits of our freedom
    • Resources alone not key ingredient to prosperity
    • Talk Radio is not so talkative now!
    • Look, we own the airwaves!
    • Editor's Memo:Social media’s role in Zim polls
    • Candid Comment: Empowerment first above all
  3. Posted 29/6/12
    • EU offers to help Zimbabwe clean up diamond sector
    • Envoys misled during tour of Marange diamond fields
    • Zimbabwe 'witches' to have medical tests
    • More delays for Zuma mediation
    • Residents in Masvingo go for three days without water
    • Arrested WOZA protesters released without charge
    • Tribunal Concludes Hearing On Rwanda Genocide Fugitive
    • Chihuri vows to ensure peaceful elections
    • Chihuri turned police event into political rally
    • Stop politicising food aid - PM
    • Zimbabwe Formulates Blueprint to Court IMF, Reduce Ballooning Debt
    • Murehwa farmers resort to barter trade
    • Millers in ferment over wheat imports
    • Government scraps maternity fees
    • Disgruntled National Railways of Zimbabwe employees demand compensation
  4. Posted 28/6/12
    • Russia May Swap Gunships for Zimbabwe Platinum Rights
    • New constitution a few days away
    • Zimbabwe parties strike devolution deal
    • Politburo plans to grab all diamond mines
    • Western envoys tour controversial Zim diamond fields
    • Global Witness urges investigation of Anjin and Sino Zimbabwe
    • Police detain WOZA protesters in Bulawayo
    • Witness says Glen View cop died after falling off vehicle
    • The people of Zimbabwe sadly remember 27 June 2008
    • UN food agency team jets in
    • City Fathers complain of army meddling
    • Zim among Africa’s ‘dangerous conflict zones’
    • Mining bill ready before year end: Mpofu
    • COPAC stifling CSO activities
    • Clear arrears: IMF tells Zim
    • Citing Growing Demand, Emirates Announces Daily Flights to Zimbabwe
    • Mike Masotsha Hove dies after long illness
    • An analysis of the working Draft Constitution
    • How to tackle corruption, violence in the MDC
    • Zimbabwe fast becoming a Chinese colony?
    • Charles Ray's reflections on Zimbabwe
  5. Posted 27/6/12
    • Zimbabwe parties strike devolution deal
    • Zimbabwe defaults on $200m China loan
    • Mugabe power transfer row
    • Zimpapers Star FM radio goes live
    • High court conducts inspection at Mutedza murder scene
    • Police Have Applied To Mine Diamonds
    • Army chief owns half of Anjin diamond firm?
    • WOZA Protestors Catch Police Unaware
    • ZANU PF Chipangano gang block construction in Mbare
    • Five ZimRights employees briefly detained in Karoi
    • Chiyangwa named in bank looting
    • Planned visit to Njelele shrine exposes more rifts within ZANU PF
    • The MDC Today - Issue 382
    • Biodiesel Project on Verge of Collapse
    • Multi-million dollar tourism blitz planned
    • Ovation for Moyo at ANC conference
    • Finance Minister, Disgruntled Cotton Farmers Meet Over Prices
    • British Embassy Supports Harare City Library
    • HRT demands Debt Cancellation from ZESA and City of Harare
    • The high cost of giving birth in Zimbabwe
    • A poor African woman's journey to home and security
  6. Posted 26/6/12
    • Zimbabwe Police Deny Investigating Finance Minister Tendai Biti
    • New radio broadcast ends ZBC monopoly
    • Chinese tycoon bankrolls CIO, rewarded with diamonds
    • Malema wades into Zuma over Zimbabwe
    • $20million IMF funds missing from failed Interfin bank
    • Biti to present economic review
    • WOZA protesters demand people’s constitution at parliament
    • Zuma Not in Zim this Week:Zulu
    • Chipangano strikes again
    • ‘Service Chiefs will eat humble pie’
    • Judge reserves bail judgment in Glen View murder case
    • Unicef launches rural water programme
    • Sata’s US $50 Million Campaign Maize for Mugabe Rejected
    • Zimbabwe Rolls Out Anti-Smoking Campaign
    • Pay dispute threatens June exams
    • Bloated parliament to accommodate women
    • Favourable ranking for Zim in ACBF report
    • Rehabilitation Works And Is A Torture Survivor's Right
    • What is torture?
    • A new ‘indigenous’ stock market for Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe: key factors to prosperity part 2
    • 5 Other People Ruining Zimbabwe
  7. Batch 2 Posted 25/6/12
    • Zimbabwean police investigate finance minister
    • Top Harare lawyer eyes Zanu PF post
    • We Can’t Watch Our People Starving: Tsvangirai
    • Nursing Staff Refuse Blankets Donation For Pregnant Women
    • Gono lifts lid on alleged impropriety
    • Zimbabwe beat South Africa to win tri-nation T20 tournament
    • A mystery tycoon, diamonds, deals and ‘$100m for Mugabe’
    • Zim fuss at Zambia House – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary 23rd June 2012
    • Before President Jacob Zuma leaves for Zimbabwe…
  8. Posted 25/6/12
    • PM Tsvangirai reads riot act to chiefs, police
    • Generals ditch Mujuru in succession struggle
    • Copac team silenced
    • Zim in top five failed states: Survey
    • ‘Loyal soldiers in control’
    • Corrupt GMB officials must be nabbed: Makone
    • War veterans vow to defy Zanu PF
    • Uproar over Chinese VIP treatment
    • Zanu PF plans to dish out stands ahead of elections
    • Zanu PF strategy doomed: Khumalo
    • Banana undisputed hero: Family
    • Suspended mayor appeals to Tsvangirai
    • EU diplomats set to visit Marange diamond fields
    • New media costly to access: Analysts
    • Radio now an alternative rather than a necessity
    • Manicaland coffee production plunges
    • Transport ministry needs a complete overhaul
    • Invest in resilience and women for development
    • Circumcision not end to infection
    • Holding on to radio licences laughable
  9. Posted 24/6/12
    • Coltart Slams Inclusive Government Over Wrong priorities
    • ZANU-PF digs in over Constitution
    • Copac must justify $45m budget
    • Zuma’s daunting task
    • Khupe, Moyo reveal HIV status
    • Diamond Policy 'Won't Improve Accountability' in Marange
    • Water woes to continue: PM
    • Councils Blame Gov't Meddling for Poor Service Delivery
    • Highfield women meet over service delivery
    • ZANU-PF sabotages Biti
    • 2012 winter wheat doomed
    • Auditor-General censures Chombo
    • Mzembi appeals for political stability
    • Veteran Journalist Appointed To VMCZ Board
    • Zimbabweans Forced Into Slavery Overseas: Report
    • Mutambara: Down but not out
    • Cutting spending on foreign trips
    • Less is more
    • Court Watch 10/2012 of 22nd June [Prime Ministers Court Case Against President Not Yet Concluded]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 22nd June 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 25-28 June]
  10. Batch 2 Posted 23/6/12
    • Zuma’s trip on hold as negotiators still to draw up agenda
    • 'Mr Mines' eyes Zanu-PF succession battle
    • Zimbabweans face new cash crunch
    • U.S. and Zimbabwe partner to improve infection control practices
    • 22 Zimbabwean students get US scholarships
    • Zim asylum seekers granted reprieve in UK
    • Govt admits no money coming from army controlled diamond firm
    • MDC ‘divided’ over Biti spending cuts
    • MDC-T Manicaland factions bury feud: Chamisa
    • Bulawayo governor bypasses Council to give out housing
    • Zanu (PF)'s Mliswa Attacks Indigenisation
    • The MDC Today – Issue 380
    • Transcript of Farai Maguwu on Question Time
    • Rio Summit a misplaced forum of rhetoric
    • Marange Diamonds – It’s Time KP Banned All Sales
  11. Posted 23/6/12
    • Chinese cream off US$200m
    • Elections: How far will the army go?
    • China helps Zanu PF to map poll strategy
    • Copac fails to break deadlock
    • Calls to regulate diamond sales to plug leaks, graft
    • Mat political parties form election pact
    • Further divisions rock Zanu PF in Masvingo
    • Negotiators reform disputes threaten Zuma visit
    • Zim’s road network now death trap
    • Zim prisons make dying in jail a welcome prospect
    • Zanu PF bigwig linked to US$5,5m mystery yacht
    • MIPF under investigation
    • Khupe ‘to ditch Makokoba for Nkayi’
    • Dinha, Mafios bury hatchet
    • Gono in bid to ‘calm’ markets
    • ZSE board blocks securities proposal
    • Tobacco rakes in US$445 million
    • Inflation decreases
    • Confronting poll violence head-on
    • Democratic forces must corner Zanu PF
    • Post-mortem of winter wheat season
    • Mutasa equates the army to ZCTU
    • Zim govt in state of paralysis
  12. Posted 22/6/12
    • Progress reported in COPAC talks over new constitution
    • Parties continue fight over constitution
    • Air Zimbabwe gets three-month ultimatum to improve air safety
    • MPs undergo HIV tests, circumcision
    • Minister Goche exposed in Shamva violence and murder
    • ZANU PF hypocrisy on liberation war heroes exposed
    • Mines ministry accused of ‘encouraging’ destruction of environment
    • Only US$25m received from diamonds
    • Tsvangirai rules out wage freeze
    • Glen View murder evidence tampered with
    • Tsvangirai Says Police Forced To Back Mugabe
    • MDC-T deny Bulawayo defections and Khupe deception
    • Law Society Clampdown on Deliquent Lawyers
    • Prime Minister's MDC Denies Targeting Defectors
    • Road accidents worrying - MDC
    • Zimbabweans’ opinions on the Presidential motorcade
    • MDC refuses to give Chombo report
    • The MDC Today – Issue No. 379
    • Ratepayers Accuse Power Utility of Corruption
    • Empowerment levy on the cards
    • Zimbabweans gather for 6th Free Zim Global Protest
    • City treasurer finally fired
    • World Bank Says Zimbabwe Still Difficult Place to Do Business
    • Zimbabwe fall back to earth in T20
    • The Constitution Process and Sexual Minority Rights in Zimbabwe
  13. Posted 21/6/12
    • Mugabe takes 92 member delegation and blows $7 million in Rio
    • Media black-out surrounds COPAC talks in Nyanga
    • 9 killed in Kwekwe bus crash
    • Another 13 people killed in accident in Fort Rixon
    • Western diplomats invited on ‘sanctions removal’ Chiadzwa tour
    • Fresh Setback As IATA Suspends Air Zimbabwe
    • Court frees Sikhala
    • Supreme Court Ruling Fails to End Feuding in Zimbabwe's Main Labor Body
    • Refugees protest closure of SA asylum offices
    • UK Home Office in Spotlight Over Zimbabwe Asylum Cases
    • GMB handouts for Zanu (PF)
    • Hwange Colliery to Fire 200 Staff, Executive Says
    • State witness fabricates evidence in Glen View murder trial
    • Zanu (PF) ready to relinquish power: Mutasa
    • Illegal settlers threaten timber industry
    • Zimbabwe Stun South Africa With 29-Run Victory
    • Alert: MDC Youth member assaulted in Mbare
    • Zimbabwean protest outside Zambian diplomatic offices
    • An African Answer to African Problems
    • Killing literally’: Mugabe faster than climate change
  14. Posted 20/6/12
    • Mugabe motorcade accident kills one, injures 15
    • Mugabe And The Deadly Motorcade: How Zimbabwe’s Potholes Became A Serious Problem
    • Masvingo Road Carnage Cause for Concern
    • Seven WOZA members briefly detained after Bulawayo demo
    • MDC members denied bail at the High Court
    • Zambian president to be targeted in Free Zim protest
    • Tsvangirai and new wife to wed in September?
    • Devolution Of Power Guaranteed;Mwonzora
    • No devolution, no constitution: MDC
    • President Mugabe Bashes Finance Minister Biti Over Byo Businesses
    • Zimbabwe Launches Immunization Drive Against Measles, Polio
    • Mines Minister Casts Doubt Over Essar-Zisco Iron Ore Deal
    • Essar Africa demands ‘ridiculous’: Mpofu
    • Chiadzwa murder lands top cop in trouble
    • Zimbabwe Opens Marange Diamond Fields for Visits
    • Chimanikire Defends Army's Presence At Chiadzwa
    • ‘Land reform programme failed to benefit war vets’
    • War vets demand US$18,000 payments
    • Zimbabweans tune in to foreign media
    • Sentech fights SABC blackout order
    • Zanu-PF ministries' 'ghost staff'
    • Two tons of African ivory seized
    • Bill Watch 27/2012 of 18th June [Palermo Protocol and African Charter on Democracy, Elections & Governance]
  15. Posted 19/6/12
    • Zanu-PF shoring up army illegally - violent poll expected
    • Analysts warn of bloodbath in Mugabe's last election
    • Battle lines drawn as COPAC negotiations begin
    • SADC urged to ‘safeguard’ regional human rights court
    • Zanu PF battles to portray a fit, energetic Mugabe
    • Mugabe arrives in Brazil for Rio +20 summit
    • Minister confirms army ownership of diamond mine
    • 84 Abandon Main MDC To Join Smaller Faction
    • Chipangano’s days are numbered: MDC
    • Tsvangirai backed ZCTU wins Supreme Court battle
    • Mangwana raps 'undemocratic' Chombo
    • Japan Funds Polio, Measles Vaccination in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabweans protest over Zambian interference
    • Zimbabwe accused of signal piracy
    • Mugabe denies links to SA mansion, bunker
    • Mr. Ugly: My face makes me special
    • Zimbabwe is happier than SA
    • Changing the rules of the resettlement game: The descent from developmental to predatory state
    • The day Jonathan Moyo ‘forgot’ about 2008
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 15th June 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 18-21 June]
    • Bill Watch 26/2012 of 18th June [Important Bills on Parliamentary Agenda - Not Dealt With Last Week]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 18/6/12
    • Mugabe troops try to ‘eliminate’ gem miners
    • MDC-T Minister Questions Mpofu’s Wealth
    • ZANU PF Official Investigated For Party Cards Scam
    • Chiefs Might Get 4 x 4 Vehicles: Chombo
    • MDC suspends MP over violence
    • Mugabe warns ‘dubious’ farmers
    • A bitter sweet victory for WOZA in Supreme Court
    • Asylum-seekers are told:'Go home and lie'
    • Zimbabwe beats Bangladesh in T20 tri-series opener
    • Lift sanctions in return for what? – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 16th June 2012
    • Constitution Watch of 16th June 2012 [Management Committee and Drafters in Push for Final Draft]
  17. Posted 18/6/12
    • Tsvangirai’s visit boosts China ties
    • Mugabe prepares for hiding?
    • Pursue your dreams, youths told
    • GPA negotiators still hunting for common ground
    • PM hits out at Zanu PF stalwarts
    • Motion to probe RBZ dealings still alive
    • Bulawayo Agenda organises peace concert for Lupane
    • Ex-councillor wants Chombo arrested
    • War veterans must shun Zanu PF abuse: Magwizi
    • Parties in deadlock ahead of Copac negotiations
    • Minerals act posing accountability problems: Dhliwayo
    • ‘Civil society obsessed with diamonds’
    • Hospital fails to make ARVs order
    • PM to launch water campaign
    • Hard-up currency dealers turn to betting
    • Turn to the sun for energy needs—Nhema
    • Trust demands probe into the pensions commission
    • Mobile money transfers: Zim drifts towards cashless economy
    • Cotton sector calls for govt intervention
    • Sanity lacking in banking sector
    • Poor governance choking progressive thinking
    • Govt must protect children’s rights
    • Editor 's Desk:Politicians should be sincere about children
  18. Posted 17/6/12
    • GPA Negotiators to Finalise on Draft Constitution
    • Zanu-PF working to derail constitutional reform - MDC-T
    • MDC-T Says Will Not Pursue Quarrelsomee Army Chefs
    • Civic Groups Taking Lead in Anti-Violence Campaign
    • MDC-T Tackles Violence Within its Ranks
    • Diamonds minister pumps-in $22 million into his new bank
    • Army firm owns diamond mine: minister
    • Zimbabwe rules out foreign miners
    • NRZ technically insolvent
    • MDC Youths Threaten March Over Distressed Companies Fund
    • ZESA Lost Money to RBZ - Comptroller and Auditor General
    • Kasukuwere rubbishes Gono’s plans
    • Moyo causes stir at UK embassy event
    • Govt in a bid to clear debt
    • MPs' hotel bills top US$700,000
    • Chinese firm fails environment assessment
    • Presidential scholarship programme in crisis
    • Halt on Mugabe crony’s Ballito ‘bolthole’
    • President Tsvangirai's speech to Junior Parliament
    • Old wine in new bottles
    • Already in the barracks?
  19. Batch 2 Posted 16/6/12
    • COPAC retreat to deal with all outstanding issues
    • Judge ‘too busy’ to rule on bail for 29 MDC-T activists
    • Glen View trial: Cop contradicts self
    • Zulu criticised for supporting removal of Zim sanctions
    • Police Cells Stink: Judges
    • Police ‘rigged’ Supreme Court visit — Woza
    • Judgment reserved for M&G to view Zim judicial report
    • EU delegation to visit Marange diamond fields
    • Mugabe chosen by God — police
    • MDC-T reaffirms commitment to key reforms before elections
    • MDC Youths Issue Biti With Ultimatum
    • Gov't Cuts Foreign Trips Spending to Save Ailing Economy
    • ZESA slammed for sticking with estimated bills
    • Health Ministry Targets Under Fives in Killer Diseases Campaign
    • SABC blackout for Zimbabwe
    • Former journalist turned farmer turns to music
    • Zim public urged to support Dorothy Duncan care centre
    • Transcript of Roy Bennett on Question Time
    • A hope for the future (Zimbabweans Against Drink Driving)
    • Eddie Cross: Food Production in Zimbabwe
  20. Posted 16/6/12
    • Generals anger Sadc leaders
    • Tone for engagement on Zim set
    • MDC chefs join gravy train
    • US keen on new Zim investment
    • Gumbo cracks whip on MPs
    • Sibanda threatens to deal with Zanu PF factions
    • Zanu PF, NCA join forces
    • Ministers clash over policies
    • Looting spree at Interfin Bank unearthed
    • Mpofu defiant on diamond revenues
    • Bankers to set up credit bureau
    • Bank failures: Prevention is better than cure
    • Bank licences legalised theft
    • GPA’s undemocratic dimensions
    • ICC: A deterrent on abuse of power
    • Business confidence waning
    • Muckracker: The real pirates are at Pockets Hill!
  21. Posted 15/6/12
    • Thousands illegally recruited into army
    • Lift sanctions on Zimbabwe, says South Africa
    • Youth Funds Illegal: Comptroller and Auditor General
    • Mugabe gives in
    • ‘Rabble rousers’ blamed for attack on Welshman Ncube in SA
    • MDC-T Senator for Mutare charged with public violence
    • Chombo faces probe over Zupco
    • Glimmer of hope for MDC governors
    • Chief forcing villagers to pay defense for Magura killers
    • MPs lead the fight against HIV in Zim
    • Late Vice President Nkomo's Son Supports Devolution
    • Frost Wreak Havoc On Crops In Bulawayo
    • War vets sell firewood
    • Chihuri stuns congregants
    • Spoiler alert: Judge takes 'judicial peek' at Zim report
    • RBZ warns banks exorbitant charges
    • Mutambara was a 'mad man': Mugabe
    • Drought in Zimbabwe leads to increase in TB-related deaths
    • More troubles for Arda, Green Fuel deal?
    • London Group Pushes for Audit of Zimbabwe's $8 Billion Debt
    • SOS from the 7th Day Adventist Church in Northfield Birmingham;
    • Female stone grinders
    • Revisiting the Democratic Dream - Part 2: iLIVE
    • A commentary on Zimbabwe
  22. Posted 14/6/12
    • Zimbabwe PM's party: No more cash for the army
    • Zimbabwe defence minister in threat to Finance chief
    • Mugabe exposed for mortgaging Zimbabwe’s diamonds for a defence college‏
    • Army recruitment irresponsible: MDC-T
    • Mugabe calls special cabinet session
    • Police use MDC activists as bait to hunt down Mutare senator
    • NCA Congress Deferred As Funds Run Dry
    • Ncube legitimate MDC leader: court
    • Mutambara still deputy premier, fights ruling
    • Tsvangirai 1, Mugabe 0
    • Zimbabwe bank closures shake fragile sector
    • Trial of 29 MDC-T activists continues with 5th witness
    • Charamba puts pressure on Talk Radio
    • Zimbabwe's Implementation Panel 'Snubs' SADC-Appointed Officials
    • Chinese Merchants Fear Zimbabwe Political Instability
    • Judge reserves ruling on lawyers’ ZINARA challenge
    • Stalled by-elections: 30 seats vacant
    • Zim to miss out on $10b AfDB facility for Africa
    • All Ministries now online - Chamisa
    • Police statements in Glen View murder could have been doctored
    • A police force gone to the dogs
    • PM Tsvangirai's remarks at the launch of the Second Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
    • Bill Watch 25/2012 of 11th June [HR Commission Bill & Electoral Amendment Bill on Agenda]
  23. Posted 13/6/12
    • Crumbling Mugabe power base fuelling ZANU PF infighting
    • Chinese fear early Zimbabwe polls
    • China ready to dump warring Zanu-PF for MDC-T
    • Two SADC Officials Join Jomic
    • S.African Facilitators Back in Harare to Goad Ruling Partners on Reform
    • Zuma expected to meet other political parties outside GPA
    • Zimbabwe wildlife gem taken over by settlers
    • Zanu PF, Police and office of the Registrar General's vote rigging plot exposed
    • Zimbabwe fast sliding into a police state
    • Police invoke POSA to stop Jubilee celebration
    • Glen View murder trial postponed as judge fails to show up
    • The MDC Today - Issue 374
    • Mnangagwa exhibits unprofessionalism
    • MDC Leader Facing Charges of Insulting Mugabe Denied Bail
    • Mugabe ‘panicking’ over SA court ruling
    • Mugabe overrides tender procedures
    • Constitution Committee Meets Over New Zanu PF Demands
    • Multi-Million Deal Between Zimbabwe's Social Security Body, Bank in Jeopardy
    • Electricity Shortage Hits Mpilo
    • Doctors are beyond our reach
    • What kind of citizens will Zimbabwean children develop into…?
  24. Batch 2 Posted 12/6/12
    • Harmonized elections in June 2013?
    • Evicted Farmers Supplying Bulk Of Imported Maize
    • GPA parties delaying Zuma’s trip to Harare
    • State witness says police started commotion in Glen View cop murder
    • MDC-T official arrested for “insulting” Mugabe with music
    • SA High Court ruling on Zim rights abuses irritates Mugabe
    • Mugabe’s call on court ruling draws criticism
    • Mugabe fears ICC prosecution
    • Mnangagwa threatens Biti over demands for more military funds
    • VP Nkomo calls for code of conduct to stem violence
    • Govt faces US$300m Green Fuel tab
    • Council wields axe on illegal CBD flea markets
    • British hunter killed by buffalo he was trying to shoot
    • RBZ closes two troubled banks
    • The big topic in a Mugabe cell: why Sir Alex chews
    • Interview: Siwela on Mthwakazi vision
    • Are Zimbabweans too patient for their own good?
    • Luanda was a Game Changer
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 11th June 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 11-14 June: Privileges Committee - Gwaradzimba case]
  25. Posted 12/6/12
    • Mujuru fights to save late brother’s faction
    • ‘Police officers harrass Nyanga community for ZBC licences’
    • Zambezi villagers continue resisting relocation to safety
    • Kubatana school receives US$3 000 donation
    • Tempers flare as parents threaten to beat SDC
    • Zesa employees cash in on defaulting residents
    • Transport ministry dragging feet on NRZ
    • Vehicle registration exposes Goche
    • Elections talk stirs political violence, says Zimbabwe Peace Project
    • ‘Peace rallies lack political will’
    • Chieftainship wrangle sucks in Mugabe
    • Police accused of siding with transporter of rare breed dogs
    • Police invoke Posa to stop Diamond Jubilee celebrations
    • Chinhoyi considers cremation
    • Zanu PF campaign incenses church
    • Politicians ride on Anglican Church saga
    • Plans to expand Kariba power plant hit snag
    • Scrap presidential scholarship, say MPs
    • Mugabe anointed Moyo chief spin doctor
    • Moyo wants inclusive govt to collapse
    • The war Moyo is fighting and losing
    • Gono proposes different empowerment model for banks
    • Great entrepreneurs never go it alone
    • Zinara needs competent leaders
    • Mudzi murder spells doom for peaceful polls
    • ZBC must make TV watchable before demanding fees
    • It’s the institutions, not the constitution, stupid
  26. Posted 11/6/12
    • Zanu PF panicking over PM, Nato meeting
    • Zim’s Youth Unemployment Highest in Southern Africa
    • Lawyer's ZINARA Challenge Set For Hearing
    • Zim now ‘police state’: Lawyers
    • Hans Fabricus a "boer Judge" - Robert Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe hails US diamond trade 'setback'
    • MDCs push for June 2013 poll
    • Zesn urges Sadc to dispatch monitors
    • Biti, Mnangagwa clash over army
    • Chombo, Shamu on the ropes
    • Zimbabwe nets USD95 million from tobacco exports
    • Open letter to Zambia – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 9th June 2012
    • The army will fight with their blood?
  27. Posted 10/6/12
    • Zimbabwe Justice Minister predicts civil war
    • Opposition Parties Demand Government Positions
    • Zuma trip stalled
    • Militant Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Group Targets Chinese, Nigerian Shops
    • Outcry over Mnangagwa remarks
    • Obama hosts Zimbabwe 'young leaders'
    • Legislators Chased Out of Hotels
    • MPs demand more packages
    • POSA helped Zanu (PF) stay in power
    • Court slams Kereke as RBZ security guards walk
    • Kimberley Process Meeting Ends Without Consensus on Reforms
    • Zimbabwe's better days ahead
    • Chinamasa and his fear factor:
    • Paws and noses
  28. Batch 2 Posted 9/6/12
    • Zimbabwe's president: Stop human rights probe
    • Judge confirms finding on Zim abuses
    • M&G resumes fight for Zim election report
    • Zuma gets tough with Mugabe
    • Mugabe motorcade accidents claim two lives
    • Soldier hijacks maize and distribute to ZANU PF only
    • Calls for Zimbabwe to prioritise security sector reform
    • Malawi cancels AU summit over Bashir
    • "Sata hires Zimbabwean CIO hit-squad to assassinate opponent"
    • Fringe parties demand inclusion in Zimbabwe’s election roadmap
    • 'Zanu PF pushes for Copac's failure'
    • Press Statement On The Resurgence Of Violence And The Zimbabwe Code Of Conduct For Political Parties
    • More conflicting statements emerge in Glen View murder trial
    • Zim's Filthy Police Cells Under Spotlight
    • Burial societies provide for the here and now
    • Barclays may have reached deal in Zimbabwe
    • Tributes flow for late businessman Sam Levy
    • Urgent call for Prayers for Justice to prevail in Zimbabwe
    • Chaos overshadows Zimbabwe trip
    • Transcript: Douglas Cartwright on Behind the Headlines
    • The Costs of Rescuing Zimbabwe – Interview with Sen. David Coltart
    • Zimbabwe’s Multicurrency Regime – Shoppers fleeced!
  29. Posted 9/6/12
    • Zanu PF envoys sabotage Mugabe
    • Parties clarify inclusive govt lifespan
    • Sadc troika: Blow by blow account
    • Sata’s antics get into overdrive
    • ZRP splashes on luxury cars
    • Zanu PF officials accuse Nkala of distorting facts
    • Kasukuwere bulldozes his way
    • Ipec orders dismissal of Maphosa
    • Internal strife rocks MDC-T Mat South
    • Mzembi embroiled in controversy
    • China in massive investment drive
    • Storm over tourism indaba
    • Plan to rescue troubled banks
    • Sadc should ensure Zim stays on track
    • Eric Bloch Column: Banking sector crisis undercuts economy
    • Zim polls: Sadc contains Mugabe
    • Elections: 32 years of going nowhere?
    • Sata’s position on Zim incoherent
    • Ballot mightier than the bullet
    • Editor’s Memo: West playing into Mugabe’s hands
    • Candid Comment: We have now become a nation of traders
  30. Posted 8/6/12
    • ZANU PF walks out of COPAC meeting
    • Zanu (PF) Shocking New Constitution Proposals
    • Gono Probe Blocked
    • Mugabe motorcade runs over homeless man
    • Glen View murder accused ‘identified’ by state witness
    • Sata’s theatrics embarrasses ZANU PF at SADC summit
    • Sata Answers Zimbabwean Critics
    • KP rift expected to deepen over reform calls
    • Minister throws diamond baits to US lobbyists
    • Zimbabwe Continues To Divide Kimberley Process
    • Gumbo, Charamba Deliberately Misinforming on Election Dates
    • Elections possible this year: Mutambara
    • Finance Minister Biti a 'punch bag', says prominent labour consultant
    • Mnangagwa Losing Grip In Manicaland
    • Zanu PF threatened with office eviction
    • Why Former Mugabe Foes Are Hugging Him Now
    • Gukurahundi victims will not get anything from Government: Mnangagwa
    • MDC Youth Leader Arrested For Likening Mugabe To A Baboon
    • Danes ‘deeply worried’ about Zim
    • Wildlife worth millions killed
    • AU initiative courts controversy
    • Zim conservation campaigner, Charlene Hewat, shares experiences
    • Transcript of Tracy Mutinhiri on Question Time
    • Has Mutinhiri repented . By Cathy Buckle in the Daily News. 6 June 2012
    • When Will A Leopard Change Its Colours?
  31. Posted 7/6/12
    • Fears of military coup mount in Zimbabwe
    • Another military chief declares loyalty to ZANU PF
    • PM to Confront Mugabe Over 'Treasonous' Army Statements
    • The Military continues to sup with the devil
    • EU Condemns Mudzi Murder And Violence
    • Civic Groups Seek Permanent Rights Monitoring Office
    • Concern raised over ongoing abuses in SA deportations
    • Tragic Zim exodus
    • Matinenga calls for unity to oust Mugabe
    • Polarisation the problem: activist
    • Roy Bennett going back to Zimbabwe for elections
    • Prepare for polls - Charamba
    • MDC report maps security reforms
    • Fixing One of the World's Most Broken Education Systems
    • Plan to redefine conflict diamonds rejected
    • Witnesses give conflicting accounts as Glen View murder trial enters 3rd day
    • Mutedza seen ‘fleeing’ from bar moments before death
    • Mugabe’s spokesman reads riot act to new broadcasters
    • Zimpapers Talk Radio begins trial run
    • ZINARA's U-turn irks motorists
    • Population booms, sewage system collapses
    • Water study brings hope
    • Zim-Zambia partnership could ease ZESA woes
    • Zimbabweans in UK protest at Zambian President’s visit – 6th June 2012
    • The Zimbabwean Conundrum: A Critical Test for SADC
    • Bill Watch 24/2012 of 5th June [House of Assembly resumes]
  32. Posted 6/6/12
    • Armed police block High Court entry in MDC-T activists’ case
    • Zuma set to arrive in Zim ‘soon’
    • SA urges ‘caution’ in redefining blood diamonds
    • Rights Abuses Persist In Marange:HRW
    • Kimberley Process Meeting Begins As Rights Watchdog Urges Focus on Zimbabwe
    • Violent ZANU PF youth evicting suspected MDC supporters
    • Peril and Progress in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF official admits to use of election violence
    • Zimbabwe sends peacekeepers to Syria
    • Coltart: sanctions impeding democracy fight
    • JOMIC presses leaders on violence
    • Family of evicted farmer dispute Mutinhiri invasion account
    • Over 7 000 Zimbabweans Deported From South Africa
    • “Don't come near my banks,” - Gono warns Kasukuwere
    • Time Bank accuses RBZ of bad faith, negligence
    • ZESA seals US$230m India deal
    • ZESA Angers Glen Norah Residents
    • Tsvangirai out-foxes Mugabe
    • SADC position on Zim situation commendable
    • The MDC Today - Issue 369
    • The Poverty Trap – The Economics Of Communal Land Use
  33. Posted 5/6/12
    • Zimbabwe police fire tear gas at protesters
    • Police teargas protestors calling for release of MDC-T activists
    • US allows Zimbabwe officials in for diamond meet
    • KP urged to pressure Zim over ongoing diamond abuses
    • SADC commends coalition despite lack of progress and continued violence
    • Tsvangirai says SADC shocked by Mudzi death
    • Seven Year Old Boy Narrated Horror Of MDC Activist Murder: Denga
    • PM blasts police as activist buried
    • The MDC Today - Issue 368
    • Watchdog onto Zim 'rendition'
    • Political violence rocks Epworth
    • CIO man arrested over ivory possession
    • Kasukuwere targets Barclays
    • 14-year-old Zim girl to start university
    • Govt to restructure energy sector
    • Zim-torture website goes live
    • Full text of communiqué from SADC Summit in Angola
    • Zimbabwe is poised for a great future
    • Not 'Satasfied' - Zimbabweans in UK protest at Zambian President's visit
    • Constitution Watch of 1st June 2012 [Select Committee Preparing for Second Draft]
  34. Posted 4/6/12
    • SADC meeting a game-changer: Biti
    • SADC presses coalition on reforms
    • Bennett slams the 'intellect from hell'
    • WOZA Members Assaulted over Devolution Demos
    • WOZA launch ‘Occupy for Devolution’ series in Bulawayo
    • Mpofu in Washington for Diamond Indaba
    • MDC Activists Jailed For Assaulting Vic Falls Mayor
    • Amnesty International Petitions Mugabe over Death Penalty
    • Kereke guns for two Ministers
    • Zimbabwe tourism rebounds
    • Zimbabwe gets lift from weak Rand
    • Zimbabwe ordered to speed up reforms – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd June 2012
    • The Zimbabwean street
    • The Kimberley Process should redefine “blood diamonds”
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 2nd June 2012 [Committee Meetings Open to the Public: 4 - 7 June]
  35. Batch 2 Posted 3/6/12
    • Mugabe faces end of political career
    • Zanu PF Mash West DCC wants chairman out
    • Mystery surrounds Book Café closure
    • No let up to vehicle licensing chaos
    • Activists slam GNU over death penalty
    • Pillay’s visit: Zanu PF lost the plot
    • ‘Zesa abandons load shedding schedule’
    • Some cash in on water woes, others share
    • Chinotimba clashes with MDC-T in Buhera South
    • Zinwa threatens to cut off Arda Transau families
    • Apostolic sects provide a ready market for cloths vendors
    • Mahere threatens unregistered creches
    • Professionals desert Binga
    • Red Cross drills boreholes in Chivi
    • Polls in Egypt, Lesotho: Lessons for Zim
    • Time running out for Zim over AfDB loan facility
    • US$4m ICT academy on cards
    • Workers caught in debt trap
    • Disturbing discord over Essar, Green Fuel deals
    • Sunday View: Zimbabwe: Why sanctions should remain in place
    • Sadc stance on Zim polls laudable
  36. Posted 3/6/12
    • Regional leaders want reforms before Zimbabwe poll
    • U.S. Lawmaker Ramps Up Push to Repeal Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • UN tourism body disputes Canada's reason for quitting
    • Bennett returns for polls
    • Rwandese Refugees Stay Put Despite UN Cessation Clause
    • Whites Key To Reviving Zim Agriculture:MP
    • Malawi's Joyce Banda discards presidential jet and luxury car fleet
    • South African Vendor Locked Up For Mugabe's Nude Pictures
    • Savvy Zimbabwe Man Takes Matters Into Own Hands to Fight Graft
    • Zimbabwe's Great Leap Toward Preventing HIV in Children
    • Arrests in Kereke, Gono court battle
    • Mugabe to fund Malema UK hate-speech trip
    • Zimbabwe investors find glass half-full
    • Blood in the dust
  37. Batch 2 Posted 2/6/12
    • SADC summit blocks Mugabe’s push for elections
    • Mutambara hints at March 2013 election
    • Canada withdraws from UN tourism body over Mugabe honour
    • Four MDC-T members acquitted in ‘public violence’ case
    • Mines Minister's U.S. Travel Ban Lifted for Kimberley Meeting
    • Zanu PF Invades Epworth
    • Zimbabwe equity laws should benefit poor: bank chief
    • Zanu PF crime and Zimbabwe Police complicity in Mudzi, Zimbabwe
    • Youths of Zimbabwe PM's Party Apply for Controversial Empowerment Funds
    • Chiredzi cholera alert
    • COPAC spokesperson Jessie Majome on Question Time
    • Charles Taylor
  38. Posted 2/6/12
    • Two banks face closure
    • Sadc to reject Mugabe election demands
    • Mujuru faction reunites
    • Tsvangirai takes Khupe to task
    • Mpofu attacks KPCS minority
    • Zim officials not immune to ICC prosecution
    • The Hague must indict Bush and Blair, says Zanu PF
    • China looks beyond Mugabe
    • Ray lambasts military in politics
    • ‘Zim heads for another election bloodbath’
    • Women warn against early polls
    • Mugabe succession gets messier
    • Civil servants’salaries politicised
    • AAG to grill RBZ, foreign banks over empowerment
    • Banks call for RBZ re-capitalisation
    • New board for NRZ
    • Greenfuels, Essar deals and incompetent inclusive govt
    • Debt fuels Zim’s desire for consumption
    • MuckRaker: A visit to Mali would do Chinamasa some good
    • Eric Bloch Column: Parastatals constraining economic recovery
    • Firms lose focus on hard currency
    • Mugabe must read signs of the times
    • Evolution of civil society, opposition parties in Africa
    • Editor’s Memo: Get it right once and for all!
    • Candid Comment: Indigenisation — Problem lies with none but ourselves
  39. Posted 1/6/12
    • Mugabe challenged to order arrests in Mudzi murder
    • Statement by the United States Embassy on the political violence in Mudzi
    • The MDC Today – Issue 366
    • Mugabe To Push For Fresh Elections At SADC Summit
    • S.Africa's Zuma to Caution Mugabe Against Holding Elections This Year
    • Moyo calls for polls, Mugabe plots Zuma replacement with Sata
    • SADC Troika meeting on Zimbabwe delayed
    • Mugabe says EU might lift sanctions
    • Calls to respect advice of UN Human Rights Commissioner
    • Zimbabwe Activists Applaud Charles Taylor Sentence
    • Charles Taylor conviction a ‘strong warning’ for ZANU PF
    • Fresh charges against BBC man dropped
    • BBC's Petroc Trelawny free to leave Zimbabwe
    • PM Courts Chinese Investors Despite Growing Resentment
    • Remove sanctions now, Tsvangirai ready to rule - US Senator
    • Fear of reprisals stops many ZANU PF officials from defecting
    • A Fourth Estate gone down the sewer
    • Zimbabweans report bribes on whistleblower website
    • Cathy Buckle Column # 56. 27th May 2012. Exclusive for the Daily News
    • Bill Watch 23/2012 of 31st May [Election Road Map on SADC Agenda]

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