The ZIMBABWE Situation

August 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/8/12
    • ZANU PF warns of elections if MDCs insist on a deadlock
    • Draft derails govt planning - Biti
    • Biti dares Mugabe to call referendum
    • Disagreement over Save Conservancy exposes more ZANU PF in-fighting
    • PM intervenes in wildlife invasions
    • Zanu PF’s scorched earth policies ruin Save Valley Conservancy
    • Will Anjin fund ZANU PF in next election?
    • Zimbabwe-Russian arms for mines deal sealed
    • Zimbabwe to host international diamond conference
    • Corrupt MDC-T councillors expelled from party
    • Sadc summit on Zim looms
    • Coltart slams ‘two-faced’ Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe Court Hands Mugabe Victory on By-Election Delay
    • Zim's Blood Bank Hit By Salary Delays
    • Zim paralympic team welcomed in London
    • Students blast inclusive government
    • Zanu PF torch MDC official’s home in Masvingo
    • Another windfall for MPs
    • Top Officials Shave Off $3 Million in Foreign Travel
    • Zim capital ‘4th worst’ city to live in
    • Zimbabwe Introduces more Tollgates
    • Water woes delay UZ semester
    • Harare Show: exhibitors disappointed
    • Economy needs complete overhaul - Biti
    • Cops bribed me: Chimombe
    • Mliswa spills the beans on Billy Rautenbach
  2. Posted 30/8/12
    • Negotiators meet jointly with Zuma’s team
    • Back off, Zanu (PF) tells Sadc
    • Mutambara slams ‘pestering’ Zuma
    • Mugabe seeks extension to deadline for by-elections
    • Mugabe Negotiating a "Mini-General Election"
    • Mujuru summons ministers over wildlife park seizure
    • CIO agent terrorizing Midlands Province
    • ZANU PF union intensifies campaign to seize Chinoyi farms
    • Zanu-PF chairmen off to China
    • Kereke demands $45m from paper
    • Scandal in Zimbabwe ; Education Funds used for Football
    • Concern over ZESA debts overshadows prepaid meter rollout
    • More trouble for UNWTO general assembly
    • ZimRights: Courts Should Finalize Case of 29 Harare Detainees
    • Top prison officers probed for abuse, corruption
    • Case exposes evil alliance
    • 2008 Violence Victims to Be Compensated
    • Mengistu Now Staying In Vumba
    • MDC marchers blast Embassy
    • From bread-basket to basket-case: Zimbabwe still high-risk
    • Passport farce
    • Team Zim in London
    • Zimbabwe press: coming out of its shell?
    • The MDC Today
    • Keynote Address by President Tsvangirai at Zimbabwe High Level Economic Forum, Victoria Falls
    • COURT WATCH 16/2012 OF 29th August [Judgments Awaited in Supreme Court]
  3. Posted 29/8/12
    • Zimbabwe PM: No More Talks On New Constitution
    • SA Facilitators in Harare to tackle draft charter deadlock
    • Tsvangirai warns of possible election disaster
    • Census results by year-end: Biti
    • Chaos rocks national census
    • National Population Census Ends
    • Mugabe to proclaim dates for by-elections
    • Govt demarcating plots at Nuanetsi Ranch
    • Zim Finance Minister Warns Bakeries Against Bread Price Hike
    • Harare cops implicated in fake cash syndicate
    • SADC lawyers vow not to support changes to regional court
    • Zimbabwe blamed for collapse of Sadc Tribunal
    • Zimbabwe: End Attacks on LGBT People
    • Zimbabwe’s child labour cartels
    • UN Food Agency: Hunger Worsens In Zimbabwe
    • Transcript: Zimbabwe's MDC-T, Zanu PF Officials in Heated Exchange over Survey
    • New Documentary Exposes Conscious Spreading of HIV Among Zimbabwean Sex Trade
    • Second Ethics and Accountability Forum Position Paper
    • Future in our hands: Bennett
    • Zimbabwe's energy crisis
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the press
    • Diaspora Vote: Can NCA come to the rescue?
    • Where are we going? What are we doing? What is this going to cost us all?
    • Bill Watch 40/2012 of 27th August [New Parliament Session - Date Not Yet Announced]
  4. Posted 28/8/12
    • Robert Mugabe off to Tehran
    • Robert Mugabe 'unable to stay awake during meetings'
    • SA Facilitators expected as constitutional process stalls
    • SA judges urged to uphold rule of law in Zim land case
    • ZANU PF denies link to gangs terrorizing minibus drivers
    • Harare show attendance falls by 40 percent
    • Deported criminals terrorise Beitbridge
    • Human waste litters Harare CBD
    • When will these water woes end?
    • Econet expanding capacity to 10 million
    • Angry ethanol plant workers rough-up Mangoma
    • Mnangagwa Grabbed Mugabe By The Collar:Wikileaks
    • Response Strategy for Food Insecurity in Zimbabwe 2012/2013
    • Transcript of Douglas Mwonzora on Question Time: PART 1
    • No joy from old men
    • Treat SADC judgement with care, court told
    • The Privatisation of the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company
    • Stealing the Save Valley Conservancy: Zimbabwe’s Last Hope in Peril
  5. Posted 27/8/12
    • Zimbabwe wildlife group: tens of thousands of animals face annihilation in nature preserve
    • Diplomats: Aid cut proposed as Zimbabwe seizes famed reserve
    • Zanu (PF) Politburo okays amendments to Copac draft
    • Mugabe rebukes off track spokesman
    • MDC-T Eats Humble Pie, Admits Freedom House Survey True
    • ZANU(PF) Youths Launch Blitz Against Gays
    • Mugabe in panic mode
    • Zanu PF seeks to restore Mugabe imperial powers
    • Mystery surrounds Zim’s gems revenue
    • UNWTO general assembly preparations in disarray
    • Zimbabwe life expectancy increases to 50
    • Bleak future for UZ students
    • Tragic end to UZ horses
    • Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 25th August 2012
  6. Posted 26/8/12
    • Conservation fears as wildlife park seized by Mugabe henchmen
    • MDC fires corrupt councilors
    • The MDC National Executive stamps authority
    • Visiting Lesotho Prime Minister Heaps Praise On Mugabe
    • EU To Support GALZ
    • Zanu PF bomb blast suspect put off remand
    • Grace Mugabe wins award at agricultural show
    • NCA response to draft constitution by GPA political parties
    • They don't exist anymore
    • Will the AU or SADC rescue Zimbabwe from its crisis?
  7. Posted 25/8/12
    • Wildlife group: politicians threaten animal haven
    • ZPF politburo to meet over weekend as row over draft charter intensifies
    • ZANU PF terror bases resuscitated ahead of elections
    • War Vets Invade Farm Belonging To Tsvangirai's Senior Official
    • South African Facilitation Team Back in Zimbabwe Next Week
    • ZANU-PF draft Zimbabwe constitution angers MDC
    • Police Moves To Shut The Gay and Lesbian Office
    • Econet backs down after disconnecting NetOne
    • Concern grows for future of Howard Hospital
    • MDC-T youth assembly protests at Zim Embassy in Pretoria
    • Lesotho PM: Targeted Sanctions Hurting Zimbabwe
    • Public Outcry as Bulawayo City Tightens Water Rationing
    • South Africa, EU diplomat discuss Iran and Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF regroups after draft changes rejected
    • Zanu PF’s outrageous demands for the new constitution
    • Reforms a ‘conspiracy’ against Zanu PF rule
    • Draft impasse opportunity for consensus
    • Zanu PF: Change or face extinction
    • Diaspora Diaries with John Makumbe – Transcript
    • Constitution Watch of 24th July 2012 [Second Draft of New Constitution Available]
    • COURT WATCH 15/2012 OF 24th August [Supreme Court Cases Waiting]
  8. Posted 24/8/12
    • ZANU PF’s draft charter revisions dismissed as “outrageous”
    • Zanu PF, MDC Rift Over New Charter Widens
    • Battle Lines Drawn Over Zim's Constitution Draft:Ncube
    • Land reform chaos continues in Zimbabwe
    • MDC-T fury over support collapse report
    • Mugabe's star rises further among Zim voters
    • Animal poisoning on the rise in Chiredzi
    • Netone cut off by Econet over multi million dollar debt
    • MDC parties leaves Mugabe stranded
    • Welshman Ncube Rejects Zanu PF Accusations on SADC Leaks
    • ZimStart runs out of Census collection Data forms
    • US condemns Zimbabwe raids on gay activists
    • ZLHR condemns GALZ raids and state-sponsored homophobia against LGBTS
    • MDC youth call for immediate release of jailed chairman
    • The Salvation Army in Canada Remains Committed to Howard Hospital, Zimbabwe
    • Tough Going for Retrenched Zimbabwe Ethanol Workers
    • Anjin: We're Not Stockpiling Diamonds
    • Things fell apart but centre holds hope for Zimbabwe's students
    • Plunder fears amid ‘wildlife-based reform’
    • Eric Bloch Column:The myth of economic recovery
    • Violence, threats and hate speech: little has changed in Zimbabwe
    • How they got filthy rich
  9. Posted 23/8/12
    • Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF has more support than rival's party
    • MDC-T dismiss survey showing loss of support
    • Human Rights Activists Condemn SADC For Shutting Down Regional Tribunal
    • MDC formations reject ZANU PF amendments to draft constitution
    • DRC human rights group say Zimbabwe soldiers not welcome
    • Masvingo officials invade Save Valley conservancy
    • ZPF youths fighting for control of Vic Falls tourism
    • Clinic Turns Away MDC Supporters
    • Police Inch Closer To Prosecuting GALZ Leader
    • ZBC's Right to Demand License Fees Challenged in Supreme Court
    • Zimbabwe to ask permission to sell ivory stocks
    • SA permits: Major scam
    • Zanu PF fumes over Ncube SADC 'leak'
    • Tsvangirai knighted by France
    • CIO propaganda docu taints Kay
    • Chombo is stealing our land: resettled farmers
    • Zimbabwe’s NSSA political handlers robbing pensioners to bailout allies
    • Memo to Mozambique – 21st August 2012
    • Hiding from the truth
    • Why is the census important?
    • Zim local government officials conclude U.S. tour
    • Highlights of ZESN and Zimbabwe Institute Public Meeting
    • A Case For Sovereignty In Matebeleland
    • The Impact of the Drought in the United States
  10. Posted 22/8/12
    • Mugabe Said to Delay Referendum as He Fears Losing Vote
    • Sadc rebuked over Mugabe deadline lapse
    • Concern that ZANU PF securing funds for future election violence
    • Confusion over Mutambara’s role in government
    • Principals to meet over draft-constitution
    • Tensions as Mugabe boots Ncube
    • Tsvangirai comes to Ncube's rescue
    • Mutambara remains principal: Charamba
    • Mugabe's Chief Seizes Farm, Evicts 31 New Farmers
    • Canadian doctor faces excommunication after refusing to leave Zim
    • Canadian volunteers stranded in Zimbabwe after Toronto doctor’s ouster sparks protests
    • President Mugabe Still to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling on By-Elections
    • Mugabe fails to send constitutional amendments to Principals
    • Diamond mining and the lack of transparency
    • Bulawayo residents wants efficient water shedding schedule
    • Zimbabwe spending millions for clean dollar bills
    • Wedding date set for Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • Mutambara leads Ethanol plant rescue bid
    • Chivero boat owner walks as crew jailed
    • Free Zim Global protests target Mozambique
    • Detainees allege four deaths at Lindela Centre
    • Ncube speaks on Zuma ties
    • The MDC Today
    • Water Barometer
  11. Posted 21/8/12
    • SADC summit again delivers nothing for Zimbabwe
    • SADC leaders clamp down on human rights court
    • Media Release: SADC Leaders Deal Fatal Blow To SADC Tribunal
    • Zuma abusing SADC role to help Ncube: Moyo
    • We recognise Ncube not Mutambara: SADC
    • Anger as Zim land invader seeks Canadian residency
    • EU mulls UNTWO boycott
    • Police, army officers used as prosecutors
    • Chihuri ‘shreds’ Police Act to protect Mugabe
    • Police intensify campaign against gay activists
    • Zimbabwe moves towards e-passport
    • MDC-T to block draft amendment: Biti
    • Census exams: Zanu PF youths flop
    • Zimbabwe moves towards e-passport
    • Tension brewing over Chimanimani diamonds
    • EU scales down humanitarian aid to Zim
    • Cattle dying in numbers in Matabeleland
    • Harare Agric Show kicks-off
    • ‘Illegal logging costs Zim millions of dollars’
    • Rautenbach’s controversial mining deals
    • Stray lions feast on villagers’ beasts
    • China tightens lending rules
    • Pay lobola first, Kirsty’s fiancé told
    • Transcript: Wilfred Mhanda and Pedzisai Ruhanya Behind the Headlines
    • Bill Watch 39/2012 of 20th August [SADC Summit Resolutions; Parliament Update]
  12. Posted 20/8/12
    • Moves made to ensure Mugabe is in full charge
    • Zim’s constitution ‘a done deal’ for MDC
    • SADC applauds Zuma's Zim mediation
    • Zim in Danger of Having No Electronic Media Coverage in 2015
    • Zimbabwe Discovers New Diamond Deposits
    • Mpofu upbeat over diamond prospects
    • Zimbabwe church orders doctor out of the country
    • Defected Ex-Senator says Welshman Arrogant Loser
    • Malema demands Zuma resignation over massacre
    • More than hitches – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 18th August 2012
    • Discussion: Property Rights & the Draft Constitution, Wed 22 August, 5.30-7pm
    • Zuma must keep eyes on the ball
    • Eric Bloch Column:The Blame-Biti game ill-advised
    • Editor ‘s Memo:Mugabe speech dramatic irony writ large
    • A letter from the diaspora
  13. Posted 19/8/12
    • SADC Adopts Troika Resolutions
    • SADC Summit Resolutions on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's Political Impasse High on SADC Agenda
    • Zuma Cites Progress on Zimbabwe Constitution
    • More work needed on Zimbabwe draft constitution: Mugabe
    • SADC seals Mutambara’s fate
    • Mutambara in scathing Zuma attack
    • Zim census 'off the ground' despite military attacks
    • Statistics Agency Urges Locals to Participate in 2012 Population Census
    • Police hunt 44 GALZ members
    • EU Condemns Arrest of Gays in Zimbabwe
    • Zim agriculture in darkness
    • Chamisa pushes ICT sector to “the next level” by 2015
    • Pensioners hit by low pension payouts: Ncube
    • Zinef condemns attack
    • Intricacies of Zanu PF leadership changes
    • Sam Pa, Sino Zim and Anjin ‘must be probed’
    • Eileen Sawyer: True human rights icon
    • Life and times of Heidi Holland
    • China and ‘recolonisation’ of Zim
    • Democracy in Zim: A dream deferred
    • Candid Comment:Show a damp squib as industry trudges on
    • All eyes turned south
  14. Posted 18/8/12
    • SADC-Protected Farmer Found Guilty Of Farming And Forced Off His Land On Eve Of SADC Summit
    • Zuma briefs SADC Troika about his visit to Harare
    • Stand up to Mugabe tactics, Zuma told
    • Mugabe insists on renegotiating draft constitution
    • Successor clause spooks Zanu-PF
    • MDCs vow running mates fight
    • Howard Hospital facing closure after eviction of only doctor
    • Zimbabwe protesters demand doctor's reinstatement
    • Zimbabwe Census on Track Despite Earlier Glitches
    • Census: Teachers’ names replaced
    • Soldiers Seal Off Gutu
    • Chipangano leader on the run?
    • Young Zimbabwean woman honoured with Goldman Sachs/Fortune Global Women Leaders Award
    • Music icon “Tuku” to be honoured in London
    • Transcript of Diaspora Diaries with Roy Bennett
    • 21st August Zimbabwe protest - Mozambique High Commission
    • China in Africa - How do the locals really feel?
    • Could Zim be just one step to a referendum with alternative draft constitutions?
  15. Posted 17/8/12
    • Magistrate slams police brutality
    • Cop targets MDC businesses
    • Illegal hunting at ZANU PF controlled Savuli Ranch
    • Mana Pools under threat again
    • Zuma Cites Progress on Zimbabwe Constitution
    • Zuma says “minor hitches” in draft constitution
    • Mugabe insists on amending draft charter after meeting Zuma
    • MDC-T ‘agenda’ questioned over constitution confusion
    • Mugabe denies rigging
    • SADC Troika Discuses Harare Crisis
    • Chiweshe protests turn violent over eviction of top doctor
    • High Powered Zimbabwe Local Government Delegation Visits USA
    • CFU issues maize alert
    • Zimbabwe's First Privately Owned Radio Station Hits Airwaves
    • Villagers forced to support families of Magura murderers
    • ZIFA boss relives CIO extortion trauma
    • Zimbabweans suffer under auctioneer's hammer
    • A happy childhood? Not for most Zim kids
    • Innocence gone too soon in Zimbabwe
    • Fences and the Future
    • Constitution Watch of 15th August 2012 [ZANU-PF Politburo Continues to Stall Constitution]
    • Bill Watch 38/2012 of 16th August [President Zuma's Last-Minute Visit Before the SADC Summit]
  16. Posted 16/8/12
    • Pressure builds to stop mining at Mana Pools
    • Zimbabwe's forests go up in smoke amid energy crisis
    • Zuma Arrives in Zimbabwe to Monitor Progress on Reforms
    • SA diplomats claim ZANU PF deliberately blocked facilitation team
    • Soldiers assault activists for wearing MDC-T t-shirts
    • Anjin diamond firm replacing fired workers with ZPF youth
    • President Mugabe Attacks West For 'Plundering' Developing Nations' Resources
    • Mugabe claims UK, US plot to cause army mutiny
    • Zanu (PF) hijacks heroes’ commemorations
    • Mugabe says census will reveal AIDS toll on Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe launches census, calls on Zimbabweans to multiply
    • Chances of referendum fade
    • Education funds diverted to pay ZIFA’s lodge debt
    • Tsvangirai MDC to Defy Police Over Rallies Ban in Mashonaland West
    • SADC optimistic about Zimbabwe elections in 2013
    • Mawere joins Presidential race
    • MDC-T, MDC N youths clash
    • Women, war vets battle for diamonds
    • Police Ban Memorial Service For MDC-T Activist
    • 15 women are raped everyday in Zimbabwe
    • No pasture for cattle
    • Hooliganism runs amok
    • ZCTF Report - Aug 2012
    • ZANU PF politburo not substitute for stakeholders
    • Corporate Collaboration Lets Mugabe Continue Abuses
  17. Posted 15/8/12
    • $100 million foreign fund for Mugabe's 2008 election exposed
    • Bennett slams controversial foreign loan for securing 2008 ZPF election win
    • Zuma heading to Harare to mediate political crisis
    • Zuma to Report to Regional Leaders On Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF politburo rewrites draft constitution
    • Another Battle Looms Over Constitution
    • Mugabe Says Constitutional Referendum Only After Bottlenecks Are Cleared
    • MDC-T rubbishes Mugabe's Heroes call for constitutional consensus
    • Mugabe Warns Against Foreign Forces
    • Mugabe makes 'don't spill blood' election plea
    • Soldiers Rewarded As Tsvangirai Urges Them To Stay Off Politics
    • Zim to train 30,000 census takers 'by Wednesday'
    • Shamu rants against so-called “pirate” radio stations
    • AAG Vice President on the run for $250k theft
    • Concern for kombi passengers detained at army barracks
    • Zimbabwe Lawmaker Says Diamonds Being Looted
    • ‘Extreme’ cruelty to horses exposed at UZ
    • Zimbabwean youths lose faith in ballots and leaders
    • Praise for efforts of Zim Olympic athletes
    • Transcript: Simba Makoni on Question Time
    • Youth Agenda Trust Statement on Heroes and Defence Forces days
    • Archbishop Tutu pledges support for the “Save the SADC Tribunal” campaign
    • Zimbabwe, looting big time while attention is on constitution
    • Zambezi Society Special Bulletin - Mining in Mana Aug 2012
  18. Posted 14/8/12
    • Conservancy slams ‘criminal’ handover of hunting permits to ZPF
    • Zuma heading to Zim as deadlock over constitution looms
    • Zimbabwe's president calls for an end to violence
    • Mugabe warns of youth protests in Zimbabwe
    • Census skuldugery: Zanu PF plot to rig polls
    • Chinamasa: Draft open to alteration
    • Mugabe chides ZANU PF youths booing Tsvangirai
    • Police ban MDC-T weekend rallies in Mugabe’s home province
    • “Visibly drunk” police assault and detain gay activists
    • Power cut leaves Harare with no water on Heroes’ Day
    • Chombo blocks bid to honour Mujuru
    • MDC-T appeals for Zambia support
    • ZPF Minister overturns attempts to rename Harare roads
    • Former guerrilla commander dismisses concept of ‘hero status’
    • Civil society mourns loss of veteran activist
    • UK cops launch fraud probe into Zim shipping company
    • Zimbabwe financial advisory firm funds potato farming
    • WFP Seeks to Avert Zimbabwe Hunger
    • 32 years without water
    • On the precipice – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 11th August 2012
  19. Batch 2 Posted 13/8/12
    • Child malnutrition highest in Mash West
    • Communal farmers shun small grains
    • Piracy lands man in jail
    • Female kombi conductor breaks traditional barriers
    • ZPC urges industry to work at night
    • New RBZ capital requirements will spawn bank closures
    • Tweeting alone won’t help, Mr Coltart
    • Energy access crucial for attainment of MDGs
    • Soldiers’ meddling unwarranted
    • Tough times call for a win-win mentality
    • On the precipice – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 11th August 2012
  20. Posted 13/8/12
    • Hunting licences for Zim cronies
    • Zim on SADC Agenda
    • Zim's ticking time bomb
    • Zimbabwe riot police arrest 44 gay activists
    • Statement on the arrest and detention of 44 GALZ members
    • Agriculture is key to economy: Muchemwa
    • Power shortages to worsen: ZESA
    • Zanu PF dragging Zimbabwe back to chaos
    • Hurungwe chief drives out ‘foreigners’
    • Desperate ZBC targets dealers
    • National Heroes Day: Time to remember our true heroes and heroines
    • 'Incredible' Nyasango offers future Olympic hope
    • Genocide in Zimbabwe: A comment
    • 6 things I had wrong about travel to Zimbabwe (and 1 I had right)
  21. Batch 2 Posted 12/8/12
    • Olympics-Gold medalist Estanguet, Coventry to become IOC members
    • Harare runs dry as Mugabe addresses nation
    • Zanu PF turns on Chinamasa, Goche
    • Army recruitment legal: Sibanda
    • MDC Warns Of Tribal War In Zimbabwe
    • SADC in bid to revive old tribunal
    • Zimondi denies prisons overcrowded
    • MDC officials charged under non-existent law
    • Solve Gukurahundi issue
    • DC Condemns War Veterans for 'Desecrating' Njelele Shrine
    • Coltart gives UK hope over artwork
    • Author Heidi Holland found dead at S. Africa home
    • Australia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe start with wins
    • Pride restored: can Zimbabwe Test cricket blossom again?
    • Cold shivers down our spines
    • One vast spider's web spread over the whole country
  22. Posted 12/8/12
    • Mugabe set to cut lonely figure at Sadc summit
    • Bitter battle over census process
    • Kikwete snubs Zim lobby group
    • Bruising fights ahead of MDC-T primary polls
    • Shumba: Masvingo defies politburo
    • Parties need to adapt or die
    • Perhaps a succession plan is there after all!
    • Furore over bank recapitalisation
    • Zim sport a national embarrassment
    • Women ex-fighters: The forgotten heroes
    • Zanu PF bigotry taints hero status
    • Sadc must remain firm
  23. Posted 11/8/12
    • Census training back on track following disturbances
    • No change to census date: Moyo
    • Government Limits Army in Census Process
    • Deployed Zimbabwe Army: SADC panics
    • Zanu PF, Army Smuggle 10,000 Enumerators in Census: MDC
    • Schools Take Early Break to Pave Way for National Census
    • MDCs gang-up against ZANU-PF
    • Warring Zanu PF factions blocking draft: MDC-T
    • MDC urged to return to constitution drafting table
    • Draft constitution displeases displaced farmers
    • SADC spotlights Zim
    • Endangered wildlife under threat as hunting is ‘indigenised’
    • Indigenisation of conservancies starts
    • Zanu-PF infighting rocks Zimbabwe's banks
    • MDC-T expresses concern over disappearance of activists in Mutare
    • Still no date for Glen View cop murder trial
    • ZANU PF councillors threaten villagers in Sanyati
    • Zim election report: Judge withholds decision pending further data
    • Gono faces Parliament investigation
    • Diamonds looting persist in Zim
    • No rush to fill Zim hangman post
    • The investor who saved Mugabe
    • POTRAZ to introduce compulsory infrastructure sharing in new regulations
    • Harare water woes: No end in sight
    • FACTBOX-Political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Save Mana Pools
    • Grassroots at Edinburgh Festival
  24. Posted 10/8/12
    • ZANU PF dismisses draft constitution after marathon meeting
    • Civil Society Charges Political Sparing Over Draft Constitution Shadowing People
    • Training stopped, but census still to take place
    • Civic groups lobby Tanzania to act on Zim crisis
    • US Promises to Reward Progress For Free Zimbabwe Polls
    • MDC Says Zanu PF Forcing Zimbabweans to Pay for Heroes Celebrations
    • Cabinet backs Gono's bank capital hike
    • Govt under pressure to deal with typhoid outbreaks
    • Zimbabweans meet Coltart in London
    • Life turns bumpy for Zimbabwe asylum seekers
    • Zimbabwe violence too hot for SA judge
    • Mugabe Balloon Insult Man Freed
    • The MDC Today Issue – 411
    • MISA: Soldiers assault Kwekwe journalist
    • Sentamu challenges UK/EU easing of sanctions against Zimbabwe
    • ZESA thieves caught in the act
    • Taxman misses target by $5m
    • 28 countries attend consultative meeting on Syria in Tehran
    • Exiled Music Guru: I Won't Return to Zimbabwe Until There Is Change of Government
    • Zim journalists reflect after International AIDS Conference
    • New venue for Zimfest
    • Beggars can’t be choosers
    • The great Kariba deception
    • Divisions over a new constitution
  25. Posted 9/8/12
    • Passengers detained for discussing census fiasco in Kombi
    • Security Forces Block Census Workshops
    • Soldiers invade census centres
    • Census: Riot police descend on girls high school and stop process
    • ‘Soldiers’ Disrupt Census Trainings in Bulawayo
    • Cabinet Rules On Soldier Participation In Census
    • Census exposes Zanu PF’s allergy to transparency
    • ZANU PF politburo meet again to discuss draft constitution
    • Lawyers insist Zim land ruling still binding
    • WOZA Sets Tight Conditions For Giving Draft Constitution Thumbs Up
    • Zim report battle: Lawyers sent back to drawing board
    • PM Tsvangirai on Diplomatic Offensive Ahead of SADC Summit
    • Chombo overrides Harare Council on Zimbabwe Mall permit
    • Coltart to speak at London event
    • Parliament recalled to ratify Chinese loan
    • Zim banks lambasted over high fees
    • Government buys new wheels for Bob’s motorcade
    • MDC official in hiding
    • Update on the current water situation
    • CSOs petition government on typhoid
    • Councillors accused of looting medical scheme
    • 4 cancer doctors for 7,000 patients in Zimbabwe
    • Chrome ban protecting China interests: Kombayi
    • Low income food basket down 0.83 per
    • The Copac Draft: An Analysis of the proposed Electoral system
    • Constitution Flash - Agricultural Land In The Draft Constitution
    • Reflecting on Zimbabwe’s constitution-making process
  26. Posted 8/8/12
    • Zimbabwe president’s party demands changes to draft constitution, some reforms ‘unacceptable’
    • Zimbabwe Halts Preparations for Census
    • Soldiers, police causing chaos in census exercise
    • Zanu PF census scam exposed
    • MDC-aligned teachers to miss census count
    • Zanu (PF) extorts money for Heroes celebrations
    • True war heroes are living in hell: Chimoio survivor
    • Principals' peace talks fail to stop violence
    • MDC activist in intensive care unit
    • MSU students kidnapped, 1 dead
    • Unofficial ban on independent newspapers at Bulawayo Airport
    • Chombo uses councilors as spies
    • WOZA says too many compromises in constitution
    • SA govt resumes fight to keep Zim report hidden
    • Harare gets more land
    • Oxfam secures 2m Euro for projects in Zimbabwe
    • Tears of joy as house re-built
    • State tackles US$1bln RBZ debt
    • Standard journalists further remanded
    • UK-based Zim tycoon funds Malema trip
    • Zimbabwe: joining the army, an escape from poverty no more
    • The Human Rights Jurisdiction Of The Sadc Tribunal
    • Heroes: who said what
    • Voters roll: major overhaul vital
    • Zimbabwe’s census, an exercise in futility
  27. Posted 7/8/12
    • Zim Unity Govt Corrupt: Transparency International Zimbabwe
    • US$40 000 in donor funds missing
    • Parly summoned to ratify Chinese deal
    • Tensions rise over army and CIO role in census
    • Anger over eviction of top Chiweshe doctor
    • Zimbabwe Exported 7.15 Million Carats of Diamonds Last Year
    • Biti’s diamond revenue claim under spotlight
    • Anjin workers feel victimised
    • Anjin fires 1500 workers, tells them to re-apply
    • SADC to assess Zim talks progress
    • A coup was possible in Zim - official
    • Possible SA link in Zim activist's absence
    • Zim team struggles to make an impression at the Olympics
    • Food imports embarrassing: Nkomo
    • Poor families get US$10 per month
    • Mail & Guardian’s court bid to see Zimbabwe election report resumes
    • ZMC licenses new daily paper
    • MDC 99 calls for a No vote on Constitution
    • Harare renames Enterprise Road after Solomon Mujuru
    • Ministers vow to block Gono’s new measures
    • Bulawayo residents march against corruption
    • Thousands attend memorial service for Ndabaningi Sithole
    • ‘No way out for Mugabe’
    • Tortured for inspecting voters’ roll
    • Ben Freeth Poem
    • Opportunity: Stares MDC formations in the face
    • Identity, Citizenship, and the Registrar General: The Politicking of Identity in Zimbabwe
    • Constitution Reform Statement – WOZA
    • Constitution Watch of 4th August 2012 ["Final" Draft Challenged by ZANU-PF]
    • Bill Watch 37/2012 of 6th August [Parliament Recalled to Sit on Tuesday 7th August to Approve Chinese Loan]
  28. Batch 2 Posted 6/8/12
    • Small change sparks fights in coin-starved Zimbabwe
    • MDC Urges Zimbabweans to Vote "Yes"
    • Mugabe must go: PM
    • Malawi leader, Tsvangirai blast ‘primitive’ CIO
    • Being land-locked is no curse: Mugabe
    • Kindles for Harare City Library
    • The ‘illegal’ sanctions have struck again!
    • Zimbabwe: No country for old men
    • Mugabe wins again – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 4th August 2012
  29. Posted 6/8/12
    • Cyanide saga: No threat to Harare water
    • Harare grapples with water-borne diseases
    • More displacements at Tokwe-Mukorsi
    • SA cops invade Zim in pursuit of a ‘bizarre murderer’
    • ‘Pius Ncube now living a life of prayer’
    • Gukurahundi: Compensation needed
    • Zimbabwe urged to invest in research
    • TelOne’s fibre optic links roll out
    • Zim politics need a leftist leaning to achieve balance
    • Paranoid Mugabe instills fear in people
    • Water chemicals, just politics at play
    • Is racism now etched in our national thinking?
  30. Batch 2 Posted 5/8/12
    • Harare water poisoning suspect bailed
    • Proposed Draft Constitution Could See Mugabe Prosecuted: Biti
    • Statement on resolutions of the MDC National Council on the draft constitution
    • Mugabe Calls For Lifting of Sanctions, Attacks Bush, Blair
    • Chinese Diamond Mining Giant Anjin Fires 1,500 Zimbabwean Workers
    • Council names road after General Mujuru
    • Kirsty’s medal dream sinks
    • Chivero boat disaster a ‘ritual killing’
    • Zimplats lends ZESA US$25 million
    • Civil servants purge continues
    • Police stop re-burial of Gukurahundi victims
    • Zimbabwe cattle die due to lack of pastures
    • Biti says Mugabe should fund ‘Presidential Scholarship’
    • Zanu PF mafia looks after its own
  31. Posted 5/8/12
    • AirZim pilots face bleak future
    • Securocrats use diamond firm as front
    • Battle over new draft Zanu Pf,MDC,MDC-T looms
    • Draft ‘discourages’ investors
    • Row over public works contracts
    • Mpofu builds political profile
    • Consumptive imports irk Gono
    • Govt officials fight over conference
    • Zimplats revenue slumps by 11%
    • Interfin will reopen soon –– Gono
    • RBZ seeks to raise US$25m
    • Parastatal transformation essential
    • Compromise is name of the game
    • Succession: ‘After me, the deluge’
  32. Posted 4/8/12
    • Franklin sets WR for Olympic backstroke gold, Coventry 6th
    • EU urged to maintain Zim restrictions until security sector reforms
    • Biti explains draft constitution at press conference
    • Land acquisition to continue: Mugabe
    • Zanu PF fails to heal constitution divisions
    • Zapu pushes for NO vote at referendum
    • Magistrate Quashes Police Ban Of National Healing Play
    • Zim's Tourism Permanent Secretary Re-assigned For Exposing Govt
    • World tourism forum on schedule – Mzembi
    • Zimbabwe's tourism triumph turns sour
    • 1Time launches Zimbabwean low-cost airline with NewAero
    • Renewed KLM Flights to Zimbabwe Spell Doom for National Airline
    • PM Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe’s Spy Agency Engaging in Primitive Politics
    • Coltart to meet diaspora
    • Government blocks TB Joshua’s orphans’ project in Ruwa
    • ZPF thugs block Council from demolishing illegal car dealerships
    • Schools forced to close early for national census
    • Hopes fade for finding missing Zimbabwean activist
    • Gold panners destroying railway lines
    • With Proceeds from Livestock Sales, Zapu Pays off Rental Arrears
    • Tobacco sales soar
    • Zimbabwe Licenses More Private Newspapers
    • Video shows 'intimidation' by Mugabe’s party ahead of election cycle
    • If Zimbabwe hosted the Olympics …
    • A Law Unto Themselves (Part II) : The Rulings and Dissolution of the SADC Tribunal
  33. Posted 3/8/12
    • Anjin not just raping resources
    • Anjin Suspected of Smuggling Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • Chinese army hails ties with ZDF
    • Draft charter ignores public views on executive powers
    • Gono increases capital requirement for banks
    • 29 accused in Glen view cop murder still in jail
    • Poison saga: AG hints on murder
    • Delivery of wrong water treatment chemical politicised
    • Storm brewing in Zambezi Valley
    • Chief kicked off farm by Minister's sidekick
    • Mugabe jets in talks, about same old story of Zambia liberating Zim
    • Prime Minister meets President Banda
    • London calling: Who's got Malema's back?
    • ZESA fights order to increase salaries
    • Zim's Finance Minister Blames Weight Loss On War Veterans
    • Mugabe Liable For Prosecution According To New Constitution
    • Chitungwiza records 119 typhoid cases
    • Arda owes Iran $11m
    • Don’t blame it on the weather: CFU
    • ZRP Private Limited, Over!
    • Rushwaya to stand trial
    • Zimbabwe Schools Take Early Break to Pave Way for National Census
    • Activism site gives voice to Zimbabweans around the world
    • Coventry reaches 200m backstroke final
    • We failed Kirsty: Coltart
    • 'Superlative' Kirsty raises Zimbabwe's medal hopes
    • It’s looking gloomy for Zim
    • The most likable pair at the Olympics
    • Chiredzi: Wasted land of immense potential
    • Tragic truth behind Indigenisation policy
  34. Posted 2/8/12
    • SADC team in Harare next week to join JOMIC
    • Ben Freeth to raise funds for Zim farm workers
    • Voters’ roll still a state secret
    • MDC-T guide to draft charter “misleading”
    • Coventry still on the hunt for 8th Olympic medal
    • Gono Promises To Jail Errant Bankers
    • Zim economy in crisis — RBZ
    • Zim's central bank hikes capital rates to return confidence
    • Police ban Anglican commemorations in Masvingo
    • Finish off Zanu PF — Bennett
    • Zimbabweans Jostle to Hire Out Cars For National Census
    • ‘Clear, revised’ ICT policy on the cards
    • Power Utility Appeals 'Negative' Arbitration Outcome
    • Zim sitting on ivory worth $55 million
    • Anjin diamonds leaving via Burma Valley?
    • Trash Collectors Become Zimbabwe’s Unlikely Climate Change Ambassadors
    • Failed scheme leaves 50 families landless
    • Chivero 4 'have case to answer': magistrate
    • Mnangagwa school order 'unconstitutional'
    • 'Reforms shouldn't be about getting Mugabe out'
    • Zimbabwean officials are traveling to the U.S. to study economic development
    • Activists slam poor management of ARV supply
    • Zimfest in Harare in December
    • Analysis: RBZ Monetary Statement
    • Why is Zanu (PF) afraid of Copac draft?
    • We must not be blackmailed
    • Après moi le déluge: Succession and the Zanu (PF) party constitution
    • A Law Unto Themselves (Part 1) : Making and Breaking the Laws of the Land
  35. Posted 1/8/12
    • War vets besiege Biti’s office – again
    • Zuma’s mediation role dismissed as “irrelevant”
    • Water rationing leads to burst pipes in Bulawayo
    • Diamond Giant Anjin Investments Suspends 1,500 Zimbabwean Workers
    • Zimbabwe thief 'begs to be jailed for life'
    • Poison delivered for water treatment
    • Zim: Foreign media must register or else...
    • Mugabe ally trashes draft constitution
    • Anglicans fear arrest in Zimbabwe
    • We are not striking: Apex
    • Political violence video launched
    • Confusion over dual citizenship in the draft constitution
    • Kirsty Coventry eyes 8th Olympic medal
    • Human trafficking gang busted
    • One person dies as Zimbabwe is hit by influenza
    • Ignore Zanu PF and Madhuku: Says Welshman Ncube Led MDC
    • Cop claims left with $9 after deductions
    • Mpofu ‘warns’ Chamber of Mines
    • Zimbabwe puts squeeze on banks for higher capital
    • HIV-positive Zimbabwean guilty of infecting her husband
    • Malema charms Zimbabweans in London
    • The MDC Today
    • Elephants, humans die as hostility soars
    • Draft constitution through the eyes of non-lawyer
    • EDITORIAL: A political setback for the MDC
    • Commerial Farmer’s Union Press Release
    • A Commentary on Zimbabwe’s Current Affairs
    • Bill Watch 36/2012 of 30th July [Finance and Appropriation Bills Passed]

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