The ZIMBABWE Situation

July 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/7/12
    • MDC-T calls for yes vote as debate rages over new charter
    • Zanu PF divisions over draft constitution
    • Gukurahundi crime secretly removed from draft Constitution
    • Firebrand NCA Chair Threatens A No Vote
    • ZANU PF rocked by mutiny on ‘running mates’ clause
    • Full-scale civil servants strike set for Zimbabwe
    • Bulawayo Residents Face Severe Water Rationing
    • Makoni denies sanctions have hurt ordinary people
    • ‘Mugabe power grip weakens’ - Makoni
    • Zimbabwe hit by H3N2 influenza
    • Army and lands officials invade poultry giant Glenara Estates
    • Mugabe turns to Tsvangirai for help
    • Army continues to recruit, despite government freeze
    • Harare makes way for Little Shanghai
    • The MDC Today
    • Coventry misses out on 100m backstroke final
    • Transcript: Senator Obert Gutu and Irene Petras on Question Time
    • Finding the "golden lining" in the Zimbabwean genocide
    • Just When I Learn the Answers, They Change the Questions: A Zimbabwean’s Journey
    • Global Insider: Zimbabwe's Indigenization Effort Proceeds on Partisan Lines
    • Hope for haemorrhaging Zimbabwe
    • A media glasnost for Zimbabwe coverage?
    • When is Zimbabwe’s Tahrir Moment?
    • Zimbabwe’s military men will not return to their barracks soon
    • A Guide to the Constitutional Draft
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch : Issue 41
    • Court Watch 14/2012 of 28th July [3 Cases with Important Political Ramifications]
  2. Batch 2 Posted 30/7/12
    • Never trust whites, says Mugabe
    • Goche’s Ministry Responsible for Air Zim Woes: Kaseke
    • Principals fail to attend prayer meeting
    • Deadlock over Mugabe successor
    • Lodgers vote in the sewer
    • Coventry reaches women’s 100m backstroke semis
    • A warm welcome for Mugabe’s cronies – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 28th July 2012
    • Zimbabwe: The crooked timber of humanity
  3. Posted 30/7/12
    • Politburo roasts Goche, Chinamasa
    • Constitution: MDC-T calls for ‘Yes’ vote
    • ‘Zanu PF to produce own version of draft constitution’
    • Chatty Perm Sec in the firing line over UNWTO
    • Typhoid continues to wreak havoc in Harare
    • ZNA defies Biti, continues to recruit
    • Make health services accessible: Mangoma
    • Anti-stock theft campaign boosts national herd
    • Soldiers refuse to pay Mutare council bills
    • Address political risk factor to attract investors: Ray
    • Condom distribution sparks controversy
    • Baby burnt to death after power surge
    • New ‘hunting spot’ for prostitutes in Mutare
    • Buhera South not suitable for habitation — DA
    • Churches defy city council directive
    • Poor domestic air service constraints tourism industry
    • Mobile phone usage expected to surge
    • Electricity blackouts set to continue
    • Treat banks with caution, warns Gono
    • Good times roll for tobacco farmers
    • Lack of vision has led to disease outbreaks
    • Remove lid on diamond sales
    • Asia-Pacific reading Zimbabwe’s politics well
    • Let’s stop pointing fingers at Zifa
  4. Batch 2 Posted 29/7/12
    • MDC Press Statement on Draft Constitution
    • Mugabe Takes Umbrage at Tsvangirai Foreign Accolades
    • Mutambara urges Mugabe to step down
    • Zimbabwe Receives Additional U.S., British Funding for HIV/Aids Programs
    • Zanu PF fights turn ugly
    • Biti Wants to Reap Where He Didn’t Sow: Mpofu
    • Hunger soars in Zimbabwe
    • Yet another bank forced to shut down
    • Tragedy of father after asylum bid fails
    • Interview: Kirsty Coventry, the Olympian who unifies Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe a country with two faces
    • Another letter from Ben Freeth
    • What is David Coltart saying?
    • Poppets in a cardboard box
    • Sanctions and divine rights
  5. Posted 29/7/12
    • UK in secret Zim arms deal
    • NSSA loses US$4,5m in botched computer deal
    • MPs castigate coalition govt
    • Zim struggles to host tourism indaba
    • Mnangagwa faction disgruntled
    • Chinamasa in firing line
    • Parties in fix over election running mates
    • Govt loses US$1m to police graft
    • High Court in landmark ruling
    • ‘De-industrialisation of Byo started before 1980’
    • Army occupies Glenara Estates
    • Fiscal review: The positives and negatives
    • ‘Zimbabwean debt manageable’
    • Biti in an unenviable position
    • Zim’s shady mining contracts: A case for African Mining Vision
    • What is Dabengwa doing in politics?
    • Off-budget CIO funding threatens democracy
    • New economic structure: Need to think outside the box
    • New constitution fails to rein in security forces
    • Copac draft a shoddy, costly farce
  6. Posted 28/7/12
    • Zimbabwe power cuts to persist for 10 years: official
    • 1.6 million people will need food assistance in Zimbabwe next year – UN report
    • Typhoid and cholera return
    • Robert Mugabe mocks praise for rival Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Mnangagwa camp says Mugabe ill advised
    • Community mining project slammed as ‘vote buying’ exercise
    • Zanu (PF) Seeks To Stop Draft Constitution
    • President Mugabe's Party Seeks Consensus on Draft Charter
    • Public servants' salary protest puts MDC in firing line
    • Zimbabwe central bank warning over equity law
    • Chimombe arrest linked to comments over Mujuru death
    • The MDC Today
    • Bulawayo Thermal Power Station needs urgent refurbishment
    • Glen View cop murder trial still on hold
    • 'Diabetes mortality exceed HIV'
    • Scramble for Air Zim market
    • Government Intervenes in Cotton Pricing War
    • ‘Cotton growers being ripped-off’
    • WOZA: Court appearances, Trial and harrasment
    • Journalist arrested over voters roll
    • ZESN Elects New Leadership
    • Diaspora Diaries with Alex Bell and Ben Freeth
    • A happy childhood? Stress paints an uneasy future for Zimbabwean youth
    • Cathy Buckle’s Letter from Zimbabwe: Another land grab inevitable
  7. Posted 27/7/12
    • Mutual respect with Mugabe, says Zimbabwe PM
    • $400 million to be spent on new parliament building
    • New Parliament set for Mt Hampden
    • Typhoid outbreak in Harare and Chitungwiza
    • Bulawayo declares water emergency
    • Germany, Australia offer $36m water supply package
    • Harare to go dry, says town clerk
    • Biti threatens to join civil servants in future strikes
    • ZANU PF to debate draft constitution
    • UK Supreme Court makes key Zimbabwe asylum ruling
    • Harare councillors plan court action over Mall project
    • JOMIC co-chairman Chimombe arrested in Mash Central
    • State Withdraws Summons Against Tormented NGO Boss
    • MPs blast clueless cabinet as economy falters
    • Zim Dollar still impossible to print – Biti
    • Mugabe To Launch Marange Zimunya Community Trust
    • Divided Zimbabwe Civil Servants Fight Over Apex Council Candidate
    • British government investigating diamond deals involving CIO
    • US Increases Funds to Fight HIV in Zimbabwe
    • At Int'l AIDS Conference, African Women Launch Coalition
    • ZESA bungling: Byo wants power station back
    • Blackout At Mines Show Case
    • Rhodes an angel compared to Anjin: Biti
    • INTERVIEW: Zimbabwe Draft Constitution – the Key Changes
    • David Coltart replies to Ben Freeth
    • If Ghana’s President Mills was a Zimbabwean?
    • Asia-Pacific embraces Tsvangirai as it prepares for post-Mugabe era
  8. Posted 26/7/12
    • Tsvangirai: Mugabe will accept his loss
    • PM Tsvangirai meets New Zealand Premier
    • Tsvangirai seeks end to Zimbabwe sanctions
    • State Workers Stage Protest Over Low Pay
    • Protesting state workers blocked from Biti’s office
    • ZNA Recruits Despite Biti's Freeze
    • Charles Ray Scorns "Naive" Zimbabweans Politicians Over Wiki leaks
    • State withdraws summons against Chikomo
    • Govt abandons construction of WTO Centre
    • Harare ZANU PF ordered to rein in Chipangano gang
    • ZANU PF plans ‘drastic measures’ to deal with factionalism
    • ZAPU’s Dabengwa claims Makoni was a ZANU PF election plot
    • Mugabe court loss ‘not a return to the rule of law’
    • Zimbabwe frees man held for bony Mugabe cartoons
    • Journalist arrested over voters roll
    • Mugabe's Party Set for High-Stakes Politburo Meeting Amid Divisions
    • Harare Labor Court Issues Order Against Striking ZESA Workers
    • Airport road scandal: PM summons Chombo
    • Activists forced into hiding
    • Court orders Cape Town to process asylum applications
    • Heal Zimbabwe news update
    • New constitution in Zimbabwe set to “legalize” discrimination and theft
    • Ben Freeth letter to Coltart,Cross on constitution
    • New York Times Report painting Robert Mugabe as hero plows over the victims
    • The Lifting of Zim Sanctions and the Shape of Politics to Come
    • Zimbabwe needs fair elections
    • Statement by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe on the EU Council decisions on Zimbabwe
    • Remarks by the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, the Right Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai, to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute
    • What value is education to Zimbabwe and her people?
  9. Posted 25/7/12
    • US not lifting Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Outgoing US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Fears Violent Elections
    • Tsvangirai welcomes EU moves to lift targeted sanctions
    • DFAT to review Zimbabwe sanctions
    • SADC land ruling undermined by Zim constitution
    • Zanu PF fights over constitution
    • Civil servants strike, demand salary hikes
    • Biti, civil servants unions trade fire
    • Spy Agency Manipulating Civil Servants' Protest: Biti
    • MP seeks explanation for troops’ presence in his constituency
    • Chief in Mberengwa orders MDC supporter to leave area
    • Teacher victimised for supporting MDC-T in Bikita South
    • Zanu PF Warns Members Against Factionalism
    • DCCs: Zanu PF faces Midlands revolt
    • Chipangano, Zanu PF product: Dydmus Mutasa
    • Zanu PF calls Chipangano to order
    • Harare mayor gives ‘thumbs up’ to mall, despite protests
    • Zim Labourer Faces Jail Over Mugabe Health Remarks
    • Air Zim Using Obsolete Aircraft
    • Zimbabwe PM seeks help in mining country for growth
    • Speaking Shona in Matabeleland 'disrespectful': Moyo
    • Zimbabwe Diaspora welcome event for Team Zimbabwe 2012
    • EU move on Zimbabwe sanctions won’t help the economy or promote reform
    • Why Western sanctions on Zimbabwe may not matter anymore
    • Zimbabwe: Sanctions Should Stand
    • EU conditions laudable, draft constitution a fraud
    • Bill Watch 35/2012 of 24th July [Parliamentary Vacancies for By-Elections]
    • COURT WATCH 13/2012 of 24th July [Human Rights NGO Forum Director in Court 25 July]
  10. Batch 2 Posted 24/7/12
    • EU to lift sanctions after referendum
    • European Union lifts aid restrictions but keeps up pressure on Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe Zanu-PF EU sanctions 'nonsense'
    • Britain and EU to lift sanctions against Robert Mugabe's allies
    • UK Tory gives 'cautious' welcome to EU move on Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwean prime minister says his country is ready to emerge from pariah state and re-engage
    • End sanctions, says Zimbabwe PM
    • Zimbabwe PM goes in to bat for his country's future
    • Zvimba district becomes ‘no go’ area for MDC-T
    • MDC-T rally turns violent in Mugabe's rural home
    • MDC condemns Zanu PF’s disruption of rallies
    • New Constitution will address discrepancies in the electoral system
    • State theft of land legalised in new constitution
    • Zim's draft constitution 'a flawed compromise'
    • Tepid welcome for draft Zimbabwean constitution
    • Farm and conservancy both under threat by land invaders
    • ZANU PF thugs fight for control of commuter bus ranks
    • Police criticised for quickly licensing Biti protest
    • Activists in hiding after CIOs disrupt peace workshop
    • Zanu (PF) threatens to expel Mnangagwa
    • Political parties funding: Mutambara left in the cold
    • Mugabe quarrels with neighbours
    • Divisions widen over politburo decision
  11. Posted 24/7/12
    • Q. and A. with Lydia Polgreen and Reader Reactions on Land Reform in Zimbabwe
    • Renewed focus on ending Zim crisis must be applauded
    • Managing Mugabe
    • E Cross: Constitution: A Foundation or a Ferry?
    • Geoffrey Van Orden MEP Press Release on Zimbabwe and EU Restrictive Measures
    • Perspective of the Human Rights Commission Bill within the context of the GPA
    • Bill Watch 33/2012 of 22nd July [HRC and Electoral Amendment Bills Passed: By-Elections Discussed]
    • Bill Watch 34/2012 of 23rd July [Urgent Budget Bills in Parliament This Week]
  12. Posted 23/7/12
    • Zimbabwean PM to meet with Gillard
    • White commercial farmer faces eviction
    • ‘Another GNU in the offing’
    • MDC Zvimba West rally violently disrupted
    • Biti barred from Mugabe home
    • Soldiers threaten workers to get free services
    • Fallacy of Zim police, army standards
    • Anjin strike cripples operations
    • Govt increases flour import tariffs
    • Cars clog Zimbabwe's streets as economy sputters back to life
    • Bhebhe to replace Khumalo at Jomic
    • Early polls unlikely — Matinenga
    • Welshman Ncube’s son dies in car accident
    • Killer cop could face more charges
    • Diamond firms poison Save river
    • ZBC gets legal ammunition
    • Police robbing women of their freedom
    • Shocking eye-witness account of highway police corruption
    • Sunday View: Collective effort will lead to an HIV-free generation
    • Independent Comment: Chinamasa right to chide the police
    • Editor's Desk: New charter ensures continuity, not change
    • Stop Mugabe’s war plans – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 21st July 2012
  13. Batch 2 Posted 22/7/12
    • Primary elections set to widen fissures
    • Police worst abusers of prostitutes — Survey
    • Mbare hostels occupants must be vetted — HRT
    • Women sell ‘little chicken’ for survival
    • Agric vet services official jailed for theft
    • Zimplats drills boreholes for community
    • Maid jailed for kidnapping employer’s child
    • Swimming pool only a temporary School
    • Govt okays total control of diamond mines: Biti
    • RTG breaks deadlock on directors’ appointments
    • ‘Austerity measures need political backing’
    • Power cuts hit mobile operators
    • SA stalling regional integration: Mushonga
  14. Posted 22/7/12
    • Zimbabwe holds crucial elections to replace dead, expelled legislators
    • Mugabe in poll gamble
    • Tsvangirai pleads for international support ahead of elections
    • Stop violence, PM tells Mugabe
    • Draft Charter Proposes 16 Official Languages, up From Three
    • Draft constitution recognises war veterans
    • Politicians warned over Human Rights Commission
    • EU to ease restrictions on aid to Zimbabwe: diplomats
    • Wheat Production Falls By Over 5000 Hectares
    • Family of six now needs US$560
    • MDC-T Initiate Anti -Corruption Programme
    • Load-shedding timetable for Harare
    • Diamond tycoon ‘secretive about plans’
    • Highway cops hold 16 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh
    • Water conservation campaign in Zimbabwe
    • In Zimbabwe Land Takeover, a Golden Lining
    • Who was holding the gun?
    • Parliamentary Committees Series - 20th July 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 23-26 July]
  15. Batch 2 Posted 21/7/12
    • Zimbabwe constitution ready after long wrangling
    • Zimbabwe draft constitution clips president's power
    • Draft constitution contentious issues explained
    • Draft Constitution Kills Death Penalty - But Only for Women
    • No dual citizenship in new constitution
    • First Vice-President to succeed President should he die in office
    • Mugabe sinks presidential clause
    • Targeted EU sanctions set to remain on Mugabe
    • Sanctions: US insists on full democratic process
    • Obstacle to Zim voting removed
    • Zimbabwe to hold 'mini-general election' this year
    • Civil servants call protest over pay
    • Zim diamond money laundering suspected in SA property buying spree
    • Kasukuwere's and Other Ministers' Appointments Challenged
    • Supreme Court Reserves Judgment in 'Smaller Gov't Suit'
    • Zimbabwe Investigates Adverse Effects from Immunizations
    • Mugabe roped into Zimbabwe poaching war
    • 1, 000 schools goes e-learning by 2013: Chamisa
    • Loan, subsidy, power woes hit Zimbabwe wheat hopes
    • New group to pressure for devolution
    • The MDC Today
    • Jailed MDC activist transferred to a private hospital
    • Diamonds are whose best friends?
    • Address by PM Tsvangirai to the United Nations University (UNU) on “Democratisation in Africa.” Tokyo, Japan
    • Editorial: Cautious nod for progress in Zimbabwe
    • Comment: The tricks Mugabe uses to make money from diamonds
    • The question all Zimbabweans must be asking themselves
  16. Posted 21/7/12
    • Mugabe gets new lifeline on elections
    • Members of CIO direct shadowy companies
    • Ousted Khumalo’s woes mount
    • Econet up in arms over USF
    • Dirty contest rocks divided AU
    • AU court seeks to expand jurisdiction
    • Economy in slowdown
    • MuckRaker: Kasukuwere needs to heed his own advice
    • Polls, population census and a new constitution
    • Court ruling no pretext for early polls
    • Zanu PF squanders chance for key leadership renewal
  17. Posted 20/7/12
    • New constitution says Vice-Presidents to be elected by voters
    • Police disrupt peace-building workshop in Gokwe
    • Biti hikes taxes on fuel and imports to cover budget shortfall
    • Water shortages blamed for typhoid outbreak in Chitungwiza
    • SA urged to weigh in on campaign against Zim blood diamonds
    • ZIFA chef arrested over Rushwaya corruption comments
    • Outrage Over Gukurahundi Song
    • Indigenisation Regulations Suspended For New Investors
    • Zim Tourist Arrivals Up
    • Gukurahundi, 2008 killers will face justice: Tsvangirai
    • Civil servants strike looms
    • UK backs EU moves to lift more Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Foreign travel bill tops US$157 million
    • Lifting Zimbabwe sanctions might aid reform before elections
    • Zimbabwe cuts spending and raises taxes
    • HIV Behind Bars: How Prisons and Jails Are Battling an Epidemic
    • A sweeter life for vulnerable families
    • Shocking levels of ZRP corruption on the Byo - Beitbridge road
    • I Paid a Bribe
    • JAG Open Letter Forum - No. 802- Dated 18 July 2012
  18. Posted 19/7/12
    • Biti cuts budget, blames diamonds
    • Action Alert: Diamonds funding a Parallel Government?
    • Zimbabwe slashes 2012 growth forecast to 5.6 pct
    • New Zimbabwe constitution completed
    • Parties agree on elections
    • Army deploys battalion to campaign for ZANU PF
    • Mugabe Challenges African Union on Western Sanctions
    • Bishop Kunonga faction accused of destroying mission schools
    • Calls grow to halt planned mining at Mana Pools
    • Security chiefs panic
    • Cops smash kombi windscreens
    • Gono creating two centres of power
    • Gono, Zhanda in stormy Parliament clash
    • More controversy around new Borrowdale shopping mall
    • Minister Chombo and ZANU PF accused of destroying Mbare
    • Zim women slam police harassment
    • ZAPU Founder Laid To Rest
    • Typhoid outbreak hits Chitungwiza
    • 2008 voters roll online
    • MDC-T vows to revise Chinese deals
    • Over 60 minerals discovered, official
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai arrives in Japan
    • The MDC Today
    • Villagers accuse farmer of robbery
    • Tobacco sales to surpass target, TIMB
    • Team Zimbabwe first to arrive Games Village
    • China aims to rewrite perceptions on Africa investment
    • We must have the courage to bring Zimbabwe in from the cold
    • Constitution Watch of 18th July 2012 [Negotiators Reach Agreement on Second Draft: Questions About Second All-Stakeholders Conference]
  19. Posted 18/7/12
    • Zim Lied To Win Right To Host Tourism Conference
    • Zim blames Zambia for UNWTO preps chaos
    • No money for world tourism congress, officials
    • Fears that ZANU PF planning to dismiss new constitution
    • Two suspected killers of MDC-T official die within two days
    • Anjin keen to invest in Zimbabwe’s aviation market
    • Parliament Tears Into 'Corrupt' Home Affairs Department
    • Mugabe calls for removal of EU travel restrictions
    • Tsvangirai axes ‘reckless’ officials
    • ZESA employees suspended over salary fight
    • Europe sending conflicting Zim sanctions messages
    • Photojournalist Arrested
    • Women Demonstrate against arrest
    • Mujuru’s estate valued at $9 Billion
    • Pressure Group Wants World To Deny Mugabe Arms
    • U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Zimbabwe Says to Push Democratic Agenda
    • Mudede threatens to annul marriages
    • Equipment donated in Mat-South
    • South Africa Reports 281 Rhinos Killed This Year
    • Zim mining has ‘huge potential'
    • ‘Zim minerals untapped’
    • ZESN Commends Supreme Court Ruling On By Elections
    • Zimbabwe's economy: A new perspective
    • Why Zimbabwe needs to maintain a multi-form land tenure system
  20. Posted 17/7/12
    • Dhlamini Zuma New AU Commission Chair
    • Judge orders private doctor to examine sick MDC-T member
    • Residents forced to travel 100km to dispute ZESA bills
    • ZANU PF buys 550 top of the range vehicles for elections
    • Bennett warns MDC-T against ‘autonomous’ decision making
    • MDC Offcials Arrested Over Newsletter
    • Zimbabwe NGOs Urge Youths to Vote
    • Zimbabwe police investigate murder of white businessman
    • Term limits clip service chiefs’ wings
    • MDC-T fires Khumalo
    • Zim should not wait for Zuma — Misihairabwi
    • Zim mortgages minerals for arms
    • GNU in turmoil
    • Harare releasing sewage into water sources
    • Zimbabwe gold output up 29%
    • Diamond prices threaten growth targets
    • Harare Mayor Masunda Behind the Headlines
    • Mujuru family lawyer Kewada Behind the Headlines
    • “I can arrest you” – the Zimbabwe Republic Police and your rights
    • U.S. launches language program for deprived Zim kids
    • The MDC Today
    • Zimbabwe at 32 – Tracing the Fading Democratic Value of National Leadership:
    • Notes on 32 Years of Zimbabwe’s Independence Part 1 — by Takura Zhangazha
    • “It’s our time to define our own destiny” Notes on Zimbabwean Independence Part II — by Clever Bere
    • Bill Watch 32/2012 of 14th July [House sends HRC and Older Persons Bills to Senate, Amended Electoral Bill to PLC]
    • Parliamentary Committees Series - 16th July 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 16-19 July]
  21. Batch 2 Posted 16/7/12
    • Zuma, Ping fight for AU top job
    • Call to extend Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Biti forced to hold rally in bush
    • Zanu PF splashes millions on cars
    • Parliament queries Mudede poll role
    • Missing Zimbabwean businessman found dead in car trunk, head wrapped in plastic bag
    • Ncube urges Gukurahundi openness
    • Harare releasing sewage into water sources
    • Hell of a rot at town council
    • Ncube denies ‘blatant’ Tsvangirai lies
    • Sinosteel seek Zimasco equity exemption
    • Dilemma over deliberate HIV/AIDS transmission legislation
    • Much ado about nothing – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 14th July 2012
    • The twin Bills of shame and betrayal, now the backlash
    • COURT WATCH 12/2012 of 12th July [Case Against Torture]
  22. Posted 16/7/12
    • MDC to hit back, Biti warns youth militia
    • Khupe’s political career on the knife edge?
    • Bennett differs with MDC-T on ‘amnesty’ for Gukurahundi
    • Grain loan scheme scandal hits Matabeleland
    • Infighting sees Mafa defying Shamu’s orders
    • Mujuru showers Mugabe with praises
    • ‘Too early to celebrate Supreme Court ruling’
    • Vendors fight Bulawayo City Council
    • Mpofu vying for VP post: Analysts
    • Tsholotsho villagers desperately wait for food assistance
    • Jailed killer cop faces wrath of avenging spirits
    • Abandoned swimming pool turned into school
    • Invaders a threat to urban development
    • Shortage of schools hits resettlement areas
    • Bogus herbalists rip-off villagers
    • Jumbos may die of thirst, says ZimParks
    • Air Zimbabwe in fix for overloading
    • Zambian company sues Biti, Pasi
    • Resisting devolution not the solution, open debate
    • Zanu PF riding on indigenisation for votes
    • Supreme Court strikes right note
    • True entrepreneurs rise in difficult times
  23. Posted 15/7/12
    • Foreign Office: borders will remain closed to Mugabe
    • 'No question' of lifting EU sanctions against Mugabe
    • Peter Hain urges wider Zimbabwe sanctions aimed at Robert Mugabe
    • US Envoy Warns Zim Leaders
    • Zimbabwe man survives 'face to face' lion attack
    • African Leaders Need Mugabe's Wisdom, Guidance - VP Mujuru
    • Chombo Denies Firing MDC Council Officials
    • Latest on Zesa scandal
    • Zimbabwe undergoing ICT revolution: Mugabe
    • Kasukuwere isolated
    • To speak out or not to speak; Mnangagwa’s dilemma
    • Funny, we thought it was about human rights
  24. Batch 2 Posted 14/7/12
    • EU Ambassador Says No Decision Yet on Zimbabwe Sanctions
    • Zimbabwe PM's Party Says Will Renegotiate Diamond Deals Favoring China
    • Former Tsvangirai MDC Deputy Spokesperson Plays Down Demotion
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T complicity blasted
    • RBZ’s governance structures weak
    • ‘Mugabe blocked lecture’
    • Journos lobby for protection
    • Torture: Zim’s culture of impunity
    • Trust schools won’t be indigenised: Kasukuwere
    • Much doom and gloom at the ZSE
    • Eric Bloch Column: Empowerment threatens economy
    • The Kasukuwere circus
    • Reform ‘impasse’: Zuma not the solution
    • Poll violence: Let’s draw key lessons from history
  25. Posted 14/7/12
    • Court rules that Mugabe must call by-elections
    • Release of new constitution delayed again
    • The new constitution and the CIO
    • Developers urged to rethink site of new mall
    • Advisory Council For Bulawayo Water Body
    • China funds $1,2bn Zambezi Water Project
    • Makokoba MDC-T supporters protest over factionalism
    • 2000 TelOne employees face the chop
    • Britain gives Zim $19m for girls’ bursaries
    • Zimsec marks exams electronically for the first time
    • Zim inflation eases to 3.97% in June
    • Diaspora vote lost in ‘horse trading’ deal with ZANU PF
    • MDC trial resumes Monday
    • Zimbabwe name Coventry to carry flag at London Games
    • Zim gospel singer wins international award
    • ZCTF Report 11th July 2012
    • Ministerial statement on power crisis
    • VMCZ Statement on Minister Shamu’s meeting with editors
  26. Posted 13/7/12
    • Zimbabwe politicians welcome suspended sanctions plans
    • Zimbabwe in talks with Chinese firm on power plant
    • Bulawayo MDC-T infighting claims first big casualty
    • Zim editor slams attempts to gag ‘critical’ media
    • Coltart and Kasukuwere clarify school indigenisation
    • MDC-T to fight Chinamasa over Diaspora vote
    • Mugabe Loses, Given Ultimatum
    • Mugabe defends PM
    • Zim set to amend Securities Act: Biti
    • Zimbabwe says power debt down to under $20 mn
    • Parliament Blocks Electoral Bill, Demands Changes
    • Mutambara Tells U.S. Conference Sanctions Impeding Growth
    • State ordered to compensate assaulted MDC activist
    • Government should carry out the land audit - PM
    • Indigenization Policy a Euphemism for National Asset-Stripping
    • To say that I am shocked is an understatement
  27. Posted 12/7/12
    • Robert Mugabe could be brought in from the cold
    • Heated debate as Rights Commission Bill is tabled in Parliament
    • Census hit by US$15m budget shortfall
    • Census preparations shoddy
    • Draft constitution 'ready': Matinenga
    • State house for Prime Minister Tsvangirai completed
    • Air Zimbabwe's Second Airbus Arrives
    • 101 reasons exiles can't vote: Chinamasa
    • Police accused of murdering suspects
    • Questions raised over Masvingo court arson attack
    • Coltart pulls back criticism in private school shares row
    • ZESA audit reveals massive corruption
    • Deeply-Divided Cabinet Skirts Indigenization Debate
    • Drought-Stricken Zimbabwe Farmers Stranded As Grazing Lands Diminish
    • Zanu PF bombing suspect demands trial
    • Farm invader fails in UK asylum bid
    • Biti in a fix
    • Manufacturing Sector Failing to Adapt to New Challenges
    • Masvingo residents gripped by water shortage fears
    • Mpofu went it alone: Court told
    • 'Zim needs rule by consent'
    • Position on the temporal jurisdiction of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission
    • Zimbabwe: A country left behind on AIDS surges ahead
    • Conflicts over urban agriculture in Harare, Zimbabwe – by Anna Brazier
    • Bill Watch 31/2012 of 11th July [Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Postponed; Progress on HRC and Electoral Bills]
  28. Posted 11/7/12
    • New video exposes murderous role of ZANU PF MP
    • Energy workers threaten national blackout over salary dispute
    • Zimbabwe Watchdog Rebukes State Media for Political Bias
    • MDC-T ministers and legislators declare assets to party
    • Chamisa castigates Indigenisation policy
    • Diaspora welcomes news on dual citizenship
    • Zimbabwe's population census and a begging bowl
    • Gono, Kasukuwere call truce in banks row
    • Senator only joked about women shaving heads to stop HIV
    • New Report Says HIV Prevalence High in Circumcised Zimbabwe Men
    • Cox & Kings to return to Zimbabwe
    • Historic Masvingo City Faces Critical Water Shortages
    • Chrome export ban costs US$4 million
    • Policy Inconsistencies Stalling Sale of RBZ's Homelink
    • Witnesses line up against Rushwaya
    • Zimbabwe: is it time for British tourists to return?
    • Gukurahundi debate haunts Mugabe
    • Zimbabweans Deserve Our Solidarity In Their Hour Of Need
    • Robert Mugabe 'a complex character'
    • Individuals Purporting to be ZESN Officials
    • Our bitter sweet Matobo - returning to the playground of childhood
    • Rethinking Zimbabwe
    • Re-engaging the EU
  29. Posted 10/7/12
    • New constitution to allow dual citizenship
    • Mugabe surrenders on bid for early elections
    • Empty Boeing 767 dispatched to pick Mugabe
    • Zim teachers demand diamond cash for salaries
    • RBZ seeks buyers for Homelink
    • Zaka villagers brief Tsvangirai on Sibanda's reign of terror
    • 'Generals have no support'
    • Govt partners Chinese firm
    • Zim rugby stars fail US doping tests
    • Sports minister reacts to small size of Olympic team
    • Zinasu activists' discharge ruling Wednesday
    • Sir Humphrey Gibbs Training Centre: Giving a Home and Hope to People Living With Disabilities
    • Tatenda Taibu quits cricket for church aged 29
    • Zimbabwe's political instability exaggerated
    • In killing enterprise, Robert Mugabe is not alone in Africa
    • A plea to focus on the reasons why children commit criminal offences
    • Bill Watch 30/2012 of 9th July [Parliament Resumes for HRC and Electoral Bills and Mid-Term Financial Statement]
  30. Batch 2 Posted 9/7/12
    • Mugabe flies into Zanu PF storm
    • DCCs disbanded over succession: Zanu PF
    • Jabulani Sibanda terrorises Zaka
    • Mugabe approved MPs, ministers' allowances: Matinenga
    • Stop basking in gone glory: Coltart
    • Does a Zimbabwe farm invader get refugee status?
    • 'Biti in love' - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 7th July 2012
  31. Posted 9/7/12
    • Mujuru flexes muscles
    • Tsvangirai rules out incresing CDF
    • Biti fires salvo at Nolbert Kunonga
    • No let-up to Kasukuwere, Gono fallout
    • Empowerment law in conflict with existing acts
    • Coup threats a pipedream: Mushonga
    • Youths encouraged to vote
    • Catholic university clinches sife top award
    • Zim's failed state tag questioned
    • Government blamed for poor grades in Maths
    • Irrigation improves food security in Gutu
    • Headman to use toilet for first time
    • Housing scheme launched
    • St Martins revamps recreational park
    • Council ups blitz on residents over water bills
    • Essar gets nod to takeover iron ore claims
    • Anjin's hotels venture raises eyebrows
    • Hotels place tourists under curfew: Kaseke
    • The season of electioneering is upon us
    • Zimbabwe should do more to protect children's rights
    • For ordinary people indigenisation is a lie
    • Small Olympics team heartbreaking
  32. Posted 8/7/12
    • Mugabe returns from Singapore
    • Exiled Zimbabwe Politician Bennett Urges Push for More Reforms
    • Mutambara pours praise on Tsvangirai
    • Britain Disputes Reports of Zimbabwe Education Program Pull-out
    • Chiyangwa's AAG blasts Kasukuwere
    • Zimbabwe Minister, Central Bank Chief Spar Over Indigenization of Banks
    • Chinese news programmes and the exiled white farmers' imported maize
    • Next up for grabs
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 6th July 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 9-12 July]
  33. Batch 2 Posted 7/7/12
    • Zimbabwean cop jailed for beating diamond miner to death
    • Mutare rejoices at the jailing of top police officer
    • Seizure of Zim banks is illegal, says Gono
    • 'Mugabe will back bank grabs'
    • Poll hungry Mugabe insists no money for by-elections
    • WOZA women hidden, denied food
    • Air Zim grinds to complete halt
    • Diamond Mining Companies Snub Mine Entra
    • Second Biggest Mall In Africa Planned For Zim
    • MDC ministers under probe
    • ZANU-PF gags members
    • ZimPride urges young Zimbabweans to register to vote in elections
    • Ballot Update May - June 2012
    • An Update on the political environment in Zimbabwe
    • The woman who took on Zimbabwe's security men and won
    • Zimbabweans too divided: Ray
    • A privileged Zimbabwean life?
  34. Posted 7/7/12
    • Mujuru outwits Mnangagwa
    • Bank grabs a nullity: Biti
    • Nyikayaramba stuns party chefs
    • 'Tsholotsho ghost' haunts Zanu PF
    • By-elections judgment reserved reserves judgment
    • Zim debt now US$10,7 billion
    • Infighting rocks Crisis coalition
    • Tensions rise in faction-riddled Zanu PF
    • Tsvangirai censures senior party officials in Bulawayo
    • 'Drought-stricken villagers getting rotten maize from GMB'
    • Constitutional court impasse
    • Jomic functions crippled
    • Cabinet settles electoral reforms row
    • Zim free to buy arms from Russia: US ambassador
    • New rules a body blow for tourism
    • Chinese-owned firms financing CIO operations
    • Diamond deals nurturing mafia society
    • Agricultural policy flip-flops damaging
    • Hwange thermal on stream next year
    • MuckRaker: Is Zim prosperous now Cde Mzembi?
    • Eric Bloch Column: Govt must act on corruption
    • DCCs fiasco, succession put national stability at risk
    • Zanu PF fails internal democracy test
    • Indigenisation design: Scorched-earth policy
    • Editor's Memo: What was Tendai Biti up to?
    • Candid Comment: Will the real sellouts please stand up?
  35. Posted 6/7/12
    • Zimbabwe attacks forced bank stake sales
    • More bluster than substance in Zimbabwe's indigenisation threat to banks
    • New constitution not yet ready
    • MDC-T echoes call for Chihuri to resign
    • Lawyers for 29 MDC-T members file for bail at the Supreme Court
    • Civil Servants threaten strike - again
    • Mugabe flip flops
    • Latest farm grab: 80 workers thrown out
    • Grace Mugabe and her dairy farm
    • Milk output up 7pc
    • Furore over increase in Harare councillors' allowances
    • Mana Pools lodge threatens eco-system
    • Fate of Zim asylum seeker unclear after second deportation threat
    • Ex-Zim cop jailed for miner's murder
    • US to provide ARVs to 140,000 patients
    • As piped water dries up, city dwellers turn to carrying water
    • Things I love about Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 5/7/12
    • Harare indigenisation focus turns to private schools
    • Zimbabwe bid to take over schools illegal -minister
    • Gono asks Mugabe to intervene in bank shares row
    • Zanu PF abandons Gono
    • ZBC to broadcast Chinese news programmes
    • Human rights NGO Forum director charged by police
    • Knives out as military turn on Mnangagwa
    • Air Zimbabwe Suspends Flights As Mugabe Ditches The Airline
    • Cops summon Galz director over Mugabe insults
    • Gov't Meets Civil Servants Over Pay, But Offers Nothing
    • Politburo plots Masunda ouster
    • Census preparations shoddy
    • Grace Mugabe takes on Nestle
    • Displaced farmers feeding Zimbabwe from Zambia
    • War vets invade black-owned farms
    • Interfin allegedly conned Finance Ministry, admits Biti
    • Dollarisation to dominate banking seminar
    • Zimbabwe's Bishops Reach Out to Their Emigrants
    • Free Zimbabwe Global Protest - Round 7
    • Torture not a crime in Zimbabwe
    • Innovation Prize for Africa 2013 to recognize innovations that unlock African potential
  37. Posted 4/7/12
    • Zimbabwe gives banks 1 year to cede stakes to locals
    • Zimbabwe targets foreign banks
    • Govt cracks widen as PM dismisses indigenisation plans
    • Parties deadlocked over voters' roll
    • Stone-Broke Zimbabwe Earmarks $100 Million for Elections
    • Judge Puts Brakes On Chombo's Purge
    • Mutare Mayor tells workers they're 'undesirables'
    • 9 WOZA activists arrested in Bulawayo
    • Arrests but 2 women cannot be located at any police station, 7 denied breakfast
    • Mnangagwa 'alarmed' by decision to disband DCC's
    • Zanu PF to explain on its DCC woes
    • Ministers accused of US$15k allowance swindle
    • Chinese firm lays off 200 workers
    • Diplomats want transparency in Marange
    • Concern for Zim activist facing second UK deportation attempt
    • The MDC Today - Issue 387
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 2nd July 2012 [Meetings Open to the Public: 2-5 July]
    • Bill Watch 29/2012 of 2nd July [Indigenisation Rules for Finance and Education Sectors and 7 Other Sectors]
    • Zimbabwe's debt problem - a ticking time bomb
    • We are on Facebook and Twitter
  38. Posted 3/7/12
    • Speculation about Mugabe's health as he travels to Singapore again
    • SA mediation team 'losing patience' with Zimbabwe
    • Banking sector confused by mixed indigenisation messages
    • Zanu PF forces civil servants to fund Heroes' celebrations
    • Exlusive: CIO rocked by infiltration by foreign agents
    • Smaller parties demand bigger say
    • President Mugabe To Launch Marange-Zimunya Community Share Ownership Trust
    • ZANU PF's infighting forces closure of grassroots structures
    • Siltation a massive threat in Save Valley
    • Zanu PF supporters are like "pigs" - Ncube
    • Mugabe seductive, calm, unflappable: Biti
    • The MDC Today - Issue 386
    • ZCTF Report 30th June 2012
    • The significance of land compensation for rehabilitation of Zimbabwe's land sector
    • We are now on Facebook!
  39. Batch 2 Posted 2/7/12
    • Military and Police to Get Diamond Mines: Mpofu
    • UK's Development Aid To Zim Exceed $300 Million
    • Mugabe in another Singapore trip
    • Biti rules out Tsvangirai challenge
    • ZAPU youths demand national holiday in honour of the late Joshua Nkomo
    • Tiger-mauling victim's identity delays inquest
    • Film shares journey of Zimbabwean basket weavers
    • No sense of urgency - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary - 30th June 2012
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch - Issue 40
    • Bill Watch 28/2012 of 29th June [Parliament Resumes on 10th July for Important Bills and Mid-Term Financial Statement]
    • COURT WATCH 11/2012 of 30th June [Cases of Alleged Torture]
  40. Posted 2/7/12
    • PM, Biti fissures widen
    • DCCs disbanding provides new lease of life to Mujuru
    • Gono calms banking sector
    • 'Police brutality costs man virility'
    • Star FM a ZBC clone - Analysts
    • Ray tells youths to forfeit useless political agendas
    • Malema's rant on Zuma rubbished
    • Powerful lobbyists behind the circumcision crazy
    • Is circumcision not a costly sideshow?
    • Church builds orphanage
    • Community hands over clinic to local church
    • Erect Nkomo statue, cultural society tells govt
    • 'I know my wife is a witch'
    • EU funds US$3m water project
    • Politics block US$10m Byo bailout funds
    • AfDB warns Zim on EPAs
    • Forgetting fallen heroes unforgivable
    • The youths have crucial role to play in rebuilding Zim
    • NSSA now off the rails
    • Listeners' licence law must be scrapped
  41. Posted 1/7/12
    • Govt Probes Food Politicisation
    • Generals will be retired: PM
    • ZEC Chief in the Dark on Election Date
    • Zim needs new referendum law: Zec
    • Zanu (PF) abandons District elections
    • What sanctions?: Mujuru
    • Indigenisation: banks given July deadline
    • Tobacco prices up 39 percent
    • Lack of Capital Derailing Zimbabwe's Attempts to Revive Wheat Farming
    • Minister Says Zimbabwe Not Ready to Scrap Maternity Charges
    • Zimbabwe President Mugabe wants 100 percent local control of economy
    • Virtual lecture hall links UZ to world
    • Snakes, eels and burning maize bags

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