The ZIMBABWE Situation

September 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/9/12
    • Zimbabwe Sets Date For Elections
    • Court to decide on 2013 election dates
    • Chiwenga endorses Mnangagwa
    • Coalition government past sell-by date: Tsvangirai
    • Zim lodges complaint to UN
    • In pictures: Mnangagwa secret diamond deals; all by himself and son
    • Zimbabwe PM apologises over love triangle
    • Industry in the dark over US$64m loan
    • Decriminalise Sex: Parliamentarians Urges Govt
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's brief to civil society
    • Queuing up for the front page
    • The Glenview 29
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/9/12
    • Police detain MDC-T officials in Bulawayo
    • NCA dismisses Stakeholders Conference as pointless
    • Zimbabwe's constitution process a battleground
    • Looters defy Mugabe
    • Minister Biti: Save Conservancy Invasion Irks IMF, ADB
    • Minister: Save Conservancy Invaders Greedy Zimbabweans
    • Afromedia insists its Zim operations legal
    • Zimbabweans Condemn Arrest of ATV Journalists
    • Judge slams attempts to evict new farmers
    • Police refuse to disclose informants
    • Zim plans further appeal against landmark SA court ruling
    • PM pushes for arrest of ex-Nssa board
    • Zim power crisis sparks concern
    • China donates food worth $14m
    • Farm seizures fuel unemployment
    • Courts dismisses Tsvangirai application in ongoing ‘marriage’ saga
    • EU delegation in Zim for financial talks
    • U.S. Ambassador Designate Bruce Wharton upbeat about return to Zimbabwe
    • Why was Southern Africa's 'house of justice' pulled down?
    • Mugabe’s alternative UN General Assembly speech
    • Save Valley Conservancy: Acid test for tourism
  3. Posted 29/9/12
    • Row over Mana Pools intensifies
    • New re-election hurdles for Mugabe
    • Fear as army invades Nyanga
    • Glen View 29: CIO visits Mutedza homestead
    • MDC-T faces acid popularity test
    • Politics a stepping stone to gravy train
    • Education: Putting the cart before the horse
    • Zamps release “mythical” results yet again – AMH
    • Mugabe in bid to manipulate court ruling for early polls
    • Zanu PF electioneering strategy in full swing
    • MuckRaker: Be careful what you ask for Cde Nhema!
    • Editor’s Memo: Media silly season truly upon us
    • Mugabe’s posturing not fooling anyone
    • Candid Comment: Zim water crisis is clearly man-made
    • Economic impact of SA court ruling
    • Will govt deliver on agricultural plan?
    • How Mujuru camp won the battle for vice-presidency
  4. Posted 28/9/12
    • General elections in March 2013: Mugabe
    • No agreement on final election date as Mugabe sets out ‘roadmap’
    • Mugabe condemns UN council's 'insatiable' war appetite
    • US calls Mugabe comparing deaths of Stevens, Gaddafi 'abhorrent'
    • IATA suspends Air Zimbabwe over poor safety record
    • Harare based news provider raided by police
    • Tomana plots SA constitutional court appeal
    • Zimbabwe, Zambia to Raise $6 MIllion For UNWTO Meeting
    • COPAC violence plot leaked
    • Zimbabwe lawyers publish analysis of COPAC draft charter
    • Zimbabwe’s debt reaches US$11bln: IMF
    • Tsvangirai suffers maintenance claim setback
    • Poachers caught using anti-tank mines on elephants
    • MDC-T: State witnesses fail to identify informants
    • Solomon Madzore Message from Chikurubi Prison
    • EDITORIAL: A legal lesson for Zanu (PF)
    • Mugabe speech to 67th UN General Assembly
  5. Posted 27/9/12
    • Mugabe tells Zuma that constitutional changes are on track
    • Mugabe, Zuma discuss 'mini general election'
    • IMF Unhappy with Zimbabwe Policies
    • Zimbabwe's Economic Growth To Weaken Significantly This Year: IMF
    • EU team jets in
    • Copac delays 2nd All Stakeholders Conference
    • Constitution indaba will be a circus - ZCTU
    • Government business on hold
    • Chinese Coal Mining Threatens Zimbabwe's Zambezi Water Project
    • State witnesses fail to identify informants
    • Air Zimbabwe revival stifled by debt
    • MDC-T to celebrate 13th Anniversary in Bulawayo
    • New Zimbabwe Steel Workers Surviving on Menial Jobs
    • Empowerment funds diverted to pay Lobola by ZANU-PF youths
    • ZLHR Launches Analysis Of COPAC Draft Constitution ahead of Second All Stakeholders Conference
    • Constitution Watch of 26th September 2012 [Stakeholders Conference Later in October]
  6. Posted 26/9/12
    • COPAC in u-turn over civic participation at All Stakeholders Conference
    • Mugabe by-election call due
    • Bank wins US$1m case against Gono
    • Impala's Zimplats unit hit with $34 mln tax charge
    • Salvation Army ‘causing humanitarian disaster’ in Zim
    • Mutoko teacher living in fear after army attack
    • Cops ban MDC meetings
    • Zanu (PF) headman threatens MDC supporters
    • Zanu (PF) says not running parallel government
    • ZANU PF seeks political interference in SA judiciary
    • Minister Sheds Tears Over Gukurahundi
    • PM’s men storm Karimatsenga home
    • 6 dead in Harare minibus crash
    • MDC-T 29 mistakenly arrested: lawyer
    • The MDC Today
    • ‘Harare owes service providers $100m’
    • Zanu PF patronage jobs backfiring
    • Community protests over Marange diamond
    • The mean season for gays
    • Black Zimbabwe is torture country: Court
    • Open letter to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora
    • Mugabe’s CIO: Is it a criminal enterprise, gang or a syndicate Final Part
    • Bill Watch 44/2012 of 25th September [Finance and Older Persons Acts gazetted]
  7. Posted 25/9/12
    • ZBC's Barwe leaves for UN after visa row
    • Journalist Reuben Barwe issued a visa for the United Nations General Assembly
    • Anti Mugabe protests at United Nations
    • South Africa poses regional security threat: Moyo
    • Zimbabwe police chief attacks foreigners after mining setback
    • ‘Zanu PF victim of SA judiciary’
    • Professors Ncube, Mutambara lock horns
    • Zanu PF, MDCs clash looms
    • MDC calls for arrest of violent ‘soldiers’
    • Musindo gives housing stands to gain votes in Mutare
    • Chiweshe nurses back in court over Howard Hospital saga
    • Glen View cop murder trial drags on
    • Indigenisation policy hostile to investors: Mashakada
    • Only Bewitched People Will Re-elect Mugabe-Ncube
    • Agony for Mutoko villagers who attended MDC rally
    • Jomic fails to attend WOZA complaints
    • Sithole’s wife dies
    • Zimbabwe trade unionist rests after persecution
    • Involvement Zim military in partisan politics is disturbing
    • International Peace Day Statement
    • Save Conservancy: Demanding broad based empowerment
    • World Rhino Day: Time to reflect
  8. Posted 24/9/12
    • Supreme Court Faults State Agents Over Mukoko's Torture
    • Zanu PF Youths Divert Empowermentt Funds: ZYC Reveals
    • Locardia, Tsvangirai in peace talks
    • Harare, Chitungwiza health time bombs
    • Bulawayo orders 'big flush' amid water rationing
    • ‘Damn the environment, I need food’
    • ‘Mummy, Daddy’ politics – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 22nd September 2012
    • Soldiers arrested for extorting rank marshals
    • Underfunding cripples Education ministry
    • Myths surrounding Chinese investment exposed
    • Corruption behind people’s failure to get identity documents— Report
    • UN official urges Zim to work for peace
    • Access to healthcare still a nightmare
    • Poor households get lifeline from FAO
    • ‘There is no alternative to Copac draft’
    • Biti unpacks Zanu PF amendments
    • Banks in fresh bid to spur savings culture
    • Poor roads inhibit tourism growth in Eastern Highlands
    • ‘No deadlock in constitution-making’
  9. Posted 23/9/12
    • Tomana Presses Ahead With Prosecutions of Prosecutors
    • 'Soldiers' storm Ncube rally in Mutoko
    • Reuben Barwe barred from US
    • Mugabe delays MDC minister's swearing-in
    • Amnesty urges police restraint in minibus war
    • Zimbabweans told to stop speaking English language
    • Police recorded Kereke’s statement: Chihuri
    • Police torture under Supreme Court spotlight
    • On International Day of Peace, end rhetoric and hollow statements
    • Purple splats
    • Deception, terror groups and China
  10. Batch 2 Posted 22/9/12
    • Storm gathers over Mana Pools
    • Ministers in massive double-dipping: report
    • Clash in cabinet over referendum Bill
    • Zim under pressure over IMF debt
    • MDC-T grills Bhebhe over utterances
    • ‘Referendum doubtful’
    • Tsvangirai’s wedding: A new life of luxury
    • Harmonise mining laws regime –– Mutsinya
    • Economic growth forecast revised
    • IDBZ raises US$60m for Zesa’s meters
    • Stakeholders’ forum: A recipe for disaster
    • New draft constitution guarantees change
    • Mana Pools is a national heritage
    • Zim Media Council out to muzzle press
    • Copac draft: Don’t stop the train
    • Settling scores under guise of indigenisation
    • Accelerating tourism growth
    • Battle rages over Save Conservancy
    • Zanu PF succession in practice
    • ‘Fear factor’ in Zim polls
  11. Posted 22/9/12
    • Mugabe intensifies military plan
    • ZANU-PF reactivate 2008 terror structures
    • Zim arms deal mystery deepens
    • Another top diplomat condemns invasion of conservancies
    • COPAC excludes civil society from 2nd all stakeholders’ conference
    • Suspect dies after police torture in Chitungwiza
    • Tsvangirai maintenance case postponed to next week
    • ZANU PF takes over grain loan scheme in Masvingo
    • Zimbabwe asks ANC to block property auction
    • Zim farm school future uncertain as teachers face eviction
    • Chipinge community in the dark over ethanol project’s future
    • Mbada hands police $1,5m block
    • Stalled Deals Derailing Zimbabwe's Economic Revival
    • Bulawayo asks residents to flush toilets at same time
    • MDC calls on police to arrest Alshabab
    • SA commits to helping Zim’s economic recovery
  12. Posted 21/9/12
    • Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa confirms SADC Tribunal ruling binding, Zimbabwean Government must pay costs
    • The SA Supreme Court judgement on Zim in full
    • Principals agree to let COPAC deal with constitution
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Agree to Publicly Table Draft Constitution
    • Zanu PF concedes defeat over draft constitution
    • Mnangagwa’s henchman behind KweKwe’s Alshabab group
    • Chipangano: ZRP in crisis
    • Soldiers Beat Up Budiriro Residents
    • Mpiranya Close Ally Of Zim Security Forces
    • President off to New York
    • South Africa wants a high profile at rule of law meeting
    • Dutch Envoy Condemns Property Grab In Zim
    • GMB Officials, Villagers Selling Food Aid in Zimbabwe
    • Cabinet approves mandatory ethanol blending
    • Chisumbanje villagers to get compensation?
    • Coltart launches blitz on govt schools
    • Betty Kaunda dies
    • Kasukuwere: colonial laws blocking empowerment
    • Proteas cruise to 10-wicket win over Zim
    • Ninth Free Zimbabwe Global protest on Saturday 22nd September
    • Morgan Tsvangirai's messy love life is a gift to his enemies
    • Constitution Watch of 20th September 2012 [Constitution-Making Deadlock Loosening?]
  13. Posted 20/9/12
    • Mugabe family named in corruption report
    • Father of murdered cop also blames Zanu PF
    • Judge delays bail decision in Glen View murder case
    • Supreme Court of Appeal ruling on Zimbabwean land grabs tomorrow
    • Date for 2nd all stakeholders meeting to be decided Thursday
    • Copac security nightmare
    • Mugabe in no-show, again!
    • Drama and arrest as WOZA deliver complaint letter to police
    • Tsvangirai’s wife attends MDC bail hearing
    • PM Tsvangirai Takes Marriage Dispute to Supreme Court
    • Water, sanitation needs $1 billion
    • Inflation drops to 3,63pc
    • Family dispute over politics leaves nephew in coma
    • Shangaan Speakers Invade Sugar Cane Farms In Tribal War
    • Zimbabwe cops offer $5m for Rwandan genocide fugitive
    • Econet Wireless Nets 7 Million Subscribers
    • Kereke claims wife and daughter have ‘vanished’
    • UK and Australia contribute US$ 11.5 million to help Zimbabwe’s smallholder farmers
    • Zimbabwe urged to lift ban on growing genetically modified food
    • What really happened to The Farmer
    • Nkayi – no road, no bridge, no signal
    • Alan Butcher charged with rejuvenating Zimbabwe cricket
    • RAU’s opinion piece – The Fear Factor
    • Youth Forum Launches the ‘Score a Goal for Democracy’ Tournament
  14. Posted 19/9/12
    • New group begins campaign of terror in KweKwe
    • Zanu PF terror groups revived around Zimbabwe
    • WOZA slams police intimidation as another member arrested
    • Brother of slain Glen View cop accuses ZANU PF of murder
    • AG wants tough action against white farmers
    • Zanu PF Mobilizes Party Base For Constitution Indaba
    • Corrupt party leaders face probe
    • Chinese firm plans $3.5 bln Zimbabwe power plant -report
    • Teachers forced to join ZANU PF structures in Mutasa South
    • ‘Hurt’ Locardia pursues Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai to contest cancellation of marriage license
    • Zim Offers Reward For Rwanda Genocide Fugitive
    • UN urged to close the door on ‘illegitimate’ Mugabe
    • Ncube gives BBC reporter a HARDtime
    • Census payments doubtful, says finance ministry
    • Zanu PF ‘funder’ in trouble over Mugabe slur
    • WFP: Food Crisis Deteriorating in Zimbabwe
    • UZ’s 14-year old wonder kid ‘enjoying it’
    • African Commissioners and UN Special Rapporteur defend right to protest
    • Hospital, cluster homes for Mall of Zim project
    • Zimbabwe thrashed by Sri Lanka in Hambantota
    • The love scandals that rocked Zanu PF: Part 5
    • Transcript: Ncube's BBC HARDtalk interview
    • Zanu-PF is no longer relevant
    • Learning from Zimbabwe: the Failure of Liberation Politics
  15. Posted 18/9/12
    • Govt criticised for spending more on defence than education
    • Diaspora vote put aside by government
    • MDC-T admits blocking diaspora vote
    • Parliament at standstill as GPA has 4th Anniversary
    • Four years: GPA fails to restore economic stability
    • Papers slate Zim PM’s ‘mock wedding’
    • Plans For Anti Mugabe Demo AT UN Head Quarters
    • Teachers stranded as ZOU diploma rejected
    • ‘Zanu PF buying arms to prepare for violence’
    • Preserve the aura of Mana Pools
    • Drivers used during census not paid
    • DCCs disbandment haunts Chipangano
    • Children at Hopley in need of proper education facilities
    • Mugabe's nephew in land wrangle
    • Political play banned from Intwasa
    • Mugabe’s CIO: Is it a criminal enterprise, gang or syndicate? Part 2
  16. Posted 17/9/12
    • Morgan Tsvangirai could face bigamy charges after second wedding
    • Zimbabwe PM: I Have Found True Love
    • Regional leaders snub Tsvangirai's wedding
    • Wild animals scare Masvingo villagers
    • Zanu PF to hijack all stakeholders’ conference
    • AMH CEO urges teachers not to boycott classes
    • Unemployment could drive youths into the streets— MDC-T
    • Water harvesting project transforms villagers’ lives
    • Children at Hopley in need of proper education facilities
    • Housing scheme flops, bitter civil servants besiege Mutodi’s offices
    • Treasury growth projections unlikely to be met: Analysts
    • IMF meets to decide on Zim fate
    • Stock exchange for parastatals on cards
    • Zanu PF using draft charter to test popularity
    • Wrong thinking behind war for conservancies
    • Tsvangirai must be accountable for his actions
    • Tsvangirai must clean up his act
    • Stop da Circus – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 15th September 2012
  17. Posted 16/9/12
    • Tsvangirai circumvents court order, marries under customary law
    • China helped foil Western invasion: Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe targets 10,00MW power grid
    • Bulawayo fights to reclaim power station
    • Fresh assault on Zim media
    • Mnangagwa parallel structures in Zanu PF
    • Changes to draft constitution possible: MDC-T
    • Railway system can’t cope with coal growth
    • Chipinge receives $122 000 for safe water
    • The Forgotten Ones
    • A never ending struggle
  18. Batch 2 Posted 15/9/12
    • Multiple farm-owners defy Mugabe
    • Parastatals perform dismally
    • MDC parties’ ‘Yes’ campaign ‘ill-advised’
    • Govt pushes Byo water project
    • Two million face starvation
    • Parly business at a standstill
    • Denmark mends Zim relations
    • Matabeleland’s generational crisis
    • US$1bn fund to take over troubled banks’ loans
    • Tsvangirai wedding: Premier walking political minefield
    • Van Hoogstraten ‘pulls out of CFI’
    • ZRC: An ambitious route bordering on the impossible
    • Copac national report a sham
    • Wanted: A truly professional police force
    • Mugabe Jamaica comments ill-advised
    • Tsvangirai sex scandals risky
    • Copac draft empowers Zimbabweans
    • A kiss of death from Cde Kissnot
    • Reversing Zimbabwe’s economic morass
    • Battle for heart, soul of civil servants
    • The politics behind by-elections
    • Intricacies of Zanu PF’s electoral process
  19. Posted 15/9/12
    • Magistrate cancels Tsvangirai’s marriage certificate
    • Tsvangirai ‘ceremony’ to go ahead: MDC-T
    • Smear campaign against PM intensifies
    • Zimbabwe’s president says he has turned to China for military defense
    • Mugabe ‘disrespectful, misguided’: Jamaica PM
    • Amnesty says Zimbabwe police detained 300
    • Media groups slam establishment of ‘disciplinary’ council
    • ZANU PF cannot set agenda for COPAC—Mwonzora
    • ZPF linked parastatal to prospect for more diamonds
    • Magura son sentenced to community service in Mudzi North
    • Committee Tasked with Writing New Constitution Dragged To Supreme Court
    • WOZA leaders walk out on cops
    • MDC-T want SADC and A.U. to supervise Constitutional Conference
    • Zanu PF, MDC-T clash over economy
    • R1-billion Zimbabwe loan controversial but strategic
    • Zimbabwe: $1bn bailout bet baffles Harare bankers
    • The Chinese, prisons and unrest
    • Bill Watch 43/2012 of 14th September [Current Representation in Parliament - Impact if Vacancies are Filled]
    • The love scandals that rocked Zanu PF: Part 4
  20. Posted 14/9/12
    • SA woman in new bid to stop Tsvangirai wedding
    • Chinese to fund high speed train service in Zim
    • Students turned away for non-payment of fees
    • Students Launch 'Final Force' Campaign to Demand Education Rights
    • Swiss tourist fined in Zimbabwe court for insulting Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe launches media complaints watchdog, calls for “cease fire” on hostilities
    • Jamaica Offended By Zimbabwe Leader's Remarks
    • Police launch crackdown on Chipangano linked gang
    • Confusion over what Politburo said about draft constitution
    • Mugabe yet to gazette electoral, human rights bills
    • Justice Minister: Converting Prisons Into Businesses Brainless
    • Mining in Mana Pools/Sapi/Chewore: Report on stakeholders meeting – 31 August 2012
    • WOZA leaders released without charge
    • MDC-T Glen View 29 bail hearing adjourned to Monday
    • Australia Warns Its Nationals To Shun Air Zimbabwe
    • Zim Churches Warn Of Blood shed
    • Zim To Deport Satanist Refugees From Rwanda, DRC
    • MDC mass defections stage managed: Moyo
    • Divisions Over Zimbabwe's Indigenization Law Deepen
    • Zambia rejects copper project in Zambezi Valley
    • Biti: Diamond Smuggling To Continue Unabated
    • Tsvangirai wedding: Nosipho Shilubane's affidavit
    • Rowan Martin's detailed response to Isadore Guvamombe
  21. Posted 13/9/12
    • Torture bases resurface
    • Police go berserk in Harare
    • New wave of torture
    • SA urged to explain Zim arms sale
    • Judge dismisses Locadia’s application to stop Tsvangirai wedding
    • Love tussle tarnishes Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai
    • WOZA leaders arrested during Bulawayo protests
    • War as Chipangano meets match
    • Zim To Launch Controversial Media Council
    • Shamu threatens papers over Mugabe criticism
    • High court hears fresh bail application for Glen View 29
    • Son of murdered MDC-T Magura arrested in Mudzi North
    • Purchase of arms signals increased State repression
    • Proposed diamond trade changes under fire from ZANU PF
    • Transparency International – Zimbabwe press statement
    • Goche in land scam?
    • Bulawayo Residents Struggling For Survival
    • Severe fertilizer shortages loom
    • Econet Launches Solar Powered Kiosks For Vendors
    • Econet targeting 100 percent coverage by 2015
    • More deceased voters
    • No further negotiations on COPAC draft
    • Mugabe's legacy of plunder
    • Analysis: Zimbabwe - crisis over?
    • The love scandals that rocked Zanu PF: Part 3
    • Mugabe's CIO: Is it a criminal enterprse, gang or syndicate?
  22. Posted 12/9/12
    • Chinese take over several prisons
    • Mugabe invites Ncube to Principals meeting, then postpones it
    • Harare gripped with fear as soldiers embark on revenge attacks
    • Judge reserves Tsvangirai/Locadia judgement to Wednesday
    • Teachers moot crippling strike
    • SA's arms sales to Zim 'above board'
    • Scepticism over US$100m South Africa loan
    • Firestorm over Mugabe's comments
    • Election Support Network: Zimbabweans Politically Traumatized
    • Vic Falls club illegally seized by government
    • ZANU PF officials implicated in wildlife bribes scam
    • New bail application for 29 MDC members
    • Zimbabwe Avails $6 Million For War Vets Children's Fees
    • WOZA Stages Peaceful Protests Demanding New Constitution
    • New competition leaves ZBC in red
    • Gono must answer MPs’ questions: Speaker
    • Founder of Chipangali Wildlife orphanage dies
    • Bulawayo: Schools chase children away for non payment fees
    • Villagers Sue Diamond Mines
    • Kereke threatens the Daily News again
    • Transcript: Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
    • The love scandals that rocked Zanu PF: Part 1
    • The love scandals that rocked Zanu PF: Part 2
    • Industry dead, Zimbabweans job hunt in the suburbs
  23. Posted 11/9/12
    • Controversy brewing over South Africa’s arms sale to Zimbabwe
    • Zanu (PF) Militia Demand Elections
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe meet over Constitutional deadlock
    • CIO boss under pressure to quit
    • No water in many areas of Harare
    • Mugabe's recovery caused by MDC-T corruption
    • Ian Smith’s name still on voter’s roll: ZEC
    • Food shortages in Chisumbanje
    • War veterans storm Mzembi’s office
    • WOZA members protest to demand resumption of Constitutional reform
    • Zanu PF youths sue Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe HIV activist demands medication for prisoners
    • Mugabe man cashes in on diamond fields
    • Mugabe Too Rude!
    • Treasury concludes draft to reform RBZ
    • Masiyiwa sends eight Zim students to US college
    • Dabengwa's Zapu broke
    • Draft charter: Zanu PF seeks to entrench dictatorship
    • So much for the Jewel of Africa
    • Editor’s desk:Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
    • FACTBOX-Political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • Peace Watch 2/2012 New Series - 10th September 2012 [National Healing - First Stop the Violence]
    • Bill Watch 42/2012 of 10th September [Delays in Government and Parliamentary Business]
  24. Posted 10/9/12
    • Tsvangirai Launches "Yes" Campaign for Draft Constitution , Insists Will Not Budge
    • MDC-T ‘Yes’ campaign futile: Zanu PF
    • Call referendum, PM challenges Mugabe
    • Don't give loan to Zim, DA tells SA govt
    • Zanu PF threatens to expel party rebels
    • We will pay civil servants' bonuses: Biti
    • ‘Mineral proceeds used in running parallel govt’
    • Zanu PF officials in wildlife bribes scam
    • Mzembi playing politics while I am making dollars — Mahofa
    • Zanu PF boycotts Diaspora meeting
    • Census Enumerators up in arms with government over payments
    • Police, Gono ignored Chihuri warning on 'danger' Kereke
    • Zanu-PF to meet over Hargreaves hero status
    • Confessions of bribery
    • Constitutional Draft content victory ‘sweets’ cannot be stolen from our mouths
    • Marathon Mugabe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 8th September 2012
    • Press Release from the Swaziland Vigil – 9th September 2012
    • Save Conservancy - Article in the Herald and a Response
  25. Posted 9/9/12
    • Tsvangirai to launch ‘Yes’ campaign
    • Mugabe Making Last Ditch Efforts to Revive Constitutional Talks
    • MDC Mash West officials arrested for rally slur
    • Zim needs $10m to pay enumerators: Biti
    • Census: More Still Uncounted After Mop Up Exercise
    • Zim Industry, Farmers Call For GMO Production To Avert Future Droughts
    • MDC-T/ZANU-F Legislators Ill-advised: Ncube
    • Plot against PM intensifies
    • Tsvangirai 'mentally unstable': ex-lover
    • Judge to Rule on Bid to Stop Tsvangira's Wedding
    • Zim Premier Invites Nearly A Dozen African Leaders For His Wedding
    • Outright corruption and/or plain incompetence?
    • Mopping up
  26. Batch 2 Posted 8/9/12
    • Zimbabwe to seek $100m SA bail-out
    • Zimbabwe Needs Loans to Revive Economy, Finance Minister Says
    • Late Ex-Rhodesian PM Ian Smith Still on Zimbabwe's Voters Roll
    • Case launched in Zimbabwe over denial of AIDS drugs for prisoners
    • MDC-T member hospitalised after violent ZANU PF attack
    • ‘Out of control’ Chipangano blamed for Harare minibus driver attacks
    • Bulawayo residents faces fifth day with no water
    • Ex lover in bid to stop Tsvangirai’s wedding
    • Former Lover Working With CIO: Tsvangirai Spin Doctors
    • NCA says Zimbabweans must demand fresh elections
    • Churches dismiss Copac draft
    • Cabinet finally approves Ziscosteel deal
    • MDC Rubbishes Prof Ncube's Essar Probe
    • ‘Biti worst Finance Minister’ - Moyo
    • MDC-T MP for Mbare to switch constituencies
    • Mugabe man cashes in on diamond fields
    • Kereke threatens Financial Gazette
    • Seven charged with $10M tax fraud scheme
    • 'The future of Zimbabwe is bright,' says presidential hopeful
    • President Tsvangirai to launch “Vote Yes” campaign on Saturday
    • Zimbabwe’s Save Valley Conservancy, Indigenisation And ‘The Lie Of The Land — By Takura Zhangazha
    • Crossing the Makgadikgadi Pans in a home-made wooden go-kart
  27. Posted 8/9/12
    • Copac draft divides Zanu PF
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai set for another showdown
    • New draft: Departure from the past
    • Tsvangirai wedding on the rocks
    • ‘Chipangano is Zanu PF’
    • Potraz warns operators
    • Graft allegations malicious –– Ncube
    • Aid cuts threaten future of civic organisations
    • Parastatal boards, CEOs face the chop
    • Dabengwa booted out of DTZ board
    • Resource nationalism must be all-inclusive
    • Tsvangirai must take responsibility
    • Next elections truly complex
    • CIO partially controls Sino-Zim
    • It’s not just the West who are hypocrites
    • Zim needs agricultural recovery
    • MDC-T paying price for gravy train ride
    • What is Zanu PF really up to?
    • Zanu PF succession process vague
  28. Posted 7/9/12
    • More ZANU PF Save Conservancy ‘looters’ named
    • Minister says Zimbabwe to seek regional help for economy
    • No money for civil servants bonuses: Biti
    • Civil servants strike looms
    • Govt gets 9perc from US$456m diamond revenues
    • Zimbabwe Chiefs Want to Join JOMIC
    • ZANU PF shielding Kunaka and his Chipangano group
    • Chisumbanje farmers want their land back from Rautenbach
    • RBZ refusing to pay retrenched workers
    • ZBC Launches Anti-Copac Draft Constitution Program
    • Chiefs Waylay Mzembi To Demand For Answers In Conservancy Saga
    • Speaker Moyo: Parliament Rightfully Summoning Gono For Hearings
    • SADC to tackle constitution deadlock: Kikwete
    • ZIPRA Says Zanu PF Are Fraudsters
    • Scale of graft shocks Mugabe
    • Census chaos persists
    • Save Conservancy, Zim shoots self in foot
    • War vets demand national report
    • Unity govt dysfunctional: Mugabe
    • Prime Minister’s lover claiming US$15,000 in maintenance
    • Sixteen months since the arrest and detention of 29 MDC members
    • Zim should strengthen multi-currency regime
    • Zimbabwe man fined for Mugabe death joke
    • Cattle rustlers decimate herds
    • Tsvangirai In US For Democrat Convention
    • Statement from MDC-N
    • Is The West Lusting For Robert Mugabe Again?
  29. Posted 6/9/12
    • Census begins ‘mop-up’ count
    • CIO bars residents from Zimstats office
    • Zimbabwe agrees to monitors
    • Zimbabwe University Animal Unit On Cruelty Charges
    • SADC Troika to convene special summit on Zimbabwe in October
    • Police in Tsholotsho ban Zimrights meeting on domestic abuse
    • Trial of nurses deferred as Howard Hospital saga continues
    • Ousted Canadian Doctor seeks refuge at Canadian embassy
    • War Vets reject constitution
    • Zanu PF attacks Tsvangirai for US trip
    • Zim poachers poison vultures to cover tracks
    • Green Fuel dispute political: ARDA boss
    • Zimbabwe Minister Takes Over Planning Of Diamond Conference
    • MDC-T, Zanu PF MPs claim Ncube took Essar bribe
    • Housing schemes affect urban farming
    • Torture victims lose hope
    • The MDC Today
    • External Debt Choking Zimbabwe’s Economic Recovery
    • MDC-T graft clamp-down farcical: critics
    • Wake up call for MDC-T
  30. Posted 5/9/12
    • Zimstat reopens census after miscount outcry
    • Minister, Hundreds of Households Left Out of Population Census
    • Chiefs want conservancy seizure reversed
    • Traditional leader assaulted by ZANU PF in Mutoko North
    • Constitution stalemate designed to divert attention from reforms
    • Air Zimbabwe Woes Continue
    • Zanu PF infiltrates churches
    • Howard Hospital nurses stand trial after violent protests
    • Siwela says Mugabe fears retribution for crimes
    • Kombi pullout leaves thousands stranded
    • Concern raised over irregularities in SA deportation process
    • ‘Harare turning into desert’
    • Survey shows Zimbabweans fear violence flare-up in next year’s poll
    • Zimbabwe's Man-Made Food Crisis
    • COPAC’s accounts must be audited
    • Constitution Watch of 3rd September 2012 [What is the Future of the COPAC Draft Constitution?]
    • Bill Watch 41/2012 of 3rd September [House of Assembly & Senate to Meet 4th September]
  31. Posted 4/9/12
    • Zimbabwe needs billions for infrastructure: FM
    • Botswana Extends $70M Credit Line to Zimbabwe
    • EU urged to renew Zim sanctions over Save Conservancy invasion
    • Youth farming initiative facing closure after war vets’ invasion
    • MPs want US$8m for COPAC work
    • Chiadzwa villagers demand US$50k compensation
    • Securocrats Dont Trust Joice Mujuru: Wikileaks
    • Makumbe begins campaign to stand as MDC-T MP
    • Mwonzora castigates Chombo for protecting corruption
    • Prof. Ncube's MDC Attacked For Pushing Devolution Agenda
    • Gono’s $10m lawsuit
    • Kereke seeks 'immunity' in Gono legal war
    • 'Kasukuwere politicising youth fund'
    • Mujuru business empire crumbles
    • UZ’s water usage too high: Masunda
    • Mliswa exposes Rautenbach and ZANU PF patronage
    • Lawyers Challenge Censorship Board Over Banned Play
    • Hand over ZCTU property, Matombo told
    • NGOs blast police over venue requirements
    • Nigeria, 'honoris causa' degrees for Carter, Annan, Mugabe
    • Kombis protest over roadblocks
    • Mugabe succession causes headaches
    • WOZA Statement on Zim Learning Exchange Meeting
    • MDC has no plans to write its own constitution
    • Is Zimbabwe's long political winter nearing its end?
    • Seizure of Save Valley Conservancy, time to draw the line
    • Peace Watch 1/2012 New Series - 3rd September 2012 [National Healing]
  32. Batch 2 Posted 3/9/12
    • COPAC report will not be released: MDC-T
    • MDC To Hold Annual Conference in Bulawayo
    • Mugabe’s ‘mercenary’ ministers exposed
    • Minister says MDC parties imprisoned in ‘unity’ govt
    • Air Zimbabwe to Resume Operations
    • 'Hospital in Zim loots over $1m'
    • Zim babies born on hospital floors
    • Parliament committee summons Gono
    • Diamond, Essar deals expose govt incompetence
    • MPs embarrass provincial governor
    • Deal to ease Masvingo water woes
    • State media refuse seat on VMCZ
    • ZCTU endorses draft constitution
    • Residents angry with Zesa estimate bills
    • Exiled Zimbabweans troop back home
    • Back to school: From rural Africa to the Ivy League
    • Disappointment with MDC – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 1st September 2012
  33. Posted 3/9/12
    • Save invasions threaten US$30m safari business
    • Harare still dogged by water crisis
    • NGOs blast police over venue requirements
    • ‘Zim to beat broadcasting digitalisation 2015 deadline’
    • War veterans grab paddocks in Matabeleland South
    • Effects of Cyclone Eline still evident in Manicaland
    • Chitungwiza Town Centre now a white elephant
    • Cotton output surpasses target
    • UNWTO: An opportunity to market Zimbabwe
    • Zinara at it again
    • Damage to environment is a crime against peace
    • Protect wildlife sanctuary
  34. Posted 2/9/12
    • Zanu PF Factions Take Save Conservancy Dispute to Courts
    • Zimbabwe Surveys Show President Mugabe's Party Gaining Ground
    • Mugabe-Tsvangirai To Be Separated By Run-Off – Survey
    • Zimbabwe, Botswana Seal P500 Million Deal
    • NAM Support for Iran Nuclear Program a "Dark Day for Humankind"
    • Chief Justice Urges Peace, Political Tolerance
    • Zimbabwe GNU argues over signature
    • ‘Joshua Nkomo would be happy with draft’
    • Zanu PF terror gang cornered
    • RBZ plans banking ombudsman
    • Villagers complained over taking of their land
    • Stampede as Prophet Boateng jets in
    • Fired Gweru Mayor Vows to Stay Put
    • Diamond, Essar deals expose govt incompetence
    • Mandiwanzira defiant over Zanu PF links
    • Zimbabwe – lessons from racist Ian Smith
    • Spring doesn't come quietly
    • The invasion of the Save Valley Conservancy
  35. Batch 2 Posted 1/9/12
    • Zuma team raises security concerns
    • Mugabe granted by-elections court order
    • Fay Chung blasts inclusive govt
    • Sadc warned over Zim
    • Zim to engage IMF on debt
    • Tsvangirai, Mwonzora clash
    • MDC-T jumps on Zanu PF gravy train
    • Essar deal set for finalisation
    • EU warns Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF defends its amendments
    • Agribank finalises US$30m credit line
    • Seed Co to cut production by 60%
    • Elections survey: Cat among pigeons
    • Diamonds: ZMDC shields CIO role
    • Thabane’s visit had a diplomatic sub-text
    • Debt: Govt mortgages Zim
    • Zanu PF battles to stall reform
    • Issues at stake in the next elections
    • PCCs’ power as electoral colleges
  36. Posted 1/9/12
    • SADC to intervene over deadlock in draft charter
    • EU threatens to withdraw UN meeting funding
    • Tsvangirai Acts Over Graft After Damning Report
    • MDC-T targets corrupt ministers, MPs
    • PM says MDC will pass the test at the polls
    • Questions raised over planned Zim diamond conference
    • By-election deadline extended
    • Mugabe Pushing for Sanctions Removal at NAM Summit
    • Statistics Agency: National Population Census Big Success
    • Payment for Zimbabwe Census enumeratots delayed
    • Future of Borrowdale mall unclear as Govt plans wetlands protection
    • EU Mum On Zim Sanctions Lawsuit:Tomana
    • Zinara plots shock tollgate fee hike
    • New radio, same old censorship
    • Zimbabwe mulls Ombudsman for shaky banking sector
    • Villagers complain about Ethanol plant
    • Zimfest Harare announces lineup
    • What's Behind the MDC-T's Fall in Popularity?
    • Toll money should fix up roads, not toll plazas
    • Transcript of Elton Mangoma on Behind the Headlines
    • Transcript of Douglas Mwonzora on Question Time: Part 2

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