The ZIMBABWE Situation

January 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/1/13
    • Biti extends the begging bowl after empty coffers statement
    • Zimbabwe has just £138 left in the bank, finance minister says
    • Discrimination & land grabs enshrined in new constitution
    • Emergency response teams on high flood alert
    • Rains Drive 10,000 Students Out of School
    • Police reveal blast mystery
    • MDC-T would prefer elections in July
    • Draft constitution strengthens Cabinet, Parliament
    • Women Take Center Stage in Draft Constitution
    • Minister Mutsekwa faces stern test in MDC-T party primaries
    • Biti & Chamisa criticized for ‘threatening’ to sue paper
    • Sacked Zimbabwe Workers Struggle to Make Ends Meet
    • Professor John Makumbe laid to rest
    • Chingoka makes racism claim
    • Zimbabwe - The cost of an election
    • Property rights, discrimination and the new Zimbabwe Constitution
  2. Posted 30/1/13
    • ZimRights boss granted bail
    • Civil society denies being snubbed by African Union
    • Concern as land-grab chaos ‘swept under the carpet’
    • Zimbabwe has $217 left in the bank, says minister
    • ‘Empowerment a hoax’
    • Zanu PF empowerment model ‘elite predatory transfer’
    • Community share schemes illegal: Biti
    • Zimbabwe heads for elections with a sense of impending doom
    • Two-term limit for future Zim presidents
    • MDC-T Crafts Ruling Policy Document
    • MDC calls for more reforms
    • Zimbabwe draft constitution curbs presidential powers
    • Tsvangirai would end Commonwealth boycott
    • MDC feud report false
    • Zimbabwe to double Marange diamond output - paper
    • Zimbabwe’s political elite implicated in mining corruption
    • ZRP suspects "explosives" in Chitungwiza blast
    • AIDS Activists: Zimbabwe AIDS Figures Skewed
    • Flash flooding strikes Zimbabwe’s dry areas
    • South African Helicopter Donations Stalled, But Zimbabwe Can Violate Human Rights Without Them
    • Freed activist Paul Rukanda speaks out
    • New draft creates royal political class in Zimbabwe
    • ‘Honoring Tongogara’: Electioneering and Sheer Hypocrisy
    • Good faith: Zimbabwe's obligations under international law to acquire land and pay just compensation
  3. Posted 29/1/13
    • Independent body to investigate abuses by security services
    • 'Army has role in indigenisation' - Mnangagwa
    • Mugabe Can Lead Zimbabwe for 10 More Years; Constitution
    • 'Step up pressure on Zim’
    • Diamonds probe rattles Zanu PF
    • Zimbabweans mourn Professor John Makumbe
    • African Consolidated Resources a ‘sacrificial lamb’ after losing WikiLeaks case
    • Protest planned over contentious land-grab book
    • Zimbabwe Activists Won't Back Down To Mugabe
    • Police ban Gukurahundi commemorations
    • State loses to Gwisai again
    • Amnesty response to reports of helicopter part transfers from SA to Zim
    • Turning on Taps a Risky Business in Zimbabwe
    • Zanu PF empowerment model ‘elite predatory transfer’
    • How Zimbabwean’s land case ended up in SA’s legal system
    • Ben Freeth: Response to Jonathan Steele’s article
    • Zimbabwe and Chinese imperialism
    • Makumbe, a true hero
  4. Batch 2 Posted 28/1/13
    • Rare voice of sanity Professor John Makumbe dies
    • CIO boss attaches ACR property
    • ‘Harare City Council has failed residents’
    • Zengeza blast caused by goblin: survivor
    • Chitungwiza blast: $40 000 vanishes
    • Zim civic society groups angry
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai resist running mate clause
    • ‘Zim scribes among most frightened’
    • Save Valley hunters charged US$70k
    • Constitution deal seen boosting tourism
    • As the tourists head back to safari in Zimbabwe, is it on the Rhodes to recovery?
    • Open letter to Chatham House – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 26th January 2013
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 1/2013 - 26th January [Committee Meetings 28 to 31 January: Lobbying Opportunities on Bills]
    • COURT WATCH 2/2013 of 25th January [Supreme Court & High Court Judges & Labour and Administrative Court Presidents]
    • Constitution Watch 1/2013of 27th January [Final Draft of New Constitution]
  5. Posted 28/1/13
    • Political elite looting gems: TI-Z
    • Fear grips Zanu PF chefs
    • Former MDC-T mayor joins Zanu PF
    • Zimbabweans enslaved by superstition
    • Council, illegal vendors set on collision course
    • Clean-up victims get decent shelter
    • DAPP student invents easy-to-use solar cooker
    • Tobacco farmers warned
    • Safari operators appeal for Kasukuwere’s intervention
    • Zimbabwe ready for meaningful elections
    • Corrupt officials demean the value of land redistribution
    • ‘Conservation farming is the answer’
    • Fight for wetlands ongoing
    • Corruption at the core of Zanu PF
    • Superstition entraps Zimbabwean minds
  6. Posted 27/1/13
    • Committee adopts Copac draft
    • Parliament to Table Draft Charter Next Month
    • ‘Anti-tank mine may have caused Chitungwiza blast’
    • UN slams NGOs crackdown
    • Ncube’s MDC to reinstate devolution if it wins polls
    • Byo now city of destitutes: Mayor
    • Perception crisis haunts Zec
    • Zimbabwe Records Over 10,000 Malaria Cases So Far In 2013
    • U.S Pledges $95 Million For HIV/AIDS Prevention
    • President attends AU security indaba
    • I feel ostracised by my boss — Deputy minister
    • 'Stand up for your rights' – Eddie Cross urges youths
    • Coltart, Zimbabwe Cricket cross swords
    • ZCTF Report - Jan 2013
    • Can you be white and African? No, says the Guardian, you can’t
    • Crocodiles, mermaids, goblins and the constitution
  7. Batch 2 Posted 26/1/13
    • SA court halts donation of helicopters to Zim defence force
    • AfriForum wins court order to prevent delivery of helicopters to Zimbabwe
    • SANDF defends military helicopter donation to ZDF
    • Armed police swoop on home of MDC-T chair for Midlands
    • Suspects questioned over Chitungwiza blast
    • Zanu PF orders diamond fraud probe
    • ‘Zanu-PF Manicaland officials have case to answer’
    • Makandiwa ‘miracle diamonds’ sparks debate
    • Machisa breaks down in court after fourth bail hearing postponment
    • Police slammed for disrupting peace building meeting
    • MDC supporter in court over a Mugabe song
    • Labour Minister Holds Crucial Meeting With Agitated Civil Servants
    • Rights Group Demands Good Use Of Diamond Money
    • Zim prisoners have no food or soap
    • Zim finance minister dismisses proposal to settle farmers' claims
    • Code to stem political violence in Zim hailed
    • S K Moyo in line to succeed John Nkomo
    • The MDC Today
    • Support Us Or Leave, Zim Tells Banks
    • Deportation scandal: UK can't kick out murderous Robert Mugabe's henchman as it would breach his human rights
    • Zimbabwe's future looks bleak as hope fades
    • Aspiring to be president of the whole of Africa
    • ‘Jacob Zuma’s Gift of Helicopters for Mugabe’, Disgusting
  8. Posted 26/1/13
    • Tribal twist to Zanu PF succession race
    • Chamisa, Biti in bust up
    • I outwitted the MDCs— Mugabe
    • Draft accord: Will of political elite prevails
    • War veterans warn MDC-T of violence
    • Irate Mugabe tosses Madiro to the police
    • Interfresh land grab exposes Agribank
    • Military ratchets up Zanu PF campaign
    • Nssa loses case, computerisation flops
    • Marange diamonds: A godsend for Zanu PF
    • Indigenous firms rip off govt
    • Zimbabwe mineral production down in 2012
    • Zim launches online payment
    • Zimbabwe’s trade deficit stands at US$3,6bn
    • New draft creates royal political class
    • Diploma in mining suffices in Zanu PF
    • Media reform: Zim needs own Jefferson
    • Martin Luther King’s legacy highlights civil society role
    • Rescuing Zimbabwe’s livestock industry
    • Zimplats deal: Who is the winner?
    • Pothole patching can only go so far
    • Draft fails on deliverables
  9. Posted 25/1/13
    • Mugabe dictated new draft: Mangwana
    • Draft constitution set for ‘Yes’ vote after ZANU PF endorsement
    • Makoni Urges Governing Parties to Release Constitution Report
    • Zanu PF backs constitution, ridicules Makoni
    • Chitungwiza Blast: Suspects Arrested
    • Late n’anga’s wife speaks out on mystery blast
    • Govt urged to intervene in ZANU PF takeover of Renco Mine
    • ZANU PF threatens villagers in Chegutu and Mberengwa
    • ‘Overdue’ call for land audit welcomed
    • Agric sector still in crisis: CFU
    • Green Fuel to Resume Ethanol Production
    • Chinese mine pumps poison into Ngezi River
    • Mutambara kicks out German envoy
    • Editors Meet in Zimbabwe to Assess Tourism Preparations
    • Political Parties to Follow National Healing Code of Conduct
    • Public hospitals in dire straits
    • Machisa’s bail application postponed again
    • Minister Biti Sets Aside U.S.$136 Million for Matabeleland Region
    • Mugabe faces AU snub
    • Skeletons in the Marange cupboard
    • Remove chiefly robes and enter politics
    • Is Zimbabwe's education sector on the road to recovery?
    • Britain's Mugabe-phobia has obscured the good news from Zimbabwe
    • GNU: Is dropping the name Zesa the solution?
    • Zimbabwe must change
  10. Posted 24/1/13
    • Zengeza blast mystery deepens
    • Bomb suspected in horror blast
    • Court blasts Zanu PF land allocations
    • MDC calls for an urgent land audit
    • ZimRights Officially Charged in Fraud Case
    • Zim civic groups to lobby for reforms at A.U. summit
    • Zimbabwe Constitution Sets Limits on Presidential Term
    • Zanu PF endorses new constitution
    • COPAC draft doctored to preserve GPA principals
    • Tsvangirai, Ncube duped followers: Makoni
    • Theresa Makone says she fears no challenge in re-election bid
    • Zanu PF MP grabs Renco Mine
    • Evicted farm workers living by roadside without blankets
    • Hunger stalks Bikita
    • CPU rescues 34 marooned villagers in Beitbridge
    • Enumerators get their dues
    • Admin bungling costs students
    • Zimbabwe Shelves Cervical Cancer Vaccination Program
    • Fifa vote scandal deepens in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe elections: Why Robert Mugabe may win
    • BILL WATCH 3/2013 of 22nd January [International Perspectives: Counting Costs of Breaching BIPPAs; Upcoming AU Summit ; Résumé of Recent SADC Summits]
  11. Posted 23/1/13
    • COPAC draft to be presented to parliament in February
    • Stage set for June polls in Zim
    • Floods close Beitbridge Border Post
    • 86 drown, 38 killed by lightning in 3 months
    • Zim villagers airlifted out of flood zones
    • Widespread flooding hits Southern Africa
    • ZimRights board summoned by police in fraud case
    • More Zim children found smuggled across the border
    • Court bars Chombo from imposing councillor in Bulawayo
    • Blast at sorcerer's house kills five
    • Update 2: Blast at n’anga’s house kills 5
    • Nkomo’s son praises Tsvangirai
    • Power blacks out Mugabe’s speech
    • Zimbabwe's climate change policies need an urban focus
    • City creates emergency water taskforce
    • Zinasu Leaders Arrested at Harare Poly, GNU Given Ultimatum
    • COURT WATCH 1/2013 of 21st January [Opening of 2013 Judicial Year; Achievements of 2012 ]
  12. Posted 22/1/13
    • Five die in house explosion in Zengeza 2 Chitungwiza
    • Jabulani Sibanda threatens MDC supporters in Chipinge
    • Elephant calves back in Zim wild
    • Elephants still being held to fulfil Chinese wildlife order
    • Elephant death prompts action against UN tourism conference
    • Bleak future for Zim tourism
    • Report: Zimbabwe Army Bartering Diamonds For Arms
    • Mugabe Buries Deputy Nkomo, Urges Peaceful Zimbabwe Poll
    • Focus on new charter ignores other reforms in GPA
    • Constitution deal waives election timelines
    • ‘Draft constitution: Hold onto champagne bottles’
    • Zimbabwe Not On AU Summit Agenda
    • Zim Diaspora Petitions Zuma
    • Indigenisation will cause banks to divest, executive says
    • Mugabe revives Gaddafi's United States of Africa dream
    • Lions, hyenas terrorise Hwange village
    • Mutare sitting on health time bomb
    • Law society refocuses
    • Striking farm workers evicted
    • Zanu PF abusing churches
    • The MDC Today
    • David Coltart replies
    • Are black Zimbabweans racists?
    • Zimbabwe Freedom Fighters Also Committed Evil Atrocities
    • Zimbabwe's Forgotten Generation
  13. Batch 2 Posted 21/1/13
    • NGOs to report crackdown to Sadc
    • OHCHR Press Briefing Note - Mali, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Iran
    • Zanu PF a corrupted brand
    • Draft marks defining moment: Tsvangirai
    • 'MDC has rich menu of candidates'
    • Provincial governors to be scrapped
    • Lawyer blasts police, AG’s office for ‘developing cold feet’ in Kereke case
    • Masvingo governor threatens civic society, again
    • Cops in $20 000 extortion scam
    • Police caution MDC official
    • Treasury to stop bankrolling youth fund
    • Military guard for Chinese ‘frog’ hotel
    • Xmas joy turns smelly in Chi-Town
    • The world must witness – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 19th January 2013
    • I never joined MDC for a position: Bennett
  14. Posted 21/1/13
    • Nkomo’s death revives Unity Accord debate
    • Charamba questions statistics given by ZIA
    • Chinese shopping mall guarded
    • Masunda turns Harare into a village
    • J Nkomo Airport just another white elephant
    • Chinese firms under spotlight
    • Villagers accuse Renco Mine of polluting rivers
    • Young girls trade sex for food in Murambinda
    • Kasukuwere warns foreign-owned banks again
    • Zim to sell to EU
    • Politicians hide behind empowerment to decimate industry
    • Time to focus on familiar challenges
    • Conservation: Answer to farming woes
    • Declare roads national crisis
    • Hosts must give UNWTO positive coverage
    • Historic week raises hope, eyebrows
  15. Posted 20/1/13
    • Mugabe Agrees to Limit President's Power
    • No Earth Shattering Changes To Draft Constitution: Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition
    • Constitution: What the parties agreed
    • Zim Civic Society Hails Finalisation of Draft Constitution
    • UNWTO inspectors from Madrid not impressed with Zambia, Zim preps
    • Floods, lightning claim 124 lives
    • Minister agrees to meet civil servants
    • Most sitting MPs on way out
    • Smaller MDC Faction Invites Applications For Election Candidates
    • ‘I Am Strong And will Not Be Defeated’: Zimrights Director
    • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Surpasses 2012 Targets
    • CHRA in solidarity with Zimrights leadership
    • Shoot to kill
    • Tough luck
    • BILL WATCH 2/2013 of 18th January [Private Members Bills]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 19/1/13
    • Civil society criticized for failing to act
    • UN condemns attacks on human rights defenders ahead of elections
    • ZANU PF investigating party diamond fraud
    • Principals shelve running mates issue
    • Nkomo declared hero, burial on Monday
    • Bennett breaks ranks over John Nkomo tributes
    • ZESN concerned about draft constitution
    • Referendum likely in April: Crisis
    • US Ambassador To Zim Undeterred By Protests Against Him
    • SADC troops deployed to DRC
    • Shamu threatens state media editors
    • MISA: Zim journalist summoned by police for questioning
    • Floods Displace Hundreds in Masvingo Region
    • Zimbabwe rakes in $136.9m mining tax revenue windfall
    • Zim: Indigenisation will cause banks to divest, executive says
    • 'Fear' drives indigenisation in Zimbabwe
    • Mazoe Citrus fears revenue loss after ‘invasion’ by Grace Mugabe
    • Mixed reaction meets ‘agreement’ on constitution
  17. Posted 19/1/13
    • Massive corruption at govt hospitals
    • ‘World class’ NRZ a fading memory
    • VP’s death spurs power battle
    • GPA reform relegated to back burner
    • Zanu PF bigwigs face boot
    • Zanu PF’s planned meeting over Byo revival ‘just crocodile tears’
    • Outrage over baby elephants export
    • Parliament should scrutinise mining deals
    • Propaganda war won’t diminish Gukurahundi
    • UNWTO: ‘Liberalise visa regime or lose out’
    • MDC-T youths demand parly election quota
    • Masvingo council woes: Zanu PF seeks political mileage
    • Furore over youth quota directive
    • More farmers take up tobacco farming
    • Government restructures POSB
    • Murowa pushes diamond output up 11%
    • Electoral pact absolutely crucial
    • Disregard sweet-talking Mugabe
    • Making a living in the ‘informal sector’
    • Mujuru’s epiphany as elections loom
    • Narrowing Zim’s trade deficit
    • Land grabs: The new ‘hard work’
  18. Posted 18/1/13
    • Principals approve draft constitution
    • Zimbabwe’s Vice President John Nkomo dies
    • Govt urged to stop land grabs to end hunger crisis
    • We have a pragmatic solution to Zimbabwe’s economic problems: CFU
    • Farms retake splits Zanu PF
    • Grace Mugabe takes over Mazoe Estate
    • ZANU PF threatens mineworkers with dismissal
    • Heavy rains bring chaos to Manicaland
    • State abusing justice delivery system: Mtetwa
    • Makone bemoans selective application of the law
    • Diamond cash tears Zanu PF
    • Diamonds bartered for guns-Minister
    • Students blast Biti over loans, grants
    • 30 000 vacant posts in education
    • Tobacco farmers pollute rivers
    • Zim facing environmental disaster
    • China beef-up campaign equipment for Robert Mugabe
    • Ncube is not a principal, says Tsvangirai
    • Death of Zimbabwe Vice-President Nkomo sparks debate
    • John Nkomo: what they said
    • Roy Bennett explodes
  19. Posted 17/1/13
    • Anti-sanctions protesters disrupt US Ambassador’s Manicaland tour
    • STATEMENT on Protests During US Ambassador Visit to Mutare
    • Leading activist detained in ongoing crackdown on dissent
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Activist Charged With Forgery
    • RFK Center Denounces Arrest of ZimRights Director
    • Mine closes as workers’ wives strike
    • Miners threatened with dismissal if they support MDC
    • Armed soldiers terrorise villagers in the Midlands
    • Abducted MDC-T youth still missing
    • Zimbabwe police seize four tons of marijuana
    • Constitutional referendum set for March?
    • West plotting to ‘kill’ me: Mugabe
    • Mugabe wants Africa to have one President
    • ‘No electoral interference from NGOs’
    • Mudede Rejects Online Voter Registration Proposal
    • CZI: Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province Facing Milk Shortages
    • Robert Mugabe looks to 'indigenize' Barclays in Zimbabwe
    • Miracle money claims ‘irresponsible’: Gono
    • Zimbabwe not a ‘basket case’, donors told
    • Diaspora Diaries with Alex Bell and guest Ben Freeth
    • Zanu PF and MDC: Strange bedfellows
    • The real tragedy in Zimbabwe
  20. Posted 16/1/13
    • GPA principals meet as facilitation team awaits constitution
    • MDC threatens action over Ncube snub
    • COPAC negotiations hit stumbling block – again
    • New constitution could be dumped in favour of amendment
    • ZANU PF election campaign ‘funded’ by indigenisation
    • Zimrights Director Appears in Court
    • UN appeals for $131 million aid for Zimbabwe for food, water and emergency aid
    • Zim farmers file ‘historic’ case at African Commission
    • Arrested MDC-T chairman seen in handcuffs and leg irons
    • Robert Mugabe to re-possess BIPPA farms
    • Tsvangirai entices generals
    • Professor Chavunduka buried in Rusape
    • Invaders take over land designated for sports
    • Nhema costs Zimbabwe $1,2 billion investment
    • Report: Zimbabwe Firm To Join Diamond Miners
    • Zimbabwe inflation eases
    • Zimbabwe to Introduce Free Cancer Treatment
    • UZ Rejects MDC Youth Leader's Application to Resume Studies
    • Expansion of power station hits a snag
    • Shoot-to-kill policy condemned
    • Road carnage needs same effort as HIV
    • Persecution of Human Rights Defenders is Unacceptable
    • Copac must apologise to Zimbabweans
    • Morgan Tsvangirai : A Critical View
    • Seven habits that hold Zimbabwe back
    • BILL WATCH 1/2013 of 14th January [Update on Acts and Government Gazette]
    • Zimbabwe government continues NGO harassment
  21. Posted 15/1/13
    • African Commission receives historic submission for reinstatement of SADC Tribunal
    • Chief Justice lambasts corruption
    • Zimbabwe judge calls for free vote in upcoming elections
    • MDC Seeks Justice As High Court Opens
    • ZimRights director Machisa arrested by police
    • Zanu PF blocking voter registration: Makone
    • Zimbabwe staggers towards polls
    • Calls for elections before the UN Tourism Conference
    • Madzore engages lawyers to fight UZ ban
    • High density suburbs without water for months
    • Chief Negomo demands US$1,1m from Tavydale Farm owner
    • Air Zimbabwe targets TB Joshua pilgrims
    • Mujuru criticised for saying God anointed Mugabe
    • PM Transforms Rural Communities
    • Ivory dealers nabbed
    • Chinese scholars to study Shona
    • Mt Darwin Villagers dismiss Makandiwa
    • Veteran broadcaster Sam Sibanda dies
    • Implats Zimbabwe deal in balance
    • Eric Knight speaks on political ambitions
    • Army worm outbreak threatens Zimbabwe’s food security
    • Statement by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai on first principals’ meeting of 2013
  22. Batch 2 Posted 14/1/13
    • ZRP hits back as cop killer gunned down
    • Mugabe challengers bonkers: Mujuru
    • Villagers wary over Zanu PF sincerity
    • No hope for displaced voters
    • Mtshabezi water finally reaches Bulawayo
    • Masvingo MDC youths demand 10 parly seats
    • Minister in $1,2bn mess
    • Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe: Zanu–PF’s enrichment project?
    • Boasting Biti – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 12th January 2013
  23. Posted 14/1/13
    • Zanu PF kills for power – Siwela
    • Elections: Zanu PF using delaying tactics
    • Madzore splits MDC Dzivaresekwa district
    • Zimplats-govt deal designed to fund terror campaigns: MDC-T
    • Election dates divide Zanu PF
    • Why I lost confidence in the police
    • Parents hail school authorities on fees
    • Food crisis looms as rains destroy crops in Buhera
    • Baboons, monkeys fight for food with humans
    • Apostolic sects refuse to dip livestock
    • Unlined dump sites contaminate boreholes, says EMA
    • Rains spark impromptu fare hikes
    • Communal farmers lead in tobacco industry: Biti
    • Oversubscribed Byo retail sector crumbles
    • TN Bank-Econet deal to benefit minorities – Nyambirai
    • Zimplats’ local partners to pay for government ‘sins’
    • Democratic principles should start at lower levels
    • Online registration the way to go
    • Peaceful polls rest on UNWTO conference
    • Zanu PF subverts democracy in many ways
  24. Posted 13/1/13
    • WikiLeaks return trigger tremors
    • No pay rise for civil servants
    • Mugabe March poll plan in jeopardy
    • Treasury to release voter registration funds
    • Zec chairperson returns home
    • Masvingo voter registration manipulated
    • We’ll shoot armed robbers, carjackers to kill: Police
    • Zimbabwe face floods danger
    • Soldiers terrorise Mberengwa villagers
    • UZ bars Madzore
    • Zanu PF disowns Kereke
    • Zimbabwe Tribal Healers' Leader Chavunduka Dies
    • ‘Indigenisation law will not be amended’
    • Zimbabwe the investment place to be - Biti
    • JUICE to change people’s lives – Mangoma
    • Zanu-PF courting Simba Makoni
    • Primary elections: bane of political parties
    • Mushroom sombrero
  25. Batch 2 Posted 12/1/13
    • 29.10.2013: Biti announces election date in London
    • Tsvangirai steps in over Zimbabwe poll delays
    • Tsvangirai Puts ZEC in Charge of Voter Registration
    • ZEC defends Tsvangirai
    • Chairperson continually absent from ZEC
    • MDC Press release on voter registration
    • Ex-Daily News Boss Geoff Nyarota to Contest in MDC-T Primaries
    • Zanu-PF faction 'wooing' party defector Makoni
    • War vets leader defends support for Zanu PF
    • Professor Gordon Chavunduka dies
    • Zimplats seals $971m indigenisation deal
    • Suspects' deaths cast suspicion on Zimbabwe's police Inyasha Chivara
    • Teachers fired and ordered to leave by ZANU PF MP Kachepa
    • Chisumbanje villagers remanded in custody
    • 50 Harare touts arrested in new clampdown
    • COPAC committee meets Tuesday to study proposals
    • United front against Mugabe falters
    • MDC officials in trouble over Mugabe insult
    • Traffic cops’ bribe-taking strategies
    • 2013 bad luck for rivals: Mugabe
    • Global campaign to end violence against one billion women
    • Coltart walks into cricket racism storm
    • Poor rains intensify food crisis in rural Zimbabwe
    • Zim hospitals rely on charity to survive
    • Still struggling with drug shortages
    • Zimbabwe Biannual Human Rights Report 2/2012
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Human Remains (Part 15)
    • "Unity Government" without the people being consulted
  26. Posted 12/1/13
    • Tsvangirai fumes over US$30m poll cash
    • We are watching you, army chiefs told
    • Zuma doubts Zim’s poll readiness
    • Zim prisoners denied ARVs in Botswana
    • Govt to lift ban on chrome ore exports
    • Zec yet to set up election body
    • Chombo, wife take bitter fight onto political arena
    • New youth quota system for companies
    • Save wildlife sanctuary: Mzembi sticks to his guns
    • Bulawayo meat, vegetables contaminated with bacteria
    • Concern as brutal rape of minors soars legalising rape
    • US$1bn Zimplats windfall for NIEEF
    • Econet lashes out at banks
    • Let’s prove ‘detractors’ wrong
    • Education malaise dooms pupils
    • MDCs their own worst enemy
    • Mohadi ‘intervention’ far from convincing
    • Further actions key to economic recovery
    • Parastatals: Zanu PF’s ruinous policies continue
    • ICTs and democratisation ahead of polls
    • Our global humanity
    • Constitution: Lessons from Lancaster House
    • Economic imperatives for 2013
    • 'Urine Curse' Worsens for Women in Rural Zimbabwe
  27. Posted 11/1/13
    • Human Rights Watch fears over free 2013 poll
    • Zimbabwe Seeking Foreign Funding For 2013 General Polls
    • Treasury to release $9 million for voter awareness campaign
    • Zimbabwe hits voter roll snag that could slow polls
    • Conflicting statements over poll registration funds
    • PM in new voter registration push, funding squeeze persists
    • MDC supporters denied an opportunity to register as voters
    • Zimbabwe Election Preparations Remain in Limbo
    • Mugabe rushes back
    • Zim On SADC Meeting Agenda
    • Zuma to up pressure on Mugabe
    • Massive corruption hits education sector
    • Newly-Trained Teachers Fail to Get Jobs in Midlands Province
    • Schools defy govt directive
    • Zim’s disregard of bilateral agreements reduce chances of co-hosting UNWTO
    • Bail appeal denied in case against ZimRights official
    • Police Arrest Chisumbanje Villagers in Rautenbach Land Row
    • Supreme Court to hear Kunonga appeal
    • Biti criticised for ‘doing ZANU PF work’
    • Canada shoots down travel restrictions bid
    • Police defy President Mugabe
    • Chief law officer in bribe storm
    • Police launch another blitz on touts
    • MDC hands out maize seed
    • The MDC Today Issue – 496
    • Poor-nation status to give Zim a debt lifeline
    • Zambia bans lion, leopard hunting
    • Ringing the changes to end bartering
    • Tendai Biti’s Sanctions Lectures: Is he discrediting himself?
  28. Posted 10/1/13
    • Germany threatens boycott of tourism conference
    • Villagers report threats by soldiers to JOMIC in Mash East
    • Mugabe new stickers instil further political fears
    • Police use teargas to disperse angry Chisumbanje villagers
    • Tsvangirai to meet ZEC over elections
    • Recriminations over voter registration debacle
    • Biti lobbies Canada to remove restrictive measures on ZANU PF
    • Zanu PF, MDC agree
    • Zim urged to copy Zambia and Botswana in hunting suspension
    • Mines bodies stuffed with Zanu PF cronies
    • Riot police quell GZU job seekers
    • Zimbabwe rights post could be flash point
    • Human rights chief exposes regime
    • Biti, Ncube date investors in London
    • Beitbridge border nightmare over
    • Silence on pay deal riles civil servants
    • Justice delayed for torture victim
    • Chinese language to be taught in Zimbabwe school
    • Diaspora Immigration Blamed on Divorce Increases in Zimbabwe
    • Rural areas a delicate political domain
    • New year, new hope? Unlikely for young Zimbabweans
  29. Posted 9/1/13
    • COPAC co-chairs report progress in constitutional talks
    • Voter registration activists live in fear
    • Zimbabweans Ignore Politicians' Plea For Peace
    • Elections Unlikely by March
    • Zanu PF clings to Mugabe goodies
    • Govt acquires pothole patching equipment
    • Home Affairs finds Beitbridge chaos solution
    • Near-riot at Beitbridge Border Post as chaos continues
    • SA & Zim urged to end border crossing nightmare
    • Four family members killed in crash
    • Three border jumpers swept away by river
    • Zim warned about flood dangers after kombi washed away
    • Tension rises in Chisumbanje over land row
    • Armyworms Destroy Zimbabwean Crops, Pastures
    • Civil Servants Divided Over Salary Negotiations
    • Touts, rank marshals resurface at city ranks
    • Prophet Angel takes umbrage at Biti 'miracle cash' taunt
    • Erratic Rains Bring no Respite to Thirsty Bulawayo Residents
    • Nestle could be next target for Zim government
    • The MDC Today
    • Hundreds Zimbabwean kids held in SA prisons
    • Indigenization won't revive Zimbabwe
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Types of Physical Torture (Part 14)
  30. Posted 8/1/13
    • Beitbridge border congestion gets worse
    • Mohadi to meet SA counterpart over Beitbridge chaos
    • Tsvangirai sweats over military
    • Mugabe's plan to outsmart Zuma ahead of 2013 election
    • Zim targets Sadc, AU for poll funds
    • Teachers warn strike action still likely
    • Civil servants strike deal
    • Zimbabwe secures $147mn road rehabilitation loan from S/African bank
    • Wildlife regulator blasted after baby elephant dies in China
    • MDC-T youths to access National Youth Funds
    • 3,000 workers retrenched in 2012
    • Close to half a million people infected with diarrhea in 2012
    • Kereke divides war vets
    • ‘Ignorance costing farmers’
    • Harare mayor wants second bite
    • China likes what it sees in Zimbabwe coal deal
    • Harare tops road carnage list
    • Bulawayo woman sends Mugabe nude picture via Whatsapp
    • Maternal Mortality, Obstetric Fistula on the Rise in Rural Zimbabwe
    • Africa And The Succession Trap – By Tim Kelsall
    • COURT WATCH 23/2012 of 31st December [Postscript on Anglican Church Court Cases]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 7/1/13
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai Fight Over Election Boss
    • MDC–T ‘unearths’ dirty campaign gimmick
    • Diaspora dual birth certificates scam for children exposed
    • Army quizzed me: Welshman Ncube
    • Over 100 corrupt cops nabbed
    • Divisions rock Zanu PF in Manicaland
    • Chiyangwa wins Court case against Harare City Council
    • Diamond Firms To Bankroll Zimbabwe Farmer Training
    • ZCTF Report - Jan 2013
    • A bridge too far – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 5th January 2013
  32. Posted 7/1/13
    • Political party lures church members
    • Zanu PF targets 80 000 Bulawayo votes
    • Tongogara’s interview opens can of worms
    • Bus accident claims eight in Bulawayo
    • Elephants exported to China in danger
    • War vets face extortion charges
    • Using old constitution a ‘violation’ of GPA
    • Rural communities wiser about Aids, farming
    • Mopane woodland under siege in Wedza
    • Villagers attack Chinese firm
    • Workers suffer as Essar deal drags
    • Govt urged to leave Comez
    • More than 3 000 workers retrenched in 2012
    • Prophets leading the faithful up the garden path
    • Let the new year bring great change
    • We need educated drivers on our roads
    • Probe Angel’s ‘miracle money’
  33. Posted 6/1/13
    • Bus crash kills 8 near Bulawayo, carnage toll climbs to 208
    • Zimbabwe’s Airports Get Passing Grade From ISO
    • Biti challenges false prophets
    • Midlands University grabs Ian Smith’s farm
    • Voter Registration Fails to Take Off
    • Minister’s Mugabe Insult Case Postponed
    • Power tender sparks furore
    • Japanese interest importing coal from Zimbabwe
    • More Than 20 Villagers Hospitalized With Anthrax After Eating Contaminated Meat In Makoni District
    • Congestion back at Beitbridge Border Post
    • Gwanda Residents Left Out of Community Ownership Trust
    • UK TB tests for Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabweans to demo against UK Home Office
    • Dubious miracles
  34. Batch 2 Posted 5/1/13
    • Poachers kill four rhinos in Zimbabwe
    • Zim warned over rhino poaching
    • MDC-T branch chair detained in military barracks
    • Cash crisis forces postponement of voter registration exercise
    • Eight Journos Eye Parliamentary Seats
    • Commanders enter poll race
    • Foreign observers row threatens polls: Ncube
    • Zim election dealt another blow
    • Legislators: Non-Payment of Allowances Affecting Our Duties
    • Probe condemns city boreholes
    • ZESA restructures tariffs as energy concerns remain high
    • Zim youth warned to beware of election promises
    • Ministers Clash Over Breach of Bilateral Agreements
    • Parents Complain of High Tuition Ahead of New School Term
    • Coventry marries fiancé in traditional ceremony
    • Zimbabwe farmers forced from home find new life as French estate agents
    • Tichaona Sibanda interviews Deputy Minister of Justice Obert Gutu on elections
    • Zimbabwe's war of empty slogans
    • Zimbabwe’s eviction promise: cold comfort farm
    • The MDC Today – Issue 494
    • Death of rural areas
    • Zimbabwe is still not a politically tolerant society
  35. Posted 5/1/13
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai strike poll pact
    • Zec dalliance with Zanu PF raises eyebrows
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai brace for poll battle
    • Coalition to fight Zanu PF, MDC-T
    • Voter registration exercise postponed
    • Chisumbanje ethanol set for mandatory blending
    • Zesa pre-paid metering no magic bullet
    • Zimbos’ ordeal at SA detention centres
    • Mzembi dismisses UNWTO conference fears
    • Polls: Parties ready for ‘worst case scenario’
    • War vets: Public sympathy runs dry
    • Holidaying principals drag constitution talks
    • Zanu PF primaries: Jostling in full swing
    • Devolution will unlock economic growth: Ncube
    • Banks seek six-month moratorium
    • Sneak peak into 2013 political soap opera
    • A tale of two different Zimbabwes
    • Road carnage: Just where is the police?
    • Biti forecasts not realistic
    • Key requirements for economic recovery
    • Sanctions: Zanu PF concedes defeat
    • 2013: Year to return to normality
  36. Posted 4/1/13
    • Farmers fight on in Zimbabwe land-grab case
    • Govt criticised for ‘empty’ pledge to stop farm seizures
    • Voter registration exercise officially begins in Zimbabwe
    • 'I will form next government' - Makoni
    • Kereke’s vote-buying under fire
    • ZimRights official still detained with three others
    • Sibanda calls for MDC-T supporters to be denied farming inputs
    • Teacher strikes on hold as new school term looms
    • Row Erupts Over Mega Churches
    • Mugabe’s ministers rush to TB Joshua
    • Makandiwa sees gold rush
    • Zanu PF hijacks govt empowerment programme
    • New Investment Law On Cards
    • Government fails to pay MPs’ allowances
    • 3 years no Zimsec certificates: Thousands cry foul
    • Educators Want Music Added to Zimbabwe Curriculum
    • Mugabe opens up in SABC interview
    • Transcript: Zimbabwe's Controversial Marriage Laws
    • Parties should admit failure: Analysts
    • Zimbabweans shine abroad but “charity begins at home”
  37. Posted 3/1/13
    • Zimbabwe stops farm acquisitions
    • Govt urged to ‘wake up’ after resignation of human rights chief
    • Lawyers' group: Bolster rights panel ahead of polls
    • Mugabe vacation timing scorned
    • Grace Kwinjeh throws hat in ring for parliamentary elections
    • Zanu PF officials defy WikiLeaks
    • WFP to increase cash handouts
    • ‘Teachers to report for duty’
    • Zanu PF plans to intensify campaigns in Matabeleland
    • Military Police Quiz MDC Chairman Over Army Support
    • Water woes dampen celebrations
    • Family planning for Harare's street children
    • 2012's best and worst performing MPs, Ministers
  38. Posted 2/1/13
    • Government halts seizures of land under treaties
    • Zuma tackles Mugabe
    • EU unlikely to scrap sanctions — GPA parties
    • Chombo takes high-priced farm allocated War Veterans
    • Road carnage: Police presence increased
    • MDC-T 'witchcraft' senator Femai freed
    • Tongogara widow demands probe
    • Tamborinyoka spends Christmas out of hospital
    • Erratic Rains Prompt Farmers to Start Planting Crops
    • Bankruptcy may force Zimbabwe out of World Cup qualifying
    • I wanted to be president
  39. Posted 1/1/13
    • Zimbabwe To Slash Mining License Costs In 2013 After Miners Complain
    • Mugabe's vacation could thwart Zimbabwe elections
    • Elections won’t disrupt UNWTO — Mzembi
    • Relief for jobless nurses . . . as ministry finalises modalities for exporting health workers
    • Zimra introduces solar powered systems
    • Cry my beloved Zimbabwe
    • Are white rhinos an endangered species?

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