The ZIMBABWE Situation

November 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/11/12
    • Zuma team meets political parties over constitutional deadlock
    • Dead people will remain on voters' roll: ZEC
    • 5.4 million Zimbabweans on the voters’ roll
    • ZEC’s Kazembe shields RG’s office
    • Anglican saga: Kunonga cites indigenisation
    • Gandiya holds mass in Cathedral for first time in 5 years
    • Kunonga runs amok, 5 ‘thugs’ nabbed
    • Zimbabwe pro-black law is investment scare: Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabwe’s MDC Unveils Economic Plan to Reverse Indigenization
    • Soldiers assault MDC members in Zhombe
    • Zim Villagers Warned Limbs Will Be Cut Off
    • WOZA launches campaign to mark violence against women
    • Mugabe Threatens British American Tobacco Company
    • Zimbabwe ownership law will be enforced: minister
    • Zimbabwe's Biti decries foreign banks after bill sales fail
    • Govt crippled companies: Robertson
    • MDC blasts Ncube and his loyal media for peddling lies
    • Partisan inputs refused
    • Madhuku ends MDC relationship
    • Playing politics with military history
  2. Posted 29/11/12
    • Defiant Kunonga refuses to vacate Anglican Cathedral
    • Kunonga threatens to shoot snapper
    • Anglicans stage demo in Mutare
    • Zuma's Team in Zimbabwe to Break Constitution Impasse
    • Zimbabwe Parliament Opens Amid Street Protests
    • 74% majority stake in Air Zimbabwe to be put up for sale
    • Government shields air Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean Lands Top UN Job
    • Harare typhoid outbreak alert
    • Police bar theatre production
    • Corrupt police make driving in Zimbabwe a costly affair
    • 26 MDC-T activists to spend 2nd Christmas in custody
    • Tsvangirai denies Ncube snub
    • MDC-T comes out in defence of Tsvangirai
    • MDC: Food aid manipulated
    • Chitungwiza Council workers go three months without wages
    • ZANU-PF MP, Locardia's sister attacks Mugabe
    • MPs slate Zimbabwe's 'supermarket' budget
    • British Taxpayers' Money Used To Fund Brutal Dictators
    • ZIFA releases final judgement on Asiagate
    • Zimbabwe appoint German as Warriors coach
    • Transcript 2: Jessie Majome on Mutambara vs Ncube
    • We must invest in education
    • Zimbabwe; the comedy continues
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Dissident Numbers (Part 7)
  3. Posted 28/11/12
    • Rights groups fear Zimbabwe pre-election crackdown
    • Rights defenders face terrorisation
    • Zimbabweans fear bloody elections
    • New committee set up to look at COPAC deadlock
    • Ncube excluded as leaders try to break constitution logjam
    • Mugabe takes over Draft Constitution
    • SADC Should Monitor Zim Polls/AIPPA Bad
    • 3 months no pay as council debts outstrip revenue
    • ZANU PF MP furious at being snubbed by villagers in Mudzi
    • MDC Mash West secretary’s farm grabbed
    • Kunonga, get out by 4pm
    • ZIFA reprieve for 66 Asiagate match fixers
    • DRC: Failed military deal scuppers Zimbabwe intervention
    • In the deep end - Nigel’s long and bumpy road
    • Q&A: COP18, Another ‘Conference of Polluters’
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Super Zapu dissidents (Part 6)
  4. Posted 27/11/12
    • African Human Rights Court Asked To Rule On Legality Of Sadc Tribunal's Suspension
    • Report: Zimbabwe Targets Human Rights Activists
    • Zimbabwe set for massive power blackouts
    • Massive power outage hits Bulawayo
    • Flood warning as heavy rains pound country
    • Kunonga faction resists eviction in some parishes
    • Kunonga camp at it again
    • Zanu PF NGO seeks ban of Pac research team
    • Chief Urges Zanu (PF) Leaders To Use Indigenisation Policy To Buy Votes
    • South Africa and Zimbabwe hold defence and security talks
    • Harare City Council criticised for spending $350,000 on two vehicles
    • HRT fails to stop councils' budget
    • Global 16 Day Campaign to end violence against women begins
    • Anti-GBV campaign crippled by finance — Muchena
    • Uzumba MP blasts appalling ZBC reach
    • Secrecy over funding to build new Mugabe city
    • Enos Nkala predicts PM landslide victory
    • Gono ZANU-PF’s poster boy for corruption
    • Ben Freeth: Racial discrimination in Zim
    • A growing evidence base: yet more inconvenient truths
    • Gukurahundi: Why Zipra soldiers deserted ZNA (Part 5)
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 24th November 2012 [Public Accounts Committee Meeting Open to the Public: - Monday 26 November]
    • BILL WATCH 52/2012 of 24th November [2013 Budget Debate due 27 November]
  5. Batch 2 Posted 26/11/12
    • Kunonga bishops threaten violence
    • Kunonga, police in unholy alliance?
    • New farmers swell tobacco ranks
    • Anger over Zanu PF ‘Nazi tactics’
    • Arab billionaires target Zimbabwe diamonds
    • ‘Zimbabweans in SA living under harsh conditions’
    • Church invited to lead anti-corruption commomerations
    • A president donating to his country
    • Diamond corruption – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 24th November 2012
    • UNiTE to End Violence against Women
    • Zimbabwe's Natural History Lessons
  6. Posted 26/11/12
    • Two more district hospitals for Harare
    • Harare’s underground water under threat
    • Outcry over MDC-T directive on primaries
    • Mujuru is second in command — Gumbo
    • Zanu PF chefs in Manicaland fight over community share trust
    • Welshman Ncube in political quandary
    • Harare City Council returns attached property
    • Outrage as Green Fuels auctions stray cattle
    • Unfreeze nurses’ posts, government urged
    • Senior policeman up for stock theft
    • Meikles ventures into mining
    • Banking sector frets over Biti’s reforms
    • Zimbabwe: A breeding ground for fraudsters
    • Sunday View: Child offenders evidence of societal failure
    • Take the initiative: Create your own future
    • Editor’s desk: When surrogate power vanishes: Ask Kunonga!
    • Comment: Harare must create a win-win scenario
  7. Posted 25/11/12
    • SA deports nearly 43 000 Zimbabweans
    • SADC to Push For Zimbabwe Reforms Despite Regional Conflicts
    • Zimbabwe takes DRC backseat
    • Coltart slams Moyo over Selous Scouts 'slur'
    • Chombo, Masunda defend purchase of new cars
    • Chimanikire under fire for defending Chombo's vast wealth
    • Zanu PF hall of shame in limbo
    • Construction of 'Zvimba Paradise' Stokes Controversy
    • Zifa to pay whistleblowers
    • Rahman Gumbo steps down as Zimbabwe coach
    • ZCTF Report - Retraction & Apology
    • A long time coming
    • Kunonga
  8. Batch 2 Posted 24/11/12
    • Jailing of violent ZANU PF group welcomed
    • Jabulani Sibanda ‘contracted’ to intimidate MDC-T supporters
    • War vets join the gravy train to diamond money
    • Zim takes diamond sanction fight to US
    • ‘Chombo’s probe meant to punish MDC councillors’
    • Kunonga faction poisons food
    • KPMG: Zimbabwe, Nigeria, SA Top Most Corrupt African Nations
    • Crackdown on MDC-T youths in Harare
    • Let the people choose: Neuhaus
    • Zanu Big Wigs in Masvingo Face Arrest-Kasukuwere
    • SA govt facing contempt charges over refugee office closures
    • Stampede to represent ZANU-PF, MDCs
    • Book Café use the arts to protest violence against women
    • ‘Zanu PF stole Nkomo’s ideas’
    • Statutory regulation of press would be 'manna from heaven' for dictators like Robert Mugabe
    • Chinese firms chase US$1bln Hwange upgrade deal
    • I can turn the economy around: Sikhala
    • Anglo ‘in talks’ on new Zimbabwe mine project
    • Zimbabwe needs own currency
    • End the culture of gender-based violence in Zimbabwe
    • I blame Mugabe
    • Transcript: Jessie Majome on Copac draft (Part 1)
    • PAC's Marange looting report 'pregnant with falsehoods'
    • Eddie Cross paper to Diamond Conference
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: The Dissident Problem (Part 4)
  9. Posted 24/11/12
    • Mugabe, Kabila’s US$1bn debt spat
    • Govt pumps US$50m into DMC
    • ‘ZDI in secret diamond sales’
    • Parties reel from primary elections
    • Zanu PF factionalism: Masvingo clashes reveal deepening cracks
    • Tsvangirai rally betrays widening affluence gap
    • Zanu PF bigwigs in election battles
    • MDC-T to move Private Members’ Bills
    • Confusion grows over Khupe fate
    • Interfin bosses face criminal charges
    • Tough times ahead
    • Agribank to disburse US$30 million from IDC
    • Mining growth hinges on exploration
    • Tongaat Hullet seeks audience with Kasukuwere
    • Blanket mine projects 70% increase in output
    • Cracks in Bitis’s financial plan
    • Corruption: Zimbabwe’s cancer
    • How to get rid of Mugabe’s choking yoke of tyranny
    • Budget realistic but politically poisoned
    • Kunonga saga: Beware of vain politicians
    • Low investment hampers economic recovery
    • New pay model overdue
    • Mugabe taking Zim nowhere
    • Biti attempts the impossible
    • Even Burma can teach Zanu PF to change
  10. Posted 23/11/12
    • Civic groups walk out after threats by Mines Minister
    • Civil society angered by Mpofu diamond ‘bribe’
    • War vets eye diamonds money
    • Defence forces commander links MDC-T to Renamo
    • Army General Threatens Mugabe Rivals
    • Kunonga ran up $300k bills: Bishop Gandiya
    • Children raped at Kunonga churches
    • AG dismisses ACHPR land judgment
    • Zanu PF’s input distribution scam
    • Uproar over Mugabe stickers on maize seed
    • Allies Mugabe, Museveni to delopy troops in DRC
    • Khaya-Moyo takes vote-buying to new levels
    • Council probe reveals political abuse of power
    • MDC man backs Mpofu
    • RBZ looting: fresh details
    • Zim to set up new visa system
    • Zimbabwe’s Indigenous Languages Face Extinction
    • Sugar giant Tongaat under more pressure from ZPF
    • MDC – Madhuku simply confused
    • NCA’s response to the MDC-T
    • Zanu PF trio jailed over 2002 murder of MDC man
    • Parliament stays out of Mutambara, Ncube feud
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Zanla-Zipra antagonism (Part 2)
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: The role of South Africa (Part 3)
    • Court Watch 21/2012 of 22nd November [Official Anglican Church Wins Cases: Kunonga Claims Dismissed]
  11. Posted 22/11/12
    • Youth militia army recruits terrorise Hurungwe
    • MDC Secretary for Home Affairs attacked
    • ZANU PF pair arrested after threats against MDC-T
    • Police spokesman campaigning against Tsvangirai in Buhera
    • Anglicans to cleanse Cathedral and churches seized by Kunonga
    • Kunonga in a mess
    • Kunonga spurns Gandiya invite
    • Mnangagwa sues over succession
    • UZ property saved from the hammer
    • African Commission to tackle suspension of SADC human rights court
    • MDC-T primaries expected to generate stiff competition
    • Magistrate Arrested For Corruption
    • Police ban Daily News' Nkomo lecture again
    • Zim nears $10bn debt write-off deal
    • Zimbabwe increases its defence budget to $356 million
    • Zanu PF Hardliners Push For Elections Without New Constitution
    • Mugabe a dictator – Annan
    • National Sports Stadium closed, again under mysterious 'repairs circumstances'
    • Tsvangirai betrayed 2008 poll pact: Ncube
    • Plans for Zimbabwe Expelled Students to Study Abroad on the Cards
    • 300 Marondera residents attend election meeting
    • Minister Mumbengengwi urged to act on DRC
  12. Posted 21/11/12
    • HR History Made As African Commission Declares Zim Farmers' Case Admissible
    • Mutambara wades in over dismissal of MDC-N members
    • Ncube fires more MPs
    • Hopes rise for end to COPAC deadlock
    • ZANU PF threatening MDC-T in Binga with amputations
    • Drama As Kunonga Loses
    • Coltart pledges help to restore Kunonga destroyed schools
    • Gandiya to hold cleansing ceremonies
    • MDC-T 29 trial adjourned to next week
    • Demonstrations against President‘s Field Day, a charade
    • Mugabe can't be a donor in his own country - Tsvangirai
    • Agriculture Ministry Not Backing Mugabe Farm Input Scheme
    • Charamba admits Mugabe receiving foreign donor money
    • Farming inputs: Mugabe hits back at Tsvangirai
    • 'Zimbabwe Leaders Not Hijacking Constitution Making Process'
    • ZANU PF infighting behind chaos in Masvingo
    • Civic Groups Seek Regional Support Ahead of Elections
    • War veterans groups fight over land
    • Mugabe survives Zanu PF plot
    • First time voters get training ahead of polls
    • PM’s office under probe over abuse of funds
    • Zimbabwe mining: mixed messages and wishful thinking
    • Unlocking the potential of Africa's youths
    • Notes on the Harare Groundwater Situation – October, 2012
    • A season of violence looms
    • Driving in Zimbabwe now expensive because of corrupt police cops
    • Class And Rural Differentiation After Land Reform In Zimbabwe And Two New Land Reform Books
  13. Posted 20/11/12
    • Breakaway Anglican bishop ordered to return seized church property
    • Tsvangirai warns against imposition of candidates
    • Court decision questioned in WikiLeaks case
    • Mujuru leads Mugabe succession race - Analysts
    • SA platinum mining companies eye Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe may seize Tongaat farmland
    • Power cuts disrupt trial of MDC-T activists
    • MDC expels two lawmakers over Tsvangirai links
    • Chaos at Masvingo Mugabe endorsement meeting
    • 5 die on Zimbabwe's roads daily
    • Kasukuwere and Biti clash, again
    • Delays and deadlocks denying democracy to Zimbabweans
    • Antwerp Offers To Trade Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • Robert Mugabe bid to end Marange sanctions boosted
    • Mozambique war fears shakes Zimbabwe politicians
    • Concern rises over safety of immigrant workers in SA
    • American’s foreign policy on Myanmar: An ideal benchmark for Zimbabwe
    • Through the Wire: Things to fix before election
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: How it all began (Part 1)
    • Constitution Watch of 17th November 2012 [Stakeholders Conference ]
    • Constitution Watch of 19th November [Deadlock Post Stakeholders Conference]
  14. Posted 19/11/12
    • Zim Tourism Increase By 17 Percent
    • Beware of avenging spirits: Tsvangirai
    • Minority languages: plugging education gap
    • Why Zimbabwe (and Africa) is so poor
    • ‘A Soft Genocide’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 17th November 2012
    • Zanu PF to mark members’ houses with stickers
    • Tsvangirai to co-opt Zanu PF ministers if he wins next year
    • March election date impossible — Research unit
    • Harare City Council attaches residents’ properties
    • BCC loses war against open-air worshippers
    • Kunzwana: Helping women in farming communities
    • Biti delivers ‘demand-driven budget’
    • Afreximbank to fund industrial revival
    • Ncube, agricultural officials to finalise setting up of Comez
    • ‘Diamond benefits to cascade to masses’
    • Hwange in deal with Chinese
    • Oil search fuels tension over Lake Malawi
    • Garbage now part of Mbare landscape
    • Manicaland is also for devolution
    • Zimbabwe cannot avoid elections next year
    • MDC-T’s diaspora campaign ill-conceived
    • Residents at the mercy of council
    • Learn from Democrats’ approach to voting groups
    • Deeds, not words Mr President
  15. Posted 18/11/12
    • Ailing Air Zimbabwe Slash Prices to Lure Travellers
    • Mining now mainstay of economy: Biti
    • Manicaland people says enough of diamond looting
    • 2013 Primary Elections Scaring Zimbabwean Politicians
    • MDC-T calls primary elections for December
    • PM threatens another land revolution
    • Mugabe scores own goal
    • Civil servants demand poverty datum line-based salary review
    • Zimbabwe Gets $9 Million For Writing Minority Language Books
    • CIO boss wins US$10 million WikiLeaks case
    • From Rags to Riches, the Obert Mpofu Story
    • Diamonds or water?
    • Diamonds will fund a power grab by Mugabe
    • In Zimbabwe, too many elephants — and not enough land
  16. Batch 2 Posted 17/11/12
    • The end of the GNU?
    • Biti budgets for watershed elections
    • Biti raids drinkers, smokers to fund education
    • Harare residents blast Mayor for purchasing expensive new vehicles
    • No markers for exams
    • 2008 Election Violence Victims Stir Emotions
    • Supreme Court hears landmark HIV case
    • No to devolution:Chihuri
    • Hopes run high for Zimbabwe plan to transmit votes electronically
    • Goromonzi Lives in Fear as 2013 Elections Loom
    • Women say government not doing enough about political violence
    • Mutinhiri on collision course with MDC-T over land invasions
    • Officials tell lies in Mugabe’s name
    • Prosecutor in Glen View trial is ‘not serious’
    • Motorists applaud High Court ruling on left hand vehicle ban
    • MDC primary elections in December
    • Zanu PF rule change targets 'opportunists'
    • Zimbabwean politics enmeshed in ANC power struggles
    • Zimbabwe at centre of gem row
    • Zimbabwe: diamond fiscal black hole
    • The 2013 National Budget Statemement
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 16th November 2012 [Meetings to Analyse Budget: 19-22 November]
    • Geographies of violence
  17. Posted 17/11/12
    • Biti presents paltry US$3,8bn budget
    • Storm over Zanu PF’s US$6,5m hall project
    • Violence: MDC-T drags feet on action
    • MDCs reject Mugabe early polls push
    • Mugabe, PM in cahoots –– Ncube
    • Govt flouting international regulations
    • Zim to engage in mining explorations
    • Blaming diamond leaks on sanctions debunked
    • Speaker bemoans composition of Standing Rules committee
    • SADC opposed Zim land grabs-Mbeki
    • Violent polls to hurt economy, Biti warns
    • Zim industrial sites now ghostly
    • A crisis crying out for a solution
    • KP to re-define conflict diamonds
    • ‘Credit crunch, bankruptcy loom’
    • Local not so lekker for the Mugabes
    • Zanu PF must change or die
    • Public media regulation: Hallmark of dictatorship
    • Unitary state hegemonic
    • Govt needs to privatise parastatals without delay
    • Candid Comment: When will we have a real budget?
    • Comment: Budget: Back to deficits era
    • Editor’s Memo: Sustained stability key to recovery
  18. Posted 16/11/12
    • Zimbabwe budget: Finance minister warns elections will slow growth to 5 percent in 2013
    • Biti: Zim Economic Outlook Bleak
    • Tough choices as Biti presents 2013 budget
    • New US envoy meets Mugabe, to 'listen and learn'
    • Education Minister says government spending priorities misplaced
    • Zimbabwe, Donors Meet to Revive Education Sector
    • Zanu PF threatens JOMIC pull-out
    • JOMIC Investigates Torching of Houses in Mash East
    • Madzore not bitter after one year of wrongful imprisonment
    • Presidential inputs hijacked by ZANU-PF youths
    • Mozambique's ageing ex-guerrillas regather arms
    • Zuma mediation on the back burner
    • ZANU PF old guard planning to block young turks
    • Zim Civil Society Lobbies SADC On Zimbabwe Polls
    • Zanu PF launches terror campaign
    • Moyo, Chiyangwa in-illegible [sic] to stand for Zanu PF in general elections
    • PM's office restructuring unsettles Zanu PF
    • Glenorah police detain 10 MDC activists
    • Zanu (PF) threatens coup, again
    • What happened to $50m from Mugabe?
    • Deep corruption in the ZRP
    • Taming ‘mystery’ CIO
    • Respect for property rights vital to prosperity
    • STATEMENT: U.S. Ambassador David Bruce Wharton meets President Robert Mugabe
    • Mana Pools: Paradise embroiled in controversy
  19. Posted 15/11/12
    • Diamond conference ends with more questions than answers
    • American diamond official urged to resign
    • Heated debate over ‘sanctions’ at Diamond Conference
    • Diamond trade embargo to remain: US
    • Soldiers line up to contest polls
    • Mass intimidation in Murehwa West constituency
    • Sibanda speaks on Mash West campaign
    • Zanu-PF threatens to pull out of Jomic
    • Mozambican cops not scared of rebels
    • Dhlakama’s team readies for war
    • War in Mozambique Must Be Averted
    • Air Zim flies with no passengers on board
    • New media Bill slammed
    • Whitecliffe takeover illegal: Supreme Court
    • Arson victim told to bring ‘suspects’ to police
    • Mugabe's peace call on spot light as houses burnt in Mutoko
    • Madzore says Tsvangirai will be next president
    • Pair who blocked Mugabe motorcade released on bail
    • MDC-T official convicted for claiming Joice had hand in Mujuru’s death
    • ZUJ Leader Faces Indecent Assault Charges
    • Agribank launches US$15 maize support facility
    • Arsonists walk free
    • Alan Martin from the PAC on Behind the Headlines
    • Reform electronic media before elections
    • Zvimba City, dismiss it as ‘laughable fantasy’ at your own peril
  20. Posted 14/11/12
    • Zimbabwe capital city to be built in Zvimba
    • Plans to move capital to Zvimba dismissed as “ridiculous”
    • Mbeki’s speech at diamond conference shows his support for ZANU PF
    • Mbeki stirs Zim gem pot
    • Mbeki warns Zim’s ‘predatory elite’
    • American Diamond Official Urged To Resign
    • Zim loses $30m to American 'diamond seizures'
    • Mugabe: West Blocking Marketing of Zimbabwe Diamonds
    • WOZA: Members arrested, beaten and dumped in a cemetery
    • 200 private colleges, schools shut down
    • NGO crackdown threatens relations with West
    • Mangoma’s trial postponed as State fails to file papers
    • MDC Youth Chairperson Madzore granted bail
    • MDCs send for Zuma over new constitution impasse
    • MDC-T blames ZANU PF for latest COPAC deadlock
    • PM Calls for Policy Consistency
    • Magaisa shakes up PM’s office
    • Pair in court for blocking Mugabe motorcade
    • Catholic priest who exposed Gukurahundi buried in Bulawayo
    • ZIMBABWE: Succumbing to the debt trap
    • Zimbabwe political violence: an insurance deal too far?
    • Transcript: Thabo Mbeki speech at Zimbabwe diamond conference
    • Compensation for land
    • Myths, Reality and The Inconvenient Truth about Zimbabwe’s Land Resettlement Programme
  21. Posted 13/11/12
    • Report accuses Zimbabwe of stealing diamond money
    • $2 billion 'theft' of Zimbabwe's diamonds
    • US$2bln gem plunder claim 'totally false'
    • Key issues ignored at Vic Falls Diamond Conference
    • Cash-strapped Zimbabwe selling diamonds at give-away price
    • Prove That Diamonds Are Funding Army - Mnangagwa
    • Mugabe denies diamonds election funding claims
    • Zimbabwe capital's residents drink own waste
    • WOZA activists arrested over water protest in Bulawayo
    • Harare Council confiscates residents’ properties
    • Police band refuses to play national anthem in Mugabe’s absence
    • Grain reserves severely depleted: GMB
    • Zhing Zhongs Being Smuggled Into Zim
    • Political violence flares up in Mutoko
    • Nango to engage AU over members’ arrests
    • ‘Join forces to topple Mugabe’
    • Coup Comments Cause Row in Coalition Govt
    • COPAC divided over Mugabe's threat to seize draft charter
    • MDC-T Senator uses social media to lure younger voters
    • Catholic priest who exposed Zim massacre
    • Political risks to watch in Zimbabwe
    • The MDC Today - Issue 467
    • Reap what you sow: Greed & corruption in Zimbabwe's Marange diamond fields
  22. Batch 2 Posted 12/11/12
    • Zanu Pf in myopic blame game
    • Mbeki to address diamond conference
    • We’re not nationalising economy: Mugabe
    • Zanu PF's hall of shame
    • Rich in maize and bicycles
    • Ageing Zanu PF looks to ‘young turks’
    • Govt plans major national housing drive
    • Projects on power generation and water supply key
    • Jonathan Moyo ‘killed’ ZBC: Machakaire
    • Zimbabwean courts cannot preside over bans: FIFA
    • A Clean Break – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 10th November 2012
  23. Posted 12/11/12
    • Zanu PF plans to deal with rogue members
    • Harare City Council attaches residents’ properties
    • Chaos on Harare streets
    • Byo council trashes MDC-T youths’ request
    • Zanu PF sharpens daggers against dissenting voices
    • Residents’ associations threaten to sue Zesa over inflated bills
    • Mini-hydro power station changes lives
    • Tower lights turned into base stations
    • Peace returns to Domboshava
    • Liquidity challenges to persist — Gono
    • Inaugural Diamond Conference opens
    • Budget expected to revive industry
    • Under Mugabe: Robin Hammond Records the Suffering of Zimbabwe
  24. Posted 11/11/12
    • MDC-T Legislator Unveils A Bill That Seeks To Dislodge AIPPA
    • Canadian Group: Diamonds Worth $2 Billion Looted in Zimbabwe
    • Bill seeks to decriminalize Mugabe insults
    • Two held for blocking Mugabe motorcade
    • Poll dispute sucks in SA parly
    • 2nd All-Stakeholders’ Conference facing problems
    • Zanu PF admits party collapse
    • Diamond sector looks to polish image
    • ‘Harare bills not to be cancelled’
    • Harare’s billing gets $500k boost
    • Statement by the Embassy of Canada in Zimbabwe on the November 5 police raid on the Counselling Services Unit (CSU
    • Mugabe elections call a sinister ploy
    • Why was land ‘reform’ so devastating?
    • Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas
    • Under the spreading arms of the Musasa tree
  25. Batch 2 Posted 10/11/12
    • Human rights activists released on bail
    • Mpopoma MDC graffiti trio claim police torture
    • Zim"s Civic Society To Confront Police Chief Over Harassment
    • Police Raid Threatens Broader Crackdown
    • Political Uncertainty Derails UN Tourism Conference Preparations
    • Activists Fear Diamonds Will Fund Mugabe Power Grab
    • Politburo insists on Copac amendments
    • Zanu PF wants imperial presidency reinstated
    • 10 Umzingwane MDC-N councillors defect to MDC-T
    • Chombo fires MDC-T councillor for exposing corruption at Umguza
    • Chiefs grab sugarcane farms
    • Book piracy leaves Zimbabwe publishers in red
    • Ministers Abusing State, Parastatal Resources
    • ZESA loses out to resettled farmers
    • War vet in trouble over “truth”
    • Under pressure ZESA promises to stop disconnections
    • Banks being ‘coerced’ into buying Govt debt
    • Zim wants Brit removed from mining arbitration panel
    • Zimbabwean act may give clarity to diamond sector
    • Zim delegation briefing to SA parliament
    • Mnangagwa backs Look East Policy
    • Troubled ZIFA Says It's Broke
    • Holland awarded with a Sydney Peace Prize
    • Statement of Concern by the United States Embassy on the arrest of mental health counselors and staff of CSU
    • Roy Bennett's Contribution To The Mike Cambell Foundation - "Triumph Over Tyranny"
    • Zimbabwe must consider compensating white farmers
    • Morgan Tsvangirai: Is he the Pied Piper of Zimbabwe?
  26. Posted 10/11/12
    • Copac draft: Politburo hands over disputes to principals
    • PM, Mugabe agree on Save invasions
    • Vote buying: Zanu-Pf’s age old survival strategy
    • ‘Change or die’CPC tells Zanu Pf
    • Mugabe elections call a sinister ploy: Ncube
    • Heavyweights’ deaths open up political fray
    • Zanu PF young turks push for renewal
    • ‘Khupe to appear before disciplinary committee’
    • Running-mates clause debate divides MDC-T
    • Liquidity crunch deepening –– Gono
    • Harare water woes: Case of system failure
    • Gono, foreign-owned banks clash
    • Coal industry needs US$1bn
    • Shareholders to be held liable for bank collapses
    • ‘Illegal panners won’t boost gold output’
    • Reviving Zim industry
    • Pondering a post-election Zim
    • Zanu PF should learn from CPC congress
    • Mugabe gets his Damascene moment
  27. Posted 9/11/12
    • CSU workers bailed after “illegal”transfer to Bulawayo
    • Coltart condemns police double standards
    • Civil Society Coalitions issue response to police crackdown
    • CSU statement on continued detention of staff
    • Court Punishes Editor For Violating Media Law
    • VMCZ Statement on arrest of Chinhoyi publisher
    • Lawyer threatened by Supreme Court
    • Mugabe insults flood courts
    • ZRP corruption reaches new high
    • Obert Mpofu on a Vote buying spree
    • Free elections possible: Australian ambassador
    • Chinese exploiting Zim labour: Report
    • Magura murder suspects intimidating witnesses
    • Unemployment fuelling rise in sand poaching
    • Zanu issues ‘illegal’ licenses: CZC
    • Anthrax outbreak hits Zim
    • COPAC hands over national report to management committee
    • New Constitution - Mugabe 'Will Comply'
    • PM’s spokesman recovering: Chamisa
    • Zimbabwe to Force Banks to Buy Debt After Auction Flopped
    • Mtshabezi pipeline complete: Nkomo
    • A warning
    • Solidarity Message with the Counselling Services Unit
    • Action Alert: In support of Amnesty International’s call to release illegally detained Counselling Services Unit (CSU) employees
    • The banana republic of Zimbabwe
    • Of political entrepreneurship and greediness
    • Sokwanele: Will new Constitution change anything for women?
    • Bill Watch 50/2012 of 8th November [New Parliamentary Session Opened; Adjourned to 15th November]
  28. Posted 8/11/12
    • Arrested CSU workers transferred to Bulawayo
    • NGO Employees Spend Two Nights In Police Custody
    • Poor Service Delivery Irks Harare Residents
    • City Council of Harare Gets a Rude Awakening from Disgruntled Residents
    • Disgraced officer linked to torture of Glen View murder suspects
    • Cops speculating, say defence lawyers
    • Youth leaders bailed in cop murder case
    • Principals have no role yet - COPAC
    • Zimbabwe Retailers Increase Basic Commodity Prices
    • Chinese businessman denies bankrolling Mugabe's secret police
    • ‘Rebel against ZANU PF’s abuse of diamond proceeds’
    • MDC-T old guard to face young turks in party primaries
    • MISA warns of increasing media intimidation
    • Hon Mangoma summoned on spurious charges
    • The MDC Today - Issue 464
    • War veterans warn Mugabe
    • Chombo suspends Masvingo MDC councillor
    • Zim manufacturers in ‘crisis’
    • Ten new power producers licensed
    • Diamond industry: Diamond revenue revised downwards
    • Makumbe leaving UZ ahead of elections
    • ZCTF Report - Nov 2012
    • Why Zimbabwe's tobacco industry is unhappy with WHO
  29. Posted 7/11/12
    • Widespread anger at police raid on CSU offices
    • Mugabe still trying to subvert COPAC process
    • Glen View cop murder case: Police give conflicting statements
    • MDC-T 29 betrayed by colleagues
    • As Crackdown Continues, Zimbabwe Police Arrest Another Editor
    • Daily News' photographer arrested
    • Corrupt Zimbabwe Police Exposed
    • ZINASU President remanded in custody
    • Mugabe ‘well wishers’ helping ZANU PF cling to power
    • NSSA to confiscate ZBC's vehicles over $700 000 debt
    • Mugabe's Zanu PF builds $6,5 million election monster
    • Cash-strapped Zimbabwe fails to sell T-bills again
    • Harare residents “tired of drinking sewage water”
    • Tamborinyoka regains consciousness after crash
    • Makumbe to leave UZ
    • Notorious cops implicated in torture of MDC members
    • MDC concerned about Water Challenges
    • 6 bribes paid at 7 roadblocks on 100km stretch: report
    • Zimbabwe's Civil Society Coalition To Take Part In Debate At Conference
    • The Zimbabwe Vigil’s 10th anniversary is no cause for celebration
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees - 5th - 9th November 2012 [Committees Holding Inaugural Meetings This Week]
  30. Posted 6/11/12
    • Five arrested after police raid NGO
    • Gold rush turning Zimbabwe into wasteland: Coltart
    • Civic groups and MDC dismiss Mugabe call for March elections
    • Teachers ‘disappointed’ with salary increase promise
    • Biti pegs back 2012 growth forecast
    • Parties blasts Mugabe's savage attack on Biti
    • Farmer claims he’s being intimidated for being MDC
    • Cop murder trial resumes
    • Police forced accused Glen View murder suspects to wear MDC t-shirts
    • Banks warned over treasury bills
    • Mugabe Stop Dishing Our Wealth To Foreigners: Zapu VP
    • Tamborinyoka still sedated after crash
    • Police abuse traumatised villagers
    • Vote buying — Mugabe moves a gear up
  31. Batch 2 Posted 5/11/12
    • Reveal source of US$20m, Mugabe told
    • Zanu PF to reveal draft verdict: Mugabe
    • Civil servants promised January pay hike
    • Mugabe blasts Biti
    • VP Nkomo's health sparks vicious power struggle
    • Biti rules out MPs exit packages
    • Chombo probe teams drain council
    • Tsvangirai's spokesman fights for life
    • Monitor Calls Zimbabwe Diamonds 'Model', Stirs Ire
    • Open prison system for women on the cards
    • KLM ready to co-operate with Air Zimbabwe
    • Harare-Dubai Emirates flight in mid-air scare
    • Constitution-making process: The big lie
    • Crumbling away – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd November 2012
  32. Posted 5/11/12
    • Passport office extends working days
    • CCZ concerned about quality of bulk water
    • ‘Zanu PF election rant a pipedream’
    • Acrimony in GNU worrying: Analysts
    • Zaha appeals to government for more land
    • One million children not in school—Report
    • Foreign investors push the bourse to US$4bn
    • RBZ to auction US$30 million Treasury Bills
    • Local consortium to acquire stake in Unki
    • Majority employed in informal sector — Zimstat survey
    • Air Zim gets lifeline
    • Let’s uphold the sacredness of life in all its forms
    • Indigenisation: Sharing a few crumbs
    • Parties should rise above partisan interests
    • Mugabe sows discord in GNU
    • ‘Constitution-making lacking clarity’
  33. Posted 4/11/12
    • Zanu PF Denies Savage Attack on MDC White Couple
    • ZIMSTAT: Zimbabwe's Unemployment Rate Drops to 10.7%
    • 24 prties for 2013 poll
    • Zim to establish special elections court for political violence
    • Zimbabwe MPs demand exit package
    • Ex-MP arrested in Plumtree
    • HIV positive Zimbabwean women sue over forced sterilisations
    • Zim Civil Society in Save Constitution Campaign
    • Defend the COPAC draft constitution gains – Mutare residents urged
    • Oldest U.S. Book Club Honors 11 Graduates in Zimbabwe
    • Sekai Holland in Sydney for Peace Prize lecture
    • Political violence is inevitable in Zimbabwe
    • For Zimbabwe, reviving agriculture is the only way out
    • Snake in the grass
    • On safari in Zimbabwe: a country in search of tourism
  34. Batch 2 Posted 3/11/12
    • Coltart laments Cabinet racial slurs
    • Elections by June: Sadc
    • Tsvangirai, ex-lover’s R2m deal questioned
    • Probe Tsvangirai over ex-lover payoff: Dongo
    • MDC-T Treasurer speaks about violent Kadoma attack
    • Howard Hospital violence case postponed again
    • Millions set aside to turn ZEC digital
    • Diamond monitor criticised for ‘misleading’ comments on Chiadzwa
    • Education Minister: Allow Students to Write Exams
    • Harare’s 2013 budget likely to fail — Residents
    • Anti-graft body targets ministers, MPs
    • Mthwakazi treason trio seek discharge
    • Police frustrate torture investigation
    • Amplats signs Zim indigenisation deal
    • Zimbabwe chief disbands team
    • The MDC Today - Issue 461
    • A hectic season in rural Zimbabwe
    • Principals have NO final say on the constitution of Zimbabwe
    • Robert Mugabe’s divide-and-rule script
    • The lie to Mugabe’s rosy picture
  35. Posted 3/11/12
    • Army splashes US$45m on vehicles ahead of polls
    • Copac owes US$500 000
    • Mugabe in Singapore trip cover-up effort
    • ‘Legislators lack basic competencies’
    • Crafted to manage post-Mugabe era
    • Parties will have to agree on election dates –– PM
    • ‘Elections in March impossible’
    • Zanu PF MPs broke
    • Tsvangirai opens up
    • Zanu PF structures collapse
    • ‘Economy to grow by 7,4%’
    • ZSE activity dips by 9%
    • Challenges and future prospects of Green Fuel
    • AirZim: Piecemeal solutions just won’t do
    • Translate peace rhetoric into action
    • Biti’s budget tightrope act
    • Mugabe poll push fuels uncertainty
    • Tomana girds his loins for a bit longer
    • Zim transition:The Role of the military
    • Import processes bane of economy
    • Gender and security sector reform
  36. Posted 2/11/12
    • MDC-T Treasurer and wife severely assaulted by ZANU PF
    • Save Valley signs agreement with local chiefs
    • Wild pigs cost Air Zimbabwe US$8,5 million
    • Govt travel gobbles $7million in one month
    • Copac gives in to principals’ demands
    • ZEC admits ‘political interference’ in 2008 vote
    • Zim slammed for ‘selective’ commitment to investment protection
    • Mugabe overtures may have ‘influenced IMF’
    • Civil servants strike threat falters
    • Britain issues travel warning ahead of referendum
    • ZBC staff punished for reporting corruption
    • Chiredzi man in trouble for striking Mugabe portrait
    • Prime Minister reaches out of court settlement with Locadia
    • Zim new hub of human trafficking: IOM
    • S. Korea sees potential in Zim's power sector
    • Zim Media Laws A Concern: AU Rapportuer
    • Anglo Platinum agrees Unki ownership transfer
    • Abolish AIPPA, POSA, BSA: WAZ
    • Prophets of doom put to shame
    • The path to ruin: what went wrong?
    • Counting the cost of Zimbabwean land reform
    • Why Zimbabwe (and Africa) is so poor
  37. Posted 1/11/12
    • Mugabe finally opens parliament
    • Chaos as Mugabe opens Parliament
    • Mugabe Urges Security Forces To Prepare For Violence Free Polls "In March"
    • Generals summoned
    • Gold panning destroying Zimbabwe environment
    • IMF eases restrictions on help for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe says IMF move can help it pay off huge debts
    • Ex-farmers target Zimbabwe’s UK assets
    • 'My Zimbabwe farm was stolen by Mugabe's thugs now I live in tiny Harlow flat'
    • Soldiers terrorise Gokwe
    • Zimbabwe, South Africa abolish visa requirements
    • Justice Bhunu postpones cop murder trial again
    • ZPS officers eye gold mine
    • Chihuri named in dubious burial scheme
    • Chipangano’s links to the top exposed
    • Spy Agents threatens Speaker of Parly's workers
    • Ex-soldier appeals over son’s death in Chiadzwa
    • MDC-T say Midzi swindled Epworth residents
    • SA's Zimbabwe interests secured
    • Fears grow for frail John Nkomo
    • Proud Ex-Rhodesians
    • Zimbabwe's pricy democracy

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