The ZIMBABWE Situation

December 2012 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/12/12
    • Zec 1 million in the red
    • Seven killed in Marondera horror crash
    • Zimbabwe’s road accidents double
    • Cabinet blocks Mujuru
    • We won’t fail, says Matinenga
    • Tsvangirai gears for elections
    • Mugabe exposes self
    • ‘First African-designed’ smartphone launched
    • In Zimbabwe, the disability that prevents Munashe from using his hands proves no barrier to his education
    • ‘A willy old fox’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 29th December 2012
    • Zimbabwe: What will happen in 2013?
    • Zimbabwe: The Problem with Drones
  2. Posted 30/12/12
    • Zimbabwe's human rights commission chief quits
    • Talk of coalition to oust Mugabe gathers pace
    • Zimbabwe Coalition Talk To Topple Mugabe Dismissed
    • Mugabe Starts Vacation in China as Constitution Deadline Looms
    • Furore over Mugabe vacation timing
    • Visiting Zimbabweans Urged to Register For Crucial Polls
    • Hurungwe villagers living in fear of Zanu PF threats
    • Zanu PF targets injiva
    • Minister David Coltart calls for halls of fame
    • 70ha maize destroyed in land dispute
    • New team to review Essar deal
    • Ignore roadblocks set up by only two cops
    • A letter from the diaspora
    • Senior Citizens Service
  3. Posted 29/12/12
    • Blood reserves dwindle as road toll snowballs
    • Zimbabwe's Economy on Recovery Path
    • MDC Factions Express Desire for Electoral Pact in 2013
    • Electoral pact: Ncube the pessimist Vs Coltart the optimist
    • Thanksgiving service hails new beginning for Zimbabwe's Anglicans
    • Zimbabweans in SA Hope 2013 Elections Will Bring Them Home
    • MDC MPs fight over parly seat
    • Kunonga priests go two months without pay
    • Zanu PF primary elections set for February
    • Police Detain Manicaland Villagers For Tilling Macdom Land
    • Makoni says he is "World Class Leader"
    • Zimbabwean Journalists Want Early Voting Privileges
    • Several water bottling firms banned
    • Zimbabwe ill-prepared for rainfall extremes, farmers say
    • A season's greetings, and a gloomy forecast
    • Grand Opposition Coalition of Zimbabwe: Necessary and Possible
  4. Posted 28/12/12
    • Road death toll now at 134 - and still rising
    • Nine traffic cops arrested for taking bribes
    • Anglican Bishop Conducts Harare Christmas Mass
    • Mugabe flies-out for "private' trip to Asia
    • Jomic dismisses torture camp claims
    • KGVI, Boxing day to be renamed?
    • Zim Banks Face Huge Financial Losses
    • 'Zec full of spies'
    • Biti launches attack on Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe Businesses Plead For Violence Free 2013
    • Mugabe's poll plan in the woods
    • Treasury gets tough with parastatals
    • Liquidity challenges lower tourism
    • Mawere gathers momentum ahead of elections
    • Msipa hails contract farming
    • Council medical aid faces collapse
    • Female rapists resurface, soldier latest victim
    • Another Zimbabwean woman held for drugs in India
    • Tsvangirai: Zimbabweans Should Brace For Tough 2013
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Number of Victims (Part 13)
  5. Posted 26/12/12
    • Road carnage toll climbs to 127 in 10 days
    • Ncube denies insulting Tsvangirai, praising Mugabe
    • Refugees in South Africa Hopeful at Christmas
    • Huge Diamond Center Soon To Open In Zimbabwe
    • 'Zanu PF Won't Punish Minister Mpofu For Heroes Status Proposal'
    • Tsvangirai urges routine medicals for MPs
    • The time for Zimbabwe to decide has come
  6. Posted 25/12/12
    • Zimbabweans brace for bleak holiday with rising poverty, unemployment, food and cash shortages
    • 18 perish in single deadliest car crash yet
    • Coltart differs with Ncube over election pact
    • Teachers Union Dismisses New Zimbabwe Census Figures
    • Tsvangirai in rallying call: Register to Vote
    • Trade deficit tops US$3,8bn
    • Obama appoints Zimbabwean academic
    • Her Zimbabwe too has been hacked
    • Tsvangirai shocked by death of Deputy Minister
    • Borders calm ahead of Christmas
    • Zimbabwean drug mule spared death in Hong Kong
    • Nurse flees to Zimbabwe after battering UK girlfriend
    • Tsvangirai on politics and personal life
    • Tsvangirai on politics and personal life
    • Indigenisation: Is the timing appropriate?
    • Professor Welshman Ncube should put up or shut up
    • Food for votes
  7. Batch 2 Posted 24/12/12
    • Mugabe decree causes Xmas chaos
    • Traffic chaos at Beit-Bridge border Post ahead of Christmas break
    • Mt Darwin villagers terrorised
    • Fear grips Hurungwe villagers as Jochomondo terrorizes
    • Zimbabwe worries about RENAMO war threats
    • Zim close to securing loan from SA
    • Women live in fear of rape: Zimbabwe study
    • Tourism Minister Mzembi wins 3 Africa Leadership awards
    • Chiyangwa awarded bizarre Honorary Doctorate degree
    • Gweru residents forced to pay for dry taps
    • Professor Ncube salutes President Mugabe
    • Zanu PF heavy weights clash over Adam
    • Britain's forgotten asylum seekers left in limbo
    • ‘I will increase the cake’
    • ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 22nd December 2012
  8. Posted 24/12/12
    • Biti is playing to the gallery: Zanu PF
    • Chinotimba calls for peace, tolerance in Buhera South
    • Sibanda forces villagers to support Zanu PF
    • Bleak Christmas for workers
    • Storm over Byo census results
    • Dozens of cattle die of thirst in Masvingo
    • Hurungwe farmers benefit from conservation agriculture
    • BCC demands answers from Sipepa-Nkomo
    • Bulawayo man in reforestation drive
    • Shebeens, a health time bomb in Harare
    • Christmas treat for Makumbi Mission orphans
    • Zim to meet debt obligation
    • Business ‘groaning’ as 2012 comes to a close
    • Conservation messages go unheeded
    • Action needed to cement awareness
    • Sitting MPs should prove their usefulness
    • ‘It is possible to create a million jobs’
    • Clean, peaceful leadership renewal is possible
    • We‘re the world’s worst drivers, OK?
    • Stop extorting desperate travellers
  9. Posted 23/12/12
    • Tsvangirai meets generals
    • New High Court judges
    • Family planning for Harare's street children, too
    • Fuel supply to stabilise: Zimbabwe 5.6m litres of fuel to arrive in Malawi
    • Mpofu criticises Zanu PF hero selection
    • Thousands say "Good bye Adam Ndlovu"
    • Second unity government on the way?
    • Can Zimbabweans Muster A Grand Coalition For Change?
  10. Batch 2 Posted 22/12/12
    • MDC-T secretary for elections Seiso Moyo dies from suspected heart attack
    • ZimRights official and three others denied bail
    • Harare residents appeal for urgent solution to typhoid crisis
    • Council recalls director over Xmas garbage
    • Biti says Zimbabwe has no money to fund elections
    • Zimbabwe’s $4 Billion Sovereign Fund Questioned by Analysts
    • Biti upbeat about budget
    • NGOs Tempering [sic] With Voters’ Roll: Mudede
    • Mudede gags media
    • Mudede says 300, 000 voters dead since 2008
    • Zuma victory ‘bad for Mugabe’
    • Ramaphosa-Mugabe tension 'won't hamper co-operation'
    • Police arrest MDC-T official in Beitbridge
    • Zim exiles group to petition Zuma over charter deadlock
    • Masvingo Council loses bid to prevent assets sale
    • Zimbabwe Gets Computers to Track Epidemics, Diseases
    • Thousands throng Bulawayo roads to pay homage to Adam Ndlovu
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe in Ndlovu tragedy stampede
    • Zanu PF Refuses to Grant Adam Ndlovu Hero Status
    • Food is the least thing the Ndlovu family needed from Mugabe
    • Christmas and New Year Message to the people of Zimbabwe from President Tsvangirai
    • Unity Day 22 Dec
    • Desperate vote-buying by Zanu (PF)
    • Constitution Watch of 21st December [No Christmas Present from Principals' Committee]
  11. Posted 22/12/12
    • Fistfight breaks out at Zanu PF meeting
    • Sibanda blasts Zanu PF chefs
    • MDC-T railroads confirmation process
    • Ex-Zipra fighters rebuff Chiwenga
    • Zec cannot deliver free and fair elections: ZDI
    • ‘Zim headed for food crisis’ government
    • Zim struggles to contain primitive diseases
    • Why elections are unlikely in 2013
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2012
    • Cabinet scorecard: How the ministers fared in 2012
    • Petrecozim recycling plant planned
    • Investors sceptical of govt guarantee
    • Consumer price index adopts new weights
    • Zanu PF winking in the dark
    • Sad songs and the long wait for better days
    • Zanu PF, ANC don’t equate, Cde Moyo
    • Zanu PF’s political insanity
    • GNU II and how to get there
    • Tsvangirai fiddles while Zim burns
    • Political highlights of 2012
  12. Posted 21/12/12
    • Army joins forces with China for $2 Billion gas & coal project
    • DR Congo Crisis: Zimbabwean troops advance into North Kivu province
    • At least 800 typhoid cases recorded in Zimbabwe's capital
    • Zimbabwe and China ink $400 mn electricity deal
    • Govt owes €16m
    • Zanu PF says 30 issues holding up new charter
    • Tsvangirai says no to Mugabe
    • MDC-T dismiss threat of elections without new charter
    • ‘Mugabe can call for polls without new constitution’
    • Militarised election body a problem for Zimbabwe
    • Activists urge Sadc to play role in Zimbabwe’s elections
    • Food, Jobs Top Prime Minister 2013 Agenda
    • Lawyer slams ‘state crackdown’ on ZimRights
    • Court grants Masvingo workers right to sell council property
    • Biti rubbishes anti-Western talk on funding
    • Zanu PF abusing Adam Ndlovu funeral
    • Parents face criminal charges after trying to bring their children to SA
    • Judge slams prosecutor in CIO, cop case
    • Mystery surrounds death of Zimbabwean woman in Kenya
    • Diamond looters cornered
    • The MDC Today – Issue 493
    • Transcript of Diaspora Diaries interview with Mashonaland West farmer Piet Zwanikken
    • Media Notice from the Zimbabwe Vigil – 20th December 2012
    • Experiences of Student Rights Activists in Zimbabwe
  13. Posted 20/12/12
    • Top Zanu, MDC officials in major scam
    • Onslaught against farmers threatens future investment
    • Media Alert From The Commercial Farmers' Union In Zimbabwe
    • Dutch Embassy Press Release on the shooting of Pieter Zwanikken
    • ZANU PF is unelectable with Mugabe as presidential candidate
    • March poll push dead
    • Ncube ready for elections without new constitution
    • Elections not possible till 2015: academics
    • Zimbabwe population growth slows, 3 million fled in a decade of political, economic turmoil
    • Bulawayo City Council trashes census results
    • Zim govt slammed for live elephant exports to China
    • ZCTF Report - Dec 2012
    • Road crashes claim 34 lives in 3 days
    • MDC-T declares Adam Ndlovu a national hero
    • Council in $5,4m tender row
    • Released Glen View activist “rejuvenated”
    • Call to screen bottled water
    • PM bemoans abuse of justice
    • Zimrights officers arrested... 'Intruders' planted documents
    • Minister upbeat over Air Zimbabwe audit
    • Zimbabwe bid to buy SA coins from Common Monetary Area
    • Kunonga surrenders
    • Mugabe stuck with Zuma
    • Security forces deployed as historians
    • Operations at New Zim Steel to resume next month
    • Govt retains majority stake in POSB
    • Zimbabwe's bush toliets and disease
    • Gideon Gono economical with the truth
    • Chihuri got it all wrong
    • Comment on Procurement and Corruption
  14. Posted 19/12/12
    • Banket farmer lucky to be alive after ‘assassination attempt’
    • SA farmer waits to be evicted from Zim farm
    • No breakthrough expected from COPAC talks
    • COPAC Taken to Court Again Over Draft Constitution
    • $4 billion looted from mining companies through indigenisation
    • Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media
    • ZimRights official still detained a week after arrest
    • Tsvangirai in charge of elections for unity government
    • Mutambara: June 28 Deadline to Dissolve Zimbabwe Parliament
    • MDC Skeptical of Military's Impartiality in 2013 Polls
    • Zimbabwe population peaks at 13 million: census report
    • Zim inflation eases
    • Zimbabwe stockpiling diamond - World Bank
    • Zimbabwe whips SA miners into line
    • GMB accountant up for fraud
    • Row erupts over Mat gold mines
    • Zanu-PF boasts about a shared history with the ANC
    • Adam Ndlovu burial set for Saturday
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: The 5 Brigade and CIO (Part 12)
  15. Posted 18/12/12
    • 21 MDC-T activists granted bail in ongoing Glen View murder case
    • ‘We have not deployed in DRC’
    • Gandiya appeals for help to renovate properties
    • Kunonga’s chair thrown out in cleansing
    • Sekeramayi warns violence perpetrators (With some readers' comments)
    • Zimbabwe road accidents increase by 9%: Police
    • MDC-T looks to government to bail out Masvingo Council
    • MDC: Ruwende villagers up in arms
    • Zanu PF abusing grain loan scheme
    • Victims urged to speak out as child rape cases increase
    • $4,9m vanishes from Chitungwiza coffers
    • Zimbabwe's Population Growth In Marginal Growth of 1.1 Percent
    • Police reunite Toronto mother with two kids allegedly held in Zimbabwe
    • Tributes pour in for Adam Ndlovu
    • Update on national consultations on the urban council’s act
    • Education: A Pawn in Zimbabwe’s Political Battles
    • Anti-corruption crusade: Zanu PF’s recycled election gimmick
    • Muckraker: Bishop Kunonga hung out, left to dry
    • Comment: Mugabe must consult o DRC
    • Editor’s memo: Poll roadmap, Sadc spot-on
    • Land, the Environment, the Constitution, and the Advancement of Zimbabwean Society
    • Zimbabwe Inclusive Government Watch: The most breached clauses of the Global Political Agreement
    • Robert Mugabe’s Frozen Assets: Where are they?
    • BILL WATCH 54/2012 of 16th December [Bills Passed & Sitting Days in 2012: Parliamentary Vacancies & Voting Strengths]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 17/12/12
    • Anglicans take back Zimbabwe cathedral
    • 3 years on, Zim reform talks come to naught
    • MDC-T, Zanu PF politicians spar over radio signal jamming
    • Bill Gates on Zimbabwe safari
    • WikiLeaks haunt US ambassador
    • Kasukuwere, KFC in chicken war
    • We are powerless: Zanu PF
    • Mugabe forgives Zanu-PF bribe-seeking Ministers
    • Ex-player Adam Ndlovu killed in crash, Peter improving
    • Mugabe risks isolation if he defies SADC
    • Stone Age Attitude – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 15th December 2012
    • COURT WATCH 22/2012 of 15th December [Court News and Judgments in By-Elections and Maguwu/CIO Cases]
  17. Posted 17/12/12
    • Markers threaten to down tools
    • Workers storm Chinese employer’s home
    • Derelict buildings litter Bulawayo
    • MDC primaries set for next month
    • New parties promise bacon, butter
    • Zanu PF conference fails to rejuvenate party
    • Tender boards directive sparks uproar
    • Ministry ups efforts to fight malaria
    • Nyanga turns to mountain water
    • Water harvesting brings hope to communities
    • Residents resist agro-forestry project
    • Govt offices filthy: Minister Madzorera
    • Investment will increase gems’ output: World Bank
    • Indian investor in gem cutting and polishing
    • RBZ to set up complaints desk
    • Geology sheds light on role of wetlands
  18. Posted 16/12/12
    • Zimbabwe to Start Registering New Voters Next Month
    • ZEC forfeits delimitation, slashes poll budget
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe in cash scramble
    • MDCs cross swords
    • Political Tension Grips Zimbabwe Ahead of Crucial Polls
    • Zambia, Zim set for UNWTO indaba
    • Madhuku mulls entering active politics
    • Police burn war veterans’ homes
    • Mutambara in USA to Launch Zimbabwe Diaspora Initiative
    • 'Army backs Kasukuwere' - Ngwena
    • Tsvangirai says leadership not about degrees, but influence
    • Zanu PF MP begs for British aid
    • Anglicans set for cleansing ceremony
    • Sexual abuse of children on the rise
    • Sister Act: The Rhodes Scholar Edition
    • Alone but together
    • Zanu PF conference a complete failure
    • Why army is important to Zanu PF survival
    • Robert Mugabe and me – how a despot has clung on to power
    • Is China the new colonial power in Africa?
  19. Batch 2 Posted 15/12/12
    • Teachers Strike Looms In January
    • Zimbabwe's Constitution Making Process in Disarray
    • ZANU PF blamed for latest COPAC deadlock
    • Cabinet team changes Copac draft
    • Zanu PF campaign strategy exposed
    • Mugabe's party unveils battle plan
    • Chiwenga in war vet vote buying bid
    • ZANU PF corruption driving away investors
    • I am suffering for my MDC links: Businessman
    • 123 cops arrested in anti-graft drive
    • ZimRights official to spend weekend behind bars
    • Abducted mother and children “found” in Bulawayo
    • Kunonga challenges Supreme Court ruling
    • 2013 elections in danger over election observers
    • Be ready to govern: President Tsvangirai tells supporters
    • Minister Kasukuwere: I Want to Employ White Domestic Servant
    • MDC-N, ZAPU coalition on the cards
    • Employ youths, save agriculture: CFU
    • Zimbabwe, China trade volume reaches 750 mln USD in 10 months
    • Madhuku backs Mugabe election call
    • Aquarius sells control of Zimbabwe JV
    • MSF sets more initiation sites in Chikomba
    • The Challenges of Media Regulation during Elections in Zim
    • ‘I’ll fight until Mugabe pays for the farm he stole from my family’
    • Zimbabwe now Mugabe’s private company
    • Zanu-PF's insane economic proposals
  20. Posted 15/12/12
    • Polls: War vets promised $2 000 a month
    • Zanu PF ministers demand $10m bribe
    • DRC deployment: Mugabe did not consult cabinet
    • Alarm bells toll at Zanu PF indaba
    • ‘I’m the GNU stabilising factor’
    • Nkomo’s health triggers internal strife
    • Parastatals turning the corner — Moyo
    • Zanu PF must learn from SA counterpart
    • Freda Rebecca gold production up 66%
    • Avoid over-reliance on natural resources: Expert
    • Mobile phone money services on the rise
    • Eric Bloch: Policy shift key to economic recovery
    • Zimbabwe Military needs to be restrained
    • Let’s gradually promote locally-produced goods
    • Land not the economy
  21. Posted 14/12/12
    • Another deadlock hits COPAC draft
    • MDCs give in
    • One arrest after police raid on ZimRights
    • MDC reports abduction of three children and pregnant mother
    • Coltart says 'rights violators' stymying signature of Rome Statute
    • Soldiers to vote freely
    • Jacob Zuma denies rift with Mugabe: 'We were freedom fighters together'
    • Police bust fake documents ring
    • ICT to drive economy: Bloch
    • Zanu PF declares blitz on technology
    • Zim a ‘key target’ for poachers because of unemployment
    • Zim troops heading to DRC, again
    • Air Zimbabwe optimistic it will pass IATA safety test
    • ZANU PF thugs disrupts MDC youth rally in Uzumba as police arrests and detain MDC officials
    • Econet Wireless likely to get control of TN Bank
    • Tsvangirai holds Masvingo crisis meeting
    • Firms face seizure
    • Congestion at Beitbridge puts damper on festive mood
    • The MDC Today - Issue 488
    • Save Conservancy: Traditional leaders speak out
    • Community news activist acquitted
    • ‘We have missed it on national healing’
    • Mugabe’s bark worse than his bite
  22. Posted 13/12/12
    • Zimbabwe to Send Peacekeeping Troops to DRC
    • 70 000 Zimbabwe teachers flee political violence
    • KweKwe’s Alshabab terror group put under police radar
    • Govt urged to declare schools ‘peace zones’ ahead of elections
    • Illegal gold panners released after Binga residents protest
    • World Bank Technical Team in Bid To Revive Zimbabwe's Economy
    • US fugitive living large in Masvingo
    • African Union, SADC Put Pressure on Mugabe To Reform
    • Rangers kill poachers, recover weapons of war
    • Bulawayo governor refuses to meet US ambassador
    • Air Zimbabwe braces for crucial IATA test
    • Bulawayo church groups to march over corruption
    • Diamond technology centre promises 40,000 jobs
    • US says will accept a credible Mugabe poll win
    • Soldiers clear landmines after The Zim story
    • SA plans for border pressure
    • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe: Election Watch
    • The story of Zimbabwe's Marange diamonds: Pollution, Politics, Power
  23. Posted 12/12/12
    • Disgraced Kunonga loses another legal battle at High Court
    • Principals meet over constitution
    • COPAC verification exercise may be complete by Thursday
    • Conclude constitution, Sadc urges Zim
    • Ncube puts damper on coalition prospects
    • Masvingo council faces collapse after asset seizure
    • SA cops slammed for use of tear gas at Zim border
    • EU wants credible referendum, poll
    • MDC blasts Charumbira for 'Zanu PF, chiefs inseparable' remarks
    • Zimbabwean Churches to Stage Protests Over Corruption
    • Komichi to launch peace campaign in Sanyati
    • Play banned in Zimbabwe
    • Secret Footage Reveals ZANU-PF Intimidation and Threats of Violence
    • Mugabe threats a ruse — Analysts
    • Incorrect statement in the Herald
    • The UK’s Leveson Enquiry Report and the Zim Context
    • Fragility and Education in Zimbabwe
    • Resolutions of ZANU PF conference
    • Communique on Extraordinary SADC Summit
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: First 5 Brigade Onslaught (Part 11)
  24. Posted 11/12/12
    • ZANU PF admits millions owed to displaced farmers
    • Mugabe ‘upbeat’ about electoral victory following Gweru conference
    • "There is no wounded lion" President Tsvangirai tells Mugabe
    • 'No reforms no polls' - SADC warns intransigent Mugabe
    • Crackdown on rights activists continues ahead of elections
    • ZESN staff and taskforce member released
    • ZCTU leaders arrested during Human Rights demo
    • Zanu PF admits losing support
    • SA ‘unlikely’ to toughen KP diamond trade laws
    • Civil Servants Demand Contracts First Before Poll Participation
    • Walk the talk, Zec tells Mugabe, Tsvangirai
    • ‘PM will take keys to State House’ - Khupe
    • I'm favourite to win Presidential elections - Ncube
    • Zanu PF presses for local currency, Biti resists
    • Poacher shot dead, 2 rifles seized
    • Mugabe swings last missile
    • We are ready to die for Tsvangirai: Madzore
    • Devastated Makone family mourn daughter’s death
    • I am a messenger of hope: Tsvangirai
    • Is Zanu PF richer than the state?
    • Zimbabwe: speaking from where I feel safe
    • Robert Mugabe, my husband: 'he chose me' gushes Zimbabwe's first lady
    • Ruramai’s Story – International Human Rights Day 2012
  25. Batch 2 Posted 10/12/12
    • Apology from
    • Zanu-PF plotting landslide election victory
    • Zanu (PF) resolves to muzzle private radio stations
    • MDC-T eyes electoral pact to unseat Mugabe
    • Chihuri defends Zanu PF conference appearance
    • Frugal Mugabe shakes off 'out of touch' tag
    • Hoop dreams: Robert Mugabe's son abandons basketball ambitions
    • 100% Lunacy – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 8th December 2012
    • Zimbabwe; what if ZANU (PF) wins
    • ‘I’ll let Mugabe die in peace’
    • Zimbabwe: Has its first coalition improved the country?
    • Constitution Watch of 8th December [Principals Set Up Committee to Deal With Post-Conference Deadlock]
  26. Posted 10/12/12
    • MDCs fanning violence: Zanu PF
    • Tsvangirai warns senior officials
    • Mixed feelings over PM’s leadership
    • Deputy Sheriff pounces on UMC
    • Diarrhoeal burden for health ministry
    • Kunonga is not my lover: Mai Chisamba
    • NGOs hit out at Mathuthu
    • Pirate taxis record brisk business
    • Mutare mayor calls for probe
    • NGO accuses Zanu PF of hijacking ethanol project
    • Mt Hampden city: Brilliant idea, wrong timing
    • Zimbabwe’s high levels of corruption a cause for concern
    • Climate change: Farmers must reinvent
    • No forward movement
    • Graft: Good words, well-spoken Gushungo
  27. Posted 9/12/12
    • Vice President John Nkomo dies
    • Mining in Mana: Unesco protests
    • 210 white farmers refuse to vacate gazetted land
    • Mugabe Plays The Race Card Ahead Of Zimbabwe Elections
    • Bennett takes aim at indigenisation policy
    • Mugabe promises "wounded beast" fight in Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe’s president says his party will try to reclaim power with resounding poll victory
    • Elections impossible before June: Biti
    • Treasury fails to release Zec funds
    • ZESN staff and taskforce member arrested in Gweru
    • Police round up ZESN officials
    • Govt to unbundle ZESA
    • Zuma to brief Troika on progress in Zimbabwe
    • RBZ unearths irregularities
    • It’s not the MDC-T councilors, it’s the system
    • Tough-talking Mugabe shows no signs of slowing down
    • Annual migration
    • Blood diamonds - "Nothing but a storm in a tea cup"
  28. Batch 2 Posted 8/12/12
    • Mugabe backs 100% black ownership of Zimbabwe-based firms
    • 5 deaths in Harare as typhoid continues to spread
    • Taskforce revived to mitigate typhoid outbreak
    • Destruction of Harare wetlands leading to ‘undrinkable’ water
    • Poll before new constitution: Mugabe
    • Zim's Constitution Committee Unconstitutional
    • Zimbabwe President Talks Of Purging Corruption
    • Chaos at ZANU (PF) conference
    • Mugabe targets decisive victory
    • ZANU PF to face backlash in Mash Central province
    • 88 Year-Old Mugabe Set to Open Zanu PF Annual Conference
    • Mugabe to use conference as rallying call to unite divided party
    • Tsvangirai says vow to quit if he loses 'a joke'
    • SADC calls summit over Zim, DRC
    • Harare residents mobilize against ZANU-PF
    • Legislator challenges soldiers to end violence against MDC-T
    • Councillors Attack on Biti misplaced
    • U.S. hails expanding Zim Orphan Care Program
    • Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe’s 2012 UK National Conference – Saturday 8th December
    • Remarks by Morgan Tsvangirai at Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) convention, Kenya
    • Lawyers honoured by ZimRights
    • Zimbabwean woman a world champion of social justice
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Overview of 5 Brigade Abuses (Part 10)
    • Tsvangirai appointed spokesperson for GPA principals: Is it a Zanu-pf trap?
  29. Posted 8/12/12
    • Succession high drama rocks Zanu PF meeting
    • Zanu PF goes for broke in elections
    • Mugabe blasts Copac
    • Scramble to finish ‘Hall of Shame’
    • Zanu PF youths engage in turf war
    • Inter-parastatal debt balloons to US$1bn
    • Govt approves UNWTO structure
    • Integrated railway system planned
    • Mall of Zim receives the green light
    • Mugabe’s déjà vu moment
    • MDC-T primaries row intensifies
    • Harare residents drink ‘filtered urine’
    • MPs obsessed with money and luxury
    • What will swing the elections?
    • MDC-T, Zanu PF economic blueprints:Big on style, weak on form and substance
    • Low-cost bank accounts to be launched
    • Espionage allegations open Pandora’s box
    • AirZim claws back in market
    • Consumer basket up
    • Zanu PF’s nameless, faceless ‘people’
    • Barriers to investment on the increase
    • Book sparks heated debate on land reform programme
    • Scoones defends controversial findings
    • Polls: Gladiators’ Waterloo moment
    • Water crisis emblematic of Zanu PF misrule
    • Mugabe must get off stage
  30. Posted 7/12/12
    • Robert Mugabe seizes former Rhodesian PM's family farm
    • Zim's Mugabe readies for crunch elections
    • Zanu PF Prepares For Annual Conference, Skirts Succession
    • Mugabe fires supporters for last hurrah
    • Ex-ZIPRA vets warn military leaders to respect will of people
    • Ex-ZIPRA man supports Tsvangirai
    • Zimbabweans urged to join anti-corruption drive
    • Zanu (PF) Torch MDC Houses
    • Stop intimidating citizens, soldiers told
    • Lawyers petition government for protection to mark Human Rights Day
    • Why Mugabe dumped Kunonga
    • Battle for Anglican property resumes Monday
    • Biti set for Manchester GNU review
    • Zim part of SADC summit agenda
    • Zimbabwe Prime Minister arrives in Kenya
    • GPA parties eager to complete drafting of new constitution
    • I'll not quit: Tsvangirai
    • Harare residents drinking urine, says water expert
    • Deputy sheriff attaches Masvingo council assets
    • Tsvangirai picture costs cop his job
    • Consumer basket up
    • Kasukuwere’s Indigenisation Kills – Bennett
    • JUICE too ambitious: Analysts
    • JUICE: Introduction to MDC-T economic agenda
    • Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2012 released
    • BILL WATCH 53/2012 of 4th December [2013 Budget Approved: Parliament Adjourns until 5th February]
  31. Posted 6/12/12
    • Ex-CIO spy tortured in custody for exposing ZANU PF
    • Tsvangirai appointed GPA principals spokesperson
    • Army Deployment Near Mozambique Worries Tsvangirai's Party
    • Zimbabwe Speeds Up Internet Connectivity Ahead of UN Indaba
    • Tendai Biti to lecture at Manchester University
    • 190 elephants die of water shortage in Zimbabwe
    • Air Zimbabwe to settle $2,8 million debt
    • Kunonga, Gandiya trade accusations
    • Cop sacked over Tsvangirai picture: MDC-T
    • Family of murdered MDC-T official barred from holding memorial
    • Bail ruling for the MDC-T 26 postponed indefinitely
    • Imposition of candidates a recipe for disaster
    • Zim Headman on the Run after Petrol Bombing Headmaster’s House
    • Councillors attack Biti
    • Bussing for Hall of Shame
    • Disabled Zimbabweans Facing Serious Challenges
    • Moyo's Zanu-PF candidacy far from secure
    • MDC Lauds ZIPRA High Command
    • The MDC Today - Issue 483
    • Working on sustainable water and sanitation initiatives in Zimbabwe
    • Structural transformation and the primacy of smallholder agriculture moving on
  32. Posted 5/12/12
    • Diamond trade watchdog criticised over Zim decision
    • ZANU PF demanded cash contributions for Gweru conference
    • Zanu PF supporters now water marshals
    • Harare Water Barometer 25 November 2012
    • Farmers Count Loses as Drought Takes Toll on Livestock
    • MDC-N resolves not to boycott COPAC process
    • MDC-T activist found dead in Zengeza pub
    • Three MDC activists abducted in Chegutu
    • RBZ chief Gideon Gono hospitalised
    • German minister in Mujuru talks
    • Visiting German Minister Meets Prime Minister Tsvangirai
    • Germany minister concerned over Save Valley conservancy
    • Ben-Menashe escapes house fire
    • BAT Denies Espionage Allegations
    • False Mtukudzi death rumours sweep Twitter and Facebook
    • Zimbabwe Getting into Election Mode
    • Leave Mugabe alone - Kunonga told
    • Chinese national up for diamond smuggling
    • CIO, cop charged for spying for Americans
    • Fake shooting Zimbabwe man leaves UK cops with huge bill
    • Grain Bags and Proud Hearts
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: 5 Brigade Impact in Matabeleland North (Part 9)
  33. Posted 4/12/12
    • Gandiya church officials arrested after ‘unlawful’ Sunday service
    • Police assist Anglicans regain churches
    • Kunonga hides behind Mugabe
    • Tsvangirai shocked by military brutality in Zhombe
    • Troops keep watchful eye on border with Mozambique
    • ZPF infighting intensifies ahead of Gweru conference
    • Peacekeepers work to smooth Zimbabwe's rocky road to elections
    • Air Zimbabwe to launch airbus aircraft
    • China top tobacco buyers list
    • Probe teams gobble $100 000
    • ‘Census enumerators not paid yet'
    • Zim activists urge UK Border Agency to probe ‘sedation’ reports
    • You won’t kill us, Tsvangirai tells Zanu PF
    • 'Lazy MPs to be kicked out' - Tsvangirai
    • ‘Zanu PF will be smarter in 2013’ - Biti
    • The MDC Today - Issue 481
    • Old Mutual seems unembarrassed by its links with Mugabe's Zimbabwe
    • Mines may lose Zim licences
    • MISA: State of the media report launched FOR SITE
    • Preserving trees is saving our own lives
    • ‘Zim gems storm in a teacup'
    • Robert Mugabe will win in 2013, here is why
    • Margaret Tredgold obituary
  34. Posted 3/12/12
    • Kennedy Center: Harare Should Protect Rights of All Citizens
    • Man held in remand prison for 11 years
    • German minister starts rare Zimbabwe visit
    • 'We have to win' - Tsvangirai
    • My Priority Is Job Creation – Tsvangirai
    • ZBC crisis deepens
    • Gandiya takes over Anglican properties
    • Mugabe, Zanu PF in cash dilemma
    • NGOs seek to avert hunger
    • GNU fails to address contextual economic problems
    • Editor’s desk:Zimbabwe should wake up to reality
    • Comment:Kunonga must make peace with Gandiya
    • Deportees ‘drugged’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 1 December 2012
  35. Posted 2/12/12
    • Restrictions lifted on Marange diamonds
    • Diamond Meeting Ends Without Consensus on Conflict Gems
    • Anglican row turns violent
    • Disgraced Ex-Anglican Bishop Kunonga's Backers Evicted
    • Banks sucked into Anglican saga
    • Tsvangirai will stand down if he loses to Mugabe
    • Rural teachers: Victims of political violence
    • ‘Youths infecting elderly with HIV’
    • Cabinet hijacks Parly-led Constitution
    • Govt should support local authorities
    • Wild animals wreak havoc on cane farmers
    • A different battle
    • Hot African wind
    • "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest"
  36. Batch 2 Posted 1/12/12
    • 40 injured as soldiers go on rampage in Zhombe
    • Zim deploys troops on Moza border
    • Police protect Anglicans from Kunonga
    • Kunonga threatens to shoot journalists
    • ZUJ condemns harassment of journalists by Bishop Kunonga
    • Gutu says younger generation discouraged from registering to vote
    • Chitungwiza falls apart as municipal strike continues
    • Zimbabwe To Appear At The Vatican Over Death Penalty
    • Zimbabwe Too Broke To Fund Elections
    • Tsvangirai promises 1 million jobs
    • JUICE: Just what Zimbabwe needs now
    • KP to withdraw Zimbabwe monitor
    • Sweden provides One Million United States Dollars to Revamp Harare City Library
    • Germany Minister set for Zimbabwe high level visit
    • Treasury gives legislators US$9 million present
    • Copac to swallow CDF funds
    • WFP News Release: Hunger Season Bites across Southern Africa
    • 'Zimbabwe Must not Rush To Elections' - Mozambique
    • AirZim to resume regional flights
    • Kunonga under probe
    • Zimbabwean journalists face increased intimidation: Report
    • Community radio journo arrested, released without charge
    • Group warns of HIV crisis
    • Demand Chinese Shares - Mliswa
    • CSOs escalate regional lobby
    • Zanu PF conference shuts schools early
    • Mugabe donating Ill gotten money
    • Solidarity trumps rule of law
    • Gukurahundi Massacres: Village by Village Summary (Part 8)
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series - 29th November 2012 [No More Committee Meetings until 28th January]
  37. Posted 1/12/12
    • Mugabe left with no challenger in Zanu PF
    • Zanu PF faces extinction in Bulawayo
    • Anglican saga: ‘Judge did not apply his mind’
    • Zanu PF conference centre built on stolen land
    • Security forces to monitor company seizures
    • Deep-rooted culture of political violence
    • Messy feud erupts over Mujuru gold mine
    • MDC-T launches new economic blueprint
    • BAT Zim’s history of industrial espionage
    • Zanu PF must democratise
    • … as party fails to woo voters in Mat North
    • Rogue bank bosses must be jailed –– Mugabe
    • Women paying ultimate price
    • Biti’s budget allocation people-friendly
    • Regional airlines establish false partnerships
    • US ‘policy shift’ an opportunity for Zim
    • Scribes need to go back to basics
    • Who is the little man now Cde Kunonga?
    • Eric Bloch: Increasingly beserk govt spending
    • Opinion: Elections route to democracy
    • Opinion: Grand coalition possible

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