The ZIMBABWE Situation

February 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 28/2/13
    • Harare’s water woes hit Parirenyatwa
    • NCA referendum challenge ruling deferred, again
    • Courts cannot stop referendum: deputy AG
    • Ahead of referendum, UN experts call on Zimbabwe to respect fundamental rights
    • COPAC campaign meetings in full swing
    • Police block public debate on constitution in Harare
    • Daggers out as ex-allies fight over constitution
    • MDC-T appeals for SADC intervention
    • Suspected Maisiri murderers named
    • 12 year-old Maisiri died of ‘carbon monoxide poisoning’
    • Murdered boy’s chilling story
    • The MDC Today - Issue 523
    • MPs demand Mugabe action
    • Political violence: Mugabe demands arrests
    • ConCourt to hear Zimbabwe application
    • Zim literacy levels exaggerated: Coltart
    • Broke Zimbabwe finds economic saviour
    • Parliament partners human rights lawyers
    • Civil servants lose out to referendum
    • Digital terrestrial TV launched in Zimbabwe
    • Victory for Manicaland in long-awaited judgment
    • African migrants pay high prices to send money home
    • Hot Seat: Heated panel discussion on Zim draft constitution
    • The Copac Constitution fails before the law
    • We did no wrong: Brainworks
    • Zimbabwe: New Narrative on Land Reform
    • Constitution Watch 7/2013 of 27th February [Draft Constitution: Minister Matinenga's Advocacy Meetings Programme]
  2. Posted 27/2/13
    • CIO agents visit Maisiri over son’s death in arson attack
    • Zimbabwe cabinet ministers clash over Headlands killing
    • Boy's father speaks, Zanu PF denies killing
    • Tsvangirai to confront Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe PM's Party Reports Increase In Violence
    • Tsvangirai calls for international help with peaceful elections
    • Mujuru: No Western election monitors allowed
    • Chinamasa backtracks and says election funding IS secured
    • Police Vow to Seize Radios Linked to VOA Studio 7
    • Mugabe listens to Studio 7: Chamisa
    • Bennett claims diamond cash being used to ‘clean’ ZANU PF image
    • MDC-T sends SADC dossier on political violence
    • Tsvangirai summons ministers
    • Zanu (PF) MP forces schools to close
    • Mpilo Hospital authorities appeal for help
    • Constitution Outreach Meetings Flop on First Day in Bulawayo
    • Air Zimbabwe revives Victoria Falls-Johannesburg route
    • Mujuru pleads for partnerships to save agriculture
    • Police officers 'stole from Nkomo home'
    • Report Tackles Mystery of Zimbabwe's Disappearing Diamonds
    • Glen View defence lawyer describes State counsel as farce
    • Zanu PF in a state of panic and on full scale violence - MDC-T
    • NCA vs The President - High Court Application update
    • When a white farmer in Zimbabwe gets shot in the face
    • Oxford charity dinner to support Zimbabwe’s orphans
    • Court Watch 3/2013 of 26th February [Cases against Civil Society Leaders]
  3. Posted 26/2/13
    • Zim to clamp down on civic society
    • Women activists blast police
    • 12 year old dies after suspected arson attack in Headlands
    • Statement by the United States Embassy on the death of Christpower Maisiri
    • Violence returns as Zanu PF ouster looks immiment
    • Zanu PF unleashing full scale violence - Morgan Tsvangirai
    • SA warned against ‘complicity’ in potential Zim violence
    • Armed robbers terrorise city over weekend
    • Zanu PF in plot to assassinate MDC: Biti
    • Biti assassination claim pathetic: Zanu PF
    • Chinamasa, Biti deny securing referendum cash
    • Judge to deliver ruling Wednesday on NCA’s referendum challenge
    • Drama at the High Court as referendum case adjourned
    • Zec invites observers to apply
    • Murky political party funding raises stink
    • Ghosts of slain MDC activists haunt police
    • Tsvangirai warns of instability relapse
    • Harare residents criticise Council water failures
    • Seven die in accident
    • In ground-breaking move, S. Africa steps in over alleged Zimbabwe mass rapes
    • Mugabe faces defiance on vote buying
    • Zanu PF MP hospitalised after assault
    • Newly-resettled farmers reel from AgriBank loans
    • Government must zone out land for urban agric
    • Five Lessons From Zimbabwe's Richest Man, Strive Masiyiwa
    • Police onslaught on NGOs ominous
    • Constitution Scorecard
    • BILL WATCH 8/2013 of 25th February [Senate Votes Against POSA Amendment Bill]
  4. Batch 2 Posted 25/2/13
    • Zimbabwe says enough money has been raised locally for March 16 constitution referendum
    • Mujuru: Only SADC members should monitor Zim elections
    • Zimbabwe activist's 12-year-old son killed in fire
    • Biti seeks China infrastructure help
    • Soldiers run amok, invade gold mine
    • Government to ban unqualified teachers
    • Court kicks out Kunonga sidekick
    • Former Ghana leader praises Tsvangirai
    • Zimplats speaks on messy deal
    • Is Jonathan Moyo part of a parallel govt?
    • Bind Mugabe to GPA promises – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 23rd February 2013
    • In Zimbabwe, learning Chinese is a lucrative investment
    • Is China funding Zimbabwe’s referendum and elections?
  5. Posted 25/2/13
    • Vapositori vow to vote for Mugabe
    • Mujuru raps indigenisation greed
    • Victims demand international monitors
    • Police request shock
    • Traffic police use codes to extract bribes
    • Zeja moots Institute for African Environmental Journalism
    • Ban on radio receivers sparks outcry
    • Church leader blasts politicians
    • Barter trade impoverishes villagers
    • Mai Gunguwo triumphs against odds
    • Charity weans women off prostitution
    • Satanists: Prison Services at a loss
    • Low cotton prices worry farmers
    • New hope for ethanol project
    • ZMDC outsources to improve gold output
    • ‘Unclear policies hinder growth’
    • Will Zanu PF uphold the new constitution?
    • Civic organisations losing their moral standing
    • Police undermine voter-education
    • When shall we say no to mediocrity?
  6. Posted 24/2/13
    • Bvute vows to revive Air Zimbabwe
    • Dry weekend for Harare
    • ZEC to print 12 million ballot papers
    • Women Urged to Vote Yes in Zimbabwe Constitution Referendum
    • Manicaland Governor Mushowe fingered in food aid politicisation
    • Pressure mounts on Tsvangirai
    • ZANU-PF scoffs at Khama
    • SA court confirms chopper sale interdict
    • Mutambara raps banks over EcoCash
    • Windies crush Zimbabwe in first ODI
    • From Zimbabwe, With Faith
    • Constitution Watch 7/2013 of 22nd February [COPAC Summary of Draft Constitution]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 5/2013 of 23rd February [Committee Meetings 25 February to 1st March]
  7. Batch 2 Posted 23/2/13
    • Zimbabwe fails to secure external funding for referendum
    • UN To Send Team To Harare To Discuss Electoral Funding
    • Court postpones NCA attempts to delay referendum
    • CiZC report on their 'Yes No' Constitution debate
    • US sanctions will only change if Zimbabwe holds credible election
    • New report details how Zim diamonds are disappearing
    • Zimbabwe's disappearing diamonds
    • Missing: 1m carats diamonds
    • Named & shamed: Marange aid looters
    • Mbada secures more Harare airport space
    • Zanu PF struggling to deny corruption in the indigenisation process
    • Draft Constitution Empowers President to Declare State of Emergency
    • Role of Zim police remains unclear
    • Media group says Zimbabwe police ban on hand-cranked, solar radios illegal ahead of polling
    • Rights lawyers to challenge police ban on radios
    • Zanu fears 2002 election report
    • Court to rule on Zim helicopter freeze
    • Zim farmer protests to the EU
    • Gift Konjana: My ordeal at the hands of the police
    • Suffering amid Zimbabwe's diamond fields of plenty
    • Mugabe cast in gold
    • Zim's upcoming poll in disarray
    • Mugabe still firmly in power at 89
    • Old age haunts Bob’s political life
    • Division will be Mugabe's true legacy
    • This is what's happening in Zimbabwe
    • Reward for being a police state perhaps?
    • Diamonds are our new dictator
  8. Posted 23/2/13
    • MDC-T in dilemma over candidates
    • DeBeers eyes Rio Tinto’s Murowa stake
    • GMB negotiates for US$61m credit facility
    • Land policy key to agric investment
    • Foreign banks forced to submit indigenisation plans
    • Zimbabwe’s internet subscribers double
    • POSB privatisation could be a huge challenge
    • Draft reflects political power struggles
    • Biometrics tech for Zim polls
    • Compromise with Zanu PF a thankless job
    • Mugabe @89: Old habits die hard
    • Africa: An economic contradiction
  9. Posted 22/2/13
    • Gunmen raid ZESN offices again and ZPP accused of espionage
    • NGO sucked into espionage case
    • MP’s home raided by security agents as crackdown intensifies
    • MDC: Makarau, Mudenda appointments illegal
    • Tsvangirai rejects Makarau appointment
    • Makarau, Mudenda not yet been appointed
    • On his birthday Mugabe says he is God’s anointed
    • At 89, Mugabe sees 'divine' mission to rule Zimbabwe
    • Twelve Killed In Zim Bus Accident
    • Crisis coalition meets Zanu (PF) top member
    • Chipangano leader’s MP plans anger Harare residents
    • Masvingo ‘iron lady’ removed from EU sanctions list
    • Home Affairs Minister: Police Ban on Radio Receivers Illegal
    • U.S. promises to improve relations with Zimbabwe: envoy
    • Churches Asked To Deal With Satanism At Harare Remand Prison
    • Zimbabwe: Using the church as a political weapon
    • Tsvangirai to Attend Inauguration of New South Korean Leader
    • Gono gives Mugabe 89 cows for his 89th birth day present
    • MDC calls for investigations into Zanu (PF) looting
    • Diamonds fog Zimbabwe reforms: NGO
    • Hot Seat transcript: Panel discussion on gender violence in Zimbabwe
    • Indigenisation bias: grave concerns
    • Robert Mugabe’s last throw?
  10. Posted 21/2/13
    • Police ban ‘radios’ in Zimbabwe
    • Outrage over Mudenda’s appointment as Human Rights chairperson
    • War vets admit Mugabe controls diamond sector
    • Zimbabwe police vow crackdown on 'illegal' rights groups
    • Chinese equip Mugabe with broadcasting gadgets ahead of elections
    • New survey gives Zanu PF election edge
    • Smaller MDC Faction Rules Out Coalition Talks
    • Human rights sidelined in EU deal on Zim diamonds
    • New twist to indigenisation scandal
    • Indigenisation and Empowerment Scandal: Nyambuya hits back
    • MDC to revisit indigenisation deals
    • Zanu PF using smart violence in rural areas: Civic society
    • We have ex-military, CIO officials in our secretariat: Zec
    • Zimbabwe prison official says death sentences to be reviewed
    • Five MDC-T activists denied bail again
    • NewsDay journalist released without charge
    • The MDC Today
    • Zimbabwe to vote on a new draft constitution
    • Zimbabweans will be voting in a referendum
    • Cultural imperialism an enduring threat to linguistic diversity
  11. Posted 20/2/13
    • Crackdown on civic groups continues as police raid ZESN offices
    • Violent Chegutu ‘war vet’ removed from sanctions list
    • Supreme Court Judge new ZEC chairperson
    • Zanu PF lawyer to head human rights body
    • Reporter arrested while reporting death threat by ZANU PF official
    • EU makes diamonds-for-democracy offer to Zimbabwe
    • ‘$1 billion for war veterans’
    • War vets want mining licence
    • Calls for Kasukuwere probe mount
    • Zanu (PF) rejects Gono plan to delay share grabs
    • Judges' Protest Over Poor Salaries Expose Disgruntlement
    • 100 Farmers Stranded at Mashonaland West GMB Depot
    • Air Zimbabwe Readies For Airbus Flights
    • NCA hauls Mugabe and ZEC to court
    • Dualisation of national trunk roads begins
    • WOZA: Bertha released on $100 bail
    • Zimbabwe/Zambia electricty debt
    • The MDC Today
    • Message from the HRT Director
    • Commercial Farmers Union – way forward pt 2
    • EU Sanctions‏, Global Witness, and ZMDC
    • BILL WATCH 7/2013 of 19th February [PLC Adverse Report on Youth Council Regs; AG's Office Amendment Bill]
  12. Posted 19/2/13
    • EU eases Zimbabwe sanctions, gives pledge on diamond firm
    • EU criticised after lifting Zim targeted ‘sanctions’ against 21
    • Zanu-PF slams EU over sanctions
    • NCA to file urgent application to stop March referendum
    • Tsvangirai and Mugabe meet to agree on new ZEC chairperson
    • Principals appoint new ZEC boss
    • Zim distributes copies of draft constitution
    • Only 70 000 copies of draft produced
    • New constitution may be changed: Mugabe
    • Chiefs, war vets clash over land
    • Zimbabwe seeks funds from local firms for referendum
    • Kasukuwere faces questions over $45 million consultancy deal
    • Police arrest two for voter awareness meeting held in church
    • ZimRights official granted bail after two month detention
    • Zanu (PF) crisis in Manicaland deepens
    • Chipangano leader Kunaka eyes Mbare seat
    • Gold deposits found during burial
    • Army Diamond Mining Not Unethical, Says ZMDC Chair
    • Report reveals tense political atmosphere
    • Constitution Watch 5/2013 of 18th February [Referendum and the Draft Constitution - Part I]
    • Constitution Watch 6/2013 of 18th February [Referendum and the Draft Constitution - Part II]
  13. Batch 2 Posted 18/2/13
    • Mugabe to retire after elections: Tsvangirai
    • Copac starts draft distribution
    • ‘Zanu PF rigging well underway’
    • New constitution must be rejected: Gwisai
    • Police raid MDC MP home
    • Moyo attacks Gono’s ‘house nigger’ logic
    • Mujuru sucked into church wrangle
    • Zanu PF tackles empowerment scam
    • Mounting confusion over prospective Diaspora MPs
    • Death, sanctions and big business in the struggle for Zimbabwe's diamonds
    • Gravel mining wreaks havoc
    • Mugabe: Marking birthday of hero...villain
    • Zuma save Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 16th February 2013
  14. Posted 18/2/13
    • MDCs claim harassment by former ruling party
    • Civil society under threat from Zanu PF
    • Education rot: Sweeping changes vital
    • Knives out for Masunda
    • Traffic police continue to demand bribes
    • Muchinguri against imposition of candidates
    • Toilet fee riles passport seekers at RG’s Office
    • Zim’s lobola charges stir controversy
    • Elections and implications of possible outcomes
    • Referendum: Just a fulfilment of GPA
    • Schools turned into factories of failure
  15. Posted 17/2/13
    • Mugabe announces constitution referendum date
    • Mugabe Promises to Trounce Tsvangirai in Presidential Poll
    • Zuma, Khama to Push For Zimbabwe Political Reforms Ahead of Election
    • EU set to ease Zimbabwe sanctions
    • EU calls for reforms in Zimbabwe amid diamond tensions
    • Belgium and UK clinch deal on Zimbabwe diamonds
    • Elderly Pastor and 3 others arrested from Church of Christ in Chegutu
    • US envoy slams selective law enforcement
    • Civil servants disgruntled by 5.3% salary hike
    • Chiefs fronting for white farmers: Mugabe
    • MDC-T condemns selective voter registration exercise
    • Pick n Pay’s Zim partner in pickle over Zanu-PF donation
    • No Place Quite Like Bulawayo
    • Mugabe regime still failing the test, so why are we handing it a prize?
    • Zimbabwe’s education system: A hostage of the economy
    • Love and tear gas
    • "Something rotten in the state of Denmark"
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 4/2013 of 15th February [Committee Meetings 18 to 22 February]
  16. Batch 2 Posted 16/2/13
    • New Constitution No Guarantee For Free And Fair Poll:Matinenga
    • Polling stations to open for 12 hours during referendum
    • Isolated Doma tribe in the dark about referendum and elections
    • ZESN thrashes referendum timeline
    • Khama sceptical about Mugabe peace calls
    • Chiefs to lead village campaign for ‘Yes’ vote
    • WOZA activist arrested for disrobing at police station in protest
    • WOZA: 195 arrested, scores beaten
    • Co-Home Affairs Minister defies year-long court order
    • MPs demands slammed as ‘organised corruption’
    • 'Super fund' to ensure support for Mugabe
    • Zanu PF embarks on a massive rigging exercise
    • Firm awarded multi-million dollar tender verbally
    • Paper exposes Indigenisation scandal
    • MDC supports Biti’s calls to investigate indigenisation
    • Golden Handshake For ‘Underperforming’ Zimbabwe Councillors
    • Mugabe wades into mine takeover
    • Govt cheated in $1bn deal
    • Harare yet to pay for Zimplats land minister ‘seized’
    • Zimbabwe Under Pressure to Reduce Elections Budget
    • Kasukuwere attacks central bank chief
    • Thousands of cattle die after a dry spell in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Women make easy prey for corrupt politicians
    • Police MUST STOP the harassment of human rights defenders – ICJ
    • JAG open letter forum - No. 827- Dated 14 February 2013
  17. Posted 16/2/13
    • Voter registration exercise in shambles
    • Draft constitution wreaks havoc with MPs
    • Madhuku slams referendum dates
    • Zanu PF pushes out Zec boss …
    • Politics route to self-aggrandisement
    • Zim squanders UNWTO indaba chance: Mzembi
    • Air Zim poised to increase flight frequency
    • More Byo companies on verge of collapse
    • Coalition govts undesirable for Africa — Kenya delegation
    • ‘Economy growth path unsustainable’
    • Chequebook politics erode democracy
    • ‘Indigenisation reduced to a Ponzi scheme’
    • Mpofu tightens screws on miners
    • Reforms critical before next polls
    • Why you should vote yes for Copac draft
    • Khaya Moyo wants his cake and eat it too
    • Diamonds are for ever, but …!
    • Zimbabwe in the year 2050
    • Taxes: Net may be closing in on fat cats
    • Zec integrity still doubtful
    • Indigenisation sinks to rent-seeking
  18. Posted 15/2/13
    • SA ordered to hand over secret Zim election report
    • General election for July?
    • WOZA Valentine’s Day protestors beaten & arrested in Bulawayo
    • Amnesty: Zimbabwe’s arrest of peaceful protestors casts doubt on possibility of credible referendum
    • Tsvangirai expects 'free vote' in July
    • Top ZNA officer issues fake docs
    • Judge Agonises Over Seized Farm
    • Zanu PF snubs Zuma team
    • Primary school pupils perform better than their teachers
    • Acting heads man 80pc of Zim schools: Coltart
    • Civil servants get 5,3 percent pay rise
    • Nurse convicted over Howard Hospital protest
    • President’s office takes over Essar deal
    • EU urged to strengthen Zim diamond restrictions
    • No urgency over lifting Zim sanctions
    • Zimbabwe to force blending of fuel
    • 5 Glen View murder suspects in fresh bail bid
    • Zimbabwe Receives $60 Million U.S Grant to Tackle HIV/AIDS
    • Malaria claims 10 in Manicaland
    • Cabinet concerned with harassment of citizens – Minister Makone
    • The MDC Today – Issue 515
    • Met Office issues flood warning
    • Water, Water Everywhere – and No Early Warning in Sight
    • Special Report: Villagers in Zimbabwe still exposed to violence, intimidation and vote buying
    • Air Rhodesia crashes cast in stone in Pretoria
    • Keynote address by the Right Hon. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
    • An urgent letter to God: From a Zimbabwean
  19. Posted 14/2/13
    • Zimbabwe referendum 'tentatively set for 16 March'
    • Elections to be held in July: Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai may get chance to save Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe faces new political battle
    • June deadline for Constitution committee
    • WOZA women beaten & detained after anti-constitution demo
    • ZEC chairperson Mutambanengwe resigns
    • Bikita sub-chiefs diverting food aid to ZANU PF
    • ‘Over 2 000 convicts roaming streets’
    • Mugabe's Party Warns US, West Against Interfering in Internal Politics
    • Madhuku won’t succeed: Zanu PF
    • Unity government failures hampering Zim recovery
    • Zim to support Valentine campaign to end violence against women
    • State asks for more time in Glen View murder trial
    • Masunda tackles Chipangano
    • Top official reads riot act on NGOs
    • Zimbabwe arrests 'rude' French tourists
    • Implats in the dark about land seizure in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe eyes big tobacco crop as black farmers cash in
    • Zimbabwe negotiates BOT deal to revive railway
    • President’s Office Takes Over Troubled Essar, Zisco Deal
    • Zanu PF’s indigenisation policy distorted -Tsvangirai
    • Belgium wants Marange blockade lifted
    • Headman causes storm over cattle tax fines
    • CCTVs in polling booths?
    • UK-Zimbabwe Relations: Motion Sickness?
    • Land reform: the way forward
  20. Posted 13/2/13
    • High Court orders Mzembi to leave gold mine
    • Zim to seize mining company’s land
    • Zimbabwe gives producers two years to refine platinum locally
    • Police attempt to raid Peace Project offices at night
    • UNDP approves Zimbabwe request for election money
    • Air Zimbabwe planes grounded, debt soars to US$188m
    • State witness absolves MDC-T activists in Glen View trial
    • Journalists barred from covering Glenview trial
    • Zimbabwe Farmers to Stop Selling Maize to GMB
    • Zimbabwe Faces Crayfish Crisis In Water Ecosystem
    • Kenya PM pushes for MDCs pact
    • Typhoid cases continue to rise
    • Zanu PF gets tetchy over Gukurahundi
    • NCA: Justice Minister Chinamasa Must Stop Insulting NGOs
    • Plea from Mudzi youths
    • Diaspora protests to ‘intensify’ ahead of Zim poll
    • Zanu PF plan to torpedo Knight, Sibanda run for MP
    • Survivors of political violence gather in Zaka
    • EU warned on blood diamond love triangle
    • The MDC Today
    • Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights analysis of Draft Constitution
    • The culmination of ZANU PF oppression of the people
    • Zimbabwe human rights update: 11 Feb
    • Zimbabwe: Constitution and Electoral laws are not cast in stone
    • Another look at the indigenisation legislation - an analysis by N.M.Willsmer
  21. Posted 12/2/13
    • Police force their way into Peace Project offices in Hillside
    • Minister slams NGO crackdown
    • Mnangagwa’s top ally suspended in factional infighting
    • Madiro speaks out
    • Biti promises millions to save UN conference
    • Zim to host bush UNWTO conference
    • Zimbabwe central bank gets tough on cash rules
    • Ministers demand hefty exit packages
    • Fuel prices go up by 5 percent
    • Air Zimbabwe debt soars to US$188m
    • Air Zim to replace Chinese planes
    • Students evicted from UZ residences
    • Storm over UK motion condemning ZIPRA
    • House of Commons Rhodie motion raises stink
    • Health time-bomb ticking at Renco Mine
    • Chiefs in Constitution U-turn
    • Zimbabwe’s tobacco sales rise
    • The MDC Today
    • US funded medical initiative builds Zim's public health capacity
    • Paul Chizuze : Disappeared 8 February 2012
    • Freeth: An open letter to the Zim legislators
    • The Feasibility of Using Biometrics Technology for Zimbabwe Elections
    • Zimsec pass rates 2000 – 2012
    • Where is Zimbabwe’s Diamond Revenue?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 3/2013 - 9th February [Committee Meetings 11 to 14 February]
    • BILL WATCH 6/2013 of 11th February [Income Tax Bill to be Introduced: Amendments to Mining Law Held Up]
  22. Batch 2 Posted 11/2/13
    • Knives out for Mnangagwa
    • Zinasu blames GNU for ‘appalling ‘O’ Level results’
    • Diaspora can still register to vote - Chinamasa
    • Zanu PF bribes Mapostori with stands
    • ‘Tsvangirai for polls before UNWTO’
    • EU gives $520 000 for ECD centres
    • Ten candidates for primaries in Kariba
    • Health secretary grilled over stolen funds
    • Satanists to be deported: Mohadi
    • ZiFM goes nationwide ‘in 36 months’
    • Hoping for a miracle – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 9th February 2013
    • The MDC Today
    • The Zimbabwean constitution: A necessary compromise
  23. Posted 11/2/13
    • Madiro probe sends jitters within Zanu PF
    • Party to weed out senoir corrupt officials: Mutasa
    • Referendum dates to be ‘fixed’ this week
    • Referendum attracts mixed feelings
    • Draft constitution must be contested: NCA
    • Residents turn to bucket latrines
    • Cop’s arrest signals the worst to come
    • Chiefs set to get new cars
    • Govt owes traditional leaders: Zvidzai
    • Community caregivers get further training
    • Security of tenure imperative in reviving agriculture sector
    • Child protection is the duty of the state
    • MDCs, other parties should unite to topple Mugabe
    • Education in free-fall
    • 0’Level results: Don’t blame the children
  24. Posted 10/2/13
    • ZimRights Faces Charges of Fraud, Forgery
    • Zanu-PF suspends chairman, 5 others
    • Man sentenced to 6 months for Mugabe insult
    • No changes to ZEC secretariat: Chinamasa
    • EU to determine sanctions on Feb 18
    • Panic as results withheld over suspected cheating
    • Immigration officials jailed
    • Hundreds of students evicted from residences
    • India, China slug it out for Zim spoils
    • Zim battles to cope with flood of used cars streaming in
    • Zimbabwe cricket in familiar strife again
    • Forecasting Zimbabwe’s political landscape
    • We'll take the money
  25. Batch 2 Posted 9/2/13
    • Renco Mine shuts down as ownership fight drags on
    • COPAC working on referendum question
    • Draft Constitution Produces Heated Debate
    • Zimbabwe makes US$250m poll cash appeal
    • Zim needs billions to bring infrastructure to acceptable levels
    • Why Biti was criticized for ‘Zimbabwe is broke’ statement
    • NCA threatens court action over referendum
    • Debate Over Zimbabwe Dual Citizenship Heats up
    • Zimbabwe: Appointment of new hangman raises spectre of imminent executions
    • ZimRights’ Hove granted bail by the High Court
    • Machisa attacks family, civil society mates
    • $200 000 raised for Mugabe in 15 minutes
    • Stay away, Masvingo tells war vets boss
    • Ostrich farm invaded
    • Zim: Chinese 'not exempt from indigenisation'
    • China tipping the trade balance in Zim
    • Demand for Mandarin overwhelms Zim university
    • Construction of Chinese-built Zim defence college under scrutiny
    • Water woes hit Mbare
    • Housing crisis threatens health in Zimbabwe
    • Sanitary wear nightmare
    • Zimbabwe is not a personal tuck-shop for MPs
    • We must change the way we think
    • Maize or myth: Zimbabwe farming bounces back?
    • Democracy the loser
  26. Posted 9/2/13
    • Ministers demand houses, vehicles as GNU expires
    • Meikles mogul donates cars to Zanu PF
    • Electoral amendments will determine poll dates: Ncube
    • Zim’s prisons remain hellholes
    • Dispute erupts over Bikita diamond mines
    • MDC draws up economic blueprint
    • Govt requests UNDP to mobilise funds for polls
    • Copac draft takes away power from the people — Madhuku
    • Copac draft fails to curtail President Mugabe’s powers
    • Polls should precede UNWTO –– Mzembi
    • ‘Polls without reforms a return to 2008 era’
    • MDC-T Nec reviews Juice as it prepares ‘to govern’
    • NewZim Steel likely to become shell company
    • Mzembi accused of electioneering
    • UNWTO: Mzembi promises world-class organisation
    • US$5million upgrade for Zimpost
    • Grace Mugabe — Philanthropist or self-aggrandiser?
    • MDC-T’s Juice: Old wine in new bottles
    • Intensifying government bankruptcy
    • Why I will vote ‘No’ to new draft
    • Gu Shung-ho sounds just right
    • Zanu PF’s education legacy in tatters
    • MDC-T risks backlash from fed-up ratepayers
    • Mugabe divine right claims absurd
  27. Posted 8/2/13
    • Zimbabwean MPs approve draft constitution ahead of elections
    • Zimbabwe's constitutional reform to challenge Mugabe's powers
    • Mugabe to announce referendum and election dates soon
    • Mutasa cracking down on political opponents in constituency
    • Retired soldiers cause ructions in ZANU-PF
    • Primary Election Delays Causing Friction in Zanu-PF
    • Australia and the EU to review Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Zimbabwe: No Hasty EU Retreat on Sanctions
    • Air Zim Rolls Out Ambitious Plan To Revive Fortunes
    • Acute water crisis raises fears of disease outbreaks
    • Zimbabwe's David Coltart: 18% pass rate is progress
    • ‘Govt biggest threat to education’
    • Zimsec withholds results for suspected exam cheats
    • Glen View murder trial to resume next week
    • Howard Hospital facing bleak future as funding runs dry
    • MDC counters Zanu PF’s indigenisation
    • Chinese, US planners help Harare
    • Maternal mortality soars
    • Geoffrey Van Orden MEP comment on Zimbabwe
    • Makandiwa, Angel, Gono: What they said
    • Andy Flower & Henry Olonga: the 'death of democracy' remembered
    • Land invasions haunting farm labourers
    • Constitution Watch 3/2013 of 6th February [COPAC Narrative Report]
    • Constitution Watch 4/2013 of 7th February [House Approves COPAC Report; Recap on Last Lap of Drafting Process]
  28. Posted 7/2/13
    • Zimbabwe parliament mulls constitution that reduces presidential powers, seeks peaceful change
    • NCA isolated in rejecting draft constitution
    • NCA: Zimbabwe Should Suspend Dreaded Security Law
    • No military reforms — Mnangagwa
    • Grumbling chiefs offside, says Copac
    • Byo water situation improves - Mayor
    • Harare faces water rationing
    • Harare water outrage ‘a ticking time bomb’
    • Mayor trashes pressure groups
    • Zimbabwe Secures $30 Million Grant For Water, Sanitation
    • Civil society ‘under siege’ as police raid youth offices in Bulawayo
    • Street kids rounded up by police in central Harare
    • MISA slams ‘misleading’ broadcasting licence call
    • Central bank governor blasted for ‘sanitising’ Makandiwa & Angel
    • Gono meets prophets over ‘miracle money’ claims
    • Zimbabwe’s central banker warns about SA imports
    • Zimbabwe implicated in CIA torture report
    • Solidarity demo for WOZA
    • $600 000 for Mugabe's 89th birthday bash
    • Coltart responds to 81 percent O level failure rate
    • Zimbabwe to have open prison system
    • Zimbabwe selling elephants cheap to China
    • New book reignites debate over Zimbabwe land reform
    • Take Charge: Vote no in the referendum (NCA Press Statement)
  29. Posted 6/2/13
    • 81 percent students fail O’Level Exams
    • Coltart admits O' Level results 'crisis'
    • RioZim, Mzembi on collision course after ZANU PF takeover of Renco Mine
    • I was offered $100k bribe, says Mzembi
    • NCA tells Zimbabweans to vote No in constitution referendum
    • EU to send poll observers
    • Delay in poll date stalls observer mission
    • Two youths arrested over ‘voter registration exercise’
    • Confusion remains over dual citizenship laws
    • Zimbabwe London Embassy Pressured On Diaspora Vote
    • Chinamasa, Biti still to meet over poll funding
    • 'No to security sector reforms'- Mnangagwa
    • Political violence goes down in Mashonaland Central: JOMIC
    • Zimbabwe Introduces Tough Regulations Targeting Youth Groups
    • Police swoop on homeless people
    • Harare goes dry as pipe bursts
    • Bikita nurse blocking MDC from receiving treatment
    • Community Share Ownership Scheme politicised, polluted
    • Harare/Beitbridge road to be upgraded, tolled
    • SADC begins training of Stand by Force in Zim
    • Is this Harare's most famous bin?
    • A new take on land reform in Zimbabwe
    • Designers weave partnerships across continents
    • Zimbabwe's Marange Diamonds: ZANU-PF's Best Friend?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 2/2013 - 5th February [Committee Meetings 4 to 7 February]
  30. Posted 5/2/13
    • Mugabe sets election date
    • ‘Soldiers free to support political parties’
    • Copac draft riles chiefs . . . seek to meet President, Clause on land raises storm, ‘No to throwback to colonial era’
    • Traditional leaders not happy with new constitution
    • EU urged to wait for real reforms before lifting Zim ‘sanctions’
    • ‘Satanism-Scared’ Prison Boss Invites Journalists
    • Zimbabwe’s dual citizenship snag
    • School expels Mugabe's truant son
    • Harare residents appeal for water intervention
    • Move to develop rural school libraries
    • 36 Mugabe beasts stolen
    • Zimbos in $2,6 million US tax fraud
    • Worried in Zimbabwe
    • RioZim fights off gold mine seizure by Mugabe allies
    • Zimbabwe Deposit insurer runs out of cash
    • Zimbabwe’s real wealth untapped
    • Robert Mugabe: A man of many faces
    • The Group of 20: advancing the constitutional agenda for women in Zimbabwe
    • BILL WATCH 4/2013 of 4th February [Parliament Resumes Tuesday 5th February]
    • BILL WATCH 5/2013 of 4th February [New Regulation to Control Youth Associations; Update on Monetary Policy Statement; Government Gazette]
  31. Batch 2 Posted 4/2/13
    • COPAC’s New “Final” Draft of the New Constitution
    • Voters roll the worst in Africa: Madzore
    • It’s war again
    • Zanu PF wants me to take VP post: Dabengwa
    • 69 babies jailed with mothers
    • Man spends 15 years in remand prison
    • British govt rigged 1980 polls: Dabengwa
    • Zim to double Marange gem output
    • Governor praises Mugabe’s ‘wise’ wife choice
    • ‘We are not white we’re black’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd February 2013
  32. Posted 4/2/13
    • MPs expected to rubber stamp draft constitution
    • No Zanu PF membership card, no flea market stall
    • Masunda promises improved water supply
    • Chinese firms spread tentacles in Zim
    • ‘Nkomo was hurt by Gukurahundi’
    • Mugabe fighting to leave a legacy
    • Experts slam proposed media reforms
    • Satanism fear rocks Remand prison
    • Panners spark mayhem in Mat South
    • Journalists embark on humanitarian project
    • Firm to offer free swimming lessons
    • Lazy minds follow myths: Mai Chisamba
    • Tourism draft plan finalised
    • Industry revival under threat from imports
    • Cheap imports must pay double premiums: Insurance expert
    • Mystery feeds Zimbabweans’ belief in superstition
    • Another blast, more lives lost
    • Chihuri’s vote calls undermine Mugabe
  33. Posted 3/2/13
    • Mugabe's Party Resists Further Reforms Ahead of Elections
    • Parties head for showdown
    • Seven banks not complied with minimum capital threshold
    • Mpofu’s ZABG bank undercapitalised
    • Gono sued over US$800k mobile bill
    • Chaos mars car licensing. . . Long winding queues emerge, Motorists get 30-day reprieve
    • Tourism Master Plan to be launched
    • Chatunga expelled from school: report
    • Zimbabwe fills hangman vacancy after 7-year search
    • 76 inmates on death row
    • Satanists cause stir at Harare prison
    • Four Gold Panners Die in Abandoned Mine Shaft
    • Mellow yellow
    • Do you think Scotland should be independent?
  34. Batch 2 Posted 2/2/13
    • Watchdog warns on flaws in new constitution
    • Early poll ‘rigging’ feared with soldier voter registration exercise
    • COPAC endorses draft charter
    • US ambassador raises concern over election legitimacy
    • Security Chiefs Delve Into Politics, Back Mugabe
    • Apathy greets news of a new Zimbabwe constitution
    • Corruption feeds on Zimbabwe's poor
    • Governor offers Zimbabwe First Lady more farms
    • Cyanide found in Gwanda water
    • Zambia, Zimbabwe ready for mega tourism event
    • RioZim fights gold mine seizure by Mugabe allies
    • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to establish mobile money regulation
    • MDC-T ‘big guns’ unchallenged in party primaries
    • Zimbabwe 'would be shut down if it was a company'
    • Hospital in terminal decline
    • Grace Kwinjeh runs for office in Zimbabwe
    • Charles Taffs talks to Alex Bell on Diaspora Diaries
    • Easing restrictions before reforms would mean EU has lost the plot
  35. Posted 2/2/13
    • Gono in dramatic U-turn
    • ZRP ups campaign for Zanu PF
    • New provisions dilute Land Commission’s effectiveness
    • Sadc representatives expected
    • Succession dogfight rocks provinces
    • Youths demand larger stake in politics
    • MDCs can forget about reforms: Chinamasa
    • Graft: Zanu PF bigwigs untouchable
    • No windfall for war vets
    • Zanu PF factionalism: Masvingo clashes reveal deepening cracks
    • Confusion grows over Khupe fate
    • Draft creates bloated parly
    • Kasukuwere grilled over Youth Fund
    • Primaries: A litmus test for the MDC-T
    • MDC scouts for candidates
    • Demos against drugging of Zim deportees
    • Media proposals rile journos
    • Essar saga: Supreme Court throws out Mumbire’s ore claims
    • January rains wreak havoc on crop yields
    • Demand for Zim tobacco balloons
    • Mugabe’s AU dream loses fizz, goes flat
    • Saviour Kasukuwere goofs again
    • Constitution: We must be on guard
    • Give an inch they’ll take a mile
  36. Posted 1/2/13
    • Constitution of Zimbabwe (Final Draft: January 2013)
    • SADC to observe referendum
    • Zuma Facilitators in Harare For Crucial Talks
    • 15 injured after soldiers run amok in Chiadzwa
    • KweKwe terror outfit ‘Al-Shabab’ strikes again in Mbizo
    • Culture of violence keeps Zimbabweans on edge
    • MDC-T loses 8 senior members in 6 months
    • Biti urges ‘finality’ to land reforms
    • Civil society prepares sanctions fight
    • Zim govt official wants 'developmental state discourse' rekindled
    • ZimRights officer denied bail again
    • Biti on the defensive after being slammed for ‘empty coffers’ statement
    • MDC is going to the elections and is ready to govern
    • Gono cautions on foreign bank ownership
    • Photoshopped Mugabe snap lands man in court
    • Economy Stutters, Records Low Revenue Inflows
    • Zanu-PF's ambush disrupted

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