The ZIMBABWE Situation

March 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/3/13
    • Zimbabwe's Request For UN Election Funding in Limbo
    • India to consider $400-million LOC proposals from Zimbabwe
    • Government fails to pay university fees
    • Zimbabwe hangman raises execution fears
    • Group wants Ugandan prisoners released
    • Barclays reaches deal with Zimbabwe in precedent for sector
    • Graft contagion besets Zimbabwe mining sector
    • Zimbabwe Has A New Constitution, But Disputes Over The Land Provisions Continue — By Ian Scoones
    • Embracing life's challenges - Trevor Ncube at TEDxEuston
  2. Posted 30/3/13
    • Tsvangirai goes to court over poll dates
    • Zanu PF savages Zuma's adviser, PM goes to court
    • Regional Leaders Call For Reforms in Harare Ahead of Elections
    • No to security reforms: Minister
    • Botswana shuts door on Zimbabwe TTD holders
    • Zimbabwe Struggling to Pay Laid-Off Workers
    • MDC-T supporter bled to death after war vet nurse said ‘Tsvangirai will treat you’
    • Police clash with touts in Harare
    • UNWTO assembly will benefit SMEs - Tomas
    • Over 5,000 Ugandans detained in South Africa, Zimbabwe
    • Stray lions from Botswana descend on Beitbridge
    • Fifa quash Zimbabwe ‘Asiagate’ bans
    • The EU does the inexplicable...
  3. Batch 2 Posted 29/3/13
    • Conflicting communiqués issued after Zim/UK meeting
    • Chinamasa brings ZANU PF ‘violence’ to London
    • 'West can work with any democratically-elected govt'
    • Zanu-PF Remains Skeptical as West Re-engages Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwean murderers free to travel to EU
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to summon Chihuri
    • MDC-T demand immediate end to corruption commission clampdown
    • MDC joins Zanu PF MPs call for Kasukuwere investigations
    • Zanu-PF succession battle spills to indigenisation probes
    • Churches launch peace project to curb Zimbabwe’s election violence
    • Battle for election date spills over to the Courts
    • Explosive Zanu (PF) Politburo meeting
    • Mtetwa blasts Jonathan Moyo
    • Minibus chaos in Harare
    • Zim urged to reform ‘unstable’ and ‘artificial’ economy
    • Zimplats appeals land repossession
    • “Miracle Votes” – An analysis of the March 2013 Referendum
    • Zimbabwe's Upcoming Elections and the Political Reforms That Never Were
  4. Posted 29/3/13
    • Referendum figures manipulated — Biti
    • June 29 unrealistic for elections: Zuma
    • Mugabe pushes poll dates via back door
    • Zim must invite more election observers: EU
    • Aspiring candidates’ CVs found in a river
    • Zanu PF tests its rigging machinery
    • Another GNU debilitative: Analysts
    • Zanu PF persists with ‘illegal’ community share trusts
    • Ministers unleash fierce backlash
    • VP Mujuru politicises controversial venture
    • Political parties scramble for ‘alien votes’
    • New draft constitution entrenches land seizures
    • Dairibord results expose industry
    • Elections: What is to be done?
    • The bloody British have done it again
    • Political folly and referendum aftermath
    • Labour relations continue to deteriorate
    • It’s about the economy, stupid!
    • Sanctions: Zanu PF’s alibi for failure
    • Brics’ bid for new world order
  5. Posted 28/3/13
    • Western donors to support Zimbabwe on conditions
    • Friends of Zimbabwe, 2013 Communiqué
    • Chinamasa raises radio ban at UK meeting
    • More arrests in corruption probe backlash
    • Nieebgate: Zanu PF MPs demand answers
    • MDC supports MPs calls to investigate Kasukuwere
    • Tsvangirai’s four aides finally granted bail
    • Iran helping Zimbabwe snoop on internet
    • Nyikayaramba wants to be ZANU PF MP for Uzumba
    • MDC-T to announce own poll results
    • ZANU PF will struggle to beat MDC-T in general elections
    • Zanu PF cheating ahead of Zimbabwe election
    • Zanu-PF will win, says NCA
    • Residents 2: Chombo 0
    • Supreme Court judgment gives Mutambara breathing space
    • Internet Users Still Experiencing Network Slowdown
    • Wildlife authorities urged to keep strengthening anti-poaching laws
    • Zimbabwe choppers court review postponed
    • Jabulani Sibanda – a desperate but dangerous imposter with wet ears
    • Political idiocy and the aftermath of the ‘yes’ vote in Zimbabwe
    • The dark cloud of fear
    • Bill Watch 11/2013 of 26th March [Referendum Results Gazetted]
  6. Posted 27/3/13
    • Britain holds ground-breaking talks with senior Robert Mugabe ally
    • ZimVigil targets Chinamasa at donors’ conference
    • Anti-corruption body boss languishes in jail
    • ZACC regrouping
    • PM’s employees to know bail fate on Wednesday
    • Judge recuses self from Tsvangirai aides case
    • Zimbabwe Govt Principals Discuss Human Rights Activists' Arrests
    • Mtetwa condemns her arrest as an intimidation tactic
    • Glen View murder case deferred
    • Senior MEP gives guarded welcome to partial lifting of Zimbabwe sanctions
    • EU trying to divide us: Zanu PF
    • No change yet in US sanctions on Zim
    • Biti slams exit packages reports as ‘lies’ & ‘nonsense’
    • Zim torture victim welcomes ‘bittersweet’ African Commission ruling
    • Gwisai warns against forming new party
    • Green Fuel's $600 Million Chisumbanje Plant Still Closed
    • Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant reopens
    • MDC-T primary elections to be held in April
    • Mutambara, Ncube feud rages
    • War Veterans Besiege Govenor Maluleke's Office
    • ‘Zanu PF wasting time on early polls’
    • Freezing of Zimbabwe State Posts Angers Civil Servants
    • 11years for poaching: new law
    • Zim considers restrictions for foreign journalists
    • ‘Problems in Zim mean problems in Zambia’
    • Zimbabwe referendum marred by intimidation and arrests
    • International developments on Zimbabwe - Comedy of Errors
    • Has the EU lifted sanctions against Zimbabwe too soon?
    • Even Zimbabwe's constitution waits for Mugabe to pass the baton, or pass away
    • Miracle votes!
  7. Posted 26/3/13
    • Zimbabwe High Court frees rights lawyer after 8 days in detention
    • Mugabe, Grace, Mutasa and service chiefs remain on EU sanctions list
    • Chinamasa breaks ice with London trip
    • Protest tomorrow - target Patrick Chinamasa
    • Zanu-PF dismisses EU sanctions lift
    • Mugabe assured of Malaysia safe haven
    • Beatrice Mtetwa released
    • More lawyers will be arrested in Zimbabwe ahead of polls
    • Lawyers file petition against harassment and intimidation
    • Bail hearing for Zim PM aides set for Tues
    • Court case for Glen View 29 postponed to April
    • Govt ‘complicity’ questioned in corruption probe backlash
    • Division rocks anti-graft body
    • Mugabe accused of abusing power in delaying by-elections
    • Zanu PF tinkering with Mash East voters' roll: MDC
    • Ministers in line for huge exit packages
    • Zim govt found responsible for torture in landmark ruling
    • Zanu PF Crisis: Sekeramayi fights in Kasukuwere’s corner
    • 'War Veterans won't allow Tsvangirai to rule' - Jabu
    • Zambia's ex-president Rupiah Banda arrested
    • Railway system near collapse
    • Zimbabwe’s internet crawls as undersea fibre outage enters 4th day
    • Industry loses as Zimbabwe politicians argue over indigenisation spoils
    • Is Zanu pf reading too much into London visit?
    • Bill Watch 10/2013 of 25th March [Next Step towards New Constitution - Enactment by Parliament]
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/3/13
    • High Court hears Mtetwa bail appeal tomorrow
    • Protestors, police clash
    • LSZ to stage march over Mtetwa
    • Letter to Robert Mugabe - Unlawful arrest and detention of human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa
    • ACHPR finds Zimbabwe guilty of torture
    • Tsvangirai takes fight to Mugabe
    • Ncube dares Tsvangirai, Mugabe
    • Britain seek to restore diplomatic relationship with Zimbabwe
    • Back off from Mugabe debate, war vets told
    • Black on black land war intensifies
    • ‘Govt not serious about commissions’
    • Madzore calls for peaceful co-existence among youths
    • Youths defy govt, bury Gukurahundi victim remains
    • Mugabe should have been arrested on his way to see the pope
    • Hot Seat Transcript: Interview Welshman Ncube
    • Police State – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 23rd March 2013
    • Dark days are back
  9. Posted 25/3/13
    • Parties use referendum to push election agenda
    • Don’t set me on collision course with my bosses — Kasukuwere
    • Sweden funds Harare City Library renovations
    • Villagers in quandary as rains destroy bridge
    • San community on the verge of starvation
    • Villagers set to benefit from banana project
    • Sechele: The student who eclipsed his teacher
    • Shunning local products destroys industry
    • Can the referendum mirror election voting pattern?
    • Mtetwa incarceration an ominous sign of violent elections
    • Zacc investigations: Police must be impartial
    • Regional vigilance critical as poll nears
    • Another bitter election looms
  10. Posted 24/3/13
    • Zimbabwe PM's staff released without charge
    • President Mugabe to Approach Courts Again to Avoid By-Elections
    • Anti-corruption chief charged with fraud
    • Mugabe'll stick to June poll, spokesman
    • Mugabe regime targeting High Court judge
    • Judge under fire
    • Zanu (PF) rocked by corruption scandals
    • Violence against women a major concern-UN
    • African Commission finds Zimbabwe responsible for torture of a human rights lawyer
    • The end of Zimbabwe power sharing, the return of brute power
    • Where Citizenship Went to Die
    • Return the favour to Beatrice
  11. Batch 2 Posted 23/3/13
    • Beatrice Mtetwa’s incarceration poses challenges for murder trial
    • Senator Coltart speaks out on the continued detention of Mtetwa
    • Anti-corruption chief arrested in probe backlash
    • Corruption at centre of Zim arrests
    • Zimbabwe commission told to delay funds probe until after election
    • Zuma’s team denies being thrown out of JOMIC meeting
    • EU to lift most of the targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe
    • Crackdown on opposition ends period of goodwill
    • Crackdown on Zimbabwe's civil society
    • Election timing: MDCs unite against Zanu PF
    • Exiles plan worldwide demo at Zim Embassies
    • 15th Free Zimbabwe Global Protest - stop police harassment of civil society and opposition members
    • MDC-T MP asks for permission to hold meeting in police camp
    • Workers’ union resolves differences after split by ZANU PF
    • Mugabe, CIO exposed
    • British Fire Fighters Rescue Bulawayo Fire Brigade
    • No money to deport foreign ex-convicts
    • Air Zimbabwe plans daily SA flights
    • Feisty Mtetwa holds tightly to her smile
    • In my view Beatrice Mtetwa should be Zimbabwe s next president
    • Zimbabwe: South Africa’s contunued shame
    • A sick judiciary begets a sick nation
    • Where is the justice, where is the fairness?
    • No guarantee of fair poll
    • A chance for Pope Francis to be the saviour of Zimbabwe
    • Out of the country when his police force go 'over the top'
    • Zimbabweans Must Stand Up to Impunity - ZACC should be given be given enough support to fight corruption
  12. Posted 23/3/13
    • ‘No surrender, no retreat’: Anti-Corruption official
    • Tsvangirai under pressure over arrests
    • Sadc Chief lambasts Jomic, GPA commissions
    • Zanu PF, Sadc on warpath
    • Unity govt splashes out on ministers
    • Polls roadmap: Sadc stays the course
    • GPA negotiators take begging bowl to UK
    • ‘Zanu PF regroups under GNU’
    • Mugabe imperial presidency intact
    • MDC-T agonises over appropriate election strategy
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai race cliff-hanger
    • Another ‘Borrowdale Brooke’ for Ruwa
    • Dairibord milk supply programme bears fruit
    • Barclays Bank under pressure to comply on indigenisation
    • Who will be watching the economy?
    • First small economic step forward
    • Referendum does not herald change
    • Referendum a commitment to democracy
    • New constitution: Appreciation of rights
    • No light on the horizon yet
    • Indigenisation badly managed
  13. Posted 22/3/13
    • Mtetwa’s lawyers lodge High Court appeal
    • Police target two more in PM office crackdown
    • Mugabe needs to dissolve parliament before proclaiming poll date
    • Zimbabwe to hold elections by June: minister
    • Election Dates Unsettle Zimbabwe Unity Government
    • Zimbabwe eyes new vote with questions over free poll
    • Mugabe’s office ‘imposes candidates for party elections’: Zanu PF MP
    • President Zuma Attempts To Diffuse Political Tensions in Zimbabwe
    • MDC youths thwart CIO abduction attempt
    • Anti corruption body defends fresh probe plans
    • Youth groups condemn meddling Kasukuwere
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai the same: Madhuku
    • Cash hungry Catholic college fires students
    • The ICT Revolution Is The Game Changer – Zimbabwe PM
    • 1.4 Million Zimbabweans Receiving WFP Food Aid
    • Tracing the indigenisation scam in Zimbabwe
    • Mtetwa: Trials, tribulations
    • Arrests, Intimidation and No New Zimbabwe
    • Wounds: open, closed and healed
    • On to the polls
    • Assessment of Zimbabwe Constitutional Referendum: Election Resource Centre
    • The seed of conflict
  14. Posted 21/3/13
    • Mtetwa remanded in police custody until April
    • Police motives questioned over targeting of PM aides
    • Beatrice Mtetwa's arrest shows all is not well in Zim
    • New constitution may come into effect end of April
    • 'Team of Rivals': Uneasy Zimbabwe Coalition Government Nearing End Ahead Of Summer Elections
    • NCA rejects referendum results
    • Referendum observers barred from counting centres
    • EU to decide on sanctions next week
    • Regional Leaders To Discuss Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe invites pope to Africa to pray 'for the sinful world to repent'
    • Mugabe embarasses the Vatican just by turning up in Rome
    • Zim PM ally charged with attempted murder
    • Magistrate faces stock theft charge
    • Heavy rains pound Harare
    • Retailers Increase Sugar, Meat Prices
    • Mujuru orders Chisumbanje ethanol plant to re-open
    • Mugabe’s multi-million rand sanctuary almost complete
    • Jailed Beatrice Mtetwa ‘speaks out from prison’
    • Zimbabwe: Prominent human rights lawyer must be released immediately
    • A fascist display by the police
    • NCA Press Statement on the Referendum
    • MDC formations too comfortable in government
    • EDITORIAL: A fresh chance for Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 20/3/13
    • Zimbabweans approve new constitution
    • Zimbabwe Referendum Results
    • Zimbabwe top rights lawyer, PM's aides charged
    • Beatrice Mtetwa & four MDC officials denied bail
    • Zimbabwe rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa brought to court, to spend 3rd night in jail
    • Mugabe attends Pope’s inauguration in Rome
    • Zuma wants Sadc team in Zim ahead of polls
    • Kwekwe arrests ignite fears of escalating intimidation by security forces
    • Suspicious Calls Force Newspaper Staff to Vacate Offices
    • MDC-T man held over petrol bomb attack
    • Chaos rocks rival Zapu launch
    • Zimbabweans pressure British PM over deportations
    • Tsvangirai Office Arrests: What Happened
    • Statement by the President of the MDC, the Right Hon. Morgan Tsvangirai
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the press
    • Interview: low turnout dents constitution
    • Zimbabwe constitution: this referendum apathy suits Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe: End Police Crackdown on Civil Society
    • Zimbabwe: the next vote will have the economy at stake
    • Zimbabwe: Why Is One of the World’s Least-Free Economies Growing So Fast?
    • Bones hold past, future of ravaged country
  16. Posted 19/3/13
    • Police refuse to comply with High Court order to release Beatrice Mtetwa
    • ACTION ALERT : Take action for Beatrice Mtetwa
    • Zimbabwe police ignore court order to free prominent rights lawyer, police bias alleged
    • Reported Anomalies to the Counting and Collation of Results
    • International approval for referendum, despite next day arrests
    • ZEC criticised over accreditation failures
    • First count gives Zim's draft constitution the go-ahead
    • We voted for change, say Zimbabweans
    • Tsvangirai says ZANU PF showing signs of fear ahead of elections
    • Tsvangirai says arrest of aides is pre-vote 'intimidation'
    • Military, CIO surround The Zimbabwean offices
    • Mugabe arrives in Rome for pope's inauguration
    • MDC-T official appears in court charged with attempted murder
    • Tongagara daughter in hiding over corruption probe saga
    • Zimbabwe industrial hub a 'ghost town'
    • Zanu PF is rich while Zimbabwe is poor
    • US Embassy Statement on referendum
    • SADC okays referendum
    • Chilling raid on Zimbabwe Prime Minister’s staff, prominent lawyer, following referendum
    • Amnesty reaction to unlawful detention of Zim lawyer
    • ZLHR statement on the situation of Beatrice Mtetwa
    • African lawyers condemn arrest of Beatrice Mtetwa
    • Law Society calls for immediate release of Zimbabwe Law Society ex-president
    • Bar Council Statement
    • New constitution - or same old repressive Zim?
    • Mugabe has not yet had his time
    • Constitution Watch 24/2013 of 17th March 2009 [Referendum - Counting and Collating Votes]
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/3/13
    • Beatrice Mtetwa arrested
    • Zimbabwe Top Lawyer Arrested Soon After Referendum
    • Police raid PM’s communications office
    • Zim police charge lawyer with 'obstructing justice'
    • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Pm'S Officials, Top Lawyer
    • Biti accuses Zanu PF of intimidation
    • 2 million voted in referendum
    • Confusion over ‘aliens’ in referendum poll
    • Zim referendum count under way
    • Early results point to 'Yes' vote landslide
    • SADC electoral commissions commend referendum handling
    • Referendum was “smooth” despite some hitches-ZESN
    • Mugabe to attend Pope’s inauguration
    • Referendum no litmus test – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 16th March 2013
    • Problems with Observer Accreditation
  18. Posted 18/3/13
    • MDC-T alleges referendum irregularities
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai vote ‘Yes’
    • PM’s appeal to Sadc
    • Police pick MDC-T official in Headlands
    • Vote Zanu PF to stay safe, cops told
    • Group launches campaign for peace on social media
    • Tongogara’s daughter on the run
    • Villagers petition minister over diamonds
    • Tobacco farmers under siege from prostitutes
    • Tokwe-Mukosi: Villagers demand compensation
    • Zim misses chance ahead of UNWTO
    • UNWTO hosts get official carriers
    • Mujuru piles up pressure for Chisumbanje re-opening
    • SUNDAY VIEW:The world still skewed in favour of men
    • sundayopinion:Crackdown hallmark of dictatorship
    • Not yet time to celebrate
    • ZACC needs support, not persecution
  19. Posted 17/3/13
    • Referendum Characterised By Intimidation And Voter Apathy
    • Armed kidnapping mars Zimbabwe constitution vote
    • Zimbabweans in 'peaceful' vote on new constitution
    • New constitution can be changed: PM
    • SADC observers glide through polling stations
    • Patients excluded from referendum
    • High forced voter turnout at Chikurubi
    • Photo journalists barred from taking pictures
    • Zimbabwe Refuses to Accredit VOA International Correspondent
    • 2 Years Late, Zimbabwe Votes on New Constitution
    • Born in Zimbabwe but denied the vote
    • A national non-event..?
    • Zimbabwe constitutional referendum: Why it matters
    • Constitution Watch 22/2013 of 16th March [Court Cases Fail to Delay the Referendum ]
  20. Batch 3 Posted 16/3/13
    • Tsvangirai supporters attacked ahead of Zimbabwe poll
    • Zimbabwe attack reveals potential for violence
    • Zimbabweans to vote Saturday in referendum on new constitution
    • Referendum challenge dismissed as Makarau sworn in as ZEC head
    • ZEC admits ‘error’ in failure to accredit ZimRights
    • ZEC 'threatens validity of polls': report
    • Zuma calls for peaceful Zimbabwe referendum
    • South African Envoys in Harare, Push For Political Reforms
    • US calls for monitoring of Zim referendum
    • Outsiders offer cash to Zim for favours
    • High Court grants order barring anti-graft searches
    • Ministers off the hook
    • Sadc leaders restricting access to justice: Gutu
    • Mpofu should explain riches: Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF wants to grab my farm — Mutinhiri
    • Mapfumo says Zimbabweans should vote Yes if new constitution is good
    • Consumers to pay more for maize-meal
    • SA ‘will not extend’ Zimbabwean document drive
    • Crackdown in Zim is latest hallmark of Mugabe dictatorship
    • This week in Zimbabwe
  21. Referendum Special Posted 16/3/13
    • ZEC Referendum Flyer
    • A shambolic state of affairs
    • The proposed constitution gives legal sanction to government land grabs
    • ZLHR pre-referendum statment
    • Vote No on Mugabe's 'fraud' constitution, urge Zimbabwe civil rights groups
    • Voting Will Change the Lives of Zimbabwe’s Women
    • Hot Seat Transcript: Zimbabwe’s constitutional referendum debate
    • EDITORIAL: A rare opportunity for Zimbabwe
    • Draft Zimbabwean constitution entrenches the status quo
    • Hard-fought 'yes' campaign fails to capture interest of voters
    • Amnesty warns of 'game playing' ahead of Saturday's referendum
    • Zimbabwe’s rival camps both campaign for a new constitution, but the harmony ends there
    • Army, police shadow looms over Zimbabwe polls
    • No by-election for president in new constitution
    • Constitution Watch 20/2013 of 15th March [Referendum: The Question]
    • Constitution Watch 21/2013 of 15th March [Referendum - Progress Review]
  22. Posted 16/3/13
    • Govt intensifies drive to mobilise poll funds
    • Zanu PF politburo clashes over election strategy
    • High Court thwarts plan to raid NIEEB
    • Discord rocks MDC-T… as Tsvangirai, Gutu make conflicting Zec remarks
    • Sadc leaders lose faith in MDC parties
    • Mugabe is no Chavez
    • Referendum: Voters weary of polls
    • Banks under fresh threat
    • Voting “Yes” endorsing Mugabe powers
    • Indigenisation: From bad to worse
    • Candid Comment:Zim’s growing trade deficit a ticking time bomb
    • Editor’s Memo:Tsvangirai won’t have anyone to blame
  23. Batch 2 Posted 15/3/13
    • High Court Judge dismisses case against ZimRights boss
    • NCA challenge role of ‘unqualified’ ZEC chair
    • Matinenga says Zimbabwe heading for a second GNU
    • Activists turn heat on ZEC and Mugabe over referendum
    • Young children targeted in radio raids by the police
    • Charamba threatens embassy over radios
    • Regional anti corruption group slams interference of Zim probes
    • Zanu PF political ads target Tsvangirai
    • Tsvangirai defends retention of executive powers
    • Mugabe: Zim’s biggest problem, says Makoni
    • Tsvangirai Takes Yes Referendum Campaign to Matabeleland
    • Zanu torturers exposed
    • Political mudslinging over petrol bomb incident
    • Beam assists 500 000 children
    • Family forced to flee Zimbabwe after terrifying death threats plan to rebuild their lives in Scotland
    • Grim food security outlook for Zimbabwe*
    • UK Zimbabweans appeal to Cameron
    • Will Zimbabwe's Morgan Tsvangirai be Africa's next fallen hero?
    • Re-engineering Zimbabwe
  24. Referendum Special Posted 15/3/13
    • Zimbabwe Referendum Watch - Issue 2
    • MISA-Zimbabwe Constitutional Digest
    • Studio 7 Voting Guide to Constitutional Referendum 2013
    • Media Conduct during Referendum and Elections
    • Key points in Zim's draft constitution
    • Zim to adopt new constitution, but what changes?
    • Referendum a ‘done deal’
    • Zec bans cellphones during polls
    • Is The New Constitution A Guarantor Of A Free & Fair Election In Zimbabwe?
  25. Batch 2 Posted 14/3/13
    • ZimRights takes ZEC to court over referendum
    • NCA loses Supreme Court appeal challenging referendum date
    • Zimbabwe won’t ease poll ban
    • Makarau to be sworn in as ZEC head after referendum
    • Govt invites UN team to assess financial needs for elections
    • Election cash hunt targets Econet, Telecel
    • Zim police raids instil fear ahead of poll
    • Anti corruption body barred from legal searches
    • Zanu PF aspiring councillor wounded in petrol-bomb attack
    • US Statement on the alleged petrol bombing of the home of ZANU-PF official William Chapepa
    • NCA activist arrested for sticking up ‘Take Charge’ posters
    • Mugabe takes on Zimbabwe's Generation X
    • Fuel price hike will raise inflation
    • Biti faces fuel price hike backlash
    • Villagers threatened with eviction
    • Murder trial opens seven years later
    • Zanu PF officials in court for public violence
    • ZESA in court, owes US$19 million in salaries
    • Indigenisation fight spills into the courts
    • UK embassy accused of 'subversion' in Zimbabwe radio row
    • NRZ chief pleads with train drivers to end strike
    • Battle for the R G Mugabe fashion label
  26. Referendum Special Posted 14/3/13
    • Information for the Constitution Referendum
    • Many Zimbabweans unaware of impending referendum
    • Wilbert Mukori – Before you vote in the referendum
    • Zimbabwe's Draft Constitution: By the Politicians, For the Politicians?
    • Mavambo Leader Says Zimbabweans Should Reject Draft Constitution
    • WOZA to vote YES
    • Say NO to the constitution that gives immense power to the executive
    • Churches to vote ‘yes’ in referendum
    • Exiles pin hopes on elections
    • ‘Diasporans should be allowed to vote’
    • Zimbabwe votes on new constitution
    • Constitution Watch 18/2013 of 13th March [ZEC Observer Briefing: Today: 10 am]
  27. Posted 13/3/13
    • AU court orders Zim to allow the Diaspora to vote
    • Confusion grows over constitution ‘anomalies’
    • Tsvangirai: Unity Govt Undecided on International Referendum Observers
    • Zimbabwe PM clashes with Mugabe over poll observers
    • Zimbabwe rights groups plan to boycott Saturday vote monitoring to protest bans on activists
    • ZEC refuse to accredit some local NGOs
    • Sadc takes 100 poll observers to Zimbabwe
    • Biti trims down ZEC budget for referendum
    • Government borrows from Old Mutual and NSSA to fund referendum
    • Low Public Turnout in Referendum Meetings Worries Senator
    • ANC pledges its help to Zanu-PF during Zim elections
    • Makarau given permanent Zec contract
    • Madhuku upbeat ahead of Supreme Court hearing
    • Glen View murder : State closes case
    • MDC-T-29: Defence spars with Cuban medic
    • Fuel price hiked
    • Church leaders seek MDC-T protection
    • Diamond miner hits back at Biti
    • Shot in arm for conservation
    • “Hope in a Desert”
    • Calling Mugabe’s bluff on sanctions
    • Criminalising Zimbabwe’s human rights defenders
    • A promise is a promise? Not in Zimbabwe
    • The complexities of Zimbabwe’s constitution referendum
    • Constitution Watch 17/2013 of 12th March [Read the Constitution on your Smart Phone or Tablet*]
    • Constitution Watch 18/2013 of 12th March [Referendum: Further Information ]
  28. Posted 12/3/13
    • SADC observers arrive in Zimbabwe
    • SADC Troika meets ahead of referendum
    • Biti seeks Mugabe help over diamond funds
    • Zimbabwe raises $40 mln from referendum bond
    • Zimbabwe ‘ready’ for referendum
    • ZEC refuses to accredit ZimRights to observe referendum
    • No postal votes for Zimbabweans abroad
    • Mukoko targeted over violence monitoring initiative
    • Zimbabwe referendum leads to easing of sanctions
    • Cuban doctor finally testifies in Glen View murder case
    • Diamond deposits found in Bikita
    • New Zimbabwe Law To Require Diamond Beneficiation
    • Zimbabwe resort town in new lion alert, after maulings, week of terror
    • RBZ warns exporters over offshore cash
    • Youth Agenda Trust launches “Our time is NOW” campaign
    • Not So Much A Surprise That The Sadc Tribunal Was Disbanded But That It Was Formed At All
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 7/2013 of 11th March [Committee Meetings Suspended until 6th May]
  29. Batch 2 Posted 11/3/13
    • Zimbabweans urged to go home and vote
    • Arrest sparks fears of return to terror in polls
    • CIO accused of vetting ZEC officials
    • Zimbabwe Readies For Vote on New Constitution
    • Aust starts to ease Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Outrage as lion that killed woman as she made love to boyfriend is shot
    • MDC-T 29 trial: Cuban doctor in no show
    • ZIMSEC: We’re as good as Cambridge
    • A constitutional abortion – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 9th March 2013
    • Beware of the 'Ides of March'
    • Zimbabwe's new constitution: 10 reasons to vote Yes
    • BILL WATCH 9/2013 of 9th March [Update on Parliamentary Business]
  30. Posted 11/3/13
    • Zanu PF, MDCs clash over observers
    • Sadc warns Mugabe over political violence
    • ‘Zim least democratic in Sadc’
    • Mugabe rebrands, rises from the ashes
    • . . . As Marian vows to beat him in the Zvimba constituency
    • Melee at Zanu PF Byo meeting
    • Headmen demand perks rise
    • Govt probes satanism claims in schools
    • Mutare industries collapse
    • Transport costs affect tourism
    • Hosts ready for UNWTO: Masebo
    • Govt-endorsed barriers hamper regional integration
    • Uneven distribution of political finances bad for democracy
    • Zec’s ban on NGOs misguided
    • An interrogation of the draft constitution
    • Lessons from Kenya’s elections
  31. Posted 10/3/13
    • Zimbabwe says it will struggle to pay for elections
    • Mugabe Pushes For UN Election Funding, Party Hardliners Resist External Support
    • Finance Minister charges that political violence is returning ahead of elections
    • Activist Mukoko arrested, charged
    • Joint CSOs’ Statement on criminalisation of Human Rights Defenders
    • IDASA Says Zimbabwe Experiencing Low Democracy Levels
    • MDC: Two thirds of voters on Zim voter's roll are dead
    • Ncube finished politically — Analysts
    • Kariba lion deaths blamed on poachers
    • 11 people killed in Byo accident
    • What Kenyatta's win might mean to Zimbabweans
    • Zimbabweans must judge the truth for themselves
    • Waiting for the owl to pounce
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Unworthy: Zimbabwe's Draft Constitution and its Implications for Land Policy
  32. Batch 2 Posted 9/3/13
    • Chihuri orders police force to ensure ZANU PF wins elections
    • Jestina Mukoko hands herself in to the police
    • Prominent human rights defender hunted down through media
    • Makone predicts bloodbath in Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe in SA for talks with Zuma
    • SADC alarmed by reports of political violence ahead of Zim polls
    • Madzore’s passport released to enable him to travel
    • NCA's request of appeal against dismissal of referendum challenge granted by Supreme court
    • Kariba killer lions put down by rangers
    • MDC-T district chair arrested in Matopo
    • Zanu PF orders campaign freeze
    • Legitimacy of Zim referendum at stake
    • State guilty of violence against women on international women’s day
    • Commission probes dodgy Zim deals
    • Prime Minister Tsvangirai Meets UNICEF Boss
    • Zimbabwe jails self-professed Congolese Satanists, prisons service in quandary on holding them
    • Meetings held over Chinese building standards in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe's urban housing crisis
    • Fighting an election ZANU style
    • Women publish own version of democracy
    • Some straight talking about women, on International Women's Day - Beatrice Mtetwa
    • New book chronicles Mugabe’s misrule
    • Constitution Watch 15/2013 of 8th March [Read the Constitution on your Blackberry and Android Smart Phone or Tablet]
    • Constitution Watch 16/2013 of 8th March [Referendum - Observers and Journalists Accreditation Fees Gazetted ]
  33. Posted 9/3/13
    • Mugabe blasts war veterans
    • Zanu PF may lose in Mash central: Mafios
    • Matinenga sticks to his guns
    • Multimedia: Christpowers’ death throwback to 2008
    • Panic over poll funding
    • Pressure on Kasukuwere to reverse US$1,7bn deals
    • Polls: Fierce clashes rock inclusive govt
    • Tsvangirai envoy briefs Sadc leaders
    • Gono lashes out at critics
    • Hunger stalks rural communities
    • Local companies under threat from foreigners
    • NEC suspended until after elections
    • Should the RBZ be independent?
    • NRZ operating below capacity
    • RioZim saga takes new twist
    • AirZim to acquire new Embraer aircraft
    • March 16 vote: Why spend so much on non-event?
    • Mugabe hero-worshipping scales new toadying levels
    • It’s shaping up like 2008 all over again
    • Administrative devolution an economic necessity
    • Referendum Zec test case
    • Mugabe ‘lonely’ admission revealing
  34. Posted 8/3/13
    • Police target Jestina Mukoko in latest clampdown
    • Civil society unsettled by police disruptions of publicity meetings
    • Tsvangirai slams ‘demonic’ riot police
    • SA urged to heed warning that Zim is not ready for elections
    • ZEC starts accreditation of observers ahead of referendum
    • Referendum fails to excite Zimbabweans
    • Mugabe battles with poll dates
    • Mugabe gives in to war vets
    • Ranger shot as hunt goes awry
    • ZIMSEC: Pupils Should Pay Grade 7 Examinations
    • 14 MDC-T activists remanded in custody
    • Southern Africa Liberation Youth Leagues Vow Zanu-PF Support in Elections
    • Indigenisation: Gono claims Mugabe backing
    • Zim sows confusion over 'non-binding' Zimplats deal
    • Unkie Mine payment blow for Brainworks
    • Kasukuwere's role in Zimplats deal must be explained
    • Transcript of Hot Seat programme with US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton
    • Mugabe's secret to long term rule
    • Mugabe's tit-for-tat exclusion of election monitors a big mistake
    • ZANU-PF shoots self in the foot
    • Zimbabwe radios feel heat of referendum
    • 5 Reasons why this woman is voting “YES” in the Constitutional Referendum
    • Zanu-PF's big lie
    • Will Zanu-PF be able to steal the 2013 election?
    • In my view
    • Constitution And Confusion
    • Constitution Watch 14/2013 of 6th March [Read the Constitution on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet]
    • 'I keep above the fray' says Zimbabwe's Julius Makoni
  35. Posted 7/3/13
    • Riot police break up Zimbabwe PM meeting
    • Zimbabwe's PM addresses rally after police crackdown
    • Zimbabwe police blame error for rally crackdown
    • GPA negotiators meet Zuma's team
    • Parliament to urge editors to turn down hate speech
    • Woman mauled to death by lion as she made love to boyfriend in Zimbabwe
    • ‘Aliens’ voting rights reinstated: Tsvangirai
    • ‘Elections will need Western observers’
    • Police arrest MDC-T youth activist in Byo
    • Desperate national railways wives appeal for salaries
    • Fraudulent activities uncovered at Mpilo hospital
    • Air Zim seeks to heal rift with pilots
    • ARV effectiveness in preventing HIV trial fails
    • Knight plans to improve security in Mbare
    • Mnangagwa ‘co-operated’ with apartheid SA
    • Zimplats given 30 days to object to government land take over order
    • Zim to grab mine with no compensation
    • Zim to increase royalties
    • The upcoming referendum is the very last chance for Zimbabweans…
    • Zimplats deal exposes generational disconnect
    • Constitution Watch 13/2013 of 6th March [Referendum - Correction of Foreign Media Practioners' Fees and Warning about Publishing False Information]
    • Zims abroad: strong links with home
  36. Posted 6/3/13
    • SA presidency refuses to release Zim election report
    • Radio Dialogue case fails to take off
    • Council discharges raw sewage into water: court told
    • Dual citizenship guaranteed in new constitution
    • Zim to bar Western observers - report
    • Election monitors ban a shame: UK
    • EU Observers Will ‘Strengthen’ Zimbabwe Referendum, U.K. Says
    • Zanu-PF Youth Accessing Empowerment Funds
    • Air Zimbabwe to resume London flights
    • Police bar NCA ‘no vote’ meeting
    • Youth Group Launches Non-Violent Campaign Against Police
    • MDC-T Disagrees With Police Findings in Maisiri Arson Case
    • 14 MDC-T supporters detained in police cells
    • Welshman Ncube bids to scuttle Mudenda appointment
    • EcoCash craze hits Zimbabwe
    • ‘DJ’ Eric Knight to neutralise Chipangano?
    • Lawmakers: Divisions in Zimbabwe State Unions Retrogressive
    • 'Zim seeks 50% of Zimplats’ claims'
    • Implats contests government take-over as indigenisation falls apart
    • Implats pondering legal options after Zimbabwe land grab
    • HOT SEAT: Interview with Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone
    • Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change
    • Constitution Watch 12/2013 of 4th March [Referendum - Observers and Media Practitioners - Accreditation]
  37. Posted 5/3/13
    • Zim cops: No foul play in opposition fire
    • Maisiri’s wife criticises police for shoddy investigation
    • Only friendly countries will observe electoral processes:Mumbengegwi
    • Britain to fund Zim girls’ education
    • Six million hungry in southern Africa
    • Maize shortage renews debate over GM in Zimbabwe
    • Referendum date in breach of SADC guidelines on elections?
    • MDC withdraws from COPAC campaigns
    • Zuma accused of ‘allowing’ destruction of human rights court
    • Radio Dialogue slams police ‘crackdown’
    • Moyo rubbishes Mugabe, Mujuru
    • ‘Grab UNWTO opportunity’
    • Sports reporter barred from charity match by military police
    • Zanu PF activists lose land row
    • Zimbabwe police seize 14 MDC supporters
    • Harare warns on idle mine licences
    • Respite for Zimbabwe foreign banks
    • The MDC Today - Issue 526
    • Robert Mugabe: I'm lonely
    • When portable radios become a security risk
    • Is Jonathan Moyo speaking on behalf of Zanu PF?
    • Zimbabwe’s indigenisation policy: falling apart?
    • Zimbabwe: “Hope in a Desert” at the Royal Geographical Society, London
  38. Batch 2 Posted 4/3/13
    • Zimbabwe Referendum Watch (ZRW) : Issue 1
    • PM launches ‘Yes Vote’ campaign
    • Downpour washes away MDC-T “Yes Vote” campaign
    • ‘Selfish JZ allowed Mugabe to kill SADC Tribunal’
    • Parly committee will vet Mudenda - Ncube
    • Governor puts restrictions on 45 NGOs in Masvingo
    • Zesa pre-paid meters spark outrage
    • Mugabe scouts new friends after sanctions snub
    • Mutasa, Maisiri’s disastrous link
    • Nieebgate: A revolution betrayed
    • No observers, no elections – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd March 2013
    • Constitution Watch 11/2013 of 2nd March [Court Bid to Stop Referendum under Appeal: Who can Vote in Referendum and Where]
  39. Posted 4/3/13
    • War vets defy peace calls
    • Zanu PF in scary recruitment drive
    • Govt moves to thwart inflow of contaminated meat from SA
    • Zanu PF officials bleed Lupane council
    • ‘School head squanders students’ exam fees’
    • MDC-T demands probe into Maisiri’s death
    • I did not kill Christpowers, says Mutasa
    • MDC-T scared, claims all dead bodies: Mugabe
    • Police keep Plumtree High fraud case under wraps
    • Chipinge villagers at the mercy of wildlife
    • Mining concern adopts orphanage
    • Vendors yet to reap from tobacco
    • Beitbridge families now destitute in the wake of floods
    • Villagers appeal for more food aid
    • Officials hold talks to bolster tourism
    • Bill to facilitate govt takeover of RBZ US$1bn debt
    • Committee to finalise Essar deal appointed
    • The agony, frustration of job-hunting
    • What council has done to improve service delivery
    • Authorities must stop the decimation of Bvumba
    • Politicians should spare the children
    • Zim needs peaceful, undisputed polls
  40. Posted 3/3/13
    • Mugabe's killer birthday party
    • A 22-carat dictator: Robert Mugabe has gold coins minted to celebrate his 89th birthday in poverty-stricken Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe moved by the 'giving hearts' of his supporters
    • Mugabe denies violent campaign ahead of elections
    • Women Leaders Denounce Escalating Political Violence
    • Civil society groups slam police behaviour
    • Zimbabwe to ignore SA court rulings
    • Whizz-kid (15) scores distinctions at UZ
    • Chief Negomo resolves to attach Mattison’s property
    • Kasukuwere botched Zimplats deal: Mugabe
    • Indigenised firm posts $6,4m loss
    • Zimbabwe's tough environment for aid agencies
    • When a nation falls apart
    • In memory of a little boy
    • In Zimbabwe, Zanu PF politics rule over life and death
  41. Batch 2 Posted 2/3/13
    • NCA lodge Supreme Court appeal over referendum
    • Mugabe can't be challenged in court: Judge
    • Police raid Radio Dialogue studios, seize 180 radios
    • Police go door-to-door searching for radios
    • Onslaught on ownership of radios shows ZANU PF is afraid
    • Zim election violence divides Cabinet
    • Tsvangirai threatens poll boycott
    • ZANU PF and MDC-T spokesmen differ over violence reports
    • Tsvangirai Seeks SADC Support As Political Tension Grips Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe is losing his grip - Tsvangirai
    • Political leaders urged to preach peace, not violence
    • Impala Unit’s Land Is Grabbed by Zimbabwe With 30 Days to Appeal
    • Zimplats on collision course with Zimbabwe government
    • Anti-corruption probes Indigenisation scam
    • Moyo pulls no punches on Zim indigenisation
    • WikiLeaks publishes classified Zim e-mails
    • US Ambassador: Zimbabwean Leaders Should Stop Violence
    • Zambia calls for calm, postpones by-election amid bloodshed
    • Tsvangirai conferred with honorary doctorate
    • UN accused of Zimbabwe cholera cover-up
    • Mugabe gold coins split Zanu-PF
    • Government scraps fees for rural clinics
    • Press Statement by the Minister of Health and Child Welfare
    • Transcript: Diaspora Diaries with SW Radio Africa’s Alex Bell and guest Roy Bennett
    • Indigenisation in Zimbabwe: A cacophony of idiocy
    • The jury is out on Zim's constitution
    • SOS from the wilderness: Save our Save
    • Constitution Watch 9/2013 of 1st March [Inconsistencies between Referendums Act and Electoral Act]
    • Constitution Watch 10/2013 of 1st March [Draft Constitution: COPAC Awareness Campaign Venues]
  42. Posted 2/3/13
    • Ministers in fierce cabinet clashes
    • Mutasa behind 12-year old boy’s death –– Biti
    • Chaos rocks Copac publicity campaigns
    • Aspiring MPs threaten to split votes
    • Row erupts over election observers
    • Draft constitution: ‘Zim hoodwinked’
    • … Rural folk in the dark over document
    • Biti in line for prestigious Chatham Award
    • Empowerment or ‘legal’ racketeering?
    • ‘No plans to hang death row inmates’
    • Govt plans to seal off new diamond fields
    • Jostling for parly seats intensifies
    • Women’s groups meet over polls code of conduct
    • Residence-based tax system commendable
    • EcoCash defies Baz
    • Sudden love for football fools noone
    • Perils of self-righteousness
    • ZCTF Report - Mar 2013
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 6/2013 of 1st March [Committee Meetings 4th to 8th March]
  43. Posted 1/3/13
    • NCA referendum challenge dismissed
    • Glen View activists defence team to apply for dismissal of case
    • Lack of English: Cuban doctor throws Zimbabwe murder trial into chaos
    • Police block debate on Zimbabwe Constitution in Harare
    • Zimbabwe Struggling to Raise US$95 Million For Referendum
    • Government to hand over referendum money to ZEC
    • Coltart bars teachers from referendum
    • Teachers slam Coltart over referendum
    • SA Constitutional Court reserves judgment on Zim land grabs
    • Zimbabwe: “Hope in a Desert” at the Royal Geographical Society, London
    • Starving residents asked to produce ZANU PF cards
    • U.S. provides $140,000 to Zimbabwean communities
    • Christpower Maisiri buried in Headlands
    • No proof of foul play: fire death cops
    • Black Empowerment Scheme Haunts Unity Govt
    • Zisco collapsed beyond repair: Ncube
    • Chiredzi farmers get offer letters
    • Former Hwange boss arrested over fraud
    • Coltart outlines six-point plan for new SRC board
    • Parly to punish errant ministers
    • “Zimbabwe must respect fundamental freedoms in run-up to constitutional referendum,” warn UN rights experts
    • 'No space for opposition in Zim politics'
    • Little talk of amnesty
    • The wealth beneath

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