The ZIMBABWE Situation

April 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/4/13
    • Voter registration exercise begins amid claims of fraud
    • Massive irregularities on voters’ roll: Makone
    • SA facilitators ‘blocked’ by ZANU PF
    • Tsvangirai heads to Tanzania as diplomatic offensive continues
    • Zuma promises Tsvangirai free and fair elections
    • Tsvangirai takes crisis to Sadc
    • EU delegation visits Zimbabwe
    • Poor planning blamed for power cuts at Townhouse
    • Legal expert says not necessary to extend life of parliament
    • MDC activists remanded in custody over door-to-door campaign
    • Zanu PF on fire
    • Zimbabwe to seize Zimplats mining land
    • Miners in the dark on Zimbabwe’s plans to seize foreign stakes
    • Bangladesh level Zimbabwe series
    • New law seek to gag youth
    • Zanu PF Spruces up Voter Victimization Strategy
    • Building a New Value System in Zim: Mutambara Speaks
    • "We are Zimbabwe" - claiming our right to accountability, transparency and good governance
    • Court Watch 4/2013 of 29th April [The State v Human Rights Defender Beatrice Mtetwa]
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/4/13
    • Poll date: Tsvangirai, Ncube propose constitution amendment
    • Generals speaking to MDC-T as Zanu PF defeat looms
    • Zimbabwe and Zambia to brief AU summit on UNWTO preps
    • The three Ds . . . or perhaps four – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 27th April 2013
    • Spectre of stolen election still alive
    • Childish behaviour is not limited to footballers
  3. Posted 29/4/13
    • Zuma fights for Welshman Ncube
    • Mutasa lashes out at Chinamasa, Muchinguri
    • MDC-T at war over candidates
    • Govt turns to foreign help to end urban water woes
    • Govt engages ILO in crafting a single safety law
    • Joyce Banda falls for Mugabe’s charm
    • Chinese sell trinkets at ZITF
    • Book Fair spreads to Masvingo
    • Poverty drives teenagers to sell sex at Murambinda growth point
    • Zim bottled water selling in Botswana
    • ‘BCC facilities not suitable for the disabled’
    • The agony of multi-drug resistant TB
    • Promote reading culture among children: Masunda
    • Displaced Marange villagers in quandary
    • Small-scale gold miners face tough times
    • Zim unlikely to seize mine stakes: Mpinga
    • Zimbabwe has potential to reach US$100 billion economy—Makoni
    • Zesa smart meters set to reduce load-shedding
    • Dictatorship fans corruption which spawns poverty
    • Rebranding Mugabe won’t bring the votes
    • Airport Road project now an eyesore
    • Overhaul Zimbabwe’s voters’ roll
  4. Posted 28/4/13
    • Zimbabwe Academic Launches New Political Party
    • Voter registration starts Monday
    • Politburo to discuss elections next week
    • 19 Hatcliffe residents endure weekend in police cells
    • Exams pass rate shames coalition: Makoni
    • AirZim cashes in on ZITF
    • Econet scoops ZITF overall best display award
    • Banda’s bid to copy Zim reforms slammed
    • Govt backtracks on ghost workers
    • Airzim suffer blow
    • Mwana CEO: Too much hot air over indigenisation
    • Zimbabwe strike back in 2nd Test
    • HOT SEAT: ICG’s Trevor Maisiri analyses Zim political leaders
    • We've lost our way
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/4/13
    • ZANU PF indigenisation drive blamed for investment ‘free fall’
    • Indigenisation an elitist transfer of wealth: Biti
    • ‘Zim unlikely to seize mine stakes’
    • Zuma urged to increase visits as Zim elections draw closer
    • Mugabe gives Zuma team the cold shoulder ahead of elections
    • MMPZ condemns firing of journalists over Mugabe origin statements
    • Zim broadcasting authority mum on radio applications
    • Factionalism in President Robert Mugabe's Party Blamed For Delay In Re-Opening of US$600 Million Ethanol Plant
    • Mutsekwa meets with top military brass
    • No vote before July – Biti
    • Tsvangirai seeks SADC help over stalled reforms
    • Mudede and ZEC frustrating mobile voter registration exercise
    • Statement by the United States Embassy on the suspension of sanctions on two Zimbabwean banks
    • Zanu PF church courtship 'despicable': Tsvangirai
    • Minister Theresa Makone faces arrest
    • Joyce Banda: Mugabe's charmed new ally
    • Man Friday
  6. Posted 27/4/13
    • Voters’ roll: The puzzle remains unsolved
    • Tsvangirai gets tough with Mugabe
    • ZDF: Zanu PF’s ‘para-military wing’
    • MDC-T engages army chiefs
    • CIO deployed to vet aspiring candidates
    • MDC loses ‘kingmaker’ role
    • Chombo on ‘vote-buying spree’
    • Zanu PF, MDCs fight over voters’ roll
    • ‘Govt expenditure draining Zim fiscus’
    • Bank CEOs not keen on indigenisation
    • Construction of US$100m Mall of Zim set to start
    • ‘I have taken a lot of flak for Gukurahundi’
    • Reform of justice system overdue
    • Timing of next general elections
    • Cartels bane of Zim industries
    • Democracy or solidarity: SA’s Zim dilemma
    • Massive slump in foreign investment
    • Solidarity just isn’t enough for Chinese
    • Zim economy: Diversify or collapse
    • Sadc wants Zuma to be hands-on
    • Workers languish in midst of plenty
    • Spectre of stolen election alive
  7. Posted 26/4/13
    • Mugabe's power wanes as splits in ruling Zanu-PF widen
    • Wharton says removal of two banks from US sanctions is to reward progress
    • US to announce policy shift on Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai reiterates reforms key to free and fair elections
    • No elections without reforms: Tsvangirai
    • Why MDC reunification is impossible: Ncube
    • Zim may tax mining sector to fund polls
    • Mugabe blocking much needed reforms: PM
    • Zimbabwe set to register voters for key election
    • Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai Wants Security Forces Code of Conduct
    • No indigenisation u-turn: Kasukuwere
    • Tsvangirai to Embark on Diplomatic Offensive Ahead of Crucial Polls
    • Cash Strapped Zimbabwe Still Considering UN Funding For Polls
    • Fall out over poll funding
    • Treasury releases US$8m poll cash
    • Theresa Makone brands actions of the police as ‘stupid’
    • MISA defends inclusion of ‘ZANU PF voice’ at Press Freedom Day event
    • Minister Mashakada: South African Businesses Safe in Zimbabwe
    • Zim Student Official Arrested
    • Communities still traumatised by 2008 political violence
    • Game Meat Poaching Rife in Zimbabwe
    • Hunger looms large as Zim’s grain reserves continue to fall
    • Villagers Become ‘Water Scavengers’
    • Zimbabwe after hyperinflation
  8. Posted 25/4/13
    • Bottlenecks in voter registration removed
    • RG scraps fees for ID card replacement
    • US ‘lifts’ sanctions on two Zimbabwean Banks
    • Govt to seize land from third company
    • Villagers forced to buy ZANU PF cards in exchange for food
    • Zanu PF’s harvest of fear
    • African bank experts say Zimbabwe’s strategic food reserves are severely depleted
    • MDC-T denies fiddling with voters roll
    • Zimbabwe's Elections Roadmap Divides Unity Govt Partners
    • Ex-Zim minister: Unity govt has failed
    • MDC-T national chairman calls for peace amid reports of infighting
    • ZITF opens on a low note, EU firms stay away
    • Cash-strapped Zimsec yet to pay examiners
    • Outcry over Zimbabwe's poor spending on public schools
    • Zanu PF angers Zuma
    • ‘Hands off corruption busters’
    • Feeding off the military
    • Zim's banking sector foundation is about to be shaken
    • Elections: hoping for the best but fearing the worst
    • Can new constitution rein in service chiefs?
    • Press Intimidated in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 12/2013 of 23rd April [Bills for Next Sitting & Government Gazettes 5 to 19 April]
  9. Posted 24/4/13
    • Govt plans to legalise unpaid seizure of foreign firms
    • Indigenisation: Kasukuwere changes course
    • Zanu-PF Factionalism Worsens in Manicaland Province
    • Mutasa takes stand in Madiro stock theft trial
    • Parties rally behind MDC poll demands
    • MDC-T, Zanu PF slam voter registration
    • Zanu-PF accuses rival of fiddling with voters roll
    • Glen View 29 trial: Defence prepares application for discharge
    • Bulawayo youths’ court appearance postponed
    • Govt ‘happy’ with financially strong Diaspora
    • Muchauraya’s trial over death threats kicks off in Harare
    • UN team must drop conditions: Minister
    • Bar Council resolves to support Zimbabwean lawyers and promote the independence of the judiciary
    • ZITF opens today
    • Increased politicization of Grain Loan Scheme
    • Tough road ahead for Zimbabwe Electoral Commission's new head
    • Why Zimbabwean voters are deserting Morgan Tsvangirai
    • National Geo Trains Elephant Gun on Mugabe's Tyranny
    • Press Statement by the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Theresa Makone
    • Zimbabwe’s Beatrice Mtetwa, arrested but not stopped
    • Going south
  10. Posted 23/4/13
    • Zim prepares law to seize company stakes without paying
    • MDC-T demands inclusivity in organs that run elections
    • Makoni dismisses ‘treason’ allegations by state media
    • PM echoes Mugabe’s peace calls
    • Tsvangirai ‘ wrong’ on Mugabe’s security sector power base
    • Tsvangirai speaks on mansion, Merc
    • 'Axe Mudede before polls'
    • Harare grapples with typhoid
    • Zanu PF youths hijack grain loan scheme
    • Grain reserves ‘severely’ depleted: AfDB
    • Elections on June 30: Parly Clerk
    • Zimbabweans ‘go home to die’ because of cost of dying in SA
    • Zim refugees in SA demand real independence
    • Dealers in Mercedes Hail Zimbabwe Dollar’s Demise
    • LETTER: Mugabe needs new challenger
    • Cricket World Player Of The Week - Brendan Taylor
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Aqualinah Katsande
  11. Batch 2 Posted 22/4/13
    • Tsvangirai quashes coup threats
    • Justice Hungwe takes break
    • Eking a living from selling water
    • Zim: Minister loses patience with 'defiant' Tongaat Hulett
    • ZCTF Report - April 2013
    • 33 years of oppression – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 20th April 2013
    • Jobs keep Zim migrants in SA
  12. Posted 22/4/13
    • MDCs bemoan absence of security sector reforms
    • Zanu PF infighting deepens
    • Suspended Mutare mayor at loggerheads with city manager
    • Zimsec rectifies results mix-up
    • NCA against polls delay
    • Tragedy as council, kombis feud rages on
    • PM echoes Mugabe’s peace calls
    • Chitungwiza blast victims exposed to the elements
    • Bonda Mission Hospital receives major boost
    • Biti orders Farmer’s World probe
    • UNWTO preps shift to policy agenda
    • Roadblocks now a threat to tourism, says ZTA
    • Group calls for transparency in diamond mining
    • War over tobacco out-grower schemes
    • Iran snubs ZITF as SA dominates
    • Sundayview:Time Zimbabwe got over liberation war rhetoric
    • Sundayopinion:Let’s revisit the ideals, targets set in 1980
    • Police hold key to peaceful polls
    • Look forward, not backwards
  13. Posted 21/4/13
    • Mugabe succession splits ZANU-PF
    • Grain shortage pushes up maize-meal prices
    • Poverty datum line increases by 1%
    • Zinwa clarifies position on Bulawayo water
    • Ncube abusing Zuma family ties: Moyo
    • Campaigners press for gay rights
    • Exports worry securities chief
    • The Rededication of St John The Baptist Cathedral in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe complete massive win
    • Texted, tweeted and twiddled their fingers
  14. Batch 2 Posted 20/4/13
    • Ongoing abuses reported at Marange diamond fields
    • SA urged to explain multimillion dollar Zim loan
    • Cash-strapped Mugabe goes begging to South Africa for help to fund election campaign
    • Suspended Mutare Mayor Brian James speaks out on dismissal
    • ANC helping ZANU (PF) to rig elections, claim
    • Mugabe’s sincerity questioned after call for peace
    • Tsvangirai, Ncube under pressure to unite
    • Ncube accuses GPA principals of sidelining Sadc
    • MDC-T: Zimbabwe Police Chief Must Resign Before 2013 Polls
    • ‘More Zimbabweans sinking into poverty’
    • Zimbabweans to gather for 16th global protest
    • MDC-T fails to find candidates in Masvingo
    • Political parties back female candidates
    • Mushowe appeals to Mugabe, Mujuru
    • We don’t need Zim, says US envoy
    • Border communities wary of volatile Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe, Brendan Taylor pile on misery for hapless Bangladesh
    • Zimbabwe’s independence hollow: Zapu
    • ‘Zimbabweans Want Change’: Tendai Biti on Zimbabwe’s 2013 Elections
    • Full Text: President Robert Mugabe's 33rd Independence Day speech
    • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Independence Day message to the people of Zimbabwe
    • Independence Day message by MDC leader Welshman Ncube
    • Zimbabwe needs you, or your cash
    • Who moved my country?
    • It's not hard to tell which side the police are on
  15. Posted 20/4/13
    • Sadc insists on reforms
    • Zanu PF scared of UN poll scrutiny
    • Mugabe frailty worsens ahead of elections
    • Battle for the VP post intensifies
    • Voters’ roll ‘ridiculously expensive’
    • Ministerial committee has its work cut out
    • Ncube a stumbling block to unity
    • Cabinet descends on chaotic RG’s office
    • CFU speaks out on land, compensation
    • Indigenisation: MDC-T gropes for response
    • Internal democracy: Parties found wanting
    • China gets tough on Zim’s debts
    • Refurbishments grip Vic Falls ahead of UNWTO
    • Zim mineral output increases
    • Govt engages private millers to import grain
    • Zim’s declining inflation causes headaches
    • Resistance to reform veers Zim off course
    • Mugabe past his sell-by date
    • Politics thrust upon me –– Nyarota
    • Causes of the decline in manufacturing
    • Harare a fitting tribute to Chombo’s legacy
    • It’s time Zim considers independent think tanks
    • Zim @ 33: What Independence means to others
    • Another sham poll: MDCs complicit
    • Independence: Freedom still lies ahead
  16. Posted 19/4/13
    • Zimbabweans ‘cry freedom’ as the country marks 33 years of self-rule
    • Mugabe warns against violence
    • Mugabe warns against foreign interference
    • Zim in dire straits after 33 years of freedom
    • Zimbabwe Independence Day: what's there to celebrate?
    • Literacy rate decreases
    • Water cuts leave Harare dry
    • Corruption investigations driven underground: Minister
    • Prosecutors refuse to put Radio Dialogue boss before court
    • Chinamasa hints on election dates
    • MDC-T accuses police in Mberengwa of bias
    • Zim bound helicopter ‘donation’ to remain in SA
    • Press Statement: Helicopters remain in SA, Minister to pay costs
    • Violence will not be tolerated: Chihuri
    • Generals, respect the people’s will: MDC
    • Zuma dispatches facilitation team
    • Zanu PF can't lose 'crucial' poll: Mugabe
    • The battle for credible polls in Zimbabwe intensifies
    • What is next for Mutambara?
    • Unpacking ZANU-PF’s succession conundrum
    • A response to Patrick Chinamasa
    • Independence fails to bring political freedoms
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 1
  17. Posted 18/4/13
    • Zimbabwe marks 33rd anniversary of independence
    • Zimbabwe withdraws U.N. election funding request - minister
    • UN says it is still open to Zimbabwe poll funding despite presidential party's rebuff
    • Ncube accuses Tsvangirai and Mugabe of rewriting GPA
    • Tsvangirai, Mugabe agree on poll plan
    • Ministers to draw up poll roadmap: PM
    • Zimbabwe parties haggle over poll assessment mission
    • Obama administration reaches out to Mugabe
    • Obama administration ditching Tsvangirai?
    • Zimbabwe Minister Fires Suspended Mutare Mayor
    • Political overhaul key to Zim diamond success
    • WOZA approaches African court for protection
    • Supreme Court to hear urgent appeal in by-election saga
    • Zim back on track with IMF
    • Speaker in catch-22
    • Farmers to benefit from EU grant
    • Zimbabwe deputy PM tells Africa to be tough on China
    • Muchauraya charged with ‘murder’ of John Nyamande
    • Harare census staff yet to be paid
    • ZANU PF an enemy beyond conciliation-ZINASU
    • DA query R900m loan to Zimbabwe
    • ACDP, IFP favour Zimbabwe loan
    • How can SA give R900m to keep alive a reign of terror?
    • New website
    • A new Zimbabwe beckons
    • Transcript of Tsvangirai interview with Becky Anderson of the CNN
    • No Zimbabwe Media Reforms, Just More Intimidation
    • With elections looming, hopes and fears mark Zimbabwe 33rd independence anniversary
  18. Posted 17/4/13
    • Tsvangirai says no agreement by principals on UN visit
    • Zimbabwe Unity Govt Parties Clash Over UN Assessment Team
    • Election crisis: $132m needed
    • SA debates loan for Zim elections
    • SA bails out Zimbabwe to tune of R900m
    • Zimbabweans accuse ZANU PF of hijacking Independence
    • MDC-T primaries pushed to early May
    • Khupe warns cops in politics
    • ‘Sadc must tackle security sector reforms’
    • Fierce political rivalry turns nasty between Nyarota and Muchauraya
    • Chisumbanje villagers demand answers as ethanol plant remains shut
    • Chief accuse Zanu PF MP of abusing inputs
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Group Takes Government to ILO
    • Supreme Court agrees to hear urgent appeal in by-elections case
    • Zim imports GMO maize
    • Youth lay demands for elections
    • NCA Statement on Zimbabwe’s Independence Day
    • The next harmonised elections will be won on record of performance and not political rhetoric
    • Being upfront about Zimbabwe loan will avert public anger
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Didymus Mutasa
    • The Battle For Zimbabwe Part 3: Sydney Sekeramayi the new Kingmaker?
    • Food production in Zimbabwe
    • As the farm sector embarks on the arduous road to recovery, the government plans new legislation on irrigation.
    • Zimbabwe Food for Assets Part One
    • Zimbabwe Food for Assets - Part Two
  19. Posted 16/4/13
    • Zimbabwe has no money for elections: minister
    • South Africa approves $100 million Zimbabwe loan: Biti
    • Blocked UN team set to return to Zim after NGO deal
    • Zanu-PF bars UN election team
    • Biti slams lack of diamond remittances
    • Allow people to vote with IDs’: Khumalo
    • Zimbabwe has '5,500 landmines per kilometre'
    • Besieged High Court Judge Hungwe referred to Mugabe
    • Zim 'may be helping Moz crush Renamo'
    • Kasukuwere threatens Tongaat over indigenisation
    • Zim welcomes new Global Fund funding model
    • MDC-T campaign targets one million Harare voters
    • Unity govt shows MDC can deliver: PM
    • Eight people killed in a Byo accident
    • Tributes paid to ‘good local governance’ advocate
    • Detectives Summon Lawmaker for Threatening Geoff Nyarota
    • Zim’s first toll plaza set to rake in US$1,7m annually
    • Mutasa floors Mnangagwa
    • Water Rescue For Bulawayo
    • As elections loom, Zimbabwe crumbles
    • Breaking the Silence
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/4/13
    • 'We have removed 300 000 dead voters' - ZEC
    • Malaria wipes out 21 in one week
    • Zanu PF chaos: Mutasa breathes fire
    • Hold it, Tsvangirai tells Mugabe
    • Three election dates for Zim?
    • Chinese companies not comrades: Biti
    • MPs ditch Ncube-led MDC
    • Hot Seat: Ex-MP on Reasons Behind By-Election Supreme Court Challenge
    • Cockroach culture – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 13th April 2013
    • Zim’s vote on new constitution a lesson on what not to do for Tanzania?
    • Why Has Support For The MDC Plummeted So Much?
    • The Changing World
  21. Posted 15/4/13
    • PM rules out coalition government
    • Mutasa roasted, tries to hit back
    • Army bussed for voter registration exercise
    • Soldiers offered land to vote for Zanu PF
    • MDC councillors defect to Zanu PF
    • Jim Kunaka threatens MDC-T aspiring legislator for Mbare
    • Mugabe reinventing himself — Report
    • Bulawayo City forks out US$500 000 for water summit
    • Japan avails US$5 million for drought relief
    • Harare’s water woes change the fortunes of well-diggers
    • NGO fights for Tonga
    • Blitz on Bulawayo firms
    • Commuters, operators clash over fares
    • Beggars turn to vending to survive
    • Govt moots new Vic Falls town
    • Banks rush to recapitalise ahead of RBZ deadline
    • AirZim boss speaks on restructuring exercise
    • Cheap imports hurt local pharmacies
    • Deal with suppression before elections
    • Failure to abide by the constitution, the bane of Zim politics
    • Not yet Uhuru for the masses
    • Security reforms: The case of Kenya
  22. Posted 14/4/13
    • Malawi’s Banda to open trade fair
    • Hive of activity at ZITF
    • Govt probes results mix-up
    • Calls to discipline errant Zanu-PF members
    • Zanu-PF dispatches probe team
    • Zimbabwe Woman Cleared of Mugabe Insult Charges
    • ICRC Continues To Help Clear Zimbabwe's Landmines
    • Zimbabwe batsman Ervine puts club cricket before tests
    • Child vendors rampant at Beitbridge border
    • Tasting Good Life, Opposition in Zimbabwe Slips Off Pedestal
    • Questioning Zimbabwe’s Underdogs
    • Happy birthday Zimbabwe: A-loot-a Continua
  23. Batch 2 Posted 13/4/13
    • Chinamasa blocks UN election assessment team
    • Jabulani Sibanda threatens widespread violence if ZANU PF loses elections
    • Zim voters' roll 'in hands of suspect Israeli company'
    • Politburo dispatches national chair to settle Manicaland infighting
    • Zanu PF scrambles to paper schisms
    • Political Parties to Spar in Election Debate Series
    • ‘Poll funding must be unconditional’
    • Defectors speak out
    • Graft impeding justice delivery: Gutu
    • Zim adopts new HIV treatment guidelines
    • Bailed Bulawayo youths ‘humbled’ by support from city residents
    • Bid to end Zim report saga
    • Tsvangirai bets on clear MDC victory
    • President Tsvangirai to launch MDC victory rallies on Saturday
    • Chibebe predicts Tsvangirai win
    • Zimbabwe overhauls major tourist airport on Chinese loan
    • Zimbabwe Power Company plans to build $100m solar power plant
    • Zimbabwe cash transfer service growing in South Africa
    • Zim asylum seekers face ‘hostility’ in SA
    • Save River in trouble
    • Zim soccer star not guilty of homicide
    • Zanu-PF is all a Twitter
    • Zanu-PF hankers for Thatcher era
    • Laugh at your own risk in Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Saviour Kasukuwere
    • A breakdown in communication between leadership and the ordinary members of Zanu PF
    • Zimbabwe's Upcoming Elections: Do Tsvangirai and the MDC-T Stand a Chance?
  24. Posted 13/4/13
    • Tsvangirai-Ncube pact game-changer
    • Coalition key to Tsvangirai’s poll hopes
    • Zanu PF battles to quell renewed internal strife
    • Fresh fears of blood on the floor
    • Uproar over Moyo’s electoral ambitions
    • Zanu PF plotting to manipulate swing constituencies
    • MDC-T agonises over Indigenisation policy
    • Calculated tactic to frustrate fair judges
    • Zim UN officials under spotlight
    • Economy growth masks collapse
    • Audit Zim’s US$10bn debt — Zimcodd
    • Zec pays off civil servants hired during referendum
    • Maize output revised downwards
    • ‘Tourism sector the next target’
    • Grain shortages: Where are we getting it wrong?
    • Zim Independence : Betrayal of hope
    • Unabated sabotage of investor confidence
    • Muckracker: If not the sanctions, it has to be Biti
    • No daggers drawn against me
    • Middle path best for indigenisation
    • Thatcher: No fond memories
    • Independence: Let’s all reflect
  25. Posted 12/4/13
    • ZANU PF politburo meets amid worsening infighting
    • Mzembi appeals for cash boost to rescue UN tourism meeting
    • No charges against Bulawayo trio arrested over voter awareness exercise
    • Youth Demand Improved Voter Registration Processes
    • Denmark prepared to help fund Zim polls
    • UN must be part of observer team: Denamrk
    • Zimbabwe pleads for more agriculture funding from E.U
    • Byo plaza kicks-off US$200m roads rehab
    • Corruption & incompetence blamed in NRZ salary impasse
    • Mugabe set to sack Justice Hungwe
    • ‘Poor Mugabe’ remarks costs woman
    • No compensation for Chiadzwa families
    • Chinese firm wins bid to expand Hwange
    • Teachers denied legal reps
    • Summit called to address water crisis
    • How Zanu-PF ties stopped UN boss from acting on cholera
    • Tsvangirai's CNN interview
    • Informal employment sustains Zimbabweans
    • Britain will roll out red carpet to whoever wins
    • Pre-Election Detectors: ZANU PF’s attempt to re-claim political hegemony
    • Why commercial farming in Nigeria is so hard
    • The Battle for Zimbabwe Part 2: Emmerson Mnangagwa the spymaster
    • ANC and ZANU-PF: Partners in non delivery
    • Who Gets to Eat? Political Food Manipulation in Zimbabwe
  26. Posted 11/4/13
    • Mugabe to weigh case against Zim judge
    • Tsvangirai rules out joining another unity government with Mugabe
    • Ex-MPs take poll dates appeal to Supreme Court
    • Three arrested in Bulawayo over voter mobilisation exercise
    • Gono overrules Kasukuwere on Stanchart licence
    • Well-wishers rescue detained Bulawayo youth protesters
    • Political Parties Launch Peace Building Campaign
    • Zanu PF in massive rigging jamboree
    • Zimbabwe mulls troops deployment in Mozambique
    • ‘Credible poll will normalise Zim/EU relations’
    • Zapu step up election fight
    • No UNWTO clashes, ZTA boss
    • Zimbabwe Power Utility Guilty of Violating Salary Agreement
    • South Africa immigration loses patience with border jumpers
    • Outgoing Kenyan President welcomes new generation of young leaders
    • MP’s who deserted Ncube, desert Mutambara
    • FNB launches Zimbabwe cellphone transfers
    • Parliamentarians Meet in Bulawayo to Review Strategic Plan
    • Chombo the root of Harare's woes
    • MDC accuses Parirenyatwa
    • Mugabe kept the nation hoping for a better tomorrow for 33 years but has now run out luck
    • The Battle For Zimbabwe Part 1: Joice Mujuru’s last hurdle
    • When Is Research ‘Really Authoritative’? A Response To Martin Plaut (And Others) On Zimbabwe’s Land Reform – By Ian Scoones
  27. Posted 10/4/13
    • More concerns emerge of referendum rigging
    • Gorden Moyo denies being ‘ditched’ by MDC-T
    • Mutambara abandoned by legislators
    • Air Zimbabwe Resumes Flights Ahead of Zimbabwe Trade Fair
    • Protesting Bulawayo youths granted bail
    • ZANU PF infighting intensifies with arrest of Mnangagwa ally
    • Mugabe attends Kenyatta inauguration
    • Dry Masvingo fears cholera outbreak
    • Zimbabwe Court: Parliament Term Ends June, Elections Imminent
    • Press Release by Dr Gono on the Standard Chartered Bank issue
    • Political Interest and Prejudice…Remove that, and there’s No Case against Justice Hungwe
    • Broadening and Deepening Rural Financial Services and Land Banking
  28. Posted 9/4/13
    • State concocts new ludicrous allegations against Mtetwa, ropes in “star” prosecutor
    • Mtetwa faces 20 new allegations as trial date set
    • Judge President hands down reasons for Mugabe reprieve
    • 20 arrested during Bulawayo demo
    • Indigenisation blitz focuses on Telecel & Stanchart
    • Zimbabwe not ready for elections - Biti
    • Ministerial visit marks Zim-West re-engagement
    • Trial date for Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission boss set
    • West's boycott of Zimbabwean diamonds a mistake, says Dubai official
    • MDC wants poll results in 12 hrs
    • Purge of judge slammed
    • MDC vice president pulls out of race
    • Security sector reforms GPA issue: MDC
    • Fresh coup plot in Zanu PF
    • Zimbabweans react to Thatcher’s death
    • Zimbabwe match-fixing saga nears end of appeals process, further bans expected
    • UNWTO Conference: - Great Zimbabwe should take centre stage
  29. Posted 8/4/13
    • Keeping Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe in check
    • Referendum rigged – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 6th April 2013
    • Zanu PF hardens on security sector reforms
    • MPs threaten Mugabe ahead of polls
    • Knives out for Mutasa in Manicaland
    • ‘Nothing wrong with election ruling’
    • All not rosy for Zim women cross border traders
    • ‘Zanu PF adopts psychological strategy’
    • Mliswa takes swipe at indigenisation policy
    • ZEC yet to pay for referendum work
    • Palliative care project launched
    • Youthful farmers proud of the golden leaf
    • Tobacco farming transforms rural life
    • Villagers lose cattle to maize dealers
    • Ethanol plant displaces super dad
    • ‘Zim-EU agreement to suffocate trade’
    • Tobacco output expected to increase
    • Mugabe will not allow security sector reforms
    • MDC-T needs strategy and ideological clarity
    • Beatrice Mtetwa has the right to be here
  30. Posted 7/4/13
    • Govt scoffs at US election conditions
    • Court reprieve for Mugabe
    • Pattern of suppression in Zimbabwe a concern for RFK center
    • Minister challenged over Mugabe farms
    • SADC Parliamentary Forum Executive Council Meets in Namibia
    • Why safari in Zimbabwe? It’s got the best-trained guides
    • The next Presidential elections
    • Bubbling black pot
  31. Batch 2 Posted 6/4/13
    • Justice Chiweshe excuses Mugabe from setting by-election dates
    • PM adviser Magaisa accused of ‘wrongly advising’ Tsvangirai
    • ZANU PF infighting prompts resignations in Mudzi North
    • Chiwenga Urges War Vets to Campaign For Mugabe in Crucial Election
    • Zanu (PF) election victory claims “misguided” - Analysts
    • Ncube feels shunned by Zimbabwe coalition
    • Schlerotic pace of MDC murder case an 'election strategy'
    • Police launch fresh crackdown on criminal rank marshals
    • 'Mbeki mediation prevented possible conflict in Zim'
    • Make us special, say war vets
    • Gwisai backs Tsvangirai
    • Tribunal accuses UN of covering up cholera and violence in Zimbabwe
    • Cholera kills 1 in Chipinge
    • Zimbabwe asks SA for tourism bailout
    • Zimbabwe diamonds flood into Dubai
    • Zanu PF’ll respect poll verdict: Chinamasa
    • Hot Seat transcript: Ambassador Bruce Wharton and Dewa Mavhinga
    • Children Learn Lessons of Commerce on the Streets of Zimbabwe
    • Rethinking the Zimbabwean economy
    • Constitution Watch 25/2013 of 4th April 2013 [New Constitution Bill]
  32. Posted 6/4/13
    • Zanu PF sweats over key elections
    • … as Mugabe’s June poll plot is thwarted
    • BBC roasts Chinamasa
    • MDC-T factionalism takes new tribal twist
    • Mugabe cancels politburo meeting
    • Human Rights Commission in limbo
    • Zanu PF reads riot act to chairpersons
    • Zanu PF refines election strategy
    • Early poll campaign off the rails
    • Mzembi battles to rescue UNWTO event
    • Gender parity in Zim society still a mirage
    • Zimbabwean banks ripping off customers
    • Telecoms tariff hike looms
    • Referendum, delusions of a Zanu PF win
    • Set poll dates by consensus
    • Judges in danger for their talents
    • Madhuku’s ‘realisation’ rather late in the day!
    • Why polls must be held in September
    • Urgent need for tourism turn-around
  33. Posted 5/4/13
    • Govt urged to intervene in persecution of Justice Charles Hungwe
    • Plot to oust judge thickens
    • Justice Charles Hungwe suspended
    • Case against Tsvangirai’s aides postponed
    • High Court ruling on by-election dispute set for Friday
    • MDC-T members unhappy with ‘violent’ Mutinhiri selection for primaries
    • Tsvangirai MDC Approves 1,000 Candidates For Party Primaries
    • Mnangagwa misleads nation on security sector realignment
    • Zanu PF cancels politburo meeting
    • Mugabe snubs CSOs
    • Chaos as 300 families evicted in Umguza
    • Zim will not return to old currency in near future – Mashakada
    • Gono warns Zimbabwe on trade imbalance
    • Outrage over Zesa prepaid meters
    • NGO accuses Zim media of depoliticizing humanitarian stories
    • Mtetwa speaks out
    • Response to The Herald's article titled 'Sokwanele predicts Zanu-PF victory in harmonised polls'
    • BBC HardTalk - Chinamasa
  34. Posted 4/4/13
    • Mugabe drops 29 June election date
    • Vote rigging fears in Chimanimani
    • Fear spreads as ZANU PF steps up attacks on opposition
    • As Zimbabwe election nears, intimidation of Mugabe opponents ramps up
    • Police dismiss alleged political violence
    • RFK Center: Zimbabwe Electoral Conditions Severely Compromised
    • Mtetwa remand hearing postponed
    • Tsvangirai pins hope on Zuma
    • Mugabe's hot potato
    • Zim govt still to respond to Diaspora vote court order
    • MDC-T defections over candidates
    • Zanu disowns Biti’s assailants
    • Zimbabwe Investment Conference Starts in Johannesburg
    • Zim indigenisation laws under revision – Mashakada
    • Why I will vote for MDC
    • EU Sanctions Suspended As Zanu PF Steps Up Pre-Election Harassment - Ben Freeth
    • The Active Pariah: Zimbabwe's 'Look East' Policy
    • How the UN Covered Up a Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe
  35. Posted 3/4/13
    • Land-grab murders ‘swept under the carpet’
    • GPA partners make ‘transitional changes’ to new constitution
    • Zim awaits poll date ruling
    • Battle for election date spills over to the Courts
    • Police break MDC rally
    • Soldiers to count Mugabe ‘victory’ votes
    • Easter road deaths hit 45
    • Onslaught against Justice Hungwe continues
    • Strong and swift measures required to stem the assault on the independence of the judiciary
    • Glen View 29 court case moved to April 23rd
    • Political violence erupts in Zvimba
    • RBZ parades 'missing' gold coins, denies theft
    • Convicted Howard Hospital nurse granted bail
    • MDC looks to heal rift with Madhuku
    • Charamba, Zwizwai clash over foreign journalists
    • Zanu PF bays for Tsvangirai, Biti’s heads
    • Zimbabwe seeks ECA assistance
    • With a radio ban, Mugabe sharpens the old enemy's weapon
    • When small men cast big shadows
    • Did Zanu- pf shoot itself in the foot in London?
  36. Posted 2/4/13
    • Uproar over constitutional Bill
    • Mtetwa arrest backfires
    • Harare City Says Residents Should Stop Using Untreated Water
    • Easter death toll hits 42 in Zimbabwe
    • No courtesy call for Mugabe from Chinese president
    • US$51 Million Needed For Recapitalisation Of Zimbabwe's Strategic Grain Reserve
    • Power Utility's Prepaid Meter Confusion Sparks Public Anger
    • Zinara acquires graders as poll drive gathers momentum
    • Beitbridge Water Project In Need Of U.S$3 Million
    • Essar to get mining rights — Minister
    • Andy Waller set to become Zimbabwe coach
    • Zimbabwe's economy: Collapse and recovery
  37. Batch 2 Posted 1/4/13
    • Easter accident toll reaches 35
    • Enos Nkala admitted to hospital
    • Devolution stirs hornet’s nest
    • Hands off graft body: Mugabe
    • Madhuku continues on war-path with Tsvangirai
    • End nigh for Makoni’s Mavambo
    • ‘Mindless’ PM aiding Mugabe: Moyo
    • POSB suffers 40 percent profit dip
    • Zim maternal mortality rate: A cause for concern
    • Asiagate collapse leaves Zifa in cash pickle
    • Slap in the face – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 30th March 2013
    • Standing up to Mugabe: Zimbabwe leader’s intimidation fails to deter human rights lawyer
  38. Posted 1/4/13
    • Elections not possible in June — Analysts
    • Ncube appeals to Sadc
    • ‘Factionalism could cost Zanu PF’
    • WikiLeaks return to haunt Zanu PF
    • Chitungwiza workers collect ‘salaries’ from residents
    • Ethanol production resumes
    • Zimbabwe can’t have peaceful polls without reforms
    • Why referendum recorded high voter turnout
    • Focus should be on reforms, not polls
    • Time to ask who trains our drivers

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