The ZIMBABWE Situation

May 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 31/5/13
    • Zimbabwe electioneering drawing supporters into a 'food trap'
    • Chinese firm granted mining rights despite devastating impact warnings
    • 'Zanu (PF) will break-up when Mugabe is gone' - Nkala
    • New constitution ushers security sector reforms
    • Army reforms: win polls first, PM told
    • Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda triumphs in Vungu primary election
    • Losing MDC-T Primary Poll Candidates Seek Fresh Elections
    • Parly thematic committee summons Zec
    • 'Zec must supervise voter registration'
    • Debt-ridden Zim set to adopt another ESAP-style scheme
    • Chisumbanje workers cleared after ‘arson’ arrest
    • Airzim’s new plane grounded
    • MDC-T denies poll timing confusion
    • Zisco workers unpaid for 36 months
    • Lawmaker Urges Parliament to Consider Public Views on Controversial Income Tax Bill
    • JOMIC investigating political violence in Harare South
    • ‘Dabengwa leading a nonexistent party’
    • Businessman to take Mudede to court over dual citizenship
    • Statement on the new licence fees for mobile telecommunications operators - Goche
    • Video - Comedy sketch about Zimbabwe politics
    • Bill Watch 17/2013 of 30th May [Private Member's Bills Nullified: Parliament Adjourned until 4 June ]
    • COURT WATCH 5/2013 of 30th May [Supreme Court Decision on Private Members Bills, & Dabengwa and ACHPR Election Cases]
  2. Posted 30/5/13
    • Zimbabwe not ready for peaceful, credible election: EU official
    • African Commission urges Zimbabwe to reform
    • SADC: Tsvangirai outfoxes Mugabe, Zanu PF
    • Political violence leaves dozens injured in Harare South
    • ‘Arson’ attack heightens tensions at Chisumbanje
    • ZimRights officials in court, as ZESN offices raided
    • Police in Hwange summon ZESN and confiscate civic education material
    • CSOs wary of Zanu (PF) machinations ahead of polls
    • Globe-trotting Mugabe flies out of the country, again
    • Treasury releases US$25m for voter registration
    • Peter Ndlovu denies plans to contest in polls under ZANU PF
    • MDC-N denies moves to fire Misihairabwi-Mushonga
    • Australia sanctions removal criticised
    • Shock at MDC-T parliamentary candidate’s death
    • Court hears hate speech case against former MP Norman Mpofu
    • Zimbabwe Secures $140 Million to Curb Harare Water Woes
    • Parliament Approves Ratification of UN Convention on Disabled Persons
    • EU will work with a Zimbabwe government chosen by the people: Westcott
    • Minister Biti concerned over missing diamond revenue
    • 8 die in Gokwe accident
    • HOT SEAT: (Part 2) Tendai Biti says MDC government will target multiple farmers
  3. Posted 29/5/13
    • Teachers & children attacked by violent youths at Gweru school
    • Zimbabwe minister says economy shrinking on vote uncertainty
    • SADC plans Zimbabwe poll funding summit
    • Parliament Committee Tables Troubled Zisco Deal
    • No shocks from MDC-T primaries in Matabeleland South
    • AU to establish new military force
    • Mugabe interview seen as attempt to spruce up battered image
    • Govt to enforce 50pc local procurement
    • Devastated Zim community mourns the killing of two in SA
    • Library needs US$9m
    • WTO General Assembly key moment for Zim & Zambia
    • Police exposed in PM’s aide’s case
    • Zanu PF running scared – MDC-T
    • MDC-T leaves it too late as Zanu PF regroups
    • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Constitution-Making and Voter Education in Zimbabwe
    • AU at 50: Has the Pan-African Dream Become a Nightmare?
  4. Posted 28/5/13
    • Outraged MDC-T boycott burial of ‘hero’ Kanengoni
    • Mujuru calls for peace as CIO assassin is buried as national hero
    • Beatrice Mtetwa trial postponed after drama filled day
    • Australia further eases Zimbabwe sanctions
    • Air Zimbabwe launches Airbus plane
    • MDC-T primary elections produce interesting results
    • MDC elections claim more casualties
    • SADC says Zimbabwe can hold elections now
    • June 29 dream crumbles
    • Licence fees used to fund new mobile voter registration campaign
    • Constitution clips ‘Chombo’ powers
    • Education fund abuse claims baseless: Coltart
    • Zanu PF primaries divisive: Chiyangwa
    • Bulawayo governor wants NGOs banned
    • Zim deportations on the rise
    • Zim parties rubbish Mthwakazi threat
    • Baba Jukwa wave rattles Zanu PF
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai get cosy as inclusive govt nears end
    • Mugabe worksuit new fashion craze
    • ‘Justice delivery system fraught with corruption’
    • Democracy at play in MDC
    • Zimbabwe's blend of ethanol and politics
    • The arrest of lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa - a new low for lawyers in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 12/2013 of 27th May [Public Hearings on Income Tax Bill - 28 to 31 May ]
  5. Batch 2 Posted 27/5/13
    • Vote of no confidence passed for 7 MDC-T sitting MPs in Harare
    • Peaceful confirmation process and primary elections
    • Primary elections gain momentum
    • New constitution consolidates independence gains: Mujuru
    • 45,000 die from HIV, 1m infected
    • Mandela too soft on whites, says Mugabe
    • Mugabe offers rare glimpse into family life
    • Sanitising Zanu PF – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 25th May 2013
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 11/2013 of 26th May [Committee Meetings 27 to 30 May]
  6. Posted 27/5/13
    • Mixed reaction to MDC-T policy conference
    • MDC-T’s economic recovery strategy feasible — Analysts
    • Parliament just a talk shop — NCA
    • ‘New charter: Don’t pop the champagne yet’
    • ‘AU did not snub Tsvangirai’
    • Mnangagwa faction fights back
    • MDC-T bigwigs fall in primaries
    • Mavhaire, Hungwe battle over control of Masvingo
    • Govt owes Harare City Council US$130m
    • Nursing graduates relieved to be in employment
    • Zimbabwe losing millions to gold smuggling: MMCZ
    • ‘Mineral resources should revive ailing economy’
    • The AU at 50: Lessons for the future
    • Democratic elections tied to access to information
    • The world still owes women safety, equality
    • Unity must transcend to the grassroots
  7. Posted 26/5/13
    • Opinion Divided Over Africa's Future as AU Turns 50
    • ZLHR challenges govt to advance AU common values
    • Journalists Still Being Harassed As Elections Loom
    • Push To Arrest Chinamasa
    • ZITF Exposes Byo’s De-Industrialisation
    • Tsvangirai Party Supporters Fight for Election Positions
    • Zanu-PF Says Aspiring Candidates Must Only Campaign for Mugabe Until Primary Election Rules Are Finalized
    • Deportations Of Zimbos Escalate
    • Robert Mugabe claims he could trust Margaret Thatcher but Tony Blair was dishonest in new documentary
    • ‘My people still need me’: Mugabe
    • Who's in charge of this asylum?
    • Soil Atlas of Africa
  8. Batch 2 Posted 25/5/13
    • Tsvangirai reads riot act to aspiring parliamentary candidates
    • Zanu PF bids to regain Harare
    • One of Mugabe’s top spies dies
    • Pension payments increased ahead of elections
    • ZEC urged to get organised ahead of fresh registration exercise
    • Mangoma acquitted for ‘wishing Mugabe dead’
    • Supreme Court reserves judgement on election date petition
    • Harare dry as treated water goes to waste
    • Service chiefs offside, says ex-army colonel
    • Zimbabwe rights activist files court suit on prisoners being denied vital AIDS drugs
    • Hospitals face blood shortage
    • Govt urged to intervene in illegal hunting at Hwange
    • MDC cries foul over youth fund
    • Teachers slam payless promotions
    • Zimbabwean veteran nationalists among honorees at AU golden jubilee
    • NamPower in the dark over Zesa deal
    • HOT SEAT: Interview Tendai Biti on MDC-T policies (Part 1)
    • Mugabe 29 June 2013 election date misplaced: Analysts
    • The prerequisites before an election date is announced
    • Zim: Reinvention of the opposition
    • Constitution to rein in security forces?
    • MISA open letter to Mugabe and Tsvangirai
    • Mugabes under the spotlight – Zimbabwe's first family filmed at home
    • Justice demands the victims must never be forgotten
  9. Posted 25/5/13
    • Politburo supports Mujuru to succeed Mugabe
    • Political deal cutting as MDC-T primaries begin
    • Masvingo thwarts resurgent Mujuru faction
    • Poll manifestos: Parties sharpen ideas for battle
    • ZCTU blasts MDC-T policy document
    • CIO deputy director-internal Kanengoni dies
    • Misa calls for urgent media reforms
    • Chiweshe, Guvava join Constitutional Court
    • Mugabe trip gobbles millions
    • Makarau speaks out
    • Fraudulent sale prejudices pensioners
    • ‘Zim can have more radio, TV stations’
    • Zim struggles to turn human rights corner
    • Zim lags behind as Africa marks new era
    • Trade deficit to widen to US$3 billion
    • Zim faces food crisis
    • Zim shortchanged in mining deals — DPM
    • No return to Zim dollar
    • Disenfranchisement of ‘aliens’ xenophobic
    • Mugabe vulnerable in next elections
    • June 29 elections — Mugabe bluffing
    • Stop deluding yourself, Mr Mandiwanza
    • MDC-T’s shift from slogans to ideas
    • Election uncertainties scare away investors
    • May 25: Charity begins at home
    • Mugabe’s bid to airbrush dark legacy
  10. Posted 24/5/13
    • June election ‘unlawful’ in terms of new Constitution
    • Ten more years of Mugabe?
    • President Mugabe makes two safe appointments to the Supreme Court
    • $10 Million Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Fund Loses Steam
    • I will remain prime minister after parliament is dissolved: Tsvangirai
    • No elections without credible reforms, Zimbabwe CSOs urge AU
    • Zanu PF perpetrated violence on cards
    • HIV test case heard by Zimbabwe’s new Constitutional Court
    • Stop attacking leaders, Mugabe tells media
    • The Zimbabwean launches viral ‘hope’ campaign
    • Infrastructure: PM appeals for China support
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission pleads for funding
    • Zimbabwe Election Funding Elusive as South Africa Refers Request to SADC
    • Mutambara: Adoption of New Constitution
    • ZLHR on elections and the new constitution
    • Unpacking Zanu (PF)’s election rush
  11. Posted 23/5/13
    • Mugabe signs new constitution into law
    • New Zimbabwe constitution can usher in new culture of human rights
    • Detained police officers deny ‘crime’ of attending MDC rally
    • MPs move to start fresh voter registration
    • Supervise voter registration process, Zec told
    • Aspiring voters run amok
    • Police thwart Simba Makoni’s meeting with business community
    • China strengthens Zim ties with VP visit
    • Sata offers Zim food, faces revolt at home
    • Kunonga in $640 000 scandal
    • Primaries crunch for MDC, Zanu PF
    • Chombo fingered in another land scam
    • Bulawayo Council Auctions Residents' Property
    • Robert Mugabe appoints Supreme Court judges
    • Mawere told to renounce SA citizenship to receive Zim ID
    • ‘HIV fight: No vaccine in sight’
    • Musician Thomas Mapfumo Says New Constitution Must Improve People's Lives
    • Tourism on the way up
    • Zimbabwe insists on Zimplats mine seizure
    • Global Fund Project in Zimbabwe Uses Technology to Improve Data Collection
    • West moves to re-engage Zimbabwe
    • ZCTF Report - May 2013
    • European Union announces a €13.5 million grant to improve education and nutrition for Zimbabwe’s children
    • Mutambara: Developing & Managing the Mineral Wealth of Zim
    • Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement to the press
    • Constitution Watch 29/2013 of 22nd May 2013 [New Constitution Act Gazetted]
  12. Posted 22/5/13
    • Statement regarding the voter registration exercise and the timing of the general election
    • New Voter registration Requirements
    • Civic groups call for decentralised & inclusive electoral process
    • Voter registration centre closes 2 hours early
    • Do We Need Free And Fair Elections In Zimbabwe?
    • Mudede’s office to be overhauled under MDC-T government
    • MDC-T primary elections kick off this Saturday
    • SA, ZANU PF relations ‘strained’ ahead of poll
    • 79 ditch Zanu PF, Ncube’s MDC for Tsvangirai
    • Female presidential challenger enters race
    • EU Avails $17 Million to Revamp Zimbabwe Education
    • Electoral Body and Gov’t Owe State Vehicle Firm Millions
    • Zimbabwe’s plea for poll cash must go to Sadc - South Africa
    • China vice-premier in Zimbabwe for start of trade and development trip before Africa summit
    • Death In Zimbabwe Results In Unusual Us Charge
    • Mutasa coup plot exposed
    • Mudede denies Mawere citizenship
    • Playwright seeks legal intervention over banning of peace play
    • Factionalism undermining labour unions: Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe stutters on poll dates
    • Zanu PF causes chaos in UZ SRC polls
    • In Rural Communities Children Living with HIV Lack Access to Treatment
    • Zimbabwe’s Ruling Party Militias Spread Fear of Voting
    • Zimbabwe’s Educational Legacy from the 1980s: was it all so rosy?
    • Bill Watch 16/2013 of 20th May [Constitution Bill Passed by Parliament & Voters Registration, Voters Roll, Indigenisation SIs gazetted]
  13. Posted 21/5/13
    • New constitution binds ZEC to another 30-day voter registration exercise
    • Matabeleland demands more registration centres
    • Voter registration ends amid concerns
    • Zim elections by 30 October -Tsvangirai
    • MDC policy document can help party win crucial elections
    • Mujuru working to win over church leadership to Zanu PF
    • We’ve already won: Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF courts Mutambara
    • Supreme Court to hear petition on election date on Thursday
    • MDC-T man in court over Mugabe remarks
    • ERC engages ZEC over arrests
    • ZACC Chairperson case postponed
    • Special Zanu PF congress to anoint Mujuru
    • Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Biti says Party Will Push for Debt Cancellation
    • Foreign owned shops face closure after ultimatum
    • Reform security sector: Jomic
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission broke
    • Magaisa's changes anger many
    • Ephedrine drug smuggling rampant
    • Heroin worth R2.6m seized at Zim border
    • Miners reject State marketing of minerals
    • PICTURE: Chivhu fire brigade truck
    • Tsvangirai outlines revival programme
    • Youth register to vote now
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 10/2013 of 11th May [Committee Meetings 20th to 23rd May]
    • Constitution Watch 28/2013 of 20th May 2013 [New Constitution Bill Passed by Parliament: Now Goes to President]
  14. Batch 2 Posted 20/5/13
    • Zimbabwe’s PM says his party will end years of police and military abuse
    • Tsvangirai vows to reverse indigenisation
    • US dollar to remain for 5 years: MDC-T
    • I dont hate generals - Tsvangirai
    • MDC-T pledges to compensate Gukurahundi victims
    • Mnangagwa's British coup claims; complete fabrication and distortion of history
    • Zimbabwe's top lawyer won't relent despite arrest
    • Ultimatum for foreign shops
    • ZANU-PF Primaries: Another Dogfight Imminent
    • Zanu PF Charm Offensive – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 18th May 2013
    • Engaging generals is not treasonous
    • A new beginning for Zimbabwe
  15. Posted 20/5/13
    • Zanu PF internal fights weaken Mutasa
    • MDC-T to reform CIO
    • Tsvangirai lays out vision
    • Tempers flare in Mutare over diamond looting
    • Man offered US$10 as monthly retirement payment
    • Bulawayo ’s water woes deepen
    • Govt in dilemma over illegal Chinese mining activities
    • Harare Airport Road to be completed by year-end’
    • ‘Teenage girls dying of pregnancy complications’
    • Ten years in jail for stealing Zesa transformer oil
    • Villagers, urban developers clash over land
    • Male circumcision could save Zimbabwe US$3 billion
    • Resistance hinders circumcision programme
    • Government to crack whip on telecoms operators
    • Electoral processes demand transparency
    • Zimbabwe’s struggle for democracy continues
    • ZEC must expedite CSOs accreditation
    • Registrar-General a hindrance to credible poll
  16. Posted 19/5/13
    • Zim lecturer jailed for labelling Mugabe 'rotten old donkey'
    • Zec to start new voter registration exercise
    • Mugabe's Party Dispatches Probe Team to Deal With Deepening Factionalism in Masvingo
    • Chinese vice premier to attend AU special summit in Zimbabwe
    • Four cadets die in training, half quit
    • Zimbabwe Business Delegation Visits USA
    • CIO sponsored NGO suing Mugabe
    • Zimplats’ Mhembere new Chamber boss
    • Zim likely to miss gold output target
    • Give me something
    • ‘Old timers’ proclaiming the same tired old policies in desperation
  17. Batch 2 Posted 18/5/13
    • MDC-T launches ‘promising’ transformation plan
    • MDC policy conference seeks renewal
    • Zim PM confident of unseating Mugabe
    • Monitoring group in Zimbabwe irks Zanu-PF
    • Election date will only be decided after voter registration
    • Poll nightmare: Zec boss seeks prayers
    • Voter registration nightmare for women
    • Nkayi woman told she is dead and cannot register
    • Cowdray Park residents battle ongoing water problems in the ‘Dry City’
    • Harare City Council needs $2.5 billion to address city’s water woes
    • 25 percent of Zimbabwean children die from malnutrition: Mugabe
    • Zambia has not charged for maize: Mugabe
    • Zim 'richest in sub-Saharan Africa'
    • Zanu PF Threatens Review Of South Africa’s Mediation Role
    • ZCTU secretary general lays into MDC-T ministers
    • Zim security sector defies hiring edict
    • Mugabe wants to ‘liberate’ Zim from US dollar
    • Zimbabwe wants SA to keep its citizens
    • Access to HIV treatment for Zimbabwe prisoners challenged
    • Security sector reform: what's at stake?
    • MDC's appeal for reform in Zim comes too late
    • Tsvangirai speech to MDC-T policy conference
    • JAG Open Letter Forum - No. 834- Dated 16th May 2013
  18. Posted 18/5/13
    • ‘MDC-T to rationalise armed forces’
    • Sadc puts foot down over reforms
    • Mugabe to summon military generals
    • Zanu PF infighting now vicious cycle
    • Zanu PF frustrates Jomic
    • MDC-T alliance plans stall over power-sharing dispute
    • Police ban political parties from door-to-door campaigns
    • Voter registration dominates Cabinet
    • June 29 poll claims Zanu PF chat show
    • Trevor Ncube deplores media repression
    • Gono battles to rescue Kingdom Bank
    • Security forces step up new recruitments
    • Zanu PF intimidates teachers
    • Govt in effort to bail out ailing companies
    • Zimbabwe to pay off Nampower $40m debt
    • Guided tours mask land reform failures
    • Resources, graft and Africa’s curse
    • Zimbabwe: Election dynamics and scenarios
    • How Zanu PF hangs onto power
    • Leaders should now embrace constitutionalism
    • Zim paying the price for ‘successful’ land seizures
    • Dangers of indigenisation on banks
    • Zim’s actual GDP distorted by corruption
    • Review voter registration requirements
    • Polls face litmus test
    • When will Zim be ready for elections?
  19. Posted 17/5/13
    • Cabinet calls for fresh voter registration exercise
    • Voter outrage
    • Churches hammer ZEC over voter registration
    • Election group charged for encouraging youths to register as voters
    • South Africa Piles Pressure on President Mugabe to Reform
    • State media lashes out at SA minister over conditional cash pledge
    • Zanu (PF) defies SADC
    • Lawyer raises fear of infiltration in Tsvangirai’s office
    • Zimbabwean woman shortlisted for top UN job
    • Govt criticised for ‘secretive’ mining deals
    • Zimbabwe Wants to Distribute Diamonds to China, Dubai, Israel
    • Mugabe Appeals for Help in Funding Agriculture Sector
    • Xenophobic Attacks Continue in South Africa
    • Mawere responds to Gono on indigenisation
    • ‘Journalists will be casualties’
    • HOT SEAT: Giles Mutsekwa reacts to ‘MDC-T talks with army generals’ reports
    • Office of the Prime Minister remains Constitutionally Protected in the Transitional Period
    • A Child of Two Lands
    • Zimbabwe's surprising bid to preserve its colonial past
    • What Zimbabwe do you want?
    • Paranoid ZANU PF in self-destruction overdrive
    • Bill Watch 14/2013 of 15th May [The Roadmap to Elections - Part I]
    • Bill Watch 15/2013 of 16th May [The Roadmap to Elections - Part II]
  20. Posted 16/5/13
    • Three MDC-T youths arrested after registering to vote
    • New voter registration exercise in pipeline
    • Cops charge voter educators
    • One million stuck off voters roll alarming
    • ZESN urges ZEC to extend voter registration
    • Influx of political parties ahead of Zim polls suspicious
    • New party launched, vows to win polls
    • Save Valley ‘facing collapse’ in the midst of political wrangle
    • MDC-T youth leader Madzore out on bail after High Court appeal
    • State to take over US$600m ethanol firm
    • No progress on SADC recommendations
    • Moyo blasts ‘reckless’ South African minister
    • New policy will backfire: economist
    • Poor governance and bad politics undermining Zimbabwe’s extractive sector
    • Obdurate generals: history repeats itself
    • Zimbabwe’s sustained progress towards “Getting to Zero”
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch - Issue 2
  21. Posted 15/5/13
    • Constitution sails through Senate
    • 28 parties to contest general elections
    • MDC-T & ZANU PF argue over controversial Coca Cola advert
    • South Africa prepared to help fund Zim polls
    • Fully implement GPA before polls: Sadc Troika
    • Tsvangirai struggles to register children
    • Tsvangirai warns Zim security chiefs
    • GNU paying lip service to peace ahead of poll - Heal Zimbabwe
    • Zim land audit ‘cop out’ criticised
    • MDC-T MP granted bail, but remains in custody
    • Shamu slammed over elections comments
    • Mugabe blasts Bulawayo and Harare residents for not supporting him
    • Funding crisis hits country’s tertiary institutions
    • Zim bound helicopter donation still on hold despite ‘okay’ by SA minister
    • Save Valley chaos: Mutambara drags feet
    • ‘We belong to Mutambara, not Ncube’
    • MDC has a robust future – Tsvangirai
    • Zim tourism on the rebound
    • 'Dead' man comes back to life at his funeral
    • Tatenda Taibu: A promising career ruined by ugly politics
    • What we CAN learn from Zim
    • On the fifth anniversary of Tonderai Ndira's death, how much has changed in Zimbabwe?
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Kudakwashe Basikiti
    • Bill Watch 13/2013 of 14th May [House of Assembly Passed Constitution Bill, now Transmitted to Senate]
    • Constitution Watch 27/2013 of 13th May 2013 [New Constitution Bill Passed by House of Assembly & Sent to Senate]
  22. Posted 14/5/13
    • Authorities blocking youth voter registration
    • Youth arrested for mobilizing peers
    • Press statement on the arrest of three Election Resource Centre personnel
    • Hatcliffe crew granted bail after spending three weeks in custody
    • MDC-T to unveil policy document Friday
    • Mugabe laments urban voters’ stomach politics
    • Magistrate in ‘no show’ for trial of staffers in Tsvangirai’s office
    • Mugabe determined to sideline PM on poll dates
    • MDC takes war to Zanu PF
    • 'Bullet mightier than ballot'
    • ZEC relaxes proof of residency requirement for voters
    • Mugabe lures Bulawayo vote
    • Infiltration delaying primaries: MDC
    • Biti: Theft in Home Affairs Ministry is costing Zimbabwe
    • Mugabe wades into Chisumbanje dispute
    • South African Justice Minister approves spares gift for Harare choppers
    • Minister: Ten women die daily during birth
    • Universities, Polytechnic colleges owed more than US$64m
    • Application Made For New Zimbabwe Diamond Deposits
    • Marange, Core Mining arbitration begins
    • Will indigenisation rescue Mugabe?
    • Engaging Citizens and the State on Governance: Case of Zimbabwe
    • Changing Times
  23. Batch 2 Posted 13/5/13
    • Three voting campaigners arrested in Zim
    • RBZ: Kingdom Bank not collapsing
    • Zim losing millions to official theft: Biti
    • Mawere party launched in Gweru
    • ‘Zanu PF to shake up Masvingo structures’
    • Row over Gwayi valley mining activities
    • I back Mugabe land grab says MSP-in-waiting
    • Elephant 'tramples to death suspected poacher'
    • Is Zanu (PF) too big for SADC?
    • Media to keep fighting for a free Zim
    • Petition
    • ‘For he’s a jolly evil fellow’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 11th May 2013
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 9/2013 of 11th May [Committee Meetings 13th to 17th May]
  24. Posted 13/5/13
    • Prospective voters turned away
    • Tsvangirai challenges election date
    • Mujuru faction gains ground in Manicaland
    • Mutasa defends partisan army
    • Madzore’s candidature in Dzivarasekwa raises discord in MDC-T
    • MDC-T meets to strategise on elections
    • Chinese mining activities in Gwayi area spark uproar
    • Raw sewer overflows in Chiredzi town
    • Patients flock to Karanda hospital
    • HIV wreaks havoc in prisons
    • Electioneering taking toll on business—ZNCC
    • Accounts committee lacks depth— MP
    • Mobile money accelerates financial inclusion
    • Hunger erodes all hope for the future
    • Parties’ land policies: A comparative review
    • New farmers short-change Zim
    • Beyond Mugabe rule: Lessons from Tanzania
  25. Posted 12/5/13
    • Election dates: Mugabe vows to go it alone
    • ZEC waives voter registration requirements
    • Poll challenge set for Wednesday
    • SADC Troika holds Zimbabwe meeting
    • Securocrats Tighten Grip on President Mugabe's Zanu-PF Party
    • Churches in massive campaign for Zanu-PF
    • Latest on Bikita diamonds
    • Bank ownership schemes null and void: RBZ
    • Great Zim under threat
    • Masiyiwa: Robust Africa Growth Not Benefiting Poor People
    • Africa must stop looting of its resources: Annan
    • No one is indispensable
    • New Zimbabwe - balancing change with continuity and stability
  26. Batch 2 Posted 11/5/13
    • Fight heats up over Zimbabwe poll date
    • Dabengwa says the Junta is source of instability in Zimbabwe
    • Zambia comes to rescue of starving Zimbabweans
    • International Federation of Journalists tells Zimbabwe to drop charges against Muleya
    • AG’s office once again delays bail hearing for Hatcliffe activists
    • Zimbabweans told to ignore attention-seeking Jabulani Sibanda
    • Zimbabwe to sell diamonds directly to China
    • UNWTO preps in full throttle
    • Hospital user fees debate
    • Kirsty Coventry’s robber jailed
    • Fears of Zim media crackdown
    • Why MDC can't win the generals
    • Robert Mugabe: from liberation hero to villain to redeemed father of a nation?
    • How ZANU-PF Stays In Power
  27. Posted 11/5/13
    • New draft constitution: Zim on verge of change
    • ‘Zim set for prolonged transition’
    • Discontent rocks CIO
    • Political parties clash over ‘aliens’
    • Military coup unlikely in Zimbabwe
    • Tsvangirai insists on security reforms
    • Chinamasa, Mutasa in showdown
    • Mutasa in sex scandal
    • Election promises chip off the old block
    • Muchena embarks on door-to-door campaign
    • Draft constitution through
    • Politics stalls Chisumbanje re-opening
    • Kingdom Bank on brink of collapse
    • Zimbabwe secures US$17 million from EU
    • Mines challenge land grab
    • Zapf congress to focus on asset allocation
    • ZNCC presses govt for early elections
    • KP conflict diamond debate mounts
    • Is Guptagate the end of Zuma?
    • Hungwe saga: Judges on the ropes
    • RG’s office, Zec cogs in rigging machinery
    • Reckless indigenisation disruptive
    • Will the real sneaks please stand up?
    • Of Mugabe, generals and an amnesty
    • Bank crisis deep-seated
    • Zanu PF still stuck in the past
    • Arrests were uncalled for
  28. Posted 10/5/13
    • Parliament unanimously approves new constitution
    • Zimbabwe lawmakers vote unanimously for new constitution, senators still to endorse it
    • Zimbabwean police raid prime minister's office
    • Police confiscate 10 motorbikes during MDC office raid
    • Elections in danger
    • Dorothy Mabika: I Turned Down Mutasa's Sexual Advances
    • Broke ZEC urged to rope in NGOs for voter education
    • Fears raised over coal mining activities in the Hwange area
    • ZANU-PF, MDCs war over reforms intensifies
    • Cracks in new empowerment lobby group
    • Harare councillors get land for a song
    • EU to resume lending to private sector
    • Massive milk deficit hits Zim
    • Grain deliveries to GMB drop
    • Generals dig in heels
    • GNU could have been better: Ambassador
    • Zimbabwe: government plans to tighten further its grip on mining
    • IFJ Calls on Authorities in Zimbabwe to Drop Charges Against Two Journalists
    • Activist Beatrice Mtetwa faces her date with Zimbabwean justice
    • HOT SEAT: Expert breaks down legal necessities needed before polls
    • Murambatsvina scars remain
    • Hell on Harare’s streets
    • The time for hate-mongering is over
    • Mugabe's Will to Power
    • “I Would Rather Have My Land Back”
    • Harare arts festival offers upbeat image of a country in turmoil
    • Constitution Watch 26/2013 of 8th May 2013 [Bringing the New Constitution into Operation]
  29. Posted 9/5/13
    • Matinenga defers Constitution Bill debate
    • 30,000 new voters register to vote
    • RG’s office cause chaotic situations at voter registration centres
    • Rifts widen in ZANU PF ahead of elections
    • Police launch renewed crackdown on MDC-T and journalists
    • Zimbabwe journalists charged after military-MDC story
    • Former M&G reporter released after Zimbabwe arrest
    • Governing Parties Dismiss Call to Extend Unity Govt to Allow Reforms
    • Mugabe draws iron curtain around Zim
    • Mujuru outwits Mnangagwa
    • Curtain closes on African ‘spies’ jamboree
    • Mugabe pampering African Intelligence Chiefs to secure own shaky position
    • Mangoma under pressure over US$1bln tender
    • European Union Ready to Fund Zimbabwe Electoral Process
    • Gono’s replacement
    • Govt’s plan to restore ZINWA
    • Solomon Madzore denies calling Robert Mugabe 'limping donkey'
    • Former M&G intern tells of Zim police intimidation tactics
    • Mangoma on the state of power generation
    • Sibanda century steers Zimbabwe to series win
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Milton Kachepa
    • Sometimes I hate to be Zimbabwean
  30. Posted 8/5/13
    • Editor & two others arrested over MDC-T meets generals story
    • Electoral Commission Publishes Voter Registration Centres
    • Controversy continues over voter registration campaign
    • Soldiers suspiciously deployed for mobile voter reg at Malborough high
    • MDC-T door-to-door campaigners to appear in court Wednesday
    • AG "persecuting through prosecution"--Youth Assembly
    • Constitutional Bill set for emphatic endorsement by MPs
    • ‘Disconnecting water a violation of human rights'
    • Zimbabwe Govt, Indian Firm Abandon ZiscoSteel Workers
    • Mliswa warns Zanu PF on indigenisation
    • All-out war in Zanu PF
    • MDC in quandary over councillors
    • China to erect big screens in Zimbabwe
    • Zim courts Indian generic drug firms
    • Zimbabwe short on climate change funds
    • ZLHR denounce unfair tactics
    • MDC condemns arrest of Zimind scribes
  31. Batch 2 Posted 7/5/13
    • Zimbabwe's President: New Tasks for Africa's Spies
    • MDC-T rules out elections at the end of June
    • June 29 election impossible: Ncube
    • Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios
    • New ICG report predicts another GNU in Zimbabwe
    • Zim cannot go Cote d’Ivoire poll route
    • Madzore granted bail but remains in prison
    • Bulawayo Residents Say Mobile Voters' Exercise Chaotic
    • Chiwenga and Chuhuri a security threat to Zimbabwe - MDC
    • Zanu-PF rocked by infighting: Another Manicaland Chairperson suspended
    • VP Mujuru next in line: Mutasa
    • Maternal deaths: EU donates 63 ambulances
    • State to market minerals, in new proposals
    • Zimbabwe to consult with miners before imposing election taxes
    • ZANU PF sticks to same old tune on land compensation
    • 'Zim army needs change'
    • Zimbabwe Election: Diamonds and Politics
    • What does it mean to be Zimbabwean?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 8/2013 of 5th May [Committee Meetings 6th to 9th May]
  32. Posted 7/5/13
    • Chaos, corruption rock passport offices
    • Row over partisan army chiefs intensifies
    • Mugabe reads riot act
    • Khupe vows to tackle Shurugwi share scheme
    • Zim loses millions over Chinese projects
    • Zim journalists still singing the blues
    • New govt must deepen media reforms
    • Satanism closer than meets the eye
    • Chihuri should stop threatening journos
  33. Batch 2 Posted 6/5/13
    • Zimbabwe Army Chief: No Talks With Prime Minister
    • Mugabe threatens to dump new constitution
    • Mugabe's do or die date
    • Zanu PF 'using food aid to build support ahead of Zimbabwe elections'
    • Zimbabwe Lawmakers to Debate Constitution Bill
    • Biti rubbishes opinion polls
    • Harare Council faces cash crunch
    • Politics stalling Chisumbanje project
    • Harare transport system’s villains
    • ZSE soars as foreign investors return
    • Williams success levels series
    • Time for the stick – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 4th May 2013
  34. Posted 6/5/13
    • Nothing to celebrate on Workers’ Day
    • GNU on deathbed, says President Mugabe
    • ‘Zim headed for another GNU’
    • ‘Zimbabwe needs God fearing leadership’
    • Mutasa blasts Mnangagwa
    • Committee seeks Mugabe’s help in Chisumbanje row
    • Tongogara’s brother dies, Zanu PF snubs funeral
    • New shopping mall to give Hwange a face-lift
    • Battle between kombi drivers, police still on
    • Patients warned against stock-piling ARVs
    • Churches take over Byo company premises
    • Zimbabweans starved of vital information
    • Hope resides in people’s resilience
    • Media freedom: Politics is the problem
    • Press freedom still a mirage
  35. Posted 5/5/13
    • Voter Files Court Application to Force Mugabe to Proclaim Election Date
    • Madzore to spend the weekend in police custody
    • Zec changes open new can of worms
    • Politburo meets over primaries
    • Tsvangirai out to foil Mugabe Sadc coup
    • Mangoma statement on power generation
    • ‘Reforming’ land reform greatly needed
    • Democratic regime change agenda: Every citizen’s right
    • MDC-T policies offer recovery hope
    • Case study: Zimbabwe
  36. Posted 4/5/13
    • Mugabe declared ‘predator’ of information on World Press Freedom Day
    • Max du Preez wrong about "Zimbabwe's flourishing farms"
    • Zimbabwe: The land issue revisited
    • Dead ZANU PF officials removed from US sanctions list
    • Lack of information hampers voter registration campaign
    • Million voters struck off voters' roll: Mudede
    • Mudzi West villagers face worsening intimidation by ZANU PF
    • Zanu PF trying to rig the elections through the voters roll
    • Generals ‘a threat’ to credible polls - Analysts
    • Zimbabwe PM’s youth leader in jail for Mugabe lame donkey slur at election rally
    • ZINASU lodges urgent High Court application
    • Zimbabweans Say Indigenization Share Trusts Not Empowering Locals
    • Edna Machirori awarded IWMF Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Panic grips Mugabe
    • MDC-T’s internal process to select election candidates begins
    • Zanu PF trying to rig the elections through the voters roll
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Nicholas Goche
    • The poverty of Zimbabwe’s political discourse
    • Road Trip Day Three
    • Arrest Theresa Makone ?
  37. Posted 3/5/13
    • MDC youth leader arrested for ‘insulting’ Mugabe
    • ZINASU students sidelined as ZANU PF interferes in UZ polls
    • Concerns raised over slow pace of voter registration
    • MDC-T demands immediate resignation of Chihuri
    • Zanu PF plans to rig polls: Tsvangirai
    • Zanu PF scuttles reforms in poll delay tactic: MDC
    • Zimbabwe Journalists Urge Govt to Repeal Draconian Media Laws
    • NCA hints at June deadline for new political party
    • MDC-T primaries kick off Friday
    • Zapu will not repossess land if it wins — Dabengwa
    • GNU renders Parly dysfunctional - MP Chikwinya
    • ZCTU endorses Tsvangirai
    • Biti to hike mine taxes
    • ZANU PF’s Obert Mpofu accused of hate speech
    • Zanu PF Officials Fight Over South African Sugar Milling Giant
    • Rumpus over Kirsty Coventry mugging and HIV comments
    • 3 ambulances for 3 million people
    • Hot Seat: Interview Simba Makoni
    • MDC solidarity message on World Press Freedom Day
    • ZLHR urges govt to advance media reform
    • MISA-Zimbabwe 2013 World Press Freedom Day Statement
    • World Press Freedom: Body calls for ind broadcasting commission
    • ZACRAS: World Press Freedom Day
  38. Posted 2/5/13
    • SA facilitation team faces another ZANU PF snub
    • ZANU PF politicises Western nation’s re-engagement ‘stampede’
    • Police disrupt Workers Day event in Harare
    • EU delegation jets in
    • Madhuku: NCA to Launch Political Party
    • Generals won't meet MDC-T 'malcontents'
    • Mugabe wades into students war
    • Gutu defends demands for Security Sector Reform
    • No bail for MDC-T 'impersonators'
    • Zimbabwe voter list inflated by state officials: opposition
    • ZESA cuts CSC off
    • HIFA off to an impressive start
    • Egypt Air revives Harare route after 9 years
    • Elections: Tsvangirai says peace not enough
    • Proportional representation: Legal expert warns of 'blood on floor'
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Chief Kasekete
    • Zambian vice-president: 'South Africans are backward'
    • Giving Women in Zimbabwe’s Informal Sector Rights
    • Elections in June is wishful thinking
    • Zimbabwe Election – Road Trip Day One
    • Zimbabwe Election – Road Trip Day Two
  39. Posted 1/5/13
    • Breaking news - Security chiefs won't meet Tsvangirai: Chihuri
    • More problems during second day of voter registration
    • Voter Registration Teams Fail to Turn up in Mashonaland East
    • Zim ‘voter lists being inflated’
    • MDC-T door-to-door campaign activists denied bail
    • Zuma acts on Zim crisis
    • Politicians in the spotlight of new accountability project
    • Former legislator’s ‘hate speech’ trial postponed again
    • Zim steel industry facing collapse amid worsening investment climate
    • Olympian Kirsty Coventry is victim of robbery
    • Mugabe 'insult' soldier freed
    • Nieeb threatens Daily News with $10m lawsuit
    • $32 Million USAID Program Boosts Zimbabwe Agriculture, Traders
    • Marange develops ‘cold feet’
    • Zimbabwe to Take Impala Platinum Unit Land Even as Talks Proceed
    • Crackdown on Zimplats ‘electioneering tactic’ - Analysts
    • Hifa euphoria engulf Harare
    • Zimbabwe Election – Not Just For Art’s Sake
    • Clampdown on CSOs Worldwide
    • Zimbabwe: a new beginning beckons
    • Zimbabwe Election – Zimbabwe has discovered the joy of economic stability: Biti
    • Zimbabwe’s Politics – Out with the Old, in with the New
    • Tendai Biti: Zimbabwe Must Stage “A Legitimate And Credible Election” For Economic Recovery

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