The ZIMBABWE Situation

June 2013 ARCHIVE

NEWS and Other Articles
  1. Posted 30/6/13
    • U.S. President Obama Calls for Democratic Reforms, Free Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Mawere Blocked From Presidential Race As Only 5 Are Allowed
    • Civic Groups Campaign for Free, Fair Elections
    • Madiro vows to fight old Mutasa
    • Zimbabwe to "aggressively promote" its tourism in China
    • UNWTO team in Vic Falls
    • Obama fundraiser digs for Zimbabwe business deals
    • Judgements are not to be evaded
  2. Batch 2 Posted 29/6/13
    • 10 Candidates to Contest Zimbabwe Presidential Election
    • Ncube throws hat in to contest presidential election
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai to run in Zimbabwe presidential vote
    • Mavambo Kusile Dawn Party Not Fielding Presidential Candidate
    • Makoni backs Tsvangirai
    • Ncube spurns Tsvangirai election alliance
    • ConCourt dismisses Diaspora vote challenge
    • Mawere registers to vote following dual citizenship court victory
    • Losing MDC-T candidates to stand as independents
    • Zimbabwe parliament comes to an end Saturday
    • Saturday 'doomsday' for MDCs: Mugabe
    • Suspended Mutare mayor wins ‘monumental’ case to stand for re-election
    • Zim: Top brass called on to respect people's will
    • Coup threat hot air - Dabengwa
    • Zanu PF abusing police - Makone
    • Obama and Zuma Expected to Discuss Zimbabwe
    • Sapes Trust Policy Dialogue Forum
    • Legal breakthrough for Zimbabwe farmers
    • Mystery Zim car-crash deaths haunt Zanu-PF
    • Jury still out on Zim's land reform
    • Rise of black tobacco barons in Zimbabwe
    • Re-empower SADC Tribunal
    • Zimbabwe At A Tipping Point
    • Something to write home about
    • Kunyepa!
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 4
    • Constitution Watch 30/2013 of 28th June 2013 [The New Constitution & Citizenship]
  3. Posted 29/6/13
    • Bias and chaos as voter registration rumbles on
    • Army deploys ahead of polls
    • Police embark on all-out campaigning for Zanu PF
    • War vets mull suing Makamba
    • Zanu PF primaries leave trail of acrimony
    • Mugabe’s health sparks fresh fears
    • Zimbabwe elections funding dilemma persists
    • MDCs fail to capitalise on Maputo triumph
    • Mugabe gets away with amendments by decree
    • Fierce clashes in Zanu PF over candidates
    • Mutasa lobbies for party chairship
    • Zim’s trade deficit to worsen
    • MSMEs key to Zim’s economic survival
    • Zim elections could help economic growth
    • Polls: Zim’s moment of magical realism
    • Whipping system disempowered parliament
    • Issues not emotions key in elections
    • State media undermining Concourt
    • Zim is dense already Mr President!
    • Elections reporting and media ethics
  4. Posted 28/6/13
    • ConCourt rules in favour of Mike Campbell & Co. - AfriForum
    • SA court dismisses Zim govt appeal of farm ruling
    • Constitutional Court to hear election cases 4th July
    • Constitutional Crisis Looms as Court Shifts Election Challenge Dates
    • ZANU PF primary elections leaves party in disarray
    • Full Zanu PF primary election results
    • Zanu PF primaries: Made, Sikhanyiso booted out
    • Opposition parties mull new Movement for Change
    • Chindori-Chininga family insist fatal ‘accident’ was murder
    • Minister Theresa Makone condoned seizure of radios by police
    • Conflicting reaction over Minister’s ‘sex boycott’ appeal
    • Partisan generals not a threat: Dabengwa
    • Mobile voter reg flawed: Madzore
    • Mzembi embroiled in UNWTO tender row
    • UK-based rights activists in plea for peaceful elections
    • Zimbabweans: Unity Govt Failed to Implement Key Reforms
    • State invokes controversial law to keep Sagandira in custody despite bail
    • Company Closures Escalate In Manicaland
    • Listen to the people
    • June 27: Lest we forget
    • Zimbabwe: Is democratic change possible?
    • The God Complex of our politicians
    • The spirit of wrath is upon us
  5. Posted 27/6/13
    • Constitution Court postpones election date hearing
    • Election date cases set for ‘consolidation’
    • Nomination court will go ahead despite Mugabe filing wrong date
    • Mugabe's Absence Stalls Zimbabwe Electoral Reforms
    • No room for appeals in ZANU PF primary elections
    • Zanu PF fails to meet primaries deadline
    • No major glitches as MDC concludes primaries
    • Zapu to Field 96 Parliamentary Candidates, Grand Coalition Talks Collapse
    • Mugabe living in fear, says ex-ally
    • Dabengwa dismisses security commanders’ threats
    • ZEC announces nomination rules
    • Mawere wins dual citizenship case
    • Stateless Zimbabwe residents gain citizenship
    • Chunk of Mutharika’s fortune tucked away in two Zim banks
    • Iran expanding medical services in Zimbabwe: IRCS chief
    • ZESA seeks partners for US$90m project
    • Hot Seat: Interview Zanu PF’s Jonathan Moyo
  6. Posted 26/6/13
    • Mugabe heads back to Singapore
    • Tsvangirai files for Zimbabwe poll delay
    • Constitutional Court to hear 6 urgent election applications Wednesday
    • All eyes on Con-Court, as Zanu PF races against time
    • Primary elections present logistical nightmare for ZANU PF
    • Zanu (PF) primaries fail to take off amid shortages of stationery
    • Kwinjeh seethes over MDC-T primary election farce
    • Mobile voter registration process a fraud: residents
    • ZEC Election Preparations Impress SADC Observer Mission
    • ZEC Puts in Place Committee to Accredit Observers and Journalists for Elections
    • Chindori-Chininga not a national hero: Mutasa
    • Calls grow for ‘insult law’ reform ahead of elections
    • ‘We don’t need Tsvangirai to legitimise Ncube’, says MDC
    • Govt departments lashed for not promoting local products
    • What's the rush Mr President?
    • Zimbabwe: Never again! London Protest for peaceful, free and fair elections
    • ZCTF Report June 2013
    • SADC and transformative politics in Zimbabwe: from paper tigers to fierce guard dogs
    • Diamond Mining in Zimbabwe: The Chininga Report
    • Bill Watch 26/2013 of 25th June [Parliament Passes Money Laundering Bill]
    • COURT WATCH 8/2013 of 25th June 2013 [Constitutional Court Cases 9 am 26th June Onwards]
  7. Posted 25/6/13
    • The Theatre of the Absurd continues in Zimbabwe
    • Why ZANU-PF is in a hurry to hold elections
    • Grace Kwinjeh elbowed out of parliamentary race, latest winner arrested
    • Some political heavyweights may crumble in ZANU PF primaries
    • Zanu PF primary elections to disrupt children’s learning time
    • Military strategizes Mugabe’s election campaign
    • ConCourt set for key election ruling
    • Chinamasa appeals for poll extension
    • Voter campaign a ‘slow and painful’ exercise
    • ‘Mugabe doesn’t own Zim’
    • Journalists' harassment worrying: Misa
    • Scribes under attack
    • Press freedom dropping ahead of Zimbabwe vote
    • Demand for new broadcasting licences
    • ZANU PF ‘arms dealer’ sues the UK over targeted sanctions
    • Chiredzi man in court after ‘hitting’ Mugabe picture in anger
    • Party refutes Mutambara's alleged ouster
    • Interview: Zimbabwe tourism boss hopes to take China by storm
    • Tighten screws on Mugabe, Obama told
    • MDCs call Mugabe’s spokesperson a liar
    • Rio Tinto to keep Murowa Diamond Mine
    • Women in Zimbabwe’s Parliament Will Change Widow’s Lives
    • Zim: It's too late for free, fair polls
    • Mutambara on Redefining Zimbabwe’s Competitiveness
    • Zimbabwe 2013 Election Survival Kit for Candidates
    • Next episode of Nyoka & Kunyepa
    • Can South Africa avoid doing a Zimbabwe on land?
  8. Batch 2 Posted 24/6/13
    • Mugabe digs heels in over poll date
    • Zimbabwe court to decide new poll date
    • Mugabe denies snubbing Ncube, Tsvangirai
    • Con-Court poll case: Mugabe goes it alone
    • Election date case open floodgates at Constitutional Court
    • Primary Election Friction Worsens in Zanu-PF, MDC-T
    • 'Mutambara not with us'
    • Mugabe in bid to lure civil servants
    • Chaos as MDC-T abandons Insiza vote
    • Kezi villager struggle to get IDs
    • Baba Jukwa warnings come true
    • ‘We’ll keep knocking on Sadc’s door’
    • ‘No reforms, no elections’ – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 22nd June 2013
    • SADC won’t fund nor endorse a sham election
  9. Posted 24/6/13
    • Biti rubbishes registration exercise
    • Urban voter registration slow, painful
    • No voter registration hassles in rural centres
    • Zanu PF election campaigns gather momentum
    • MDCs blast Zanu PF over no show
    • Tsvangirai predicts victory
    • Chaos rocks Zanu PF ahead of primaries
    • Mixed feeling over Zimbabwe 7th Parliament performance
    • We will wrestle seats away from MDC: Jim Kunaka
    • Was Mugabe humiliated in Maputo?
    • Age: Mugabe’s albatross
    • Mugabe bemoans divorces in Zanu PF
    • Bridgette Mugabe still in hospital
    • Congestion hits Beitbridge border post
    • People living with albinism bemoan lack of sunscreen
    • Fall in SA rand affects cross border traders
    • ‘Hot-headedness necessary for my job’
    • Why do most people believe lies?
    • An anatomy of MDC-T’s policies when in power
    • Parties must protect scribes
    • Leadership is not about rewards
  10. Posted 23/6/13
    • Tsvangirai: MDC Will Win Presidential Election
    • Zanu PF defers primaries amid protests
    • Key Zimbabwe Reforms in Limbo as Mugabe Snubs Opponents
    • Residents Threaten to Oust Sitting Councilors
    • Tourist arrivals up 49pc
    • South Africa says July election problematic
    • Zimbabwe bleeds diamond revenues
    • How Frelimo succeeds where Zanu PF fails
    • Economy: Where Biti is losing it
    • SADC’s Maputo Summit: Zanu PF’s view
    • Jukwa, Nyoka and Kunyepa
  11. Batch 2 Posted 22/6/13
    • Mugabe fails to turn up for meeting with Tsvangirai and Ncube
    • Jonathan Moyo says ZANU PF not part of ‘consensus’ court application
    • Election rigging in Headlands
    • Factionalism rocks ZANU PF ahead of primaries
    • Protesters storm MDC-T headquarters
    • ZimRights officials acquitted
    • Electoral Commission starts accrediting poll observers
    • MDC-T plans to unmask manipulation of voters roll
    • Imposition of Candidates Angers Zanu-PF, MDC-T Supporters
    • Reporter Badly Hurt In Attack By Three Masked Men
    • Daily News scribe detained
    • Residents Threaten to Oust Sitting Councilors
    • Mugabe may still hold elections without reforms: analysts
    • Zimbabwe builds spooks academy
    • Zimbabwean arms dealer sues Foreign Office for freezing assets
    • Stateless Zimbabwe residents gain citizenship
    • Secret insider warned Zanu-PF 'rebel' before his death
    • Zanu PF chefs accidents timeline
    • Hot Seat transcript: Zanu-PF ‘diamond whistleblower’ Chindori-Chininga dies in car crash
    • Zimbabwe's harmonised elections a 'delayed' match
    • Examining Prospects for Democratic Reform and Economic Recovery in Zimbabwe
    • The business of candidacy in Zimbabwe
    • IFJ Raises Concerns Over Journalists Security in Zim
    • 67 airfares
  12. Posted 22/6/13
    • ‘War’ in Zanu PF primaries
    • Fresh chaos rocks Zanu PF primaries
    • Military intensifies campaign for Zanu PF
    • Zim polls: Sadc remains steadfast
    • Presidential decrees — Mugabe’s lethal weapon
    • Mugabe’s power retention ‘chaos’ theory
    • How Mugabe was routed in Maputo
    • Kasukuwere renews threats
    • Mugabe dishes out equipment
    • Leaders race to fix poll dispute
    • Service delivery sacrificed on the altar of politics
    • Zim diamond industry run mafia style
    • Probe on CDF abuse hit by funding hitch
    • Matinenga almost resigned from govt
    • MPs, chiefs make quick buck from hiring out vehicles
    • Mudede frustrating the 30-day voter registration: Biti
    • UNWTO team expected in Vic Falls
    • Experts predict decline in Zim’s inflation rate
    • Bank lawsuits clog the courts
    • Registering as a voter proves cumbersome
    • Unintended consequences of chicanery
    • Tsvangirai forgot to use long spoon
    • Zanu PF rabble-rousers must be tackled
    • Sadc summit outcome — What next for the MDCs?
    • Khama debunks Zanu PF myths
    • Election saga preventing economic recovery
    • IMF dialogue a step forward
    • Judges must not stray into politics
  13. Posted 21/6/13
    • ZANU PF’s diamond ‘whistleblower’ Chindori-Chininga dies in car crash
    • Fresh Constitutional Court application drafted by GPA parties
    • Chinamasa Defies Govt Principals' Order to Withdraw Court Application to Delay July Polls
    • Poll date case urgent, says Govt
    • Elections: Zim plunges into fresh crisis
    • Voters’ roll so shambolic that Makone was not even on it
    • Mudede denies refusing to register ‘aliens’
    • Fund Zanu-PF or lose land, white farmers told
    • MPs blame Mugabe for sluggish parliamentary business
    • Teachers threatened with arrest after police bar planned protest
    • WOZA’s Jenni Williams scoops another international award
    • Zimbabwe Tourism Ministry Wants Elections Before UNWTO
    • Bill Gates gives cars, bins worth $140k to Kuwadzana
    • Zimbabweans among thousands ‘suffering’ in SA
    • Parliament Passes Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Bill
    • 'Civil society clampdown taints poll'
    • War, Violence Drives African Journalists into Exile
    • The MDC Election Bulletin – Issue 16
    • Zimbabwe’s Dual Legal System
    • Inertia seems to be Zimbabwe’s worst enemy
  14. Posted 20/6/13
    • Chinamasa told to resubmit court application
    • AU poll observer team holds meeting with civil society groups
    • Security sector under pressure to explain ‘illegal’ political plans
    • Security chiefs ‘still in war’ mode: Mugabe
    • Zimbabwe mining taxes disappear
    • Detained for driving vehicle with voter awareness message
    • Defiant MDC-T MP Muchauraya finally granted bail
    • ZCTU: Workers Need Special Days for Voter Registration
    • Ncube’s MDC rules out Tsvangirai pact
    • MDC-99 to boycott poll, says Sikhala
    • Harare risks running out of potable water
    • Political will standing in the way of Zuma recommendations
    • Mozambique ex-rebels vow sabotage
    • Mother speaks of border kidnap horror
    • Rebuilding Zimbabwe’s Health System
    • AU on collision course with Sadc over Zimbabwe elections
    • Demonstration Demanding Free and Fair Elections in Zimbabwe
    • Police refuse to sanction PTUZ march
    • MDC response to Grand coalition meeting claims in NewsDay
    • ZESN’S findings on voter registration
    • U.S. Demands Credible Zimbabwe Elections, Smooth Transition
    • Opening Statement of Senator Chris Coons: SFRC subcommittee hearing on Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe: Why the Opposition Shouldn't be Distracted by the Election Date
    • A repeat of 2008 is looming in Zimbabwe
    • Bill Watch 25/2013 of 19th June [Parliament Meets in Wake of SADC Summit]
  15. Posted 19/6/13
    • ZANU PF ‘big guns’ walk out of crucial Cabinet meeting
    • Tsvangirai backs calls for Zimbabwe polls to be delayed to October 31
    • Parties Opposed to Zanu-PF Crafting Zimbabwe Grand Coalition
    • Zuma tells Mugabe to censure his generals
    • MDC-T Chegutu officials protest primary election ‘irregularities’
    • Chamisa says ZANU PF will lose poll under free and fair conditions
    • Zim Diaspora to protest voting rights failure
    • Racism allegations hit MDC-T Bulawayo province
    • ‘Con-Court can amend poll ruling’
    • Cop drags Chihuri to court over bribe
    • Nkomo commemoration sparks criticism
    • Harare Secures $144 Million to Tackle Water Woes
    • Water Crisis Hits Gweru as Gwenoro Dam Runs Dry
    • Zimbabwe 'Cattle Bank' Takes Deposits That Moo
    • Air Zimbabwe slams property seizure
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: George Charamba
    • Nyoka and Kunyepa - Cabinet Meeting (Cartoon)
    • Courage of Zimbabwe human rights lawyer captured in film
    • Zimbabwe court ruling on election date plays into Mugabe’s hands
    • A voice from Bindura for G8 and world economy
    • Zuma's report to June 2013 Sadc summit
  16. Posted 18/6/13
    • Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe in electoral climbdown as he agrees to push back date of vote from end of July
    • Zimbabwe PM says polls can be delayed to October 31
    • Salomão: SADC will respect decision by Constitutional Court
    • Zanu PF Party Will Contest Any Postponement Of Zimbabwe Polls
    • ZEC warns biased media
    • Coltart Responds to ‘Herald Nonsense’ on SADC Summit
    • Zuma slams brakes on Mugabe poll bid
    • ZANU PF primary elections set for Monday next week
    • Mtetwa’s trial moved to June 29th, ruling on MDC-T 29 reserved
    • Madiro & Mabika Acquitted; Mabika Faces More Charges
    • Journalist left for dead is 4th reporter to be attacked in one week
    • MDC-T Activists: Victims of Injustice or Sour Grapes?
    • Ministers challenged in Zanu PF primaries
    • How Sadc felled Mugabe
    • Zuma has belled the cat
    • Important notices from the Zimbabwe Vigil
    • NCA response to the Daily News article
    • SAPES Trust Policy Dialogue
    • Its time Cde Leader, its time your Excellence...
    • Postponement of Zimbabwe election welcome - Ian Davidson
    • SADC summit resolutions on Zimbabwe:
    • PM Tsvangirai's address to the SADC Extra-ordinary summit
  17. Batch 2 Posted 17/6/13
    • Robert Mugabe bows to pressure and changes election date
    • South African leaders pressure Mugabe to postpone Zimbabwe election
    • Mugabe says rivals scared of 'sure' defeat
    • ‘Humiliated’ Mugabe must sack advisers: Biti
    • Mutambara denies palace coup claim
    • Robert Mugabe 'too frail to be leader'
    • Bloated Sadc summit entourage
    • Police crackdown on Tsikamutandas riles villagers
    • Zim First Lady's 'disGraceful' behaviour slammed
    • Debt blocks access to financial support
    • The clouds part – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 15th June 2013
    • Communique on Extraordinary SADC Summit
    • Bill Watch 24/2013 of 15th June [The Last Two Weeks in Parliament]
  18. Posted 17/6/13
    • Sadc leaders humiliate Mugabe
    • It’s dog eat dog in Zanu PF primaries
    • Will Chiyangwa’s money translate into votes?
    • Voter education exercise a right for all
    • Nyarota lodges appeal
    • Is Mugabe worried about legitimacy?
    • ‘Mugabe’s election decree unconstitutional’
    • Is the sun setting on Gideon Gono?
    • ‘Zimbabwe heading for another disputed poll’
    • Cancer vaccination to be made accessible to girls soon
    • Activists concerned about judgement delay
    • Villagers complain of rampant stock theft
    • Society shuns children with disabilities
    • Villagers want their training centre back
    • Irrigation schemes: Panacea to hunger in Manicaland
    • Commuter omnibus robbers on the prowl
    • Govt moves to plug diamond revenue leaks
    • ‘Zim diamond value chain marred with irregularities’
    • AfDB injects US$6 million into private sector
    • Revisiting the concept of democracy
    • Security sector reform full of contradictions
    • Mugabe must uphold the law
    • Lessons from the Anglican saga
  19. Posted 16/6/13
    • BREAKING NEWS: SADC calls for 14 day Zim election extension
    • Delay polls by two-weeks, SADC tells Mugabe
    • Sadc won't accept Mugabe poll date
    • MDC-T boast triggered presidential decree
    • Coltart: SADC appeals embarrassing
    • Diamantaires set eyes on Zimbabwe rough diamonds
    • Zimbabwean Farmers Adrift Amid Power Struggles
    • HOT SEAT: Madhuku, Coltart & Matyszak analyse constitutional crisis
    • Zimbabwe’s military: Who will guard the guardians in polls?
    • Statement by David Coltart
    • Is Jonathan Moyo eligible for Zanu-pf primary elections?
    • Unravelling four years
    • To be or not to be?
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 14/2013 of 14th June [Committee Meetings 17 to 20 June: Recent Committee Reports]
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 15/2013 of 15th June [Public Hearings on ZESA Service Delivery 16 -18 June]
  20. Batch 2 Posted 15/6/13
    • Zimbabwe lawyers say Mugabe's July poll call is illegal, may be forced to rescind
    • Mugabe 'breached Zimbabwe Constitution'
    • Biti: No money for elections
    • Southern African Leaders Meet to Discuss Zimbabwe Elections
    • Tsvangirai Arrives in Maputo for SADC Summit on Zimbabwe
    • Welshman’s MDC Takes Security Chiefs To SADC
    • SADC must deal with Mugabe: Ncube
    • Zimbabwe voters' roll fraud exposed
    • Voter registration problems mount
    • Anti Mugabe hackers bring down ANC website
    • Police arrest Ncube, Misihairambwi-Mushonga
    • MDC-T MP Mutsekwa questioned over constituency violence
    • Ncube-led MDC primary elections begin Saturday
    • Zanu PF scrambles to hold primaries
    • Zimbabwe's national airline goes for broke
    • Air Zimbabwe announces November London return
    • Zimbabwe ministers battle over conservancy hunting permits
    • Poachers, Not Animals, Pose the 'Real Danger' in Victoria Falls National Park
    • Zimbabwe needs a debt audit, not IMF conditions
    • SADC summit on Zimbabwe elections; the precedence of “SADC Tribunal” case and the concept of “non-interference”
    • Mugabe's tit-for-tat exclusion of election monitors a big mistake
    • Mugabe poll move unfortunate: Mutambara
    • SAPES Trust Policy Dialogue
    • James Duddridge MP: Zimbabwe's elections must be free and fair
    • Bill Watch 23/2013 of 14th June [New Electoral Regulations Gazetted]
  21. Posted 15/6/13
    • Mugabe resorts to powers of decree
    • Zanu PF not ready for elections — SK Moyo
    • Fierce political clashes erupt
    • Mugabe triggers war over elections
    • Fresh chaos rocks 30- day voter registration
    • Primaries: Zanu PF bigwigs set to fall
    • Nyambuya pleads with youths not to dump Zanu PF
    • Several cabinet ministers under fire
    • Concourt ruling gives Mugabe headache
    • Zanu PF hijacks Nkomo Day plans
    • Joblessness: It’s still doom and gloom
    • Old judges unlikely to offer new jurisprudence
    • ZTA reports an increase in Zim tourism
    • Zim companies losing out to SA
    • Biti should get real
    • Jonathan Moyo singing for his supper
    • Concourt ruling sows absurdities
    • Lack of media reforms unconstitutional
    • Biti abuses employment statistics
    • MUCKRACKER: Beating journalists not best way to win friends
    • Coalition: Important lessons for Tsvangirai
    • Mugabe ignites political storm
    • Sadc summit: D-day for Zim
  22. Posted 14/6/13
    • Mugabe sets election date, Ncube & Tsvangirai cry foul
    • Robert Mugabe accused of frog marching Zimbabweans towards another 'illegitimate and violent' election
    • MDC T files court application to challenge Mugabe’s proclamation
    • Mugabe fast-tracks election laws, by-passes parliament
    • Robert Mugabe fast tracks Zimbabwe election laws
    • Zanu PF MPs query July 31
    • Zimbabwe in crisis as Mugabe sets election for July 31
    • Fears of rigging as Mudede tinkers with voter registration process
    • SADC must deal with Mugabe: Ncube
    • Hopes dashed for Diaspora vote as court case deferred indefinitely
    • Tsvangirai says open to Ncube alliance
    • Air Zim slashes fares
    • IMF Managing Director Approves Staff-Monitored Programme for Zimbabwe
    • Zimbabwe parliament committee says state diamond revenue missing
    • More Than 2,000 Killed In 30,000 Accidents On Zimbabwe's Roads
    • MDC-T29: Judge reserves ruling
    • Hackers threaten to cripple MoD website
    • Chaos still reigning at S African border
    • Elections Must Be Credible, Transparent and Peaceful - U.S. Ambassador
    • Zimbabwe: Whatever election date, human rights monitors vital
    • FULL STATEMENT: Tsvangirai on Mugabe’s poll date proclamation
    • Court Watch 7/2013 of 11th June [New Constitutional Court's Election Date Judgment]
    • Bill Watch 20/2013 of 13th June [Presidential Powers Regulations Used to Amend Electoral Act]
    • Bill Watch 22/2013 of 13th June [Election Date Proclamation]
  23. Posted 13/6/13
    • Zimbabwe PM says he won't agree to July polls, warns Mugabe against going it alone
    • SADC Summit on Zimbabwe rescheduled to Saturday
    • Constitutional court accused of violating human rights over election date ruling
    • MDC turns to JOMIC as ZANU PF thugs step up violence
    • Mudede refers ‘aliens’ to KGVI barracks
    • Storm brews over Electoral Act amendments
    • Amendments to the Electoral Act
    • Teachers claim a ‘purge’ underway over whistle blowing
    • Still no date set for ZANU PF primary elections
    • Crunch Zanu PF meeting today
    • MDC-T Takes Election Campaign to 3.5 Million Zimbabweans in Diaspora
    • RBZ cripples Meikles
    • Desperate for passport
    • ESSAR Africa team expected at ZISCO
    • Makoni demands state media access
    • Zimbabwe Workers Living Below Breadline
    • Mudede’s district mobile voter registration fraudulent
    • ZLHR replies to Herald article
    • Magaisa: Repeal of Section 57- A most significant change in the electoral law
    • Baba Jukwa and the survival manual for Zanu (PF)
    • Prof Moyo & Co poisoning Zim society - article with comments....
    • Bill Watch 19/2013 of 11th June [Are Elections by 31st July Possible?]
    • Court Watch 7/2013 of 11th June [New Constitutional Court's Election Date Judgment]
  24. Posted 12/6/13
    • Cabinet ‘agrees’ on general amendments to Electoral Act
    • ZEC challenged to invite foreign observers despite ZANU PF refusal
    • Mudede quizzed over mobile voter registration
    • Fresh Zimbabwe Voter Registration Exercise in Disarray
    • Ward voter registration impossible: Mudede
    • MDC-N calls on MDC-T to investigate violence reports
    • Opposition Also Threatens Media
    • Stop Attacks on Journalists!
    • Political Violence Haunts Zimbabwe Voters
    • Jomic publishes political parties’ code of conduct
    • Beatrice Mtetwa trial kicks off
    • Mugabe attacked as Zanu-PF insider takes to FB
    • Army punishes five year old boy for father’s links with MDC-T
    • Sitting MPs face uphill battle to win primary elections
    • Zim children facing increasing levels of malnutrition and stunting
    • Zimbabwe Workers Struggle for Survival
    • Zimbabwe Union of Journalists in Renewed Turmoil
    • Tourist arrivals increase 17 percent
    • Freed from horror house
    • Statement by David Coltart
    • ZIM PQ in UK House of Commons
    • Jonathan Moyo is singing for his supper
    • Fellowships for Threatened Scholars
    • Mobile Voter Registration and Inspection Centres
  25. Posted 11/6/13
    • 30-day voter registration exercise finally gets under way
    • Voter Registration Information
    • Mtetwa trial continues as postponement plea dismissed
    • MDC-N calls on MDC-T to investigate violence reports
    • Chamisa says MDC-T ‘ready to form new government’
    • Parties rally behind Tsvangirai
    • No European Observers at our polls: Zanu-PF
    • America can go to hell, says Zanu PF
    • Mawere must follow procedures: Mudede
    • 7 million have no access to hospitals: Biti
    • Two million tourists expected next year
    • Mugabe’s nephew ordered to surrender ‘stolen’ office space
    • Gono stripped of security as he falls out of Mugabe’s favour
    • Mugabe not keen to meet Sadc
    • Confusion as evicted farmer brings offer letter
    • Sally knew about our affair - Grace Mugabe
    • Politicking blunts Zim's circumcision drive
    • Increasing surveillance on PTUZ offices and officials
    • SAPES Trust Policy Dialogue Forum
    • Polls: court decision a palpable absurdity
    • A hunger map of Zimbabwe
    • Power hunger too strong for SADC quotas to work
  26. Batch 2 Posted 10/6/13
    • Voter information
    • Mugabe busy, denies SADC contempt
    • Zim breaks Sadc rules
    • Tsvangirai defends mediation role of South Africa
    • EU sanctions do not affect business: Envoy
    • RBZ 'not worried by court order'
    • Madhuku escalates attacks on the MDC-T
    • Big bucks in Zimbabwe for brave investors
    • Salah hat-trick ends Zimbabwe dream
    • Zanu PF at crossroads
    • Water: A precious, scarce commodity in Chitungwiza
    • Making a Business Out of Water Rationing
    • HOT SEAT transcript: Harare mayor and residents rep. in heated debate over water crisis
    • Nyoka and Kunyepa - Aliens
    • Time to be serious – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 8th June 2013
    • Bill Watch - Parliamentary Committees Series 13/2013 of 8th June [Committee Meetings 10 to 13 June]
  27. Posted 10/6/13
    • Civic Society calls for early observer deployment
    • US urges Zimbabwe to allow international monitors
    • Zanu PF not ready for elections – Analysts
    • MDC-T should utilise Zanu PF’s disarray
    • Ideologically compatible parties needed
    • Tsvangirai, Ncube: Zim’s strange bedfellows
    • Zanu PF activists further remanded
    • Violence rocks MDC-T ahead of primaries
    • Magistrate recuses himself in Mtetwa case
    • Mugabe, Tsvangirai in crunch meeting
    • Gono stripped of police security
    • Recovery programme boon for small-holder farmers
    • Bulawayo community centres gone to the dogs
    • SA development consultant blasts indigenisation law
    • Chinese bank to finance power generation
    • Zimbabwe classified as a ‘grant-only country’
    • Baba Jukwa and survival manual for Zanu PF
    • Election deadline not feasible
    • ‘Harmonised elections are complex’
    • New electoral system promotes equity, equality
    • Danger of authority without responsibility
  28. Posted 9/6/13
    • Zuma Pushes for Zimbabwe Reforms Ahead of SADC Summit
    • ‘SADC cannot stop polls’ - Zanu PF
    • US urges Zim to allow election observers
    • Mtetwa trial deferred after magistrate stands down
    • Zanu PF sponsored Violence flares up in Gokwe and Manicaland
    • Look out of any window
    • Give me a shovel and a place to stand, and I will end the tyranny of Big Men
    • Quality of African leaders appalling
  29. Batch 2 Posted 8/6/13
    • SADC summit on Zimbabwe postponed again
    • Regional Leaders Fail To Constitute Quorum, Defer Zimbabwe Summit
    • Mugabe ‘unavailable’ for Sadc summit on elections
    • Zimbabwe puts SADC to the test
    • Sadc wasting time: Zanu PF
    • Civic society pressures Sadc
    • Zimbabwe agrees to IMF monitoring programme -Finance minister
    • Tsvangirai hints at election boycott
    • Inexplicit dual citizenship laws creating serious confusion
    • PM: Bulawayo Can Again Be "Smoke That Thunders"
    • Tsvangirai urges people in Bulawayo to vote
    • MDC-T primary elections move to Manicaland and Masvingo
    • Women still paying maternity fees despite $625m donor funding
    • SA criticised for ‘dismissing’ problem of xenophobia
    • Cross-border traders coin it as rand plummets
    • Cabinet no place for poll losers: Mugabe
    • Kasukuwere grilled over Brainworks
    • Mabika’s lawyer cites politics in stocktheft case
    • Zimbabwe revisits its 'ugly past' of violence and intimidation
    • Dilly Dali Tambo and SABC used by ANC to save Zanu PF.... as promised
    • Zimbabweans can defeat tyranny
  30. Posted 8/6/13
    • Court ruling splits Zanu PF
    • Mugabe panics over poll summit
    • Ncube rules out pact with MDC-T
    • Zanu PF hardliners push for elections
    • Security reforms: Elephant in the room
    • Court ruling puts Mugabe in a fix
    • Zanu PF factional battles intensify in Byo
    • MDC-T primaries bloodbath to worsen
    • … as losing candidates demand re-run
    • Controversy rocks divided Concourt
    • ‘Air-brushing Mugabe’s image futile’
    • MDC-T to overhaul Reserve Bank
    • UNWTO: ‘Not a penny from govt’
    • Income Tax Bill: Biti makes concessions
    • Zvishavane: A tale of two different worlds
    • Nssa seeks procedure exemption
    • Zimbabwe exhibits at Ticad
    • Why bankers are losing sleep over EcoCash
    • Infrastructure upgrading key to economic recovery
    • People really want you to retire, Mr President!
    • Manheru and handlers fighting a losing battle
    • Ticad V: We should not miss the train
    • Constitutional Court ruling defies logic
    • Judicialisation of politics in Zim
    • Sadc must stand firm
  31. Posted 7/6/13
    • SADC summit on Zimbabwe delayed to Monday
    • Civil society groups to petition regional leaders on poll roadmap
    • Tsvangirai Says Constitutional Court Erred in Making Election Ruling
    • Zimbabwean Vote in July Would Violate Constitution, Senator Says
    • Election schedule tight: Zec boss
    • Parties gang up against poll date
    • Sadc in catch 22 situation over poll dates
    • If you provoke Zanu-PF, it destroys, says MP: video
    • ‘Irrelevant’ diamond watchdog under pressure to reform
    • Gay rights group ‘attacked’ by unknown assailants
    • High Court sets date as MDC-T 29 seek acquittal in murder case
    • Zim pastors embrace social media tools for peace monitoring
    • Chombo unprofessional: MDC MP
    • Do not force people to register — Zec
    • Zimstats Survey: 63% of Zimbabweans are Poor
    • European Union Launches Zimbabwe Export Help Desk
    • Meikles gets mining rights after donating cars to Zanu PF
    • Parties reject poll ruling, approach SADC
    • 'I would never want to see Mugabe behind bars'
    • MKD not a Zanu PF project - Makoni
    • Deported from South Africa, Zimbabweans struggle at home
    • HOT SEAT: Interview Mutumwa Mawere on citizenship fight
    • Zimbabwe Wall of Shame: Kembo Mohadi
    • Imprisoned by our 'liberators'
    • Zimbabwe Election Watch : Issue 3
  32. Posted 6/6/13
    • Human Rights Watch sounds alarm over Zimbabwe security chiefs
    • Parties join hands to fight for reforms before polls
    • Zanu-PF Opponents to Participate in Polls After Zimbabwe Implements Key Political Reforms
    • ZEC chief Makarau admits voters' roll 'shambles'
    • Roadmap will decide polls – Zuma
    • Mugabe ‘missed chance to redeem himself over Gukurahundi’
    • Breaking News: City Council slashes rates by 30%
    • Water woes continue in Harare
    • Extend Parly term: Speaker
    • Political violence survivors struggle to make ends meet
    • Zim owes diplomats US$6,9m
    • CAPS assets to be auctioned as company faces collapse
    • Strong dollar chokes exports
    • Zimbabwe launches overdue plan to assist drought-hit farmers
    • Trevor Ncube launches another newspaper
    • MLF threatens terror attacks
    • Blood diamond trail leads to loopholes in Kimberley Process
    • World Environment Day and the Rights Connection
    • July 31 deadline: the law is an ass
    • Not so fast
    • Interview with Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe stirs media storm
    • If you expected any different from Tambo, the joke is on you
    • The Supreme Court Ruling on Elections: What are the Implications
    • Press statement by leaders of Zimbabwe Political Parties held in Harare
  33. Posted 5/6/13
    • Mugabe’s election rush quashes Zimbabwe reform hopes
    • ZimRights officials detained
    • Mawere files Constitutional Court case on citizenship
    • President Mugabe manipulating electoral rules in his favour
    • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: We are Ready for 2013 Polls
    • Zimbabwe’s Mandatory Voter Registration Program Delayed by 'Logistics'
    • Embattled MDC-T MPs in ‘do or die’ elections Thursday
    • Mudede usurping Zec powers on voters’ roll
    • MDC does about-turn on court’s Zimbabwe election ruling
    • RBZ under pressure after court order to repay stolen forex
    • ‘5th Brigade did not follow instructions’
    • Parliament: Zimbabwe Minister Should Face Graft Charges
    • Anjin relocates 35-member family to squalid home
    • Villagers walk out on Chief Charumbira
    • Zimbabwean Scientist Awarded Stockholm Water Prize
    • Reviving Zimbabwe’s ‘Growth Points’
    • Interview: Tsvangirai rules out post-election retribution
    • Zimbabwe's New Constitution Still Work In Progress
    • Elections ruling will open floodgates
    • Supreme court judgment from a Constitutional Lawyer’s perspective
    • Tsvangirai Must Form A Coalition To Have Any Chance In Upcoming Elections – By Simukai Tinhu
  34. Posted 4/6/13
    • Ncube-MDC questions validity of Zimbabwe’s constitutional court
    • Supreme Court Judge Defects Against Mugabe
    • Constitutional Court delays Diaspora vote case, as govt remains defiant
    • Mugabe remains steadfast on election date
    • Tsvangirai fumes over poll date
    • Tsvangirai is in contempt of court - Madhuku
    • ZEC to roll out new voter registration exercise on Monday
    • Dali Tambo reacts angrily to ‘Mugabe PR campaign’ criticisms
    • More MDC-T MPs fall by the wayside in primaries
    • Claims of land reform ‘success’ negated
    • Air Zimbabwe hunts for new chief executive
    • Unpaid ZBC workers appeal to Mugabe
    • $3 500 fees at Grace Mugabe’s high school
    • Famine stalks Buhera
    • The Africa Leadership Scorecard 2012
  35. Batch 2 Posted 3/6/13
    • Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe elections will be held before 31 July
    • Zim headed for sham poll: Experts
    • Parliamentarians gag media
    • 'The British can't make me retire' - Mugabe
    • Zimbabwean President Calls for UN Security Council Permanent Seat for Africa
    • Armed soldier terrorising MDC-T supporters in Gokwe
    • Zim can licence 7 more TV stations
    • MSF eases Tsholotsho health care task
    • 8 years on, we remember victims of Operation Murambatsvina
    • Size 46B for Biti – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 1st June 2013
    • Even in Zimbabwe, It's All About Having the Right Partner
    • Elections in Zimbabwe: Fighting Bullets With Ballots
    • The Beginning of the End
    • Constitution Watch 30/2013 of 31st May 2013 [Proportional Representation]
    • Hay Festival 2013: NoViolet Bulawayo returns to her homeland
  36. Posted 3/6/13
    • Tsvangirai sets conditions for polls
    • Tracy Mutinhiri to represent MDC-T in Marondera East
    • MDC gears up for primary elections
    • MDC-T losing candidates allege rigging
    • Students barred from classes for unpaid fees
    • Copota School in critical state
    • Govt sacrificing us for diamonds — Villagers
    • Residents benefit from soap-making project
    • Lions, buffaloes wreak havoc in Buhera
    • Government still to respond to RioZim’s indigenisation proposal
    • Govt to declare Byo ‘a special economic zone’
    • Afreximbank to avail more credit to Zimbabwe
    • Democratic polls remain a pipe dream
    • An open letter to Amai Jukwa
    • Reforms as dictated by Sadc will give us credible election
    • Democratic elections tied to access to information
    • Construction rules need tightening
    • Accelerating full unification of Africa
  37. Posted 2/6/13
    • Zimbabwe election ruling could spark political crisis
    • MDC-T Seeking SADC Help to Tackle Zimbabwe Election Crisis
    • 'Zanu PF rocked by factionalism' - Zanu PF official
    • 4 000 voter educators to be deployed
    • Air Zim To Release New 50-Seater Jet
    • 8 MDC, Zanu-PF Youth Visit USA
    • Sapes Trust Policy Dialogue
    • Of Kingfishers and caterpillars - do they remember?
  38. Batch 2 Posted 1/6/13
    • Zim Constitutional Court orders general elections by July 31st
    • Zimbabwe court orders president to hold national polls by July 31 amid doubts on readiness
    • Tsvangirai slams Supreme Court’s poll date ruling
    • ZANU PF welcomes court decision on election date
    • SADC to assess Zim poll readiness
    • Why Mugabe can't call Zimbabwe polls
    • Mugabe makes his first official visit to Japan in 20 years
    • Air Zimbabwe sends 600 workers home
    • Young Turks make a mark in MDC-T primaries
    • Zimbabwe Teachers Seek State Protection
    • Telecel warned as licence fee tops $137m
    • Gossip, Crude Revelations Grip Zimbabwe Social Media Sphere
    • Zimbabwe's health care system, adding insult to injury
    • Diaspora Diaries transcript on the fatal shooting in Diepsloot
    • Zimbabwe - Land Reform. How Successful?
    • Let's “spruce up Mugabe’s image”
    • Court Watch 6/2013 of 30th May [Glen View 29 Murder Trial: Hearing of Application for Discharge Still Pending]
    • Bill Watch 18/2013 of 31st May [Constitutional Court Orders Elections by End of July]
  39. Posted 1/6/13
    • June 29: Zanu PF left with egg on its face
    • Sadc pins Mugabe down on elections
    • Zanu PF reactivates terror networks
    • Cabinet tackles voter registration chaos
    • Mugabe’s 10-day Asia outing
    • Soldiers besiege Mutoko
    • Politburo row over women’s quota
    • New constitution won’t change political culture
    • ‘Jomic to supervise elections’
    • Makarau assures ‘aliens’ on registration
    • Indigenisation fake: Zanu PF youths
    • Govt to launch youth policy
    • AirZim 600 on forced leave
    • Zim banking sector sound — Biti
    • Treasury acts on VIP travel costs
    • The wretched of Redcliff amid Zisco row
    • Zanu PF desecrates national shrine
    • Zim must craft policies, strategies to benefit from its resources
    • Economy: Zim’s post-poll priority
    • Baba Jukwa manifests freedom of speech
    • Call for review of polling stations — An analysis
    • Officials wasting public resources on travel
    • Poll date: Think about economy
    • The powerful can be all but powerless

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